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How about more than nine thousand five star reviews? Native is the real deal and you can feel really good about using it because it's all natural stuff that you've heard of and understand and and you can take twenty percent off your first purchase right now at native deodorant dot com. Just use the Promo Code Sherry Checkout S. H. E. R.. I that's twenty percent. I'm off your first purchase at native Yoder Dot Com Promo Code Sherry. Welcome to the BOB and Sheri show now with five people off Santa Claus and Jerry. I think everyone now broadcasting from the Bob and Sheri Studios does. It's Bob and Sheri yes. It is and welcome into art show Sherry will be by in just a few minutes. You got a few things going on on with one of the kids. It's no big problem but something mom had to take care of a room for her in just a bit nicely along view. Todd is also doing some outside of the studio. He'll be in here too and it's just maximum me right now but that's all right. Max is such a big fan of movies. I bet he remembers some of these. Things is that I'm going to be talking about a movie company Put together a little list of behind the scenes facts from movies Christmas movies. Especially these are. These are all Christmas movies and these are some interesting things about how these things got made. So let's start out with the shower scene seen in Elf. It wasn't in the original script it was added after director. John Barbro ever. Oh Yeah learned that Zoe Zoe. This chanel was a good singer so added her into that. She's a really good Jan.. It's right also the fight between Will Ferrell will and the fake Santa could only be done once because the department store. Christmas decorations took weeks to make that. That always blows my mind when there is a scene in a movie where you have got to get it right the first time like you've got an expensive car car like a Ford car that you take off a bridge or something like that. It's it's got to be shot and done the first time because you're looking at you. Know hundreds of thousands of dollars the review issue Bruce Willis had to do a lot of things barefoot in diehard. Diehard is not a Christmas Christmas movie but I guess it was out that time right is out that time and some people considered a Christmas music right movie so he did a lot of things what what was the most memorable thing he did as far as Louis jumped when there was an explosion. Was that it walking on broken glass. Oh that he was walking barefoot on broken glass. How did he do it? He actually wore fake rubber feet. which if you look hard enough according to the The person who wrote this review you can. I can see that. They are fake next time that comes on TV. I'm going to look for that in a Christmas story. Which is my favorite Christmas movie? And I think maybe favored Robert Persons movie of a lot of people. I just love it. I'm GonNa Watch it again this year. You know the scene. It's it's a little bit hard to look at where Ralphie's friend Flick's Alex Tongue is stuck on the flag but he can't move and they leave the poor kid there. Everybody just goes homes as nothing we can do about it. So here's how they did that. He didn't just he didn't just put his tongue there and pretend that the moisture from his tongue froze onto the poll. They actually had a a hidden backhand Kim and it's it sucked his tongue into all yup elite. Did you know that I did know that you know I would like to go to the town. Is it in Ohio. I believe Ohio yet of And it's a museum now right Somebody wanted as it there. Yeah before Jim Carey got the lead in how the grinch stole Christmas. There were two other people that were considered for this part. And I'm not sure if they turned it down. Or if The Studio said Kim Carey's Jim Carey and he would play this very well. The first person they looked at to play the grinch was Eddie Murphy. Who I think would have been great to that and the second in person I think would have been so interesting? Jack Nicholson was considered as the grinch. Yeah too much Jim. Carey's that too much you know it's interesting. I don't really like that movie I love the TV show. I mean that's a and even the TV show. Because I guess there's however many minutes there are twenty minutes really of yeah because the story was so short they had to add things eggs into it the whole business with a sled going down the one thing and then going all the way back all that stuff. They had to add that business. Chuck Jones there because the story just wasn't long enough that long enough the whole thing you're right it's a kids book. And how many kids do that. That book is for kids. That are what six years old. That's right that's interesting and that was Chuck Jones. The Emma Thompson was in love. Actually which I know Sherry just adores that movie and I do too and she played the spurned wife and her husband gets involved with this Really Sexy Yang Office Colleague and Emma Thompson and they had where a small when I say. Small wasn't heavily padded but a fat suit so that she looks a little more matronly. When compared to this young lady who had to be like a size zero? I thought Emma Thompson looked fantastic. I never realized that. And I'm with you yeah. I thought she looked beautiful in home alone. The photo of buzzes girlfriend is actually a picture of a boy. In a wig. This is interesting. Disney had a strict policy against hiring. ex-cons I don't know if it's still goes on and people have said you know somebody is something wrong but they paid their price in the real bill but anyway they had a strict policy against the hiring ex-cons they made an exception. So that Tim Allen could star in the Santa Trade he did time for selling drugs drugs. Long longtime yeah and that was made in Nineteen ninety-four and toy story the following year. You know he's one of the biggest voice over artists in the country right now doing commercials and stuff Tim Allen. Yeah he does those pure Michigan pads and I think Budweiser and some other. He's a really revered us over. God He's a really talented guy. Always the Santa Clause two. Tim Stayed in character around the child. Actors the real little ones because some of them thought he was not just blanked San. They thought that he was Sanford. And so when they those kids were around he would stay in Santa Claus character which is sweet so they are they are ten things. Some of you knew you knew more than I did and Hello Mary crispy scuba watching mall of the business that Iran right now. It's Bobbins Jerry. Talk back to back each on the free sherry the APP and leave us a message so I was in a restaurant with my wife. Mary I think it was last Saturday. And they had a song by Mariah Carey. Playing wingnut the Christmas Song that I'm going to refer to in a moment here but they had a vision of love which was her first number one song and I just sat there and listened to it I said I I I said I'm GonNa talk for just want to hear this because I haven't heard that song in a long long time I don't know why and it is an incredible song and her voice especially especially I mean. That sounds like over twenty years old. Now right Her voice especially back then was just thirty years old. Is it really. Oh yeah just so amazing. It's it's still a great song. I think she wrote it to when she was an act. She was a Not An actress. She was a waitress and She she just is such sure remarkable singer. Yeah she could be a little Kooky but I think she's a great great talent and that brings us to all I want for Christmas is you. It has made Mariah Carey the queen of Christmas music. It really has song has broken Guinness World Records a few days ago. The Guinness people appeared at Mariah's Christmas show in Las Vegas to present her with three official records number one the highest charting holiday song on the US US hot one hundred for a solo artist number two the most days in the United Kingdom singles top ten for Christmas song and number three the most streamed track in twenty four hours spotify or a female artist it logged more than ten point eight million streams one day last December. This this song has so excited her career. There's no other way to put it. And she's doing holiday shows now which he can probably probably if she wants to do forever right his just based on this song just I mean I mean there are there are songs that are Christmas songs like rocking around the Christmas tree and Jingle rebel rock that have been with us for fifty years Everybody can pick their own the Christmas song by knocking and And so many other artists but this thing has become the big go. Who've it's really really hard to get away from this on anyway and I never ever awesome great? So that's the first music. I'm this is very random. I want to switch by the way she'll be in just a few minutes here she's doing something with one of the kids should be in just a few few minutes. So that's going to put that aside all I want for Christmas and I want to go to another song this song. I know this is going to be random this song. It is the most popular song in the history of the country of Norway. In the United States it never got higher. The number eight but Nazareth's had the number one song in Norway. Love hurts on us the right now for sixty one straight weeks and so I'm listening to it and I'm thinking you know there's a lot of long nights more and maybe this just I got captured. The bleakness it's a beautiful country. Beautiful people a Beautiful Society but maybe just captures. The feeling went several roll months. You know when they do tests of music this is a song always does about even in this country does and I hope I'm not wrong. Spit it's been a hit like two or three different times. And that's I think written by one of the ever because it was a originally Nineteen seventy five. When it was ahead? The Free I think one of the Everley clothes loading there. It is random fact for that I found it is Christmas. I I am Sheri Lynch joins us in just a few minutes with more holiday stuff just for you. Thank you so much for running us today with Sherry and maximum sodomy Bob. macey Jason. Want to be sure you're you're taking the