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Phinsider Radio: DeVante Parker, Josh Rosen vs. Ryan Fitzpatrick and Kenyan Drake vs. Kallen Ballage


Radio pogo center dot com. Any Espy nation network? And now your host at you cannot joined by co-hosts Josh and Aaron inside, Hello, everybody, and welcome to Finsider radio. This is Mack cannot joined by Joshua out, our buddy. Aaron sign is off tonight. He is not feeling well or so he says, we're not sure if he's just experiencing the off-season blues or if he's really sick. That is another conversation to be had when he returns, obviously contact our HR department check on his policies, and make sure he does have sick days. Otherwise, we may be looking for a third host outs in the next few weeks. I remember those days making up excuses. Do better son. Come on, man. Honestly. They'll feel better. We miss you. And we're gonna kick ass either way we love. You sign feel better or make it sound like he's ill or something. And he's on his deathbed that deathbed. He's pride may have more kids with his wife getting pregnant or something. Price scheduled it on the calendar 'cause her ovaries or whatever populating, they held hands. And now. All right. The dolphins are wrapping up another OT session, and we're going to kick things off by talking about one of the greatest dolphins. Players of all time. One of the most sensational. Dolphins players of all time. One player who is always in the news when it when it comes to this and guy, that's always stealing the headlines and the highlight reel. And that is not devante Parker. And yes, all that I said is true, but with the caveat when it's time for OTA's because we all know over the past four, five years. Devante Parker has been the absolute star of OTA's, if they had a ring of honor for OT as devante Parker would be in its if they had a walk of fame for OT as devante Parker would be in it, if they have hall of fame for OTA's. Devante Parker would be a first ballot hall of Famer the problem is though as we all know as don't count in the regular season. And every year all of us say. Say is this, the year for devante Parker is this year, he finally breaks free and then the regular season begins and he's either injured? He's not getting the ball, he's not doing things to right way. What gives out Sino? You've been a big fan of devante Parker through this ta. TA miniseries that we've had the past few weeks. What are your thoughts on the man, the myth, the legend, and devante Parker? Yeah. Just throw it out there. I'm once midday fantasy trade in a standard keeper league I traded the hundred Hopkins. Arguably the best receiver in the NFL for devante Parker and Joe mixing end. Yes. It's a standard league. So I mean Joe mixing for Hopkins might not be terrible. But devante Parker is never lived up to his hype. Like you said he's always been his guy than not as east showing up. He's looking like the number one wide receiver in the games. Come on. And, you know, he has a lingering hamstring injury or stub this toe, and he wants to watch SpongeBob. Whatever may be. But this year does seem different. I mean he went out there after son is new contract. A lot of people didn't think he was going to get that opportunity here Miami. A lot of people don't want him to get that opportunity here Miami. But again, this is a guy who has all the potential had all the potential in college to be a true. Number one wide receiver you're starting to see these flashes during t- otas again. Yes, he's in shorts, but I mean that back shoulder one handed you try to grab one hand. They did the tote tap. I mean that that's what you wanna see. On game day was toe-tapping. You have to admit he was out amounts. I don't know. Did you did you see the comments because someone actually took a still frame in? Yes. Someone took a still frame it look. A lot of people were. Oh, yeah. He was out. Someone took a still frame. It looked like both feet reggae. Okay. I'm not going to pretend to be referee. But I mean that's the kind of stuff you wanna see on game day the dolphins desperately need a number one wide receiver. So if now's the time from to come on, I think we'd all be happy, but we need to temper expectations because again, they're in shorts. It's only the second week of OT as in and we've seen this before from devante Parker. Now, devante Parker has struggled, obviously, over the past few years since coming into the league as a first round pick selected by MAG Tannenbaum when he took over his basically, general manager devante Parker since the year twenty fifteen when he came to the NFL has not had aid receiving yardage season of over seven hundred forty four yards. That was in twenty sixteen when he played in fifteen games twenty fifteen played in fourteen games. 