Europe takes tentative first steps to reopen


We do get through. This phase of lockdown traveling abroad will be different expect temperature checks at the airport and maybe a lesson warm welcome overseas. Why the heck would I want an American here if they haven't been tested? I'm Marco Werman also. The holy month of Ramadan begins this week. The pandemic lots of Muslims will be missing out on large gatherings to break the daily fast. It's also an opportunity to actually self reflect. Tried to improve your morals try to increase. Enhance your worship as individual and what to do with our time and quarantine learn a language and musical instrument or maybe you're like me hunched over hundreds of colorful little pieces of cardboard. There is nothing more satisfying than putting the final piece in the puzzle. Those stores are more today here on the world. How the heck do we get out of this? No question seems more relevant right in a moment. We'll hear from Singapore where testing and contact tracing contain the virus for a while but I a Europe where a number of countries are taking tentative steps to reopen on Monday parks and forests in Poland. Went back to normal. In the Czech Republic people could go to open their markets and in Norway preschoolers went back to class with some restrictions as his dad explained the French news agency. Only we follow the kid in inside in kindergarten now. The parents not allowed to to go inside so we agreed are specific times that I should deliver my son to one of the stuff. Which was eight o'clock Germany's taking things? One step further smaller retail stores are now allowed to reopen chancellor. Angela Merkel made the announcement earlier this week with this warning to fit US above all him than the local. Of course. This is difficult but if we now ease restrictions than we just don't know exactly what the repercussions won't be and that's why we have to proceed incrementally slowly and carefully. It would be tragic if we knowingly relapsed and if we knowingly endangered these first successes and there's the key issue relapse no one at this point can be sure what will happen next. Germany has an extensive testing system in place along with contact. Tracing in addition pilot antibody tests are already taking place in different parts of Germany. The goal there is to find out how many people have actually had the disease already with a plan to test the entire population in the next few months. Chancellor Merkel said that some progress has been made you kind of Austin Own. Fallon does torts is not for a second. Should we lose sight of the fact that we are still only at the very beginning of the pandemic and we are still a long way off from beating it and I think that particularly at the beginning of this week where the first restrictions are being lifted? We need to make this clear again and again. That's a lesson Singapore learning this week. The small country in Southeast Asia has been held up as a role model because the government there acted swiftly to fight the corona virus by closing borders and using technology to aggressively track infections but then covert nineteen infections in Singapore suddenly spiked. More than ten thousand. There may be a sobering lesson here for the United States as the world's Patrick win reports. The new corona virus has generated lots of new lingo their social distancing flattened the curve the dreaded super spreader and in Singapore. They have the circuit breaker. Let's be quite clear about what this circuit breaker means. It really requires all of us to minimize movement and stay at home as much as possible. That's a top government minister in Singapore Lawrence Wong. The circuit breaker is basically a campaign to get people to stay at home. You can go for a walk. You cannot go to a party you can go grab a cup of coffee. You cannot stand close to someone in line or you might get a huge fine. It's not as hard core as say China's total lockdown and Wuhan or even Italy actually closer to New York and it seemed to be working great until Singapore has reported a record. One Thousand Four hundred and twenty six new covet nineteen cases the first time daily figures have exceeded one thousand the total big spike. Singapore a city state of five million people suddenly has the most cases in Southeast Asia. And this is a bad sign for everyone. Including the United States Singapore's recipe for success is circuit breaker plus testing people like crazy and aggressive contact tracing where authorities do detective work and find out everyone that infected person has hung out with and they check them to that cocktail of strategies is now being pushed in the US. Dr Anthony Fauci says contact. Tracing is key for America to get to. It's big reentry people going back to school and work. The real proof of the pudding of the success of this reentry is how quickly and effectively you identify them. You get them out of circulation you give them care where needed and you do contact tracing. But if Singapore is now seeing a second outbreak does that mean they're golden strategy. The one America wants to imitate isn't as effective as we'd hoped that's the fear