Podcast 107: Onlyfans down, LoyalFans Launched and Contests and Promos


All right I think we're live. Hi everyone and welcome to the Camlian podcast powered by webcam startup. I'm Gary Saunders. Ceo of Webcam Startup. And unfortunately my audio is coming through but my videos not my webcam decided to take shit on my whole life this week so you just have to look at a picture of me but it'll be okay. Someone else introduce yourself now. Hey guys. My name is L. Cardi 'em Kamboi clip producer. He turned his whore. And the insurance husband of Airy my name's founder and partner of what Kim start up every once in a while actually published something to I'm lilith throws exits X. I am a CAM model slash clip meagre in. I am the staff writer for Web. Kim Start off and hopefully you can hear me. I didn't even check my mic. And folks this is. Greg Olsen is busy man male campeau former In part time coach is I am always just on audio now so you can enjoy a photo of me as well instead of the. I Want Looks Loco. My name is anchors. I'm director of artist relations on I want clips has filed as a lifestyle dom inches. Really frigging hot and we were all flirting with each other before this started. Okay let last right into the news. So I figure we should discover this verse because nate was really excited about it. So Corona virus leading to event cancellations We don't have anything up on the PODCAST page about it. But we're going to and we'll cover it more go in-depth into the events and when they'll be rescheduled to and stuff like that in the coming week by as of right now. I believe it's EXOTICA that has been postponed. There's quite a few more. If anyone else wants to. List in w Sunday to still be mine unluckiest. He's got as far as I can. As far as I know as a right now EXOTICA CHICAGO. It W summit the transgender Erotica Awards and Lal Expo Vegas Oh yeah and Abyan was thrown on a model mixer. But you know that's not the biggest event in the world. We still don't know anything about Expe expertise Miami. I posted something about it on Experts dot net. I mean I just posted a list in case anyone wanted to add to it. You know. Maybe there's something that I forgot about that. Somebody knows about and I did ask that question. cracking if. I'm wrong but it's like Mid To late May yes. I mean it's a chance everything blows over by then If not I guess. It's too early for them to address it. You're fortunate a Lotta things are getting canceled. It's crazy I mean it totally makes sense. Put everybody's Health I. Oh my gosh for everybody working you know what I mean. We can get work or stuff like that. This is going to impact the community positively or negatively. Because I'm concerned that people won't be getting sick pay or sick leave pay or whatever and that we might end up under quarantine and they won't have money to spend but it seems are excited and think it'll go fine. What are you guys? Think I think I thought I thought about it. I think The big spenders usually have like way too much money for it to be impacted And smaller spenders might but I mean we'll see I don't even know how many of these people work even In in jobs that don't pay for you to be. Because for example here in Hungary the government is GonNa like compensate for the losses. And if you're not in in like owning your own business you usually get so much sure move to Hungary. This is the only had sixteen conference cases. I like. It could be a good thing because you know a lot of people are going to be bored at home alone with nothing to do because like everything's cancel like there's like there's nothing to do you know what. I mean so more money but I didn't think about the sick pay like you said airy so you make a good point. I I'm kind of fifty fifty. Never noticed could stiffer for everybody. Bu- fun fact masturbating actually boost your immune system so maybe people will allow us to their advantage. You guys should these manning that my bio transported to three hours shows. I should be good for today. I did a Promo tweet and I was like my only fans three dollars. Immune booster sixteen ninety nine. Be a marketing genius. So yeah our stuff's being cancelled it's unfortunate Since we make money off of people globally it might not impact us much than other places like Hungary for example are doing awesome things with sick pay and reimbursement small businesses. So it's not something to be super super concerned about unless planning on going to events and if you are definitely keep tabs on your events and make sure they aren't getting cancelled so you can try to get plane ticket. Refunds and lodging reasons as soon as possible OR COASTAL DONALD TRUMP. Any announced some sort of like bailout subsidy bit does anyone know the details of that. He is going to provide a low interest. Loans for city set are heavily impacted by the virus is going to be doing something with taxes. You pay your taxes late. Basically and he is doing a for small businesses in through negatively impacted by the corona virus. I think he's also doing low. Interest loans for that as well. So there's going through the SBA and if you have insurance your copay is free and your test is free. If you think of the corona virus but I guess everybody without health insurance can just die right. So there's spring context when he bids from March ninth to March nineteen twenty twenty. This is one of their monthly contests. That's long obviously. Whoever makes the most money in paid volatile place top free? And then when more money because capitalism? Yes I just thought it was so funny too. We went from corona to spring. Break like everybody's spring break Is GonNa Suck right me next? Pan Apple Support is launching an addiction support group. We'll talk about it yeah. They're just launching like online support group for dod specific thing like addiction many types of addiction. I should see when it's going on hoping for this month but I just love writing about pineapple support because mental health. It's very important for him up for everybody especially in our industry take care of it and the actions heavy thing. It's good to have a support group and people who know what you're going through when you're going through that so can someone else read that. I can't pronounce names please. For the love of God somebody else read this law ride parents but once Yoga performing at to his twenty twenty you think that was right it well. I mean the TRANSGENDER EROTICA. Awards got postponed. So I mean this may all be up in the air. But that's what. I thought nate when I saw them the keys. Were postponed like oh well that article and wonder I guess the dates aren't right but maybe she still perform. We will have to see it. I mean as far as I'm concerned any event reporting they're doing on any of the events that got postponed. Everything's still kind of to be determined so Mariah may or may not be performed but she was originally going to but she joined yield. Wasn't that a bit like only a week away or something. Yeah it was. It was coming up real soon. I wanted to save this month. Thank you so yeah. Things are getting postponed. Hopefully all of the performance will slow perform there. Because I begin hyped seeing all these news things come out about all. The people performing. It's the teas are GONNA pop off. Whenever they happen there. I was excited for it to Savannah. I'm like Oh my gosh. Where's it going area? We got an only bans. Question in the public chat might be a good time to drop That beginner's guide you do because it does add pricing but miles jazz lounge is asking. How much is too much to charge or only fan? Subscriptions Hell loves? I've talked to you guys before. I'm GonNa talk overnight. Answer your question Usually it seems like successful methods of charging is anywhere from ten to fifteen dollars. And then what you can do is run promotions so adds value to your only fans accounts so say your base ten dollars but the minimum you would want to accept his like five dollars that gives you some wiggle room as far as what you can run promotion wise and how often you can run promotions and then it also looks like you're a kinder person if you run frequent promotions so go higher than discount yourself at whatever minimum that you're comfortable with annual be more likely to get more sales in high lev level will hardly anything. You wanted to add me an agenda. The Lincoln left the check in a minute. Once you have some really good only fans contact content webcam