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Talk radio dot com theme song. This is the fire house and i want to introduce you to some very very special friends that i've met along the way it's a safe seat. Three max crowned king robert from the royal. This is the undisputed future death row unfazed tasers gains from wwl hello this is w._w._e. Hall of famer the heartbreak kid shaw. Mike and i'm offering an hateem megan green free and nikki valentine. This is broken not haughty greatest man that ever lived always liked the good rats and you're listening to the greatest rack. Action is guaranteed experience. Your live. I love love chick ball back taking souls and digging holes. I'm gonna break your bit. She hear me with your host. Ben lyon the u. Heroes don't exist all become addicted to the illusion of what a hero does for you mentioned that i was once addicted to eating sponges. Who's lindsey war woman taylor. All my gods take her caretaker caretaker. Take me oh my god. It's take her and she was in wintered wicked child who spat and sworn shoot tobacco like puppets and her producer sir rocket doc id mother-in-law creatures of the night now experience of art of puppetry this right here liaison the champ that runs the cat lai a while edward yang it solutions yeah and good evening. Everyone welcome to the record here on wild talk radio. Dot com brought to our friends over at in mm b._g. Films check him out. You've dot com such 'em b._g. Twelve eleven and if you're listening to us over on while talk radio dot com radio show dot com or directly on twitch. Thank you you so much for tuning in. We greatly appreciate it. If you're on twitch and you happen to have an amazon prime account and you know you got your twitter account you can link them up a twitch prime. There's the purple button up at the top that lets you subscribe four free for a whole month if you tie those two together and we'd surely love if you use that here but you know if you want to use it ellsworth. That's that's fine too but please use it here. Support the channel because it was very expensive weekend for our channel which will kind of talk about here second anyway. I'm your host for joining amy as always the ever faithful producer sash co hosts such handyman's rockin a you can hear us live rely. We're back. Have you missed us was a week without live. Shows was horrible. It was horrible for me. Yeah you did not have a good week this week with that recognition on the twitter's i talk radio dot com dot com which t._v.'s yes all sorted out so basically the production studio came to a grinding halt because for whatever reason rocks computer decided it was done it checked out some chat pay respect for russell computer motherboard award on the motherboard died and so- rock had to get a new computer and unfortunately windows ten is a bit of a pain in the butt to set up streaming on on and so he had a little bit of a hard time getting it getting it to work properly and so we kind of show wasn't i couldn't stream so you couldn't hear me on the stream because they the fine folks at windows and upgrades the side to disable a key function. You know microphone volume mm-hmm speakers. Yeah did microsoft microsoft. Can you fix that please. That is the dumbest upgrade. I've had in my computer computer for at least twenty years now they disabled so we rolled things back a few years and we're good to go back. Live afaq live problem solve problems up which means we missed c._b. Radio we miss w t._r. When at the rural post show but we did not miss the extra that actually came out because i was a day we got everything sorted sorted out and we were going to go so that's step number one. We're going to get into summertime here. In a moment we got annex t takeover preview coming up in just a little bit after the first and only time show show we should have analysts jonas for that talked about it on twitter some cool announcement cool stuff <hes> okay so if you are on twitter which is twits that he's not live right under the little technology scream tells you what game we're playing what we're doing right now. We're doing talk show and podcast <unk> threat next to it. It says team fish fan when i wanna fish fam- is you ever anyone know. Jordan fisher is one thing i think dancing with the stars on dancing with the stars twenty-five he is part of you know the best fortnight do ever he's just an all around wonderful human being sweet as all get out how love watching him what rock music it's so adorable. We are now part of his streaming team or twi- channels affiliated with history team a._m. So what we're live people can see that on on the whole group thing the tweet team thing there will be content constantly running like it will auto host some stuff for different channels so if we're not live there will be content probably going on from different shrimps around around the world check mail to. They're all out like i'm like. I'm falling whatever up to you but we're part of teen fish fam- now so hopefully we'll see that was that's really cool. Though ooh that's super exciting so that explains when you come here before show where the static screens nothing going on. It's hey here. We are so yeah. That's that's the whole deal. I should change scenes but hey we're here. We're good stuff. That's all the news that way so going forward. All the regular scheduled programing is coming at and then some 'cause. We have content in the works that we're going to get to. We have a lot of okay. You're going to get sick of me in her her by the end of probably in the next two weeks sikkim us with all the hour. We got back on thrown into yeah. We got like book reviews. We have to do that. We're going to be putting out. We've got mrs. We're doing. We've got the regular shows. We've got all kinds of stuff coming for y'all and then on top of that football. All is coming so you know there's all that wonderful mess which i don't know if we're doing the about fantasy draft 'cause they're redoing. The deputy are properly. If we get some interest. We'll do it again this year so yeah if you so if you wanna be a part of our draft football league because that's coming that's coming. I know alw- someone tweeted mcwhinney tweeting on twitter we'll get to it is tweeting me. Things was not the greatest so there you go so all that catch up is underway. We gotta gonna pay per view into presented by m._b. Films youtube dot com slash n._b._c. twelve go to facebook dot com slash talkradio network tomorrow you leave your predictions. The interns not here so you can't champion did you type in chat will read them and all that fun stuff. Let's get into the summertime because there's ten it is currently announced for the show yeah and a few of them got put on raw and smackdown. We're gonna tried a work as much raw and smackdown into <hes> the summertime preview preview as we can because we missed raw so where we didn't miss right. We watch it. We did review ross so there are some items from that show that we have to talk about in conjunction with summer slam so we're in trying to work all that in for you guys so that way you know you kind of get a makeup for po show but not really because as well things and first and foremost we gotta get it off the plate because roman reigns does not have a match summer slam but we have to talk about what happened monday because i need to talk about it i have to this is the one thing i really wanted to talk about and we were not able to go live till tuesday night and it's like well. Well crap have to wait. 'til thursday to talk about this and that is somebody is trying to take out roman reigns. We got the cheesy stop off falling on him two weeks ago and they came out and said oh it was a forklift accident and everything right right a forklift in quotations accident accident will lose it was it was a forklift accident but it wasn't by the driver. No no <hes> so this week it came out that samoa joe got fine for reasons and basically he got blamed for attacking roman reigns and joe was like dude. It wasn't me okay and so it's backing up joe. Oh got fined because he got into with cameraman at the airport so they find him because he was being accused because dot com put out a poll and he got. He got mad dan about it so he attacked the cameraman. He got fined for that reasons anyway. I'm giving the story go. So joe goes on a rampage demands an apology from roman. He's gonna beat romans but he's pissed off. He's angry and roman. You know they're like oh. Hey rohan raises showing up to the buildings. Centers like great so you hop centering goes backstage. He storms backstage z l. and it ruins car. Roman pulls up starts to get out joe's rose yelling at and we're about to have a fight and then all the sudden out of nowhere. Here's a car roman jones back into his car slams his door car hits him and then drives off joseph standing there like he's seen jesus not able to even comprehend what it just happened and what i loved about this and this is why i wanted to talk about this not roman reigns almost gonna hit the car that's terrible but the instant instance switch in joe from him being like i'm going to kill you. I'm gonna murder you. I'm going to beat you in in the face kinda thing to do to your right like joe. Joe is with romans romans trying to gather cars. No stay down. Stay down. Stay there like he's looking around making sure everybody's okay. He's major romans okay like ito ito. It's the fact that you show joe being like a having a genuine human reaction. I loved the so much because it's like in that moment. Whatever whatever the tiff was about doesn't matter <hes> which is perfect is that's exactly how it should be. It's like in that in that moment nothing matters because somebody just tried to kill roman right in front of joe which of course exonerates joe right because you know he's standing right there so how could he possibly hurt roman if he's like standing there yelling at him so cut smackdown and we also saw hunter and we saw a bunch of concerned officials and everybody's check on them. Roman roma's really shaken and kind of upset. Ah get a interview with rome where he's like. I don't know what's going on. I don't know why people wanna hurt me. I sat there the entire time winning for the lighting rig to fall on him. It didn't happen ebbs legitimate and so interestingly enough as they're showing this in the ring is daniel bryan and one eric ruin for those of you who don't know eric ruins rather dark. Past dude was in a cult. Do you may or may not have killed people. We don't know bray wyatt had him do all kinds of awful things most of which he probably doesn't even talk about but it's like this is specked this isn't suspect at all because again i asked the question when row and teamed up with dana ryan so so the old eric rowe and that used to run around and the sheep mask in collect hair and was in the goal and beat people up for fun in all the awful things that he used to pray what happened to that. Where did that go. Is it