at least so it's worth asking what exactly went wrong in Singapore. We've seen outbreaks in several fallen worker dormitories. Many domes have cases and some dome many cases dorms for migrant workers says Prime Minister Lee C. and loom recently addressing the nation. These are cement rooms with a dozen people just crammed in there on bunkbeds migrant workers from China Malaysia Bangladesh and infections. Were probably growing there weeks ago. Even before the circuit breaker policy kicked in the prime minister says Singapore would now be in really really bad shape with no circuit breaker at all. If some of US fail to comply strictly with the measures the circuit breaker will fail then. All inconvenience pain and sacrifice will have been in vain. What is the lesson here well for? Us cities like Say New York. There will be a lull in cases at some point and lots of people will think we beat it. It's over but even in Singapore an inspiration to health experts around the world. They still missed these hidden. Hotspots of infection. If you lift the lockdown too they explode and the quarantine starts all over again so for now as Prime Minister Lee says please just stay home. It'd be really have no choice but to go out for food on Assad's make sure you wear a mask and stay a safe distance away from everyone else and don't linger don't Dawdle for the world. I'm Patrick win in Bangkok when we do eventually start to emerge from our current era self-isolation we're going to be stepping into a different world and that's going to take some getting used to we keep hearing that but what will that world look like. Our next guest believes things like temperature checks and no swabs at airports or face shields for fans at sporting events. Those will be common maybe restaurants waitstaff and latex gloves and single use paper menus. This is the brave new world that former homeland security official Julia. I am is starting to see. We will be living with the virus for the years to come. We'll be managing around. It will try to box it in. We'll try to hide from it but unlike most recovery from disasters where the hurricane comes and goes. The tornado comes and goes. We're going to have to recover while adapting to the existence of the virus for one public transportation. Think about lots of people in tubes underground. You're going to have to ensure mass and temperature systems. Employers are going to have to have guarantees for their workers or employees if they need their employees to come back so let's look at international travel. What airports look like so airports will have to be testing spots in other words are going to test for temperatures and we already see this happening. Globally there will be passports for people that have already gotten the disease or that are showing immunity to the disease. So you're going to have a preferred class at potentially exposed class will probably have separate facilities if not airplanes themselves for multiple populations or populations that may be at own risk. We will sit differently. No middle seats likely and probably a requirement of mass so this is not guess. Workers Sifi speculation. Juliette you've been canvassing experts in a wide range of fields and this is what they're telling you right. Yeah absolutely. Our experience of going out in public will be different because for the most part we will have to wear masks for any area. That's not say a park or going for a run and if we want to go to a restaurant the restaurant will have half as many tables. The waiter will likely be in a mask wearing gloves a disposable menus. This is the way it is going to have to be until right and now I wanna do the good news. Which is we will learn as we go along how to do this better and less like a hammer where all of us are inside. Are you envisioning quarantines? After all international travel people that I've talked to who are who are planning out global travel. Say Look they were going to be countries that view the United States as a risk right so the irony is as. We're closing our borders here. We are actually a country that other countries say Singapore South Korea using land will view as why the heck would I want an American here? If they haven't been tested us so there will be quarantining which were already seen for people arriving which means we will be doing a lot less traveling. I mean you're not GonNa go to South Korea for business meeting if you have to be inside for two weeks after on a personal level. I am on the road once or twice a week in my old life. I've taken all travel offer this year. Not simply because it won't be allowed but something we're not talking about. Is You know. Governors can decide things. Presidents or prime ministers can decide things. We're each going to have our own risk calculation about whether it's worth it. I have three kids and responsible to them. I WanNa live a long time if I don't do a flight to DC this year that's okay. I'm thinking about Denmark for example where they're sending young children back to school and small classrooms with hourly handwashing argue sink some innovative approaches to our new daily life. That just are impressing you