right vitamins. Get personalized daily vitamin packs delivered each month with GNC for you get started at GNC or you dot com that's GNC GNC the number four the letter U Dot Com GNC live. Well here's Bob and Sheri Great News Guys Instead of aliens and creepy medical stories involving being a parasitic worms and people's eyes. I WanNa talk to you all about cars. This is a car conversation so I was reading about this business person who I've never heard of who owns Two of the world's most expensive cars and I'm probably going to mispronounce this. But Max you'll know it's a Bugatti Valen. VEIGH run VEYRON. The E. Y. R. O. N. S.. They cost like they're seven figures. I mean they outrageously expensive cars. Their bodies and in Credit Card Company The design. It's that beautiful Italian design in their hand. They're not made on assembly lines and made these Veyron cars I that he has. He owns two of them. And they're only four hundred and fifty I think in the entire world so the seven figure Sale price is not what we're talking about here. Let's talk about the maintenance on this. This blew my mind keeping in mind that I take such awful care of my car that of course this would be surprising pricing to me because I was under the impression that tires les that as long as the car did in that completely is ally so here we go. You have to change all the fluids once a year in this Bugatti car And that costs twenty five thousand dollars. And here's why here's why. Why the drain plugs that you have to like unplugged to get the oil and the other fluids out They're not accessible mechanics. Have to remove the rear wheels and and the brakes and all the lining on the rear fenders And the lining underneath the back part of the car just to get to the Twenty five thousand dollars. We're looking at a picture of the car. Looks like a rocket ship. You know see you say that. And I'm like okay. I mean it looks like a Hyundai like I don't understand what all the fuss about holidays a great carpet. It's the smarter. Let's go now to the wheels at least every two years. You have to replace your tires. A new set of tires for this car costs thirty. Thirty eight thousand dollars now. The wheels themselves have made out of gold will the wheels themselves have to be replaced every ten thousand miles and the wheels in the tires. I now understand are not the same thing new The tires you can go every couple of years for thirty eight Grandin but the wheels need to go every ten ten thousand miles and it costs fifty grand to replace the wheels only goodness yeah so so far. We're up to about what hundred hundred and fifty thousand lumber. It costs at least one hundred thousand dollars a year to maintain that If you have to replace turbocharger those are sixty eighty four hundred dollars each and nine thousand labor if you have to replace Your Air Cooler. That's nine Grand Labor's two thousand the camshaft after gestures don't know what a camshaft is or why you're adjusting it. Those are cheap. Those are only eight hundred dollars each but if you have to replace that eight hundred dollar camshaft You need to expect twenty one thousand dollars in labor costs because the whole engine has to be taken apart. The entire engine has to be taken. God help you if you need a new fuel tank in your Bugatti Veyron. The fuel tank is twenty thousand dollars all by itself. And you can't go to pick. Apart by the way. The Junkyard. The Labor to replace it is twenty two thousand dollars by the way. Why are you replacing? All these things when you're paying at the top excite a price question. Sometimes you have to know that when you're buying a car this expensive that they only make a handful of Mhm I mean I guess what. It's so finicky and delicate. Yeah I mean. I don't know if it's made out of recycled coke cans or fourteen carat gold older whatever but it is one not like a Honda Civic. You're put in three hundred thousand miles on. No I mean the design the Italian design. They're famous for Lord. You know not just a body but there are several obviously of beautiful Italian cars It's a combination of the design. They don't make that many. That's that's what keeps the price up like that and it's just it's it's like having a spouse that really requires a lot of maintenance. That's why kind of spouse setting aside lifesaving. Medical treatment requires this kind of maintenance on from. It's not till you can disorder author awful. Although what is your awful a package arrived and I said to Kevin. Did you get new boots and he goes. Yeah like the Aegis get new boots goes. You've got five years. What do we do that to? Each other ZAPPA cents is be flowers on my birthday shoes. Parker's awful I can't I guess if you have to worry about how how much God he costs the keep. You can't afford it. You know so I come into like two hundred million dollars and I can afford word that card. I buy the car. But you know it's GonNa take me off. I'll pay the twenty two thousand. Have the fuel line blown out or whatever it was but when they say to me you need. What's new wiper blades? How much are they? They're two thousand dollars each. That's what's GonNa set me off. Here's the thing I read this and I looked at all all the pictures and I read it again and I double checked all the math and honestly I haven't easier time believing in alias than I do in somebody driving a car that costs this much to maintain. Will you know who's buying his car. It's Arab shakes. It's people that hit the Jackpot Wall Street your greatest dusters the Max. I bet you know who is Manny Koshman. Because that's who owns two woodies who was interviewed about what it costs to maintain the guy that would have nothing to do with manny coach. Ben What does manny coachman due to generate this company. If you just said the name Manny Coachman I would have said I think he plays left field for the fillets else I. I don't know I don't know whatever he does. He has the rich part nails and he's not interested in the famous part. Apparently the thing is pretty is not to my kids dance. Studio Morons in the news is next. We've got him moron with Bob and Sheri. He's a moron. It's morons morons in the news. Here we go. There is a forty three year old woman from Rick New Jersey. I don't know where that is brick New Jersey and she was checking out the express lane at a grocery store a couple of days ago. A forty five year old woman from New Jersey called her out for having too many items use in the express lane supposed to have ten or less she had more. The argument quickly escalated as it sometimes does brick New Jersey. They start throwing punches. The two women started biting each other. Another forty-three year-old woman also wound up taking damage which tried to break up the fight light and the woman who had too many items bit her right in the land in kindergarten they were known as the fighters right Fourth of the women in the fight with charged with disorderly conduct and the woman who had too many items was also charged with simple assault. Now that's wrong. I would not bite someone but it does irritate me when somebody has like twenty items in the ten or less express checkout. I don't know you can't say for sure how you'd react until you find yourself in a situation but I'm almost one hundred percent sure that I don't WanNa put strangers in my mouth exactly. I feel the same way the main reason I mean. I can't say that I'm not going to get riled up and kind of salty but the idea of putting like my mouth on you stranger on some spice up up no. Today's more of the day is man from Indiana. Thirty eight year old Donald Murray. He was driving without his lights. And the police doc began pursuing him and he didn't like that so that resulted in a high speed chase that had donald crash into a tree and then he took off running passenger. It was left behind at the scene. Witnesses said they didn't know the driver's name but the driver has some very distinctive tattoos on the right side of his this job in big letters. He has the word playboy tattoos. And he's got. He's got some craters on his neck but the really exciting tattoo is right right across his forehead and big block letters all caps it says crime pays. Oh No you hit pay. Look the look on. This guy's pushing the mugshot and we're going to face a judge that send this to you. When you text the word Moron two eight eight eight eight two six to seven four three seven and I'll remind you as I like to do when crime pays playboy man hits your phone Someone has cried herself to sleep over this. Someone is heartbroken at this does not love her back or him. That mass is there not some sort of regulation in the Tattoo Industry. That just says there are certain things you have to just step away from no crime case. I mean if we have freedom free number we don't you know you're free to put crime pays on your head and playboy on your ways with you there. Hey it's Sherry from the Bob and Sheri Show I thank you so much for listening to our podcast. We really appreciate you. You're the reason that we do it. And the reason that we're able to keep doing it and just want to mention that if you hear political advertising of any kind any campaign any race any party adjacent to any bob and Sheri Show podcast. Please know that we did not approve that advertising we did not accept that advertising. We're not compensated for it. In fact we have asked every streaming platform there is to exclude our programs from all political messaging. Why because political messaging changing makes people furious? And we're trying really hard to have the Bob and Sheri show be a politics free island so please know if you hear it you're hearing it at our protests. We don't want it. They're trying to have it removed. Thank you so much for your patience. Let's get back to the show. Let's I say sports fans with sports. Confuse me hello there Jim and we're going to start off by talking about the mascot of Sherry's husbands in college I'll get the whatever number right at this. Point has been so many through the years magic have to explain what is yes. I was going to University of Georgia. The name Aga. He's a very ferocious bulldog. That AH exactly right. That's