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Teen Podcast Episode 15 A Day in the Kingdom (6 of 6)


Hello, everyone. This is Ryan king with the fifteenth episode and the magnified him together podcast. This is the sixth and final episode in the series a day in the kingdom and the title today's episode is fine is shall see the king in his beauty. Surely the greatest blessing of the kingdom, age will be the opportunity to see and commute with he who has altogether lovely. The chief is among ten thousand Lord, Jesus Christ. He has redeemed us by his blood out of every kindred and tongue and people in nation and made us unto our God kings in priest one of the promises given to the faithful in Isaiah chapter. Thirty three is the an is shall see the king in his beauty in the prophecy of equal. You'll he is known simply by one name the prince and so he is on each Sabbath day. He will come into the area of the eastern gate of the inner temple to perform various offerings, and to keep certain feast as our day in the temple wines up are far eastern friends begin to make their way towards the eastern gate of the temple. They must proceed in this direction, given the law, the house explicitly states. They must exit the opposite direction from whence. They came in, in this cake in their case, this would be by the northern gate as they make their way towards the eastern gate. A flurry of activity is observable to them. You may recall from an earlier podcast that new moons and Sabah's with the topic of discussion within the temple courts because the day on, which we are walking to the temple just so happens to be a Sabbath day as well as new moon as look at the eastern gate. We can now see the Lord, Jesus himself entering it given that. It is a Sabbath. He is to make special burnt offerings and peace offerings to commemorate the Sabbath rest. Is that really him? They asked we not our heads in confirmation. As the gates will not be shut until the evening. We witness the Lord and his immortal brethren engaging in many celebrations throughout this day since it is also the new moons. A special meal offering is being prepared along with burn offering of one young book, and six lamps representing our solemn dedication to the truth, as the moon renews its fullness each month. So our friends must constantly renew their commitment to him. Trumpets and singers who are with the prince in the circular inner temple accompany, the offerings with hymns of praise. Some money to a song for the Sabbath day sung on this occasion, Swedish the work. My god. My king even are far eastern friends are here this day in fulfillment of a very special prophecy, for the record of Zeka forty six states explicitly, that the people of the land, the mortals will worship on this day at the door of the eastern gate before. Yeah. We are far eastern friends are humbled as well as overwhelmed as for the first time in their lives. They now have the privilege of being with Christ in a worship service as the day draws to a close. A special feast is now celebrated the Lord now calls Ford, his immortal brethren who are in attendance on that day for the purpose of, filling a promise that many years before he had made to us each Sunday. We hear the words read I will not drink anymore of this fruit of the vine until the day. I drink it new with you in my father's kingdom. The word new there means with freshness with vigor now sharing the same nature as our Lord being concept, stand with him, we understand what that truly means. There can never be such freshness, such vigor as there will be glorious immortality with all the pains and struggles of this life now behind us. It is a memorial service, unlike any other, and they're the eastern gate before all the peoples gathered around the lured caused us forward to partake with him and bread and wine, the tokens of his great sacrifice as we share in the emblems with him. He offers special prayers. Thanks to the father, who has made all this possible as the Queen of Sheba before Solomon. No breath remains in our friends, as they stand at the door of the gate, it witness of. These things how much they will have to share when they return home. But on their way home, they must I exit out the temple through the northern most geeked in fulfillment, the law of the house, and how fitting it is that they will be going out the northernmost gate. It is around this gate upon which the spot of Golgotha once lay the place where the Lord whom they have just seen made his great offering on behalf of all mankind there, they are reminded once again that the cross must indeed precede the crown before the glories of the kingdom can be a reality. There must be the way of sacrifice and difficulty with those thoughts in mind, we head out this day, difficulties and trials no doubt will come. But we must always remember that the cross must precede, the crown, but how much better are we able to endure what this life has to throw at us with a knowledge of that glory, that is to come each time? We have a break at work, or school trying to think about one aspect of the king. Wyndham one way in which this road will be different from how it is. Now it was Paul her wrote for our light affliction, which is, but for a moment works for us a far more exceeding internal weight of glory. So long as we look at the things which are seen, but at the unseen eternal glories of the kingdom to come. Let us press toward that, Mark the shining, heights of glory, or almost here. Many encouraging voices are all around us the greatest of which coming from the prince himself be of good cheer. He said fry overcome the world. Thanks for listening and please join us again next week as a new series of podcast, begin the first being entitled. Fair human.

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