in one way or another absolutely so. I guess a lot of companies. I think one of things that this has done is it has gotten reluctant. Employers to the idea of telework much more comfortable with it now of course our productivity is probably high now because we wanNA prove that we can telework but the whole idea of bringing your whole workforce in is something that large companies and small companies are reconsidering. Now how they're thinking about. It is of course in waves. You'd have teammate team. B. Team C. Coming on different days you are seeing sporting planners think about ways in which would wear full plastic math which I know sounds scary but look get used to all of this stuff just to let people enjoy sports innovations in other countries. I yeah so some countries that are ahead of us in terms of testing are testing. Almost all public spaces whether you're going into a market or workplace employers are demanding it assess whether someone has on temperatures and of course schools. I think the big question marks still out. There is of course residential colleges and universities. No decisions have been made globally for dorms. And I think a lot of parents are waiting to hear about that former homeland. Security official Julia. She teaches at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. Always good to speak Julia. Thank you thank you so much for having me just before we take a break. Here's a story that caught our attention today from a rural corner of Tasmania the island off the coast of Australia. It's about the return of the prodigal sheep. Her name is pickles. Seven years ago she made a break for freedom bolting from the farm where she lived during a bushfire this week. Trickles came back as farmer. Alice Gray told. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation trickles looked a little different oh she excellently round like a. Gregg fluffy full of wool. She's quite a sought to host precludes had been on the Lam for all those years and ahead not been sheared. She looked like a big punk rock. Cotton Ball and principles as head to readjust to life in lockdown. She was caught fatigued Boston to east when we first bought it back to FM. Yeah but she seems to now my friends with shape and Turkeys ducks and everyone else thinks to wonder three Al pedic. No the trickles is back home. That massive woolly coat is coming off but alice gray decided to make it a competition to guess the weight of trickles fleece the families raising money for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Gray said her family and pickles are lucky to be able to self isolate on a farm in Tasmania but they wanted to do more for those who can't aren't as fortunate as prequels. They ought to have size. Debate is on brickell will be sheared on May first. We've got pictures of her in all her. Willie glory go to the World Dot. Org You're listening to the world. I'm Marco Werman you're with the world one way. The trump administration has responded to the corona virus pandemic is by pushing forward a range of tougher immigration policies. Along the US Mexico border for example all asylum seekers are being turned back as emily. Green reports is also means that for the first time the. Us is turning away. Any children crossing that border by themselves at Matamoros Mexico just across from the Texas border. Hundreds of small tents or crowded together on the banks of the Rio Grande River around fifteen hundred asylum seekers mostly from Central America live here. They've been waiting for many months because the US government says they must wait until their cases are decided dino has been here for more than ten months he and the other silom seekers in this story as to use only their first names because their immigration cases are pending Daniels with his girlfriend in nine year. Old Son they fled Honduras. My business my son a better life he says one in the. Us conditions at the camp are precarious. People here share a few dozen toilets and illness spreads easily so late. March Dan on his girlfriend took a drastic step they tend they're sent to the US by himself for decades the US has allowed children who show up at the border alone to enter the country. Dana figure even though the US is now the epicenter of the coronavirus crisis. It was all safer than the tent camp in Mexico. His son walked across the bridge that separates Mexico in the US. From Theresa Point Lead Hooking up on the English side reach the US immigration agents. Told HIM TO GO BACK TO. Mexico. They weren't accepting kids now. That's because on March twenty first. The trump administration became summarily blocking all asylum seekers from entering the US at the border including children since then around four hundred kids. Traveling alone have been turned away. Us officials declined an interview but mark. Morgan the acting head of US Customs and Border Protection has had. It's a public health issue. The Krona virus. The disease doesn't know age in fact what we've heard from the medical providers that the younger children can actually be carriers. This is Morgan in a press Colin March when they come across the border they pose a absolut absolutely