room and Eh Pita. This is a battle of some sort not really pita says Having watched watched game where it was raining and other was there in the dog house on the sidelines tweeted out. That ugly looks miserable. The school should retire AG- immediately. They wrote no dog deserves to be packed up card from state to state paraded in front of the stadium full of screaming fans but as Sherry and her family knows. Ugly lives a life only most of us to remove love. They've showed pictures of just like like a bed. That's laid out with all these different sweaters and this air conditioned doghouse. I mean it's probably of all the dogs in America Living won the top lives of any animal. INEXISTENT PITA says it should be at home with a loving family i. I'm not a pita hater but I think this is probably a little ridiculous. That dog is cared for a has a very loving family. Aguirre has an air conditioned doghouse on on the field. August spends very little time in any kind of stressful or show business or game day environment. I heard somebody to in her report on August about two weeks ago and they were from some I don't know Arizona. They were from somewhere far away from Georgia and he called him Yuga. No there's a famous a good joke I can't tell it on the radio but The Punch Linas. I'd pet him I. Yeah Oh yeah. Yeah so you know if a war of course I know there were in any sort of danger or if he was not being properly hydrated and cooled old like. I'm an animal person. I just don't understand. In what ways is this. I saw Oklahoma Drian game this year. They just stay where they bring out this. This old covered wagon chip over on the field did died in Colorado and nobody has nobody cared about human. Souls died from that but I'll go was named the greatest mascot in college football history by sports illustrated and again it's like lassie. There's been obviously through the years many out there buried in marble vaults. It's near the main gate of the stadium. I mean they are beloved an indepth their life on the Egyptian Pharaohs. We you know we should not like have false equivalency like well Let we can be mean to animals because there are homeless people. We should address both of those things separately and their our animals. All you have to do is turn on your local news. And you'll find that the the reporter is out in a fuel where they've got fifteen pit bulls chained to a rustic car all seen that story about about every six months. There are animals that desperately need our attention in activism. I don't know that other is that animal. I would agree with you to like if they were cooking and eating the bulldogs after after the game was to have a point there. If I if I get hit by a banana truck it'd be buried in a marble vault right here at the end of the studio. I can make that Eh. You're you're that beloved using old employee manuals toilet paper but the university degrade Auburn University and hello to everyone listening to us in that one again college football a huge win over Alabama's past week and forty eight to forty five right side. Note too little sporty note here. Alabama will not be in the fourteen plan for the first time since they invented that format at their problem with the Auburn thing is a cash. You this is their fourth violation of the conference policy the SEC about fans storming the field. Because it's a safety thing thing they don't WanNa get hurt and tearing down the goalposts and up to the point now because it's their fourth. It was a quarter million dollar fine. That Auburn has to pay for their fans going on into the field and Al if you saw the video afterwards or a number of women that were trapped in the hedges jumping out you've got trapped inside trying to storm the field because they're storming the field but they're going through these really thick hedges and like falling in could get out of them if hedges are so big and so deep they would jump into it and disappear. I think there's people still in there weirdest weirdest the quarter million dollars go it goes to the SEC postgraduate scholarship fund. That's a good thing. 'cause I I think let's go from college football to the NFL. We've got a problem with the money issue here. This is a member of the Arizona cardinals who is not playing this year because he's injured on injured reserve however cardinals defensive back. Josh Shaw will be suspended. All of next season for violating the League's gambling policy. Not only was he gambling. You know to Parlay Eh. We make multiple bets. That's to get to a certain amount to to be able to win the bet with Caesar's in Las Vegas. He makes a bet involving the team that he is a member member of the Arizona cardinals on top of the fact that you're not supposed to bet on. NFL He bet on his own team also lost the bet by the way so he is. He's violated the. NFL's gambling policy. Alyce here if you work in the NFL any capacity you may not better NFL football especially your own team. How does he not know that he doesn't know that that's the thing? But how how do you get called go to the biggest gambling place. You can't Caesar's in Las Vegas to place this bet on top of it. That's really really stupid. Offer that I have no idea. I mean if you're just a guy off the street and your you know Syrup Tissues Bedding for whatever reason you might be able to get take off but if you're the people know who let's pause here we'll be back with more sports confused me and Jim Zoki. It's bobbing cherry. The the affair. PODCAST BOB and Sheri Odd casquette download on the free Bob and Sheri APP website. Or wherever you get your podcast Bob and Jerry back. Quit Gyms Okay and sports confused me and I know at least one person who's really glad that the Cincinnati bengals finally won a game. I mean they haven't won a game all season till last Sunday. I never know why people do this to themselves. Like they add to the misery like it's somehow supporting the team or showing their fandom But this guy in Indiana Indiana Cincinnati bengals Fan Jeff. Lanham decided back in week. Four of the season after the bengals lost to the steelers that he would live on the roof of a restaurant. The Hog Brock Hydrocarbon Hog rock. Fa It's hard to say that Haag Rock not hard rock hard rock cafe in Cincinnati if the cardinals if they didn't beat the cardinals following following week we'll did not only did not win that. They lost their first eleven games until his past weekend. He lived on this rooftop for fifty seven days until the bengals won this past Sunday and truly lived up there nearly twenty four seven watching. TV eating snacks in a tent. The wait staff from the restaurant would bring his meals to his wife would come by. He's married to pick up his laundry shower and use the bathroom on the second floor. The restaurant but otherwise spent every other minute out on the roof including hosting Thanksgiving dinner up there. What radio station does he work for? Because if he doesn't work if if he's not the Bucket head of a radio station. This makes no sense whatsoever. He owns the restaurant so he oh he owns the restaurant over there. You go so his restaurant gets at. It's hard to say though. Hogg Rock Rock Rock so that was where he lived in St until he's back indoors after fifty seven the days of living up on a roof and he said it was down in the twenties. I mean yeah. It's Indianapolis I to thank God. The bengals won. I kind of wish they had just to kind of keep them up. Do you know Bob's probably thinking God. How did his wife feel about having she was in on that route fifty seven? She was glad she was so. Oh I'll do his laundry laundry. What a relief? Mr Hogg Rock. He's not GonNa be here every night but king of the Haag Empire right exactly exactly taking off quite as well as the hard rock cafe on the came out at the same time in the event. What would it take for you to do that? What would have to be involved for you to be on the roof of a building for fifty seven days? Either one of you. What would it have to be? What would have to be one heck of a charity you know I mean? Obviously I wouldn't do it for sports team. I don't know I mean you get out of it. I don't care about anything that much. Do you think this guy I lived on the they even knows I've in the same state they knew I was following the story a little bit but they didn't really do much of anything I don't think except win win a game finally but there are playing the jet so everyone kind of tends to beat the jets. I'm like Bob if it's not raising money for charity there wouldn't really be good for me because I hate to be cold Uncomfortable for me. The plotline would have to go like this. Jigsaw would call. I've got Karen me right on the roof. That's that's what it would take. I broadcast live when I was starting out from a mall inside the pickle palace and it was no it was a palace that was built in the center of this mall out of boxes of Vlasic pickles and there were hundreds but why I can't I can't remember why I'm inside. Let's go pal pickle palace and it was was quite large. I mean was like five times the size of the studio. I got a pause here though my friend and say being known as king pickle not the worst thing yeah exactly I o u the I bring that up pickled man. I was in there for two days and people had to buy boxes of pickles in it. All went to a charity so every box that was sole hope they get bob free. So you're kind of in a pickle. There were a lot more fun before I met you. If I would not have said that today it said Bob Great News. Tony has set up a deal where you're going to be. Here's the good news. We're GONNA call all JA king pickle. Listen there are sales people who are hitting the streets right now. Bob will do that. The thank you very much rate shirts show and we art glad to have you with us as we celebrate this wonderful season Lamar's review sent right to your phone text movies. You eight hundred eighty five share. It is time now for Bob and Sheri small all plates things happening around the world that kind of interesting we start out with town small town in British Columbia. Canada accidentally invited everybody in the town to their Christmas. Fair to take pictures with Satan town has