re- manifesting itself. Maybe maybe i don't know oh but yeah it was really well done but it's like <hes> eric rowan this suspect suspect which leads me to summer slam like i said roman does not not have a match nope. Now that doesn't mean room is not going to be on the show because he is going to be on the show though there are there are rumors that he could be finding murphy and there's rumors refined dinner by eggs. He's rumors who knows well. He he kind of already fought buddy murphy. He beat up eddie murphy on smackdown when buddy murphy basically said yeah i know who it is. Is that is trying to hurt you but are no. He didn't say he knew he said even if i did no i wouldn't tell you anything then he mentioned ruins the yeah and after roman had i'd like thrown him around like a rag doll in the locker room so and beat him up which again i highly approve of that because it's a genuine genuine emotional reaction to this which is what roman needs to have a genuine reactions. I love that so what's what's gonna happen with roman reigns we don't know. Is it going to come out. Who's trying to hurt him. Is somebody going to hurt again eric ruin. It's a classic whodunnit. We don't i know somebody go get leslie nielsen. We need leslie nielsen await fending go get funding. He's a little busier yeah. He's a little busy. He's reinventing himself so all right so that's romans whole situation leading summer slam so now. Let's talk about some matches by the way if you're tuning in this record here and we'll talk radio dot com thank you so much for listening and we're gonna talk first and foremost about the cruiserweight championship were drew. Goo krulak is defending against oni larkin. This is going to be fun. They are gonna beat the crap out of each other before we get into get into the match yeah elliot finally good had <hes> one thing i want to mention. It's weird summertime right. You just mentioned marines. That's david bryant doesn't match their two big. Names for smackdown are up booked on the show. Currently that's kind of weird. It's okay somebody else has matching. I'm fine with that time match. I just wanted to point that out thing okay. That's interesting. I know so they're just saying yeah go into the match. The speak good this probably on the pre show also have run out of the thousand page. I we got through that part of the bit. Now everyone's keller some cool. <hes> only learn really good. This should be fiscal. The should be hard hitting. Let them go ten minutes and really get the crowd going. It'll be fun. I think gulag retains yeah i just i just don't honestly honestly see them. Taking the belt off drulak just yet i mean he's worked so hard to get it and feel like he should have it for a little bit longer and i love tony. Don't get me wrong. I mean he's great. He's fantastic. He's wonderful danny burch but i just don't feel like regular yeah. He's just he's kinda there. I think filling spot for right now although they could like completely service and give it to him in that says call up i would hope not <hes> yeah i just i get the funny feelings through like is in fact <hes> going to retain. I hope anyway so. I'm going going going go. Alexia april will retain his title not so good <hes> being treacherous already my goodness all right. Hey hey next we have. I don't wanna talk about this this early but we have to talk about it. It's the dream match. Queen versus queen. Queen of queens versus the queen of all eras. That's what they've named themselves. Church stratus taking on charlotte flair in the dream rematch and its has been noted that this is tristesse last match officially. This is the retirement match again again supposedly possible. I think this is it. I think i think this is she. More people rolling out conclusions she was like after this really isn't anything she wants is to do. There's nothing that challenges her. She did tag match with lita. She got that in one more time so this is final thing in her hometown again that that said this is a big if charles <unk>. That's a big win for charlotte. Who katainen needs it at this stage. He would plant her as the queen. You know queens the queen of all eras whatever you wanna call it it would put her as the modern the top dog. I guess in the division like she would she would. I hope something that not many people can hold is victory over trish stratus interest and also essentially retiring her which i believe lita it is the only other one to hold that no no if you remember trish pete lena and gave up the bell that's right that's right like i never did the honours in her last match so maybe she's doing the honor share that would make the most sense it would it would be the symbolic full passing of the torch tricia now alf completely done finished everything as like here cheryl flair. She retired trip so that she can hang our hat on for now it sort of works. Oh a completely works. Here's the thing you have to you have to have charlotte get something because she's not in the title picture. They've backed her fully off bailey fully off becky. They're pointing her trish to get her this accolade to hang her hat on because you know they have taken foot off the pedal so she does need a little boost to just kinda put her back up right in the threat of title contention so if they need to move her into the title picture on either show at any point point they can and just a little win over trish or i should say not even a little one a big win over trish would be good for her because because what does the the truce winning do for fresh. Let's go out on top. She gets a big win in her hometown and then she retires but i mean that's that's it. I mean i feel like charlotte would be better served with the victory no offense to trish then trish getting it because it's like you know you want her to go home happy but at the same time it's like stuff like this is all about elevating the person staying versus. The person that's going because trish will have her moment. She'll get her goodbye in the ring. They'll they'll they'll give her time to. Leo thank you trish nike. The crowd will go crazy yeah all of that. She will get that time. She will get that moment either way but but it's like i feel like the win over charlotte or i should say charlotte winning over trish three. Oh there it is <hes> is just better alway round <music> because now you can have charlotte comment on smackdown and be like i beatrice stratus what's next for me and she kinda turns and looks at bailey because you're almost to the point now where you can kind of put her like i said back in title picture a little bit and fox's the keys like charlotte bailey going into fox. Come on yeah. That's a solid viewed. You can't go wrong with it. There's also a rumor that sasha's on her way back so there you go. That's sort of the direction. You need to go so yeah so i'm going charlotte. You're going. I'm going charlotte magic realtor stress betrayal flair at summer slam outlook not so good so eight balls going going charlotte aren't what's next met. Wit is currently getting ready to have her baby. So a different ours is is getting ready to deliver for her baby so happy thoughts for her. Go away. Go go. We're behind you. I don't know how to cheer on a woman having a baby but go oh so yeah. Just everybody keep your keep fingers cross for because labor is not fun. It's <unk> but yeah so congratulations to wit and kate early so up next. This shouldn't take long because this shouldn't be long goldberg versus dolph ziglar gobert. I'm just all this. What this is is because taker got one. This is the this is the goldberg redemption. Match taker got his match to redeem himself from the saudi arabia show show. This is the same thing for goldberg. I'm gonna say this upfront because i can and because i'm that much of a jerk please. Nobody let at that man smack his head on the door this time okay remove move all doors or put a pat on it or something if he insists on doing it just please do not let him smack his head on anything but yeah. This match should not be long. It should just be dolph. Maybe gets a couple moves in and gober just annihilate same one-two-three gobert weapons. Should we one minute or or at max three. No hit should should be one minute like. I mean that that should be it. Here's what has to happen. The referee calls for the bell dow yells. I'm gonna do this this and the us he charges. Spear boom picks them up jackhammer one-two-three goldberg winds. We get the goldberg match you get the goldberg squash. That's how it should be legit legit. That's how it should be. I mean it should not be any more than that. I would hope it's not any more than that but we'll see because i i don't know i for whatever reason for super showdown it was. They were gonna do along match between goldberg and take her. They may do that here but i would highly doubt it no in saudi. It was a main event match. This not a main event. This is in and out goldberg on show cheap pop and down she he goes yep so there. You go gobert for the winds. Aibo goes goldberg squashed. Dasa glared summer slam dough aw paul's going there all right there you go apel you treacherous treacherous whore spare we fire the the eight ball no corner go to your corner able all right up next and what you're seeing the right here on talk radio dot com. We are reviewing summer slam or making our picks show reviewing previewing whatever next week's the review technically. I think we're also also previewing it before. We've actually seen it. I mean you know it's it's a thing she doesn't want him but she's wrong in that so let's go next match up next. We have the match that will make everybody pregnant again a._j. Styles versus ricochet for the united states championship. I'm just going to call it. It's gonna be it's gonna be a._j. The club will be involved and ricochet may or may not have backup. I don't know but a._j.'s gonna win gonna win. He's he's on a roll. He's on a push. I love her to death. I really really do but they're trying to get the club over. <hes> at it makes sense wants to have a._j. Retain his title right now. I see all that and i go ricocheting by d. q. like if i don't think we're gonna walk away with title. That's why i'm saying a._j. Really is i just don't see a._j. Losing right now and losing that title because it kind of defeats the purpose of putting it on him in the first place so that's that's my opinion on it. I don't know what's what's yours or do you have one or you. Just sit there silent. I think he left me with y'all again. Chat shows mine party party party party don't getting so. What do you think jack do you. Who do you think's going to win is going to be a._j. Or ricochet g._m._c. in a._j. Hey who else we got anybody else. He keeps the title. Let's do some shots up. We are not doing shot although fireball my fridge so technically i could do that but we're not doing shots not right now. Night bought says my sources say nope dude. I can't do vodka shots mainly because i have no doc in my house. I have