concrete public health risks to this country and everybody that they come in contact with so. This is not about immigration. This is about public. Health critic say that Morgan's reasoning is deceptive? That's just a flat out distortion perversion of the public health. Laws also misrepresents. What's actually going on here? Lucas and targets an immigration attorney and law professor at Stanford University. There's lots and lots of cross-border traffic that's continuing all commercial. Traffic continues. Trucking is continuing. So what's happening is children refugees. Who are entitled to Legal? Protection have been singled out by this order to further. The trump administration's immigration agenda Mexican authorities are also playing a role physically preventing children from reaching the US border like seven-year-old Haiti. Her Dad's center alone to ask for protection at the US border. Her Dad made this decision after a doctor told him the tent. Camp in Mexico wasn't safe. Here's Haiti's Dad. Pablo took care Along with a modest. The doctor told us if the virus hits a camp were all day. Pablo centers daughter with three other girls whose parents had made the same decision. The four girls ages three five seven and eight walked across the bridge toward the US. Mexican officials ran to grab the girls publicize. They held them in a shelter on the Mexican side. Pablo got his daughter back. Two days later he describes his daughter as quiet and patient but at night when they are in the tent together she cries runs off asked. When are we going to get the United States? Why can't we leave here? He says Pablo tells her. They must wait their next court. Hearing is in May but because of the krona virus. It's likely to be delayed chances. Are they'll be living here for many more months to come for the World Emily Green a famine of Biblical proportions? That's the UN's warning that urgent action is needed to avoid a catastrophe. The leader of the World Food Program says the Corona virus pandemic could bring hunger to more than two hundred fifty million people of special concern ten countries that already faced conflict and crisis Yemen Venezuela and Afghanistan among them. Meanwhile food systems have already been disrupted by the corona virus. The frustrating irony is at massive amounts of food. Are Going to waste Andrei Laperriere Montreal Montreal. The Executive Director of Don the global open data for agriculture and nutrition Dr Three basic steps the production processing and distribution and as food waste at all three levels exacerbated by the coronavirus I in terms of production. There's a lot of losses there because of their lack of unskilled workers the window that producers have to harvest crops and bring it to the markets is very short. So if you don't have the workers of Anabol- at that very moment then your crop is lost problem number two processing. We see that especially in the meat industry because meat processing plants. You're working on a chain so you're very close to other people so therefore the risk of infection is is very high. We've seen plants shutting down some trying to clean up in reopen bug west around ten percent of the meat. Production is currently being affected by the coronavirus. How much waste you see. The level of distribution like getting food to market. That's where we see a lot of losses right now half of all the food that's being produced ghost to institutions beat restaurants community services and and the other half goes into grocery stores. Where you do your shopping ever then. The problem now is that because most restaurants community services and others have shut down the producers that used to sound in Balkh in large quantities to these institutions. Now you have no market for a very limited so a lot of milk used to go to school for example as part of school with meals now that the schools are closed. There's no real market so what to do with the milk. You can only star so much for so long. So as a result of that excess production has to be thrown away and that is true with a lot of other perishable foods. Could food waste now? Do you think lead to food. Shortages further down the line. Yes but not the overall in terms of overall feminine or or food shortage We're likely to see more and more short-term shortages like you may go to the you'll reduce your market today there's no Marty bums available are. There's no park today or there's something else missing on that day. It may not be missing somewhere else but where you are it might so people should the thank God is to buy. Local went to come by locally. Makes a big difference because it to help support your local producers number. Two is far governments to resist the temptation to go protectionism to continue to let food flow and and seasonal workers. The same weight. I'm just thinking. Examples like Kazakhstan. Now has decided that they're going to stop exporting wheats because they feel that they need to keep more of their own production but as a result of that neighboring countries are suffering quite which in turn leads to social disturbances and other problems so keeping the food flows open and related manpower