Lloyd Pierce and Quin Snyder


Everyone welcome into another edition of the woes pod. Here? The LANTA hawks coach Lloyd Pierce. Utah Jazz coach. Snyder who together have formed. A committee racial justice? And reform with the National Basketball Coaches Association. Several meetings over this weekend among the League's thirty coaches and And these are chew now of the leaders of the NBA's coaching fraternity who are determined to have an impact. Not just in their communities and with their organizations, but nationally. Right now in this time. Of crisis. Quinn Lloyd. Guys. How are you this morning? Good, things going well. Yeah, thank you. Thank you for having us. Thanks for jumping in this was. For everybody in this country, this has been. A dramatic and heartbreaking. and. Really devastating period of time over the past week weeks, and the Coaches Association which you two are obviously. A part of. issued a a strong statement. This morning we reported on it. About police brutality racial profiling. The weaponization. Of Racism and talked about how shameful inhumane intolerable it is. There's a lengthy statement that available for people to read, but what you also did this weekend. Guys was put together a committee on racial injustice and reform the try to pursue some solutions. Around NBA cities. And I think people are familiar with some of the names that. Committee spent some of the. Certainly some of the leaders, not just in the NBA, but in all of sports as Socialist Break Popovich Steve Kirk. David Fidel Standing Gundy but also Lloyd. Pearson Quin Snyder and you guys are part of that committee. Take me through Loyd and you were instrumental in putting this together from Friday night until Saturday When you get thirty and coaches on zoom call. Was the conversation in your coaching fraternity about. Really activating as a route. Honestly a lot a lot in a in a very short period of time, I just got enough a zoom call Thursday evening with our players in our staff. In a shocked, our players with the emotion, I expressed about the event events of occur over that few days. I think at that point Thursday is just Sunday and Monday night where we're seeing the incident in New York. We're seeing the debt in Minneapolis. And and From that speaking engagement with the players and the emotional side of it, I just could not stop thinking that. This has to be discussed. Things have to change. We have a platform. What can I do with our team with our organization? and naturally with our Coaches Association of which we all belong in were all unified on a lot of different things, but this is probably the most important thing that we need to be unified on, and that's that was simply just a phone call you know reached out to David Vogel Fogo. Data reach out to Rick Carlisle sat down and talked, and I express what I've expressed. Who Tony Wrestler what I've expressed to our players in in what alternate x-press to to the coaches. I am not okay. I was extremely emotional this week. There's a fear as as an African American man. Forget the coach part the coach part of the relevant. AS AN AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN! There's a fear that I that I. have that I know a lot of other people have. That needs to be addressed. It needs to be spoken about. And you know I told brick. And I told David said if we're if we truly are an association. If we were coaches, association were unified on certain things. This is the most important thing we need to do. Something and it has to happen now and. Know Rick was tremendous. Talking about Rick Carlisle! Rallies President of the Association. Yes, he was tremendous. I I've been. I've been in a lot of conversations with the assistant coaches in our league that are African American and J. B.. Bickerstaff is in our committee just so. That left out. And he's in that conversation that I have with the Jamaa. Moseley David Van Pool. Jj Outlaw Johnny Bryant John Bryant a Darvin Ham. There's so many people that that we speak to consistently not just about this, but are all the time. And they're all messed up. They're all bothered. They're all emotional and I expressed that to the coaches. So the conversation was. Initially. Get every coach on zoom call, and we all need to communicate well with one another about what's going on just amongst us so that there's a greater understanding of what's going on in our world. We have a leadership position. We have a platform, but if we don't really understand the true that the true origin of the problem, and the fact that it's affecting some of us, if not all of us, and it should be affecting all of us with the fact that is affecting all of us. We need to figure this out now and. To every coaches credit you know Jay, bickerstaff, myself and Rick. We split up the thirty coaches in the NBA and we just call literally personal phone calls and and and. You know my my my first call was to coach crop. My second call was a coach Kerr. And? That's my relationship with those guys from Team USA and we've had this conversation before when we were in China over dinner. I just asked. Can you guys? Are you available to have a meeting and I need your support because I just feel compelled. We have to do something as coaches association, and that's how the meeting started the