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Welcome to Columbine week on bell. Will Jackie Diana. Jack downward, Diana Rossini's revolt chant Ryan Clark of all time favorite Bengals. Andrew Hawkins wall. Sobe with this here shorter. Let's get straight into the biggest story of the day. You know, by now patriots owner Robert Kraft is continuing to fight or he will fight to counts of soliciting. Another to commit prostitution police said there is video of craft inside a Palm Beach county massage parlor, a spokesperson for Kraft said they categorically denied that Mr. craft engaged in any legal activity, this of course, a story continued on wine for months to come. So with that we will go straight to Florida now where Michelle Steele is live in Jupiter, Michelle. What's the latest with this story right now? Yeah. Well, you know, what Jack it appears that a formal arrest warrant for patriots owner Robert Kraft is really at hand here. The state attorney for Palm Beach county has just called for a press conference at the top of the hour at two o'clock, so assuming that arrest warrant has been signed off on by judge craft or is it turns will be served with that warrant later today. Now a bit of a complicating factor your that. I should mention craft is the only one of the twenty five men that were charged by the Jupiter. Police department twice not once for soliciting prostitution because of that. It's the state attorney that needs to formally decide whether to charge him with both of those counts or to consolidate into one if it's both I should say here that they second misdemeanor can be treated Jack as a third degree felony. That's according to criminal defense lawyers. I'm speaking with. So Michelle what what's next now? In terms of the time line moving forward. Yeah. That's the big question is what happens to Robert Kraft. Well, I'm told that he is actually required to be here in person to be booked into be processed. I suspect that his attorneys are actually speaking with prosecutors to negotiate some kind of self surrender. But in Florida for this kind of misdemeanor you actually don't need to appear in court for an arraignment. So I'm assuming that his attorneys at that point what kind of take the wheel and file either a guilty or not guilty plea. And as far as evidence is concerned, the prosecution will be sharing whatever say receipts, they have from the massage parlor or even video evidence. They do say that they do have video evidence of craft both entering and receiving those services. So great stuff that you very much back to you later on in the show, the NFL released this statement today, our personal conduct policy of plies equally to everyone in the NFL. We will handle this. Allegation in the same way. We would handle any issue under the policy, we are seeking a full understanding of the facts while ensuring that we do not interfere with an ongoing law enforcement investigation. We will take appropriate action as it is warranted. Based on the facts. Let's get Diana rossinian right now. What are you hearing about? How this news was received around the league. Let's go back to Friday where it was the biggest story in the country. It was leading every single newscast. And the word Shaq was probably the most common word from talking to coaches in GM's, and even an or and that was Friday and I checked back in with a few yesterday afternoon, and it seemed to temper down quite a bit. But this one owner I spoke to he said look this is strike three for the patriots. Right. We got deflate gate. We got spy gate. We'll I'm sure we'll come up with an appropriate word for what this will be. But in terms of how Robert Kraft is looked at he believed that this would be the biggest blemish of all three of those. And I said, you know, it's not even football related though. He said. Understand this. But in terms of how this looks for the patriots organization Robert Kraft is a shoo-in hall of Famer he will be in the all of fame, but in terms of the process of getting there, this is now going to be a blemish next to his name going forward if he is found guilty. And that's also another message that was sent to me. It was like let you see. And wait and get more information. I didn't one coach in the division point out. He said, let's not forget that Robert Kraft has also given back to a lot of charity and one of those charities was you and trafficking in the city of Boston hundred thousand dollars he gave last year. So we all do need to sit and wait and find out more of the facts here as this investigation continues, Jack, we will throughout throughout the show will give you everything that we go from one front page story now to another that's been blockbuster news throughout Mr. Antonio Brown. Matic saga and football is taking place right now. Pissed all we lose. But obviously, I don't wanna trae now still grateful to throw my uniform. I throw it to the place. I've thought he was going to be able to make the play. AB AB house to come flat. The bottom line is that we'll plan significant game. He didn't do a good enough job of communicating Brown. Officially requests a train used the term owners mentality. When describing Ben. Who professional mobile world a phone? All right. So there you go you see a be back at the desk. Now, we have Ryan Clark and Hawkins doing this as well. As we go Steelers have laid out these loose Brandner's AB in a trade partner in its simplest form. They like to exclude New England and any AFC north teams as well. Steelers GM coming over also left the door cracked open at least pray higher highest offer situation. So we'll see if that comes that sets us up for over reaction Monday with reads, it this time the Steelers should take the best offer. No matter the team will start with you hawk. What do you think? Absolutely. You have to get this capital. The Steelers are in a situation where they have to rebuild. They finished third last year in the division. That is not usual Steeler territory. They're not in the position to start sectioning off teams or offers that they could build their franchise back up and put them back with you need to be. This is an overreaction. He's like they got need the capital. And nobody worried about the capital they wasn't winning Tonio Brown shooting in Jim, right? When he was drafted into six row to the Pittsburgh. That's like me, and you may we super type and ULA. Hey, RC mega going shoot. You some money. Help you build your business. I built my business building my business, and then instead of coming to you to partner when I get this big conglomerate, I go to your opponent. I'd go through your enemy. You don't let him be that close. Because now you got to hear people talk about how Antonio Brown is killing it for the Cleveland loans. Oh, by the way, there I in a FC north they're hosting a playoff game. And you're still third in the division. You don't give anywhere close. When you've got to see him twice or see a once or he can keep you out of the big game. This will definitely be the first time ever. I am all in with Ryan Clark. I'm calling for reaction here. He will look at this way. I I'll send just send to the end. See you don't wanna see them twice a season. You don't want to hear about them. You know, when you think about a trade that worked out