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Culling only just it's time for Lime Ninja Radio Today they open to supporting the physiology but allow twenty two years as opposed to giving it is a fundamental molecule in health and when it's deficient all kinds of problems can crop up basically the body continental it is to human health which led her to where she is now I met Beth at Bob Miller's toxic loses its ability to communicate at one level so we think about the nervous system as one way the body communicates hormones is one way the body communicates but the or protocol is working right now when you take the symptom tracker questionnaire we give you a simple composite score for the month but we had symptoms daily or even weekly gives them too many data points there's so many ups and downs twists and turns that at some point they get lost and confused tuning in and we'd like to welcome all your new listeners out there welcome to lime Ninja radio you're now officially a lime Ninja this podcast is sponsored by the Lime Ninja Symptom tracker I'm so excited to tell you about our new lyme niches symptom tracker one of the things I hear over and over great thanks Roy and a big shout out to all you longtime lime Ninjas you're the reason we add more than half a million downloads Aurora and I really appreciate why nitric oxide is important to your health how nitric oxide is for more than just your heart and how to increase nitric oxide with night again whether it's talking to a patient in my office or consulting over the phone with the client is just how difficult it is to keep track of progress on their live journey recordings surely also welcome our show producer and the brains behind Lineman Andrew Radio Aurora hello and in this episode you will learn three main things and as you know lime disease is an international problem each week we have listeners join you from all over the world this past week we've had listeners tune in for join us every Thursday on I tunes for the latest episode of Lime Ninja Radio Hello I'm your host McKay Rupee and this is episode number two hundred and forty eight with Beth gas signallers nitric oxide is one of them are another critical communication factor and when there's not enough then all hell and sign up that's lime an NGO radio dot com slash tracker you'll be glad you did it to look beyond pharmaceuticals she became known as a pharmacist to go to when you don't want a prescription she discovered the science around nitric oxide and how accused director of the Berkeley Life Science Advisory Board she started her career as a pharmacist but when she saw the people who came to her not get better shoes inspired thirsty act body is fine is back function keep you healthy very excited to talk with you about nitrates and nitric oxide and I know you have a particular interest in prints out in Denver we exchange emails before that and she's a wealth of information and we share a passion for nitric oxide we both believe the Lime Ninja symptom tracker takes all the guesswork out of tracking symptoms with the simple monthly questionnaire once a month is the perfect interval deceive that new supplement Rona Spain to Annandale Virginia. Thanks for tell us a little bit about today's guest Beth Shirley best surely is the key breaks loose it's one of the reasons why if you're struggling I guarantee nitric oxide is distributed so that's why we want to talk about so this is one of the re boot McKee in which is a nitrite base loss inch so I I've been working in the nitric oxide space now for for about nine years just dive into all this technical stuff and we will we will explain this in ways that people can understand I promise we won't just totally levels on our lime journey path you need to get your nitric oxide in order whether it's being uncoupled whether should not being produced need to figure that out with your health breaks from Lima Ninja Radio Mackay it was so great to meet you in person pilot at Bob's conference and famous molecule but it's in the nutrition world where we live it's a little bit weird people tend to focus on other things how did you get interested in is to commission impairment to rectal dysfunction it's connected with everything and where did you discover it in be h four and how that affects the nitric oxide synthase enzyme and also the alternative pathway that some people we're not know about that's basically dietary or can be supplemented and how that helps regulate this whole system but before we and remember always have a plan b all right here is our interview with nitric oxide expert Beth Shirley connecting it with just about everything that goes wrong in our body from hormone imbalance to cardiovascular disease link there it walks you through the nine steps in the three phases that you will go through in recovering from lime so you won't be surprised two thousand and ten I was working with Nathan Bryan while we developed the neal forty laughing sure so I've been open to supporting the physiology for the last twenty two years as opposed to listener and that will go a long way to setting the stage where you can then recover speaking of that if you're interested in graphic represent the plans and the data you enter will not be lost as we roll out new features best of all it's free just head on over the line manager radio DOT COM slash tracker league out here while you how did you get interested in nitric oxide because it's kind of funny I mean it's been it's it's the non medication pharmacists never ending source of people that didn't want to go down that path presentation of our lime journey we've got it on our website it's free just go to lyman integrated dot com click on the button and you'll see download how adverse reactions because the body is trying its best to to function into key found and your back as pharmacists that's not what pharmacology that's not what modern medicine is all about a certified clinical nutritionist by trade. I was a pharmacist for twenty years and you go into pharmacy thinking you're going to be helping people and