everyone. Within I would say two hours was reached, was contacted by myself. riccar lower or JV bickerstaff, and every coach was fully supportive, and in attendance the next day at five PM quint, and I think part I was told that the some of the conversation centered on. This weekend. With your group was this has to be. Off Thirty coaches, and there's one hundred eighty assistance in you know. Certainly head coaches have a different public platform than an assistant would have. But I think the idea that. This isn't something as a group. We're going to just leave to either. Are Black coaches. Or Steve Kerr Gregg Popovich. Stan van Gundy when he's been a head coach in a league and I know he was a part of that letter this weekend. Part of this stand has been. A voice on these issues, but The idea that everyone's gotta play a role in this Quinn fraternity. was that something you felt among the group? Yeah, I think the first thing I felt because the meeting. Began with Lloyd. Expressing himself. and really asking us. Without being. Accusatory in any way, but to me. Trying to be transparent with myself and. Frankly some of the you know one of the things that you talked about was the conversations that you had with assistance and. Some of the guys that Lloyd just mentioned Darvin Ham Johnny Bryan. Or close friends of mine and. I know as you're thinking about. Yourself and what your role is. You know. I, know I had done the kind of job at that moment that I could have done. Communicating with those guys, not just as friends, but as African American coaches Janis on my staff. and it made me as Lloyd was talking more as J. B was talking as Alvin Gentry was sharing. It made me. You know catch myself. In you know, ask some really. Trying to be transparent with yourself and being a little bit uncomfortable that. You know in your heart. You Know I. Don't. I'm not a racist so to speak, but that's. That's not really what this is about I mean it is fundamentally. but it's also about being willing. On to have that dialogue. To be transparent to be honest with yourself and ultimately think as a white man. A would I was hearing. Was We need help? And it's not enough juice. Just support. I mean there has to be a willingness. To confront these things. When you see them, be willing to take action and to Lloyd's point. You know I think this isn't. This, was all the coaches and I. Think all the coaches being aware. Of the fact that we we coach some tremendous. Tremendous men in the players and their active in their communities in the things that they're doing, but also wanting to. Know to stand. On Our On our own and you know Lloyd, speech was impassioned I I. Think you qualify Lloyd before you started talking? and that was impactful as powerful and I don't think there was a guy in the room. That didn't feel that so. You know that that we've all got a different perspective in a different experience, but in the fundamental things that were talked about and share it, and there was real dialogue. I think we're all. Not just a line, but but you know very much. Shared his. Vision of what hopefully. We have an opportunity to try to do. With real guidance in the right coach. NBA teams go from good to great. Just like real help from your state farm agent can make all the difference and protecting what matters most. And when you think about coaches who had made an impact, not just on the court in which championships, but on issues of social impact. 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Short Floyd in the state of Georgia, the young man from Brunswick, Georgia. Who was? Shot down on a road in your state this is. Certainly it's. This is a national issue. It has been very much a local regional source of pain for those in Georgia. Lloyd. The last few weeks from that murder through. George! Floyd, and then the protests in Atlanta. Over the weekend. What is it Ben like? In your shoes through your eyes in this environment really over this maybe especially intensive. Carried a time you know it's. One of the things that have as made me more outspoken in the last few weeks I guess. Is Kind of how you frame the question. And, so you talked about Ahmad Berry and you talked about George Floyd. How far back do we really want to go on this issue? And I think what happens is. You don't find that that troop impact or that awareness or that that feeling of being disturbed Attila. It becomes regional until it becomes. For, Ryan Saunders, until they hit Minnesota for Quin Snyder until it hits. There's protests in salt. Lake City. Until it hits your home all of a sudden. It's a little bit more impactful D'Amato very was I. Went up to vacation at Jekyll Island, which is right next to Brunswick last April, so I know the area. It's what my family. My wife's family goes every year the that's the problem in of itself as as you know we've been. We've been complicit. We've all been complicit in our own way. whether we just don't say anything about it or we move on from it and. Maybe the pandemic as forced us to sit here and watch this literally watch George Floyd died in front of us because we have nowhere else to go right now. And and the people are able to ride protests whatever they're doing. People are expressing their anger. We're expressing our anger. You're seeing more