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5: I agree with Finchy, I am fuming!| Peter Finch | The Sweet Spot | Honda Classic & Oman Open Tips


Hello and welcome back to the sweet spot with Mesa. Call Michael Brown the racing post weekly tipping show we will be reviewing last week's events the WGC in Mexico is what is the point. Oh Rico open alongside previewing this week's events which we have to fantastic eventually the amount open on the European tour and one of the most difficult courses this week or the PGA tour the Honda Classic. Of course we our views and tips from resident tip stuff Steve Palmer and we have a special guest. My good friend Mr Peter Finch. Peter is a content creator. Golfing professional has got a very interesting story for US later. Maybe about he played golf. Course are move on the open. Peter Welcome thank you very much. Everybody start off talking about this as an I told you I was wearing. So you went and coffee me is just gets. We've been having this required for years. Ladies and gentlemen actually got a little bit depressing after a while. I'm just going to blame each other. We'll just make sure Steve wearing the same thing he did. Get the memo. We all three of us in the same top but anyway so less acapella group were. Let's never sweeties state by the way but pizza before we get into checking out what happened in last week's events and how will tips on. Let's tell the audience. You might not know who you are a little bit about yourself and what it is you do so in the show. I make online content around Gulf. Try Make you as possible from coaching videos to travel videos. And everything in between is the best way describing a one stop shop fuel golfing into time. Would you need guys? Well we all GONNA be finding out pigs pay. I do believe you did play that. 'cause I did and he got out of very good back nine. Tore apart then shooting forty four on the this year very well. I'll say it for seven on the back nine on the golf course. This week's on open AL merged I'll move. How move emerge is the is the name of the course. So we sing. If he'd maybe got few tips of his own. Who might be able to go one better than you and which would be some guy. Wouldn't it would be my hearty congratulations. That's the goal. This throw down the European tour. Come at eight seven on the back. Nine let's see what you've got that currency so what's going to be okay. La Now chapter Steve and see how tips gone last week. Okay so last week's events we had the wgn at CHAPULTEPEC and we had the Puerto Rico. Herbalists thought with the WBZ pay. Did you see much of the event over forks am I scotch? Quite a bit of I think this is one of those courses which are all the events in the air is one. I have highlighted my head to actually watch just because of the different conditions over there or if you get the big boys and rory. Dj The final. I three six about. Aj we're not talking about though and not let me down big time. I said last week. Dj's what am I hot tips. I said he could take a stairwell. Locke after stopping. He must have found every escalator in Mexico because he missed the car and we did it miss the Cup because there was no car. The absolute shocker also missed a COP. He was was the bomb. He had one good low round on Saturday but he had an absolute shocker thankfully so far the tapes better had top sixties from Latin Massey. Embracing Bryson Chevro- just came up short last week. Probably not a very popular one to oversee patron. We got the win. No not really. I don't mind Chamo- to be fair because he's just a bit bit different and in a cacophony of vanilla tool proser out. There is such a nice to have someone a little bit different Patrick read maybe molested. Actually hey what a lovely performance. It did play very very well. You know lot of the guys were saying. It's a shame. He's got this sort of a cloud of controversy following him because he's such a fantastic gopher so yes foresee how his reputation could be helped by this. Latest victory is hard to see through the cloud controversy that everyone knows particularly thick cloud is a stall. It is always a gathering storm. Someone who's tapes did a little bit more consistently. Shall WE SAY Steve. How did you guys get on to pack? We as disappoint Sunday from earlier two selections last week in Mexico champion. But they were. They were first and fourth going into the phone around and both talk. Class Operators Justin Thomas of course traditionally a very good closure of tournaments and rory mcilroy obviously capable of still in from from full place so I had extremely high hopes on Sunday and they finished fifth and sixth so I was pretty good and I both crumbled. Really have in the middle of their rounds and yeah. When mcilroy A three-putt the twelfth green it was race was essentially running in Mexico. Most ashamed once again another very stella performance from from Roy Mackerel. But you've got to say if he's