startup including the getting starting guy areas dropping in the live chat right now. Okay so you guys can talk about this. Why go find that link? I'll talk about this. I did read it Jacksonville Florida. Bill is boosting the stripping aged twenty. One will they're trying to I'm pretty sure it's just for fully nude establishments nude radical a erotic dancing establishments serving alcohol so that is very specific because not all strip clubs or alcohol or are fully nude But it is important because I feel like a lot of Campbell's Do also strip too. So it's important for us to know these things and we have covered dancing stuff although we don't currently have active contributor is because it seems like our dancing traffic isn't huge. If it is something interesting we do have some information on it on with him startup. And it's pretty awesome and I did want to mention I'm without bill. They also want to add workers identification cards which I've never stripped so I don't know how to feel about that. But they would require you to be fingerprinted and photographed. I'll let sounds like California's two three eight nine up. Vegas is like that. That's sheriff anywhere like that. All right. Somebody talked about this. Just make you guys do all the work because nobody can see me. I feel like me talking. It's just a waste of time again. I wrote about this. This was an NPR air. Talk Radio Show. They were talking about the California Bellm. Ab Two three eight nine and the other hunting discussion of it. Which I think is very important. I think it's important for people to be talking about the negatives the pros and some people's opinions And for having the conversation the conversation that's being had it's being talked about we can talk about the negatives and pros so it's out there and I I been listening to NPR. Since I was a kid growing up so I just like I had to write about it. Ninety percent for eight weeks on account verified before March eighth so the verification deadline has common past. But if you apply in Portland and you get part of this eight week. Promo that would have been way cooler. If it was not such a short deadline it was only two days right. Yeah has only two days and then initially Reached out to me about it saying that they were going to do this or just trying to you know. Get all the details figured out. You know no mention on how long the duration is going to be. But I expected to be a little bit longer than eight days a really. I think they're trying to take advantage of some of the blow blowback from only bans downtime. And this is what they came up with and I guess if people are migrating to that from one side to another and they're going to do it immediately so for that reason they really didn't have to run it long but I do agree. It would have been really awesome if they ran it longer. So g models were already on the site at ninety percent to or is it just new models areas really good at making tweets requesting stuff like that go viral Many bits never listened to it but hey area we start in the viral tweet. I don't know I'm so busy recently. I don't know if I have time to be problematic for you. Note to the best of my knowledge. It's only for the new performers and they also get access to they're full-service DMC a bit Which I know we're going to a little bit more about that as well which I'm kind of I'm kind of shocked that they're not giving the Daca to everyone because they're removing that Stolen content then it is benefiting them and also that deeper everyone is a selling point but anyways Yeah we'll talk more about that because I have stuff saved by that we'll talk. Can we talk about how they don't fucking cover charge even inch it? I think they did they. I would write about that. Did they hung either? That or somebody was tweeting. Something very misinformed or I'm reading a tweet really wrong right information on that because I'll stop hating on fan central they actually added chart fact coverage. Yeah you should ask someone you like ultras drop dead in the sculptor group. Got Right now if we get a response array announces new payment options for international artists. Mika you talk about this is so exciting so this update kind of come shortly after I want clips accepting new international payment method so and he has to say that I want love says becoming more and more internationally from new just off so in addition to the fact that members now have a bunch of different ways to pay outside of a normal credit card or debit card as we kind of understand that you're in the states international models or artists as we like to call him and now be paid out in two additional ways Paxton being verse one and US Bank A. C. H. Being the second so it's not a one is a little. I guess interesting because you think you know as an international model why would I have a US thing? But I was really surprised to learn from the community that nanny artists that are international. Do have a bank a US bank that pays them in US dollars and it's almost as though they're a United States artists even though they're not so I thought it was really interesting. Something that I learned over the past few weeks so now Luckily happily I want closest they will pay international artists that do have a U. S. bank. And you get paid in. Us dollars and everything be minimum for. These doubts is fifty dollars there. No fees from I want clicks so this is awesome because I know floor. I think primarily the only international payout method was just Myers. And that's always kind of us but this is awesome so I'm super happy about this. So if you are an international model and you're kind of waiting for our clips to have more competitive payout options is now a reality. So super exciting. It's super important for sites to be more inclusive for international artists because we are so overwhelmed especially on like major clip sites and campsites by people just in America because they make it so easy for us to receive our payments but international models have a hard time receiving payments. And if you go through things like even pack them has some bad reputational stuff going on so the fact that you guys added the. Us bank accounts is super super. Awesome for sharing. I will say to Bat. This has definitely been a long time coming and I will say like you know. I can't divulge in tons and tons of details but I will just say that it is extremely difficult to obtaining like good international payouts for artists. Like that's just been our experience. You know trying to navigate those waters and it doesn't. It's not easy it's not just I'm GonNa you know. Make International Company to be able to pay international artists. It's really not that simple. It's definitely more complex. Due to the fact that it's an adult company and it just it it becomes very quickly a complex mass so this is an amazing amount of progress. And I'm super excited. You know for both Vala. All of the international models on the awesome on that pence interest on just check the pages and they are claiming that they do cover chargebacks. I think I recently saw that in a tweet. Like with within the last couple of days to Which got me really curious because yeah I was under the impression they didn't either so I guess they do. Oh No oh Agency what anyone says on that. Skype convoy both Well do they cover my hundred and fifty dollar charge back a month after the guy the transactions so they can still kind of beat my ass but that's cool if they added it along does her name was while ago. That might be fairly new. I hold grudges guys. True many events one million video winner was del Foxy and she's freaking awesome. I loved outbox. She's one of the nicest people that I've ever talked to on the Internet. Her accent is the most beautiful wonderful thing I've ever experienced hurt my ears. She makes amazing creative content. If you haven't checked her out you should check her out. This just turn into a shameless plug for foxy. But Oh my God she just melts my heart and I love her immensely. I love her also. I was like wow. She really deserved this recognition for many events because she really does work so hard on there and I can see it in her videos and her promotion and everything so. I'm really happy that she got this. Congrats still foxy and Yeah you frigging rock and many beds. It's cool. I guess that you recognize someone proposing the million video. I guess whatever was there any kind of leg perk award or anything like that or did they