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Well i brought the bubbles. I m champagne burgeon all right so i i'm gonna take the cage off okay. Now that's what this is called did not know that intended to keep the cork in the bottle. Should the court try to escape would try to escape while it is under massive pressure. Yes so the best way to do. This is to put your hand in turn slowly. You would've jumped out of your seat. Hello cheers business listeners. I'm ashley smith vice president of wholesale pharmacy for dr x. With over ten years of experience helping doctors and their patients with diagnostic tests patient monitoring medical supplies compliance wholesale pharmacy physician dispensing billing a much more docker x. Is your patient and health compliant solution. Both under one brief and always with the mission of the patients. Help i to find out how dr x. Can help you your hospital pharmacy physician's offices and you need for your businesses. Please visit us at doc. Rx dot com. If you have something you love and you want to share it with others then don't be afraid of a long list of to do's and logistics to make it happen. Just start with a simple decision. Just jump just jump right in. Hey everybody welcome to the show. Today we have missed they wellborn. Who's coming back on the show to talk about. She's taken something that she loves and she's turned it into a net and it benefits the community local charities small businesses just bringing us all together to have a good time and drink some bubbles. You know. I don't know if i can get enough The stories where people take something they love and have the passion for and they make a business out of it. hey i'm karen i'm a former. Cpa entrepreneur business consultant with big ideas. Welcome to tears to business. Stacey wellborn thank you for coming back on the show. Thank you for having me insurance and bubbles with me. This is a fun topic. I'm excited we all need some laughter these days don't we i do. I need some laughter in my life. Good it is medicine well. I brought the bubbles. I know somebody finally brought me champagne on the show so excited. I can't believe y'all have had champagne on the show and wine and clinking no but never never champagne. I i have to admit that. I'm honestly not having been the biggest fan of champagne. Okay and i know you are. I am a fan of all things. Bubbles. you are the queen of biz. Yes yes that's what we're going to talk about today. I'm excited well. You know. I've seen the all the stuff online and wondering what you're doing and visit fist. That's a lot of work right so we're going to talk about it all today and she's going to tell us how to take something you love and then make some fun out of it. Show you open the bubbles. I yes place okay. Let's see my take me a second so all right so i take the cage off now. That's what this is call did not know that. So this metal piece. I am a champagne is called the cage okay and it intended to keep the cork in the bottle. Should the court trot escape would try to escape will. It is under massive pressure. Yeah so if i then the best way to do this is to put your hand in turn slowly a you laugh and you him so jumped out of your see nope it. We'll here let me or you. Some bubbles that smoky. Can you hear this. Have you always love champagne. I honestly don't know that. I recall when i first had champagne but over the last six or eight years. I guess i've really come to appreciate it. I will say. Give credit to my good friend. Melanie who lives in new orleans she Probably has been the instigator of my love of bubbles and She joined mardi gras organization. That's all about bubbles. And so i have since joined as well and you know i love. A celebration is small large medium. You know whatever it is. I love to celebrate the small milestones. I love to celebrate the big milestones. So it just fits with me and my personal. And i've been that way for twenty years about celebrating so there's nothing better than celebrating to celebrating. Then with bubble. So take your. That's money tasting. So that's not too sweet. It's not too dry. This is actually a show okay. So perfecto or italian bubbles so it's really sparkler. They're all sparkling wine essentially champagne. All of them are wine They're all sparkling wines and then based on where they are made is the type so champagne can only be made in the champagne region of france. Will there's some very specific things that that they require. In order to have it called champagne there are sparkling wines. In france that are made from similar grapes just not very specifically in that region in the very specific methods methods jump on wa something fancy like that but in italy they make sparkling wine. It's called go and in spain call kava salva say similar. White grapes similar process just different region called different things in the united states. We call it sparkling wine okay. Generally all right 'cause you know i've had a couple of weddings or you know different things like that. But i've never gone in somewhere and ordered champagne. My guess is the ones you've had the weddings. Probably the hopefully not andre. Andre is a traditional grocery store sparkling wine. you're probably familiar with if you drink mimosas. Andre perfectly fine because you're really just getting a little bit of the alcohol a little bit of the dryness most is just champagne and orange juice. Easy and and that's probably where i started with with moses and champagne pat those. Yeah and so it didn't really matter the quality of the champagne but when you start to drink individual champagnes or sparkling wines. You can start to appreciate the differences between them all okay so for the listeners. Today you took something you love and you turned it into annual event. Yeah and that crazy yes. How do you do that because basically when you do that. You've made a business or something yes. It is a nonprofit benefit. It is a business. Because i run it as part of my business. But essentially