for the team that picked him up and that an owner and the GM now to hear about it Amari Cooper, think about the raiders now when they see that situation it worked in Dallas for him. You think it's like a cautionary tale. Steelers want to go through that you think what want to hear about how great it because they dealt into the Tina T wanted your power is AB. It feels the two things that you got mixing with business that you never do is emotion and pride either. He's good enough to your team either. You make him stay there as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers you win otherwise, it's business remove emotion actually ashamed. If you go get the money. The reason about the reason go get the picks plays in your defense. No, miss it. Because this is what you're missing this is not a business decision. Right. A business decision would have been Antonio Brown. You can no longer play. We don't think you're good enough to get the con. Attract that we agreed to. So now, we're moving on that was Nick and Tony Romm became a person. They couldn't deal with then was the level of pettiness to his actions so in petty form which all here for Kevin. Colbert says well, you know, what we're gonna make sure you're not anywhere close to us. Would circus can come to town. If it was a situation like see mentioned Amari Cooper, they they didn't like Amari Cooper. Right. Jon Gruden didn't like the way he approached football. He didn't like the fact that its production had dropped from his first two years. So they were actually getting rid of a player that they thought getting a first rounder back was a win. They was just wrong in this situation with Antonio Brown. You know, he can play ball, Erin. So he's going to go somewhere else and play ball. There's three suitors are not in a position to be picky deal to whoever gives you the best deal because you're trading one of the best receivers of our generation away. Get what you can to know what you're saying guys back to go sit in the Tom Brady. I'm just saying. So there's somebody with such a great. There's a lot of there's a whole lot worse teams worse situations than a beacon land. And I know he was opposed to picture and San franchise all the stuff, which would be cool Silicon Valley base think too. But he could go away backwards with this two. How careful does he need to be through this process? It needs to be very careful when there's a reason why I like him with the San Francisco forty Niners. I was in New England with Garoppolo for like a Cup of coffee. We will go on practice. Put this crazy playbook in my face to learn a place. So I'm like nervous. I'm trying to learn them. I say Jimmy I'm going with the twos at the hey on this route. What should I do? He says just do it. And specifically tell me what I need to do to help you out. Listen, get open. I will throw the ball wherever you are. We went out there. That's exactly what he did. He's an off script quarterback. Antonio Brown is an offset split receiver. He needs a quarterback that is going to be able to play off of him. If he goes to a situation where it's all timing. If he goes to a situation where it straight system, he's going to get frustrated because he's not gonna put up the numbers that he did in Pittsburgh. And at this point is career he has to put up for real quickly Ryan because the way the kind of treated the Steelers process going very public with everything they more inclined to maybe trade him somewhere. You might not want to be. I mean, you would like to write. But when you already taken out four teams that you can't trade him to you can't be that level of petty owed, though, I would be here for it. So what you have to do is make sure you can get something back from even if you send them to the Green Bay Packers who have an extra first round pick. I know you would hate to see because he gonna go for sixteen hundred and fifteen dollars opposite. Devante Adams, and they are going to be amazing. But that's maybe. A place you can send him and get the picks that you want back when you look at Tonio Brown to other part about suitors and a Millette Diana go, though, the portable suitors Sudas is you're not only getting Antonio Brown on the football field, you're signing up for the entire Antonio Brown experience and that experience comes with a lot. So once you narrow your suitors down, and they know that their narrow now they have to make sure they feel he's a person that can fit on their team. And then they're locking, and that's exactly the point. We're trying to make here hawk as the teams. No. But here's where I think ABC, it'd be real careful. There's some guests for teams out there that I think are gonna be in the running like the Washington Redskins who have an owner who we know has a history of paying big money for big names a team that doesn't have a quarterback team who we're not even sure it was going to be the head coach in twenty twenty. There's a lot of confusion and a lot of question marks and dance night or likes a quick fix. And if you're an Tonio Brown Ryan Clark can speak to this. There's one place you do not want to go. And that is a Washington Redskins at this point where they are a team that hasn't won a playoff game. And all almost nineteen years. Why wouldn't you want to go to Washington? I stop it when she was lying. I mean when you look at this team just historically under Dan Snyder, they have been about the quick fix. They had have been about the name and it hasn't produced wins. And so if you're in Tonio Brown, you don't wanna go to a place that doesn't have a quarterback right there, unsure if they're going to get Alex Smith back, and now, you're dealing with an Tonio Brown who loves his target more importantly, he loves his production. And he's claiming he wants to win a non winning low reception. Antonio Brown is not a guy you want to deal with. But it's also not a guy he wishes to be which can be difficult. Bottom line. He's still been able to play on the field to six straight seasons. At least one hundred catches for AB. That is the long K sent them to you homeboy included fell. It is super collar doubled down his commitments in the NFL recess and ESPN Jake trout or quote for me. It was something I've known for a while Murray will a tame this week's combine although to still unclear Phil Roe work noting. You'll be the first quarterback under six feet taking in the first round in the common draft era. If in fact, it is where he goes hard to imagine this point that he would not. So let's get the overreaction Monday at reads this Murray needs to throw at the combine needs to throw Diana. What do you say that is an overreaction? He does not need to throw to prove anything we've seen tons of quarterbacks. Go to the combine participate. Not throw. There are so much work done on these quarterbacks. There are visits to their home. There's dinners there's private workouts. Specifically on a quarterback. We do not need to see collar Murray out there throwing at the comma. And there are many out there that he needs to go out there to throw to show that he loves football that he really wants to play the game. He wants to play the your executive voice out of the way. Well, that's right. So scratching head. AM boys through John Elway. Hangar tensions. Here's what I