whisky my house. That's that's that's all i have. I have no baga being the closest thing. I have or like those smirnoff ice beer things exc countess vodka. It's spinoff. No it doesn't count okay all right novas a._j. Okay all right. Yes brent beer things you walked into to rock leaving me alone on the show by myself and i'm trying not to have dead air and so yeah i'm just sitting here talking talking about alcohol and shots go what the hell do what happened. I sneeze and she goes alcohol. Okay come back jack. I'm sorry i was sneezing is how. How much do you have to sneeze. That was like five minutes. It was ninety seconds. I filled the old the air did i not you did you did. I'm just because it just feels like a big baby for his win a._j. Can get the belt back at some point april will a._j. Retain in tight on sunday april says yes. I am trying. It's trying to make got up to me. Maybe i let's talk about this next match all right so for the first time in literally a year legit actually just like ten days short of year. Maybe nine or roundup. It's a year bray wyatt as the fiend will step foot and w._w._e. Ring to ironically it clearly take on fin ballor in a match now. Why is this ironic because two years ago brian fin were supposed to have a match at summer summer slam where it was going to be the demon versus abigail and it never happened goes late. They had the match summer slam. The rematch was that helmet seller something they are the rematch. I never happened yet so they fought each other at summer slam <hes> two years ago and then the rematch never happened so this is technically rematch. We're we're brick still up but he's not scenario. He's not sister abigail. He's the fien so we are going to get the first. I look of the fiend in wrestling match because we've seen him for weeks now. He's been showing up attacking people beating them up. They've done a really cool presentation and with him and how they're they're showing him and we're going to have regular fin. Not the demon was smart which is really smart because you can always have fin in comeback because finn is going on hiatus. My theory is getting married because he's had pictures of his beautiful fiancee all over his instagram and so that's that's my hunch is he's going home to get married and have a honeymoon. I think he actually may have already gotten married but that's not for me to say who you're married. They're are getting married and they're going to go on their honeymoon so he's taking a break after summer slam. It makes no sense for him to win so this is this is kind of rock and ice theory on this is that this is going. That'd be another quick. One thing comes out. The fien comes out beats up valor one two three done like you just need to have. I love thin that you need to have break. Come out and just absolutely massacre fendt. The can't go fifty fifty. You have brian finn go fifty fifty than you've killed. The the fiend needs to be the fee needs to be with the demon is even more powerful even more powerful than that where it's just the the fiend because it's so it's presented it in such a way. You can't just have him have a regular wrestling match which you need to save those four is actual actual what i like to term if you're new to the show prozac bray wyatt which is the t._v. Show host mr rogers gone to hell tight scenario. <hes> that's where you need to do your fifty fifty. That's where you need to do. Railroad wrestling matches all of that stuff you save it for that character the fiend when it gets rolled out that just needs to be a slaughter whenever that character shows up because what you wanna do is you want to instill still fear that win. Bray says you've angered the fiend and he's coming or the fiend shows up you get that reaction of him. Because that was always the problem with bray originally was they never like they made him fierce in the beginning and then they backed off of it and then he can never get the job done on and then he was just kinda sorta there and nobody was afraid of him and nobody was really reacting to him in any sort of way other than me so so with this they have one chance to get this right one chance one shot because once it's over it's over with this <hes> and so it it just yeah. You just need to have the fiend. Come out beat up finn. You may have e- half and do one or two moves fien doesn't react to it doesn't sell it and just dislike massacres right there in the middle of the ring because also i have concerned about the mask decorate. Where's your concern that i'm sure it is like sturdy enough to for wrestling. I would be fairly sure that when they had this thing constructed that it could go through a wrestling match but i don't know if it can only one way or the final only to find out what this so. We'll have to see if the mask is in fact sturdy enough but yet this should just be quick. One-two-three bray wyatt the fiend. Is your wetter your thoughts if you sneeze again. I'm going to talk about alcohol. I'm with you. Could you just said everything. I was been saying for a couple of days. It's got to be quick to point fingers can get it can get a couple of moves in cape. It's not like the matches nasa it'd be complete squash rush but has dominated sky go five minutes domination. Let them beat them beat on him and show us what the fiend characters about that makes sense yeah. How style is is. He going to russell like regular book bright white. He shot it. He should be powerful. You've done great things with braun strowman where he can dominate opponents a dominating win over finn valor would be good for for bray it needs to happen. Civiles brent now the school meaning stranger. Things have happened but i'm brad. I'm shooting you off a ramp later. Thanks very you're going bray. Prince cone thin people bright white win on sunday all signs point. Yes okay and the devils fan i think eventually they'll stop calling the fem- ray why it but i think right now they're still trying to tie the two together because it's so so like it's weekly but it's a very very quick jump to the fiend and so they wanna make sure that the two were tied together even though it's like the promos and everything like that it's still new and once once there a few months down the line with it if it's successful then they'll stop calling him bright the fiend or the fienberg bray wyatt and just call him the fiend embree why because right now we're not one hundred percent sure if it's two separate characters if it's the same character what's really going on with it so they're gonna kind of tell that story. I think with it a little bit like he's been hanging at that that there's more of the story to tell <hes> and then they'll probably update the name from there was this up next we have kevin owens versus shane mcmahon and if kevin owens loses is he quits w._w._e. Builds the bill of this has been really good. They've done a great job of building. It shane's continuation to be on pay per view you but i think this may be the end for him. For a little bit i was he should take a little break after this they he kind of needs to take a break after this just rustling wrestling so much and the characters overdone a little bit like they've pulled back in the last couple of weeks like he's not over the top on television right now which is smart jeremic having governor shame shame like he's been overloaded on t._v. A lot like before this like he was on every show but kevin is so hot right now like kevin means this win. They'll be shenanigans. We all know this. Elias will probably be involved. There will be a lot of shenanigans because it's a shame match. He'll try to do something stupid. We know that but this is kevin. I wins. He's got to get the win. He's not gonna lose to shane here. There's no there's no point 'cause. It's you have something in kevin's when you need to take advantage of it right now. He's rolling so win. Over shane will keep the momentum going. I agree with that wholeheartedly. I mean shane shane. Shane has done wonders for kevin in terms of being the perfect foil for him and i feel like because you've added that stipulation of if kevin loses he quits. It's kevin's matched win because macintyre isn't so much in the picture anymore. The revival isn't so much in the picture anymore. Now shanking pull out all the stops because he's a bad mcmurray do every once but i don't know shane necessarily needs a little break aac but i feel like you need to have kevin make a statement. You need to have him punctuate everything that he's been saying because otherwise. If he loses it invalidates everything that he's been going on about and he's been saying an invalidates his whole rebellion and so you need to have kevin find a way because let's not forget kevin owens is a slipper tail just like shane so if anybody can figure out how to beat him it's kevin owens so so i feel like you have kevin beach shane at his own game which allows the feud to continue. If you you want and eventually could force the point that you know it's maybe shane if shane loses he quits kind of thing and also i think chains kids are getting ready to go back school and that kind of thing so shea may wanna take a break 'cause. He's gonna stupid shit year recently so he needs a rest. That's the point that it's like. It's gained back fall. Usually sorta takes a break in the fall and so we'll see we'll see now. I don't think the missing avow because he's doing the whole thing with south so. I don't think it's involved in this one. <hes> merger gabo will shane mcmahon became owns very deaf. Also it's going with k. O what's next sucking up the four smackdown women's. J._v. is on the line as bailey defense against imber moon. I've waited for this. I've waited for her the title shot. I'm ecstatic that she's getting one that. She's on the show and it's against bailey. This should be really really good good. I know we've said that a lot of about a lot of majesty night but these two should have wonderful chemistry together and do some really awesome things. This is amber moons time. I shine if she does not have a good performance here. Things don't look for this. Is it needs to be her breakout. Match doesn't mean she has to win but she needs to have have a really good match because as bill while we've had this really good embarrassed moon match no one's talking about a good ember moon in match. She needs that at summer slam. I think bailey's the right opponent to get a really good match outnumber agreed. They're both experience reinstate. They both they both are gonna settle into this really well. Ember doesn't necessarily need to win. I don't think she's going to win but like you said she needs to have. They need to have a really really epic level match and i don't think she if they don't she's done but because it's like again you know what she can do because you saw all her do it in annex t but the question then becomes is amber in the right place. Do they need me to send her. Maybe back down to annex t and that's where she needs to stay