From the Bleachers #37: Long Live the Steagles


If. One of the hardest things to figure out these days is what to watch next first of all congrats second of all, you check out Hbo Max Discover Something New to watch on Hbo Max like Lovecraft Country The new HBO series from Jordan Peele, Meka Green and J.j Abrams. That's got everyone buzzing plus Hbo Max is the only place you'll find new binge. Worthy Max originals like Selena Gomez new cooking show you heard that right Selena Gomez learning to cook from some of the world's best chefs no less find your next favorite all in one place on HBO. Max Starts Dreaming Today. Download the APP or visit Hbo Max Dot Com to start your free trial. A. Just. Bush. Why? Does this strange Welcome to from the bleachers. I'm your host as always shameless clancy come into from the wonderful bleeding green nation radio podcast network. Now, I am certainly certainly. Better than I was last time we spoke eagles win. Wasn't Pretty Carson. Winston play fantastic play with a lot of heart. Through some ducks but the. I don't know what's GonNa. Happen. Sunday. We'll get into next week's podcast I gotTA show plan for us today. But let's see how about the team next week. Happy with Jordan a lot of happy with Gerard Avery coming on that food's got some juice. Josh Wet newest Favorite Eagle on the team that defensive line is fierce Maliki. Jackson. We were missing him all last year with the way he's played through the first quarter of the season. Yeah, a big freedom signing last year missed essentially the entire season after that injury in week one at home against Washington. But right now that guys looking like you know exactly exactly what the Eagles signed him to be last offsides. Couple housekeeping notes, big housekeeping Guy Gin, shame clan. You can follow me on twitter and Instagram at shameless underscore clancy. You can check out my Philadelphia's sports newsletter on Patriot Patriot Dot, com backslash shame as score clancy. 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Games that have been all season not be check me out on instagram live whether it's the BGN channel or my own our B seven onto robber seltzer. Today I'm GonNa take a little bit of a break from my over the top emotion and those types of things where I fre- out team are way way way too excited. Before I get inevitably letdown crushed by this team I dedicate so much time. Now, I consider myself until twenty six amongst eagles fans in my age range someone who has a greater appreciation for not just the history of the eagles but the history of the sport itself, my favorite sport football the National Football League. I rating sports, books, I mean obviously, I was an English major love novels love nonfiction books of all genres. But. Sports Books Been Randoms Biographies Historical outlook. I love it. I love up. So one thing I wanted to talk to you about today. The Eagles I said are playing the steelers on Sunday. and. As a lot of eagles fans no. In World War Two for a single season the Eagles in steelers merged their teams in nineteen forty three because of the lack of eligible players to play in the NFL at that time. Due to all those. Players who would have normally may play the NFL given their age in physical profile were overseas fighting Nazis Kate Nazi but so legals in steelers merged together it nineteen, forty three. Their team was officially known as Phil Dash Pit Combine. But they have essentially become known as steals a lot of eagles. Fans know that the steelers eagles rivalry means something to me, and I'm sure I'm sure does a lot of eagles fans in the area for me specifically grown south flee. There were a lot of people especially when I was younger, you don't see it as much. Now people who were steelers fans especially in that Arrow or a new turn of the century but very good in the Ben. Rothlisberger years early on they started winning a couple super bowls had a lot of fans there who would. You know say all steelers fan because they're a Pennsylvania team. Last time I checked you fought off the end. There was a Philadelphia team here. Then you had guys who were on affiliates fan of Flyers Fan and if family you're just a loser, you're just a fraud. I hate the steelers because of that. Hate. Ben Rothlisberger I'm sure a lot of you. All have some of you who've gone to school in Pennsylvania College in Pennsylvania. You might have had some rivalries with friends or maybe people that hated who were you might have been eagles fans and you WANNA. Live your who for all you know your freshman roommate in college had been a steelers Fan I. think that happens all the time if. You go to Penn State. Insur people listen this went to Penn state thing that's a pretty common occurrence there you have the flyers, penguins, rivalry steelers, eagles, sears neal's don't play that that often obviously land they did was in twenty sixteen when the Eagles beat them at