think. He doesn't do. I do think he needs to show up in these meetings and impress these GM's and owners because Lee, you know, they're gonna ask them tons of questions. You really wanna play baseball. Do you really wanna play football? I think that's going to be the most important part of the process. Also, the scale lot of questions about how much he weighs a lot of comparisons. To Russell Wilson. He weighs about two hundred fifteen pounds. Russell Wilson calamari ways to three to six some reports. Say I'm curious to see. The and cars fall because of this. This is an overreaction for me. And I think we're kind of getting away. We're starting to try to like dissect this guy how much does he way we all know, he's not very to-. That's what is gonna show at some point. He's not as tall as everyone else. But I don't believe that he needs to throat Sam Donald through last year at USC. He didn't do it. The combat of the last thirteen guys that have gone I wrong, though, he is the only and the questions column Murray needs to answer. I don't necessarily think he needs to impress the executives, and the coaches really speaks to he needs to convince them they need to be convinced that he is all in on football winner lose that he is going to stay out there and guy on his shield as a quarterback in that out. What do you say? Did you love football? That's why I say, it's not an reaction. That's what he throws not because they need to assess. If he can't though he has a whole year of Heisman Trophy winning game tape the prove that but executives have not dealt with the player with this. Leverage before meeting that he could bail at any time. They have to make sure that he's a part he's committed to showing that he really wants to play. And you said it doesn't matter it does. Because if ball doesn't go the way he wants to he goes to a team that is not very good. They have to feel secure that he is not going to bail in the game. And then go to baseball by going to the combine throwing measuring running doing everything it's not proven that. He's not let let me let me tell you. Why it's not true. This is why it's not true because whether or not he gets on the field to throw could be a business decision. Right. Not necessarily that that doesn't show me the content of his heart. Right. That just says he had to write people informing them like hawk who is very intelligent. Who's extremely smartest as hey Cuyler. You know what you should throw? Because if you throw them, I make them think that you're all in to this process. So that's an easy decision to make events what you're trying to prove. But if he's all in if he believes he's going to stay. And he wants to go out there and put his best foot forward, and he's not prepared now because what he has other than leverage that no other quarterbacks had on. Or the player has had is this wasn't a guy who got to make the decision before the semi final game that he was leaving and going play football and went to train on that Monday. Right. He was still taking meetings doing these things. So he may not be prepared at this time to be the best. He can be infested case he shouldn't throw. But this isn't you gotta give them a little bit of what they want like for me if they me up and said, hey, hawk run, a shuttle our shuttle all day tomorrow. Because I know they're going to get it. See it and be impressed. He can throw. That's what makes them special. That's why a five nine quarterback is being considered in the first round. Because he does that innocently. But also throws and tie. Do doesn't mean he's all in as you're saying you're saying he has but. Kevin awfully Sammy much waffling show. The first off waffles are excellent. They are you ain't never looked at a waffle and said, you know, what? Because you're. I don't want. You know, you get syrup and butter and you go to tout you make him a first round draft, pick waffles incredible point, you guys made a lot of points right there. Ryan finished it off with the exclamation point. And there's no such thing as too much waffling never think, we can all agree houses. They were great place. It's a Russell Wilson's five eleven to sixteen. If he is in fact, bulked up the two of six everybody's saying we'll see how that changes perhaps teams opinion. So of Murray does alternately throw you'll be able to catch that one to three PM eastern. That'll be on ABC for our combine coverage will be live from the scouting. Combine that'll be as we start Wednesday and go through the end of the week within alive is well, you can have a special quarterback coverage all the workouts beginning Wednesday NFL live. It will be an indie. Let me tell you about Pete who loved hockey and always wanted to play in the NHL Pete glade since he was three and begged his mom to let him stay on the ice. Why some nights he even slept in? It's Hoppy skates. Pete practiced and practiced until one day when he was forty seven Pete realized he just wasn't that good. So he threw his skates in the trash. But then you heard how DIKO proud partner of the NHL good save money on car insurance. So he switched and saved a bunch. So it all worked out already. We are back. The Steelers have lain down parameters for an AB trade partner in its simplest form. Here's how it would look all AFC north teams would be excluded New England as well. Because frankly, they kind of run the AFC and Steelers GM Kevin Colbert also left the door cracked open for a highest offer situation. We know for sure whoever makes the offer expects business to be building. How's biz? Coming to score a touchdown. Another one he's not gonna stop swollen touchdown. You always got to grow. The battle of growth is never ended motivation slogan toward growing keeping business and whatever busy land. You'll Antonio Brown house business. Spy twenty being high-drama Rabia big deal that has been there cop more than two thirds of all office burdening semi touchdowns the second most by quarterback do since two thousand ten Brown. Never caught a touchdown from any other quarterback in his NFL really doesn't seem to worry about that one. But given the Steelers parameters we have removed the patriots all of the AFC north. But everybody else is still in play here. Time for a shot at business with AB something we call boom or bust will pull a team out you'll pull your team out of its AB Rocketship situation or a bust destination. So we'll start with your purse go here. Go. There we go. There we go. We got the figure this out leave it over there. Now, I know on the onset. It seems like Russell would be a good situation for aby. That is not the case. Here's what is the thing. The quarterback being too good. And that's what Russell Wilson. It spread the ball around. He means he understands audit of its Matic football, which means does not enough for him Tonio Brown in that often. So this is a bus. I only I was thinking I like Carol personality with an aging. There's just too many personalities. I Riley outlook and get one. The cardinals. This is booming. Josh rosen. Gee, that's what you always assume don't assume because here's what they're going to do. They're going to trade out of the first week. Right. Then you're gonna get multiple first row. Pigs. You see what I'm saying? So once they get multiple whether it be this year next