oxide will nitric oxide affects virtually every single physiological function in and back in Alex you would have talked about quote unquote conspiracy theories I I think that I haven't come all the way over to thinking it's a full blown conspiracy but it sure looks like one which the powers that be actually don't want us to be healthy don't want us to be able to think clearly giving them be healthy but I just noticed people kept coming back and they were sicker and sicker and on more drugs and we're drugs so in nineteen ninety seven out and how how come they don't see it the way you just described it then you've got a foot in both worlds which is really unusual the healthy so there's reasons why this inflammation goes crazy and we've got to address those reasons instead of just the processes from where I sit that such an obvious idea right and at same time it's it's it's very very who giving anti this and anti because whenever you stop processes in the body you're you're wanting to have oh isn't that the truth now there are lots of people I'm I'm agnostic then I'm open to that but I'm that is for sure that's for sure so then so people it's fun you tell the story about people keeping coming back to you getting their prescriptions I mean what were you doing in the morality show my goodness this is important the time well compounding pharmacists and Oh to if you didn't want to get on drugs or if you wanted to get off the drugs so I also rich I've seen just a lot of changes those are those who'd be horrible horrible trucks because I started learning to be a certified clinical nutritionist and got my certification in nineteen ninety seven and became the pharmacists to go very very similar story he was out in San Francisco and at that point legally they needed front men and women for the acupuncture so they needed should I do right so he was doing this for several months and this woman kept coming back I think she had some sort of inner ear problem and finally all I can say is is is money so if you think would go yes and if you support the antibiotics therapy with nitrate supplementation you will people coming back so we can make money if you want to cure her you need to do this treatment and that blue Dr Nature says mom but it was it in with the advent of the the presence in changing how people connect with their spirit my my teacher's name was Dr Hagi contentious Dr Nature said isn't there something else we can do this woman so she doesn't have to keep coming back and the right exactly those drugs don't care no they don't they don't and uh-huh busy on the counter since nineteen seventy five you know I've it it didn't start off this way the pathway one of the pathways that makes nitric oxide that it actually opens up like the blood brain barrier and it opens up the tight junctions in there be the permeability and helps restore the function of it and that's I think one of nitric oxides involved with everything and doctors to see the patient so the the patient would come in they see the doctor he'd ask a few questions and he'd run to the back room and ask the master acupuncturists what actually decrease the leaky gut you will decrease Zahn you learn the including so you can actually protect the tight junctions a that a lot of the thinking on nitric oxide and essentially nitrates are it part of the and I agree a hundred percent and I play when I attend a conference I play a game I call it nitric oxide Bingo and whatever that person we'll come up that show the relationship between the topics nitric oxide is got its finger in every function in the body and if refilled and not getting better and something tugging on your heart until the spirit saying there's gotta be a better way one of my acupuncture teachers told and how voices and we're we're all medications were were not thinking clearly editor at best state they help and do little harm but at worst they're they're they're just people yeah yeah and in the intestinal track by giving a nitrate supplementation with those antibiotics it's interesting to me folks if antibiotics work for you great if they stopped working for you stop taking them and try something else I don't have a point to prove yeah I really think it's that simple that pernicious well it's money and before with antibiotic therapy a there's a huge increase in leaky gut talking about I just Google on my phone or my computer nitric oxide and whatever they're talking about and inevitably twenty papers due to not be depressed it's involved with our ability to sleep properly it's involved with with resolving inflammation since being used then you start to get the idea okay this is why it has so much importance and you you mentioned earlier because the line world and people will stay there flag on each side of it and again on agnostic my mind is whatever I'm a clinician whatever word and if you're levels aren't appropriate so they can be too high and too low there's a sweet spot for sure and the sweet spot is going to change depending on whether you're actively buddy infection or not though if it's not in the sweet spot then you're gonna be in trouble in many ways and it's not simply a matter of attract punctures his eyes lit up and said Oh you want to cure her I thought I thought in this clinic what we're doing is trying to keep you're doing work with Dr Brian about the nitrite and nitrate you explain to folks but there's this whole separate pathway that really isn't thereby accident it's not something that's kind of in the background that we're taking advantage of it's really of not being able to perform sexually or or high blood pressure like you said it's in so it's involved with our ability to form memories it's involved with our ability signed and he got really curious about acupuncture that because he started seeing totally different results they weren't palliative right and I think that's that's what you're getting at the center of eating healthy so if we eat healthy we really give this nitrate nitrite nitric oxide pathway and well yes Kinda yes no because it does have some direct effects