Home Carson Wentz third NFL game they went to three zero to start his career in that season things were electric ben how I miss it I want to. Talk about the struggles? And things that led up to the struggles that happened before America even got involved in World War Two. Only take you back to nineteen thirty third. Burke Bell. Graduate the Haverford School in Haverford Pennsylvania once Piscopo Academy. Transferred however I have food school who played quarterback at the University of Pennsylvania. was an English major at Penn much like the guy speaking right now on this podcast. Burke Bell goes on. Become the CO founder and Co owner. Of Our beloved Philadelphia Eagles in Nineteen thirty, three at the same time. The Pittsburgh football team. Then known as the pirates even though the Pittsburgh pirates baseball team have existed in the National League since eighteen ninety one, I don't know what that's about. You see that a lot in the. Pre War era premodern age NFL were teams at the same time had share teams baseball names at one point. There was a Saint Louis Cardinals and Saint Louis. Cardinals. Football team. In baseball team we know the Saint Louis Cardinals now but the team that's now currently in Arizona was one Saint Louis also called the cardinals craziness I. Don't get it imagine if imagine if when you were a kid say grew up in the eighties nineties whatever seventies just say it's the late seventies early eighties and you're an eagles fan but The. Eagles as we know them in the NFL, the eagles, but also the phillies were called the eagles too. That's insane. Could you imagine What's your favorite in the eagles which one I don't know the baseball actually sounds like I love the eagles which one oh, the football team and actually hate the Baseball Eagles I'm a Yankees Fan because my bandwagon loser. Weird, stuff getting sidetracked. I'M GONNA get sidetracked a lot during this year. So, the steelers Team now known as the steelers which from nineteen thirty three as well. At that time the NFL, there were not a lot of teams. Early. Early on as we know the NFL last season celebrated their twentieth anniversary Or not the twentieth anniversary because it was two thousand and twenty s or I'm thinking they're hundredth anniversary. I'll after the hundred season in this past last month was the. Hundred anniversary of the first football match that's considered under the NFL. Banner. Both Franchise Start Nineteen thirty-three both franchises forget a rivalry in Pennsylvania. Both franchises were terrible neither had a winning record in their first eight seasons. Aren't Rooney. Legendary figure in the football world. The Rooney family football royalty in certain sense they were hemorrhaging money over the first eight seasons aren't roomy have lost up to a hundred, ninety thousand dollars and yet that's not much right now obviously me a lot. But in terms of the sports world that's. That's fine for not wearing a mask. But that was also the great. Depression. And then one of those inflation calculators online that's about three point five, million dollars today. So again, that won't be a ton verse owner but if you weren't making any money at all, that's especially it's not like they had TV, and social media streaming rights contracts in nineteen forty to carry the dead weight. losing money losing money. Bert Bell losing money to. Say Hey I have a team in Philadelphia you have a team in Pittsburgh they're both in Pennsylvania. Why don't we just mashed together? That was their plant. Art Rooney was going to sell the steelers and by share. And our beloved Philadelphia Eagles and they were going to name the team. The Pennsylvania Keystone. Are, you kidding imagine if that happened in went through fully in right now this was the bleeding green keystones podcast or bleeding Houston owners or I. I don't know what the heck is that. The Keystone get the keystone state amount idiot. But just a crappy team. So this is what happens. This is how they were going to do. This deal here comes in Alexis Thompson. Hotshot Playboy himself. Has Some money wants to buy an NFL team. Goes to Bert Bell owner of the Philadelphia Eagles Bell brokers deal with Art Rooney. Rooney sells the steelers franchise. Pittsburgh football franchise I should say. For a hundred and sixty thousand dollars and uses eighty or ninety thousand of that to buy a stake into the eagles to pay bell for the right to become an owner of the eagles. Thompson is planning to move that team to Boston to have NFL franchise there. But what is the nick in this? Why has done happened? Why are we not in this alternate history where my whole life revolves around the Pennsylvania Keystone irs what happens Well. Thompson couldn't find a place for the team to play. In the Boston area. So. What happens this plan between Rooney Bell? Where they were gonNA play four Home Games in Philadelphia at Municipal Stadium. Later known as JFK