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She's into over twenty of your favorites from Dj College Coach Keg. Abby Wambach two ALSI. They're all here to the wisdom that we could all use right now. Listen to iheartradio new. Podcast commencement just dropped. Fifteen on iheartradio APP ends Sunday may seventeenth of all. I heart radio stations in partnership with the twenty twenty senses shape. Your future start here. You are listening to the Dan Patrick. Show on Fox. Sports Radio finally lower in this Thursday dan on the Dan. Patrick Show. I'm still laughing at your sneaky line. You had yesterday. Seton as I'm running down the list of seventy four best players in NBA history. And then you said. Where's I on the list and I thought you were trolling there troll? We're trolling there. Yes you were people still talking about that. Talking about that list to seventy four was colby not high enough with shack. Not High Enough Larry. Bird too high on the list. Lebron should be number two all time. I have no problem with these list if you said. Kobe is going to be number two on the list. Okay certainly got a great resume is about titles. All right he's got more titles than Lebron. Like what does it come down to? And I still don't know what the voting criteria is because it feels like that trump card is titles and when all else fails. Hey this guy won more titles there. We have favorites and we have favorites in. It's generational like you can't tell people from the nineties who are certain age and watch Jordan. You can't they'll never ever given and say somebody could possibly be better than Michael Jordan. Just can't it won't happen. You're going to have people fifteen years from now. Talk about Steph curry and Steph curry greatness. Let's say Steph Curry adds one more title here. He's going to be the greatest shooter. Volta Not Greatest Score but the great shooter Volta. Does he get into the top ten if we have this conversation in ten years from now who is in the top ten is Kevin Durant in the top? Ten is Steph. Curry is the Greek freak. There is why does Lebron go higher? Does he go to number one because nobody else is changing. Everybody else's resume is complete. Lebron is still piling on the numbers. And maybe winning another title or to Steph. Curry is what thirty two thirty two? He's got a window here of. Let's say three or four more peak years. Can you add one or two? Titles there. The resurgence of the Golden State Warriors Number One overall pick. You Got Draymond clay and got steph coming back to win another title there if you win another title. Then he's going to be in the top. Ten who comes out of the top? Ten is also interesting. Greek freak got win titles we we've had statistical anomalies here. You got to win some titles. And he's got plenty of time to do so Leonard. I think why would get credit for winning? Titles but wouldn't be viewed as one of the greats of all time because the load management. Maybe what happened San Antonio here? He is with the clippers in a chance to win another title or two given that roster and having a hall of Fame Coach. There's well but those were some of the thoughts that I had instead of arguing about who should be in the top ten or where they're ranked in the top seventy four. It's let's look at that next wave of WHO's going to be in the top ten when it's all said and done and who gets moved out of the top ten Yama Club. So is it fair to say? This is more of a question that players twenty twenty are much better than players. Say Nineteen Seventy Five. A coaching and fitness weightlifting. And now everybody learns to shoot through you. It's a totally so these guys are better now or am I completely wrong. I think their different because they they've had you have somebody to model your game after you know everybody's in shape now and Jordan was one of the first to hire a trainer so this isn't nineteen seventy five. Where guys are hiring trainers Jordan hired. Somebody outside of the Chicago Bulls Tim. Grover to come in and get him in shape. Lebron spends over a million dollars. A year reportedly on training meals. All those things travel. Look at the travel. Here you got you got private jets here back in the seventies with wilt chamberlain use to fly commercial seven two. And you probably weren't going to act like it's just changed so much and then the athlete who's GonNa come along fifteen years from now. Who knows what we allow them to put in their bodies. What are they like when they play the game? What is the game like? Are we raising the hoop in any point? Do we widen the court at any point? Do we do that in football do we? Do we make it wider because of the athleticism. That's going to be in play here. I I don't know but I think that those are distinct possibilities here. I just think that if I'm going to look at who is most likely to pull to drop out of the top ten. Is it Larry Bird Shack and coby? They're still in. Kobe will always be with us. Shack is there every day in commercials Larry disappeared? You don't see Larry Anymore. Lebron and Michael. We're going to be there. Tim Duncan if he becomes the next head coach of the spur like it's being relevant to and people saw most of your career here. I don't know I don't know who else would