but primarily if you think of it more as a signal than as a subset tomake nitric oxide however this top way is affected by a myriad of factors it functions around fifteen percent there's another pathway the nitrate tonight try to an oak halfway that is supported through eating nitrate rich that Geez material needs and you talk about supplementing it too and that really can accelerate this path one is age by the time we're forty this NAS enzyme works around fifty percent of the time we're sixty it's involved with killing off viruses just like you said just goes on and on and on because it's a signaling molecule right right you know that's the about the little harm yeah well some of them have a little harm I do have patients on some summits but way of bringing it back to life because so many people's diets do the do the opposite so tell us a little bit about this pathway and whites circulate around twenty five percent get concentrated in the salivary glands we've got some good anaerobic bacteria in enthused enzyme pathway and this uses are turning to feed into this knauss enzyme systems the production of nitric oxide so let's let's pause there for a second because what you said is so in the acid environment of the stomach some of it is reduced further to nitric oxide the nitrate is also absorbed and heads towards tissues and we've got nitrate reduc taste is to reduce it further to nitric oxide any good clinician shouldn't of standing on your head waving chicken feathers works then stamina hidden with chicken feathers I agree but we're out where we accordionist city will actually change the nature of some of our enzyme to become nitrite Reduc tasters to increase grips over tongue that will reduce that nitrate and nitrite the nitrite goes to their stomachs very very important and so basic that it's it's easy to just skip over the what correct me if I'm wrong here but what what exactly that is 'cause usually nitric oxide we think of it as being formed by enzymes in the body there's certain enzymes in the body that will make nitric oxide in specific tissues war under specific conditions because even being hype poxy important well there's two main pathways on making nitric oxide and one is through the not the network oxide it goes along say pick up oxygen they carried to the cells they let go of the oxygen pick up carbon dioxide and then go back to the longs and and switch things up all the time so there's a state of the red blood cell that's naturally high pox but there's a tissue state we don't want that hypotheses you said is so when when a tissue becomes hot pox IQ or even kind of in the normal function of of the blood gas exchange right so red blood cells if you're not getting enough oxygen in your brain you're going to pass out if you don't have enough oxygen in your muscles are gonna be really sore so forth and so on and with all the other and start all over again so high politics simply means there's no oxygen or less oxygen available so this is happening within a red blood cell but there we go to down this pathway but it's it's it's so tough Aruba's stories bench four nitrate supplementation and this we absorbed the nitrates organs as well so high poxy as dangerous condition for tissue to be in because it means the cells are going to start dying so that it's Rachel you need oh so it's a surpassing dilate right to die later and it's doing that when in fact there's a regulatory function that you talked about that it helps improve the signal so this hot environment is is a dangerous condition and so- enzyme shift in response to this and the signaling anti anti because whenever you stop profits in the body your point the house mock you'll this nitric oxide gets produced more which essentially one of its major functions is to tell the blood vessels to expand and to bring in more blood which means bringing more oxygen his whole signaling functioning and to release oxygen red blood cell cannot even release the immune system goes away and they need immune system loves nitric oxide as a way to begin to get and can you talk a little bit about how that works and then how the nitrate supplementation promotes those functions. I wish however this a lot of times this gets turned on and the body has a hard time they will decrease the Ph increase the acidity of the tissue which will increase the the oxygen release and signals that but can you off the top of your head and it's not no it's not fair explain that a bit how the nitric oxide does that this little Geek question that I have for Beth because she's so knowledgeable will increase carbon dioxide will increase articles come from just an overactive won't increase the the production of Ano- through these reduc tastes enzymes video and I'll ass which is analysts three the induce people and I'll out is what the it's crazy so I know so it's one thing was familiar with is that Carbon Dioxide Kinda guides uh lime disease as down regulating the immune system I don't think we can and we usually talk about the innate immune system and the the turning it off and this is where all the oxidative stress said all these three to down regulate cadre within bacteria and viruses but also to create some oxidants to help kill them I uses to make the nitric oxide to clean up that to fundraise it's it's amazing it's all cross talk all the way this all works is so incredible and can you natural killer cells and things like that I'm sorry the Adaptive Immune System Boy I'm my head spinning but nitric oxides at bald with the macrophages is and and in killing things early on and it continued killing we kinda forget the innate immune system because we're so excited about you know all the address what nitric oxide is doing with the immune system because that's I think one of the things that gets dysregulates we talk about make increasing the superoxide peroxy nitrile had causing massive amounts of damage right time so then circulation or like the circulation in the brain you won't have enough nitric oxide to do all these other functions like the increasing that Mike was when there's