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Hi I'm thin and I'm, SAM at S. we're the host of IHEART newest podcast. What's her story with Sam and amy we both have our own businesses and between us, we have seven children. Since the moment we met leave sharing stories with each other. The thing is we all know the stories of industry titans like Bazo jobs, but the stories of women he remained incomplete. We ask questions no one else even touches we are not afraid it's personal. So listen to what's her story with Sam name on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. Work the adjust not using enough. You'RE LISTENING TO SOFA lady. Special Operations Military Mills on straight talk with that guys in the community. compactness of radio. On top on target. We bring you the best of what's going on in. The world of military as well as current affairs. Stuff will be happy some upcoming. interviews with. Former soldiers, sailors airman who were running for office. So Bear in this election time of the year that always some interesting stuff. But today we're GONNA be talking about comedy. As, many of you might remember a couple of months ago we. wrote a story about a bunch of. Veterans. Who go by the old adage laughter is the best medicine and BETS TB is probably not everybody's comfortable for those of you actually been in the military and you know the kind of dark humor sometimes that impertinent gala humor out only military feudal could poke fun at themselves and they usually do avert job of A. TV. It is one of the best. I think one of the best. Examples of that out there. we talked about TV a couple of months ago as I. mentioned that it's it was the brainchild of a former marine captain and he's the one to himself Dongo Mali six years as infantry officer penciled platoon commander. Before he you know, he finished his career with wounded warrior battalion and as o'malley wrote upon himself, he was medically retired due to beat bone structure and chronic Santa's lady parts so We're gonNA bring our guest on because betsy me as a new actor and director. They've brought in I've watched some of his videos I encourage everyone to check it all out his name, his Mateusz I hope I'm saying that correctly Matai is king. and. With Dad, we want to welcome him to plug as Mataya stationed joining us this morning. I know it's early at European earn California. Now. It's not. It's not as ten ten o'clock. I'm glad to be. Here. Yeah. So you know. As always when it comes to acting. And Directing most people take I kind of direct approach. Life all the other guys. You took too long a approach you actually Terry. I you spent. I believe it was ten years in the Marines and So Dallas a little bit about growing up I believe born in Cleveland Right Yeah Yeah what was Cleveland Ohio where was born? And then you know our grays near Akron though so GROWING UP I had relatives in Cleveland. Clinic we used to go up there all the time. That Area A little bit I'm not GonNa say I know well because it's been quite a few years but. That's a it's a tough place. It's. It's it's made for top people up there. So. What does you to join me Maruto? See here. had to do with the some I. You know close friends that I had growing up. Their names revarnish Sean and. They wanted to join military I was like you know what I'll do it. I'll do too. But. I, will we we decision you know when we were young like Eleven. We knew that we wanted to join so. Took me. It was a long time before I could actually make it happen you know. So. At that age new I WANNA, join ten eleven years old, but I couldn't leave until I was eighteen even try getting my mom and my dad to sign off on some paperwork to have mean get sent earlier. A note to that. As most parents to. Yeah, I remember when I was. I decided I wanted to the military. Data just like my father had served during World War Two and Just like Oh. Oh no no no. So. But I'm a little bit older than you are. So I'm kind of dating myself there but. You had the. Videos in it was it was really. talking about being stationed in Okinawa and it wasn't a favorite two years no. I did not like that deployment whatsoever. Yes funny because. I. WAS ARMY SF and I. Move has some him guys on coconut and all those guys to a man loved it out there and that I saw your video and it didn't strike a chord with human. Okay. No. No. Not at all especially. Camps Schwab by all the places to be on, and then you know our our liberal was all reasons taken from us because you know people. Act Stupid. Ruined the. So I just learned his own, you know within the gates of Schwab was it was awful even I even wanted to. I was actually looking forward to go training. To go train any of these various places but a lot of those things even got cancelled do whatever the case may be but. I'm like, okay I. There's a liberal and and like I can't even train. Okay. Well. Now. Just. So. You spend ten years in core Obviously. You. went up to become an NCO and. Experience, a lot of different things. What was the worst? December was it oak was the? Time in Afghanistan. What was worse? Oak. Whenever. Happiest We'll say. The best point with by far in the most fun was was Spain. That was that was a lot of fun. In the ended up Camp Pendleton. You're living there. You're still in the core, right? Yes. She's still she's still in so. We moved out here and twenty eighteen while she got orders out here after she became a career planner and at that point in time I had spent seven and a half years on June. So. was definitely time for a different place but yeah I got sent out here after. We got our orders in I went to range go teach recruits table to. Combat Marksmanship. Imagine. I, remember my time going through. Boot. And the Guy who talk marksmanship. Army. HATED THEIR JOFF Him Say, they had somebody. Coming through I mean and some of the guys I went to boot camp should have never been allowed to hold the rifle at all remind. You know. A live round stop. Some of those guys who just awful you know and. I remember those. Who ran the Rangers step in that time? They