said there is no excuse. They are are not filling in with any details. They both start with us. Say Somebody wasn't paying attention. Spelling matters does definitely definitely people turned up to the cloven hooved one. There there were actually online hundreds of replies saying I'm going to be there you know what woman said. I want my exact time so I am sure to get the picture based on some of the faces little kids make on Santa's lap our next story. There is a man in Ohio. He stabbed a McDonald's employee. Thank God that McDonald's employees going to be okay because he was upset over the cost cost of a McDonnell but that kid who's making minimum wage and I hope he does become one of them that gets to go to college on the TV. CBS Bryce role. What does it make double cost? It's not on the dollar menu. Obviously it's much more than two to twenty five something like that. I guess you know come on. You know that kid ain't seventy is CAITLIN. Jenner says Kylie spends three hundred dribbed thousand dollars to four hundred thousand dollars a month on security now that shocking. But here's something that's more shocking caitlyn. She says she hasn't spoken Khloe Kardashian in almost six years. I don't know how that's possible all in the family. They all seem to be in hot tubs together. Sion's together it used to be. That was the case but but that family kind of fractured. Along some weird lines of rumors resurfaced that OJ Simpson was chloe's real father. Oh Yeah Yeah it's been a it's been rough. It's a long years. That's right next story. A supermarket in the Netherlands will not make it some employees -ployees upload semi nude photos anymore to get sized for new uniforms. His Pat not mind blowing. That's like something that would happen here but it's a it's just a jacket. Why do you need me in my Bra? Yeah exactly Yeah Uh home what. How does the manager handle that sort of thing hi Sherry? We're really glad to have you on the team here. Are you looking forward to or arm south. I'm really thank you for this opportunity. Eighteen eighty we read so many good things about you heard so many good things. Do you like the company uniform. Everybody wears you know. Actually I do is uniform skull. Oh I think it's got a lot of style and it makes sense in. Hey I don't have to worry twice about what to put on in the mortgage you take off your clothes down to you Brian Pennies and let's get a quick shot so we can get you the right size. Listen there's in one thousand nine hundred. This one is not funny but it's just a heads up to everybody if you I haven't heard flu season is already taking off in six states. The states are Alabama. Arkansas Georgia Nevada South Carolina and Texas. What if you haven't gotten that shot lease go out and get it? thirty-three percent of men under twenty nine and thirty percent of men between between the ages of thirty and forty four say they would be interested in wearing makeup time-to-time more and more. That's becoming a hang mainstream. THANK WHY DO I. I've never seen anything men. By the way over the age of sixty say it is not for. Here's why you don't see it because you don't visit. Those kind of websites are not on instagram. You don't subscribe to magazines that sell those products I mean I'm I love down East magazine. Uh and you get down East magazine every month. Here's something we're not gonNA see in Downey's magazine Maine lobster. Fisherman says conceal her on this month's cover there is a woman in a plaid flannel shirt with a chainsaw. Because help mainers helping other. So so you're right. Northern Maine Tree farm owner says a little bit of blush livens up your book. You read those. That's how I don't know even like you're fixing stuff on your IPAD. Even your news feed is not going to have an article. Although you know when I need a new uniform here at the station and I'm down to my underwear I would like to sparkle a little bit. You know maybe I could be talked into. That study found that we have nightmares because they help opus prepare for actual scary situations in life. What do you think about that? I think that sounds right. I read about that Few days ago. Oh they they show that. How does it prepare you? Lick it literally prepares your brain people that have nightmares have a different fear response response. It's not just like okay. I've been chased by bear not eaten in my dream. I'm ready for a bare. It's not that simple. It's actually like the way your brain in response to your delay. The way response fear and right is different and it helps to manage being in those situations. Wish here's why if your brain is responding to a threat differently than my brain. You're going to be you're going to keep your wits about you. Yeah your reaction is GonNa be the could see how there could do so. It's not just like well. I practice that in my bad dream now. Ready it's it's a different thang altogether and it just shows you. We don't understand anything about human bodies and brains and ourselves. I read the most interesting quote from Dwight. Eisenhower President. Eisenhower in Howard I think he said it when he was the Supreme Allied Commander in World War Two. He said sports prepare young men for war. I guess some way it might be hurt. That's it small plates the affair. podcast a Bob and Sheri odd casquette go download the free Bob and Sheri website or wherever you get your podcast plotting Jerry. We're going to give you a new holiday term. We've been doing this for years. Maybe not everybody does has it but Mary and I certainly have an. I'll give you that term and what it means in just a moment here I have to tell you about my daughter land and we were talking the other day actually. I was talking to Marianne in. Mary said you know landed landed was talking to me and she doesn't want you to get her any gift this year at all. She wants to give she'd wants you to give no gift to her whatsoever. She says I don't want anything. She said. The only thing that she wants to do is take the money that you would have spent on her and by ticket to come and see her and Ramsey easy and Christian and that is not like me at all and so I called her up and I said so. What's up with this deal where I know buy? Are you a gift. You're giving you any money or whatever this is I and she said he said this year. I'm not buying any gifts for anyone. I know I'm buying gifts gifts for people that are Very poor in the Chicago area. I don't want to say the exact group of people. But she's picked a group of people and she's going to be by going GONNA spend money on on those people that's wonderful but what's the deal with me. I can come to you anyway and she said you know I just. I just want you to buy that ticket. It are you gonNA. Are you going to respect her. Wish I am GonNa go right after the. I'm going to wait until after the holiday got peak for variety knives. Yes it's not so so crazy plus Chicago in late. January is it's beautiful. It's it's t shirt weather. You'll finally get to where you're real weird. Here's the here's the Christmas term. It's called we gifting we gifting seventy four percent of US have done it. It's when you buy someone a present the you also fully plan on using. Maybe it could be a new TV for the living room. You claimed it was for the kids but you are the one who really wanted are maybe it's a workout bike. The and your spouse are going to use. I would never given piece of workout adequate to a woman. But you know if if she said she wanted it and I bought it I would probably use it to. I think it's a good thing this year. Mary and I gave each other a a new pine floor to replace. The broken down carpeted area I swear to God I just I don't need no no. We love it. You know. It's just it's just weird. I you know I love Christmas. I fully embrace all of it. I don't want to buy gifts and receive gifts. This shares. Your stuff it's not that I don't want to give a do and I saw sat down the youngest kids kids and was like you're too old for piles of crap too old you are each going to Let me know privately what you're most heartfelt Christmas wishes wishes and if it's expensive that is all your daddy so don't feel guilty and surround you with crap that you're just I'm gonNA leave on your bedroom floor. They're okay with it but they're not old enough to be great with it. Like word rudge sort of like they're in a transition period. Yeah dolls so anyway that's That's it I love it and I hope that you don't like clinch at the last month but daughter Landon turned me onto native deodorant. I just love it. She said Dad you. We've got to switch to an aluminum. Free Deodorant and native is the best. It is fantastic. You don't have to sacrifice on product performance. I started and the first day I said this is for me and they have so many great sense coconuts and Vanilla those in the most popular there's lavender and rose cucumber and meant eucalyptus. It's in mint fantastic. There's also an unscented and that's the one that I use not only is native aluminum. Free look at the ingredients. These are simple ingredients that you you understand things that you heard of things that you know. No aluminum no parabens. Not Talk Ingredients you find in nature like shea butter and coconut oil and Tapioca starch native never tests on animals free shipping and returns and they also have some amazing other products too. I love their body wash. Why not switch to an aluminum free natural deodorant? That absolutely works. How about more than nine thousand five star reviews? Native is the real deal and you you can feel really good about using it because it's all natural stuff that you've heard of and understand and you can take twenty percent off your first purchase right now at native Deodorant Dot Com. Tom Just use the Promo Code. Shariat checkout S. H. E. R.. I that's twenty percents off your first purchase at native Yoder Dot Com Promo Code Sherry. We use the talk back to back each on the free Sherry APP and leave us a message all right so one of our listeners. Rich called Todd and said Todd. I'd like to be on the Bob and Sheri Show and talk about my Mama and my daddy's hot tub and we said there's a lot of fertile ground there. Hi Rich how are