year, they're going to trade back, and who they gonna get the beetle quarterback hope. Cuyler right. He's very he loves them. That's his guy. That's what guess what was throwing fame. Malls already. This all these kind of Murray eight this is the spot. Larry FitzGerald, you got Kurt. You gotta run back and Johnson that can play. And now you have Kylo berry and ABC. No, there's a lot of problems that needs to be fixed on this team. But that problem will be fixed on. Organizationally? They'll right. You're going to need a club. That is gonna be a handle all this off the drama, and it never rains out there. Always clean can line to that. Just makes people happy question can throw it all over the place aired out airy airy very delete there because you have Arezzo Anna taking calamari when everyone's saying that's not what they're doing. What they're doing AB. Clearly, the one. This ban of white of. New Orleans faith. Oh. This. So they pay Michael Thomas you're in a dome alive. I like it. I liked it. Here's why they've been looking for another receiver to help. Michael Thomas out. They haven't been able to figure it out your race still has another year or two I think shopping in is an absolute offense of genius can figure out a way not only to get a B the ball, but I can handle him. I think that he can do with the first analogy like that. Listen, there's something special about that New Orleans Saints team. There is no star. That is too big those guys all get along. Really? Well, and actually think that could be a good fit. I think I just. Where everybody already gets alone. Really? Well, basically walk in as an outsider. Right. You walk into a. They had come in there and all about day. Being said. A chance on this for two weeks here quickly. Michael, Michael Thomas, maybe the highest paid or even football in that case. Do you move on and go av? They don't have to cap space that we'll be. Got another one here the Buffalo Bills. That is a book. I don't think Antonio Brown with the buffalo. I don't. A hard pass heart. Stop here. Not even close not even consideration. There's so many things that need to be out in buffalo, adding Antonio Brown to that equation is a disaster waiting to happen is. There you go. We can tell you this about AB since entering the NFL two thousand ten eighty leads the NFL in receptions and receiving yards and trails only gronk and touchdown catches Teluk. All you want about the talk the do concern. Oh. Today, smooth night last night, the king of clean out. Here we go somebody out on that's his name Rami Malik holds the crowd the best actor so in honor of Hollywood biggest night of his time for NFL live awards. We know who won legal words. But now it's time to put it up to water cabin, ladies and gentlemen, your nominees for best actor up. I Mr. Tom Brady. Tom Brady is up for forty year old quarterback Brady his record-setting six Super Bowl ring. Earlier this month and became the first starting quarterback in his forties to win the Super Bowl in the process. Our next nominee drew Brees in the heist. Brees was this close to reach into second. But had the NFC championship stolen from him by missing pass interference. Call on Rams cornerback Roby Cohen, and how about Andrew lock in the comeback lucked bath all the way back from a shoulder injury. The cost the tire seventeen thirty nine touchdowns. The only player through more is our final candidate. And in VP patching homes starring in a star is born and as they start in the homes. Join Peyton Manning as the only players to pass fifty touchdowns and five thousand yards in season. Not too bad for year one as the man. Okay. We're going to go with his car. Visit a little I gotta do. Oh, yeah. Do. Oh. You do have the best best, man. Best star. Who do you have? A lot of people were in gangs. And then. So I got the best actor, but before I want to tell you why didn't go with other ones the losers Patrick Mahomes. I thought it was a great movie. It was a good first debut. But I wanna see what he can do is he going to be. Shelagh both right yelich one bit hit. And then like decide every time watch. It hasn't done that many. Right. And did you read heist I seen that last year? I saw you know. I went with Andrew luck and his beautiful. I hope he keeps this card and puts it over his dad's beautiful the reason why think listen we've been on the show so many times together guys talking about when is Andrew luck to come back who were so excited at high highschool size footballs. Remember was the trailer better than the Muno. We I will speak for myself. I never quit at Andrew. Look is one of the top talents in football. And he went out this year after all the issues with his shoulder. Anki put together a fantastic sees the more compelling leading actor I need I need somebody to get me interested. I'm not protections boring. Guys. Little side, man. It's going to get a medicine. Let's go to go the supporting role. We can this time girly the film almost champions led the much downs in the regular season. A knee injury limited to forty five rushing yards ranch last playoff games as LA came up. Short title, rookie blue featured running back saquon Barkley anoint his teammate Odell Beckham junior's. The only giants for went off its rookie of the year. Barkley was dangerously the NFL of more than two thousand scrimmage yards next up robbing, gene, rob gronkowski. And yo soy yesterday because hard. Like my man. Rodney juicy right there. Not believable radiata stork. Really the tight end got to celebrate that Super Bowl victory which was his third not too long ago. And last we have Nick foles in the hangover foles hat everywhere. Feeling like two thousand seventeen all over getting four straight games including wildcard Chicago. After Carson Wentz went down again. So who is our best supporting actor? Well, based on Har Kadam faith or the academy. It was my determination that Todd billion saquon Barkley are actually the stars of the show. So they couldn't win supporting actor gronk, although close, but no cigar these best supporting actor goes to Mr. Nick phone hangover guy who again, although he came into the public. He was a second thought. But both years in the first one and the sequel, he was the star is that gal. That's Bradley Cooper. Yes. Rally Cooper is the name. But this is the guy who actually was a star in the reason why it was such a hit. I actually have no arguments that they left them on the credible Tate. Then we haven't we to get to the the manage charges. Go to best director at gate, the best coat burst nominee is Frank. Right. Who is going to be starring in the replacement right may not have been Indies first choice for head coach, Josh mcdaniels spurned the colts Reich swooped in led them back playoff. Sean McVay record A Beautiful Mind. Otherwise known as Iran's offense Elliot thirty three points per game rolling over defenses at will while at least until Super Bowl or McVeigh. Of course, ran the Bill check Bill Bella attack. I'm Bill in the boy in the put the hooded one six as the patriots tied the record for fewest points allowed in a Super Bowl bell check. Now as two more Super Bowl wins than any head coach and last Matt Nagy directed the bad news bears. Now, you lead the bears to their first playoff appearance since two thousand ten and