fall out of that top ten because somebody there's at least two going in. I think steph curry going in. He'll be a top ten player of all time. Is Kevin durant going to be a top ten player of all time and in twenty years from now? Is the Greek freak in there or is there somebody else that comes along? Yama Club also back in the day like didn't have the loop is going to be in the mix and Greek freak like is this sport better because international too or was there was no Arvidas Sa- Bonus and seventy. I mean it feels like the game that has helped the game a lot. You can credit the Dream Team. Yes that's it because it changed it. The Dream Team opened. Everybody's eyes to the globalisation of the sport. You know somebody was saying what about Magic Johnson man magic as a six nine point court it it just you you. You couldn't process that six nine athletic point guard. And that's where you start your Tim. That's nobody could match up with that. We tried a penny hardaway. We tried with guys. That were a little bit bigger taller. Magic was six eight six nine running the point and running the break to top ten player. But somebody will fall out. Russell stays in because of the eleven titles bird might be the guy that falls out. I think I don't think bird falls out. Because I think he and Magic Johnson or intertwines almost like a package deal they should be. But somebody's falling out right. If steph curry puts up a resume. That's so good if he adds two more titles than he's going in. Maybe we should book some guests for ten years from now about this topic. Here let's get the ESPN voters on here. We'll get some phone calls here. Eight seven seven three. Dp show email address teepee. Dan Patrick Dot Com. You start to hear a little bit more information about baseball. The Baseball Player Association. What the target date is here. There still a lot to be decided. A lot of grumbling from the players. How much we getting you know? We also factor this in. There are players in families. That won't want their husband to come back. They won't WANNA come back. There's there's just a lot that has to be factored in here. It's not as simple as turn. Turn on the switch and then we all go back and play. There's a lot that has to be processed here and there are things that we haven't even thought about that. They have to think about but I do think that there are there players in basketball and also baseball who really second guessing this and and I talked to somebody yesterday. I've mentioned this The first and second hour and I'll bring up one more time because it's important to hear I ask about in this is source. I said what about what would it take for the NFL players to be able to come back training camp. Get Ready for games and I was told right now we are. Medical Staff is estimating sixteen thousand test a week for NFL players personnel sixty thousand instead. And should we be getting these tests instead of somebody who really needs these tests but but those are things that are being discussed right now of trying to come back and play and can you do it safely. These are all things that are being discussed with Teams Leagues Commissioners Medical Staffs and. I don't know how far down the road we are and with Major League Baseball. Are you going to have players? Who WANNA play? Can they play? Are you going to be self quarantined in Florida or Arizona? I also asked my source. I said how do you think the players association is if you took a poll of players and my source said. I don't know if they have any documentation but what I've been told is you're GONNA get a lot of players who don't want to come back to play right now if you voted now for the NFL. They would not want to come back and play now. Majority is what I was told so. Once again things change change rapidly daily. Almost hourly here and my job is just update you on that of what we hear the. Nba's quiet right now. And I think that's a good thing because I don't want member when we went back and it was gonna be May I opening camps then it was may eighth and I said I wouldn't be putting those dates out there and we move right by those. They need to be silent. Get A game plan. And then hopefully you're able to start this. Hopefully that. That's everybody's goal. Let me see a couple of phone calls in here. Jim In Michigan joins us. Hey Jim what's on your mind today. Mr Patrick talking again. I got a movie for you. Okay call under the rainbow. Got Chevy Chase. Carrie Fisher and seventy five Mitch. Okay I guess this is their over the rainbow but they're under the rainbow. But thank you Jim. I'm not a Chevy Chase Fan. I he said legendary career like flat. Shen is brilliant on Saturday night. Live viscose back to battle lines were drawn and I was doing a sports center one night and I remember Carl ravage in some of the other sports anchors. We got into a discussion. Who Do you like more Chevy Chase or and Chevy was in at Saturday night live for a long time and then he went into making movies. And I said it's Bill Murray and we had this conversation going back and forth and you know I picked the right horse there with bill. Murray so for some reason I hold this against Chevy Chase and I don't know why I don't know Chevy Chase. I appreciate him but if you said. Hey