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Some of the sports being dropped include fencing squash men's rowing and big wants to me field, hockey, wrestling and men's volleyball, which in the PAC, twelve is huge. Frank, your thoughts on this, and whether you think it's a sign of things to come. It's definitely a sign of things to come Yukon. Last month, when from twenty four sports to eighteen at the start of the pandemic Cincinnati drops sports, including men's soccer Akron has dropped sports, but when you think about Stanford, and when you combine athletics and academics, you know with all due respect to Duke Vanderbilt and Michael Your school northwestern Stanford is at the top here and they had been carrying thirty six city sports, so the averages about eighteen so that. That is a lot to finance. The school like Stanford is doing that and those schools that they're dropping Michael. They'd WanNa Combine Twenty National Championships, so they were excellent in these sports to me. It's a sign of things to come. I think you're GONNA see other schools dropping some of these programs and it's tough. Pat Forty! WHOSE DAUGHTER SWIMS THERE? He said it's going to affect about tune at forty students and twenty two coaches, those cuts at Stanford. Frank. It's depressing news, and if Stanford Yeah asked to cut sports, imagine what schools that aren't one of the three richest schools in America, and Stanford is that I think is in terms of endowment think it's Harvard Yale, Stanford Princeton in that order and. Yeah. They're all going to have to cut sports. Frank. We're looking at. Teenagers who've worked as some of these sports from four to eighteen years old and they get in position. They've at position generation to generation after generation we. Yes, we only pay attention. Most sports fans people who call themselves sports fans pay attention to college, football and basketball. Basketball Yeah pretty much they may be a little attention to college baseball there taping attention to certain parts of the country, Lacrosse but frank what talking about. Some in some cases, schools carrying nineteen, twenty, twenty, one, maybe not as many definitely not as many as Stanford plus thirty, but state schools. Out The endowment of Stanford and Harvard and Yale and northwestern, you mentioned and do what are they going to do? I'm sure Mama Monitor's going to do about this, but. Is going to have this pinch, and when you talk about not having football you talking about again for the power, five conferences, a loss of four billion dollars, if there is no football this season, and by the way the Ivy League has just reporting. Is that the Ivy League is going to just not have sports at all in the fall and then. What if you need to have in the spring? You think about men's soccer women's. Hockey Cross country. My daughter's getting ready for her. SEASON, I have a friend whose daughter plays Colorado. She plays women's soccer. They're getting ready. It's difficult Michael. My big thing too is when you think about Maryland making the move to the big ten Syracuse going to the ACC when you have these sports on not football, not basketball having to travel by plane. Think about doing you know how much that costs and I think. That's the big problem. The more regionalized schedules and they're gonNA easily. Even the ones that remain frank as you point out. They're gonNA have to do that. It's one of the changes they're going to have to make survive yet. Did you know GEICO's now offering an extra fifteen percent credit on car and motorcycle policies. That's fifteen percent on top of what Geico could already save you. So, what are you waiting for your baby to let you sleep in? Sleep in another half hour. Thanks Sweetheart. And you'll change yourself to. Never been a better time to switch to GEICO. 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Today, Steven went on instagram live and continued his hateful rhetoric Jews, which included him saying quote I haven't said one thing. That's not untrue yet. All right Michael has a lot to unpack here. What are your thoughts of this latest development? Well? My thoughts are pretty simple about this frank. This is not tolerable and. You. Know I'm never. Ever in favor of when somebody's on an active roster of suspension or fine firing them no ridicule public ridicule. You're going to undermines. Stephen Jackson said so eloquently on behalf. Try Black lives matter. He has no credibility now he's undermined his own previous, good work with this garbage in garbage, and so I know Stephen. Jackson I liked him, and if I was sitting with him, now worked with them. I will say Stephen Stop your raw. You're not speaking any truth. You'RE GONNA have to become more familiar with the truth via history, and so let's read some. Read it together. This is insane. You are ruining. Your just ruining weeks of actually trying to appeal to people on one level, and then bringing your own bigotry and prejudice in. We're at a time where no one can afford to see that no one can afford to have it to entertain it. Stop it and I. Don't know if he has people around him. Who will do that or not frank? Now I. Think you're right. It speaks to ignorance, and it's hateful and I think a guy like the Sean Jackson because he's playing