because they did a much better job with her down there than they. They're doing right now but at the same time do they hold on tour and wait and see what eric bischoff can do with her like she came up but she came up. Rhonda came so like yes. She kinda got the short end of the stick on that one <hes> but then she got hurt so i was like okay. She's hurt now says so. She's coming back off of that. She almost missed resume. She did appear what she wasn't anything. Super major silla getting your back into storylines slowly getting back in ring slower gang becker against good opponents. This is a big match for her and i hope she performance while i hope she does a great job. It'll be interesting to see which side the crowd chooses will bailey will they go ember will be split. Who knows it's toronto you. It's bizarro world as he liked to say she never know what can happen. I'm going vaguely retain but i'm not very confident that pick yeah. I'm saying bailey retains but it's not necessarily the cleanest victory and i say amber gives her gives her a run for our money a hard run for her money like this is. I don't feel like this is going to be definitive victory for bailey. I feel like this is going to be. She eats this south but the by the seat of our pants kind of victory <hes> and you you keep ember right there with bailey <hes> in terms of the title contention and maybe take take this to the next paper who you want so april will bailey retain on sunday april says most likely all right what's next up next by the way you're seeing the rocker here on talk radio dot com. Tom thank you so much for tuning in we are previewing w._w._e. Summer slam later in the show. We're going to be doing in a t fender bender calling us on twitch continue. Thank you so welcome to the welcome to the family. We're we're. We're here to say you know. We love that anyway the w._w. Championship is on on the line as kofi kingston takes on randy orton in the very long awaited rematch between the two not for the title would just in general if you know your history on this way back in the day probably ten years ago now. Kofi kingston beat randy orton which randy believes champion of time. I don't remember if he was probably was and so it set kofi up for a title shot which kofi never ever really dessert or <unk> never really got because randy felt that kofi did not deserve it and that was a story line and it got forgotten and kofi got pushed down the ranks but you know for that one shining moment he was in line for the championship. Now you fast forward to sunday or kofi. Kingston is your champion and you're having this poetic moment between the two for randy. Orton is now challenging kofi for the title and randy's like you didn't deserve within you. Don't serve it now. I'm going to take your title yada yada yada but it's just as a really bittersweet moment 'cause you're like oh yeah. It's finally happening and we did not get kofi. Destroying randy's cardigan nor did we get ready destroying. Kobe's car is very disappointed in that. Do you want to know why you think it rented destroying anything of coffees. Why ready horn. It's been on a two week vacation randy randy get on your stuff him and his wife had been posting pictures tropical vacation like he won his manage four weeks ago. He did a promo to get the match the week after and he's been gone for two weeks on vacation. Well doing nothing but his wife okay not a bad life. If you can get it i mean respect but yeah you could go to pre-tape some stuff with him. I mean they did a video package highlighting ham and so they they put him over and then they put over coffee this week but it was. I don't know it was just was weird. Yes brent a vacation. I know you don't know what that is. Sweetheart google it. Hey siri asks me. She'll tell you what it is all right so that all being said who do we think is walking away with title orca. The kofi kingston taylor has been good not great kofi. Kingston hasn't move the needle as much as he should. This is hard. This is really hard to call because kofi is champion has been great for for a lot of reasons outside of ratings just because it's somebody who is not in the status quo finally getting the shot and that's wonderful for kofi and i know it's something he's wanted for a really long time and i feel like it's opened a lot of doors for people that maybe were not open before <hes> <hes> but at the same time you're going into fox and that's the thing star power is key on fox and no artificial has had no part in any creative at this point. The answer chats question rainy putting the bell randy going on the fox. You could do many different things whether you do randy and kevin going into fox because here's the thing kofi popularity is strong but it's leveled out kofi popularity he had a lot to do with him being with new day right and they while they've been all three maintained us kind of split kofi office you should perhaps so he can have his his limelight as a champion and then you have woods in e going for tag titles and it split up new day <hes> in the meantime time which it's like <hes> <hes> 'cause they've tried to make kofi a little bit more serious like he's still doing the pancakes and he's still skipping happen and he's still having a good time and doing all that but they've tried to make him more of a serious champion while still keeping the the new day flare. He's in an odd spot. Could they continue the story of kofi. Yeah the popularity of cabinet wins growing hurt kofi because at some point kevin as being the main event finding title and we've seen kevin koffi already fight and it wasn't the greatest it just it was solid but it wasn't the because neither me i feel as much as an especially with kevin owens as a baby face now or is a twitter face down. It almost needs to be randy because you can have randy. Just be that slimy. He'll the kevin needs and the two of them can go off and they can fight for the title and that's how you do that because here's the thing you can. After fox happens you can always put the title back on kofi. You can always do that and i'm not saying that. Kingston is not good enough to to carry over for fox. I think he absolutely is and i think i would love to see him. Be the champion when they debut on fox. I just don't know if they're going to do do that. Do do you want to see roman reigns berry kofi kingston at some point. Everyone says no so at some point romans seeing that belly yet whether it's survivor series rumble many whatever it is it's going to roman. I don't think kofi and roman will do good things for kofi so at some point the bill has to come off him. I it's it's a tough situation. You want coffee to succeed but he's already succeed. He's had the bill for six months right. April april may june july five hundred south performance. He's had a long enough rain. You don't everyone doesn't need a year long title ring at some point the moment has to end. I think it and for kofi at source i would agree with that. I mean typically if you win the title at summers at wrestlemainia and you make it to summer slam. You typically do lose it at summer slam unless you're brooke listener or somebody else <hes> so i i just don't see kofi making it past summer slam. I'd love for him to but i just don't see it. I i honestly feel like it's going on. Randy likes brandies had a summer hiatus. It's now we're going to fall. He's back. They're going into a new t._v. Deal they need the star power renew organised one of the biggest stars that they have on that roster and i feel like they're going to gear him up for one more. You're really tremendously big run before he's done so i'm going randy. You're going randy. Hey april reindeer. Don't win the title on sunday new who <hes> all right what's next up next we have the raw women's championship on the align as the man becky lynch who is also one half of your w w k twenty cover pairing taking on on natalia gummed good it submission match by the way into submission match shouldn't be good going to be different something change of pace. I can't see becky topping. Bring out. I just can't which is why i'm going on the go with becky retaining you can't have becky tap because then you ruin the whole image i i don't know i go back and forth on this because it's like at some point becky has to meet her match. She has to lose ray yeah but by submission. It's that's tough but the problem is natty loses. You kinda kill natty but you really aren't. You haven't done done much lately. You're not yeah because you can only that he's okay. Daddy is the normal mid card person who upper mid carter who was always good in a pinch right right. I just feel like something's going to happen with this job. They can do on toronto screw job i. I don't know i get a hunch somebody showing up the arouse i mean i know i mean that legit like i'm not joking. It's just this whole feud has been a little odd not to say that natty doesn't deserve the shot because she does but it's like. It's just been weird how they set the whole thing up and how they've done it and it slake. There's a point to this. They're they're. They're doing something with this and i don't think the end result is natty with the title i think the end result is ronda rousey showing back up because she sort of started rumbling indicating that okay well. Her hiatus is coming to an end. She did not get pregnant so she misses w._b._z. Wants to come back in some capacity with us wrestling or as managing or it's just being on t._v. What have you whatever she wants to do. I think they're fine with it <hes> and she gets her revenge. Benjamin becky lynch or somebody else could show up safa sasha could show up. I was thinking potentially shane. Obeys lurker show up. Maybe the becky verse shayna would be good. I don't again but at the same point it was a regular normal match whereas pitfalls yeah yeah but it's mission listen. I agree with that but i just feel like the match is going to be secondary to something else. That's happening that somebody's gonna show up. Somebody's is gonna debut. There's gonna screw jobs. Something is happening in this. I just have that hunch and probably completely one hundred percent wrong <hes> but i just get that hunch that something's happening. That being said becky retains april is becky retain on sunday very doubtful okay all right and last but certainly not least by the way you're seeing the rack right here on talk radio dot com. We're previewing summer slam. Which is this sunday the w._b. Network and now we are gonna talk about about the main event. Universal championship is on the line as brock listener defense against a very battered and bruised seth rollins rawlins should win. Seth rollins really should win. I don't think he's going to go unless he pulls like a hail mary or or a miracle or something i don't think he's going to it's weird like the babe. It really is approx. Title like really is brock's title the breath winning do much okay. This is how i play things out of my habits. Okay who's