2017 played thirteen games. Twenty eighth and played in eleven games. Now, when you look at that dough like he has a sigma for being injured. But really is that much different than any other player in the NFL? Right. I mean twenty fifteen is rookie or fourteen games. There are a lot of players who at least one or two games, twenty sixteen fifteen games there are a lot of players missile east one game twenty seventeen thirteen games. There are a lot of players who has three games. Now twenty eighteen eleven games. I will give I will take that, you know, I will say, okay, five games is a lot. But the other three seasons I don't think it's a huge deal. I mean you a little queasy there were twenty seventeen with missing three games but twenty six missing one game two thousand fifteen missing two games. I don't think that's a huge issue. It's your shows that he can fight through it. So you know what gets me is this? Okay. So he had twenty six receptions year one fifty sixty sections year to fifty seven receptions year three twenty four receptions year four. Now, there is that game this past season where devante Parker absolutely lit it up and that was against the Houston Texans. And we've later found out he one hundred thirty four yards that game we later found out that it was more. So because he was being featured as a possible trade deadline target, which is just crazy in my opinion because. Okay. You have a guy he wants to trade away, you know, Adam gays and as he's doing in New York, just kinda messing up the entire place you have a guy who has this all this talent then you feature him on a short week and he absolutely balls out. And then. He doesn't really do anything the rest of the season. And this was after four days after he was a healthy scratch. Absolutely insane. So has it been just a case of the coaches not using devante Parker, the right way? Part of me feels like it is if you could feature him in the office and making your number one receiver and he has a fantastic game like he did against Texans. Why can't you do that? Every single week. I just don't get it. Yeah. I think a unique off those number games that he started in. I mean that's pretty surprising to me. I mean he has the stigma being this injury prone receiver and ran off those stats and aside from Nike that season where he had played in what a loving games. I mean he's been pretty consistent and you do have to look at the coaching staff, you have to look at Adam gates his track record. He's absolutely destroying the New York Jets, which is a great great thing. But Houston's defense is very, very good. In the devante Parker out there. And like you said he bawled out he like a true, number one wide receiver teams were somewhat interested in coming up on the trade deadline. I would if I was a Dallas, you know, you're. You're getting ready to give them more Cuban this huge contract. I if you're in Dallas issues what do you, not a wanted? Devante parker. I mean, I think he can have that similar skill set. No, he's not a more coupe right now. But there's still time for him to finally turn it on again. With a new coaching staff a New England style offense. I mean, the sky's limit for devante, but again, we need to temper expectations, but it's just it's just baffling that for all these years, we sit here and we talk bad about the onto poker. I mean, I at the beginning to show when we first started talking about mice talked about, you know, the to- injuries the hamstring injuries, you know, one watch SpongeBob didn't really seem to have that work at the who's to say it wasn't the coaching staff, who's to say, they're not at fault because we sold out get Adam gates did with the running backs. We saw underutilized our Wilson keen grant worth beginning last season. He's had this stigma about him where he just thinks he's knows everything. And he thinks that he's better than everyone in has this. This Aurora about Neil where he thinks that he is Mr. Nobel. And we realize now that Adam gates is not that, man, Adam gates has false like everyone else in maybe his faults even more of more than what we have. But at the end of the day, I think devante Parker still has time to develop into a number one receiver I think, in this offense with these weapons around the, you know, you're bringing Ryan Fitzpatrick, who at times, says, you know what screw on this throws football up. Let my guy will there make a play. So I'm with Mike Evans last season. There's no reason why devante Parker can't be a Mike Evans. I think the sky's the limit form. I think I, I am one of the few people might say here in continue to defend him. I know last season. I'm gonna do it again this season. These young players all it takes the right. Coaching staff for these guys, turn it on. That's the reason they should give Charles Harrison knob between this year. You know, a lot of people down on him. But who's to say he's not gonna turn on. So I don't think the, the story has been written on devante Parker by do think he's on a short leash and now his time to ball out if you can go out there and do the stuff on Sundays of the mind. Dolphins a lot better off the New Orleans season. You said, devante Parker can be like Mike Evans. You believe this? I mean I'm fantasy guy you know, I'm pretty big on that. And if you look at Mike Evans production if fluctuates year one year is up when you're down when you're when you're down. So you got a guy who was number one receiver averages about thousand yards a season as had, I mean James Winston, however you feel about him. Ryan fitzpatrick. However you feel about him. I think that with the right coaching staff in this offense. I mean you got other weapons out they got Kenny stills you can take the top off defenses. You've got those, those quick twitchy receivers underneath, like Albert Wilson keen, drain. You got these guys make plays underneath why can't devante Parker and single coverage on the outside up there. Make plays. I mean, again Adam gates offense. I don't think that