who's who stars in their golf movie caddyshack. Bill improvised everything. I mean it was Chevy's movie but bill stole the movie I think but I think that they add lived those scenes when bill was with Chevy standpoint. There's a great old movie called seems like Old Times. Goldie Hawn Chevy Chase and Charles Grodin. It's a bit dated. I don't know if it would play that. Well these days and Charles Grodin fantastic all the haunt. Everyone loves her. And Chevy's Great Watch midnight run with De Niro and Charles Grodin. Charles Grodin spectacular. That moving he really is is. It's a it's one of the great buddy movies because Deniro is so serious Charles. Grodin is just. He has such a great way about him. And I don't know like Deniro. You never thought of him as I've watched taxi driver again yesterday afternoon. Who Man can have that with the kids? Now mclovin sat home during quarantine and watch taxi driver yesterday afternoon. That sounds a lot of well. I'll give you an idea of my mental state sometimes. Let me find Somebody who is worshipped I am maybe somebody who's a little more down in the dumps Travis Bickel here and then I watched The Jake Lamotta raging bull. How and there's a scene where I think PECI was so great in that movie and and you don't realize how great he is but his role is it's quirky. It's it's smallish compared to how big Jake Lamotta and Deniro is in raging bull. But when PECI is getting punched in he's got padding on and Deniro's punching him as he gets ready to go out for the fight was just brilliant. Just really really. I don't WanNA say stalled it. But but he's so good. Yeah Fritzy have your kids. Stir crazy or goodfellas. I don't want Wanna I'm not a good fellows fan real now. I know something about them. All the way through. Yes I just you know what it is. I know how these movies always end. And these are some of my people through my wife's side of the family. She just found out she's an unrecognized citizen of Italy. 'cause she was she was enquiring about dual citizenship. I was about Ireland. And then she goes. I should check on Italy. I can't I have a hard time getting in to Italy as dual citizen and my wife goes. I'm an unrecognized citizen of Italy I go. What does that mean she goes? I have no idea but I'm closer to be a dual citizen. She thinking about jumping ship. No she just. I don't know I figured one of these days when I up and leave and then I just you know you're GonNa see me on the Riviera or Lake Como in Italy next to George Clooney hosting a sports radio show on sports like then Deti Jimmy in the Brazil Jimmy and the Mozzarell- in the morning Robert in Houston. Hi Robert would he have today first time start time Five eight hundred one eighty five five so I I recommend to movies my favorites And just kind of a different two different once the godfather and the Matrix kind of unique in their own way And then the Trivia for that it was written by Tarantino directed by Tony Stock and Energy. That was just coming out. He decided to direct reservoir dogs and had to give to romance. Oh good well thank you Robert. I can't watch reservoir dogs when they get into the warehouse. And that's good can't do no can't do that comes on a great movie. Can't watch they get to that. The torture tonight can't do can't do Stephen. South Carolina Steve. Adp First Time Long Time five nine one sixty couple movies at both of these movies. Make me laugh every time I watch them and how many times I've seen him Return of the Pink Panther from the Peter Sellers series. Snap and This one under the radar maneuver a movie bananas from Nineteen seventy-one Woody Allen. If you've never seen it the very opening movie is Howard. Cosell playing himself calling an assassination. It's brilliant. It's almost like a feels like a variety show movie I saw longtime ago. And what was the other movie bananas and I missed it. I Forget Godfather. I Love The godfather but I I know how it all ends. I don't I mean it ends in bad ways for people and I love James Caan but sunny gets if he has correct change. He doesn't die at the toll booth fast. I know they didn't have easy passback. Then yeah mclovin. I'd love to see you watch all one hundred films in the American Film. Institute's top hundred and see how many you give thumbs up to. Because you're you're you're a critical. Well there's reasons why I like or don't like a movie that doesn't mean they're not great movies like girls. I didn't I didn't like Goodfellas I. I didn't like casino. I watched that the other night. I Sharon stone is great in Pepsi's great the way Deniro dresses. But you know it's GONNA end bad. I have a hard time watching it. Yeah with the kids like American. Graffiti sign fever fifties genre to Saturday night. Fever my wife she. We had movie night with Saturday night. Fever and my wife forgot how. There's some scenes in language. There's some things that are set in there that we went. I don't know but you're already watching it and you forget it and then all of a sudden my son who's my oldest forgot that one I got it got that one forgot that senior more phone calls coming up Dan. I hate the top you there. But I've got the ultimate movie topper. My Dad was once a saddle of me on a Saturday rainy afternoon. Go go take the kid to the