next is it. Who's the next challenger for seth. I don't know if i got the belt because you're not gonna go back and forth back and forth. This would be the end of the story. I don't see the next person yet on raw for elicit spray which could be it could be pray you just you basically bring him back. Having go against finn see how the character does with finn and then you remove him on and move him directly into title contention. You could absolutely do that. <hes> you don't really have anybody else lined lined up right now for brock or seth and that's an issue unless all mcintyre's a smackdown no wrong tyres role. You could move mcintyre earner like he's. They're kinda. They've got him in a holding pattern right now and i think they're gonna move him. In next. Maybe get bray ready. He stuck in this with cedric. Alexander says like he's moved down the cards and it's like. I don't even think he's ready. You know trying to think nca- who who could be for either side because it's like well wow and the honestly i don't know like i really really don't know and i hate saying napa but it's like who could who could it be about. That was my question going in before movie for with baron corbett and it's like who's next and i don't. I know it's not romans romans smack dab room. It's gonna be fox not you're not roman ruins during the hit and run on smackdown. He's gonna put him there. I mean it is it's something that if seth wind bring somebody formanek stain you you go somebody from inex- t you could metric maverick bu- a- because here's the thing we're going to be talking about next here in a little bit but i feel like with gargano i get a hunch. Gargano is getting ready to move like he's done everything he can do down in annex t there's not a whole lot else he can do unless you're bringing up adam cole which if you're bringing up adam cole and you're bringing up all the undisputed era a._j. Retained right uh-huh you move ricochet. That's baggins rock you. Could you absolutely absolutely could. That's a shame versus brock o._b. Excellent that's the only thing i can say the title pictures weird right now on raw because you don't know the roster. It's you have to reestablish the roster's splits. The thing is you need to have your title president when you do the relaunch so it needs to be on u._s._a. The day of the the quote unquote relaunch when the hard split happened. Which can you know barking could do everything suit brought can do but it's like you also want the title like i feel u._s._a.'s going to want the title there's so unless brock is prepared to work. It's probably going back to seth probably because i i honestly feel like they took seth down a little bit because of certain comments he made like they just. They're like yeah okay because he still feed your just to feature but i think he got his hand laughable bit movie. I don't think so so it's tough going gone but i'm not very confident commitment on the site barak can't i can't say any different. I mean there's here's the thing they they are selling seth as extremely injured and barely able to walk after the attack. I'm not one hundred percent sheriff's any much changed in from monday to sunday. We'll see though so unless seth superhuman. Nothing's happening you remember but could be completely wrong with that. I hope i am we'll see we'll say they brought all this brocker town on sunday. Does so there you go there. You go all right. That's summer slam. Y'all what do you think do you think a riot. Do you think we're wrong long. If you want to submit picks you're listening to this and the archives go ahead tweet us at while talkradio mitch picks. We'd love to hear what you have to say. Indeed your little early. No no not we're taking a break. We're taking a break all right. We're going to take a break and when we come back. We're going to be doing twee of the week and annex t takeover so you're seeing the rapper here on wall. Talk radio dot com and we'll be right back when i don't know halfon not free yeah and they are you following those on twitch dot tv slash w. t. r. live. Do you have amazon prime. If so you can link it to your twitter account and subscribe to our twitch channel for free with twitch crime. It's the easiest way to help support us for free and hey all you wanna get social with iraq falls on twitter twitter dot com slash radio show this godfather street rob parts every saturday midnight receiving video right here while talk radio network every week the world of oz that iraq extra abuse miss and mrs this one had to go out and buy all the toy she she lifted by put off stumping straight on my ass said. I don't care kids toys. Check out the rack. Extra views ms mrs available weekly at wild talk radio dot com and recreation dot com every monday night. 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It's in a month and you should love him with your money just to saying it'll make him feel better anyway anyway so we were going to do <music> this at before the break. Do you want to do to the week. Not were were canceling. Sorry well that would have been nice told. I did type it out to. You really did really i did. Did you not read where book in our skype chat. I can't see anything in our skype. It's there and i just accidentally took a picture. I hate skype eight new skype so much. Oh god eight this guy. She's yeah we're. We're running long running long running on. We take everybody if you're not doing the week everybody standby. We'll we will be doing to to the week next week. However i just want to say something very quickly. Congratulations elation courage j._d. For having the balls to take the most epics shot ever on twitter and you know asking ariana grande out like he did. I mean brought him. Bo-bo sir well done well done courage over eight million views on twitter. God knows what has gone on youtube but just damn son dam <unk> area police say yes because he will cry on stream. If if you don't so you know no pressure no pressure but please take that boy out he needs it. He needs some love of so anyway. We are talking all about n._f._c. Takeover which is this saturday on the w._b. Network and well. We have some guests with us the annex t analyst t._j. <hes> okay. I think i'm here you think you're here. I think i'm here. It's been a day hasn't it spent four hours in a fantasy is he world while watching my bank account go from positive negative positive negative because it couldn't tell what the fuck to do with the hotel reserved last weekend dear and fun one and the other twenty thousand leagues under the sea the busiest shark of them all the assistant through the assistant regional shark shark came long ended snapping into it was yes. I guess i was by the white rock you know would make it even more epoch near horn. No you don't you don't get on air horn. No so that decision without your birthday. You don't get there but it soon yeah but it's not now. We got stuff to do. Stop delaying things. We got to take over the free. Get into then we gotta do. It's important nights. Let's get into it okay to add damn. You're just pussy kennywood visit for a minute good lord. What's the first method on the show who he's like now this movement along sweaty damnit. He's getting sweaty reeler. We did a wonderful job getting sweaty entry text anyway i on this show. This show is making history the first time ever to wounds measure on the show yeah and we're gonna talk about one of them. So up i in a grudge match in what should be you know. Don't get again everybody pregnant. I love to use that phrase candice. L'oeil is taking on lloc awry. We all win. It doesn't matter matter who actually wins this match. We all win. Period end of discussion sent everybody home after this because this is going to be lit borough <hes> this is proving test for you to see if she can get the toronto crowd to hate her because it's easy to get the florida florida crap hater because five hundred people to get the audience to hate her the big task for her. I think she could do it but it'll be a nice test to see and and this is candace. His first real big focus match on a takeover sets cool. They've done a nice little bill to this one. I'm looking looking forward to this one. What about you yeah i am. I am kind of with lindsay here. Were we all win here. I cannot i cannot wait for this. This match like i'm really looking forward to how they work together. I'm looking forward to have styles mesh. I i can't really put anybody. I wanna see it. I want to see it to give it to him now. Give me give me men grabbing hands in me brandt. I don't wanna watch to my girls beat each other rob. I mean i really do but i don't. My heart doesn't know where to go. Why because i i love the little cupcake but bad. It's so not so good. I don't i don't know her. You heard but this could be a show stealing match if put in the right position these are the saints are gonna get vicious with each other as i mean you can. We do the cowardly hill thing and kind of stay away or they're just going to try and rip each other's head off it depends of eli gets a little vicious streak going or not which i feel i feel like like candice is just gonna go for it like she's just going to go right for the face and that's going to be there. Just gonna fight do we. Let's back this up. A second to we feel like this is going to be opener opener. No no three what i think. The three way will be the opener or the tag titles yeah. I think i feel feel like the tag. Match is going to be the opener fair then again. They like putting roderick out there at the start to see i was thinking you could put rodrick done and get the dream entrance out of the way you go may be shayna mia tag candice adam. I think you flip the women's matches how you have them because the title match should be ahead of a record singles match. Oh i understand that i was just thinking and i hate uses her but you us candidates and as a cool down before the main event you could but then again this is not w._w._e. Booked show is hunter book show books it where you don't really have that cool down match approach especially when they find matches. You really don't have cool down as it were either way. It's going to be really good who wins brandt. Don't make me choose between my elder had to <hes>. You just turned her. He'll i think she needs a little something. She's lost lost to shane of the past two times. I think candidates could eat eat a loss here and you can move this forward with the two of them essentially fighting to see who challenges <hes> what i think will happen later mega who you got <hes> yeah fresh off the he'll turn thank yo needs i like. I hate to say i hit us. Raise needs credibility but i think she needs to be like reaffirmed her current current role like if she's going to go ruthless if he's going if she's gonna go that type of he'll. She needs a goodwin here heels losing their first time out after a term kills the term. You need a strong victory to prove a point. I think yoga's over lindsay as much as i love