just. It's just promotional. But it's like like a certain set of promotional like. I think it's like like for the next three months or something. I can't remember exactly like three weeks or something but like they're gonNA promote her for like a set period of time. I'll just promotion. They're not giving her money or anything. Which is ten stupid. Should have given the millions video a million dollars in crazy that gone attention. They can go for sure. Make you better given them like one hundred percent of the sell price for that video either indefinitely or set amount of time something like that. I write more fiscally responsible than my idea nate. But that's fine is actually a really good idea. Nate really good made is currently available to be a higher side for ideas for your promotions. Because he's apparently better at than I am upside operators Holler at US announced ideas off as many bids. Anyone else bill for reach out to me and airy anytime don't reach out to me like I said I have too much going on especially you mini. Vans don't reach out to me if I want. Clips wants to reject me. They're allowed just because Porn hub has announced a partnership with swap USA. And I'M GONNA make we'll talk about. I need the read a little bit of International Women's Day and porn hub donated fifty thousand dollars to the sex workers. Outreach program initiated establish a partnership that promotes and funds of funds a variety of initiatives and SA- keep in services that will benefit within sex worker community. I just loved on International Woman. Say That porn have donated fifty thousand dollars. It's like I love. When they meet us the money that they make off of us and put it back into us. I say that all the time but like please. That's good. I love that now. Stop Piracy on the platform. Flat World grumpy today or right just for fans adds an exclusive incentive for models eighty five percent payouts so if you was it signing up to their platform or was it. If you were already on that platform let me no no. It is actually for anyone who wants to go exclusive of actually Alec Alec and I were talking with them after ties on and they're trying to figure out exactly what the exclusiveness would be and we managed to. I mean we told him flat out if you mean people can't sell clips on Earth looks on many bids because he also offer Bangla Platform in crush. You know you're not very many people on that right. Yeah to make it to where he cannot be running any kind of band club platform so you know if there are many bids it can't be doing a thin clever crush or it has to be exclusive you know not on any bad then specific platforms. You know the ones that really kind of specialize in that they did definitely go with the which which is. That's what they need to do Interestingly enough the eighty five percent is for every service accepts inscriptions which I thought was Kinda. We're outside of that. There are some other perks Off The top of my head I do know that they give you an exclusive model badge on. There's an exclusive of page according to Dominic On average it boosts up the earnings and the traffic by ten percent being on that page. I'm assuming has kind of case to case Access the five percent model referral program. Which if you have good model traffic and reach out to them and get get added anyway Access to their anti piracy binger up fingerprinting system powered by Porn Guardian And they said that future just fans features may be made exclusive We all know that Dominic is constantly doing stuff constantly releasing stuff usually small. Sometimes it's big so there might be some more perks in the future for me. The biggest Stopping Point Regarding moving forward Them was Much advantage ride. But it was he would have been okay for me to like Upload leads to many define these able crush of local support hobby findings able the fan club option there but if I understood right ICU only tweets about my just for fans soft and that really stopped the progress selling me even come out like your other clips on porn heaven many movies. If I understood it dried talking just stopped after. Awhile I haven't been able to ask this one didn't really. WanNa I thought I think dominic and the guys were just thinking about even how to handle for an obstacle option and stuff like that so I didn't WanNA throw another question in there before they figured that one else. I'm not sure how they are. They are in figuring out right now. That would work for multiple twitter accounts. Because like I'm sure everyone here knows I have like fucking seven twitter accounts so I wonder if I made one account exclusive for just fans that would matter or if it would have to be all of my accounts because I think all of them because it's too much it's at least the one with the most followers you now I'm gonNA shoot dominic an email right now asking about that. Just because of that is a contingency we totally should be outlining that in the content. We are on it so yeah Well shoot me an email right now. Usually early responsive. We may even have an answer by the end of the show. I have a huge slave owner for how responsive dominic is and how he listens to feedback. Yeah listening to feedback men born around how Dominic looks about it. He's hands. You have a hand. Vanished to o within only with him. I have just one in general I love Manhattan Lady Hands Especially Louis later hands. Strip chat is offering a pat increase for Italian webcam models. This is more corona virus news if he didn't know Italy's quarantine right now unfortunately and in order to help out models on their platform based in chat will be offering them a pat increase until the end of March or until quarantine ends. That is actually really amazing. I thought that was really nice. Volvo Yuck Coronavirus News. This is the most interesting for me because it really helps their camp performers in. Yeah you can tell them someone actually values they're perform or something like that is really really helpful and good on you strap for doing that. One thing I'd like to add is they just announced promotional another promo for the members any corona impacted countries. I don't know if it's only the ones that have Done court teams like Italy as like basically completely shut down but they're giving in up credits or the average private session so that way the people in their own team they can actually go have some interaction in their press. Release this one or the Italian bit. They also said that they're probably going to be extending it towards any other countries that go on lockdown Denmark. I believe it was yesterday. It was yesterday became the second country in sale. Okay why don't they claiming hungry completely locked down it's not completely loud sound Hungry the restore border control because we are part of Schengen. So it's just like in the United States you can come and go without any border control to neighboring countries who are or who are also function again. It's basically the EU. Few countries and water control is restored Only Hungarian citizens are allowed to enter the country from Italy China You're on maybe borrowed Germany. And they need to be immediately go into a two week. Quarantine that is controlled by the police. The universities are orderly shutdown Stuff like that. So I don't know what criteria the mainstream media and strip chat for that matter is using for you know lockdown. I did reach out to strip chat to see if they were gonNA extend this to Denmark as well and I have not heard response back. Yeah Yeah I think it's an Obama. Oh both on the member side. In on the performance side so kudos strip chet agreed little increases percentage to eighty percent on all surfaces. Which apparently it was but was not before the really knows because what is even happening and I told them. Give them feedback when they actually launched not this pretend fake relaunched. The Shit was confusing and they said okay. We'll change it and I guess them changing. It is like all right. We're just GONNA make everything eighty percent but then it's still not or is it or is nate. It took us all to actually figure out. What the old rates were. You know what I seen this. I went into the network page. Okay I I went into into the directory pages and seen we had it listed as seventy to eighty percent then I went into our main network. Impo page sewage at eighty percents. That could be used me reached out to the people finally figured it out and it was like fifty percent cams you know something else for clips something else for tips and tributes and something else or subscriptions so now. She flat eighty percent across the board. Plus they had the five percent Monroe Program It's a Rep Sharon referred performers in referred members. So it's fifty percent for camping anymore. It's eighty percent across the board now board by eighty five on your own referrals right correct. Yes all right look as you. You just explained it to me in a way that they for some reason didn't know how to this is really weird. I just got a response back from Van Central via skype. Saying they do not but in there. Okay this is really weird in there. Like actual agreement. They claim they don't but in their help section. They claim they do. I'm going to forward them. Their own section sizing. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa Ford them their own help section right now and see if they responded that and they're bitches that loose beneath updating their shit you know. They're not giving different information conflicting information to different places. Someone's Obe itches. Somebody send area one hundred fifty dollars. I'll stop complaining. Many bids announced their hobby comcast which is another play at them trying to make fetch happen but in the form of safe reward videos because they are just trying to do Maine's But they're a porn company but who really even knows what's going on anymore is our doodoo corning Singing in doing makeup now. I am so confused by it and like they. I'm pretty sure they added all these specific tags for. Let me pull up. 'cause they like cooking music. Meditation are Astrology Beauty. Karaoke and fashion are all tags now on the management side. And I'm like why there's so many more things that could be tied like the could be more useful to sell videos. But they're focusing on. I don't know. Are they trying to be Youtube? I love you many events. You know this but want mainstream attention just like loyal fans just like everybody. Rican only fans only okay. I'll give it only fans. It's a running joke that you like sell your needs on only fans that there are creators over. They're not doing news. That are still really doing well on their so only fans is the only one who I think has actually capitalized on the mainstream market and like made it work for them but all these other sites. It's like you're a porn site. Can you just embrace that about yourself like many trying too late to not be important? I agree Hobbies Jerking Golf. You shouldn't be as jerking. Why can't my hobby is making money? So you know over. There could be just a a way to get some amount of traffic people. Stop in they say oh. Well I'm here and switch over. You ought to note. I think it is leading them not wanting to pay models to get content for advertising. So they're trying to encourage us all to make safer videos that they can use for advertising and then they get right to it for free that they can use reproduce many way they want. Oh my God go above so that is one hundred percent with they're doing like oh my. I did not think of Latte because Emmy failed so they're trying to Redo Yup. Oh my gosh. But what is being used because they do use it to think about it. Cost the company one hundred and fifty dollars per sale for hundred and fifty dollars. Some like many of its advertising material does should be your hobby but my hobby is making many Vince. Kick ME MONEY BUT ANYWAY. One hundred fifty dollars Was more detail march fifteenth. Imagine anything that's happening between the welcome fifteen long over the action with the clip so like common. Nba Free Clip Right. Actually I think it might have to be A. I don't know that something ought to check because I think it has to be a b two but I guess it could be free to. I don't see why not put it up. I will interact so hard with long fifty dollars. I'M GONNA put up a veneer on it's GonNa be me complaining about many beds and it's the answer extra your hobby. Do you think that they would lie and say that? That wasn't the winner if I did get a bunch of interactions on to be so fun now. Only if you make really good points like if you're just like. Vase Big Ben you might give it just GonNa do a video cut together of me. And Katie disowned. Stop trying to make that happen. These you could put words to Some music and sing a song upon it. Oh my God yet while. I'm inspired so anyway. I'm going to stop talking about many bids Cam for announce his Jasmine jazz new ambassador. Hey Greg do you know anything about this year I do? You know I've got mixed feelings because you know. Hey it's their company. They can do what they want. I'm not big on especially for sites where people get their start. Promoting it with You know porn stars in that and celebrities out necessary thing. That's the best approach but hey I'm not running their company so I agree with you. One hundred percent me to like if they're doing it to get more performers. You want someone that can speak to them if they're doing it to capture all of the general public that wants to come and see pointing. That's a different story. But if they're doing it to say hey you know be a performer as well. I'm not sure I would look to them as as you know guidance. For where's the best site to Cam from? I mean we can only hope. Jasmine will be brought on and not do what. Fair Abraham did on many bids and say sex positive liberty and then claim that like Warren ruin her life or whatever so I do not like her. I have a freaking sweater. That has her on the back because their promotional picture didn't show that her big ASS head was on the back of it so now I have an MVP TUBE. Sweater their Abraham's fat. I've foreign head on. Why did that I kept doing? It's so off. Let's get started so bit really backtracking on the Fan Centro bit. We're on Fan. Centra unfed central before we go into DMC services in their agreement. They may do. Chargebacks helps the way it's covered so it might be where they're wording in the agreement in case there's like real blatant fraud or a large number. They can still reserve the rights not to cover cover it. On a case by case basis I did shoot them The help section in you know copy paste actual text out of it. I'm waiting for somebody to reply on that. Maybe we'll figure it out. Maybe we won't who knows one hundred and fifty dollars is a big number. Somebody's about the DMC crap. Nate Nate Nate. Okay so I didn't post this I did hear about it. I guess they're I guess at some service some promotional thank for specific amount of time. And I guess it's in response to all the leaks that's been happening content lakes and being added some addressing the content lakes. I'm wondering if it's across the board and not just content uploaded Advanced Center. That could stolen. But they're like hey any one that jumps on board as an influencer We're going to offer this to you to get all your stolen shit as much as possible. Gone that's kind of mind to predation of it. I M right or wrong on that one and I'm not sure if it's just for new sign ups or if it's across the board for older influencers can't talk until June I did this one so I do. Have a little bit So my thing is. I'm pretty sure it's fertilize. Just people affected by the Ling. The leak is whether trying to promote it is they said I got. I wish I had their article pulled up but they said that like if need be that you have to prove that you were affected by the League which I. I don't know how you do that like I. I didn't see any of the the league most based on pirating your content to send you the folder because that was the whole move. That's just low confused about. I'm like I don't know how you would prove that. And it's something that they should just be offering to their models might opinion but yeah. It's like promotional three months of D. M. DMCA copyright protection For any affected influence. Who Works with them whether you've been with them from the beginning or sign up today so it's like anybody who's been affected by the leak. Which how do you prove that? I'm just I'll how do you prove that? And then all biotic content. That's what they want. Sounds a little sketch but look a little weird to make that a requirement and just off route as a service because model. Your models will be really happy yeah thought. Dmca's seemed to be pretty standard now is it? I like the one thing about them. Centralizers not much that can be stolen off of it. I mean there's only like those okay never mind now that they