all the prophet. We give to the nonprofit that we choose every year but essentially what happened was three years ago. A good friend of mine said hey. Let's go to this festival and atlanta. And i said i can't go and then she said well there's one in new orleans. I said. well. I can't do that and she goes well then. Why don't you just start one. And i said well okay. The challenges on down the gauntlet essentially what happened. And then i happen to be giant mobile. We happen to stopping domke market met. I love domke market. And she's so great. And i just said hey. What do you think about this. And she goes. That sounds like a great idea. And then i did a quick search for like national bubbles days something to look for a date that made sense will. The first saturday in june is National bubbles day. Well this was. Like i when i had this conversation almost exactly three years ago and I was like all right. Let's do it and we literally through that first festival together in six weeks. How many people were there about one hundred and fifty about. How many do you think will be coming up to one hundred seventy five okay We intentionally keep it small to your point earlier about the pecan festival. That's a huge event. We don't want this to be a huge event. It's meant to be a small intimate event for people who appreciate champagne. It's not meant to be like a beer fest when you are downtown for six hours and drink four thousand beers now. We'll have twenty five to thirty different sparkling wines that you can taste. And so it's you're gonna have a good time but you're gonna probably need to get an uber home. I don't mind those kind of party. Do you get the body. Donate the wine has work. No we unfortunately have not been able to do that but we do get to buy it at cost through our partners so we do pay for the wine. Two years ago was brand new. Nobody knew what it was last year. That was the pandemic nobody was donating anything and then this year. We are just set the budget so that we can make it work if someone wants to donate one. We would be grateful. Well i would think a distributorship would wanna hang signs everywhere. Trying to get their one might be an avenue to go. I'm sure you've thought of that though we have and we've made those asks again. Last year nobody was donating any product. And so this year. We're working on that. He's i think people ready to get out and have guitar. They are and we so. We put the tickets on sale. Maybe three weeks ago and we sold thirty percent of the tickets in the first week. That's really good because usually they're all coming at the end Yeah i we're going to sell out. I have a feeling desperate tastic. So what are the steps. I mean well. How do you get this down pat now so say somebody out. There loves bronx. I don't know how broad festival you know something they love. Sure that lovelock's so tell us about that. What are the steps. Well i'd say the first thing is your location because that's probably going to be your largest expense and figuring out your product of sorts for us. The wine is the greatest expense There are other areas we can get donated. We try and get food donated The band gives us a deal Basically ask everybody for a deal. So you know there. Everybody's in on this but once you get that first location and we've been lucky all three years. The location has been donated so we were grateful to these l. house which hazardous the first year. Yeah crown hall last year and this year at the history museum of mobile. Oh that's going to be beautiful I'm so excited. The history museum is a true partner in this they are the host. There event planner is on our committee and helping us plan the event and they are the beneficiary so the proceeds from this year will go to their exhibit. they're developing for the clotilde which will be housed at the africa town. Welcome center that's fantastic. Yeah about that worked out really well. Yeah all right. So there's other things liquor license well so every year has been different because we've been different types of venues and so you know we've used Bartending partner who handled that we used a venue that handled it this year. We've got another catering partner. Who's handling it so you just look for ways to outsource and bringing the right partners to take care of certain things i always say. Don't let a logistic keep you from doing it. Figure out a way to find the right partner. And that's what i believe we've done is we've really each year. We've built a great team and a great group of partners to help us execute this event you know. I was a mardi gras from two thousand five until last year. And we've been going to the same place every year to hold our event liquor license never came up then all a sudden somebody said Somebody turned us in. You got a way to get a look license. The people don't realize how much trouble you can get in without having that and it can be very expensive. I think the first year we paid fifteen hundred dollars just to get the license and insurance And then because we've changed and had different types of partners we haven't had that great of an expense but it certainly something we have to consider every year. Same people don't realize that you can get event insurance So just covers that event but if you have a fundraiser before or after kind of thing that you'd have to get another event right right and the vince policies usually around three to five hundred dollars. But that's something you have to account for. Yes cost of it. You can't go without it so once. We have the location in the day. Then we need to think about marketing. And now you're an expert of marketing. Well you have a doctorate well almost almost in yes and because this is a nonprofit event and it is a shoestring budget. We've had to get creative on that. So the majority of our marketing is done online. It's really word of mouth so obviously the website facebook instagram twitter. Even we're active on all of those channels we've Tickets are event bright. Which has its