statements now because no one has anywhere to go right now, so we can't run from this problem. We can't move on from this problem that we've had. And I. You know when I was thinking about this and I was thinking about Minnesota and I was thinking about New York and I expressed that to the coaches new. York was most disturbing out of everything I've seen. Because we can go as far back and see you know police brutality, police, targeting police murder of black men. To See weaponize right in front of our eyes on camera, like lady did in New York, and how ultimately gets to police brutality. What scared me? So this week was about that. And then Minnesota thing was for everyone. And then, it's just an awareness that it's going to happen to our city so now it is in Atlanta. All of a sudden they are a rioting and protesting in Atlanta and we're having to deal with it in Quin. You're having to deal with it in Salt Lake City. So even if we weren't prepared for it, even if we didn't get to this meeting, we were going to be forced to get to this meeting. Somehow some way because it wasn't going, it wasn't. We weren't going to be able to hide from. In any shape, form or fashion, the entire world is having to deal with right now, and I'm just glad that we're able to to recognize it a little bit stronger. I hate that. We have to recognize it under these conditions. I'll be more encouraged by what we're able to do. As a result of it of these meetings in these conversations. Along those lines. Lloyd Quinn to turn this into action to turn this into. An impact beyond statements. In your cities, your communities in this country. What does that look like to you? For the Coaches Association how how you started to map out? Yeah, I think it's and we've all listen to killer. Mike speak the other day. Plan strategize. Some of the key terms he us. We'll have our third meeting tomorrow as committee. Everyone's got a lot ideas, and that's you know that's that's where at least planning and were there the word we've used consistently sustainable. Whatever we do, it has to be sustainable we. We've just got off the phone with see this morning. Cripple and you know he's headed a players association. We need allies. We have a platform. We need to use platform. But it has to be sustainable. What we've talked about as we've seen the I can't breathe t shirts, and we've seen the patches and the buttons, and and we would love to do that. We would love to do any and everything that we can, but what we really need a systemic change and we need to get with law enforcement officials. We need to talk about those things and we've thrown out every idea every possible option of of what. What is true change impactful change that we can create that we can keep sustain. Every NBA city can can. can be a part of it. and it's really it's really that simple how we go about doing it. We understand this isn't going to happen next week. This is going to take some time. We're going to have to hire some outside counsel. We're going to have to bring in people that experts in this. Phil but. But sustainability is what's most important, not just doing it because we're emotional, not just doing it because we're seeing it on TV this week, but something that the NBA because of our platform because of our access we can create, we can get behind. weakened, encourage, and and we can sustain it. It doesn't matter if a head coach next year this thing will continue to go on and that everyone should have that mentality and everyone has shared. Shared and that's why we had to be unified coaches because it isn't you know, do what you normally do in your local city, we all do something we all are out communities, but as as removal and and others move on is still continuing to progress for the for the good of our players African American players in our league for the good of our coaches for us that have been silent to law, and to not be silent anymore. To note that this is a mandated thing. The head coach the leader of an NBA team in an MBA city. You're mandated. To help be a part of this change. You know Lloyd just to one of the things for me has been in. Again this morning is just trying to listen because. You know part of the sustainability and the partnerships Lloyd's referring to the. White people. You know this is not just a black problem. That's one of the things I continue to hear and understand that. This is in some ways. This is a white problem. And that's sustainability those partnerships. It's necessary for white people. To listen and. To be willing to take action, and not just you know to have a voice and. One of the things that has been impactful to me and. You know again just having an opportunity to have to see the. Other people, sharing colleagues of mine in Monty Williams penned a letter the other day yesterday. In one of the things that he talked about was his children Alvin. Gentry mentioned the same thing. And you know we're all at home. You know were the TV's on. were seeing. You know what's happening in our country. And my kids are there you know and I've got a couple of too young. Really to understand, but sometimes kids understand more than you think. and. I've got a couple of others that are Asti. They're they're trying to process what's going on? And what we tell. Our, children