is really key to minimize foodwise inflation and hopefully up resume restarted sister. Andrea Laperriere is the executive director of good on the global open data for agriculture nutrition. He's been speaking with us for Montreal. Andrea. Thank you very much for your time. Does my bedroom Marco News headlines ARE NEXT. You're listening to the world as the corona virus spreads so does false information. Scientists aren't too surprised they've seen the same thing with climate change. You need experts to deal with complicated problems and you can't just has somebody tweeting at a virus to make disappear. That's just not gonNA work expertise and reliable information. It turns out work better. That's ahead on the world. Ramadan begins tomorrow night. It's the month long observance by Muslims around the globe marked with fasting and prayers in a normal year. It's time for gathering together to break the daily fast this year though. Islamic communities are adopting to the reality of marking the holy month during a pandemic nor had. He is an imam at the by Tofu to mosque in south London for us Muslims in the UK as you have cooled Through a look down across the country so of course Muslims won't be able to congregate at the mosques when Ramadan begins so I think it what's different. This year is the fact that what we would usually do at a Moscow bringing them online but enter be going live delivering them Alexis. What's different this year Because on newly US brings such a togetherness feeling people usually break their fos together on. They usually open their false together result so before sunrise on off to sunset. So they're going to miss that feeling of speaking on eating together right and just practically for people to break the fast together. You're going to be encouraging families to like put a laptop in the kitchen We've set up virtual raking with us together than before actually breaking the Fast Weeden. We have a customer in the mosque where there's short porks and is inspiring lectures and prays together. Though show talks will be online. You know that we will actually breaking fos together so it feels like you've got online work around to help people who would normally be isolated. What do you do for people for families who don't have computers or WI FI without having computer wifi we've actually set up a helpline? We have a national charity in the UK known as humanity. I without help line. Even if you don't have Internet just contact us to your local telephone and we have youth members actively waiting for the schools from eight. Am Monday morning to eight PM and evening on we tried to dispatch someone on that very day to go to the sovereignties on actually help them. Running errands like getting groceries. Prescriptions medication justify the help lines. I obviously hoped around five thousand full. Uk households newer howdy. I'm it occurs to me that congregating as Muslims in the UK. isn't just an expression of faith whether it's Ramadan or Friday prayer it's also an expression of solidarity in the face of continuing microaggressions and outright animosity. What does the Muslim community lose by? Not Having the month-long moment of community and solidarity of Ramadan does this whole. I think ideal that fine. Ramadan does bring allows togetherness and the sense congregation community aspect to it. But it's easily for go on that. Ramadan doesn't aspect on. That's the whole purpose of being able to self reflect on a previous is Muslims. You try to stay optimistic on positive when it comes to this. This month is giving us a time. Just like the Holy Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon spent in relation during the Madan. And it's giving US second month of days just actually self reflect tried to improve your morals. Try TO INCREASE OIL ONS. You'll worship as individual. This year is peculiar in so many ways what is Ramadan mean to you this year foaming Not only do I get a lot of time. D-r-i-z-l-y so for flagged as tried to improve myself as a human being bought because as Muslim huge poverty. Faith is that you will help one another. We believe that one of the rights that Islam or your religion has upon. You is that you take care of humanity. God's creation so now that we see our neighbors are need it gives us extra zoo this Madan because we know that doing this and helping others is actually increasing. Our specialty helping us get closer to nor had. He is an imam by two mosque in south London. Very good to speak with you. Thank you very much for being with US and Ramadan MUBARAK TO GO literally month ahead. Stay safe and take care early last year. Two men from Syria were arrested in Germany. One in Berlin the other near Frankfurt. They are both believed to be former officials with serious state. Security Apparatus tomorrow. Their trial begins the charges. Crimes Against Humanity Syrians are watching closely to see if the trial brings some measure of justice after so many years of war holly young reports from Berlin. The trial is taking place in the German city of coolants on the banks of the Rhine River in the western part of the country. Many legal cases here have been delayed