movies and this was a movie theater that had one movie to choose from. You just drove the movie. That was there and I was again. I was ten and a half years old and my dad took me to see midnight express and it was good movie love. It was traumatic Turkish. Prison movies are not for children. I think that's a universal truth. I saw jaws when I was six. I wouldn't even take a bath for a month. Yes that's messed up our camp counselor. Who smoked a lot of pot back? When we were like seventy years old we were supposed to see the apple dumpling. Gang which was a Disney movie snuck us into private lessons with Sylvia. A kinda shook us up a little bit. They thought it was going be using that they would take eight year old kids into that. That explains on an awful lot of an awful lot about who knew twelve years in never heard that one before never heard about private lessons with the tablet crystal. Yeah I think I've heard that a hundred times. Maybe but the audience they waiting out. You're right true twenty after the hour more phone calls coming up here and did we stay with the poll question. Mclovin all three hours. Yeah we're on Do you like fake crowd noise and actually started out fifty five percent. Were okay with it. Now it's close to sixty percent say no way on the fake runways. I don't need it. I I would be curious if we like. No sound fake sound to the real sound that you're going to get to the game. I'M GONNA guess it'll it'll be awkward but I do think it'll be different. You'll pay even more attention. I think to the game because of the sound that will be there and we just heard from Nick Nurse the Toronto Raptors head coach last hour. And he's like I. I'd have to really watch my language and I think a lot of players were. You would hear everything and it would be great if this was back in the eighties when there was true trash talking got out good with that be or the nineties Jordan. Saying something or birds say something. Yeah that'd be that'd be great twenty two after the hour back after this on the Dan Patrick Show. Thanks for listening to the Dan. Patrick Show podcast sure to catch. Us Live every weekday morning nine to noon eastern or six to nine Pacific on Fox sports radio. Find your local station for the Dan. Patrick show at Fox sports radio DOT COM or stream. 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As underpaid and frustrated the episode of the final seconds of one thousand nine hundred four semifinal Game Phil Jackson Pick Toni Kukoc coach to have the last shot pippen apparently was angry and he was angry and he decided he was going to sit out. The last second and a half coach hits the shot and that was that was always what was interesting there couple things. If if that game into overtime his pippen going to players. He's still going to sit out and a few see the play before the timeout before. Cuco chits the shot pippen. Who was and he was never a great on dribbling the ball creator. He didn't create. He was great in transition board and it was up to Jordan to create. Scotti was a a score. Not a shooter and SCOTTY GETS FRUSTRATED. Because coup coach he thinks is going to pick. He doesn't set the pick coach backs off. And then once the ball. And then Scottie forces one up at the BUZZER and it doesn't go went. They get the chance last. Chance and this time coach gets the ball. Hits the shot over. I think Anthony Mason and the Bulls end up winning. Let me see what's in here. And then of course pippen said if. I had a chance to do it over. I probably wouldn't change it a good quote. They're scanning. He says that he let me see. I wish he didn't give a bleep like me about what people say. Is this this sort now? This Dennis Rodman Dennis Rodman says. I wish Scotty didn't give a bleep like me about what people say. He insisted pippins one of the best players of all time but no one could ever quite see him. He was too quiet. He was standing next to Michael Jordan. Scottie was underrated and underpaid. He should be holding his head. High high up higher than Michael Jordan. In this documentary I think a lot of people are now realizing what he went through. The kid was a hero and a lot of ways during those great bowls runs with Scott underpaid only in relationship to Michael Jordan. What was Scotty salary? And where did that salary rank in the League because I think it might be a little bit higher than people think I don't? I don't have any comments. Here from Scottie. Pippen just says he's reportedly unhappy about the last dance. I don't see anything. Yeah Paulie Pippen Bulls. Run was his average pay was about two point six million a year he was not in the top. There's a point in his career where he was a first team all NBA Player. But he wasn't in the top forty of player salary. Where was he? The last year of the Bulls with that sound. His last year with the Bulls who may two point seven million dollars. Okay and I'll check to see where that ranks lean. Okay yeah because I was told that Scotty was getting a pretty good salary commensurate to other players. He was just Michael. Jordan was different than everybody else back. Then but Scotty is. I understand but but Scotty doesn't help himself in this documentary if you had to do it all over again. That's where you say back. Then