Hour 2: Odell Beckham Jr.


The Mike Ryan <hes> if you're not familiar is a weirdly giant Cleveland Browns Omer it makes next no sense. I'm guessing we could probably take some calls here seven eight six four five six four eight three seven people and the weirdest way they developed an allegiance to their sports team because Mike Ryan <hes>. I don't even know how many times you've been to Cleveland. Basically what happened happen. Here is in Miami in his youth. His grandmother is I will eat that went to a store dollar store and brought home a plate that was the Cleveland browns and this happens all over sports all over sports weird ways that I became honestly a fan of the Yankees in my youth. I think it was the first team that I was a fan of the dolphins were but I didn't know baseball. We didn't have baseball in town and I did that only because a friend of mine claim that he was cousins with Bucky debt. I don't even know if it's true that he was cousins with Bucky wasn't Bucky Dent from Hialeah <hes> he was. I didn't even know that you go there. You Go and so Mike Ryan what's happened here. <hes> there was a plate in that dollar store. That was a Cleveland browns plate. He's from Savannah Georgia so much for that. I said it was so much conviction highly a higher check on him. I he does have a highly highly a hi. Everybody Yellow Red The internet wrong. Uh No no no he was born in Savannah. He went to highly high but he was indeed born in Savannah. Wow you're really showing a lot of conviction there. Save those two dollars and you have any right happened to be right. I don't have cash of so that's a dollar lots so that's not another dollar doesn't get fined if I had gash so. Mike wants to defend Odell Beckham poor poor little. He's got a dollar Roy all right. It's two dollars now. What's this doesn't really have anything to do with me being a browns fan? I guess if you peel back sure cave enough for my guy but I've always been in Odell Beckham Junior Fan in part. It's why I was so excited that I truly believe them to be the most talented mounted receiver in the League and he was just saddled with bad quarterback. A lot of this Odell Beckham thing got muddied with Baker Mayfield interview that meantime said were a bunch of aggregates sites just took the shot that Baker Mayfield took at giants fan. It was a bit of an odd one but Odell Beckham for whatever reason is a lightning rod are companies helped made that so he's incredible content and you're seeing that now with the browns leading I take Dir and July. It's very bizarre. I don't really know what's it's at play there. If it's his haircut if it's the sideline antics he's not the first player to do this but he captivates people and he polarize in the them in a way that's bizarre and this g q profile on him. It really made me sad for Odell Beckham junior the fact that he had to contemplate retirement remember all the flack that he caught for taking a picture on a boat before a playoff game and this is why shambling Mike but this has been happening to diva wide receivers in this sport who happened to be too showy forever. We've been doing this for so long. It's always the same guy we do this too. We ravage him. We make him handle that he's twenty four years old. He may be great at football but maybe you know Oh. He's a child in some other ways because a lot of people are very young and they make mistakes when they're very young especially this guy who's getting everything New York can afford sent his way. I mean we did this to Michael Irvin going back that far Iran we this I. I don't know that there is a position in sports that catches more flack than the diva wide. Receiver cornerback is second yeah. I don't really understand what it is at that sport the Ferrall I don't think quarterback is even close close because we don't attack quarterbacks for this cycle horner base and cornerback deal going back to the on Sander and yeah yeah the further away you are from the ball there. I guess a bigger your personality is for some reason but I think that's the one part of the game and that the ultimate team sport that feels like an individual sport as me versus you were out here wide and can I beat you and it'd be my guy. I understand why giants fans took issue with the boat picture before the playoff game. I actually get that one. The other things that he does is that people questioned whether or not his head is in the right place and if he was all about the game it all stems from fiery intensity to win football games. Even the giants would readily admit to you that he cares a lot about winning at football. He's very very serious when he's out on the practice field but for whatever reason there is this perceived arrogance around him this perception out there that he cares about other things that are not football. He's really treated like an N._B._A.. Star in