outside the top ten pre hardly lit up and he once again on that leaderboard most of the days last week so we say every week building to Augusta is going to find a way to To close another one. We love to get another win before that. Really get some confidence but it wasn't to last week. Patriotism winner how to go down in Puerto Rico Puerto Rico. We had Patrick Rogers. He was in fifth place into the phone around. Winning was never going to be easy. But we have to the macaroni and Rogers each way. Double saw's really hoping to get place double macro base but Rogers decided to shoot a foreign around seventy five a report from him yeah. I was disgusted with Patriot. Rogers on Sunday and obviously kicking myself back. Victor holds a massive victory over them up in love with him for whenever since he finished twelfth in. Us OPENING FINISHED TWELFTH IN US. Open is an amazing bostock informants pebble beach but you still on his poetry co debut last week. The odds Rubik cramps but they obviously weren't Crampton. Hate myself with a passion. Well don't be too over me but I think the hope and speaking about him. He seems to be a very likable guy. He's somebody I would recommend not all of the gophers that interesting on social media. There's a few that are Eddie. Pep Rose One way way over and seems to be just very happy chap just very down to Earth by just a normal kid. Who's just living life? That's the real appeal. It's called lovely squishy faced smaller than the and of course he will be eligible for Ryder Cup for us going forward as a fantastic asset for team Europe to have Roy justice temperament. And you're right you just looks like he's always happy and smaller than you had a triple bogey at the eleventh hole on Sunday route chip in nightmare but saw the eleventh green and yeah that would derail most plaza. Yeah he's a young lab. Equal is composed by any chipped in for Eagle at the fifteenth hole. And then he hold a long Birdie the eighteenth hole to win by a short so. I'm a huge Victorian fine. I think it could go right to the top winning Palm Sunday from twenty five features. Rats order in boulders brass. I'm excited about Victorian. Yeah you're right. He's going to be a Broader Cup Star for years to come and he's going to be in the field this week. The holiday classic notoriously one of the hardest stops PG national on the hardest rated golf courses on the tour. Stay tells me more about that. 'cause yeah the championship. Pj National Palm Beach Gardens. Florida law the top players live in this area actually brooks cook from Ricky Fowler. Both planets they live. They live nearby. Seven thousand one hundred and twenty five pas seventy and a really tough gig. It's been the venue since two thousand and seven and always provides a stiff shot. A six on the power or worse is topped the leaderboard three times. In this event anyone who gets to double digits on the par as a great chance of winning and it can be cool boy Florida standards. This week was not gonna go so far. Plenty of breeze. So yeah I'm looking for grinder's is so weak to churn out Greens and regulation. It's not all of the GOLF COURSES. We've got the nicely were sounding name of a stretch of host the collapse towards the final cruise. I should say the bear trend. I mean I'll do not fancy playing any of those house. I'd love to go and play with the sort of pressure of money on that on these there a stretch of holes which you like to watch all the plays and be not what Jeanette expecting. Did you watch any expecting catastrophe? And that's what makes it good to watch is if you live on the corner famous you think Bad Pit obviously the Phoenix you do. Those are the stretches. Those hold you Wanna. Watch because exciting things happen. It's the same with the backdrop. Be WATCHING IT FOR CHAOS. Could be absolute chaos. So Steve who is going to be best skilled equipped deal with that chaos who you tipping this week for the Honda. Classic number. One selection on the class gets Tommy. Fleetwood I think this is the week that Tommy Fleetwood wins his first PGA Tour Tonsil PJ national rewards teacher green consistency as you say lower trouble. Loja Water tour that keeping your school card clean not making many long game errors in. Fleetwood is is one of the most solid operates on the planet. Now he's probably tad rusty last week in Mexico. That was his first. Pga Tour Spin of this of the year but he shot four-under-par rounds finished eighteenth. Solid effort is played the Honda once before and he finished fourth in two thousand eighteen. He was beaten only two shots and conditions. Were similar that year to face. This week loves tough. Assignments to flee radio. Us Open runner-up in two thousand. Eighteen in two starts in Florida. Last year yielded third place at Bay Hill and fifth basis. SAWGRASS so think we found the perfect event for Fleetwood to get off the markle. New Tool interesting gives one of your top choices for this week. All