this is why I acted that way. Of course I'd Never WanNa quit on my team when people start calling you sitting bull because you sat down in that ninety four semifinal game and not a good thing to have attached to your resume and Scotty I think has benefited from the last ends in this top. Seventy four players would have Scotty twenty-second is Scottie. Pippin the twenty second best player in the NBA. Got All those titles Apple Pippin. Finally you're the Bulls. Basically what this documentaries about. He made two point seven million a year he was. That was one twenty two hundred one hundred and twenty-one players in the NBA making more than him including players. Who weren't even starters including Horace Grant who's making fourteen million a year if the owner says to you at the time. Don't sign this deal. This is the owner of the ball. Same to Scotty. Don't this isn't a good contract. I get why Scottie Pippen is upset about it because some of this is the way. The documentary is framing. Things like did they really have to spend half of an episode on his migraine too. You know like He. He had to sit. He sat for the one clay. He had a Migraine and couldn't play another game yet. Somehow Michael Jordan punches a teammate in the face and it's framed as that's the moment we all really came together and knew we were winning the championship. I mean it's kind of garbage. Well Scotty should own documentary. Because Michael is doing his own documentary and then Scotty can tell his story. The way he wants to tell his storing. I do think that they they SORTA LEFT. Scotty hanging in a little bit here and then when Michael Says Hey. I was bothered. That he didn't have surgery. Michael has the last word there. Yes Michael had the nerve to call Scotty selfish. He's speaking thirty five million dollars a year and Scottie. Pippen is one hundred twenty third highest paid player and Michael. Jordan's like well. I thought Scotty was selfish in that moment. He should've thought of the team. There is the great moment where they give you. The background of Scottie. Pippen where he's from You know relationship with. His father's father's illness came out of central Arkansas. They weren't quite sure what they had. And then all of a sudden they realize what they had and they had the perfect running mate for Michael Jordan. This doesn't happen for Michael. Without Scotty now. We know that. It doesn't happen for Scotty without Michael but I do think that we sometimes look at that running mate and we don't give them as much credit but Scotty with what he did. I thought Scott he was a better defender than Michael. I thought that he was. I thought he was just tougher. I mean he picked up. He was a longer defender. He picked up Mark Jackson. He changed that series with the Indiana Pacers his defense Denmark Jackson. He wouldn't let him get into the offense until there was ten seconds left on the shot clock but that was Scott. Scottie wasn't a great shooter but he could score transition. Defense rebound wasn't afraid guard. Anybody he but if you think about it he gets overshadowed throughout all of this. Steve Kerr Hits a big John. Paxson hits a big shot. Tony Cuco Chits a big shot. This is about Michael and all the big shots that he hit the genius of Phil Jackson. Scotty is just sort of a Scottie sat down. Oh Yeah Scottie was holding out Scotty. Always complained about his contract. Is there a moment during the last dance? Where they really are thrown verbal bouquets. Scottie Pippen maybe that part of the episode where they talk about drafting him his family life. What are you overcame? Maybe a little bit there. Yeah yeah there's different ways you can look at. You can make the case that he's an overrated player because he benefits from being with Michael Jordan titles but then he could come back and saying Michael Jordan doesn't exist in this current state without me. They don't happen independent from each other. I am not as good as him but he doesn't have six and without me and that's a fact that's true that is but I I didn't hear any quotes just says that you know. He's reportedly upset about and fritzy called for Pippen Michelob. Scott he's GonNa get revenge when they show that Blazers Lakers. Oh Two thousand Western Conference finals for. Oh to sue. What are you doing well? I'm curious at the documentary because that was really bad as I recall for. Scotty you blazers could score the Lakers for my pippen documentary title ready my sidekick of the story. Now your Mike Works. It doesn't do anything for you. Know does he his own documentary my sidekick of this now. I got it. I know on a second now museum like my side. Kick of the story resigned. I get it. Recruitment kicking criminal side. Thank my side like Robin to join like I got. I got a time. It's not the hero. See if your feed would go down here on. That'd be nice. John John John in Texas a John. Hey Dan this is just a little side note The soccer movie escape to victory. That's a good movie but I wanted to talk about liberal. We'RE WARNER WAY. We're not interested in. No no no no John John. I can't talk Liverpool right now. Thank you though. You're well on your way. I hope that the premiership comes back and Liverpool finally wins. We're well on our way you're in