the N._F._l.. Mel It's why they're the most interesting team in the sport. He's the reason because they're young and good in their quarterback might be something but him getting traded there. He's taken all that New York's stuff with him to Cleveland and it's why they're the most interesting canopy this canopy both things that he's fiery and wants to win but also loves all the attention that he gets. He's out there before the games with all the one handed catches the dancing when you do all that stuff you're gonna get the good attention but then you're going to get the bad stuff too. I look at all as fun and I really don't understand why people hit him with immaturity. I guess yet don't kick a fan or field goal net that ends up hitting you back in the face but he's actually quite matured by people that get to know he's still despite being one of the biggest stars in that sport a bit of a mystery and people have asked him questions about his sexuality and. If you want any insight at his mature Beckham is with some of the larger topics in life here's a mark anthony the G. Q. Rider joining Spain and company and he was impressed with how Odell Beckham Junior address that I was really impressed and happy to hear how poised in in mature awful his answer was on one hand. I don't think that he or anyone should be praised for not being homophobic so right like we can't. We can't applaud people for diligence should do but what I did it was was really mature of him is just exactly how he didn't feel the need to say. I'm not gay. He didn't feel the knee ever to like dispel the rumor because it's like this is not the thing it's not a public conversation shit and my romantic life is my romantic life and I think that shows a level of maturity and you know one of the biggest criticisms of Odell that people constantly want to say that he's immature and I just think it showed great maturity. I I think this season is going to be a fascinating case study with the Cleveland browns because you look at the personalities that they have on that Rosser and some people might say what you got to bring in a disciplinarian they went the opposite approach they went in with a first time head coach Chimpanzee Kitchens that tells players to embrace who they are as long as they all share the common goal of winning. I found interesting in that sound. You play <hes> I if you've noticed what's actually happened <hes> with gay people in the major sports. It's a major team sports like football and basketball back when we were thinking that Michael Sam was an achievement but he couldn't make his way through the league the place all of that changes were there hasn't been enough change. It's been slower. societally is with young young people millennials for all the crud that millennials take a young people make anything popular or acceptable and adults rail against it like with rock and roll but if there's a place that that can change its that guy being that mature sure about that question because because he's okay evidently with he's dealt with so much of the circus in New York of how things land on him that that question is just sort of like man. Just let me be you can judge me. You can thank you whatever it is that you want it. That's where it has to change because the locker rooms you and I have been in our come from a different time and or older. This doesn't fly with the star. The Star player would have felt the need. The Star player would have absolutely felt the need to be like. I'm not gay Magic Johnson did that on Arsenio Hall. He's like I'm not saying the crowd was applauding like crazy. I'm not gay and those people were going crazy. That's right. That's where we were back then with athletes it can only change with people who have this voice he's and this power and he's uniquely qualified but he's a terrible messenger on everything else because everyone hates him. An interesting creature inhabits the flat arid plains of many an automobile dashboard the bobblehead it's most agreeable and will not along onto anything despite having no brain function but when the bottle of head here's how Geico not only saves people money but also gives them access to licensed agents twenty four seven online and over the phone. You'll not even more vigorously because he knows you should switch because yes yes switching to geico is a no brainer easy publ and easy. You can get whiplash Donlevatar fascination in power rankings in fact. I'm coming out with a power ranking for power rankings which E._S._p._N.'s N._F._l.. Oh power ranking right now debuted at number third on my list. It's a good powering stugatz. WHO's two and one on that little you know? This is where historic falls because it's a competing. It's a non E._S._P._N.. Entity so we don't want to air it on this Hattie play airtime. This is the Dan Le Batard show with two guys on E._S._p._N.. Radio