one of the year's Chicago prove twenty nine and ninth in scoring offense under Nagy of. Who is this bitch? Get this outta here. I'm gonna let show is Bill Belichick. And here's what just like John singleton. He went out there refused styles at quarterback Tom Brady own doom. But he was ready to ball. And we saw what he was able to get done in the playoff against Kansas City and against the chargers and then running back, obviously, Ricky Sony Michelle five touchdowns in the AFC in the AFC playoff shows up in a in a Super Bowl to end the game four minute offense. They couldn't stop him from getting first downs and may get a field goal. And then on the other side Gilmore gear more they had. Hey, y'all know Doboy was about that. Mom's mad at don't boy. Ricky was mad at everybody was mad at Doboy. But when it came time to do what he had to do. I q didn't so John singleton Bill the hood, we need to call them the man in the hood because he got six and eight nobody looks the best actor in the game. So welcome in to the variety. Film room now. So we see something rare here with Michael Thomas's. He's decided to change agents midway through a monster contract year. The changes said to come after a quote difference of opinions Thomas will stay with athlete. I but his name the new man in Sean, let's get straight into this. Mike time to step out of bras and film room, Diana. Let's start here with the saints. What are their top priorities you're hearing through this off season? Well, we know during the free agency period. There's a lot of confusion, there's uncertainties there's one thing that's been made certain to me, and that's an rural and saints. Wanna get this deal done? Michael Thomas wants to stay in New Orleans. It is something that they are making a priority down in Louisiana to make sure his field comes together. I if you look at the history, they actually don't really have a big history of paying specialist last specialist Jimmy grant worth through a lot of money at him. But in terms of their comfort level they're hoping to strike in number strike a deal. That's comfortable. With the club. And what Michael Thomas is looking for in Reno? Michael Thomas, this looking for a very very big payday. So was a whole what makes your your mind's eye? What makes this man talking about Thomas worth the money yet? There's two things number one is his mentality. The way he approaches the game everyone on that team in that offense. They feed off them. Number two. He has incredible hands in an incredible catch radius and he's with the most accurate quarterback in NFL history. He's not super explosive not super straight lines b guy route Dr impeccable separation isn't really anything to say on the grand scheme of NFL receivers that he's the best. But again, he catches the ball better than any receiver in the league and possibly over the last decade or so coupled that with drew Brees put your right way need to be kind of an unstoppable. Yeah. I think when he was coming out you understood he needs to be in the right situation the right system and to be with one of the more of the most accurate quarterback in NFL history health when you watch Michael Thomas, he makes combat catches. He turns it into a misfit at the line. He is more physical than his defender, and that can carry you throughout seizes into career other than the Andre Hopkins to me, I've watched him make more combat catches than I've seen any other receiver make over the last two or three years or so Michael Thomas's appear number one. He's a guy that's going to earn his money. He's a guy that deserves to get the big payday and in terms of what he brings the locker room. I remember talking to players on the saints right before the NFC championship game getting specifics from the offensive line from other receivers. What what is it about Michael Thomas? We can see it on tape. But what's he like behind the scenes and one of the receiver said every single practice when we're supposed to be going through. Let's say walk through jogging the guys running and sprinting, I kinda hate him because of it. But. But at the same time, he sets the standard in New Orleans of how these guys should work. And that's why I know Sean Payton a Mickey Loomis they wanna pay this guy. Quickly be paid the highest of any receiver in the NFL Haya works, you rotate around your turn guy. He's the next guy in top five conversation. He's going to get that type of money and the most epic celebration with the cellphone come on. It was three hundred twenty one career receptions, which is by far the most of any player through their first three seasons in NFL history. So this guy the performances you've been putting on it is historic. Welcome back with breaking news on NFL live. You know, by now patriots, Robert Kraft is facing two counts of soliciting. Another to commit prostitution police said there's video craft inside. A Palm Beach county massage parlor spokesperson for said categorically deny the measure crap engage in any legal activity. So for more on the story. Let's listen in now to Palm Beach county state attorney is Dave ehrenberg just moments ago on Friday, February twenty-second Jupiter. Police department gave us case filing packets stemming from their prostitution sting after review by our intake. Prosecutors we are charging twenty five individuals with soliciting another to commit prostitution. Any of these other twenty five twenty four men, and I can assure you that our office treats, everyone the same. Whether you have a lot of money, or you are indigent we treat all defendants say the same and no one gets any special Justice in Palm Beach county. More arrested, Tom from other similar businesses within county will hard to say because the investigators are the Jupiter police, and then you have the Martin county sheriff's department, you have Vero beach this multi county effort, and so it's hard to say if there more arrests based on their investigations, but I was asked earlier today about rumors about bigger fish. And I I said that that would be news to me. And I also added that you know, it's hard for me to talk about rumors, especially false ones. Police with two counts and miss arrest is the rest affidavit probable, David. Are you charging him with two or is it consolidated into one though? There are two or two cases there. There are two counts. Your office decided. The first of what is the the most that you could do in this case, we'll all the cases are being charged for Serie misdemeanors under the tougher Florida statute. And one reason why that decision was made was because that statute has a mandatory one hundred hours of community service mandatory five thousand dollar fine in a mandatory class on the dangers of prostitution and human trafficking, not to mention a potential for increased jail sentence from sixty days to a year. Mobile homes here and up in Massachusetts, California. Would he be given the KP or summons? How would you deal with? There was a question. Whether or not Mr. lived here in Palm Beach county and leave we decided to it was a summit. So he does have a residency. So he'd be receiving a summons. The question is when you get a summons in the mail. Generally, do not get a mugshot. Now, remember that's up to the police department. It's not up to us. It's