What we tell the people that were close to. Our ability to have I. Mean even with your kids. You know I. It's hard to. To explain you know on a certain level, the magnitude of what they're watching and knowing that they're going to be to Lloyd's point, this is not. A short term thing this is enduring in part of having lasting changes. Is, our families and It hit hits home on that level as well and just to reemphasize reiterate. I I think that's part of the coaches in the room, felt the white coaches. You know that hey, we need to. We need to mobilise along with our colleagues, and this has to become as important and we have to be as committed. As the African American coaches. In that room, yeah I want to. Ask You about that Quinn, I, I. Know You Pride Yourself on the relationships that you build with your players in how? Your ability to connect and an empathize and understand your guys to be able to coach him same with Lloyd that's. You've got to be able to do that the coach at any level, but certainly your level. And even doing that and you. You mentioned even with your coaching staff with black coaches on your staff Quinn. Do you find yourself going for his? As, much of a connection and the relationships I have. Do, you find yourself asking yourself now or in this recent window. Am I understanding these issues enough with them how they impact? MIGHT PLAYERS DO I? Ask, the question is do I. Don't talk that issue enough. His APP been part of your. Thought Process here lately. Yeah in in it's kind of what I try to articulate a little bit earlier you can be close with somebody, but you can also be close and have blind spots in your relationship and. Say. This has been a blind spot for me. but It's not always comfortable in there. You know there's always things no matter how close you are to people. There's places the conversation. doesn't always go in as much depth. And you know we. We met with our team. As much as anything I just wanted to I wanted to feel like I i. just wanted to acknowledge what was going on but really that I needed to have my awareness race frankly. And You know again. Being willing to be uncomfortable and then listen you know. I can't understand on a certain level. Just experience shortly. What Lloyd has been through what Phys? It's been through and some of the experiences that they've had there just hasn't happened to me. but that doesn't mean. that. They're not real to me. And my path is different, and there's nothing wrong with that I think to understand that to accept that that doesn't mean you can't help impact change. Doesn't mean and be committed in listening to our players like that. That helped me as well. I've had to have conversations with to a my white assistance. That has been different. It could easily be what was me about me. I'm the victim. Black men are being murdered. And they heard my fear in my passion and my rage in my anger everything. Mike My coaching staff heard that The things that really moved me was Christian. I talked to Christiane. One of my assistant coaches. He's got a teenage old daughter. He said for the first time I. He was embarrassed. He was discussed it in his role in what he feels an just not doing enough for saying enough. He, said he he had the first conversation. He's ever had with his teenage daughter about potentially what her role could be. and. You know the incident in New York with the white woman, pulling her phone out and weaponising or attempting to weaponize police. You, know! How to keep her his daughter from becoming that woman and taking advantage of her privilege. If she felt she needed to. We all have to be. We all have to be vocal. Not just quin reaching out to Johnny Bryan in in some of the black assistance. In order for us to get true change, and as Quinn said, it is an issue with with with with the it's a white people issue as well being able to address this comfortably. But it works both ways I had to address this. Christian heads were at spoke with Matt. Hill when my other since last night. He was emotional, speaking to our guys in our meeting yesterday for the first time, and he said I have no idea where it came from. Is Finally, finally, actually communicating, what's been in his heart? He just didn't know how to say it. A win the state or even to say to and so. 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If you're not satisfied, you get your money back. This is Scott Yard. Last few days, and thinking about getting on with you, guys and talking I've thought about some of the conversations I've had on this podcast. Through the years with Dwayne Casey talking about growing up. In, the south, being seven or eight years old, and seeing the Klan marched through Rural Kentucky as a young man. And how that impacted him? Talking to David, phys, Dale about being a young man in south central La during the Rodney King. Unrest and the impact that had on him and Lloyd I wonder being the leader of the Atlanta Hawks. In that city. With the civil rights history. Of that region. Does it. Does it for you. Take on or feel like a greater burden, a responsibility than you might feel somewhere else that leadership in that. Part corner of this country. Maybe maybe even carries more gravity to. Without a doubt. I would feel like a coward. Being here in this