so this is not terribly surprising tweeter writes in as we're talking about Odell Beckham and the antics and why it is that he's so polarizing thing <hes> this tweeter writes in he is polarizing because his talents outweigh his character and attitude we are waiting for oh B._J.. To mature and be great but he's not and might not keys it all right. Let me take these one at a time. He is polarizing because his talents outweigh his character and attitude his talents outweight everybody's character and his talents best receiver. You've ever seen maybe his talents out the greatest cats you've ever seen his talents are bigger sir then your character and your attitude he's better at talent than you are at character and attitude. You can say that for almost any player in the N._F._l.. Outside of maybe like someone's super philanthropic like like J._J.. Watt which is crazy. You can make that argument. Tom Brady same thing talent outweighs character eh Rogers this speaks to their talent not to their character. That's that's the tricky one with all of this but it keeps happening with the receivers. It's always the diva receivers because they're not team players because because they're looking at me because of it because their job hurts touchdowns hard and sometimes they're fun to celebrate yeah but J._J.. Watt is taking pictures with MOMS before the game and kids and Odell Beckham Junior's fighting field goal difference between those this guy listen. What's the difference between those two? I'm not there shouldn't be a different. I'm just explaining to you why that conversation that we're having I listen J._J.. Taking a picture with my kid before the game or does not have to tell you. Is there a people that occupy sort of Phantom of both players because I I have to admit I bought Odell Beckham Junior's shoes and today I just bought J._J.. Watch shoes I. I like them. Both and I don't understand why you did it on the poll Chris. Can you buy both Odell Beckham. Come shoes and J._J.. Watch shoes. I don't think you can you got the AIDS when when people talk about Odell Beckham Junior's character issue. What are they referring to because you know in the modern N._F._l.? When you have players being arrested for domestic abuse it strikes me that if your character flaw is just ego or diva nece? That's really not a character but you know what's funny about that though as you say that like this this speaks to the tyreek hill thing and everything else if if I put in front in front of fans which one of these two things upset you more in terms of guys character they're gonNa go diva receiver because the domestic abusers don't get the kind of polarizing the diva receivers do which is patently. It's unbelievable unbelievable that that's even allowed to assist in sports. The idea of what it is that you're saying it's literally unbelievable and the problem is with you people viewing it not him. The problem ain't him like maybe he's immature unprofessional unprofessional look at me all the things that he had to be but that dude's a hard worker. Nobody nobody disputes that and that's what the job is to do the hard work and produce and also as an added bonus don't get arrested or suspended like tyreek he kill <hes> don't do the things that are problematic he hasn't done what is what is the greatest. Let's think about this for a second but think about this for just a second all right. What is the greatest actual controversy on Odell Beckham resume okay when you describe him as someone who's personality makes you hate him whose antics make you not trust him? What is his single biggest crime because I'm here to argue that you guys care about whatever you think? His crimes are more more than you do about actual bleeping crimes I would say maybe that that video that <hes> where he was in Spain or perhaps the picture before the the playoff game there was like <hes> something that no one could prove this happened not oh he was the most unpopular person in the sport and when you and he'd always say to people wear my d you is what am I like. Where where do you see my crimes at and we drew drew? We drew that dude. We drove that dude to reports of suicide ambulance rides to the hospital. That's where we drove that dude and we'll try. We'll try to do it again to the next guy like Odell Beckham two. We'll do it. We'll bury. I guess where it adversely. It didn't help his team when he was publicly sort of acknowledging aging some of Eli struggles because okay bad teammate maybe by by some of his public quotes but I think really things started turning on him when he had that game against Josh Norman where it was just a full on fight on the football field and his his team <hes> didn't end up winning. 