stadium down in south feeling the play word. Games there they're gonNA play four games. Four home games per year. At Forbes Park Forbes Parker Forbes view where we argue. Forbes Field Forbes Park in Pittsburgh who cares Anywhere, steelers played there from thirty three to sixty three. Then he played at Pitt stadium for a little bit before they went to three rivers and now Huntsville. So that thing Thompson not being will find a spine. Boston. Play that inability to secure that real estate changed the complexion of our all our lives imagine that there was just a Pennsylvania Keystone thought. Insane. Insane. Like the Scott nothing about Pittsburgh people. Pittsburgh people. FREAKS freaks. Anyway. So that doesn't come to fruition. So what happens then Thompson still owns the team. Thompsons team comes to Philadelphia. So Thompson technically technically owns the Pittsburgh football franchise and Rooney and bell. Technically. Only. Eagles. But bell goes with ruining to Pittsburgh and they become the steelers. So that team is the steelers and Thompson comes to Philadelphia the team that he bought was the steelers e comes Philadelphia and becomes the owner of the eagles. It's the most convoluted thing I've ever heard in my wife wants took a walk class in college insanity. Wait I talked to law classes. How about that? Always wicked smart, and then we'll goes on Rooney. Obviously becomes NFL. Has Said Bergdahl owns the steelers with Rooney for a few years becomes the NFL Commissioner in Nineteen, forty six until his death in nineteen fifty-nine. Legendary figure one of the most important people in the history of Philadelphia. I don't think it's hyperbolic to say that founded the eagles went to Penn hats off to him for both of those things so. As we've covered the steelers and eagles before nineteen, forty, three before Pearl Harbor before America United States was in Rob's in World War Two almost became one. So what happens nineteen forty? Things are in disarray in the NFL obviously people always talk about baseball America's pastime. During the wartime period, we have the whole illegal run stuff with women run. Or women filled baseball teams that sparked up in that era and had a lot of fanfare about baseball at the time. You know, Ted Williams You know this isn't Ted Williams leaves misses a couple years, and then you know Miss Probably, what seventy home runs not playing for a couple of seasons prime primis three hundred. Three fifty hits restrict record football gets under look but football wanted to provide that entertaining to the American people just as much as baseball and you know they wanted to make some money to because they're not stupid. So football season. Go on NFL WE'RE GONNA play it. So the nineteen forty, three spring meetings, craziness ensues a lot of players obviously football was not suppose that needs to be said I'm sure a lot of knew that but needs to be said football was nothing compared to baseball think of what football is today that's football, and that's basically what baseball wasn't. as much people love football now, Leila Baseball and in football I don't even know what that would have been obviously lower than baseball or maybe like MLS. Let's say they're as big as the MOS people like them all last. There are a lot of fans. Is it this big league that people love? Not Really. That's okay. Does have Assad fantasies but because of that football, the time wasn't attracting no the biggest stars in all of sports they could just get what they got from college vote was bigger than the NFL fat point. So sometimes get college players sometimes, they would just get gots guys off the street. Then poly style. So because of the war, most players that were on the NFL rosters, Dan got word firms. So these are guys out were married. Had Kids were a little bit older than like the twenty six year old cutoff range or players you had. UNFIT, for war physically so you have a guy. The steagall center the Phil Bit Phil Pit Combined Nineteen Forty-three Center Ray Graves. Was Deaf in one ear the center was deaf in one ear. How. Could he hear the call of the quarterback to hike the ball? That's insane. You WanNa hear something even more interesting. Eagles had a guy the steals I should say, sorry, the struggles had a guy on their team is knee was Tony Bova. He was blind in one not and partially blind in the other. So what position do you think he plays linebacker just runs around like a maniac has daredevil like senses and can just hear the ball is snapped words throwing hand off to Russia's over there and tackles the guy know that guy played wide receiver. The SEGEL's had a guy who was legally blind clang wide receiver and guess what he led the team with seventeen catches. Why does no one talk about this guy needs to be a sexual him though if I need to know everything in the world. Who is Worthy Act obviously probably dead. But where did his life go after