should be an outlier for what Demonte Parker is. I think he still has potential and I'll say now. Okay. He can be the Miami Dolphins Mike Evans. I'm gonna kill for that. But, but. Yeah. Why not get killed for that because he no or close to my? Evans. Yet, does he have the potential. Maybe the dolphin used using the right way. I'm hoping that Chatto shea. We know Adam gates that like to have a number one race neither to Joe Philbin really odd you like to spread the ball around and I feel like you look at some of the best offenses in the league, they have that primary guy, they can go to in crunch time. Right. They have that guy, they can lean on count on when they need it the most and the dolphins have never had that. And maybe Parker can be that guy. Maybe he can be that guy if he has featured in the office as often as such and has the confidence to go out and do what he needs to do. We'll see. We'll see what happens this coming season. He's in a contract year, which also makes you a little hesitant and one. You know, you, you wanna see those guys before, not in a contract year because their motivation could slowly be money than they get their big contract. And they just go back to being the way they used to be we'll see though, what we don't know also and what we need to see is, who is going to be throwing the ball to devante Parker. Is it going to be Ryan Fitzpatrick? And if so, I think they're going to ball out this year, those two or is it going to be Josh Rosen, a guy who is, you know, has a nice deep ball. But more is that possession kind of guide type quarterback where he's throwing it to the receiver, by the way. I've had discussions over the past week about how to say quarterback and here we go quarterback that I say it, right. Can you do over time? I need to I need to hear it quarterback damn you got it. I got it. You can say quarterback you can finally say quarterback is an amazing day starts radio. I'm going to start saying quarterback just piss everyone off because someone should I'm going. Oh, no more. No more quarterback from me. It's quarterback. We got this fam-. Okay. Took you what thirty some years, proud suck me. Thirty two hold of my thirty two thirty three on. You know how old I am. I was born in eighty six. So let me take out my calculator. Twenty nineteen minus nineteen eighty six and three. I think holy oaths got over. It makes you feel good. I'm gonna be thirty three in September. I am old f that's not that old now. It's not that old but. Yeah. If you're in the NFL, you be old shit ready to retire right now my Kirby over. Yeah. So Josh Rosen he's more of a guy who likes throw it in the middle of the field. So I don't know if he's going to be the best quarterback for devante Parker. He might be, but I think it's Patrick will be better but even this whole quarterback competition right now, right? It's getting all the ones in OT as and stuff. He's starting with the ones you got rose in hanging out with the backups and doing the second thirteen guys. And, you know, is it all the show right now is at all charade is saying, okay, we may Josh Rosen earned the starting job. We're not just going to hand it to him. You have to feel for Ryan. It's patchy the guy comes in. He's bouncing around all throughout the NFL. He looked at his opportunities around the NFL. So Miami did not have a legitimate starting quarterback said, okay, I'm gonna come in another chance to start an enduring the draft trade for Josh Rosen, he knows that nothing is guaranteed in the NFL. He knows the NFL is a business. He understands it. He will never be a fulltime starting quarterback in the NFL but, you know, just human nature. You gotta feel bad for the guy nonetheless, though, that all do was right. For the organization and the team in the right thing to do. No matter what no matter how anybody looks in training camp. Awro TA's is Josh Rosen week one wannabes that is the whole purpose of the seasons figure out if Josh Rosen is starting quarterback moving forward. And he's quarterback of the future because if you have all that in place, leading up to the twenty twenty draft coming live to you from Las Vegas Nevada, then you could use all of your draft picks your treasure chose draft picks to then surround the team surround Josh Rosen with compliments of skill players both on the offense of decent defensive side of the ball if not then you have to use those picks, depending on what your record is to train up for a quarterback possibly or stamp put draft a court Rebecca, and then use those extra picks to draft the team around your new quarterback, hopefully you fall along there. But anyways, the bottom line is this, you need to start Josh Rosen week one, no matter how he looks training, camp and OTA's. And yes, that's going to hurt for Ryan Fitzpatrick. And he's kinda hinted as such that he understands that may not be a fair quarterback competition. But for me, that's just the way the NFL go was the dolphins. Don't know what they haven't Josh Rosen by the end of the season. They have failed as a coaching staff. And as an organization to really get this team on the right track in the right direction. What are your thoughts? I don't think yo- anything with thirty six year old guy news impasse around from team to team at times. His looks great at times. He doesn't he came down here to Miami. Known was the quarterback competition. But I think