'em It's fascinating to look at from every angle. We like to think we know what their jobs are and we're upset. When Odell Beckham Junior is in just you know doing tire drills during his free time lady on bell actually spoke to this lady on bell as much of an Odell Beckham junior fan as I am levy on bell? I wasn't sort of feeling what he was doing and is off season program I was I was guilty of the difference there. I was once Brown. Well not fair. One's a sealer and I hate the steelers so absolutely fair for whatever reason I was coming at this reasons that you just outlined. I was coming at this like I didn't like lady on Bell. I found him unlikeable with the whole thing. Hang his attitude was off putting I found and then he won me over with his video that he put on Instagram and I saw him in a whole new life. Now milady on Bell Guy not focused. You'll you won't make you sie lay basketball. He everything besides football I told him in your favorite person in your mom your dad. What do you think when they work from the nine to five they go home and worry about putting ourselves? Worry about we'll serial numbers coming up you think waking up all he had Taco Tuesdays. It's really singing all day. She'll get worse from her. Kids Billy's wave of single so you don't think it's legitimate we did this. I will be airport on escalated one working out I I I'm listening to that and I thought lady on bell did dumb stuff in that offseason and is now my favorite athlete next Muhammad Ali whose voice he's doing the beginning is that it is. It's the general talking of the sports media about this stuff but lady on bell the the base in his voice on that. I wish all interviews were that passionate because he's fed up and he doesn't care. It's not even just what he's saying. It's how he's saying. It's like bleep off. Leave me alone. Grow up people like my job is hard. I didn't get here what I'm better at what I do for a living then you are at what you do for at least so right Mike what you get that stadium seat finding binding game tickets Izhar trae but being there so much better than not being there are replaced by regular seat with the stadium seat to try and recreate that stadium atmosphere. I appreciate the effort but I got a better idea. Use Vivid seats to find tickets to the game they make finding finding the seats that you want quick and easy getting tickets at vivid seats would have been the easier option. It always is Donlevatar found this interesting. Testing at thought that you might to there's good friends and good women sometimes both wound do when yours drunk as you can get high as you can be. I can't remember the next x Lineup Da di Di Donna Yeah. Thank you STU Gotz. He's very proud of what I'm about to say which is a strange thing to be proud of. which is when you hear him saying he can't tell if it's a really bad good good singer or really good that B._C._C. Donlevatar show with his two guys on E._S._p._N.? Radio Chris can you put it on the poll please. Do you know who Michael Madsen is cody. Do you know who Michael Madsen is. Do you know who I'm talking about their. I'm not familiar but I couldn't testify who is no Stugatz. Do you know who Michael Madsen is a very good actor who has played some <hes> some pretty good roles in movies that you probably have enjoyed much like a true romance would be one John. I think a lot of the Quentin Tarantino movies was he in through Romance Alevi was. I don't remember him into Romance. I think you're confusing. He's at a lot of the Tarantino yes is. Tarantino didn't direct just had some writing credits on on on that one so I don't think Michael Madsen was in true romance but I think imagine I think of the scene from reservoir dogs. It's a one of the most famous scenes you've ever seen. He's slicing off the ear of a police officer. It's probably the most it's a torture scene. <hes> I can't Mike what's the name of the song there that they play while he's dancing around in the middle by I can't hear that song. I cannot hear that song without thinking of that scene in reservoir dogs now Tarantino has got an interesting movie coming out because he's incapable of making an uninteresting movie. It's it's one of his last ones. He's <hes> I mean you can make the argument death proof death proof you can make the argument and Tarantino's put it on the poll allison. Can you make the argument. Tarantino is our best director <hes> so he is. He's got a movie coming out highly anticipated here very soon. We'll talk about that in a second but first I wanNA talk with the group and Alison <hes> we've had a couple of <hes> <hes> encounters with Michael Madsen that were delightfully weird and funny <hes> we have talked to him in the last couple of weeks for a couple of hours and <hes> I want to explain to the audience before we release. It's the Michael Madsen content that we have as part of a celebration or try to release the Michael. Madsen content that we have matching wasn't true romance it. Was Tom Sizemore always get them