them? How do you even get blind? Was He born blind was an accident. Chemicals. daredevil. Marvel comics something like that I don't know. But my point is this wasn't a cream of the crop. Of athletes and. Really. The male population in. American time. This is crazy. So. That team. So the steals. They actually go five, four and one get a winning record but they finished third in the NFL Eastern Division behind the Washington you know what's were six three in one in one the eastern division go in the plane NFL title game the giants wore six three one but I guess Washington one whatever tiebreaker there was at that period and then inflation will love this just because of the insanity of sports at that time things of teams in fourth place in the NFL Eastern Division. In nineteen, forty, three with a two and eight Brooklyn Dodgers Brooklyn dodgers. Want. Also needs to be said in terms of something that Hamstrung the NFL. At that time it would be irresponsible for me to say, no, how they could have increased Rosser size in got more players on teams. If, they lifted their rule in the ban of black and African American players disgusting can't believe it happened. Well, I shouldn't say that I can't believe it happened while determined place. They're terrible people in there have been forever I get why it happened even though it was discussing act. And Insane. The thing that was ever. Action say it's insane to think that I understand why? Because people are terrible they're racist people out there. It's insane. Searching, for what stream next HBO Max is where all of HBO The Greatest Collection of movies, shows and Max originals, firm everyone in the family. Discovers something fresh to watch with new HBO series like lovecraft country from Jordan peele green and J.J Abrams. Or the undoing starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant. You can also jump into a new Max original selena Gomez's new cooking show Selena and chef or the flight attendant a dark new comedic thriller starring Kelly Cocoa. Really? Scott's even producing a new series called raised by wolves. Whether, you want to rewatch classic favorites or finally get into that. Show your friends recommended a thousand times. Hbo Max has something for everyone. Starts Dreaming Today, and find your next favorite download. The APP or visit is it HBO Max Dot Com to start your free trial Today, every answer matters more than ever before because whether it's about health deliveries or finance some things just can't wait. That's why IBM is helping businesses manage millions of calls, texts and chats with Watson Assistant. It's conversational. I designed to help your customers find the answers they need faster no matter the industry. Let's put smart to work visit IBM DOT com slash. Watson Assistant to learn more. The steelers in that nineteen forty-three Spring meeting were NFL spring meeting where they come together to figure out what they're doing. The steelers only had six players ready to play based on guys who got drafted Global La. Thought that the NFL draft at your obviously thought those guys could have helped them but a lot of guys that. Football teams, NFL teams were drafting got drafted and to the entire. Pacific theater. They were judged by just NFL teams, they were being drafted into the war. Is Anita read a book? Anyone's author knows a book about were Time Football Shoe tweet email whatever. Eagles had sixteen players ready to play them which was more. So, what happened there was because the eagles had a little bit of an edged over the Pittsburgh football franchise, those teams were. Green and white uniforms. Take that, Pittsburgh. That was the only season where in history of the Pittsburgh football team where they did not have at least some degree black and gold in their uniforms. Black and yellow take them. So. Even though a lot of these guys were cast-offs or random people who did not get drafted into the war itself, the European Campaign Civic Theatre whatever reserves. Whatever was going on in the war industry some guys their day jobs were in factories manufacturing four war industries. So they were allowed to stay stateside were able to plan. But the is a nineteen, forty three. The actually go to the NFL championship in nineteen, forty seven and then win the whole thing nineteen, forty, eight, and nineteen nineteen, forty, seven, they lose to the Chicago cardinals nine, hundred, forty, eight, they beat the Chicago cardinals in the nineteen, forty, nine, they beat the Los Angeles, rams to win their second, NFL. Change. So looking at some guys on this roster that were, you could tell which guys were originally Pittsburgh players, guys that were originally Philadelphia players that came to play on this Phil. Pit. Combines Eagles unofficially known steagall team in nineteen third through suppliers that I didn't know that research on highland. We have Francis Joseph Bucko camera I heard