in the NFL. The NFL and the Eagles clearly spoke to him like I mentioned. Apologize twice. The problem is no one is getting the Stephen Jackson and you mentioned what he did the last month George. Ford was a guy that he knew and Steven has been out in front and he's done a lot of injuries. You wonder if after a while just because you doing that. It doesn't mean you're a scholar in race, relations in religion and in history, and before you're going to say something vetted out, do some research. Don't just throw in. Spew all this nonsense out there because it's. It's terrible for him, and it's terrible for everything that he's accomplished over the past month. It is and Desha Jackson I'll say this. I hate it what I heard him saying when he said it or tweeted communicated it. But then more importantly than the apology to me is sort of reaching out to get people making contact in the community that you're in with people from the community you just disparage, and so that that effort has been made whether it was influenced or done instinctively I don't much care that effort has to start, but this Stephen Jackson doubling down. This can't be tolerated and people. Someone needs to get to Stephen Jackson and just say. We'll talk about educating themselves frank part of educating yourself as just shutting up and listening for everybody for anybody who wants to educate him or herself, and at some point he's got to do that as a place to start, and there's clearly a lot more work to be done. And I think Michael to a guy like Steven Jackson. He has a very popular podcast. It's on showtime and I think after awhile. You kind of get caught up in it that people want me to say controversial and outrageous things, and sometimes you can say whatever you want, but they're are going to be consequences. And the greatest concert right now. You look at the consequence for some ridicule. Is it starts there and so I. Don't know what Stephen Jackson's thinking I don't know who is influences are. One can only hope. The great thing about facts they're proven. Affected crude oil contains impurities. Their base oil made from natural gas is ninety nine point five percent free of impurities. And the fact that pennzoil is the first synthetic motor oil made from natural gas, not crude oil. It gives you. The engine protection. The proof is in the pennzoil. Based on sequence for where test using sap five W. thirty. Ask Ford F Jiffy Lube. For businesses around the world, today isn't restart. It's a rethink that's why they're partnering with IBM to Change How they burn from supply chains to customer service. Let's put smart to work visit. IBM DOT COM slash smart to learn more. Adam silver expressed concern yesterday about the possibility of positive cases, arising after players and staff of entered the protective bubble environment in Orlando Silver, Toll Fortune brainstorm health quote, what would be the most concerning is once players go through our quarantine. If we were to have any positive tests, we would know that we'd have an issue close quote. Silver went as far as to say if that happened. The NBA could face a second shutdown. Frank, what do you make of this? Well Michael. Here's the thing tonight. In fact on this network, the MLS tournament is going to start. It's a World Cup style tournament part of the regular season as well one of those teams FC. Dallas was sent home and when they arrived in Orlando, and they were in the bubble. More players had tested positive, so the MLS decided to send them home. Nashville supposed to play tonight. They had players tested positive after they arrived in Orlando so Michelle Roberts. Roberts the Executive Director of the Players Association and Obviously Adam Silver talked about they know when they get down here, there will be positive tests, but Adam is worried about something spreading to multiple teams where he perhaps would have to shut it down. It has to be a concern. We talked about it. Michael They never should have sent twenty two teams down here. They should limit to sixteen. It's a more manageable number, not twenty, two, sixteen, thousand, nine eight. But. Let me start here, frank, yeah, at least the the concern I hear coming from Adam silver consistently. I think that's the only sensible reasonable educated approach. Like if you just come in, this is not time to be a swashbuckler and say here's a we're going to do, and we don't care what the results are. You can't have that and Adams level of concern. I think ought to be sort of comforting to his own players, coaches and team owners and everybody else in the NBA. Community and the WNBA. This is a place that this has to start. These are the conditions under which we're operating and we'll take them seriously which we know baseball just tried to. To Cram something in in a deadline time in football I don't know what the hell they're thinking and Adam silver to me. The only sensible approaches would try this to the best of our ability, and we're not even certain. If we can do this, you can't be certain and yes, you have to. You have to operate with this degree of caution and concern because anybody who runs out there and says year. Here's what's going to happen. We're GONNA. Finish this this time. Suppose you get multiple teams teams that. Testing positive