I'm in the minority. No, because the Miami Dolphins really don't have to go out there and start trashing from day one. I know I'll get killed for that just like a willow. Devante Parker take but the dolphins buys in week five and we know the way Ryan Fitzpatrick plays, he's probably two or three games like crap. And that would be the perfect time, you know, over that by to get Josh Rosen ready to go the play the rest of the season. I mean you're alternate goals to find out whether or not he is the starting quarterback of the future. So from week, five onto week seventeen. I mean he has the potential to go out there and show you what he can do. I think if it is a true competition, it's really gonna come down to the wire. Ryan Fitzpatrick is every bit of chances Josh Rosen. But then the play devil's advocate. I mean, Josh Rosen is the guy you just give a second fifth round pick for if he's potential franchise quarterback that I think he is that we think he isn't, we've talked about this the last year, you know, we talked about leading up to last year's draft. We talked about it leading up to this year's draft, you know, about the potential trade. I mean, we think Josh Rosen and be a franchise caliber quarterback at the top three quarterback into two thousand eighteen draft. So I do think the potentials there if he is that good if he is the future of this franchise, there is no reason why he cannot put a thirty six year quarterback into his grave, you know, sort of speak make him the backup make him your backup, go out there. Take this offense by the nuts and show that you are franchise quarterback. I think Josh Rosen is going to be, you know, our our savior. You know the quarterback that this team has long urine force since Dan Marino, retired. If he is that potential potential quarterback than he has to be Ryan Fitzpatrick, and he has to be started day one. I mean, I think there's no other way to look at it. But at the. Same time if Ryan Fitzpatrick does beat him out, I think sooner than later, Josh Rosen will get his chance at the end of the day. All you wanna do in two thousand nineteen is obviously C growth in your young players watches team developed throughout the weeks. But if you can get a good evaluation, Josh Rosen head into that twenty twenty draft. When you said they have a plethora picks. The twenty twenty draft has four or five franchise quarterbacks that many people would have probably taken over half the quarterback selected in the first round this year. So I think you have to get that evaluation. But again, Josh Rosen should absolutely be at Ryan Fitzpatrick, if he is what we think he is now we also need to figure out who their went to be handing out the ball to and there was a big argument on dolphins Twitter on Thursday morning about Kaelin Balaj and Kenyan Drake and. I know how it's you're pretty involved. In that I think you actually may have started it. So why don't you just lead us into that? Yet. I say some outlandish things on Twitter, try to have fun and say, some things on Finsider radio too. Yeah. It's kind of just who I am. But I try to get ruffled some feathers and try to make light of situations. You know, I said that I wish Twitter make a update their app. So I reached my hand through their computer and slept. Yes, slapped a crap out of people at symbolize is better than Drake. I mean to me, you can have both running backs you know, Balaj thunder Drake's the lightning, but and also be that runner inside the tackles. I don't think that's what's best for him. But I mean Kenyon, Drake average seven and a half touch carries last year as a running back. Yes, he made plays in the receiving game you know, he is a pass catcher out of the backfield. I think he does that a lot better than Balaj. But there's no reason why both these guys can't get their their do next season or this coming season but I think Kenyan Drake. I mean you owe to him. I mean yes is New England style offense. Yes, we know what they do up there, you know, Sony, Michelle James white Rex Burkhead, you know, the list goes on and on. They, they give their they make they find ways to get the ball in those guys hands. But Sony, Michelle had a heck of a lot of touches towards the end of the year. You know he was that Bill cow. And there's no reason why Kenyan Drake can't get fifteen plus carries and five or six receptions every game. And I think that's in this coaching staffs best interest in offers dome. It sounds I mean who were the two jerseys at this team leaked. They showed the showed everyone white throwbacks got everyone's super excited. There were two jerseys leaked one was making its Patrick who was. You know, hands down the future of this defense, you know, I think he can be better than existing Howard there. There's another hot take. I think he's going to be the best player on this defense for many, many years. And, you know, they sent they showed history that was the first one you get who is the other one Kenyan Drake. You see their official Twitter account. You know, tweet out Kenyan Drake stuff, you know, he went out there and said, I don't care how many carries I get as long as the team gets wins, is what you wanna hear from your franchise running back. I mean I know he's coming up on a new contract. I know running backs do not get a now a days, but this isn't a good seems to be Jj I who thinks he's worth top five running back