you on you doing all right. I'm doing good good good. So what's the deal with your parents hot up. You know so I I heard you guys talking about how people go into him. It's kind of weird. I just started laughing So it was an actually my grandparents GRANDPA GRANDMA'S HOT TUB. What did they do? What did you guys? So they put a hot tub in for. I don't know you know the all the grand ideas on the Internet somewhere. They read that they the way that you're Corey Moss like the chemicals in the messes. s what the teach level when you're hot stove and they're like oh no. We can't do that. You have to be naked when you go into the hot tub. I told him that was kind of like Whoa. There's something about The combination of these words grandma's hot tub the PH level in naked naked. CBS of riches. Right in the middle of did did you did you grandparent's ever hear of Nylon. Did your mom have some of her like bridge lady friends overall you were doing some naked hot tub together you know. I've never never questioned their motives. And how many people they had in at once sir. who was because it was not something I wanted to in my mind for sure but I? I know for sure that I never thought about going into my grandparents naked and you know they like they talked about it and it was a nice hot then. I'm like now I'm good. But they were so excited about it. When they got Michigan it gets really cold so hot so was a big thing being their neighbors over and everything? Oh wow I wonder what they would have said if you came over with like your teenage girlfriend and what would you. I mean you know what people ages listen. Rich Age is just a number. I mean you'd think that when you're sixteen eighteen people that are thirty. Might as well go ahead and die because it's over four right but they're they're your grandparents making meemaw soup out in the backyard and they're hot tub. It's I suppose you had shown up right would you would you have been to. I'm just saying what what was that. What was that of mortified? I would have definitely left in. Probably A had a different look at my grandparents for my life would have been a different look. Y- in in America we are. You know we'll we'll show you just about everything we've got on the beach or waiting to get on a plane and yet there's a certain level where we stop in Norway. It's kind of common for a family to be near and go to the sauna and jumping cold lake or whatever but here it's not it's upon here. It's not yet so I was. I was stationed in Germany and I actually agree because we go to water parks and all that other stuff and it's very normal there but when you come back into the United States it's sexualize is what it is and everyone looks at it negatively when it's just our body but you know it's different when it's your grandparents that's not something you want to see now. In in Germany they have Water Parks where people are naked. Yes absolutely so they so they do you normally waterpark. During like most of the week and and you could take your kids. Some sections are secluded. Just for that and then like I'm there was one in our area that was like Friday. It was every part of the water park was was nude. And you just had to. You GotTa do that. It was kind of the rules. Do what city was this. That's all over event Nuremberg Nuremberg. When I was in I spent a summer working in Munich neck when I was a teenager and It was not uncommon at all to like go to the park at in the afternoon on a nice day and there would be people just sunbathing naked on their lunch. Break from work. Yeah I've seen pictures of that. I'm just trying to picture myself going down. That long. Slide at the waterpark. Nick Hey you would be reinforcing. That'd be refreshing refreshing. Yeah that's right I mean it's like why are we so prudish wouldn't you want to go float in the hot tub and have cocktail with your grandparents parents and all their friends right like why not. Why are we so weird? You know in this day of of of cameras and phones though you know all of a sudden all right so everybody agrees that Rich and his girlfriend GONNA come over and they're gonNA get in the hot tub with granny and GRANDPA naked but then one of her other girlfriends has a camera takes picture and now it's on instagram. And the grandma has the grandma has discovered instagram. Here's the picture of her. and Six of her girlfriends. Grants and rich right and the caption is. I just love when my grandson over Christmas picture. I China could use that as your picture rich. Thanks awful lot you have yourself a great day PAL youth. You have I sent to you. It's Bob and Sheri banned from the holiday. Family gatherings allies the MIC. On the Bob and Sheri or call one eight Bob Sherry I think it. He's very unfortunate and Absolutely uncalled for that. I am looked at it as such a boozy person. That's on call. I think it's uncalled for I came from nothing. We had nothing yet but once you got well not well what I worked for. Nobody you just gave it to me usage. The usage voice is boozy with leg being born with a silver spoon. That is not what that means. I stand we'll give you an example I got. I walked by why this store on Black Friday and I looked in the window and there are these incredible looking guys sneakers. They are Like a a rich sh- kind of almost coffee colored with white rubber soles. You know they're like you're there you're urban messenger. Bag Man sneakers occurred your beautiful really nice. I like it was a very expensive store and Mary. So we'll just go in and buy them for yourself and I said I can tell you right now. Those things are way overpriced. She went in and they were very expensive going to say how much they were. Everything in the store was half off. I got these shoes for half off so it does that. Make Me Buji Asia. No however however I will admit that between the dog and some other things that happened alike I have gained that reputation. My wife has found for me My Christmas gift. It cost one hundred and forty dollars. I think something like that and it is is a Martini table. Now I want you to describe exactly. It is the Bush's thing like it. Looks like an over sized brass candlestick and at the top of what would be the candlestick. It's about three feet. Tall is a metal disc just large enough to hold a cocktail for himself. Yeah and but only one only one only one and you would put it next to wherever you normally releases its super portable. Yeah just get around with you. It's just for you. You just put your what I saw. I burst out laughing. Eighties named the Harmon Martini table. And look at that. Seventy two five star reviews. Wow what might be one hundred four dollars but it's on sale it. It was one hundred and fifty. Oh is that right and you can choose your Finnish Max. It can be a burnished. Brass doesn't like his lordship would prefer or a Polish polished nickel. Does it not look like something that you see in the country home of a royal. It does Bob. I've never seen anything like that before the well. Here's the difference between us. You look at this and you go. Oh that looks like it's something in the country home of a royal. Now I'm going to show it to Max stand up Nex. That looks like what she used to kill her. I it does look like a candlestick. You could kill somebody with your teeth. Abortion yeah. They called it a Martini table but it turned out it could be used for that. Yeah well I hope. Are you going to get it. She's not going to buy right now. She said that she said if it was half that price I'd get it for. That's too much money it's stupid you've got table right next to where you sit with me. So the idea of having a little portable audible thing. You could tote around all you have to go buy it for myself. Just the irritate her. Think about it right. You could sit around and put your coffee on call. You can have your cocktail. Oh why is that. The married people just love to irritate each other in certain ways like I take an open cup of coffee and I drink it in the car. We're for going somewhere and it drives her crazy but I do it anyway. 'cause that's just I just like it. I went up to Kevin if I got this and carried it around wherever were sitting be hysterical article. I went up to Kevin the other day and I said I'm going to say something to you now. I have to tell you something that is going to irradiate the crap out of you so brace yourself and he paused us and he said is this different from every other day kind of what. Why do you all especially when you set us up with those words? Well why. How do you if you know it's going to irritate some news? You have to get even though long to really yes yes news. Like she's committed committed us to go somewhere. We have someone's coming. That's very you have to do something. Do you think that you're going to skate. Eight th through life with no aggravating news. I used to think that when I was young. That is what we call a cognitive distortion is not reality fun with me. That is what I thought I was going to hit a certain age and then everything was going to be smooth sailing Television yeah well. It sure wasn't daytime Phil. That's if you spent any time like when you were a kid watching your mom soap operas you had to know adulthood adulthood was going to be a seething stew of drama. I never watched those as a kid. I never watched. Why not like in movies? I mean everything usually ended pretty good if you one of those like romancing the stone sort of movies and that's why we call the move up and not reality you get you that cocktails on a look at it march table. I Look Martini tables. That's that's cheap. One leave a modestly priced. One you don't have to feel ashamed that you've you've got a bargain mark. Oh no I want the more expensive wine the red at once and read it again. I can't believe Steve. This is Bob and cherries and believed the knee. The this is not going to be great. News for a whole lot of people A neuroscientist just in Canada said that they now know we now know that heavy viewers of an adult entertainment develop damage to their prefrontal cortex part of the brain that controls morality willpower and impulse control. This is the part of your brain. That doesn't