confused. You know what you're not the only one when you're not the only one put it on the poll as well allison do you do you confuse Tom but I was he in True Romance. You guys are showing your age. Tom Sizemore wasn't true romance. Yes you guys are showing your age because no-one said they remember Michael Madsen as the dad from Free Willy Conaco right kill bill wasn't he didn't he do that. <hes> the Jack Bauer show. Didn't he do for wasn't he before he was in the hateful eight. He's a fixture as God said he's in a fixture. He's a fixture picture of Quentin. Tarantino movies just not true romance. I loved him in Thelma and Louise he was Susan Sarandon's husband or boyfriend Vince I think or so but allison look this is something that happens around here. All the time. Okay I make it very difficult and we make it very difficult for you to get a guest on this show <hes> because guests get in trouble on the show and why can't they just go somewhere else and not be bothered by art nonsense a four episode Arc on twenty four checkup brain on Brad Red. I do remember that. I didn't realize you like that. Show twenty four. I thought I was the only one I would love to see you with a remote control and what you stop on because they feel like the you come in. I love dead to me and then you're like I don't watch series television a and then you know to me it was great. Twenty four seems like a complete waste of your time. He's got twenty four hours to save the Earth and he always does complicated <hes> but when you prepare for a segment sometimes you look stuff up and even if you don't know it you that's what preparation is I can say that and no it <hes> even though I don't watch the show because that's called learning. I don't have to watch to do it. I can read so be careful. That is what telling you still have my eighty dollars and yummy seventeen forgotten it doesn't have to be an angry tone. Sometimes it could be condescending one <hes> which that was yummy seventeen dollars. That's the change from the three dollar fine. What is the fine? I lied about not having money I did have money. He was a three dollar fine. I gave you a twenty. I'm waiting for seventeen bag nineteen bag. You know money money. What's the fine well? It's well known condescension pipertone five for fighting and my change learning earning. Oh Wow I'm getting both five minutes. I'm getting five minutes and five dollars for tonal man. You know yes yeah the rare five hours to this conversation with Alyssa. Turn your back door hitching where the good Lord Split Cha five minutes. I need my seventeen dollars to launch is coming pretty soon. Yeah me seventeen bucks. He's empowered also deflected it. Did you actually see true romance because I feel like you said he'd so didn't see to arrive seen true Romance Dennis Hopper. Can I have one of those chesterfields Christian slater. It's one of my favorite professor arquette so my favorite movies of all time I watched him. True Romance for the first time on a flight back from England and Woo. This movie is a rough watch in two thousand nineteen really rough. There's a lot of things in there a lot of things Tarantino movies just altogether. Which is why? I'm very curious to see how this this one is received right now. It is a ninety three percent on rotten tomatoes once upon a time in Hollywood. I'm super excited about this movie because it's got an unbelievable cast and that's sort of the the hallmark of a Quentin Tarantino picture these days but it's got caprio Brad Pitt Alpa Chino even burt Reynolds was attached to the project before he unfortunately died. I think Luke Perry won't make a posthumous appearance in this film in at Tiso my favorite things I'm a huge fan of Quentin Tarantino movies and I am a real <hes>. I'm really inquisitive when it comes to the Manson murders I there's been so many podcasts done on this young. Charlie was one of the best podcasts I've ever heard so. I'm really curious to see from the trailer. It seems as though the Charles Manson thing will just be on the periphery and obviously build up with Margot Robbie character <hes> she plays Tate in the movie and obviously we know what happens to her but this is. I'm really curious to see how this period appeased dances between the characters. He's establishing and how gratuitously the Manson murders will play into this picture. Are you excited. Have you seen any of the trailers for this Greg. You're you're famously avoiding the movies right I'm not I'm not a movie. Uh I mean movie Oh file but when you when you bring up the Manson murders it always fascinates me that there was a connection between Charles Manson and the beach boys of thought <hes> in fact Manson wrote a song for the beach boys. I I think I think Dennis Wilson the late beach boy and Manson actually actually live together for a time and never spoke about it. Yeah never