kansas as much as i feel like candidacies victory to needs it more e._e._o. Because she was such a strong baby face and because you've done this this turn so masterfully you need need to give her a winning streak. You need to have her be dominant. <hes> especially since i think shane is days are numbered in annexed t. I don't think she's is going to be there much longer. You need to have someone kind of sort of start to take over that alpha female role and they're setting you up to do that so i feel like as much as i love cancer as much as i would love to see her win this match. This is victory april. This canvas larabie serhiy at takeover on saturday outlook is good okay up next the other women's match since we were just talking about them. Shane obeys baseler is defending her title against mia yelm so you you've been saying shane. Numbers days are numbered. We've been saying that every show every takeover. It's shane don. She's going up she does not she's going up. This is the one taker into neverthe- one <hes> i ah. I don't know i mean i feel like maybe you should put it on mia because honestly for shayna. I'm not sure who could challenge her after this. I don't know if you have anybody waiting in the wings ready to go that could take shane on unless you continue the feud with with me yelm and somehow the other two horsewoman come in and cost me a match in that leads to various other gimmicks matches ashes such as like a cage master match or something like that between the two but i don't know this is a hard one. There's a lot of women in the on the back burner next next here right now. So you have to at some point elevate this class that's on top to the next level meaning you need to get shannon and probably her girls charles up on the main roster at some point so this would be the opportunity to do so you supplant medium in in that spot as the top baby face you bring in some of the women who are working in the florida shows you chelsea greens. You're the pros you bring them in as has the underlings as the next bottom mid carter's in that the vision to help elevate vision some point shane and needs move up. She's he's thirty nine years old. You gotta do if you're going to do the run now. Now would be the time especially as we talked about for some time. Becky needs an opponent. It sheena coming out after summer slam being becky's next opponent is a strong move and especially if rhonda is going to somehow factor into the picture at some point which she could her she may not there's always been that lingering rumor of the four horsewoman versus the four horsemen horsewoman you could easily do that at survivor series or at another pay per view down the line later in the year where you bring charlotte right and sasha and becky in bailey all back together one more time to have them go against the force women with shane in the girls on the main roster but i feel like you do need i don't know what do you think we have said. It's so many times. It's such a take. The division can't rely on shane forever. It needs to move on. I was tired shade as the champion last time we were talking about annexed day. I i want a new face of the division. I said the same thing about bailey. She kept the title to for year. No no bailey can hold it for as long as you damn. Well please no men in the next day when she was down next. She's saying thing and then next thing you want her back on the next hole in that time okay now you heard where she is she right now. She's doing on smackdown what she was doing on annex t when the rest of the horse when we got some scoops t._j. Omega w reporting bailey's going back down the next seats scooping own exclusive regular tag it as an exclusive clinic vache. They took me clout pag anyway peg omega anywhere. Have i am almost ready to take the any like anyone but shayna at this point which i hate to like i hate to say but yes. She needs to move on. She needs if you're going to bring up to. The main roster has to be sooner than later because she yoshi as a pro wrestler. She is up there now yeah like his weird. It's weird like they're like me as great but my feeling said this so many times now it's not also the long term future as the champi a bit cheese she would be the train the quote unquote transitional champion in this manner of putting the bell art able to transition to whoever may be whether it's e uh-huh where somebody else down the line yeah burnt burnt think we've said in the past many a time hit the sounder founder it china's turned to lose i think with this time though and i mean no disrespect to e oh no disrespect to bianca or anyone before this. I wanna say if she loses to me a yam. It seems almost credible innocence that you have this monster force of shane baseler just breaking through everyone and finally she's running into someone. Who's just like her that like okay. You have friends. I'm gonna take them out one by one so that it's just you and me and shane doesn't know what to do in that sense. It's one of those like oh. She's going to break them mentally till she can break them physically in a sense <hes> that's what is doing in a sense with her. It's like okay. I taking your friends out. I'm gonna jump from the back. I'm gonna beat the ever living hell out of them. And all of a sudden your numbers game goes away and now it's just you and you don't don't have that. You know spade card to use who did there yet and it's time for it's time for the h. B. i. c. to be he. I see in a sense he just needs. They need to give her the shot like. You said she doesn't need to be the champ for long. She doesn't need to have that eight month. Reign where we're starting to go to her like oh god what do we do now but if for example you wanted to prolong this a little bit and let's say you do get the girls involved. Please god let this happen. There's a there's a group that could join me to help her out in the numbers game if he want to someone one that has history with at least shayna and some of her tactics some people that are coming off the shelf that could give you an a numbers game and kind of reintroduce them back to the next group you may. You're not gonna use teagan. You're mean you megan knox who was on the road currently rustling how shot with cannons right. It's not who you talking about and dakota. Take otas out there to wrestling yeah. She came back from the andrea belief as well in here. Eleven both were back now as he's not in the bag the back yeah teigen's back can hope for that at least go make your music video. She's on inside. It's fine. No no if you're going to shoot the shot. The bar has been raised. Okay you have to lip sync with high quality production induction values to a song of your choice and somehow get jordan fisher to be your wing man. Jay guy did totally. We're all we're fisher. I'm right here. I am so i'm jay fish dago. I'm not editing that free by the way i have software can do it. It's fine. I have a dobie cloud through my through my university so who's winning <hes> honestly for this one i know i know it may be a fool's errand but it's time for it's time for shayna to be about seven to ten in pounds lighter. Omega don't shame but yeah it's time. She needs to get rid of that belt and she needs to move up. It's me time mm-hmm type type type type. Thank you grow ongoing me as well. You've done such a good job a building me a yelm up. I feel like you're just gonna take everything you did thrown in the trash if she loses unless unless it's like a d q style dial finish which i would hate to see that but that would get you to another match if you need it to like i said before but i love shane is a year like she's one of the best people they have if on that roster but you've got other people waiting in the wings to take that spot from her and so i really i just wanna see me a win like i really really really do. I wanna see me a win. Some going mia a-bomb the soon base retain on on saturday night. He may rely on it. <hes> they both being interes- again next up next and i have a report on this match by the way ooh she's got some scoops in exchange north american championship is on the line as velveteen dream defends against roderick strong in snarly mixed carlson elson himself peter done okay so what you're scoops so my school is that trent seven at the very least is in in toronto okay which i would lead me to believe that probably tyler bait is there as well. They always come because they all all travel together. That's just what they do. They're all married. They'll each other. They all come in for takeoff so that's not a big surprise for their big scott yeah in he's in town because that's what they do. That's what they do but trent seven posted al a picture of him interested in toronto so he's there <hes> i think or he's he's just being a tease which he's good at but yes so this match is this much is going to be interesting because this should be really good. Let's decades for every every match on this car without saying it should be really good but you through pete done in the mix between dream and strong and i don't think think dream really knows what to do with pete done like he gets roger strong. He knows how to deal with. Someone like roderick strong. He doesn't know how to deal with someone like pete done. He just sorta looks at him. Like what am i supposed to do with that like pita. Just there to rip your your face off and take your title and that's it. That's all he wants to do. There's there's no bones about that one. He there's no pretend serves no nothing you know he he casually dresses nicely although he he apparently does not own socks walks and that's all it and you know he's just there to beat people up like what is dream supposed to do with that. How can work with that 'cause he. Just looks at pete like what what will must must've must do with us now. What kind of almost wish and i hate saying this but hey. I really kind of wish roger. Strong was not in this match because i kinda wanna you see just driven done. I could see that that would be a really interesting pairing. That would be now. You have now. You have to wonder this is. We're always goes with <unk> dream. How grandiose will his entrance be onsite. Let's go extra extras hell. There's just there's no question will he be pink and black black like a hitman tonight or he could be shawn michaels. Oh that's the he'll route. I think also for some scoops. I have the reason reason why trump sevens and town. He's rustling for progress in toronto. Italia rate is definitely there so there but he could show up at takeover. He probably will show up. Could maybe but that is why he's in town progresses running your show tomorrow night but okay so let's break that down for a second because all right so pete's there were tonight. I should say the russell tonight okay but just go with me on this so pete's there that means the b._s._s. Boys will be there as backup if he needs. Rodney's got undisputed era in a riley and fish <hes> which they'll l. probably get involved