own set of marketing channels and a question. Do you give anybody tickets. Maybe that other people follow well so we will do some trade tickets for Influencers so we actually one of the the girl who instigated this whole thing. My friend carey. She had a brilliant idea two years ago to look at local influencers so we hosted a. We will do it again this year. A pre event preview so two weeks before the event we will host a preview event for local media and bloggers influencers so raewyn shankar. He's a great partner and he's a sponsor he camisole dutch seraing that because she's a member of his network. Amanda gibson with lemon baby love all those people have been on this show. They're all such great people so They'll all they have been super helpful in helping us get the word around and we continue to look for other influencers. There's some over in baldwin county that we're trying to connect with because we want folks from smart. I don't know anybody else doing that. Off the top of my head probably orbit anybody. I think it was actually a really good idea. And on again. I give credit to carry for that idea and we've just implemented the last couple of years but we'll we'll do it again this year and It's a great way before the event to get these loud mouse only allowed to talk about your event. You said that. I love them all. And that's why we love them as they they're create content generators and they have great followers and their people love them and so if they will even this event than than we hope to their followers will too all right so what else. Well i will say what has made a difference for fizzy fast and the reason why it's been so successful and the reason we were able to pull it off that first year in six weeks and even last year because of all the craziness is i have a wonderful group of friends who stepped up and said i want to be involved. I want to help. How can i help. And there's probably eight of us and games. That's not a big committee for putting together an event like this but everybody's got their role. Everybody does their job and we love spending time together so of course it every meeting we have champagne so you know you can't beat the that's a great meeting to attend you know. I'm part of a nonprofit cool kindness and so you know back in my cpa life. I turn did the five. Oh one eight three things we made it happen. And then we were holding an annual event mardi gras for kids and for an hit. You know heather pepper corner. We miss a much Was part of that. Donated the place and i mean i did the mc. We did all the necessary things and actually started pulling off an again. Kobe hit But you know. I know ginny and i know she's not gonna let that stop her there. Actually friday putting more matt's down dolphins. I saw that. I was such a great new. Yes so you have to do these doable. But you've got to have my point of all. This is that the people on the board The committee whatever. You wanna call them. You gotta have him. That's right nobody could do this by themselves. No no and. I have no illusions to the this would happen without this team. I mean they are Fabulous a amy hulsey. Melanie melinda abby malcolm emma ethan. Just an amazing tribe. I you know that that really a lot of them will say that. I get them in trouble because they hang around me too much. I'm like well if you stay around too long. They'll be another idea pop up promise we'll have fun and we'll celebrate along the way we should hang out more visit. There's no telling what we could do. Johnny might not let us do that. Dehere johnny talking nine. Don't i love it. When i can make with his wife. I'm right i'm ready. Let's go all right. So who do you target hit. He wanted your even so we'll say the price point is hi. This is one hundred twenty dollar ticket this year we will. You'd have to if you got if you don't want to a lot of attendants exactly so we made that decision to do small attendance but high ticket price for the first two years. We did a regular ticket and a vip ticket and so there were seventy five and one twenty five and this year. We decided we're just going to do the one twenty five. We're going to keep it simple. And then everybody has access to all the wines that are available and there's not this split and availability so in the museum's actually kind of a small space is multiple small spaces so we're logistically working through. How do we put different things in different spaces. So that's one thing that we've worked through so you're gonna have a different theme in every room. No they'll be but there so when you walk up there's going to be champagne on tap which knowledge you knew that you could get bubbles on tap and you can so when you arrive you'll get a small glass of that and then In the courtyard we're going to have shocked hours. A champagne cocktail bar. So moses french seventy-five some other things like that and then came as all dutch. Do custom ice cream with for seco- and then in the main hall will be where all the tastings are so there'll be a table the way we organize eat before tables one for sparkling wines one for champagnes one for psycho and one for kava so you can go and taste them and because really truly where this came from is i want people like you who've like maybe had champagne in the past and didn't really have a relationship with it. You can come try twenty something different wines and find something you like. 