Get Real -w- Caroline Hobby Trailer


And. Hey, guys. I am so excited to share some awesome news with the off my podcast get real with. Caroline hobby is launching on the Nashville podcast network. We I'm so thrilled about it. And I cannot wait to keep being episodes that inspire me to my core. Each week you can count on every single episode to be full of soulful real conversations with women who are making waves while keeping all balanced. I'll be sitting down with the better halves of country music stars like Nicole hawking whose Luke combs Veon say Tatyana Hauser who's the wife of Randy Houser, plus women who are making it happen in the entertainment world like Janna Kramer as well. As female, entrepreneurs influencers and other fascinating women. It's honest women. Having honest talk. I am. So so so pumped to keep diving in and sharing the stories of these incredible resilient inspiring women with y'all I love you guys with me. So awesome.

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