because what is undisputed heiress whole goal. They're trying to get all the gold. What's the one title or one of the titles they don't have the north american championship aged so could fish in a riley come in to help strong potentially get the title and the british strong cya boys show up to stop them and somehow dream sneaks out with a victory in the chaos possible or something happens in the chaos and either the title changes hands or dream escapes escapes. It's all possible when you think. I don't know i feel like me. I i feel like the the rose fading away on on velveteen dream. I think the the shine serve slowly fading away on him his not. I been in the spotlight in a little bit. It's sort of like it's dimming. Just a lil like the stuff he's done on t._v. Just hasn't to me click. He needs a good food dream esca moment on the show to really stand out but as champion. He's always better chasing than he is as a champion. I feel like like especially with this belt. He was the the n._f._c. champion. I think him being flattening out a little would be okay because he'd be the top guy and spotlight. I feel like north america titles nice title but i think it's hurting him more than helping him right now but i don't think roddy needs. I know the whole story on this be there. It gets cold. I just i don't know i then there's pete dan who may or may not be a next to north america for a little bit. I what do you think myra. There are lots of ways to go with this mentioned. You mentioned velvety not knowing what to do with pete. I don't think it matters because as much as velveteen roderick. I could probably go roderick. Peter going to beat the hell out of each other. They have in the past the t._v. Tastic there's going to be a nice mix. That's where i think. Roderick could work well with either one of them and maybe pete in velveteen. Don't mesh as well but i don't think it matters. I think roderick is going to glue this entire mesh together. As for what you do <hes> like i'm still very big on dream i still i still think he's one of the best characters n._f._c.'s ever made <hes> i i would like to see him elevate to the n._f._c. championship. I think he's more than deserve that at this point so if pete's in this match for any reason willing to bet it's so so roderick can take the belt without pinning dream not completely convinced him myself this how to go you don't have the confidence in that in that scenario ratty like no no 'cause the flip side of that of that could be rotties in the match so p can take the title like that could be the other side of it because if he's going to be there for a while while they may want to put another title on him just to to have it there because he's a strong champion as we need more belts with bite <unk> arcs talking to imagine how the how much they had to clean the u._k. Title after he got done with it soon probably just made the new belt it just he he used to the chew toy for two years. We get dental records off of this thing at this point. What do you think brent all right so pixel. All dead still do okay all right. Let's talk about alcohol. <hes> oh that's a hard call is a hard heard hard call. I'm i'm going with strong because i think if if if the undisputed air is going to hold all the gold i think that's the way to do it and i think i think if roderick takes his belt off of dream without pinning him that gives dream a reason to pick a fight with the era and that will give him a shot at adam recall <unk> ongoing peter but peter pinning roderick cream can then go after the speed air that way lindsay. I'm going pete he just. They took him out of u._k. For reason they've got him in the u._s. For reason and i'm not sure if it's their elevating him eventually to the main roster you're or if they're elevating him into the regular next product because they're getting ready to mu people. I'm not sure why they've taken pete out of u._k. Input him here her but they've done it for a very specific set of reasons and i feel like he needs a championship. He's a good strong champion. There's a fighting champion and what's nice about him. Is he can be a good guy or he can be a bad guy depending on his mood like he just lives in that twitter role beautifully and so i'm going to say pete's gonna take title a <unk> velveteen dream retain on saturday. You may rely on it per back the sound of brent coming back brent who you got what match strong and dream for the north american championship a god <hes> the dentists. That's going to be getting all the or the chiropractor or the doctor who has to set both dream and rodrick fingers back in place. That's who wins but who's your pick out back. <hes> my heart wants points. My head is saying that dream is not going to retain just because either a. They're going to move on to better things or be. I don't even know who the next challenger for dream would be but conflicted because pete held the belt for two years just a couple of months ago and then walter perjure game so you know and then walter decided to leave him <hes> ha i this match for actually being difficult to choose so points. I have to applaud inex- hero quickly because they've done a wonderful job of building pay per view to make where it makes it really hard to predict nicked. Who's going to win and who's gonna lose because you just east to hear him. We were like god. I just don't know you know it's just i don't know in so bravo to them for doing that or or is just not like definitive. Yes this is what's going to happen <hes> and last or not second last almost mishmash there the other half of undisputed era sand coal taking on the street prophets in a chance to regain the next t- tag team champions so o'reilly the autoparts and <hes> bobby fish the unofficial mascot for the fish fame here. Are they going to regain their titles rock. D anything street providence have been raw lately. Kinda makes it seem like they're going to drop their belts here and then just move up full time to the main roster. It's it kind of where this one leans at how i use. What do you see. It's a weird thing because supposedly supposedly the idea behind having them on raw so often is to promote annex t like you're seeing annex t champions on raw. I'm not sure they're necessarily set to bring them up just yet but it's like that's like put the belt <unk> seen that over and over and over again. I've seen that over and over oh right like there's part of me that wants to see one faction with all the belts at the same time. We've had the undisputed era for a while now like they're like they are kind kind of. They're kind of dominating the next picture these days and getting a little tired of it. Honestly i think it's too early to move up the prophets only because they had this resurgence recently you know they they fought the viking war raiders machine experienced whatever they're called now this week uh-huh and it kind of you know elevated them a bit and then they had the ladder match and when they won the crowd went insane for them but that was the last takeover they got those belts and it feels like if at this takeover they drop them. It just feels in my feeling a little too early for that to shotgun the belts over. I mean i understand the speed at air are good hand to be able to put them on but in my opinion if you have <hes> let's say you've got <hes> the street prophets who win. They still have the forgotten sons to worry about they still have you know there's some stuff for them to work with. I don't know who the face team <music> for the undisputed heir would be. That's why you gotta create new stars and that's why it's a developmental you well okay. I got face team. I figured it out breeze dong hung goal good god. That was the thing now for back together friday for son's next week on television tele- brees is getting makeover so you have that bears well lindsey who you got honestly street profits just got those titles settles like brent said they are hitting their stride in a huge way on an x._t. And on raw like we're getting to see see what they can really do on raw from an entertainment and promo perspective because you just have them sitting around backstage but they're just just having a good time and you can see you can see how talented they really are just in those interactions and honestly montas for cut a promo promo on t. This week that was fire and it was like he kinda threw up. Both middle fingers at undisputed area was like you know what we worked. Our butts off to be here. We deserve these titles every bit as much as you were not afraid of you. Come take him if you think you can. It was just so strong and it was so powerful. It's like you know what i want. The street profit to keep the titles. I love him speeded era. I don't want them to get all the titles. I don't want them to have all the gold jess yet because honestly i really don't like it when they do that with. Groups is good for like five minutes and then it's really annoying after as a you know what don't let adam cole's prophecy come true. Don't don't let him be like oh. We're going to have all the titles this year you know let him be the only one or they do have them but they have them at different. Sometimes not all at once so i'm gonna say street profits retain yeah. I think they're comfortable using this re province in the role they they have right now on raw. I don't foresee them. Leaving exceed just yet yeah anything better than that. I industrial profits brent before i make my pick. I have one question for you. If the street prophets move up to raw. What do you do with them. Yeah they have great little backstage act states segments but what do you do with them. I don't know i've never seen them as its stars right so because i hi keep i've heard people talking about summer. Slam is the time when people will move shayna part of the undisputed or all of the undisputed era dream cream profits etc. No drew needs to stay down exte- he does not need to go up. There needs to not be movement in. I i mean you. You might get away with china just because you know she's not getting younger and having some point she yeah she's run roughshod over that division. You have to change it up a a little bit but in the case of the three prophets in case of the dream in case of <hes> undisputed era if they go up they will be it's just like every other call. That's happened your lacey. Evans your robert rude. You're you know anyone that you want to name out there. That's what they're going to become you. You know the street providence will be a._a._r._p. You'll see them for two weeks and then they're just gonna disappear and nobody got injured because you know solo cups apparently deepens loves them yet with with that being said it's just they need to stay down there. They can win. They can still show up on raw and have some fun segments because there's nothing really to tie that to it can just be a fun segment to let you get to the next thing if you move them up and try to put china's story line but you don't know what