never spoke about <hes> any of the Manson things obviously it's part of the beach boys history apart that they would like for all of us forget about how Charles Manson essentially lived with them but never spoke about about it wrote a song for them and everything they did a Charles Manson Song Charles Manson was an aspiring rockstar could never get the the break that he needed and then we all know what happened with Charles Manson but do you get up Tarantino movies. Watch them at least on V._H._S. A._H._S. right I I've watched a couple yeah. <hes> Pulp Fiction obviously is one of my favorite movies of all time but I couldn't name five other Tarintino movies. I'm just not that big a movement. I think I know what the answer is for Su- God's any ways filmmaker that gets if you is there a filmmaker or you star guy a star that gets you to the movie theaters every time I'm sure but Tarintino is a filmmaker that gets me to the movies which with every film even if I don't like what I see in the trailer <hes> giving him the benefit of the doubt. I'm paying my money. I'm supporting <hes> well. Listen stallone gets made to the theater. Every time Tom Cruise usually gets me to the theater. A lately Kiana Reeves is getting me to the theater but Tarintino I would say most of the movies have been very very good bordering on great but there have been some duds have they're not the movie that started with. Was it Selma Hayek where dust till dawn still dog. That's a Tarantino. We've read is fantastic. He Co starred in that movie <music> Abbott Rodriguez. Yeah that was a Robert Rodriguez singers a part of the <hes> the Tarantino camp they did the Grind House thing which was essentially Rodriguez did a movie and Tarantino movie their Simpatico. I've only seen two Tarantino Movies Alison. Why are you smiling? I'm just smiling because I liked the conversation it was it was a light conversation told me you walk out of Kill Bill. I walked walk out to kill the three with Allison. Yeah it was a great I think he cut her Achille like it was just filing. Go to Harlem Yeah. I'm cut his yes something. I am really worried about potentially seeing a Manson family murder done by Tarantino. It's gotta be over the top gory or what makes you say that it really maybe much donlevatar list include the dead because if they do then Laurence Olivier continues to be an a list actor Stugatz list does not include the day so buster Buster Keaton panelist Charlie Chaplin is no longer a list I think he is because he's such an icon. Mr Silent Films make up your mind and does it change. Not you're all over the place wins Cagney. Maybe another one changes with death death of career Cagney time. V._C.'s don't live with our show with Stugatz on E._S._p._N.. Radio Lee Smith is an athlete from another time. I WanNa talk about Lee Smith. Tell me what it is that you said and repeat to the audience what it is you just said about big burly hard-throwing reliever Lee Smith while he was inducted into the <hes> to the hall of fame. I think it was bruce suitor who made eight <hes> his speech and he was. I think it was I could be wrong on this where he said at least myth when he came into the game. You knew the game was over. You knew you were going home with a victory except for one hundred and three times you didn't go home with the victory because he blew the save <unk>. I'm sorry I know it's a big week for Lee Smith but I'm just pointing out that I think he is fourth all time in career blown saves so you actually had no idea if you were going home with the victory that he's a three time rolaids relief man of the year award winner. I feel like we did the measurements back then with different numbers so he's just saves guy who came in at the end of the game and this dude was big and black and through fire and there weren't a lot of people who did that in baseball at the time but this is what I love about Lee Smith and. And one of the things I love that he would just take these giant snoring naps on a table during the game and nobody would bother him just giant snoring naps during play because what do you need me for. I'm not I'm only here for the night. I don't don't even know why I'm here for the first date. Don't blame him but this is what I love about. Les Smith is a story from Clinton Yates with a picture of Lee Smith he writes. This man used to walk slow slow from the bullpen because the grounds crew. Do you remember. Do you remember how he walked. Slow Bullpen Lee Smith <hes> he had a great deal of aura about him. He was one of the most feared relievers rivers in league and people love just like with Jim Brown right Jim Brown after you tackling he'd never show you he was hurt he would just get up and he'd get up very slowly each time very slowly so you can never tell when he was hurt because he was getting up slowly so he would never show you anything