because of the Karuna virus but the regional court decided that this one was to agent on hold. It's the first criminal trial worldwide on state torture in Syria. The two Syrian defendants are known for legal reasons as an were are I add a? They're facing charges of crimes against humanity. And we're ours. Alleged crimes include murder rape and torture. Both men are said to have traveled to Germany as refugees with gun is with the legal nonprofit. Echr in Berlin. He says putting to Syrian officials on trial is an important milestone. Western European countries did only arrest and prosecute those who are fighting in the in the various militias such as Isis and others but to cover the magnitude of what happened in Syria during the last ten years. One need to investigate and the torture regime President Assad alongside a network of European partners. Calix Group has spent years gathering evidence hearing testimonies of alleged atrocities committed by Syrian government officials the joint plaintiffs in the coolants. Trial are Syrian survivors of torture. Colic says he hopes that this trial is just the beginning. Syrian should see that the impunity will not be forever and President Assad and his people won't be imp- you and untouchable forever. The trial in Germany is based on the principle of universal jurisdiction. It allows states to prosecute certain crimes committed anywhere in the world and the past efforts to put Syrians on trial at the International Criminal Court in The Hague have failed. That's because Syria is not a signatory to the IC and Russia and China have blocked attempts to refer Assyrian Crimes to the court. Germany is home to a large Syrian refugee community. Mariana could Lee is a law student. An activist and Berlin. She says Syrians like our will be watching the Koblenz trial very closely. There's a sense of kind of justice that people can feel that can be delivered to them so in this sense. I'm really really excited. And I feel like we are like. We are witnessing as oracle moment in the sense. Kakudi is one of many Syrians who have helped gather evidence of torture in state detention centers they edit crawlers. Meant that this happened and this is still happening. And this is something that they can build up on Politics. So this says I feel like it's moment of hope for lots of Syrians like who also interviewed. It was a moment of yes. But this is not the justice we're looking for. We want to establish justice in Syria. But this could be the beginning of the road so beginning of a long road towards justice that is something Anwar Al Buni says. He's been working on for thirty years. He's a Syrian human rights lawyer today working in Berlin on behalf of torture victims. Albany says to him. It's not only these two men going on trial in Germany. It's the whole Syrian regime and ask for Syrians back home. Do you think they're paying attention to this trial? Think the Syrians now look for what happened? against like screaming added many Attention many Question we had bonuses the trial and Koblenz is important for the future of Syria. But he says it's also just a first step towards accountability for the world. I'm holy young in Berlin. President Trump says limiting immigration protects American jobs and health. That argument is not new whenever there's a crisis here in the US questions. Come up about immigration. Eric Lee is the author of America for Americans the history of xenophobia in the United States. I've asked her how he's seen this play out before the nineteen eighteen flu pandemic is actually really fascinating to compare it to. What's happening today? So I may have to understand that. Of course during World War. One immigration was effectively halted due to the war and the end of passenger steamship travel but even during the flu pandemic in which the US lost six hundred and fifty thousand lives. The country didn't try to limit immigration. In fact we still let in over a hundred and ten thousand immigrants and the Bureau of Immigration touted. Its kind treatment of thick immigrants. I mean Erica. The stories right now of hate directed at Asians asian-americans were hearing stories of acid attacks. So personally what is it's been like for you as someone whose grandfather arrived in this country during the Chinese exclusion act and I remember Hearing stories of my parents insisting that during World War Two into the nineteen fifties and sixties. They they still felt the sting. Not only of Chinese exclusion but also just anti-asian racism in general. Obviously Japanese American incarceration as well and their philosophy was. We need to show that were quote. Americans. I and Chinese second so for them. There was this sense of Ultra assimilation. We need to prove that we're loyal needs to prove that we're patriots. Need to prove that were assimilated. I think that the sense of worthiness you know is is really being questioned for Chinese Americans in other Asian Americans feeling like they're being suspected of bringing the virus in spreading the virus and it's you know it takes its toll. Let's not just these horrific violent attacks these physical attacks or the name calling or the