that they have to be eliminated from playoff that would be a disaster for the NBA and may not be mls. fractionally as as scrutinized as the NBA is internationally, so Adam Silver, and all of his lieutenants understand this and I think this is the only way to proceed with a yellow light flashing caution. Well you talked about all those teams. I mean think about how many players and that's testing positive. Then upbringing seven players down that some of that is positive tests. Some of it is injury. The Milwaukee Bucks have announced that they might have to bring some parts of their traveling party down at a different date as kind of get ready. This is the issue my big thing if you started I know they're gonNA WANNA finish it. They never should've brought. Twenty. Two teams should've left it at the sixteen teams that qualified for the playoffs and just move from there. That would may the Lord I mean when you. In that bubble, the the riskier it is, and so that's one, but now now they've committed to that and you wonder Frank I. Wonder if anything's off the table, I mean. I know those teams are prepared to leave, some have left. Toronto's been down there for a while. They were going to be there anyway, but at this point, it seems like you have to consider every smart option you have. With that we're going to throw it back. I know. Famous play. We got one more one more okay. We got one more Mike. Don't don't don't don't don't going to throw it back. You're. GonNa. Stuck in Serbia are meanwhile better news about ten years ago. You may remember this Michael. It was tonight ten years ago Lebron James announced on this network that he was taking his talents to south beach. Of course, it caught a lot of grief for that the TV spectacle, but it worked out pretty well. What do you remember about that moment? And how do you think it changed the NBA? Video. Did you see how much how little gray I had compared to? Now? That's just sort of frightening. I'M NOT GONNA GO Grecian Formula Frank. Strikes me about that one things two things strike me about a one the amount of criticism Lebron James to for no reason just for no reason I mean people and people just pilot. Even if you wanted to say to yourself well, this seems a little bit over the top people with crazy because they wanted to rip Legrand and that was stupid and years later. This looks wrong and mean spirited. The second thing I take away from it is. Players, trying to group themselves and sort of create an environment where they can have a big whatever a big two and a half or big three, a pretty big four, whatever it is player seizing control of not just the messaging, but actually of sort of the direction of the NBA, and where they play in how they play who they play with that the League took that direction with that announcement, and so those are the two things even now Franken that stay with me that you know what Lebron Lebron did just fine, and there was nothing. To just sort of savage him about because he made that announcement the way he did. The only thing I would say I think you should contacted Cleveland maybe the day before made an announcement released a statement that he wasn't coming back. To make their fans have to sit through that then every television show I remember that first year he loses to Dallas. He's kind of the NBA billion. The following year to me the game that stands out I was lucky enough to be there that night in Boston. It's a game. On the. Eastern Conference finals. He's legacies online. He hasn't won a title yet. He went for forty five points in forty five minutes fifteen rebounds for my money under the circumstances where he was at that point in his career. That is his signature performance, and you think about Kevin Durant now, going to play for the warriors, and then we. Did this past summer with Paul George Lebron kind of accelerated the whole thing of joining forces with other stars and try to win a championship movement based on what the players one, not the age, all generations old notion of what. Teams general managers owners wanted by the way twice in those playoffs Lebron down three I just watched that game the other night. In Boston you think he's GonNa. Wind up eliminating him again and then frank down double digits. I think ten or eleven points in game two in Chicago in the conference finals when they're already down one game to nothing and you think in wow, two games to none is going to be killing. Brian is nothing SORTA. Pin this on at that point, different couple of different points along the way in his postseason career, and he got it done. He delivered I'm not talking about on five, not six not forget that, but on taking his talents to south beach and making it work. And on allowing players, really giving the players, the impetus to okay I've done this. What do we want to do? Not Wait for what they want us to do. It worked he wanted to. He went four times. Anyone to it worked out to down there. GEICO knows there many reasons why you ride from the thrill, the revving engine and pure adrenaline flying down the highway to the confidence of knowing that Geico always has your back with twenty four seven access to claim service, but Ari Snyder, and has one reason in particular. 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