really fully develop control your mid to late twenties heavy porn use can cause users to struggle with their emotions and impulses which can lead to compulsive behavior and poor decisions And that is because watching so much of it actually damages part of your brain. That's amazing is mostly Something that younger people would Suffer from now can happen to you can damage that part of your brain ned. Any at any age. Yeah what have you consumption. And part of the part of the reason that they know this now is because with the Internet all that stuff live action all of that became available on demand and there have been more than thirty three and a half billion visits to porn hub in the past year and a half a half billion just in the past year and a half man. That's traffic and the and people once. What's your you begin using it? You want increasingly more vivid intense graphic and as has there studying this. They're finding that this damage that it does to your brain in addition to make you like really impulsive and poor decision making an all. It's also linked to depression and per Erectile dysfunction in men like there are serious consequences to be sitting there and staring it down and part of it is like so. Why does that happen right? Why does that happen because Watching it causes your brain to flood with dopamine and it's a neurotransmitter and that neurotransmitter does a lot of things in addition to giving you pleasure also ends involved in memory but overusing it can wear down your natural reflexes inhabits and leave your body completely confused about how to meet its needs. This is where the same thing you see with drug addiction Is that whole dopamine system just gets Frieden burned out and those reward systems in your brain get totally desensitized which is why you need. What more and more and more of the drug in order to get that high? Hi there finding that pornography in the brain works the same as drug addiction. You're chasing that first. Initial high and the disconnect between tween One liking it and wanting it and needing it is where you get into that that horrible addiction cycle and we don't think of like like there are people that are addicted to porn their support groups. You can go to but you don't think of it in the same way. You understand like chemical dependency or chemical addiction. But that's exactly clue what is because it's hijacking the same part of your brain that gets hijacked by substance disorders. So is this new study. It's pretty new because I've heard About other studies that say part of the damage that porn does especially to Young men is that it it gives them. I'm a incorrect Image unrealistic and unrealistic image of what women are about or want. That would would be when you look at this when you look at what it's doing to the human brain that would be the mildest side effect Because People's brains are actually changing changing and that part of your brain that regulates your impulses and your decision making is damaged So there is a world of difference between going well. Porn porn is GonNa make you have unrealistic expectations and also perhaps pursue things that are unwise and it's damaging your actual the brain and I know there are people that are hearing this. Don't want to hear it. Don't want to believe it but there you go. How much for somebody who is on one of those sites? How much much is too much? Does it say now. I guess that would go there Twice a month is is that too much or these people that are like people who are addicted. A gaming naming are spending hours. I'm sure if you went once and looked once your brain is fine. I mean this is the same way this is. It's doing the same thing inside inside your brain. It's hijacking that those pleasure reward centers all that dopamine. It's doing the same thing that drug addiction does. So there are people that use a drug once or twice and they're not addicted addicted and the rain is fine. Then there are other people that develop an addiction and their brain is not fine. This is the same thing that's happening in your brain so no. There's not a prescription like Bob. Here's how much porn you can consume safely. That's not don't use my name as an example in this case. That's not part of this. But how fascinating is that. It is how the brain works. It's it shows you how much we don't understand and I'll tell you I'm surprised that thirty three billion views in a year and a half a year so I'll post this up on the Bloomberg facebook page so you can take a look at it. This is this really. It gets your attention and you know what I bet. We're GONNA find out Max we're going to find out the ways in which Being addicted to our phones and social media is hijacking brings to there has to be. You know there's a connection so anyway I'll post that up right now y'all behave because it's damaging your brain member when you're done share my grandma Austria. My brother. Don't even want to get started. It'll make you go blind. Well she wanted she was only half wrong. Glasses now. Isn't it yes. It's listen. They knew Bob and Sheri Twenty four seven Bob and Sheri Dot Com so coming up in just a matter of a few days we are going to be into the twenty twenties. It'll be the twenties. I always thought it's been for the last twenty years. It's it's been awkward. You know accuse people used to be able to refer to the eighties nineties teens teens the officer or whatever it it. It really didn't connect act but now you're going to have the twenties. You know one hundred years ago. You had the roaring twenties where women's suddenly were More sexual at least outwardly outwardly. And or a shorter skirts danced solo. And of course there was you know the speak easies and jazz music and all of that so so here we are in another period. And we're going to be able to say. These are the twenties so looking back to the years I was just describing on looking at the Hollywood would reporter's list of the best TV series of the last decade as we go into the twice so this is two thousand in ten to the present. I will say that first of all some of these shows a lot of you have never seen. I have not seen a several of them. They're not it just on. ABC NBC CBS. They're also on. Hbo All of the other television devices doesn't do Netflix. Shows make this this. So the F.. outlander Saul Orange is the new black If those shows are not on this list are not. And that's why I'm suspicious use of this list. This is from the Hollywood reporter which is a Long Time magazine Trade magazine of the entertainment of world. So I'M GONNA go from ten to do one number ten better things which is on FX. I've not seen that number nine Atlanta which is on FX straight shot. That's a really great show number eight the leftovers on HBO. I really liked that to jam but I really liked that number seven on. AMC The halt and catch fire. That's a good show. What was that about? I didn't see halt and catch fire. It was the beginning of the Computer Avenue is getting into technology analogy. Does it deserve to be in the top ten. Yeah yeah it was good yeah a net flicks Borak horsemen okay. Well that is super specialized allies. But it's brilliant and original okay Number five or in the top five on. ESPN thirty for thirty series. That's a that's a really good series. Chris I watched those a lot with Kevin and I would never have watched those if I wasn't married to appear. Yeah yeah that's really good stuff there. Good storytellers number Ford. I don't think it's going to be a lot of argument here. Breaking bad on. AMC Daphne Daphne you a little surprised at. AMC Out of the blue went from being an old movie station Semi Network to the walking dead to to to being the producer of some of the Best T. Z.. And Delighted Yeah. That's red good number three again on. AMC Madman yeah it it deserves to be there number two on Sundance TV. I cannot find it I I've stumbled upon it Rectify I have no clue and Sundance Channel. I can't can't find it and number one. The best show in the last ten years according to the Hollywood reporter Parks Recreation Parks and REC IS GONNA stand the test of time. There's a there's a show that's not on here and I want to know why it's not on here. Modern family ten years old though. I think that might be more than ten years old. It's still on. It's still on now. Why would these were the best shows of the last ten years? I thought they had to be within those last ten years we'll modern family would be within between. How long has it been nine eight years no longer? I don't know I'm surprised. It's not on the list though because that's GONNA hold up. I couldn't I agree. I definitely that's going to be an reruns almost like Seinfeld. Yeah so it should have been in there. I don't know why it's not there. You Go oh I can elect the idea twenties. I can't wait to see what we end up called. I think we have to the twenty two the warranty Wani's or the raging. What's the handle? It can be so hard hard work up a healthy routine for yourself. You have all these great intentions right. You make all these plans you do it. What Bob Naidoo you go off and you're like yes I'm going to take these these vitamins and I'm going to eat better? I'm GonNa get more sleep and then everything's super hectic and you wind up right back where you started from with a cabinet full of bottles of expired vitamins and supplements this is why we love care of go online right now to take care of dot com and take care of online quiz. It's like five minutes it's fun it's easy you answer questions about your lifestyle and your diet and your health and you get a research back recommendation with the vitamins and supplements even protein powders. 