too much of it that's when your joints swell up like crazy that's when you've got this migratory try pain you can have concussion likes I think you've mentioned before that nitric can help regulate this function how does that work nitrate and I try well actually help down regulate the einars so there's less oxygen running rampant this actually down regulate the neuronal loss the end up the`real KNAUSS US is septic shock right so somebody gets an infection of some sort and then the body says well we've got we've got to stop the infection and then the the NFL s Inter Koksijde Sensiti sends on have three main there are three main analyst air but when you're I nas your induced nitric oxide juror immune system nitric oxide is being over expressed edges and itchy and GM's and all the adaptive immunity we forget that in the background all the time is immune system selecting nation he's nitrates nitrites will down regulate the I nostri the over activated I not not not flament so studies have shown it takes three to four hundred milligrams of nitrate too there's neuronal and I'll ass which is analyst one there's induced civil anna laughs which is analyst to and then there's end kind of nitric oxide inflammation and signaling there it is so so critically important now you talk directive response to it that just just spirals out of control so this this whole idea of regulating the amount of inflammation so it's just the over active I know so that's so important and I you know we're we're talking about pathways turn just what the body needs to clean up the bacteria the virus the fungus of stress would be the I nas is activated and it's standard amount of nitrate in the product to effect changes what else do you have in there we have a little bit of just goes goes absolutely crazy and that's when somebody dies of the flu that's that's what's killing them it's not the virus that's taken over by that point it's the bodies over you affectively decreased blood pressure or increased exercise endurance and we have almost five hundred milligrams and and liver damage organ damage with with it with lime disease the classic example of the runaway. I know that's when it gets away from us that's when we start having damaged and thence and smaller and quote unquote smaller that's probably something that's also having with people with heart damage work for decreasing cardiovascular disease and increasing longevity is through the nitrate concentration of these yet to one that gets becomes a runaway train a downward cycle reinforcing cycle that gets too hot and these are all reactive oxygen species or reactive nitrogen species and in it and that's been shown to decrease cardiovascular disease so we've got a symptoms your your brain swelling when you have swelling inflammation pain heat in an area and a body that's that's one of the major things yes what superoxide superoxide increases the oxidative stress and all of these will increase oxidative stress inflammation damage to tissue to make these physiological changes the the the way the Mediterranean Diet and the Dash Diet League life professional and we have a product called Berkeley I professional and support and this is a nitrate based and the nitric oxide will actually complex superoxide to make peroxy nitrite about supplements can we talk about the company that you're consulting for sure on the executive director of the Scientific Advisory Board for Berkeley a plane means is the North End Zayn instead of producing nitric oxide it produces superoxide medical ball amendment which supports the formation of for through the MTA H F r died the Dash Diet actually has a thousand milligrams of nitrate her day means you already defectively nitric oxide deficient so by adding adding increase nitric oxide to this equation what's going on there and it was initially it's initially triggered to help killin infection but as Beth the same when it but see when when the nitric oxide complexes with the superoxide can make roxy nitrate effectively takes emphasis I haven't bothered to look through the papers but I'm sure it's the same dysfunction it's ended theologist function of the lymph so you get lip stagnation so you get swelling or four deficiency is the main clause of Nas Copley and whatnot and blocking an artery going somewhere that can be an endothelial dysfunction you can have a similar type blocking your lymph and you'd get swelling but you'd also get downright you are actually going to be Gaba Djing these free radicals and cleaning up some of this oxidative struck and protecting your in nitric oxide is the molecule that allows the flute for receptor to happen worth through there so it's this endothelial dysfunction about to talk about is a big deal and that's when we also get to this these alternate back up makes it a little bit sweeter for you Gordon is out there and get the oxygen back going again and things flowing and it's so very very important and that opens things up again it gets the blood flowing again and crates little gets the acidity brings to the Ph and so it's you get you could get the dysfunction in any of those organs so some of the lymph stagnation that we're seeing no doubt I mean I don't have halfway that she's talking about that so exciting is when you're providing nitrate and nitrite to these areas and because there's else but nitric oxide is really a whole nother signaling system that were just beginning to rapper system but endo just meets inside so anytime there's a vessel there's an endothelium so the lymph has an endothelium right your kidneys have end at the Olympics from the endocrine system hormones but nitric oxide in it's got a couple of cousins in there to some other gaseous signaling molecule handsome nitrates in this this product which is equal to a five ounces of Spinach or seven beats the brain needs oxygen and I know when when you're chronically ill you can't think well you know we talked about not being able to heal without sleep but without flow right without blood flow with we can't he'll either rainfall is such a massive problem into lime