of whom is going to be told me backing up call. I can't add anything else that they've just all about because he's like perfectly well the play that I was Louis use as in who's going to win the PJ tool but for an each way. Kind of bad I mean. He's so consistent. He's very straight and he's the type temperament the east capable of actually dealing with the ups and downs going to. Komo not call this. There's no way we're going to be going through rounds that without messing up at least once just because it's so tough so he's the type of player who I am on him in that type of environment would play really really well not saying he's GonNa win the definitely definitely be over things that are reasonable. Finish there before. He's been twenty in the past. There used as nervously big time player for a big time. Of course he's he goes. I've got a couple of four give you now. I'm going to start with billy horseshoe okay. Nice evalu- There from that. These are local boys play in his home state. He's got three sixteenths here in the last four years and two of those inside the top ten. He's straight off the back of back to back. Top Ten at the Waste Management and the wgn last week played very well. It's quite interesting. Putting setup he walks into his party one foot behind the other and so she was towards jaws they makes makes fantastic parts of the moment horseshoe also third last week in a stroke gain tee to green striking the ball. Phenomenally well right now which will be very important of course like PJ national and he's sixteenths on tour. This season instructs gained putting my second one. Before we come back to you Steve is GONNA be rickie. Fowler Rickie Fowler. Is the all time tournament earnings leader at this event? You want in two thousand. Seventeen runner-up last year. He's also to talk ten. So far out four starts this year for me Ricky Fowler. God that should win more and I think possibly is about to start winning. Moist start using that interesting ball. And it's the pigs which is very synonymous with these Color Orange. I am a massive rickie. Fowler foundry yeah I think last even the just made it looks like he's about to start winning loads he's been looking like he's about to solving loads for about ten years now so I I like wild. I think he's good. I think he's a great player. Has He got that extra bit and become a prolific? I'm just not sure I think he would have shown it by now. You can never write him off because obviously he's a great ball striker and absolutely incredible pulsa and you can never write off anyone people's like Econ the I'm not sure they've got for the Honda against the field. The plan I can see beaten fleet with this week is the US Open champion. Gary Woodland. I think understanding how to spell of adjustment after becoming a major champion. He's spoken about this. He said he found the extra attention. The added commitments real challenge less time to practice etc and he also said the short game improvements that he made a win that. Us Open He obsessed with short game. He spent time trying to take it to an even greater level than in neglected the part of the game which should made him a PJ superstar which was really consistent pool. Shark him but over the last four months. Oh so he's got the Bolshoi back swings in good order and last week he finished twelfth in the Mexico Championship. And that is really encouraging. Because is record there was poise. Not that trump. Well it did. Last week goes to a more suitable venue. This week is on. The record is really solid. He's never missed a cutler finished sixth and second PJ national. He's lived in Florida for four years now. Extremely comfortable at the venue. So yes he fleetwood him woodland Allan Allan Sunday for. The child is very interesting looking at. They're moving towards the Florida swing because there is such a big difference in the green part on the west coast. We're going from Poa Anna where there's not many many nice things to say about that type of green over to Bermuda. Now which is a lot more affable you could see potentially stats like strokes game putting not mean as much right now a look more about people that hitting Greens proximity to the flag because it's completely different surface putting on now were outside of force. He's not too long but we're looking at the weather forecast specifically the wind could blow here when a very tough golf course someone who played very well here last year the fun around sixty three last year to give himself a tied for fourth place. He's got top ten season wind place. They've Mr Ryan Palmer is available at sixty six to one of the. There's a little bit of value there for Ron. Yay Planning Grozny was the problem. Ron Palmer is as bit flaking contention. his most recent wind. Caymanian Joan beside him in the in the Zurich Classic Pairs Event but Palmer on his own. I never really trust at the business near. He's obviously family members. Molly uncle