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Five zero all right back to the PODCAST. Hey it's Sherry from the Bob and Sheri Show I thank you so much for listening to our podcast really appreciate you. You're the reason that we do. It and the reason isn't that we're able to keep doing it. And I just want to mention that if you hear political advertising of any kind any campaign any race any party adjacent to any bob and Sheri Show podcast. Please know that we did not approve that advertising we did not accept that advertising. We're not compensated for it. In fact act we have asked every streaming platform there is to exclude our programs from all political messaging. Why because political messaging suggesting makes people furious? And we're trying really hard to have the Bob and Sheri show be a politics free island so please know if you hear it. You're hearing it at our protest. We don't want they're trying to have it removed. Thank you so much for your patience. Let's get back to the show van from the holiday family gatherings L.. Hit at the Mike or call one eight Bob Sherry. This is from the Daily Mirror newspaper and they asked twelve hundred people who are between the ages ages of twenty five and forty five. What are some youthful activities? That they don't WanNa give up. They become adults all right you. Oh you hear the Mia M. I.. adulting you hear that phrase especially people in their late twenties early thirties. Who are buying houses for the first time and maybe getting Life Insurance or whatever the things that turn you into a truly boring adult and there are certain things that they're adults now they realize it but they don't want to give up some youthful things and I'm looking at them and there are seven of them and I don't have a problem giving up any of them. So let's go through all I must. I am a Weirdo GOING TO CONCERTS and festivals most people twenty five to forty five. Do not want to give that up video games collecting things like comic books or baseball cards. Play Board Games legos Superhero movies and finally theme parks. Now I like some of those things but I don't have a problem if I never you know. Go to another theme park. It's just I I've aged out of that I I used to. I like it especially with my kids but if I ever go again it's not a problem. I like all of those things I mean. I play Games on my phone that I don't have like X. box so but I'm going to count that because I'm addicted to a couple of games. Okay that I play I still like going in fact I just got as a surprise for Kevin. I got him him tickets to go to a concert that for an artist he likes. I still at concerts and festivals. I love going to theme parks and riding rides. What was the other one board games? I'm collecting things like comic books. Baseball cards legos and Superhero movies. I don't really collect things but every time you you you don't you don't really collect things I really don't I mean I collect Christmas ornaments when I travel or whatever. I don't know that they collect. I don't I don't either I I I don't either. I always thought I would be like some when I was a kid. You know. 'cause he's see guys who their father's head like I dunno a gun collection or a stamp collection or coin collection. You thought I'm going to be a collector of something. The only thing I'd call. I collect a Lotta return checks. I no no I don't collect collect anything I have a lot of crap that I would like to unload. But I don't collect anything like you. I kind of admire people that do there's focus. They they seem to be really Peaceful people you know. I xe collected coins. And that's great but you know what's really knock great is having to sit while someone's shows you the minute differences between one Nikola another when you don't care at all about I miss mythology. I think is yeah it is you have to look I. Oh Wow oh look at that. It's missing one of its ridges off. Oh there's more oh good times could you fake that. Let's see we were together. Notice that I say I said that Pretty much any time I had two right right. I've found that faking an interest in the coin collection doesn't end that way does fake other things. Yeah that's true totally different. In fact when you fake an interest in the coin collection and actually lasts longer it would wouldn't yes it is would would a woman not be better off. Just cut it off right at the hominy passes. Could you give a man of showing an interest in something thing that you have no interest in at all so you don't hurt his feelings before letting it kind of get a life of its own In the beginning of the relationship you have to show awesome enthusiasm because who knows in the beginning of the release. Maybe you would like you like this person so much possible. That sure to are going to develop an enthusiasm suzy Azam for Phillips head screwdrivers or whatever but then after as time goes by then you start saying stuff like I love that you love love this I do I just love it up. I think there's someone at the door and then you gotta get out of the room. I've noticed that when when I start talking about something something I'm interested in and she has no interest that's just kind of a Look good and then she leaves the room just to get away from it. Here's how I manage because Kev doesn't really collect anything but he's way into college football. So here's how I managed to get myself. I self uninvited from cuddling with him while he watches games. Swe sit down to watch the game. Now we've been together a long time so this way early. Sit Down to watch the game and I go now. Who's the other team? I love their outfit. Oh yeah that will send a guy to the man cave. I hi at halftime. where he wants to do at half time is he? Wants to flip around and catch the action. Yeah there's always more than one game Komo no no no no. Don't change it. I think the marching band is coming out. Cheerleader is that August and then how many games did you ruin. Before he would quietly quietly go into an area watch. It worked both ways because in the beginning of the relationship I can do no wrong. He very patiently sat there and let me watch cheerleaders Marci she bands and an Auger right by year too. He was like you know. You Never WanNa go out to lunch or something. Yeah right now. We're done I want you to have fun on. Yeah that's right. Mare used to pick like World War Two Nazi documentaries for me on net flicks. But I tell you after sitting through two or three three that's life of Joseph Goebbels coming out with any suggestions anymore that's done. Isn't that the magic of romance you know in the beginning of the relationship where you're like. Oh is that a penny here Bob tossing documentary. I would recall it. The the magic of Romance. I would call it the Long March of being together the see the the scenery changes to tell you. The Long March of being together is not going to end up on anyone's hallmark card changes. You got to admit it's bobby get Lamar's review sent right to your phone text eight eight Sheriff Nicer person you know I mean especially this this time of the year. Fine what you mean by Nice Nice person here. Well I mean I think I'm a nice person. I wish I were Nice for you. Know where any any situation that I run into especially with interactions with other people. I'm just always in haute interested and and neither is and I'm listening and I'm really engaged like there's this but you don't really care all that much with certain people I do you know I I I wanNA know more about them but there there is some well. Let me give me an example okay. There's there's a person that I know it's a guy and Nothing to do with the the radio thing but I come in contact with this person socially You know it probably doesn't times a year. This person is over at the top with exuberance about everything. He's like a lab. He's like an adolescent lab a human lab. And it's like oh Bob. I haven't seen you in house Lapenne ben about a month. How you've been? I've been pretty good. How you been all pitched oh good? Well that's good. What are you going to do over the holidays and everything I say he repeats and gets very excited about well? Mary Not GonNa be alone most of the time. Oh you got to be alone. Well that's good sometimes so I find myself because I don't know how to react to this. I find myself when I'm with him moving to go somewhere else so his image of me whenever he comes upon me is that I'm always in movement to get to the House to pick up something to go back to work to to do whatever I'm smiling and go. Yeah we'll try to get away and trying to get away and I'm trying to not be so obvious that what I'm trying to get away so when I see him now. It's just so stressful to me. So what would happen if the next time you encounter him. Yeah you just stop DOPP and engage it and let it play out and then say goodbye and get away. You're making it sound like if I do that one time. Well because here's is what I'm wondering here's what I'm wondering The more you try to escape the harder he pursues maybe the intensity would dial down if you would just stop and fully commit. I mean I don't know I don't know what do you think. Yeah I mean you probably. It's worth a shot. I guess it's just it's so hard for me to go to his level. You know like I can't do what he does us to. Can you feel like I do. I'll say well. Are you going to the to the beach. I know you love the beach where we're going to go down. Probably in a week going to go into a week. Oh that's great. That's the two long ally you have to do what you've done I don't know what makes you feel. Well like you have to mirror him because next to him I just looked like a boring and sad and disinterested. He's just so exuberant about everything. What if what if he is that way because he's convinced that for some reason you don't like him and he's trying so hard to win you over okay? Is that possible what he thinks. That's very true. And because you are Bob Lacey. I think that's why he's trying to win. You WOAH Woah. Sometimes people chase us because we don't realize that we're signalling how desperate we are to get away. Maybe if you just kind of stayed I'm going to try it. I just tried to stand there and I'll just be myself. He's exuberant self. And that goes goes. Yeah he know when he says what you got go for the holiday say thought we drag a tree inside. Put some lights on it. I don't know maybe speech a few detriot. Today's in work. I'll never forgive. Uh sharable taste of the show the fun size podcast drops every Thursday on the three body Sherry so I was looking at one poll and the number one thing Tradition wise that people embrace. And it's it's obvious to just about everybody