Episode 619, recorded 2020-12-25


Good morning it's iowa mullahs and it's christmas morning. December twenty fifth and friday here in illinois and Hope all of you wherever you are whatever the day is for you. It may be a holiday or it may be a regular working day but hope you're having a bright sunny weather and hope your safe and well and being grateful. Just be alive so it's Regardless of your religion in america it's a it's our biggest holiday and for most people. It's a day when they don't work so it's a it's a day of rest unless you have children and then it's kind of a crazy hectic day and today it's especially good to take it as a day of rest to be with the people that we live with and not to be all the traveling and all the all the running around that we typically do ear during the holidays so i hope you are feeling safe wherever you are and able to relax for a while at eleven this morning Central time our the chicago public radio station is having a a production that the goodman theatre production company has done is an audio of the chris- christmas carol by charles dickens and they had it yesterday afternoon as well and i've been looking forward to it but i had some phone calls came in right after it. It had played just four. Maybe three to five minutes. And so i put that away in and talk to people on the phone and so two this morning. It's on again at eleven so if you have some time it looked. It sounded wonderful and a christmas. Carol is always a wonderful. It's wonderful to read. It's wonderful to hear it's wonderful to see your production of it so it's one of my very favorite. So that's what. I'll be able to enjoy today the other thing i wanted to share with you because this is a book. It's a big heavy book. It has the most beautiful illustrations in it in a pictures of buddhist art from around the world and different Hangings and different. It just says wonderful articles in it. My good friend tod nielsen. Who's a friend to blue lotus everywhere. He he lives most of the year. Maybe half of the year here in woodstock and then he lives in carlisle pennsylvania with he and bonday soma and monte so much is the the head of the blue lotus center in carlisle carlisle pennsylvania. So they have a house the todd purchased in They are they. He's up there a big part of the year and then has his home here. So tied gave me this book. Gifted it to me. He's he's just he's that kind of person and today is going to be day that i just dive into this. It's got so many articles but it's just full of beautiful art all buddhist art and there's an article. He really recommended wheel the wheel of life philosophy and ethics. I think that's the one they're also good. So that's that's part of my christmas day is to spend time with this beautiful anthology. It's called buddhism origins traditions and contemporary life edited by jonah iguana. The duma and son son may from the british library. Just it's gonna be that's gonna be a beautiful treasure me a jump into after a christmas carol so i have. I have a lovely lovely day planned of getting to do some reading that. I rarely get to do but while we're together today. I hope all of you are having peaceful day. And you're spending it in a way that is just bringing tranquility and peace and and giving you a chance to really enjoy the day and not be feeling like you're missing something and but if you can't beat together if you can't be together you can be together in spirit and just realize that there's really we're connected to the people we love and were connected to other people even if we don't love them and so spend the day just feeling that connection feeling feeling what it is to be connected to all other living living things living beings living living creatures if you have animals in your house enjoy enjoy their company and you can always call or send messages or Facetime or create a family soon but really enjoy what you do. Have because if you're if you're watching this you're alive and you've made it thus far into this pandemic year and that's that's That's a good thing right so stay well and stay peaceful state peaceful in your heart. I hope that's that's Something that you've been cultivating through this entire pandemic and hopefully even before that. And that's that process of you know we have to be cultivating these qualities within house for them to bloom and just be there for us without a struggle and it takes. It takes a long time and we're always working on it because if we all have our the things that get to us right we have the things that that can trigger that emotional distress. And they're different for all of us so we're always working on cultivating our own inner peace and our own sense of tranquillity and serenity and doesn't mean we're perfect all the time but we can learn when it's arising and then we can take care of it before it cripples us or before it hurts other people or hurts us more so that's when we reach out and there's there are different ways to reach out you can spend time with animals and you can spend time in nature and you can contact. Your loved. ones can volunteer to do things in the volunteer opportunities. Really different right now. So you can investigate and see where you can still volunteer and what you can do. So there's so many ways to take care of ourselves and it's still difficult because it's this is just a different thing than most of us have been through but remember that we can get through it and we can find contentment and peace. Just accept this that this is the way it is. This is the way the world is right now at this moment and it's always changing so i want to just let's do my wish and and sit together for a while and then You can get on with your christmas evening or your christmas day or if you're going to work or if you're just going to enjoy one of the one of the wonderful things to do on christmas to watch those old movies or some may not be so old but it's always fun to kind of dip into other earlier christmas memories and a lot of us do that by watching favorite movie for me. It's going to be listening to a christmas. Carol and you might have an in my family. We all have silly movies that we've that we've lobbed and that will probably all we may be all watching the same movie but whatever it is. You might listen to beautiful music. So let's let's sit together. That's something that we can all do. And it and it's going to help us and it's going to help everyone else and just think of today if you have to be alone. Think of it as a beautiful quiet day and enjoy it and find peace in it and you may reach out. I've already been able to say hello and see some different neighbors going off with their christmas presents. One of my good neighbors across the hall her son and and his wife and her granddaughter live very nearby and they're they're all safe with each other