world it that and sleep this regulation or probably the two main you gotTa have Michael Circulation in the brain to be able to think you've got to have oxygen delivery you gotTa Have Glucose delivery it goes awry we think of signaling mostly from the the nervous system we think of signaling the nitric oxide out of circulation so it can't do all of these other processes that it needs to do in our body and so this us and I know that they're quite a few practitioners who listen to this if they're interested more with the Berkeley up for the the immune system can't respond the little immune cells cannot swim through your limp as efficiently when it's blocked off you think you have a block you know ninety percent I have an account and we sell to practitioners however there commune system because a lot of your immune response begins in the lymph there the lymph the lymphatic immune cells that migrate back and four up theory him as in-depth helium dysfunction is is how cardiovascular disease start to give out endothelial is obviously with the cardiovascular ace supplement it will make every single thing you are taking work better because without circulation and Microsoft might even be able to get away with lower doses because circulation is working in taking it where it needs to go insulin brain glucose into the cell without adequate nitric oxide you can't bring the glucose into the cell the brain needs post the E. R. K. E. L. E. Y. Life Professional Dot Com and there you can apply on so we can go deeper into this we really we just touched on the NAS uncoupling and kind of the whole oxidative stress that gets breath you're causing damage there to the thank you so much for your time again and will definitely have you back on symptoms that I hear over and over and over again well the sleep is regulation I just rest studied the other die showing how it sex and the test strips that are also detest nitric oxide levels with a saliva test how can they who should they get hold of that blood flow and there's hypocrisy or there's acidic environment there the nitric oxide will get I'm sorry the nitrate will get converted into nitrate and Zayn inspect together I know nitrate and is a big part of doing that and we've covered enough today to fill it nine surround and that's why I want to have this conversation with you Beth today and you've been very generous and sharing your time and knowledge with all of them I was so excited when you said that you and healthy micro circulation you won't get what you're taking deliver to where it needs to go out and there's a lot of practitioners out there we just need to get this in their hands to get it out to everybody 'cause I consider this a each other at the absorption right and the carrying away if debris so when your body is trying to heal it's gonna be making a lot of debris that needs to be carried away and if you're not carrying away the debris they say because it's not what you're what we talked about is not available direct to consumer has to go through a practitioner but like I said we have quite a few practitioners waiting to be installed we'll continue to until the weekend so next week we should have big pump news stay tuned that's going to be the most it's not that far from Halloween which means Thanksgiving which means Christmas which means the New Year the years over twenty twenty have you gotten connector to nitric oxide also so it plays a part in every single physiological function thing done we haven't oh my God speaking of not getting things done the well it's only been a couple of days since we last updated you and nothing has changed so everybody's Cup to the brim with information to WanNa go I don't WanNa go too much deeper than we have now I hope you're is a shortlist of what Ninjas cannot do it just struck me when you were talking about that we think of Mike micro circulation at the delivery and right but there's also in there so there's GonNa be some people interested in carrying this product how can they do that could've Berkeley like professional dot com in Berkeley oxygen without adequate nitric oxide so it stuck within the within the hemoglobin mclovin there's nothing to report we'll be back actually the pump came in the mail the new pump we ordered it from Lowe's online and dropped it off so it's sitting on the kitchen table exciting part of the podcast unless you give us some feedback since for gas yes anything really can stop talking a setup went went occurs in how that system can go awry and it's important to this whole conversation about how to put those and tone specific treatment options are not intended to address any listeners particular medical situation as always contact your physician before considering any new treatment range you don't even have shirts and we we need them we had a few for awhile anyway don't get me started on that there's so much to do and just the panic you all winter coming back on thanks for having me and I'll be glad come back on and that's dive a little bit deeper into this uh-huh hit the subscribe button so you won't miss an episode if you really like what we're doing leave us a review on your podcast up it helps us reach more people like you and last as you longtime the lime Ninjas no this podcast would not be complete unless we left you with the Lime Ninja fact of the day the following long into radios purely public broadcast and is not in we were finally interviewing a nitric oxide expert. I think I've been bugging you about that for a couple a couple at least a couple of months now a long time tended to be personalized medical advice for any individuals specific situation each individual's medical situation is unique and limy radio should not be relied upon android the wealthy and the pump send your feedback to lime Ninja radio DOT COM feedback at alarm Ninja radio DOT COM and if you like what we're doing here at lyman injury nitric oxide nitrates and nitric oxide I've got a little mixed up in there about about forgive me th the bottom line is the same the

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