Texas. We're well on our way to Liverpool Guy. Last week almost ten days I was playing. I got my hat. I need my kit. Bali gotTa have my Kit Kellen in Indiana wants to talk Liverpool. Yes yes county. Five ten boozed up one seventy Two suggestions for the questions. You asked today Dazed and confused. Matthew mcconaughey Hey great movie. Second Thing Andrew Luck being hall of Famer after two seasons. Yeah I think the jury was probably in on on Andrew Luck. We we were talking about thank you. You Know How many times I watch doc. Gooden and I was fortunate to be able to cover the mets back. Then and DOC. Gooden good nephews second year when he went twenty four and I went Omega this. This guy is the hall of fame. We don't know we'd heard things about doc but it was later on not then not after second year and then you started to wonder about twenty years of age. And you're in New York and I would see his dad a lot but you know when Dad's not around and Darryl Strawberry was there you know. Mets were partners. Mets were big parties back then and dot got involved. He's still involved. But then after those two years you were like. Wow that that guys go into the hall of Fame Brenton Texas joins us. Hey Brentwood he have horns and appreciate you and the debt say. My suggestion for movie nights is low postcard to Chicago. Sara steelers day off. I was twelve when I'm not theaters. The classic quotes life moves. Pretty fast if you don't stop and take a look around once in a while you could miss it. Yeah we brought that up and I think we started to play it for my youngest and she just didn't like it she didn't. She didn't get the genius of Ferris Bueller. So Yeah we're doing movie night and you know interrupts my a glass Tequila and my cigar. Because they won't let me have the cigar while we're watching the damn movie so I have to watch the movie and then I breaking Arizona. I sat through most of that. We're doing broadcast news and diner movies. That are on the on Deck Circle Jeff in Saint. Louis Hey Jeff how are you? Good Morning Sir. Good Morning And Paulie love your shirt. I'm wearing it and I think you guys were short. That you gotTa Forget one movie and its best in movie heat with Al Pacino and Robert Deniro and they're only and twosies together and that and your thoughts about Spud Webb basketball. Is He in the top seventy four. No no no thank you. Who Else is talking about the movie? Heat and Spud Webb today. No one is no one. In the same sentence thanked paragraph there spud Webb. No Nice Story. Nice man I didn't like heat vow kilmer in. Yes Tom Sizemore Jon. Voight I was okay with it. I ruled out so many different genres when it. There's nothing's no zombies. No vampires no space h movies. No superheroes I'm not a lot of fun to watch a movie with because I'm always in. It's hard nowadays because everything has vampires superheroes. Heat also has a young Ashley. Judd in the young saucy. Amy Brennaman don't sleep on them. Good movie Jim In Montana joins us. Hey Jim good morning Say One quick movie being there with Peter Sellers. He plays an idiot. May CIANCI Gardner. Yeah pretty good. I thought he was brilliant in that movie. And thanks for the phone. Call Jim the other movie. That was suggested a return to the Pink Panther which Mike. Kids thought was spectacular. Just because you know he'd go home and have Kato Kato. Have these knock down drag out. Fight trying to kill each other and that scene when he's at the hotel does your dog bite and then all of a sudden you're rack. Your dog does. That is not my dog. Loved Pink Panther. Peter sellars take a break. Oh it looks like we've got hamburgers coming off the trigger Friday I know but I wanted to make sure that the trigger was ready for Friday so know when a team has a walkthrough prior to a big game. Tomorrow's meet Friday and it's like a walk through here are Super Bowl here so we are have to get up and go all the way to the kitchen to have that Burger. We'll take a break last call for phone calls after this. Thanks for listening to the Dan. Patrick Show podcast be sure to catch. Us Live every weekday morning nine until noon eastern nine Pacific on Fox sports radio and you can find us on the iheartradio APP at FSR or stream. It live every day at Youtube dot com slash. The Dan Patrick. Show support for the Dan. 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It's a good thing too because you're already have so much to do around your home. Go TO GEICO DOT COM. Get a quote and see how much you can save. It's gyco easy visit. Geico DOT COM. Today that's GEICO DOT com once again. It's GEICO easy. Visit GEICO DOT com today. Geico DOT COM my. Thanks once again to nick nurse. Toronto Raptors head coach at this team sports history man. This is a nice trial run. Meet Thursday for meet Friday. Just hamburgers but good. They're really good. And what's the menu for me Friday Pauley on the trigger We got a lot of meat tomorrow. I think it's Teriyaki chicken tomorrow. Okay it's on hearing. I'm heard I'm hearing that and some Street corn burs really good. It might be the Best Burger. I've had a long time club. Yeah I heard you. I heard you on the break. Yeah there's pretty good it's pretty good Eddie. Leftover we miss you feed the guy. I made six hamburgers. And I