you're doing with it. They're going to be gone. They're going to be an afterthought in three weeks so profits need to win here. They need to stay. They need to develop in august three prophets as well magic while the street profits retain on saturday night. Nope damn points all right and now last but certainly why not least four the n._f._c. championship you have adam cole taking on johnny gargano in a two out of three defaults match where we're going to have a regular good old fashioned wrestling match. We're gonna have a street fight and if we have to go to a third third fall william regal himself gets to name the stipulation and may god have mercy on their souls if if it gets to that point because that man has a plan and i'm a little scared now author this out there but if the final fall is a loser leaves stipulation it kimmy <hes> would you go from a street fight to a regular match even even if they did have that hanging over it you start with the regular mats streetfight and then into the final do but that's what i mean like your downgrading. No let me finish last man. Standing loser leaves something but the caveat is the loser is gone like may keep saying this is going to have a finality to it that this is it. This is the last match between the two so they're going to make sure that something happens where the other person person that were. Johnny and adam never mixed it up again in annex t so they very well could do that. A lose loser leaves town match. It just seems like we're at that point. Something has to give because of they're all the same route. They're on the same show still there are going to gravitate towards each other other look at gargano and she accounta- who apparently is very close could see him on sarah. You never know i don't know i just i just feel you like we could see it. Do i expect it no but it's something the throw out there. They're gonna tear the house down. There are promoting a must see encargado and call i mean what else can you say you yeah. There's really not a whole lot to say. I'm just just hoping that whatever they come up with for the third ball because there's no way they don't get to the third ball. It's too quick fall straight falls. I mean you could they've. They've done that before where it's too grueling falls and you go from there but usually it's the third wall. I just hope there's something to it more than adjust your your standard like oh. There's a cage hanging over the ring. I wonder why there's a cage hanging over the ring. I i hope there isn't something like big giveaway like that like i. I would hope it turned into something like it's p._g. W._w._e. So we're not gonna get first blood but we're but like a falls count anywhere something like that where it's not as predictable predictable. What's about to be announced daughter match because you could just bring down the ring thing and hang it. Something just conveniently have a whole bunch of ladders just lying around just underneath authoring. No one knows production. Just run the letters out good on that before we let me out what you thinking so this is essentially the three stages of hell just an x t version right pretty back back when they did that and i want to say with that. They did just the to fall so it was like you you never got that third kind of extreme cage match that had been touted <hes> oh so <hes> but in all honesty it is gonna the go-to third fall. I honestly think as i talked about the last match if either of these guys is in that loser leaf annexed team match and get called up. This is gonna sound horrible as i. It's a demotion it really. I mean cole. I think and again horrible say i think coal fans a better chance on the annexed he roster. I'm sorry that the main roster if the two of that either of the two of them get called up. I think cole has more of what the main roster would want. Gargano as much as the fans are with him. I could see vince going. I honestly don't know what to do with them and within six months he's on two oh five life but i feel like with what's going on on ron smackdown right now. We're you've kind of pulled vents partially out of the equation jim but not completely out of the equation that if you bring up someone like gargano. It's going to be different because i think hunters going to get more more of a say in what happens to him now. If this were six months ago i would absolutely completely agree with you but if you bring him up to raw and you put him with heyman and hammons greatest skill is making new stars is seeing what he's got working with that talent l. it tweaking that talent and getting them to a point where they absolutely shine on t._v. I i understand dan that i just to me even on raw even with the heyman mystique. I still see johnny as essentially <hes> u._s. Slash icy. I see titleholder at best. I don't see him holding the big belt. When you have people like <hes> brock bron seth even some of those this guys i see them overshadowing him in a sense and this comes from someone who loves gargano. Don't get me wrong. I would absolutely love to see him. Get the shot on the main roster and make a run. I just and especially with the talk that has happened for this past week with like vince came in and tore up the smackdown script as much as i want to believe leave. There's this new regime on the horizon that you know yeah maybe vince will take a step back. There's things like this that take you know put it in the forefront that i go <hes> but he's not he's not relinquishing it and he can come in at any point in this shit because eric hasn't taken over yet and that's why he can do what everyone's smackdown so far <hes> and going back to the whole losing leaf sang up. Maybe them stipe. Maybe everyone doesn't leave annex t baby when they take <unk> baby when they go head to head with some elite wrestling on wednesday night. Let you mean something coming in about a month and a half two months while lets you keep your stars down. There and you have your competitive fire against the w. versus n._f._c. in you use your gargano it wasn't your champ hasn't colds and bazars and all them and you go to war with them to me. That makes sense because i wouldn't. I wouldn't put the main rosser up against eight. W now know because everyone would look that main roster grouping go don't don't care. I'm going to watch this. It seems more interesting your next. He roster is ripe to challenge because that's your same audience and these are the guys that yeah they. They wanna watch adam cole. They wanna watch gargano. They want dream. You know to be in the forefront and if you can get them in that spot and who knows maybe even on f s one to challenge this the group that can really put a dent in that viewership if that's what you're going for that who you got such a tough call because i wanna pull for gargano but i don't know what you do with him. Afterwards either way like i don't see where his the next few days in annex t because he's done everything there but at the same time he would just get so lost in the in the in the main roster like adam cole thrive better petr there but you set up the entire undisputed era you just send him up and i don't know i go. No no like that is a really tough. Call with this one and see. I like my little scenario that sets up colon dream for the annex t championship but breath. I don't know where that put johnny. Maybe go. He goes up. I it's i don't know maybe he goes up. Maybe they wait for joppa and do d._i._y. Again if only so ciampa can take it easy in a tag division. Maybe i don't know if let's go back to d._i._y. We know like that's when you think about all the shit that they've done to each other bro. You just broke them up again shield yeah but he's just broken broke them up again like ended up luring you broke them up but then you also had the moment at the end of takeover which kind of also it didn't break them up. I'm out. I will stick to my fantasy booking in cycle breath. Ah okay on earth that was. I thought you said right <hes> i would say honestly for me. It would be a i would say coal only because i think you're next feud could be gargano coming out at the end of takeover champa champa coming coming out at takeover and waving goodbye coal essentially like i'm coming for goldie the belt that i never lost and it just it sets that up perfectly a coal would have you know he'd be high off of retaining against johnny and getting that win and all of a sudden you see ciampa sitting there in at that moment <hes> i mean i guess you. I don't know who you have for either one of them i mean i know they kinda wanna push keith lee but it's a really lit borough now he he's too busy fighting the big furry dude. You're hoosier peck. I'm i'm gonna go points here again and go with adam cole bay. I gotta say adam cole. He just got the title he's a. He's a good champion. I'm not sure as much as i love donny shaping a wanna see him back with the title and honestly the scenario of if chiapas close and he's getting ready to come back. Coal ngop is a much more appealing option to me than gone on she oppa just because of how they left things things the last time we saw them together like that's such an epic story and i know they did not get to conclude the way they wanted to conclude it and you can always please go back to it later if you want to but i feel like tomatoes. Primary goal is going to be to get gold back and he doesn't really give a damn. Who's got got it or who's got her. He just wants her back and he's gonna go through that person to get her in. That's where johnny could come in and against against the rest of undisputed aaron kinda try to help chop a get goldie back and then you go from there coal a bald as coal retain on on saturday but i have one final question for brent mega. The comic comic book nerds what superhero johnny gargano me this saturday jesus superheroes lorraine deadpool wolverine green light he did wolverine. I wanna say like if you take her to go to any or at least the color scheme. Maybe i can't can't remember at this point because i did the ironman of course it out. Yeah remember man. I has been a comic movie coming out recently aw spiderman will you just did captain marvel right yet. He did marble takeover. He's done <hes> cap america uh-huh man he could. He could do the he could do. The time travel suits from n. game. You could reverse the snap of adam cole. What are we just wrestled with one gold glove and just snapped before he hit his finisher thought it'd be so nerdy it would be amazing. It would be but that's the next takeover we'll be. We live saturday night this show to review it all for extra. So there you go. I think we're done. I think we are done all right you. You guys have stuff to plug so mega. Plug your stuff. So if you wanna see what i'm up to throughout the week you can follow me just about anywhere you can find t._j. Uh-huh mega except on facebook you have to find t._j. Reviews over there everywhere else t._j. 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