Episode 025 | Outlining Systems


Hi Everybody Welcome to episode twenty five of the rookie writer show today we're going to be looking at outlining systems and if when you saw this topic come up super excited then you my friend are what's known as a planner or a plotter you may have heard these terms planner plot we love outlining you love the plotting process and that actually it makes your writing go that much more smoothly and you enjoy it that much more because it sort of it takes the pressure off that may seem inconsistent those may seem like inconsistencies and they might just straight up be or they might be consistent with another it's most people live in between these two poles on this continuum of the pancer plotter pay planner continuum the under the spectrum is panthers these are people who and Stephen King's a very famous one loves to sort of just of where they're going with her novel before they sit down and write the first line James Patterson is sort of a famous one of these his outlines being space on the other hand was like a hurricane hit blown through it was just her personality it was her best we be a good fit for you okay so we've already referred to a planner or plotter they're synonymous that's somebody who likes to have a really clear idea Suam and the thing about it is it's kind of funny is that you can't necessarily base where you might fall on this continuum on how you live the same person but it's just a different style depending on different circumstances so you might be the kind of person the Elvis's your spice rack and tend to go almost as long as panorama book in some cases like he can have pay outlines that are just dozens and dozens and dozens of pages long at the other only being able to see as far as your headlights that's the whole concept here is that you you like to be surprised you don't want to know what's going to happen in your story before it happened the rest of your life in Judy blume's masterclass and I made told us already and if so we'll hear it again she talks about how her agent start with an idea or a flash of character or a seen a what if question that sort of thing and then just follow it there's some famous quote you can go a long distance working the way that she liked to work was not as was a little bit chaotic and when I was in my twenties I had a friend from work come over for the first time and she'd only see me with all those beautifully organized spice wrecks and like me you may not know where your car keys and your phone are half the time but you might be you might find that you re work where I kept my desk it's super organized my workflow pretty streamlined St- not so much from my apartment so she came over and she just was how are is this the people who live in the middle were called planters or plots depending on who you're talking to and it's just a you just need some kind of awareness of where you fall on the aspect of your personality that you're not thinking about so for instance pay answers often have more revision work to do when it comes to the the second draft and the plotter continuum we're somewhere in the middle it's fun to play with take a look at it it'll give you some first starter thoughts about what kinds of ways you might approach didn't came over to her house one time and they like to keep their house their families to keep their house in reasonable reasonably orderly fashion her right needed to be redone significantly substantially and that meant all that time for me felt stressful that that time was just gone you figure out how the story arc goes rather than doing it on the front end people who plot and plan tend to have less revision and then therefore less cutting you or adding depending on your circumstance then then panthers do so for me I didn't actually become potting no matter what anyone tells you there is however a right way for you and you just gotTa go find it on the website on the show notes today is much of a planner plotter as I am now until I went through a couple of panther experiences where I had to go through that revision process of and beyond because they sort of put out their story they follow it where it goes and then they basically go back in the revision process in sort of retroactively. I can't say it enough times you just have to try out the different ways and find your way now this week I spent a good bit of time maybe you don't care about going back and

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