have the feed in their clip store future. Yes and see. I'm thinking that they may. They might offer their own. Daca for content stolen Van Central. But they're kind of doing this as an on boarding thing an opera across the board for the content that was leaked off the other platform which I assume they're referring to only fancier yes did they just keeps me leak but they never say only fans that they keep talking about the leak. Yeah they've been fairly passive aggressive with only fans you know what the Women's Day promotion which guaranteed. It was in response to the downtime and with this. Dnc A promotion for the leak been fairly passive aggressive with only fans as well so you can snarky. Where fairly aggressive with them? Branded on the ground nate. It's true still though. Those those fuckers pissed me off I mean how do you go? Twelve hours without responding and man I mean. I've seen it correlate to our. Yeah I've seen a correlate in earnings to which I mean we're still getting the same number sign ups so that means that it's probably subscribers turned off. Yeah you do not go twelve hours without announcing what's going on. No that that was bullshit conveniently do it while I was not at home and not on my phone so that I couldn't see what was happening. How long did it take to put out that? They were under maintenance. I want I want to say over twelve hours. And here's the thing. The splash screen said it was server upgrades when the decision makers with actual names woke up in the morning you know they said we have no clue what's going on. We're trying to figure it out which I mean if it was up was upgrades. Espera the support channel tweet that the handle then went onto re then it should have been really easy to figure out. You already know what it is. Apparently there aren't figures it is so how come airtel decision-makers with names were clueless saying we don't know what's going on we have to figure it out when that's what they're claiming that also really pissed me off also if you're upgrading a server you announced. They'll be downtime. And you try to mitigate making as low as possible so I mean I've gone bullshit on the entire thing I think they just went down for whatever reason that's not being disclosed and I don't know why they're trying to play that again. We're asked us to talk about this later. But we brought it up for free is having a Saint Patrick's Day celebration Promo in contest. Michelle the person who gets the most shamrocks of rights. Yes the popular shamrock contest headlines. The five day fair flirt for for users are encouraged to send their favourite performers. Virtual shamrocks inscribed festive subjective suggestive messages. Gosh commit talk today. Sorry guys And Cash prizes will be paid off. There's more on the article on the cash prizes. I 'cause there's like two different groups of people who can win and can't remember now. What the two different groups for and I want to remember different. Bree is really weird about announcing any kind of contests they run like. Bill announced something really vague their initial press releases and then we'll send an email to their performers lot more information or as prizes more elaborations stuff like that and even between both those. They'll still be some stuff on their contest page. That wasn't included in other announcement. So it seems like remember is putting together Anytime for them like I'd have to go through an amended civil tie-ins or wait till I get all the information from all the different sources. Yes so I mean yes. There are some details that they are not yet disclosing that someone said. Sasha Cameras Migrate from only fans to somewhere else. No yes if you value site support but also now I think right now at this point only vans has such a solid customer base that promoting it. You're likely to have customers that are already on and it's put together all in warm convenient time line and stuff like that like you can't fight with only fans customer base. That is what they had going for them. But you can always have to fan clubs post the same things on both in have one with a bunch of features that you love and a good support system like just for fans for example and something that works consistently and then have only fan so then if only fans is to go down for whatever reason you can't get support to reply to you which is a common problem you can. Actually you know shooting people the link to your other one as long as opposed the content at the same time. It can't be a little annoying but it's always good to not all your eggs in one basket. Even if you have just a clip site fan club like mb crasher just something that you're already on and it would just see her over to. It's always helpful to just have them back out. Rich we do have Dominic Ford with the bans in the public right now and we responded that shot him in from what? I'M GETTING. It's you can't be on the other. Bangla platforms. It doesn't look like you can't promote tweet out your other sides as well as just the fans so I did get answering that. Anyone has any questions we do have a the site operator founder of just for vans on the buck s with us and he has the biggest. Dick Energy Out of everything club site owner on your web is so feel free to talk to him because he's super helpful. All the FREAKING TIME. We Love Victor Energy. I E thinking everybody would know what it means. But if you don't know be the e- energy you're welcome. Jeanne adults friendly events platform preview tease. Whenever the hell happened now. Maybe they'll preview at something else now or maybe just preview on there. I don't I wonder if they'll push launch urges. Keep it up for the tease. You know what I mean I mean. It seems like Experts Miami is going to be the next major event and that would actually be a pretty solid one to do that. Unless they're trying to launch before that in which case they might choose to have a soft launch. I Dunno hopefully because that landing page. The ugliest heck agreed. But which it's just if you guys don't get what it is. It would be like an adult friendly version of like in that bright or like ticketmaster. Something like that but I don't think it would be an APP. Probably not doors hate slots whatever reason. God forbid we exist in a sexual manner should because man when I love and only fans APP DO CENSOR HERE. I have a question because I checked Jeff Execution Rose Right now on the side. It says only advertise J. F. Leans on your social media so that that you mean by the answer that only Means only advertise. Jfif FAN CULLINGS. A my social media. Because that's that's cool. That's not a problem. I think that was. That was the one that confused me to the person that said an APP would be awesome. Just prepare to be disappointed. Because it's literally never going to happen but what you can do is you can make only fans. You can also do this. Avian Stars any site. That's mobile optimize. You can pin it to your home screen. So it's eleven but it. It's not an APP. But he can just pretend and it'll bring you some form of peace within your heart that you can just click insulate from your home screen idol just to. I don't know if this was a fever dream but wasn't Bolivians an APP at one point. Yes processor too yeah. They tried to brand themselves as mainstream and shit. Yeah that's what I thought and that's what earlier when we were talking about. How only do like sites trying to make mainstream happen? You know it's not going to happen. Happened but with only fans. They successfully did it. I feel like it's because they started off as a mainstream platform and like kind of went into porn. I mean they did both at the same time and then porn is the one that was like this is working for us and then they will fuck it. I guess yeah literally okay. So Dominic elaborated in the public chat. So just no fan club leagues. Which if you're not a fan club platform because your exclusive. It's really a non issue begin with. Yep that's cool that's cool anyway. Stars mixer reschedule Rowena time. It's corona time. I wish I had a corona drank right now which I had a working webcam because I do have coronas because I was going to do. I was GONNA deal photo. Set for only fans are decided it would probably be insensitive because people are dying. We'll be cool but yeah you're probably so yeah that's reschedule It's going to be on the fifth of May in Chatsworth California from four PM to nine PM. There will probably be a lot more articles. Light