Uncle Ron but I worry about Palmer the business end but you got faces at it. But it'd be money that you could. You could sneak into absolutely roy okay. I think it's now tom we head over to Middle East again and start looking at the field for this week's on open okay so to our mood for the Oman. Open on the European tour. Pretty strong field. We thinking anyone for us over here. Kinda thinking giving green. This will be playing really well. And he's the type of course which is Simpson. Twenty wars last year is going to suit him so it's not massively long off the back with the conditions. Being warm does get a little bit windy with distance these power because the roof was growing up a little bit last year. So if you were a little bit off the t you have to have the strength to actually with it out of there. I think he's got that essential as well. Greens and the surrounds are perfect. So there's absolutely no excuse to to not put an score. Well that you've just got to gotta with the grains I mean. We talked about the missing around but you did play their last year and you said. Nice things about the Gulf War. Greens were one of the best. You've played very clubhouse you said as well the whole on the face of it shouldn't work because the call is sandwiched on like a really thin stretch of land between the ocean and the Apple. And kinda look. I'm not sure about this but when you actually get that like the design and the way it was prepared last year with the runoff areas and the Greens. It just made a really enjoyable. And they something when she spoke to the toll pros when he speaks to go is a bit of a false impression. That all the colts play or amazing courses. That actually sometimes not. They don't enjoy them all. There's single pros that spoke to who does not love this golf course. That's got to say something. I did. Sandy pepperoni say something to that note on twitter. He made a talked about him on social media. Nobody wants from here. And he did say he's very different. Fable and twitter's as positive had very positive things to say about golf over there. Interestingly stave the last two years there we. This is the third time the event's been been held at this golf course very different scores over the last two winning scores. I think Luton the inaugural year there was sixteen or Seventeen sloshes winner thing only six or seven under. I think it was so contrasting. You'd maybe think look at it. Cost Him could beat slightly dangerous here or depending on what the forecast is. We think he's probably somewhere in the middle for this week. What you thought so this week. Yeah yeah that was down to weather conditions. It was common in the first inaugural edition and then last year Much windier much tougher. Abe colonies coming down the stretch. Lost you I mean. I was on Clement sorte Nda Three by the last however is going backwards not yet at a great Johnson. Blew it so It all down to the weather in this week. It's not expected to blow Solvings can be more like twenty seventeen in two thousand eighteen and you've only got five years of challenged fall into factor in. They play challenge door vent their five years in a row before that Europeans will move that. Sorry yeah plenty to to get stuck into But unfortunately I cannot resist the favourite here. Thomas Peters I- regular racing post readers will have a love hate relationship with Thomas Pizzas are? Then he's got so much ability I don't think he's done himself justice in his career. So far is really frustrating. Plot follow often follows an amazing round with an absolute shocker. Did Down at Dubai Desert Classic recently. Sixty seven seventy seven when we were on him. I'm keeping the faith in Thomas speeches. I'm keeping the faith is a four-time European tour winner at the age of twenty eight. Not that bad. He top scored in the The top scored in a Roy. Copies finished fourth in a masters class. Act Best Ball striker in this field. In my opinion if he holds a few putts I think is going to be very hard to be was third in the Saudi international storm out. He was sick in his only previous. Oh man opens and he's desperately desperately motivator because a sixty eight in the world rankings at. The moment is no in the mosque as he knows he gets in the Moss as you can win the Mossy good enough to win. The masters is GonNa and that top fifty before week for the masters if they've ever Stop Tipping. Asia's going to sales because after watching you close up. I just can't see how anyone you tape is not GonNa win. I'm like Oh my God. He's GonNa win the House on him. You should have been there at twenty eight team. That was pretty much the case win last year. But we're on good form this year so far. We've got at least a place every single week so we need to make sure that form continues. Think you've got a few crossover and I'm on having you. Who's your number two on this? We're here the next best is Adriana News He's a Spaniard. But he