of this guy before port Richmond Nave. Went to North Catholic Event Temple Offensive Lineman. It was his rookie year nineteen, forty, three played until nineteen, fifty, five, all burns was on both the forty eight team and the forty nine championship teams. Was a scout for the Eagles nineteen sixty NFL championship team. This guy's skies kind of alleged. Three time pro bowler NFL all decade team for the nineteen forties. We also have been cash who was a safety end fullback he was listed as you know, most of those guys at the time kind of play two ways like that. I first I joined the team and he played until nineteen, forty nine. So he was on both the forty eight, hundred, nine championship teams. We have VIC sears. Tackle played offensive line, but also prompt reply defensive flights to nicknamed. smoothie what a nickname. That was his thirty with the team they draft Eagles had previously drafted him out of argosy. was on the forty, eight, forty, nine teams will meet second team all pro in nineteen forty in nineteen, forty nine. He was also a manifestos, nineteen forties off decades. We also have. Ernie, steele was on the forty eighteen. That was his second year in nineteen forty three his last season with the birds was nineteen. We have. A huge figure eagles history out wister number seventy retired by the franchise nineteen forty-three. What's his rookie season? He played until nineteen, fifty, one all with the birds. was on the forty and forty nine championship team championships. It was a six time first team all pro from nineteen, forty, four to nineteen forty nine was a two time second team all pro in nineteen, thousand, nine, hundred, fifty, one the only year in his career where he would not pro was this rookie year for the Eagles why? Didn't make pros issue. Also, on the nineteen forties, all decade. NFL tires are on this team. Number seventy as I said retired by. Then we also have. Get. Ready for these stats, their quarterback for the steals full combine Roy's Zimmer. What the time was twenty four years old these are his stats. He was the quarterback for this team he had eight, hundred, forty, six passing yards. With nine touchdowns and seventeen interceptions. His completion percentage was thirty, four, point, seven percent you're thinking this is nineteen forties football. They play some army navy triple option stuff and he had a lot of rushing yards or something is that how he was good He had on thirty three rushing attempts. Thirty three Russians had negative forty, one yards that season negative forty, one, not forty one, negative forty one seems impossible nobody was he taking knees every five seconds what was going on? And despite at all I, don't know how he made second team all pro that year. It was a different sport. We also have two guys who I consider in a the moonlight Graham category for that Stieglitz team. If you're not familiar with Moonlight Graham go watch field dreams guy. Wanted had one at Bat, his Major League career suicide said, he'd officially officially played for the team. Played in the League. We have ray route. Who was end was it hasn't ended that probably meant he played like defensive end and tight end playing both ways played in two games that season recorded zero stats never played again. GotTa be guy only got in because of the war. Yep Steve Sader a fullback. Concrete Football Experience San Lop Player in South Philly came out swinging from South Philly basement events polly invincible style played two games had three rushes for five years, and then he goes and dies in nineteen, forty, six at Age Thirty Years Twenty, seven, nineteen, forty, three of Hodgman's is. When you're watching the birds close things up watching the birds on Sunday take on the steelers. With your significant other or maybe some your family members Gimme a little history lesson on the Segel's Pennsylvania Keystone owners. Avian. Join to Robert. Kraft. Hard Seltzer while you're. Watching the game drinking to Robert Seltzer and I'm going to be thinking about how grateful I am that I'm not a fan of the Pennsylvania Keystone. But a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, my favorite team and yours as well. That's it for me Jamie on twitter and instagram actually was under clancy. Be Sure to check out the BG in Instagram apple leading. Green Insta- for our two robbers march pack giveaway. Go Birds. Let's get a win. Five hundred. Here we come. HBO, Max Brings All of HBO to Your Fingertips Plus An epic list of New Max originals whether you're into animation, classic movies or Binge Worthy. HP Max's suggested collections are curated by real humans not robots. So you find the right thing to watch every time with thousands of options for you in the family to choose from it's the streaming platforms of your dreams. A speed Max were HBO so much more start streaming now at HBO Max Dot Com.

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