so she's off for a day with them and she had on a santa hat in her christmas sweater. A car full of Packages all wrapped up so it was just fun seeing her and being able to say merry christmas to her. So let's begin before we practice. Let's begin with my wish. And i'll end with it also. May i become at all times both now and forever a protector for those without protection. A guide for those who have lost their way a ship for those with an ocean to cross a sanctuary for those endanger a lamp for those without light a place of refuge for those who like shelter and a servant to all in need by means of this meritorious deed. May i never joined with the unwise. Only the wise until the time. I attain ivana so dust. Let yourself close your eyes. If you're watching this at the end of a busy day or at the end of a slow day you may test allow it to relax you and if it makes you drowsy your dozy. That drowsier sleepy. Just let it do that. If if if you're at the early part of your day stay alert. Stay awake and just be attentive to everything around first of all chess. Be aware of your body. Breathing in a few day has already become a little hectic. Be aware of peace within you of calm and peace and just be aware that it's in their let it rise up. Let's do a really quick body scan. We've been doing lately. That's part of the sati patana ceuta the four foundations of mindfulness and this is on the body parts. Start at the top of your head and we're not thinking as we do this but we can visualize we always begin with the skin. So as we moved down to our feet will be just observing in visualizing all of the skin that's the outer layer of our body and then we'll come up from our feet to the top of our head visualizing all of the flesh. Which is everything inside that protective coating and includes everything in us except the bones the hardest the skeleton and when with then that brings us back up to the top of our head again. And then we'll finish by just scanning very smoothly and flowing up the skeleton the bones so we do skin flesh and bones start at the top of your head and then be aware of your head your scalp skin. Scalp your face your ears skin and your neck skin your shoulders. Skin both arms from your upper arms lower arms and your hands and fingers skin. The top of your back all the skin. Hunter your arms across the top of your back and your upper chest skin then your mid torso skin in lower abdomen pelvic area skin in your hips skin. Your upper legs both legs skin you lower legs skin down into your feet and your toes skin now from your toes backup. We're doing the flash hall of the wet stuff within us. The oregon's the blood. The muscles the tissue our feet on our toes flesh into both of our lower legs flash are upper legs. Flesh our hips and our pelvic area. Flesh are abdomen flesh. Coming to all the organs in our torso are middle torso flash in our upper torso flesh into our shoulders are flesh down into our arms both arms upper arms flesh lower arms flesh in our hands and fingers flash now back up to the neck flesh and into the head flesh on the outside of our skull under her skin and the flesh inside this call the brain. Now start again at the top of your head and we'll come down with this with the bohm's our skeleton the hardness in the body. Cover all of your head inside bones into our neck bones shoulders. Oh down into our upper arms both arms foams lower arms both arms bones in all the bones and our hands and our fingers come back to the upper part of our torso through the inside of the body be aware folds middle torso bones lower torso and her pelvic area and hips bones. Both legs upper legs phones lower legs bones and two feet and our toes so many bones. Now be aware. Just be with this body that we've just explored an observed it's important to but it's not who we are it's made up of all of these parts be aware of it. Feel centered and grounded in your body. Be aware of your body breathing. Call it though body. The body's doing the work we're just allowing it to breathe giving it lifted if we lift our spine we give it the maximum area in our longs so our natural breath becomes steeper and observe breath. Either in your belly being aware the rise of your ballet when you inhale in the contraction when you exhale or observe it around her nostrils that more subtle spot observe each breath as you inhale breathing energy and as you exhale breathing out energy and for today breath in peace and breath out piece peace for yourself and your loved ones and your teachers and your friends and your neighbors and the world now before i leave he can just keep sitting with your eyes closed a few kellyanne or if you need to be heavy is open. That's perfectly okay. Does try not to let them be distractions for you. But i'll read it. Just in case i start to forget a line. I still have to keep my eyes on it i'll end with my wish again in. Remember that when we become Protectors of others when we become a peacemakers we we make the world safer for everyone and we began by being peaceful to the people in the end the critters and the the nature we began to be peaceful towards all of that and all of them and that allows them to be more calm and more at peace and it just spreads that way we become a peacemaker within fine piece for ourselves and then We we breathed that out and with every breath. It's helping spread peace. And the best way we can become peacemakers i thanks to begin with the precepts precepts are just a waste to be protective and caring for all other life Not to kill and not to take things that don't belong to us and not to engage in sexual misconduct and harm people that way and not to use wrong speech not to not to try to tell untruths and get away with it and not to become intoxicated whether it's with drugs or alcohol because we lose when we become intoxicated. We've lost our mindfulness and That becomes frightening for other people. So it's those are the ways we become peaceful. Those are the ways we become peacemakers so just Lecher attention today to be a peacemaker. So let's end with this. But i'll have to leave. You can keep sitting if you can. If it's a good time for you just to be with yourself quietly and sending all the love first of all to yourself and then send it out. May i become at all times both now and forever a protector for those without protection. A guide for those who have lost their way. I ship for those with an ocean to cross a sanctuary for those endanger a lamb for those without light a place of refuge for those who like shelter and a servant to all in need by means of this meritorious deed may never join with the unwise only the wise until the time attain the. Bonna so thanks for being with me. Today and Have a beautiful day. And i'll see you on sunday. Merry christmas happy christmas.

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