stressed out So. So what? Possessed you to decide that acting because that's a big career change going. From being a marine. To directed at something that was always in your mind or did this the? Pop Up Video. Yes. So You're right. It is huge crippling especially. You know nine years, ten years in Marine Corps. You know I was and I was good at that. So it was very it was a hard decision to to to make to get out in in just pursue something completely different but. I mean. I've always liked making people laugh. So. I use social media platforms to make that happen and vine was the first thing. That I use is six like really short six second clips you know would come up with like these different bits to do in the challenge was something that was gonna make someone laugh you know hard within six seconds. So started out there and then. My friends told me that I had an act forward in I was hilarious in. What if you just take this to a different level man? How about you become a filmer now this this was back in I will say twenty fourteen. When My friends on the planet that idea in my head is become filmmaker because I I mean I love doing that. Just shoot on my on my phone, edit on my phone and. A. Few things. But then you know after he brought that up or after you mentioned it I was like Nah and there's no way I can never be a filmmaker can never be I can never act I can never do that. This is just for fun. You know. and it was a it was a hobby that's what it was and then as the. Last time passed I continued to do To make these videos. went ways that move instagram that I, moved to Youtube and just continue to you know make these things. In friends that In mind acting a fool in front of the camera. Then, you know. I never forgot what he said. In I made the decision. To really pursue filmmaking. Probably Two three. Two and a half two and a half years before I got out. And so that pretty much first year I spent studying. That's a distinct of my time. Studying in learning. And Than that second year, I, set out to actually. Make films. Are Making my own short films and whatnot. A. During that point in time I had. I was actually in Okinawa and I had a I. came. Across. Veteran television. I was looking at all their content was like you know what I could do that unless what I told myself, I'm like I could do that I. Work now also, would it be to work with these guys like that? The dark comedy is some that I'm like I. Love. I I just reached out dining amount cinema. Damn like there's no way there's no way he's going to even see this or even respond you know. And he did. He did he look through all my content he told me that I had a lot of potential. There's a lot of talent there comedy. We could. We always are looking for writers. and. Everything else The thing is I. Know Donnie tells. a lot of people especially if they're interested in filmmaking and the difference. Between myself in most of these other people that he talks to I'm sure is is the fact that I stayed consistent with it. So he told me everything I needed to work on what any need to study who I needed to watching also the stuff and I did that I kept going kept going and I, would you know touch base with him a Donnie I did this this this learn this Now I'm starting on this. Now we think about this just picking his brain picking his brain. Every step of the way and then won some once I felt as if they no I. I Learn much as I could because I was teaching myself youtube videos, googling things and whatnot. And downs like okay. Well, I gotta go out and do this so you're not gonNA really learn until you until you do. especially in making so many you want to be a filmmaker you gotta make films. So then I started naked short films. After each one and make I bring it back to Donnie and. Whoever else over a bit TV had look it over. Give me some good constructive criticism. You know giving me good notes about what I need to change work on K. I'd set out to make another one in I. I made seven short films. Amid seven of them one of which I am actually entered into some film festivals is getting a lot of recognition. So that's pretty cool. and. Then at that at that point time after I made all my short films, you know, I, I was getting the Marine Corps that's on. And then you know I had already is. This relationship with Don in a lot of people have bet, TVN Danica gun talking same saying many good things about me not in you know. I. Just you know I got I got the job. He hey listen. We're GONNA contract you out. And we want you to We went to start writing series called meanwhile on the field and it's going to be a you know just all hilarious moments in fundings. While Or you're. You're saying that I saw the the teaser trailer for that. And Again. I. Did a lot of this dark humor is home absolutely riveted in truth because just from the trailer that I saw. Seton Chrissy stuff like that right my my. I mean. That's what makes it. I think. There's so many I have had so many. So many stories on it's been a lot of my primary. The injury so On and then anyone else. So I mean the series is is army and. Our Army infantry. Honestly, we've ever been to the field you can. You can relate. Ranch. Donnie place your since you. Do So. I mean. I'm thinking. Is. That a trailer in cracked up you know airborne fucking air border. So I mean how many Xenos had been? That way. and. I mean it was it was really good but going back to what you were just talking about. So you're basically you taught yourself filmmaking you didn't go to school for that. No I did not did not go to school afford in a lot of my research that I that I had seen is. A lot of people questioned whether or not film schools worth it. Now I do think it's worth it butts and will go I'm more likely eventually but I mean. I've had some friends that were going through film school as they saw me working with TV and one of the funniest things some sediment to me. 