figured pauline I can do three each or we could do one each and then I could give it to the guys in the back I opted for three each in Pauley said no we should give it to the guys in the back. So now there's no leftovers but thanks for asking with love. We miss you guys. Scott in Connecticut is the big winner on Fritzy scoreboard challenge twenty four and seven of the numbers. Before we get to that. Let's do this day in sports history to try to ruin Frenchies scoreboard content. Nineteen sixty and the flagpole at the Chicago. White Sox ballpark broke during the pennant raising. It was actually going up and it collapsed. Thought IT'D BE. The cubs. Rose the white sox nineteen sixty seven. New York Yankees Star. Mickey Mantle got his five hundredth career home. Run and that's it day. Denny maclaine did Mickey homer off Denny maclaine Scher for number. You don't know go now. You've probably Dow yes SETON. I guess todd scoreboard. Yeah seven twenty four meaning July twenty fourth which is not only my birthday but his also nick nurses birthday same same day. Same same day but I feel bad that that's not the answer but that's fantastic. I'm GonNa Guess Mickey Mantle is the seven the clue you're so fine. You're so fine you blow my mind. Hey Mickey that's bad and see number seven okay in twenty four the Kalou for twenty four boys. Hey that's amazing. So Willie mays. We may May Fourteenth Ninety seventy two Willie mays. I Games a met. He homers to beat the Giants Five Four Jersey number twenty four. Will he makes thank you. Tony Eric in Michigan. Hi Eric. What's on your mind. Yes I have Two movies that you mentioned Diehard movie and go more sterkel Schindler's List Schindler's List little heavy but brilliant movie. Thank you thank you for the phone call and die hard. Yes one of the Great Christmas movies of all now. The kids have watched that Edano. Ohio joins US what he hey. Dan Love the show to seventy five. I'm get you sucker and American. History acts in movies very very different movies there. But thank you ED. I'm GonNa get you sucker American history. X Let's head Norton Rain. Yeah Yeah. I didn't watch that really off. I would say that's a good watch especially the first time you see the pretty much shocking movie with an intense movie Ed Norton. We've had him on a shy. I know it's not. It's not once again. It's not anything against the director producer. The Stars of the movie. It's just the kind of movies that I want. Does somebody get their head bashed on the sidewalk in American correct? Yeah I think I watched a little bit of Amazon is done. It's good jeff in Detroit joins us. Hi Jeff What do you have former? Whatever you keep this up man the state's open back up. Y'All gonna be wondering what the curly hair brother comes from on the Patio Cola Pharmacy. Every time I look you cooking something good but I'll be hungry like my cooking again soaking up the block and as far as a good movie for you. Classic cannonball run paroling. It gets no better than that. Then thank you and once this quarantine lifts Jeff. You're always welcome. We'll we'll we'll save a seat at the table there on meet Friday traeger meet Friday at the bottom resolved to the bowl question. Mclovin I switch up. Who's career? Would YOU WATCH SCOTTIE? Pippen Steph Curry Way Way Way? You can't do that with I did it. I did it Paulie suggested I jumped in fifty seven percent wanted to be pippen. I would rather be Steph Curry Scottie. Pippen I mean you got curry's already ranked ahead of him he's been an MVP he's got a couple of titles and he's the greatest shooter in the history of the game and if he ends up with three titles or whatever he'll be ranked higher than Scotty Pippin on the all time list. I wish Scotty would have gotten to the NBA finals. They want fifty seven games without Michael Jordan and it was a bad call against the Knicks. They should have gone to the NBA. Finals and I wish pippen would have been able to do that because that would have been an incredible feat to do that. Fritzy what did you learn on today's program? We are ready to resume the a. Ya in any town or city. That will happen yes. Nobody is asking amounts yet. Mclovin Fritzy is used Mickey Mantle on the scoreboard. Forty six times. This there has a lot of battles. She knew what entering. Would you rather get punched in the face of the stomach tougher than you thought? I'd rather get punched in the stomach. But that's when you have apps then you can do that. What we learned brought to you by trigger. Joined the Traeger Hood. Wood-fired grills make it easy to create incredible flavor whether you're barbecuing or Bacon bread traegergrills dot com slash DP. Show talk to you tomorrow. Welcome money making conversation. I'm your host Sean. 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John Legend he's three Clinton. She's in to over twenty of your favorites from Dj College Coach K. Abby Wambach two Halsey. They're all here to give you the wisdom that we could all use right. Now listen to iheartradio new podcast. Commencement he just dropped me fifteen. I heart radio. App and Sunday may seventeenth all. I heart radio. Stations in partnership with the twenty twenty census shape. Your future start here.

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