Washington Capitol turned into a secure fortress ahead of legislative session


Washington's twenty twenty one legislative session will begin today under extraordinary security. The national guard has been deployed along with state troopers from every region of our state. The capitol building has also been fenced off to keep the public out. Kyw's austin jenkins spent sunday at the capitol filed this preview on sunday morning the capitol campus was a study in juxtaposition. The one hand you had national guard troops spaced evenly along a chain link fence. It been hastily installed to create a security perimeter around the capital on the other hand. You had neighbors. Like dan and tracy casts out for a walk with their dog. Initially it was like. Oh my gosh can't be this is happening but on the other hand i feel safer actually feel safer knowing that they're here. We waived adams thank them for their service and You know it's but it is. It is tragic and we are. We are in a tipping point in this country. The caches weren't the only neighbors thanking the troops at the capitol or taking in the scene. Sarah husband's family biked through the campus. She wanted her daughters to see what was happening. Coming down here to show them that. This is what it looks like but also teaching them that. It hasn't looked like this before. So i don't want you to think that this is the norm and this is how it's always going to be especially because we live in such close close proximity of the capitol washington governor jay inslee called up the national guard following the riots at the us capitol and wednesday that same day in olympia. A group of pro trump supporters reach the perimeter fence that surrounds. The governor's residence on sunday guard. Members stood watch. The governor's lawn not far away. More guard members held the line at the steps to the capital. Nobody likes to see fences around the people's house. Nobody likes to see fences bisecting the front yard of the state. Which that's what this is. Chris loft is a washington state patrol. He calls the situation a tragedy but adds the state patrol is resolved to keeping the legislature safe. Our democratic process will not be interfered with by by those with a legal intention. Lawmakers will convene in person to approve rules that will allow them to then meet remotely because of cove it for public health reasons. The capital will not be open to the public prompting. Talk that some far-right protesters might trade occupy the building on sunday. A small demonstration of the capitol drew a few dozen people. Jessica character of ellensburg organize the event. Possibl that limits the governor's powers also possibilt- that will not allow for covid nineteen discrimination for those that. Choose not to take the vaccine. When one heavily armed man suggested trying to enter the capital he was quickly shouted down by the mostly unarmed crowd today. That moment happened as republican state representative. Jim walsh speaking moments earlier. He'd criticized the fortress around. The capitalist governor governor inslee take on these days the only other real tension was when streak creature showed up and effectively drowned out. The speakers voted for donald. Trump's not event also drew anti massacres people warning of dangerous related to the covid vaccine in those who say covert is a hoax basis and epidemiology is the event at the capitol wound down a proud to be anti-fascist rally was getting underway at a nearby park at one point. A small group dressed in black made their way to the capital and the fence. Line for a few of them heckled. The national guard troops before departing to shouts of antifa as the group left a handful of citizens in tactical gear and carrying firearms watch from nearby more protests and rallies are planned for today at the capitol is the legislature gathers the state patrol and national. Guard will be in place at the ready. I'm austin jenkins in olympia.

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