moved to do by the star this year so this is a very short journey from Dubai. Toi Mon from fresher than most of the field because big journey to here for most of the field but not for not for NPR news in Dubai clearly has the game to win on the European. Soy is potentially another Joan Ram in the very early stages in his career free similar swing to John. Rams out under strong temperament he was third in the Dubai desert classic a month ago and he loves desert Gulf. He won the two thousand eighteen challenge to brand foreign lynn in the UAE. See I expect on news to improve? He's forty fifth last year as a European tour rookie in the Oman Open. I think he improves and content system. Well I've got two for you so I'll give you some of my two now before we go back to pay and then your final to Steve are actually start with someone. You've mentioned already clements or day. Frenchman he absolutely you said he had a three part on the seventy second hole last year dropping. Just one back of possible of a possible playoff. He's lost his European tour card at the moment. Ease fighting to get that back but it did have a win here as you said. The Chinese tour hosted an event here as well when he's one once in the past in two thousand seventeen. He knows that winning feeling and of course did get a second place tie for second here last year so for me. Someone like that as much as he's not afford European exempt player he sixty seven to one. Some of those one of these calls before is in half decent form. I saw feel that he's worth a pump. Especially you can find somewhere that will pay out on a reasonable each way a number of places. He's got a copy overlooked my second one. Which is all I've got for. The amount open is my friend. I can say my friend. Officially mini played within Pete. We played with him in the Master's Program Close House. Mr Martin Karma. He was a fantastically Nice Guard. That day let's start the reason I'm taping him but he was very nice. Gave Me Short Clinic? After the after the round just short in his name. Inada that day there was chunks thin. There's more sympathy than kindness. I think you just saw it was needed. We'll pitch them. We'll give you fifty quits. Well stay out of the seven minutes will you please. What Martin Charges? But I'm you might be able to chip in case. So yeah. Martinis obviously someone. Who's prolific in the Middle East over the years? Not Been Prolific. As of light is trending in the right solve direction and he's not been worse than a tie for twenty first in all of his last four starts. He's thirty th overall in the race and I think the rated a by European tour rankings. Give me little bit too saving. Because you do have those coach shanks events those co sanctioned events. I should say where a lot of the more predominantly. Pj Topaz led to the top of that list. If they've won a big event like Adam Scott did for example I sort of feel that marketing. Karma is at the top probably not fantastic value from honest budget. Really think he's GonNa win again soon. I Yeah I'm GonNa go for mentally very good series. They've lie in it obviously very good form as well and he's just such a young guy the consistency they show in the ability to get onto the line and over the line now as well. You know he's gotTa be. He's gotta be open that you just what you perform. And he's I think from his progress. So far is almost a little bit under the radar. You know he's not the first name on everyone's lips but probably should be getting. He's someone obviously Steve. You're you're huge fan of interested to see when I saw his price east towards the top of the leaderboard or towards the top of the favorites list and probably for good reason. A seems to have all we haven't seen in play in a really really strong filled you in a in a really big event so but you know what you've seen so far what's not to like thirty three to one move. Laughing is a good price. He's my first election for this. Is His first outing. Since he won the VIC Open in superb style to weekend sixty eight in really tough conditions. Y'all think he's got the temperament to match the ability Bundles of power. He's got the range of shots showed off in the wind last. I'm out. We didn't know that by him but he's easy next wind player. It seems and Yeah he finished fourth in the Saudi international step. So yeah that was. That was a top mafia last year finished fourth in that so he's already shown a liking for for desert golf. Missed the cutoff short in this last year and the Oman Open. I'm not worried about that. Is E twelve months of development is a European tour as a huge way of his shoulders? Because he can play with even more freedom than than before. So yeah me has to be in the staking plan this week. He's an absolute superstar. Making some very excited didn't realize you had that fourth place at the Saudi last year. So that definitely helps his case. I would say I've seen how passionate you are