money just to have his bone on bone knee explode. So, I think Kenyan Drake deserves touches personally. I'm gonna stay away from fantasy football in a mistake from all these running backs again. If you're fancy football avoid the dolphins backfield like the plague, but I do think Kenyan Drake has that potential to be three down running back, but you don't need him to be. Because again, you got Kaylynn Balaj, yum, more won't possibly. No, you got Kenneth Farrow. You got miles Gaskin you got these other guys that can get touches? But I think. Drake should be the focal point of that running back room and anyone thinks Kaelin Balaj, a better running back because, you know, he came out the of OTA's with his shirt sleeves rolled up and you saw some Danes in his arms. I mean that's just dumb. I I don't think he's the dolphins halfback one, I think that's I think that's Kenyan Drake. And I think he deserves his load this season. I feel like the dolphins back goes going to be just like the patriots backfield. You never know who's wing at the ball, win and ino in the patriots backfield's. Yes. Sunny Michelle was kind of the lead back. But really, they spread it out a lot. And I do believe that Kenyan Drake. And Caitlyn Balaj will both get their fair share carries? Very rarely do in the NFL these days a one running back show. Right. There are very few exceptions to that rule. Mult many of them go to the two running back. So for me. This is a non non conversation by Disney to address it. So it was a hot topic mongo's dolphins Twitter when you say. Starting running back. It doesn't mean anything to me. That's just me. Yeah. Even in years past. We did not have this New England coaching staff who has, you know, history shows that that's the way they feed their running backs. I mean, we haven't had that, and they still done the same thing. Frank gorse corpse got how many he got a bulk of the carries last year? He was the, the dolphins number one running back when you look at the carries but statistically know yet one touchdown to Kennedy Drake's. What nine I just don't see why they won't spread it out when they have that many mouths that, can I mean, miles gas needs a seventh-round pick? And this guy has got explosive potential that I think this coaching staff gonna utilize more Walton broke free of a frigging tasers. Do you know the cups try to this guy, and he ripped it off and just kept running? I mean those, those are the kind of guys you give carries to regardless of who your star is. So as much as I love Kenyan Drake as much as I think he is the best running back on the roster. There's going to be other mouths to feed. And I think this coaching staff has shown assuming that they're bringing that New England style offense which we all think they are that same metality and you just look around the NFL. I mean every. Every team is doing this. You know, maybe Zeke Elliott is the is the, you know, the unicorn of the bunch maybe sa- Kwame Barkley, but most teams are feeding multiple runningback. So it's going to happen. It's bound to happen. But when you put Kalem Balaj verse Kenny Kenyan Drake, it's going to Kenyan Drake every time for me. Yep. Absolutely. Anything else before the show. No, man. I just wanna say something hope he better. Yeah. Only make things at pro football network. We're going to send a fruit basket. I gotta give shout the pro football network. Things are, you know, businesses boom. And we just said, Tony Pauline big things are coming. So if you're not following pro football network, get on that now fantasies getting ready to drop gambling's, yet, drop everyday people reaching out trying to become part of this network. A big things are coming, but for all your mind. Dolphins coverage keep it here at the Finsider. Keep listening to us at finsihed radio because, you know, the Miami Dolphins may not be a, you know, all these analysts are sitting it's the worst team in football. I don't see that. I think you got these guys with TOA as their as our Twitter. Abby, that's not gonna happen guys. I don't care if it's Ryan Patrick, Josh Rosen, we can get over this tank stuff. Look at those other quarterbacks in the first round if you want a quarterback because you're not getting the first pick, no matter how bad is team is the Cincinnati Bengals are worse. The New York Giants are worse. There's other teams that are worse in the Miami doll. Enjoy the season. You know, don't sit there and root for losses. Hope the Josh Rosen guy because like you said, there's a treasure trove of picks next year hundred twenty plus million dollars cap space to two picks in the second third fourth and fifth round. I mean, why would you not want Josh Rosen to be that starting quarterback so you can use those picks to build around and be a real contender twenty twenty? It just doesn't make sense to me. Enjoy football. Enjoy the off season. Honestly, because in couple months, we're going to be very angry very sad and go dolphins. You couldn't have set any better, my friend, that's going to do it for us here on a Finsider radio four Joshua house. I cannot thank you for listening. We will talk to you next time. Radio part of fit cider dot com and the SP nation network. The ball for the goal. I know. Where in the on the ground? Always. Any your? With. The greatest. From? On the Brown. When you say. Yes.

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