city, and not trying to play a part with the community. And I knew that I knew that when I took the job I knew I was going into a city that was unique to all other cities in our country has an African American man and with the history of African American men in their leadership for others You know my first two months here living in Atlanta. A meeting John Lewis Congressman John Lewis with our staff and meeting ambassador young he comes and speaks to our team and I'm going over to the House of of Reverend Joseph Lowery. Speaking him. Just those three conversations alone you come out of it. He said this place is different the display this city is different a at Reverend Lowery's party this year in sitting next to Dr Martin, Luther King's only living sibling at the dinner. So You have to be voice. In this city and what I've learned is because of that responsibility. You feel every single burden Quinn I. Know You do as well. If a player comes to you and tells you know has cancer. You can't stop thinking about it. You can't stop thinking about what your players going through every practice every game, so multiply that by your players or coaches. Your staff in here in the city of Atlanta you know it is the African American issues that that problem hasn't. This problem is is very real. You know in the in the racist side I think Dwayne Casey spoken about any talked about it. You know growing up in the south and growing up in the civil rights era, but that's not the only form of racism that we're seeing in dealing with just in the pandemic, you know lower income areas African American communities are being affected and being hit by this because they don't have access to healthcare, and so, what are they doing? They're out now. These are probably the people that are Outta riding. They're homeless. They're out of work. They don't have access to healthcare. They seeing black men murder. They're angry. They're frustrated. They're pent up and so. Because no one cares. And no one cares about African American men that are being killed, and you just put it all into the same bubble. The same category in someone needs to hear us when we're frustrated. And when we say, we're living in fear when we say that we're hurting right now. Someone needs to hear us because it isn't just black and white and race, it's economic and socioeconomic. Socioeconomic it's it's the area in which we live in. You feel all at Atlanta Atlanta's predominantly black is a lot of black owned businesses that are here, but that doesn't mean there aren't lower income areas, and that doesn't mean there's a lot of the community here in a city that are forgotten about, and being stepped over I couldn't agree more about the socioeconomic component. That that fuels a lot of things in. Our city here in Salt Lake is is is a contrast to Atlanta's stark one. You know we don't have a large African. American population. You know it's it's small. but we have players. We have African American players on I think. Some of us. Lloyd mentioned in earlier, there was protests. significant protests, not maybe as much a numbers, but impassioned in Salt Lake the other day and I think I. Don't think people were surprised. It was no worthy you know I. Don't know that that's. that's you wouldn't expect that in just because there's. Protests across the country. It just shows how pervasive. And how intense and emotional this? This issue is and you know our Lord and I talked about this. A little bit over the last couple of days. You know our. Our owner Gail Miller in her family. Owned, the jazz in have for decades, you know. She had some comments to our fans last year in Arina and They were poignant in I. Think Colorful to a lot of people and. It was raising awareness and. More than that you know it was. It was a statement. You know about how people need to treat each other and the fact that they need to confront these things, and she issued another statement yesterday that which. I was pleased to hear I think our players appreciated statements don't solve problems own, but they certainly can provide. Some direction and I think that in our community you know seeing what's going on around the country and understanding that you're not removed from it. You're not immune to it. Just because you. See you know a black person in your neighborhood. You know just because it isn't touching you the same way. You may need to raise your awareness more. You made need to. You know. Be uncomfortable to accept These things are going on and. It's no. There's an urgency to this in my mind, then everyone's obviously that that's been cleared, but The the overlay of of the economic component. To me as also. Something in. We haven't talked about that. That's a secondary thing. but there's the fuel some of the stuff and it makes it even more challenging. I wonder if either of you have given. Much thought to the idea of why. Do you think that NBA coaches. More than any other professional sport. have. Whether it's shown a willingness or ability. Or an environment that allows for. Leadership. On issues of race in sports or race in America. Is there something unique to the NBA or those? Who Coach in the NBA or are there restrictions or cats acquaintances at my hangover, others and other sports. That might be different than the