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It's time for new coal Sandler's. What's news from the coal, Sandler dot com and the progressive voices network. Donald Trump's former campaign chair Paul Manafort with sentenced to less than four years in prison by a federal judge on tax and Bank fraud charges. Brought by special counsel, Robert Muller, A forty-seven month sentence in this case where Muller's prosecutors had asked for nineteen to twenty four years. Federal judge Ellis spoke before sentencing he talked about that recommended prison term guideline quote. These guidelines are quite high. I think the sentencing range as excessive Manafort has been a good friend to others, a generous person he has lived on otherwise blameless life. Manafort, also had a chance to speak saying, quote, the last two years have been the most difficult years for my family, and I to say that I feel humiliated and ashamed would be a gross understatement. I. Ask for your compassion. I know it is my conduct that has brought me here. And that was as close as Manafort got to an apology, then came the surprising, forty seven months sentence after the sentence with announced manafort's attorney made a brief statement afford finally got to speak for himself. He made clear accepts responsibility for his conduct. And I think most importantly what you saw today is the same thing that we had said from day one. There is absolutely no evidence to Paul Manafort was involved with any collusion with any government official from Russia. No collusion theory Asli by vote of four seven to twenty three the house on Thursday passed a resolution condemning anti-semitism and other forms of hatred. This following days of debate over comments by Representative Ilan, Omar that some lawmakers said were antisemitic amid a sharp split among Democrats and initial plan for resolution that focused on anti-semitism was broadened. To include language against Islamaphobia and hatred of many minority groups the Twenty-three who voted no are all no surprise Republicans. The list of bigots includes Louie Gohmert, Paul gosar, Peter King and the number three in Republican House leadership. Liz Cheney noted racist and white supremacist. Congressman Steve king of Iowa voted present the house on Friday will vote on HR one the Democrats for the people act that would enact wide ranging ethics reform expand voting rights and mandate the disclosure of presidential tax returns, as you'd expect the Republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell has said he won't bring it up for a vote. The White House also issued a veto threat on the measure, congress is investigating a report that says the United States government created secret database of activists, journalists and social media influencers tied to the migrant caravan, and in some cases place. To learn on their passports, the department of homeland security in the house homeland security committee disclosed the probe following a report that CB p officials in San Diego made a list of fifty nine reporters, lawyers and activists who were to be targeted for questioning when crossing the US Mexico border. The committee has demanded a copy of the list as well as any dossiers on the individuals and an explanation of why each person was included on the list. Remember that citizenship question. The Trump administration wants to put on the twenty twenty senses. A second judge has now ruled against it and raise red flags about the secretary of commerce Wilbur Ross MSNBC's Chris Hayes, explain for the second time this year. A federal judge has taken the extraordinary step in rolling the commerce secretary Wilbur Ross active in bad, faith, and broke several laws when he asked us citizenship question to the twenty twenty senses last year raw said that there was no evidence that the response rate would drop once this isn't ship question was added don't congress. Was the Justice department that quote initiated the request which would lead to doing a better job of enforcing the Voting Rights Act of nineteen sixty five because we know how obsessed the sessions DOJ was with that. Will it turns out? None of that was really true court documents revealed that Ross actually came up with this as ship question after Steve Bannon asked Ross if you'd be willing to speak with Kansas secretary state, Chris co Bach about a possible citizenship question the lies that Ross's told her so agreed just that last month when a federal judge ruled against the decision to add that question twenty twenty senses. He wrote the Ross's explanations for decision were unsupported by or even counter to the evidence before the agency and that it was not in accordance with law. Then yesterday, a second federal court found commerce secretary Wilbur Ross acted in bad faith, broke several laws and violated the constitutional underpinning of Representative democracy, according to the judge in short the inclusion of the citizenship question of twenty twenty. Census threatens the very foundation of democratic system. And does so based on the self defeating rationale and finally Friday is International Women's Day March is women's history month it figures that the Trump administration marks the occasion by recinding, the international women of courage award. It had offered to finish investigative journalist. Jessica arrow after reportedly unearthing some old anti-trump tweets foreign policy reported Thursday that arrow was originally chosen for the reward because of her investigative work, exposing Russian troll factories and had regularly tweeted criticism about Trump's sharp political rhetoric and attacks on the press. And that's a bit of what's news for now. I'm Nicole Sandler. If you appreciate these reports and the Nicole Sandler show. I hope you'll consider making a contribution. My work is one hundred percent listener supported and I can't do it without your help. Find out more at Nicole, Sandler dot com slash donate.

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