bag coming out due to corona because we have to renounce every single frequent event. Utah Fan Centro poster provan accustomed domain name. I remember you got fricking lit over this. So talk about it about so basically if you want to have your fans central profile on your own domain or sub domain. You can do that. It's as simple as set name. Servers a record or some other way to do it So if you do have Your own white labeled and Centro you still show up on the main dance interest as well. you can be in. I keep wanting to call it Mc Prophet Still Central Profits Prophet Central. Whatever they rebranded to see against get promoted. If you're getting promoted through that they will be sending the traffic over to the actual main side of it. It's just if you want something a little bit more personalized on your own site or sub domain of a site which running site. That's what I recommend you do with it. And the other thing is there is not going to be other performers featured on that sub domain or the actual domain which is Kinda cool. I think it's go future. And they really silently They really silently deployed this feature. I didn't see any press. Release anything like that. Nobody in route by me. It was actually. What was I going through the help for? I was going through their resources for some information or another something about the clip thing I think given the timeliness of their quick clip store feature of that probably was nice normal upon that. It's like damn that's actually pretty cool so message me about it. That's why I said you were lit over you got I quit I. I'm not GonNa talk about that other stuff and talked about. That's that's that was private so can Can you do like the clip thing? Only for fans entre pocksteiner profile. A custom domain. Or does it have to be your fan central feed and then they click over to the store on the shot me a sample. I can look and see if they have anything else. Like the via clips enabled. Give me one second. I'll do that. Look Aline a mess going to the next thing. Then the cameraman for Solo performers. So recently I bought a tripod attachment but not any trump attachment. It's emotion trapping Tripod attachment. You Hook up your smartphone with. I'm so pissed I don't have a Goddamn Webcam right now. That would have shown you guys what it does but basically you put your smartphone on it and you can choose to have it shocked Auto tracking look for your face or your body or can do set tracking and you can click on whatever you want it to track in following or as three sixty rotation you can put on a tripod can it on the counter And basically it just tracks. You can also do voice commands or clapping or snapping for it to take photos so instead of having to constantly resets timers remote you can just clap snapper say cheese and it'll take a photo for you So it makes photo sets like a Billion Times easier. I just used it the other day. I mean it's just really awesome inconvenient if you're a twitch stream or or if you do you to events or anything like muscle livestream from your phone using that APP and be motion tract. Which is really cool. It would work awesome for things like you know cooking shows or something like that Currently there's no real way to set it up to do adult cam shows with live but if you got creative you could just put it on. Put your phone on. The pivot said it. Tim Ocean track you in the clamper. Webcam to the top of it would just him so it could work in that aspect but there's a lot of CO teachers You can do a many me. Panoramas tiny planet If you go to Canley PODCAST DOT COM. Click on episode seven. Scroll down for the pill linked to the article. I listed all of the features. It has what it allows me to do in there was also in little gifts of the pill following my hand. So you can kind of see how the motion tracking looks and stuff like that But I'm a huge fan especially with the popularity of fan clubs right now and just mobile ready content. That can be posted quickly and done from your phone having something like this. That takes the stress out of having to have cameraman to like follow. You if you're doing something that has a lot of motion in it super helpful in just adding interactivity to your video so it appears less stagnant. I know a lot of people get stressed out there. Like oh my stuff doesn't sell because I don't WanNa cameraman. Everybody who has a cameraman does better. You have one and it's only a hundred dollars and the pill isn't going to get rights to your content and places totally forgot that I had the same feature monkey mall Agassi APP because for me. The problem is I have a pretty good feet. Twenty pro has has a camera but the failure application only records in like seven twenty and should equality so much with. You covered the article. I haven't read that yet in the outset ends. You can do video at four K. Livestream squeaky clean cool. Yeah and then I believe photos are also Ten eighty yeah so but you gotTA use a lot of people were complaining about the quality because they were using it on the front facing camera. Because I don't know why like the back better guys. Just turn it around the yard soon track and then put it down and you'll be okay but use your back facing camera and it has amazing quality and like at a convenient little gadget to have who agree especially for people who don't have any help like the Solo. It really would help. Yeah I think it's just great for Jesse N Pov type stuff too because a Lotta guys want that interactivities that it's hard especially like most of the people who need interact stuff like that would have to have a partner or a friend phone for them in that. Can you really uncomfortable like even my partner when I was with him for a long time? I didn't want him to film stuff for me. Because it's it can be weird for some people. Some people aren't super comfortable doing their job or switching into their in front of their partner or our friends at so just having a little gadget to do it instead of having to be like ooh Lance of sexy in front of someone who. You're not like that with can be next store real quick on that Ben Center domain bid on the sample site based in over to me it did have bead listed Sunday soon on if you have little clips listed there as well or K. Textese someone talked about texting. We already talked about it. But lift tell sorted is more time It's just what is it that that's what we're trying to bigger out my God. I cannot talk today. Excuse me guys. We thought it was like an event. Bright type of obsolete Placed to buy tickets for like adult friendly events will an adult friendly opt to buy tickets for adult events like EXOTICA? Av End Their Trans transgender erotica. Awards anything like that. But now we got you greg. Would you like to expand? Maybe while I was looking at it the hood and noticed it's there's a company called the bid chat we're supposed to launch But a year and a half ago in I'm not sure if they didn't failed But it was two way face to face with celebrities and influencers and their stuff's on their servers. So who who really knows that they might have done some deal and bought their domains and they're using it. But I thought that was an interesting connection to bad not got pushed back because I really want to see the preview of this sixty thing and again appeal of what it is what it does what it looks. Like damage tease. Oh Nice so only fans down unresponsive support no answers march twenty twenty nay. Do you want a rant about it again? Well I mean we already talked about it but I can read it about ran about it again. Like I'm fucking pissed at that. I mean everyone knows what happens. Only fan went down splash. Screen said upgrading servers. It was like twelve hours before support. You've been acknowledged thing Claiming yeah and the support tweet claim the same thing server upgrades. You know you make experienced downtime. No Real I mean no. It didn't get back online to like over twenty four hours. Yeah that's the gist of it. Yeah I love only fancy by was I will say come on guys you tell us what maintenance going on. Let us know something especially because how popular they are right. Well I mean. Twitter was crazy with models. Life events are the only dance down. Like just. Give us some clarification. I think the biggest problem extent members weren't able to access their accounts and if they wanted to unsubscribe from models. They put another time which is a big issue. Because you're basically taking money