social shunning. It's also just this internalized sense of Oh. I thought we belonged but look how easily the tables can be turned on us and I think there's a palpable sense of fear. Now that we're all supposed to wear masks out in public there is a racial is image of an Asian person in a mask that is quite different than any other time of personal wearing a medical mask. I had not even thought about that mask aspect. Yeah I think it's You know I certainly feel very self conscious now wearing a mask outside. You've also written Erica. That Americans have the power to combat xenophobia. Obviously as individuals we all have that power aside from a person's vote though. What would that take today? What would you like to say? It's a really tough one. I think that so many of us feel feel disempowered because the there is the legal challenges. Those have to continue but many of us aren't skilled in tool in doing that. We can support those organizations. We need to make sure that we're supporting immigrant serving organizations and of course vote but as we're seeing phobia serve spread out into the streets and into our neighborhoods in our subways. One of the things that we can all do is stop it. We need to be those bystanders. Who Don't just look away but actually take action to intervene and to protect those. Who are vulnerable. Eric Lee is the author of America for Americans a history of phobia in the United States. Eric thank you very much thank you. I am not kidding when I say this. When I'm done with this interview I will spend a few minutes unwinding and the dining room looking for a little piece a little piece with a blip of blue in the corner and a green and yellow pattern with fish on it. Yeah I'm working on a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle. Third One my family's taking during the lockdown. I hear others are busy on their own. Jigsaw puzzles a lot of people. Julie Wilkins is director of J. H G puzzles endorsed in England What's been like for you Julie? Since the corona virus outbreak in subsequent lockdowns took effect. Well probably our sales have cordray told maybe even higher that when when did your company? I notice the uptick in demand. We originally the it was mother's Day that was causing the incredible surging in sales. So that's Mother's Day in the UK right. Now This Day you K- yes and we normally get quite a bit then on sales go up because lots of do puzzles but it just never came back down again. How big is Your Company? J. Puzzles in. How many puzzles are you able to make in a day? We're shipping at the moment in making probably between two hundred and two hundred and fifty a day. There are only four of us. We actually glue and make the boxes by hand and then we have a couple of large hydraulic cutting presses. Which were used to cut the manually put in a box. Hopefully the right puzzling right box. But we don't always get it right so I've been going to Ebay defined jigsaw puzzles and it seems a whole new community of Jigsaw. Puzzle is has arisen and people are buying and selling almost as quickly Who's buying puzzles these days way? Saying a an upsurge in sales in children's puzzles because there are lots of children at home and slightly older children too who got a bit more time to spend with mom and dad or mom and dad have a bit more time to spend with them. And it's good family time Julie if I may be overly analytical The world is broken. Jigsaw puzzles give us a sense that we can repair things in make them whole again. Do you buy that explanation. I I sort of do. There is nothing more satisfying than putting the final piece in the puzzle. We all do lots of other things. But putting that last bit in is is really gives you a sense Am I think that's important? People feel that they can fix it. They can do it. They can make it and you get achievement when you see the finished picture. Much is the picture on the box. Julie Wilkins Director of Jag. Puzzles endorsing England. Thank you for your time. Thank you for such perfect explanations. Yo l comes as covert nineteen spreads sodas false information about the disease. No need for people to be in a panic. You Fake News. On Social Media Combat Widespread Misinformation Medical University of Vienna called Fake News. He need clear accurate information. And some ways. This is expected the false information about the disease has some similarities to the spread of misinformation about climate change. Stefan Lewandowski is a cognitive at the University of Bristol in the UK and an expert in misinformation. The number one misinformation is the Kobe. Nineteen is not much worse than the flu. When in fact that's unfortunately not true cove. Nineteen is a far worse virus. Wase a much higher fatality rate at the other end we have conspiracy theories and there's a whole bunch of those mainly about the origin of Cova. Nineteen What's interesting is you've spent part of your career looking at misinformation about climate change. I'm curious what similarities between misinformation about cove in nineteen and climate change. You're one of the similarities. Is that in both cases. The views are politically polarized. At least in the