getting a Christmas tree and if you don't get a fresh one you know bringing bringing years down from wherever you haul it and setting it up But going and getting a fresh christmas-tree really is quite an experience but unfortunately it's going to cost a little bit more this year Christmas tree prices are higher because there is less of a supply farmers in Oregon Michigan again North Carolina and Missouri. Where a lot of them are grown? All say that hot weather and too much rain affected their supply and of course we had in the last two summers. We've had two the hottest years in the history of the planet and now there's another reason. Christmas trees are finally family effects of the recession of two thousand and eight. And you're saying well. How can that be what's going on there? A lot of this year's trees were planted back then and because of the recession fewer seats were planned for some reason In some parts of the country trees may be twenty bucks more than they were last year. Last year's average price was seventy eight dollars so a little bit more this year for for the aforementioned reasons I'll tell you one of the biggest thrills I ever had with my kids was gone up to a little town in the smoky mountains when they were little. I think we had a minivan and going to Christmas tree farm and letting them just run down the aisles of farm. When you can do that in the city heck you can be in midtown Manhattan? And they'll have Christmas tree lots but if you're up in a mountainous area where they would grow those trees and they're still in the ground and and you can pick one. It's pretty cool to have them come over with a chainsaw and the kids are saying. Yeah this one. I really really liked it. I've never done on that. We do a live tree every year. I would like to do an artificial tree but I won't WanNA those silver ones that rotates with Colored Rainbow Wheel like you can buy on Ebay No one in the family will get on board with that. Whatever but the greatest Christmas tree experience I ever had was just a couple of years ago? I'd left the house at like. I don't know five. Am I'm like. I do and had gone all day and got home around nine thirty that night and I walked in and I opened the front door and there was. This giant fully only lit fully decorated Christmas Straw. And my friend Tom Murphy. WHO's an event planner and a genius and an artist? He and Kevin had sneakily collaborated breed behind my back. I will come home and the whole tree would be done. That's I enjoyed that tree. I cannot tell you how much kept set up the little polar express breast Choo Choo train underneath it and I would just lie there on the floor and let the train run by my head and look up at the lights because it was all of this Christmas Ms Magic that I did not have to engineer as the mom and has the woman half falls on US saliva. I think that's that's a lovely thing because it's such a warm embrace as you come through the door to see a tree lit up like that my second one was. I was driving with my kids and I had just come. You've referred that this on the air before I just come from an appearance. I had addresses an Elf for the radio. The way you look good and the kids were really little and we stopped off at Saint Gabriel's Catholic Church and they had day Christmas tree lot going. That was something and the men of the church. Were the ones out there who were selling it and putting on the top of your car in the back of your truck or wherever and we we lived in a house that had a great room with very tall ceilings at that time. And so I said we're GONNA get a big one this year. We got a tree that was like eleven feet. I mean it was really big being There was one of the biggest trees that these guys had and I think they took a look at me. And I'm not a real big guy. And they said up forty live from here. I said a couple of miles else and I said We got a truck. WE'RE GONNA go set it up for you. The men of Saint Gabriel's Church drove it to my house brought it in put it in that darn warns stand and shook my hand. I mean what is sweet thing for people to do you know and that's not gonNA happen everywhere every you get. I swear you I think I think you do. And the the other Christmas tree story I love was when I was doing TV. They sent me out to do a story about a family that had a Christmas tree far for three generations and so I went up and I interviewed the grandfather and was in the smoky mountains and so I said so you own all of this and you see all of these Christmas trees he said Yep and this whole section will be taken down this year. They've been growing for like ten years. So that's really something. Are you going to miss that. He said No. That's how my kids go to college. Well I mean yeah. It's it's a farm right but this section was for his grandchildren as he was going to make enough money for his grandchildren to go to. I think it was a state school. That's touching story that's great but nothing tops. The ultimate Christmas tree story where Todd's mom wanted a flock tree and todd's dad flocked walk the tree but he flopped it after it was fully decorated. Jackie came home from work and saw her flock tree and blocked ornaments. I lost her greatest Christmas tree. Stories of all time Pat Bobbins Sherry sharable taste of this show the fun size podcast drops every Thursday on the three body so I have a look at the most annoying things a house. Guest the holiday houseguests does. I'm going to read them to you in just a minute. I'll tell you right away the most the most GNAWING is the number. One thing is arriving unannounced or without an invitation did did cousin Eddy do that in National Lampoon's Christmas did he just show up with the RV and they. The family didn't know that they were GonNa they were. The scene was after he put all those lights up on the House and get it's too do the lights to work right and they were all standing out on the front yard. Yeah Yeah and then Eddie put his arm around Clark and told him how great it was when we we got the lights on Clark was like thank you Ed D. was he had no idea who's come. You just showed up that that is absolutely one of my favorite moments home. It's not that particular scene but the scene inside when Eddie's having some eggnog with the white shoes and the Dick Sweater wider through this what that is such a subtle touch but it is so perfect you know what keeps me awake at night is. I'm not sure when when we go to visit family. I'm not sure if being cavern that griswold our world uncle Eddie. And I'm going to be honest with you. You're not uncle Eddie. In the dark night of the soul feel a little bit like might be on. Why would I say no you dress stylishly? You're very polite you. You're a great guest. I show up in your driveway in a vehicle. That has a pet in it. In a Christmas sweater with tinsel on it with a truckload doc loaded kids lex let me reflect it depends. It depends who you're showing up with few showed up in Utah at your mom's homes house Cousin Eddy now. When I go to visit my brother now my brother paper should be cousin Eddy but when I show up with the kids and the dog and the van I feel like he's Clark and I'm cousin Eddy and anybody who doesn't ask themselves am I Clark Ora? My Eddie does not have good self awareness. I think you're right I mean don't you. Don't you find tied that you are often cousin Eddy. Yeah because when you come rolling out of that car and you've put in a couple of hours on the road and the kids got you just every which way in the dogs in the back you roll out of there and you got the Jello mold here you go Brought this for you. This is me pulling up to my brother's house first of all the mini van the CNN van doors slide open shoot like a like a spaceship outcomes outcomes kids and they've brought a friend so here comes Cara Mia and her friend Levian her friend Brittany inviolate and all violet skier and the very last is life for him. To step out of there is my high strung dog and his diaper. You know. Take back your cousin Eddie. You are at least in that situation. Yeah I worry here. Are you want to hear the most annoying things. I'm going to run him down. You tell me what you think is the most annoying thing that could happen to you with somebody coming coming to visit you. I've already given number one arrive unannounced number to somebody who's kind of snooping around number three breaking her damaging something something leaving behind a mess when they leave people who were too loud somebody who smokes leave a mess in the bathroom stay up late watching. TV With the volume too loud. Go out and come home drunk and be too demanding which one would irritate you as the host the host. That's the most. Please don't leave a crime scene in the bathroom please. Don't I more than somebody going out. And coming back in loaded Hashtag Lynch's I mean that's what they do. Yeah we that's how we roll The big loud and fight the going out partying the coming in late all of that. That's fine my nephew came to visit me and brought his. It's like a German pointer hunting dog. Doug it's a hunting dog. It's a beautiful dog. It's a sweet dog. It's a hunting dog. Dog comes into my house. Takes one look at my pets. My cats goes into point mode and is on the hunt. Oh No that is that is that is fine not leave a crime scene in the back after five one that I'll come to work and follow. The News. Talk is into the ladies room first thing in the day. That's is so bad that Bob came into the studio couple of days ago and said listen. Trust me don't go anywhere near that bathroom. True if Awesome Unisex proper sloppy Joe night at. Somebody's House yes pretty bad but even I have something right there it is. You've got people coming over to your house. We wish you luck. By the way the average stay for your relatives when they come to visit you is three and a half day. Unless you're tied. Detroit is ten days. Thank you so much for listening to the Bob and Sheri podcast end. End The BOB and Sheri odd cast. We'd love if you subscribe rate review and share it with a friend on facebook twitter instagram. Wherever you go and thank you again for listening?

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