from people like I don't know about you guys but every once in a while I'll accidentally click a stupid button on only fans and accidentally continue my goddamn subscription and then it won't let me turn it off so I'll set a little reminder. My phone leg owns subscribed from this person. It happens because they're cited annoying sometimes So if you wanted to subscribe from someone you couldn't and it was only up. It was up intermittently throughout the day. Like I was able to log in a few times and one time I can post but one time I could sell. It wasn't completely down. It was on an off but still very annoying that they Ahead of time notice I felt like is a model. I had to reimburse people for their error by giving them stuff for free or discounted in order to turn to make up for the downtime and did lose a lot of subscribers following day because it just kinda showed that their sites you know unreliable but I know nate you think that the server upgrade is bullshit but I have noticed. Oversight has been running better down or people have said that which I mean. I've heard some people tried to claim that deal with us. I don't necessarily believe that and I mean it's just anecdotal hearsay. And I haven't seen that much chatter about it. I mean I'm just saying what people say have said you know in a small group of people I don't know what real what really happened with it. But Holy Shit come in off the heels of the quote unquote leak for which let's be zero. The League is just Dana's for piracy. I mean the same thing has happened to many beds. You know jeter band. Other public shows are being recorded. Bots this is just piracy bias. At wasn't very stat initially called the League was advice. Who started all that Shenanigans? Yeah thanks so I mean whenever bias reports on something in our industry it tends to be what goes viral and all that so I kind of blamed by some that will freak out and really misinformation but still having to deal with that coming up that PR BAD PR bit. This is a one thing they really did not need Like in my life even people were freaking out there off because they know I'm on only fans like you know only fans got leaked and they're like you know your stuff got hacked into and I'm like no that's not the case. Don't worry a vine like I appreciate you carrying like that's not the case of the I. It's just so annoying. It's people thought was happening not to be a bitch but I actually kind of enjoyed it because I feel like less people have been signing up for only fans than making it seem like a less good quality platform appointed air because they actually have them that. It wasn't piracy so the people that option aren't signing up now also. I would have mentioned this before I forget. I am over in Illinois for anybody who didn't notice I actually got only fans went down for like two days for me like it was like Tuesday night. Okay it wasn't down but none of the media would display in my profile picture. Cup League deleting I think it was only for like a good eight to twelve hours but like I mean you cannot access any of my media so for anybody else like members. I don't know if it was for everyone. It was only certain models I didn't hear was for everyone so I don't know what's going on there. What I thought was interesting is watching. How some of the other side's reacted to it just like. Let's be frank. They incent rose Women's state sale has really to give incentive to anyone migrating away some of the stuff as well as their leak. Dmc A bit. They're doing It was the day of the downtime where loyal fans announced eighty percent across the board so it's fair speculation that that was in response to that Berry co I mean. Just pure coincidence. I think Abyan Star Avian Stars launched their flipping. Cheer that Same Day I don't think there's any relation whatsoever but chips. Interesting Anecdotal Is My girl. Evan needs to a finalized and finish out the terms but they're launching an exclusive migration package and response to this so it was really kind of interesting watching all that and now that a lot of that is implemented. It's GonNa Make Bank club game a little bit more interesting. I don't think anyone's really going to be able to on the same level as only or if anyone really gets up to that. It's going to take some time. But people are trying to figure out how to become more competitive and we'll see if that continues right. So commercially was transitioned into a campsite. A White Label and I have to pee sub-lease talk about this for a few minutes. This might be your term. Am hold on. We have something interesting in the public. Chat bligh studio. I'm sorry to tell about what happened on only fans they have the cdn public. That was a big breach on on their system. Up By studio I would be interested to learn more on that how you learned about that. I really do not know that. Much about scenes. Whatnot chosen email. I just thought that was interesting. Okay so sweet. So campers the transition into a capsule area the one that initially told me about this that you just learned about it from twitter being. Pm Drug Okay so issue because you can't see all right okay. So it seems like. They announced him twitter. I don't know if the performers also got an email or anything like that but they transition into cancel the white label not too much information provided going by the tweets on the campus. Versity twitter account. It really appears like They're still working out of transfer over. Danine a profile balance all that kind of stuff but they are guaranteeing that every token will be accounted for I honestly think that Camp Soda might have purchased them out Primarily just m soda is a really weird choice for a white label. Which honestly if they got acquired. I'm really surprised lurker. Freidan jump on it. Seems like Has really been into that acquiring camping sites transition them into why would well anyways? That's basically they're all while they're the young he was awesome. Hey P fetishists that lit of anyway what an NS. Something about on the walking. Somebody coaching getting that. They have their CD public. And there was a breach there. That is anecdotal I- Connor one way or another outside of that. I'm really not the biggest expert on CBS. To begin with I told live studio to shoot us an email. 'cause I would be curious to see what see what they have to say about that. They learn about that all that stuff keys all right so new in quotation marks fan platform loyal fans launches but they account from before on the road closes. But I wanted to go from just refers on so they four counts for a while but didn't live. How long have they been mind at least three? Munster? Some I had no idea. Yeah over wonderful empty of helm there. Yeah we're supposed to do videos about them in Katie was supposed to help me in the Katie left the team in the end. I still haven't done the videos because I need someone to also help you with them so fuck. I should probably get on Loops but hey it's fine because they they didn't launch until just now apparently so are behind all right and did anyone ask today. I did our bet you did. Didn't Ya Shit will one okay. So there's entire seventeen participants for one so you know big traffic. Big Webinar definitely wasn't anything man. I mean Neil really should have been crossed promoting them in the cluster sell blog. Kind of like they did next. So cams maybe there would have been more participation on. They're really trying to brand as mainstream like they kept talking about yoga coaches and stuff like that and how to separate your paperwork profiles from not safe for work and your content and all that kind of stuff so that right there I really think is the wrong approach. I mean I kind of think. That's the wrong approach period. I mean you're going to cater to adult just be blatantly adult and do some of the other sites like Just for Fans Avian Stars is my girl does in no they actually have a front page featuring content featuring performers you know instead of just some splash page on how you can earn Yeah I don't know how this Mainstream saferworld branding goes I think they said they wanted to get an APP area. You reminded me of that so that might be the case. But we've all seen how the APP went for only fan so I think it'll be very similar. It was a real basic rundown of the features. I mean the governor features so that was good. That's I was like wall. Try to write the article for there. I was like okay like one of the