up to the local law enforcement agency agencies has been sent that summons. Turney has hasn't provided with something a really big deal about putting their mugshot. Their driver's license out pictures out. You guys are handling not a little bit differently here. Do you feel like happy with the way it's being handle? I think that law enforcement has done an excellent job. They've been very professional and very thorough. And also they've helped steer the conversation away from any one particular defendant from any group of defendants towards the evil of human trafficking. It's about time the country has a real conversation about human trafficking, which is modern-day slavery in our midst. This is not about lonely old men or victimless crimes. This is about enabling a network of criminals to traffic women into our country for forced labor and sex twenty five people chart a lot more vote for him. Well, those are the ones charged by the Jupiter police department, my jurisdictions only for Palm Beach county when I talk about human trafficking. I'm talking about the general subject. Human trafficking, the larger picture. There is no allegation that any of the defendants were involved with human trafficking. They're not being charged as such but instead of talking about a particular defendant, I like to make the conversation broader because this country needs to have reality. Check on what's going on out there when it comes to forced labor and four sexual conduct. Well, are prosecutors have been involved in this for some time? It's hard to pinpoint when I've been aware of it for a while. Levers for this was happening. You know, anywhere county. I've been involved in fighting human trafficking for a while. So nothing surprises me, I give a lot of speeches on the attorney general statewide taskforce for human trafficking. So when this came across my desk, I was not surprised I'm not surprised about the defendants defendants in these matters come from every socioeconomic group in. It's just a reality of the times we live in. Apply side of this order to stop the problem. A good question. What should be done the supply side to stop human trafficking? Well, the laws are in place. But I think we need to do better about encouraging victims to speak up because victims don't know that there are services available to them. They don't know that they could get their criminal records expunged or obtain a special visa to remain in this country. So if we would treat victims in this matter as victims and not as criminals, I think that you would gain the trust of more individuals to speak up on these matters. Because right now, you know, the loud and come from countries where the police are not their friends. And so they need to know that we're here to help them and treat them as victims that they are Terry. County has a lot of similar enterprise type businesses and have for years. I know I've reported on it as long ago fifteen years ago, but yet they see the opera almost like in plain sight. What are you doing a state attorney? So your use the pope on human trafficking. But are you telling the police department, hey in your jurisdiction can either like look at these places and setup students are human trafficking task force worse with law enforcement to root out the trafficking weather at the storefront or on the internet. A lot of it occurs on the internet. Facebook is a very popular site used by human traffickers to recruit and groom potential victims. So we're working on them on a daily basis. But you know, there's a high burden of proof. We prosecutors can only file cases that reached that level of burden of proof that we can obtain beyond a reasonable doubt. And so these cases are long in the making, but we hope that sometime some of them can make a big enough splash to send a message to the rest of the country. With our human trafficking task force works with the FBI and the permanent homeland security. Victim of victim. Well, that's up to investigators. They're working with victims on it. I can't say much on the status of that. The threshold of evidence needed to charge in in these cases, specifically to Robert Kraft Scituate, police can charge based on probable cause more probable than not that crime has occurred are standard is higher for prosecutors to chart we have to have a good, faith belief that we can get a conviction beyond a reasonable doubt. It's a higher burden. That's why sometimes you will see that police will charge in some cases. And then we will decide not to file charges. And that's why we're having this press conference because we've made the decision that enough evidence exists to file charges in all twenty five of these cases. Let me get to next. All walks of life. What would you say about speculation that someone like Kraft was targeted as a result of his celebrity or his fame? Yeah. I I don't understand how someone could be targeted. You look at all the defendants in this matter, they come from all walks of life. There's a rich poor. There's young and old. So I I don't believe anyone was targeted for whom they are. Two women are considered victims because the video evidence of fact, the usage of the prosecutors tool is that video of the victims affect your use of that in the preceding it shouldn't the the individuals involved working with them, and I can't speak more about it. As far as the victims to gain more formation. But it should not affect our ability to use video ultimately if we need to in court. Well, video evidence is always very powerful and quarter law. You also have the testimony of some of the victims. I know that is in many cases like this. There are language barriers and their interpreters needed. And there's also a trust factor that must be gained. So we're working all those things more specific about this. How this care now? I'll take you. I'll get you next. Is there any possibility that those who have been charged can somehow plea this away to a lesser charge? Well, there are diversion programs available. There are classes available so just because the mandatory penalties up to a year in jail doesn't mean someone's going to get that if it goes to trial, it's up to a judge, and you look at the person's background first time offenders are very unlikely to get a significant jail time. So, you know, there are depending on the plea depending on the background depending on the conduct. These are all considerations that come into play. Lesser chart by those who've been charged while we don't talk about the status. That's that goes into too much detail that I can talk about this time. Yes, if you can't keep a little bit about the the women. How did they get your brings their story of how they got from wherever they were to where they were. Yeah. That would be for the police department. I say in cases like this. And I talk about in generalities because I can't speak to the specific evidence. I can't talk about where they came from or how he broke this case because that could jeopardize any potential prosecutions. So let's just say that in cases like this. It is not uncommon for women to be lured into this country under false pretenses with the promise of a better life, a high paying job only stuck in squalor in a brothel or a sweatshop where they're forced to perform labor or sex acts