about him. And I've seen how how impressive. He has recently this year so very interesting how he gets on. You got one more for US Dave ago war much bigger price. The the first Polish bear to gain Europeans will membership Adrian. Moronic one on the challenge tour last year big hits full of promise and last time out in Saudi internationally regarded four-under-par around so that suggests he settled on the European so now and cruces some huge experience. He finished eleventh in the two thousand seventeen challenge to a grand final that we can hit the ground running this week. He lost a challenge tour event in a playoff in the UA that year as well so he seems to enjoy desert Gulf I Adrian hundred and fifty to one very talented outsider. Could give you a run for your money interesting. Okay let's do a little recap now. Let's go back to the Honda. Let's start with. Up Your picks for the Honda Classic. Louis stays and Steve Tommy fleetwood and Gary Woodland I have more horse. For the course Billy Horseshoe Rickie Fowler and Mr Wind Player Himself Ryan. Pomme your man after your own. Namesake their Steve and come back onto you again for the amount open open. Thomas Peters Adriaan News Min Woo Lee and Adrian Moronic Govern Green and mentally and I have clements who died and Martin Karma. We've heard everybody's round up all of their tips. Now I'm GONNA give it a chance to put their ninth. Just one of them. Of course both tournaments. Now we start with you pay. Who's your one pick across the two events this week? I WANNA go mainly. Just because Steve's boxy lyrical about him kind of a little more exciting go for life. Hi Steve. How about you? I'M GONNA go for the Thomas Pizzas and Tommy fleetwood each way doubling the Tom Toms are going to dominate. This the the Terminator's terminators hostile Avista Bury my goodness. Someone is the clip. That our just play that back import as social media. That was sensational around more. More number one pick is going to be that Guy Horseshoe coming into form and he's got a good record here as well. So you have been horseshoe is my man. Okay now. It's time to get into some of your questions that have been coming in across social media people to start with you here question for you. You get to play as we've already talked about a little bit today. The Gulf coast onto your all over the world traveling for your for your content. Adam canche asked if you could pick one core haven't played before to play in twenty twenty. What would that be? And why Roseanne Georgia's definitely wanted percent so of being down there once before play princess which is next door the as an open venue as a very famous course played it. I mean Paul VI's just so so far away From the North West. He drives a little. And then you there and then you're gonNA drive another twenty two hours to actually get out. It should be worth the trip and its. I think when people speak about open courses. It's one that's sneakily high of that as well and for the pictures I've seen from the course design and from the people who've played and when they're in the past just just looks amazing. I have played that one. But there's an asterisk next to our played in the most horrific weather you can ever think of. I think short. Like hundred fifty thousand. It was absolutely sheltered for twenty minutes. One point under an umbrella just lying there just wanting to be a home in my bed it was one of the worst Gulf conditions ever played in. So I'm desperate to go back and play. They're under maybe more fair conditions. You sell them. It's a well we want to go down there. Hopefully hopefully chick out wouldn't it? So let's move on now talking about golf courses. Let's talk about go swings. Now GonNa come to stave here as well stave. Who is your favorite comes in from Rory. Geo Three who is your. Who's got the favorite last? That'd be better show my help. Who's WHO's your favorite golf swing on tour? He's got the best. We got there on either tour pressure. Classes Adam scorch Lou Used House and they got the textbook swings. This rhythm and free flowing ones in mid Mulan Rory mcilroy at Sam Favorites Not Textbook. But just free flowing. That's what that's how Gulf to be played. How about yourself? We also go question. I WanNa ask you question from Phil Martin Asked about your takeaway which nice that you get questioned about your takeaway. That comes out into the go. Your own individual swing. It'll be about that why you do that. And in Tennessee. Who your favorite swings on tool So yeah the hoffer before swing. He's not he's also been technical issues. Something which have grown up to you. And I remember. Read in some Torrance's biography when I was a kid. Oddly enough but he talks about hovering the club before he hit. So he didn't get penalized if the ball moved social rules thing so I'll give it a go started doing it quite the feeling of it and just didn't ever since so he's not a is it's just automatically