features. What's going on? I didn't even know? The percentage one hundred percent of the time. Either as an eighty. So I was wondering what clarification went on in that Webinar. It's based it was all real basic and now that's eighty across the board. They didn't have to elaborate. What you're getting fifty per cancer getting this for that. Usually when I'm right the network Info pages. I'm really on top of it and communicating with the various companies on things. Like maybe they don't have a charge back policy in their back chapter that do you offer? Dmca that's another thing may not happen their pets so usually. I'm I do a whole lot of due diligence more than you'll find in the backs of any of their resources stuff like that and Holy Shit. I've another percentage is wrong. I had a percent like jet because barely. Jd It's like what the hell did. I actually do this without. Remember remembering is because they told you different Shit. They didn't even know if they're percentages. Were I will. I was there for the discussion. It was confusing. It's been chaotic for a loyal fan. So far I'll say but it's good now because they just brought it up to the standard eighty percent. Good job that you should have done to begin with. It makes sense and I thought Platinum Posey did a better job you know the neal the developers when we went over their whole product demonstration area nine so it is cool actually having a performer as like model spokesperson Yeah whatever she's playing them so who knows. Maybe it's platinum posing taken over those videos that we are going to help them out with any platinum presentations to be on our podcast in the early days. So if you go out our podcast you'll see her over. You're talking about stuff so we don't have sound effects. And I'm GonNa just make them off again jennings right. I'M GONNA put on the Vietnamese Corona Virus Song pulling viral viral cats site of the week. It's Dan Centro because of their ninety percents takeout promotion and offering the MCA to people. But I don't know if I like them still because of their lending pretend charge by coverings but it's okay guys you've been decidedly agree. I was like I don't WanNa get stripped shot but it's okay you can have it which I have not seen any elaboration for the different conversation. Oh okay they covered chargebacks with the initial two-week-old after the charge back is made revenue is adjusted accordingly. That is some really weird language to have in your like Fan Central. One zero one guide. This strange weird. Yeah I told you that entirely wrong when yeah that's weird. Model tip of the week is take advantage of higher. Romo payout percentages and stuff. Things offer you can get a higher percentage trying out a new site you never know. The shoe might fit really. Well you could be the Cinderella. Love that site go make more money. Go get that cash. Don't hesitate to spread your content out because you can't ever have too many eggs in your basket because the basket view whipping around like crazy with the way this industry is and you could lose some eggs so man just keep hopping out putting on different baskets prepared for anything and take advantage of Promos when you can and we also have a question in the public chat. Hillary was a stray performer until California Assembly Bill. Five and Hillary is looking for the best alternatives. shameless plug. We do have a campsite directory on Webcam startup where you can compare them. What if anyone wanted to give their advice as or as far as which site would be? The Best Remade Alternative. What would it be chatter vague? Because they have a very similar promotional program for affiliates. And if you're focused on promoting yourself using your affiliate stuff as well and that's something that you relied on for money as well if you have the drive. In the traffic moving over to chatter date will be very beneficial to you because you will make affiliate money off of them. Tipping other performers as well as you similarly to screen the setup and they do have pilots. The quality of Chatter Broadcasting is personally not as good in my opinion but it is very comparable to stream it in that way and you may also be able to build up an audience and start doing token countdown shows which can result in more money long term. If I may add his wallet. I haven't talked to Mike Forever so get our. I still here to answer this question because I used to camelot. Onstream mate. Tirade is an awesome option as well as areas said but one option that. I like personally better for me just because three minutes a private bay site was. I'm lives then quick off the California models to nate way. What the hell rbis got an email from meal saying that Saying that loyalty instant launch yet? And he doesn't know why we're having a podcast on that right now. He's going to let us know when it's launching. Why and Kiara Email Them. That it was launching does years. You've been email as well that it's officially launched right. What will loops? I guess and coming forward you the email so you can forward to him. I mean I think I've seen the email either that or yeah. Well there's literally an email that says that it's it's launched and it's official official premiere. It was weird at all. Remember how offer a second email see. We were so excited to welcome you back to the US. You'll loyal funds earlier this week. So sorry loyal fans. We are fraught. We were helping. Yeah well I mean for my months already so I wore with their official launch is gonna bail webinars a live site that n even officially launched. Now I'm really really used about all this stuff metoo camping back to Hillary's question regardless so own goodness okay. There Times Atar jumping tried to Hillary's question. Chatter made is an awesome alternative. But I'm live assuming that they did not ban. California models is also another one in swimming. You're in the United States. Entice lives which is a studio for. I'm live would be the way to go there very similar to each other. Like if you like the way that stream eight shows work merits you know free chat. You're not expected to really be that entertaining. And you're just focused on your private one on one shows remain group private shows. I would say I'm live. Yeah that's correct I am in life would be the way to go Just as another alternative in case you know chatter rate isn't because I don't know for me. I always prefer the private day sites. And I'm live with a lot more similar to stream eight. Because even though her bid offers the functionality for private shows. That's not the usual way to go there. I question that they they also banned California models though too. But I'M NOT SURE. Nate can reach accent and see what they're doing with that. I can tell you that entice live didn't entice live was talking to their lawyers and their lawyers were advising them to. They took a wait and see approach. I I asked him about alive. I do not remember their response. I will go ahead and reach out to them now. Okay I also Forwarded the email that announced their launch. If you WANNA for that to me all communication's key and then yet. Hillary just finish our little conversation since you are in the United States definitely. Don't sign up for life directly. I would highly recommend instead signing up through entice lives and that would be the best way to get paid out and receive awesome support and anti slave is a studio online life but it does not take any percentage away from you so it's just it's an awesome benefit to have tracing his incredible to work with in distract are linked to where you can find that Info about the site that you would be broadcasting on so if you WANNA see all their information requirements and stuff like that you can head to that link and yeah entice is almost fulbright when I with an e instead of an eye. So and tight and tense. Yeah I like on it on right while that covers. All of our news for the this week will be doing a pre recorded one next week which will feature Mian Lilith. Our next live on the on the one eighty six. I believe yes sex. So make sure you tune in on the twenty six th for our next live stroh. Hopefully you'll be able to see my say maybe hopefully probably not and that is all for this week's Cam Land podcast where we help you turn. Oh God damn up tips and tricks of Cam land into cash in hand. That's our fabulous outdraw. Everybody WHO's on Kim? Throw up some peace signs yeah bye.

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