United States we know from a lot of survey data that in the United States. Climate change is denied mainly by people on the political right. We just did a survey last week in the US involving two thousand respondents and we found precisely the same thing people on the political right on more dismissive of the risk from covy then people on the political left we know With climate change that fossil fuel companies have sown the seeds of skepticism over the years? Is there any evidence suggesting doing this with misinformation around the corona virus and who might stand to gain if that is in fact happening with the corona virus it appears as though most of the misinformation comes from not leading political figures but from the population at large only about twenty percent of the misinformation regarding covert is issued by opinion leaders and celebrities and so on however the twenty percent of opinion leaders? Who are providing the misinformation. They receive a lot more engagement on social media so they're influenced despite being in. The minority is nonetheless considerable with someone who is misinformed. You're wrong is usually not the best way to open this conversation. What what is the best way to talk to someone who was misinformed about covert or climate for that matter? I think first of all you have to understand that. They're different people in different audiences. You must tailor your message to the audience. It turns out that most people are sensitive scientific consensus if you tell people that ninety seven out of one hundred. Climate scientists agree on the fundamentals of the science that is sufficient to boost their attitudes towards climate. Change l little bit with a bit of luck. Maybe this crisis is a global reset and people are beginning to recognize again that you need experts to deal with complicated problems and you can't just has somebody tweeting at a virus to make disappear. That's just not gonNA work. Stefan Lewinsky is a cognitive scientists at the University of Bristol in the UK. Thank you very much. We thought. Okay thanks very much bye. Today is Earth Day. Its fiftieth anniversary and the start of the modern environmental movement. This year people are celebrating. Virtually how exactly? We asked environmentalists around the world to share part of their day with us. Hello my name is Eliana. And I'm from MAHYCO. Hi My name is Samantha Sepia. I'm currently on lockdown in Manila Philippines. I am stuff are and I live in San City. The capital of Yemen. My name is prescribed Daca from Zimbabwe for me as the is day to just take a pause and really appreciate our beautiful planet and to think about what I need to do as an individual to protect it and to also inspire others. Hello everyone this. Rubber Jehad's from focused on duty reorganising and interactive panel discussion. That will be held online on. The team decided flagging the climate. Gov The lessons we have learned from the response to the Kobe. Nine hundred pandemic and how we can apply those good practices in Pakistan for positive climate action. Happy Day and sign up against an ingredient in Jemson added Indian school of Dhabi. My Wardrobe event for this day is artist for the earth. I believe that is a beautiful form of expression to create a long lasting and powerful impact on others. My name is Elliot's Davita also known as Zinger from Malawi? The wool matter of Africa and Co founder of Conservation Music Music Malawi uses. They'd Catalytic Pow of music and art can promote environmental sustainability. The message in these songs poems and Short Story. A focused on advocating for climate action to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change why? Dnc witnessed that this number school Be will aim we give them a micro the Colombian planet yes the only card Planet everyone and happy days. Twenty twenty my name is l. I'm a climate justice activists from Afghanistan and as initiate the Climate Spike Movement in Afghanistan at work together with a young strongly committed team of the climate activists and environmentalists from around the country. And we have organized unlined celebration. High that My name is Francis Hume based in Glasgow and we actually have been something. That's called a world interfaith Harmony Grove. And we've encouraged people to pay for trees in that Grove. My name is article who are cheap and they live in. Brennan in Serbia. I'm conductor of Youth Mix Choir or the Music School Yosef Marine Coach to support Earth Day. The created a virtual choir of forty singers. We have chosen the song evening. Rice the lyrics are evening. Grace Spirit. Com sound goes down when the day is gone. Mother Earth Awakens me we the heartbeat of the seat a lot going on even indoors. Those voices of people around the globe celebrating Earth Day in isolation today. They shared their stories with the world's Anna Customer. And that's where we leave you on this Earth Day the world comes to you from the non and Bill Harris Studio at wgn in Boston. We'll see back here tomorrow. The world is a CO production of W. H. Boston the BBC World Service and Pierre Ex.

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