now. I don't even I don't even think about very distinguished anyone to what she's page videos. We'll see you have to check it out because I was very good Golfer. It's all about go finding what works for you right through hammered for my goal swing in the comments on my youtube videos. Oblate MONITORED. A bad back. But I'll take away there. We go thank you. Thanks those questions. We've got one question. This is the big one guys. I want to get your thoughts on this in the comments down below is a lot happening right now. A lot of noise about its potential new premier. Go Flake new world tour if you like. We still learning a lot of information about this. In the information information gathering stage. What your initial thoughts Peter From Shaun? Donovan I should say sorry Sean I mean it's obviously get the support the major players. We already know that. Rory's can I said he's not interested and I think there's always a question mark as anything which is predominantly based on money so with Fedex like no matter how much the PJ toll pushes it all people. Actually that bothered about it no matter how much money for the first prize while people about the majors. Why do both around the majors is the history tradition and that's grow up if you're a goal that's what you WanNa win? You WanNa win the open. You WanNa win the masters you WanNa all truck in the US Open and come through and yet it'd be amazing to win three four million dollars whatever it be if you win an event the L. though that's going to buy you a few more houses wall kind of trophy. Do you want on your shelf do you want? Do you want something like a major? You won't like it established event on that. Do you want to just to cash crop. Yeah do they hear what you're saying? I think he's going to be interesting. One thing I always think about is nothing stays the same forever if it was like it might be a little early but if you look in the last fifty years ago of the brain for the PJ of America to the PGA tour itself things out the premier league ATP well. They've talked about doing something like a team constructor's championship similar to forbid one while they're going to shoot differently. Every every event is a shotgun starts all the GOPHERS. We're on the golf course at the same time. Those things can get behind. But you could do that in the PGA tour. You don't need a new golf tour to do that. So what do you think your thoughts on our show? The agree with Vinci on fuming about the m fuming I just I love the grand old game of Gopher near. I'm totally beyond Rory mcilroy went when Roy came out and just immediately said No. Count me out. I'm not interested. You know I wanna be on the right side of history. He wants to win the major Ziesel care about money. So much is generated by money. They saw fuel by money they saw idea. And you know the the Talk Plaza enough money already. That this sets up as is is fine and it just sounds incredibly dull from. I'm here the same place every week. Was it three round events. The team element just seems ridiculous. Because I heard that you pick the the two highest ranked players to contribute to the. Up Team captains the two plans to contribute points that week. You know there are always going to the the highest ranked players from what I've seen a bit rubbish and I'm not. I don't expect to get off the ground. I mean talk very diplomatic. When he was talking about it he was sent disorder. A of course speaks medieval. Not but it'll have to pay more than he's ever played and in a in a season don't keys if he if he's going to commit to it then he anyone. Rory Rory said Toy so you take more. We macro and tiger woods left with them. A very important to my is So yeah on on debt against I don't think it kills the ground woefully next. I'm I have some questions. They see on the fence so much with that but yeah no. It's it's an interesting topic. I think it's going to rumble on there are elements and they're very intrigued by Equally there are a lot of concerns and that what can happen. He's always interested into something new then. The days got a is called spark interest in it. It's got to be if he's if he's a new products that are going to be a better product absolute moss currently that and. I don't see how the full my I suggested is actually going to be more intriguing than the corn offering. Might be wrong and if it works it gets off the ground. Great New Gulf mogul. I'm all for it but at this moment law. Show that just about wraps up here on the sweet spot thank you very much. Thank you tips as always Steve. Thank you for coming down to be on the show. Very much appreciated. Remember to let us know your comments and thoughts on this week's event in the comments down below and also thoughts on the Premier League of golf interested to see we will see you next week when Bruce we with us as gambler responsibly. And we will see you next time.

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