environment. You. Will you both working? You, know I I can't speak on the other coaches association, or if there are associations for the other sports. One of the things since I've been in the NBA is is is i. had relied on our Association for a number of issues with regards to our 401k plans the previous pension plans healthcare newest these ways of growing the game ways of of growing my brand as an assistant coach to a head coach We've been unified for longtime in having meetings as an association whether it's during Summer League, on the road when you know when you get to New York and you're playing in new. York David Fogo and Karen they. They come to the to the hotel and meet with the entire staff to update us. And so you know I I think we've we've had a common connection as an association for a long time And so I think this is the challenge that we're all facing. You know when something like that. That's real like this. That comes up. That's real. You know how unified, are we? That was the question. How Unified Arbu we like to come together to to speak about our money and speak about everything. We're doing as well for us, you know are. Are we going to come together on this issue? So I think our starting point has been tremendous, and and I'm encouraged in less than twenty four hours. We were able to get the entire head coaches together to to speak on something that's real, and and since then it's it's been consistent, and you know I've continued to receive Quinoa and hope you have as well, but I've continued to speak to. The coaches are not in the committee about how can help and what they can do. You know what what's? What's the updated? Can I send you stuff so you know I I. Applaud Our Association, but I won't. I won't you know? Start Sharing I? Think we'll what we'll do is. We'll apply in and say okay. Let's get back to work in. You know when we cheer is when we see change and we difference. Yet. It's definitely there's a collective unification with all the coaches you know. In, the committee is set up. As an organizational. On tool to to. Know to to plan into to focus with the. Unification with everybody and how they feel and. I I think to your question. I think there's. What the right word is! An intimacy or Probably not best description, but. There's not. We don't have thirty players. We don't have forty. There's there's less players on an NBA team in it forces you. I think to have those interactions you know. There's times where it feels personal and as a coach. Being willing to say things. That may not be received initially in. May Be. In. That you willing to say those things you know. Are you willing to talk about these things and? I I think I'd like to think that. You know I think all the strive to. Earn our players trust Into have no for us to trust them. You know it goes both ways and. So in some respects that that foundation hopefully can be one that. That can allow us to continue to have dialoguing facilitate some some sort of change. What was your? Thank the other thing the other component we all sit back when we all seen Steve in pop. Speak on this doc. You know. confidently comfortably. You know and as an assistant for years I've studied them and you know it's. It's great man. Those guys with that security that job security in that comfort you know. It's great that they're doing this for us. Is How I've interpreted. alike Quinn said it isn't. We're GONNA go as far as the most uncomfortable guy head coach in our league. You know we're going to go as league and promoting in pushing this. Whoever is at the bottom of that? In terms of comfort, we know where pop is. He's at the top of his comfort is. That's where he is, but whoever that the bottom whatever elevations we can have, and promoting him to speak on this in his local community to be a part of our association is our groped in. You know for me I'm going to say I am at the bottom. You know I'm a second year coach that I'm walking into this situation and I'm tackling trying to tackle a ton of things you. You know grow a team trying to do it in a tough city in terms of the history of of African American in this issue, and then I'm I'm approaching a lot of veteran and season coaches in calling us all out to do more, and so I'm not personally job. Security is not an issue of my I'm not worried about the consequences I'm worried about the lack of speaking up. Lloyd Pearson Quin Snyder both. Members of the NBC Committee on Racial Injustice and reform guys thrilled. With what you're doing, appreciate you taking time to share. Some thoughts and the plans here and and certainly anything we can do to be helpful. We certainly wanted to, but but guys. Thanks for what you're doing and thanks for jumping into that. Thanks thanks. Thanks well. Region. Thanks to my guest today, Atlanta Hawks coach, Lloyd Pierce and Utah Jazz coach Quin Snyder, you can check out new and archived episodes of the woods power every get your podcast and be sure to check out the low post, but Zach Lowe the WHO collected with Brian, windhorst the as peapod Wisconsin L., aerial Hawalas, MMA may show and be sure to catch Monday's episode. Of Espn daily with me. In which Minnesota Timberwolves Coach Ryan Sanders was her guest. We'll catch you next time.

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