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I mean we've all been there to try to set up your friend would somebody in the Hispanic and Completely show their ass in my room. RUINED EVERY Plus another. Good. Your. Costa were excellent and as well. Yep We're. Really like that one. Now that you work. For before these frontiers are no. No. So that was a that was a whole another thing too. The. Only person that I worked with consistently over and over again was. The. Director of photography. Brody. Best. So. I would tell him I would come to him with the three. Different. Watches I would just come to him with scripts and then. He told me he he guide me. tell me like how to go about looking for. Actors and actresses in anything else that shoe locations in wardrobe and all that other stuff and you know doing it on your own. It forces you to relearn every aspect of filmmaking. So I, used I always it from San Diego. And I just used. Use Of FACEBOOK pages face facebook groups, and I would put out a casting call. Hey, guys in doing this this. This is what it's about. If you're interested email me at shots a resumes in. A real. If you have you know and then I have to sit there and then you played a role as a casting director now. So now I'm looking through all these emails that I got in seeing who wants to do what a lot of people in San Diego just looking for. To build their To build the skill up. LA's load. LA's a little different tack like everyone out in La thinks. That they've made. Unity the acting community out here in the you know in San Diego is a little different than. Know. More than happy to work credits and I mean, let's get the Zarian. Now Now the people that work advantage. The actors were all veterans of all the different services on the the people behind the cameras at a lot of veterans as well. Those just young filmmakers. So a lot of there are a lot of veterans that's at Betsy be not everyone is but. Majority Yeah. I think that's awesome. For veterans who are looking to get into that. Realm. That's a great place for them to look to I mean. Because a lot of it. Again watching some of. The clubs from VICI be and. Your your trailer for the upcoming meanwhile on the field. A lot of it's not really acting because it's All Act out in real life I think Thoroughly. Now. Do, you have a favorite out. I'm quite a few short films. Do you have a favorite one? Of that did I make. Yeah. I would not say social outcasts. That's the so so whenever I I set out to make short, make my short films I story in mind and like I said it's called social outcasts and I started writing it and It was. So long you know I know what I was doing my first scripted I was writing and everything and then I told myself why eventually found out that this one I was like, okay, this is a this. This is more of a passion project and I need to I need to start with something much smaller. You know as I was looking at the at the Number of pages that I had which I ended up having to trim down anyway but it was like fifty pages already. So. I can't. I can't set out to mega feeling like this. I don't know what I'm doing. So. You know I started out with some know much smaller and then Kim I made each film a little bit more complicated. as I went in by the time time. I felt good enough to write social outcast I was probably. Probably. A while later the longtime. Is that a year says I I just I I wrote it and I rewrote the script several different times. While I was still making. Making these other short films and teaching myself learning and whatnot Yeah. Got to a point where I was comfortable enough to. Fill my passion project and then that's the one I'm like, okay cool. This is going to be done at the beginning of January and I'm not GonNa make a short film. All I mean all about twenty twenty I'm not GonNa make another short film. I'm just going to enter this one into film festivals. and. That's what that's what I've been doing like I said, it's been getting a lot of recognition in as I. Read it is because they. Took a lot of. A lot of effort to put that together. You know. So mean, meanwhile on the field that's getting pleading. So. Can you ready to be released? Is, not, is that next week that? Yup. September ninth. I can't wait to watch that one because the. As I said and I encourage all. Out There A. Habit. Checkout For All of us who've been there I mean. Because it's all based in fact, I mean. Sometimes the the guy you play it a little bit over the top but we've all seen that stuff and I think that's what makes the military. So. Compelling to people because we have a very serious job as everyone knows anyone who's been there no. If the serious business. But. There's times and there's a lot of times even in times of. Year out in a combat situation. Some crazy shit happens and you know, I, mean. We all have to admit it right. The military component characters in there. Yes indeed. So it's really hard on a lot of those an orchid. TV. IN IN A. in recreating these stories from the audience when. There's so many crazy things that happens like you said in the military is many different characters and whatnot in his. We take that run with it. Spell everyone. Really about you know. That's what's that's what's so good is because you know for those of us who have been in the military. Because we've all seen ex exactly. Type situation and I think that. There's Going back I mean. You know I'll go back to the days of boot Camp I. Think all good military instructors have a little bit of comedian in them because. They can tell you you're the lowest form of life on earth. And they'll make it to where you're trying not to crack up laughing at I. Remember that 'cause I had a hard astral arden. AUDITORS RICHARD PRICE Cousin. Because He would call me every name in the book and and I'd be bite my lip try not to laugh and you know because I mean he was hilarious in a one of my good friends at the time. was at a country Kid Carolina he could never stoppable happen. You, know when you laugh, you pay the price so But I always thought I always remember Him who? Years later I maybe ten years later I ran into my old Pearl Sodden. And I started talking to him and he remembered me and the kids condemn Saab laughing. Out of duty facet