for money. Robert Half, you said even. Summit. Yes. So if it's a summoned so he does not have to make a public appearance. Charges teachers. Yes. Testimony from the women in bold, relative to to the case how important is the cooperation cooperation in the testimony from the women involved. We'll go to trial their testimony, obviously could be helpful. But you know, if there's video evidence at also is very powerful evidence. But I don't wanna talk specifically to the evidence. But in general video eyewitness testimony are all important for any trial. Recently for how they treat the rich and famous when they come to the criminal Justice system. I know Jeffrey obscene did not happen under watching that was three administrations ago. You wanna talk about, you know, set the record straight. Now, how are you handling it? What are you deliberately making message here? Just all Florida voters pass into our constitution somebody called Marci's law, which the victims Bill of rights. So we have already had a training session for all our prosecutors, and we are a hearing to Marci's law, and as someone who campaigned for MARC's law. It's really important all of us. We must let the dickens voices be heard. If Mr. Kraft's were found guilty it hasn't that mandatory program. That's here Palm Beach county that have to do the one hundred hours. Well, also depends on the court. They it depends on the judge and the and the court whether they make an arrangement, but that would be large out of our hands the judge imposes the sentence. Now, visit plea then we have a lot more to say it. But this is all speculation of this point. It's still early. Our fate was place a clean Bill of health. Do you understand how that might have happened where they just checking for whether they counters clean or looking for something more. You know, Al Johnson, I work on sober homes taskforce, and when it came to drug treatment centers, we were often frustrated that the inspections that occurred were just to see if the fire extinguishers working. So we upgraded the laws to help increase the inspections and the demands for maybe that's something that needs to be done here to maybe there should be increased scrutiny. A government worker inside working Seder county might have the same. Yeah. You know, there's three hundred twenty eight million Americans, and there are about eight hundred thousand law enforcement officers. So it's up to all of us to be the eyes and ears to protect against human trafficking. Because a lot of the stuff occurs in plain sight. You know, it's like the nail salon worker who is living in the back room and who's not allowed to handle money, and is afraid to look at you in the I if you see something say something, and maybe that's the good that can come out of all this. Maybe we'll have a new understanding of what human trafficking is. And what it isn't. Cramped charged with two misdemeanors. Relative to everybody else. One it meant that they were two different occurrences in which he's being charged. As far as his case as far as face now sort of way through legal system. Now, it's just what it is that instead of one charter to their two counts. And so we faces two separate counts and have to satisfy those counts with a plea and move on from there. It could. Let's welcome in. There's lots on pack. Their welcome. Michelle steel right now who is live from Jupiter. Michelle. What are some of your biggest takeaways from what you just heard what you've been hearing throughout the course of the day. Yeah. Well, you know, what Jack the biggest takeaway is that? We finally have the details of what happened when it happened where it happened and who was involved, and it is indisputable his name here. Even surreal to me to me now to be to be saying, it Robert Kraft identified on two separate dates on January nineteenth even have the time. This is how really painstaking this investigation was there is a police officer surveilling everybody coming in everybody coming out. So on January nineteenth, for instance. According to the probable cause affidavit Robert Kraft went into the orchids of Asia's spa at sixteen forty five military time, of course, that's four forty five. Pm the next day. He was there again on January twentieth. Now, as we all know that was the same date of the AFC check. Championship game. Now that game wasn't on until night. But then you went back to the spa at ten fifty nine AM in the morning. So we do have some more details. I'm not going to get into them, quite frankly because they are quite graphic. He is going to be charged with two first degree misdemeanors. Like, I mentioned in your program earlier, the only one of the twenty five men in Jupiter, Florida who will be charged not once but twice with two counts of these first degree misdemeanors for soliciting of prostitutes inside the orchids of Asia day spa. One more thing. I do want to mention the prosecutor said now one he said Robert Kraft was not targeted because he's a celebrity or he's the owner of the patriots. Or he's got a lot of influence fame and fortune all that everybody is treated the same under the law. That's why you know in knock off account. He's actually being charged with those two counts. The second thing is that the reason. That they feel comfortable charging him with these two counts is because they feel they can prove beyond a reasonable doubt. Those that is the operative phrase here that it was Robert Kraft affirmatively who went into orchids of Asia day spa, and who will now be subject to these charges of soliciting prostitution inside that day spa. And the last thing I'm going to mention here is that Dave ehrenberg, the the state attorney in Palm Beach county. He said, look, this is not about lonely old men. There is a larger investigation here of which Robert Kraft is a small part, but a part nonetheless into human trafficking and prostitution in south Florida, by the way, there is video proof of all this as well TD on whether it will be released to my my suspicions are his attorneys will argue for it not to be Jack, Michelle Steele, great stuff a lot. New information there from the press conference and your reporting today, that's a lot. That's that's a lot of new stuff. They're wh-what's your what's your number one reaction to what we just heard. What we've been hearing the well, I'm obviously not a lawyer. But I thought that the second degree misdemeanor. I thought that's what he could be charged with the fact that they upped it to. I agree tells me how seriously they're taking this and Michelle looted to it. How much evidence they actually have you heard Michelle? I'm even looking at the affidavit myself here of the dates not only did he visit. According to police that spa the morning of the championship game. But if you may recall, he was also celebrating the twenty fifth anniversary of owning the New England Patriots that weekend and to just think about that. This was part of his process. According to police, it really makes it really real now that we could see, you know, all the details here you heard the prosecutor talk about. The first degree misdemeanor conviction mandatory hundred hours of community service, a five thousand dollar fine. So this is how the Palm Beach county is going to handle this. And of course, next up is