anything that resembled pain Lee Smith used to walk from the bullpen so slowly because the grounds crew guys were as homeys and they got paid time and a half at Wrigley field if they worked past four thirty Dave Games those were day Gary. He left the cubs in eighty seven. They didn't have their first night game until eight so he was he was walking in that slowly just to get the grounds crew time and a hat after four thirty. I have no idea if that story he's drew but I wanted to be a patio. I feel betrayed by Major League baseball. I just found out that the rolaids relief man of the year was just a marketing ploy imagine how they stopped giving out rolaids relief command of the year awards because some no fee acquired rolaids from Johnson and Johnson Twenty twelve and then they just decided to not dead. We're not GONNA do rolaids relief man of the year so guess what relievers don't get awards now because rolaids ain't giving them out anymore because there's no sponsors. There's no sponsors last rolaids relief. Man of the year was in two thousand twelve. That's funny. Can I get something off my chest as a card carrying hall of Fame Voting Member of the Baseball Writers Association a second. Thanks Dan Okay Gimme that Ah Gimme that saying again card carrying hall of fame voting hold on a second hold on his thing uh-huh member of the Baseball Writers Association of America the only one in this room and that's unfair fair and unfair and that was a low blow by you if you're not sure if you're not you smell your the last time I got in trouble with this company is when I gave away my hall of fame vote and and I gave it away for a little bit of look at me disguises integrity and bravery exactly so <hes> before I get to that though you're right about why Lee Smith walked so slowly from what Clinton Gates it it was right then okay all right. I have an update on the rolaids relief man of the year. This is important and why is it. Tom's taken it over by the way I guess a no fee has intellectual property so twenty thirteen was a very rough year because because relievers were simply not honored but in two thousand fourteen Major League Baseball got its act together and said hey we don't need rolaids to hand out the reliever of the year so in two thousand fourteen. The reliever of the year award was presented to one in the N._F._l.. And one in the A._l.. So finally relievers can get their awards apologies to anyone who dominated the sport in two thousand thirteen cigarettes in your personal record book. You need rolaids relief man of the year okay I will come up with what about the way it was. Rick Sutcliffe Not Bruce Sooner. I don't know why hi went bruce sooner but Sutcliffe said that about Lee Smith saw and I don't know why feel the need because it feels like we're celebrating lead Smith why am pointing out that he had one hundred three blown saying. I'll because you're jerking. It's basically you will find whatever angle you can go. headon smears somebody but you can't you can't induct the guy introduced him into the hall of fame saying that when he came into the game you knew the game was over when you had no idea if the game was really Nice Fair Okay that's fair commentary from you and before we get to the card carrying in hall of Fame Voting Member of the baseball writers of America Allison the Madsen thing. What can you tell the people we have spent a couple of hours as part of promoting this Tarantino movie talking to Madsen but you have been dealing with unusual publicists here for a while and what can we tell the people about these Michael Madsen? We have all of these wonderful things that have made us roar with laughter. Michael Madsen tapes so Michael Madsen tapes. What can you tell us about the difficulties? We've had about getting these on the I can tell you that there's going to be a great conversation that you had with Michael Madsen that will be a special edition of South Beach Sessions. I believe it's going to be next week or the following week next week because because he was he was honest and he was really good about his relationship with Quentin Tarantino and People Are Dying for this movie people are Dying for this move and in Jim Johnson was a twenty twelve rolaids relief man of the year the final final one and Chris Informs me that two thousand thirteen Jimmy Johnson was right back at it again. We have rob Jim Johnson of a rolaids relief man of the year award people are so. Where are we on this right now with Michael Mass? We're right it next week or the <hes> the problems without there okay. We've gotten to the finish line on this and we're going to actually be able to share it. Okay so now we can get to Greg Cody Card. I don't even know what we were talking about the card carrying hall of Fame Voting Member of baseball writers of America.

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