could never stop laughing I, remember that and. And It was for me to keep a straight face looking at you. Yeah. That's that's awesome. Yeah anyway enough about me walks next onto for. Fish. This product that you have something on online. Now, coming up you play. Yeah Yeah I. DO I'm a maximally? You know this whole Kobe. Nineteen thing is is really. Just been difficult. For a lot of people. That has impacted your guys in your comment no no it we can't. So that's what I was. GonNa go into is that we can't. You know we're not doing our larger productions the the great one st grunts life. Recruiters. These other largest deductions we had to postpone. Incur should the rights? But we still had to you know we want to release content to the to our audience every week. Still you know what we did was I mean, we're pretty much self sustaining use our in house actors. We have writers, directors, actors in a director photography editors were produces all that stuff. So we basically we have to do now what that's on the field was house. Same thing with the. Maybe Joan Boyd. But Just smaller productions skeleton crew, we don't want very many people on sets They don't have to be things like that. So but with. With our you know cobaine has impacted us in that way with being able to do our largest shows. We. Got People in our audience is asking like winner Gresley life season two is coming out. because. They love that. That's my favorite scene. The meanwhile, the barracks is Darren Dalton. was military. So No I don't I don't I don't believe it was. Because it looks why one? A season to me, the bears was actually filmed at our office. Really. Actually looks like a military installation. Now, that's awesome. Awesome. But so. Basically what Donnie wanted me working on next is giving the audience something For you know. Grunts life. So I'm GonNa do is I'm a writing these. Micro content. Sketches. That are dealing with lieutenant. Murphy. In his. Platoon. Before the deployment at the ready to go on in that, we will see them on season two. So. When it comes to the creative process, the you guys all. Right separately or did you guys write together? We do right together We usually have a the the head writer and in the secondary writer in there could be a third as well but the know the headquarters, the one that's actually doing the writing and whatnot, and then we bring on. consultants and whatnot. So for meanwhile, in the in the field, you know I'm Marine Corps infantry you know I'd imagine army inventories culture isn't too much different than ours but I. Didn't only thing about eighty second. Airborne and I didn't know about the hundred and first rocket science so at talk to people, you know on, put it up we made we created army infantry of TV facebook group. That homeless people in there and then you know as pull information from the audience from them I I found the ones that were really giving me the most feedback in I bring them on as a consultant medical this regular these stories that are having mind will WanNa do would you would you say this or how would you platoon commander acting the situation or how would the squad leader or whether your? What are Your Junior? Enlisted like you know what I mean Yeah. And again I don't think it's that big a difference I mean some of the jargon might be a little different between the core in the Armenian mafia comes to amateur guys but that's about it. grumpy crunch of the same anywhere I? mean. And then when it comes to dark humor I mean is. Tampa thick skin I mean. 'cause they. I mean, if somebody messed up. You know you're going to hear Di- person's going here for a very long time until somebody else's. Still. Look like that. And it's Like I was in special forces in. Turmoil regret they made me on Pacific. So you know my guys would always harp on me, I? Mean you know I Had No privilege in SF so you guys would. Party is just everyone else. So He Can learn how to deal with. It and. and. Then you just stayed on everyone. Turn. That's the way it works. Straight. Again. To our listeners out there. If you haven't out the. TV. Yet, you really need to saw because it's it's really really well done. It's very, very funny. And they have a lot of really talented people are, and now Mathias is one of those talented people it's on on the show that Aaron and we we look forward to hearing. A lot more from you than very near future. So. We wrap this up sitter anything else you'd like to share with our listeners today. Let's see here well. Look for me won't feel this dropping. Next, week. That gets released September ninth and we're not, a TV. TV and. Describe. If you. have. If you haven't subscribed event. I think. It'd be in your best interest to do that. I think you'll enjoy it. It's really really good stuff. And we look forward to hearing lob more and. I look forward to seeing some of them. If you doing. Independent short stories. I. Look forward to seeing those again. Like I. Said I love the. I haven't checked out social outcasts yet so That'll be next on my gender, but I also like bad time to be house. So. When you bought your boss don't care yeah. I'll be looking forward to those so. Thanks for taking the time today I, really appreciate it on I know. You have some stuff like dub this afternoon so We want to take too much time. saw thank you for joining us. Thanks for being on software radio and please do. Keep in touch with us and let us know how you're doing and we'll be watching and expecting great from you. Thank you so much and thank you for having me. It was our pleasure. So folks thanks for listening. This has been seatbelts very Metaxas hankered. Even listen to suffer radio all the time on target. We'll be back with another episode in the very near future. So keep tune ups. LISTENING TO SUE Hi I'm Christian homes I've covered campaigns Capitol Hill, the White House, and everything Washington for CNN but nothing tops the importance of this upcoming election and my job is to help you make sense of it. All welcome to election one. 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