going to be with the with the NFL is going to do how they're going to handle his his an April twenty fourth quarter appearance. He doesn't have to actually be present their force at twenty four is the day before the NFL draft, obviously distraction that this New England patriot organization does not want. But now that that David is out there, and it is public on not only is it just such a blemish on this New England Patriots organization, but a Masuma quite embarrassing for Robert Kraft at this. We'll come back. There's there's a lot more to come on this. I want to hear what else you're here for other people around the win the press coverage right now breaking from our Adam Schefter ravens and born better wide receiver Michael Crabtree that he is being released today. Her source. Let's get on court in this Ryan, wha what's your reaction to this news today from Wellesley you go out? Get Michael Crabtree off season. But then you look at the way that this offense was rolling with Lamar Jackson wasn't really a pass happy offense. He had a case of the drops this season Willie Snead. John Brown vote outplayed him, and they have some tight ends that's made some place for the March exit which I think is what he'll do allies more inside the numbers inside the has kind of passing the ball in the middle of the field rather than outside. They felt like Crabtree was expendable. I mean, the reality was he didn't play up to the number their plan. They have younger guys that they can kinda invest into and actually perform better than crabs you when you get that age. They are looking for big number big production. They view this as a signing that would help get them over the hump. It did not do that building around the Mark Jackson. My crap is not a part of those plans need to get more receiver help at this point. What do you think which which is what I think it depends on the way that you're going you John Brown stretch the field last year Willie Snead made huge plays on third. And this is a rushing attack is going to be about protecting. Lamar Jackson won re he needs to give a fake and get the ball out of his hand much like art RG. Three the early on his career washed it under the Shanahan's if they can do that you don't necessarily need topnotch outside wide receivers by Ryan Clark's rules, if not a case, but there's a Pittsburgh wide receiver that they I'm sure when I only had it bring. I will say this. It's a good place to send him if you don't want him to get a ton of catches because they're not throwing the ball a whole lot there. What's the best kind of weapon for a guy like Lamar Jackson? If you're building the team who do you want to surround him with give them the best chance for honestly, the best type of he's actually spoken about going some of Jimmy Garoppolo who's a second play type guy someone who can extend the plate. If you could get an AB or guy who understands how to uncover from coverage that would be the type of wire receiver you need you don't necessarily need a guy who is going to beat people with the first route you need someone who understands scramble drills getting open and being a quarterback friendly wide receiver. I mean, it's all about being off script. Now, the mar- place. That's how he plays. He needs a wide receiver similar that as he matures as a quarterback. He has someone that can bail him out. That's what Antonio Brown would bring to the Baltimore Arabia. So hopefully, they'll get more and more importantly for Lamar Jackson. It's about what the play call does. How do they help him? Progress as a quarterback? How does he get better from the pocket and also which ways do utilize him and the offense that will be key for Lamar Jason success shivers getting open, obviously, help them a little bit too. Because it's a little bit easier. We come back. We have a whole bunch of new information right now on Robert Kraft. You'll get that to you on the other side of the break. NFL live on the way back. Michelle Steele right now is with Palm Beach county. State attorney Dave ehrenberg, Michelle. It's hard to say that anyone person's being targeted when there have been twenty five arrests. These are people from all walks of life all social economic status. So it is crazy to think that we're tarring one person when Mr. Kraft's got caught up in the midst of a larger sting that netted hundreds of people through many different counties misdemeanors will rarely result in actual jail time for people with a clean record. But you never know what could happen. It's up to a court if it goes to trial. But usually when cases like this, you have diversion programs and other ways to dispose of the case. But it's up to the defense. It's up to our prosecutors, and ultimately the sentences up to the judge. Welcome back to NFL liable goes, I you Diana. What what's your reaction from what you heard right there with Michelle which earned the press conference just moments ago? He's really mean business down there in Palm Beach county right now as we're talking about first remiss demeanor charges, we thought it'd be second degree they opted up for for Robert Kraft. He has to appear in court actually doesn't have to attorney can on April twenty fourth. It's the day before the draft. And the affidavit has tons of details of what happened. They obviously set up a sting for months, and you know, it's obviously a little odd and a little weird strange all the word you could use to describe that Robert Kraft, allegedly according to this police report went to the spa the morning of the AFC championship game before he flew on his private plane probably out to Kansas City, where they went onto again, you know, win later that day they were also celebrating the twentieth anniversary as owners. Being the Kraft family all the New England Patriots right now. I think the league is watching closely. I'm curious to see how they're going to handle this. If they're going to suspend them, how many games if they're going to find him. Obviously, this is the first time we've ever seen an owner involved in a situation like this at this point, I underst- quickly. If you can't just tell me what you're hearing from other others around the league organizations owners, what are you hearing? Elsewhere. I spoke with one owner in the league about it. This was before the affidavit came out, and he said of the other situation of the patriots were involved in deflate gate spy gate that he believed that this was the worst one despite the fact that has nothing to do with football. And his thought was the a blemish on a man that is considered to be the greatest owner in football in the history of the game. And he puts him. So we're we're totally confusing. Owning a team with the way that we conduct ourselves away from business and to be more surprised about this than them cheating. I mean. That you can't really get into all of that. But it's about letting this situation play out getting all of the facts, everything that we need to know in the NFL getting those same things, so they can make a declaration on what hap is a black guy and an opportune time, no doubt. And we will do all of all of what you said and bring any new information we have to you tomorrow on NFL live one thirty eastern time watch.

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