'cause they're as many chardonnays orders many merloz as there are there just as many sparkling wines. You know i'm gonna go by ticket right. I would love that great. I probably a good time. I might not be able to go but Go get your tickets right. That's right well you can send somebody in your spaces. That's right that's right all right so you know who you're given the money to so that's probably decided it gets bigger conversation because it involved a lot of been new and different things with them. But every year we've chosen a different nonprofits. The first year was the mobile arts council. The second year was restore mobile in this third years. The history museum of mobile and we will look for another organization next year. Will you put it out there. So people can volunteer ideas or just the board probably right now. It's been the board just because we also don't want to be inundated but a lot of organizations already have events that they do but because this is a small group and it is volunteer time. We want to do something we're passionate about. So that's honestly the priority in selecting the nonprofit should be. I think it should be. But what do you guys about bright All right so what kind of town long do you have to have. What do you start. I you know it's coming up like this year you've been through it. Before was the first new so locations. I then dates because we actually had a date earlier in the spring and we decided to push it back again because things weren't quite ready i think we innovate and we could have done it in april but i think early june people are are definitely more going to be ready as you said earlier to get out and participate in events more vaccines and such so Early june ironically the first year. It was the first saturday in june the second year. We're like oh. We're going to do in april because people like events in april then there was the covid and so we pushed it to june and we were able to get in june and this year. We were like okay. Let's try april. We've tried again and we're like okay now. We're back to june so it will always be the first saturday in june. I'm not changing that again. It should be on national bubbles. Yes which i have. Small yes please. Let's let's rather tasty. it's refreshing isn't it. It is here the biz There go now we can hear it. Fun is it makes you. Smile does make me smile. All right so you got your location down you got. Who's the beneficiary is. What's next we'll next week went to band and again we've been lucky. We've used the same band all three years. The band swing band swing jazz and it was wonderful female singer and it just fits the the venue just kind of high end. You know. you're spending one hundred dollars. We want you to dress in your you know brightest colors white linens and come and dance and enjoy food and it's a bubbles and brunch type of events so there's brunch food they'll be oysters. I'll be cheese and chocolates and anything that goes well with champagne is what we're going to have on the menu so so jazz music Though because we haven't talked about is there is a silent auction so we will have a twenty or thirty items auction and all of that. Money goes directly to the nonprofit. So that is one way that they can help. Us is to develop the silent auction. Anybody listening if you would like to donate to on auction that would be super just busy. Fest dot com and send us an e mail and We would love to feature some local businesses and local artists and You know help. Brace more money for the clotilde exhibit. Okay you want to crochet black. yes that'd be. you know what you could make. You could make a champagne bottle cousy. I can't do that. That would be fun. Okay okay 'cause you make little little sock. Yeah that can make socks so now. I've got to go get a bottle of champagne. So that i can. You know what's is to make it. You can do it. That'd be great thank you know. That'd be super. Yeah we and i would encourage you when you go to the store next. Maybe try a kava so we try to protect today. You've had sparkling wine try a kava and it's a little as a spanish sparkling wine. I'm going to break a window a house. You know that this be care of never always point. The ball away from is glass and light bulbs okay. Have you ever busted something. I've not fortunately. But i will say last thursday here at container yard. One of the interns open a bottle and he didn't cover it up and it shot straight up towards the top of the container goodness. It's solid medal. But it scared the living jesus out. Everybody was like a shotgun. They're under significant pressure. So you wanna be careful. Oh there's also if you get really adventurous. There is a thing called savoring champagne bottles. Have you ever heard of that. So you have to essentially freeze the bottle. And then you literally. And i'm gonna nobody can see this but i'm going to show you you hold the bottle and you of course directed away from anybody and so in the cork is in the bottles before you've taken workout you take a knife and it's about a twelve to fourteen inch knife and you slide it on the neck of the bottle and then you hit it right at the net here and it pops. The top of the bottle you do that. I don't know yet how to do it but for christmas. Johnny gave me a sobbing knife. So i need the practice johnny for the win my friend. Melanie knows how to do it. And she came the first year in did it at the event and i'm hoping that she'll be able to come this year and Be sabourin are in how save laborer. I guess is how you say that that school. Yeah it's pretty neat to see you. Can google it so you get you get your band. You got your food. You got your all that normal stuff. You've got champagne windy. Put the tickets out. We try to put him out about eight weeks in advance. Is there magic to it of how soon you know people all the time about all kinds of events and i also involved in a bourbon event and some other things and typically people in this community. Don't buy tickets to the very last minute. I think one of the benefits of covid. The is people are actually buying tickets in advance. Because now there's this limited number of tickets you know because of distancing and all the things so that's why i think we've already sold thirty percent of our tickets supply and demand exactly. I think that's something you have to be aware of but you know six eight weeks generally for people around here. It's fine so you know what the budget should be. Yes we work. Basically we set the senate with. We're going to one hundred twenty five tickets for one hundred twenty five dollars. That's my revenue and then we back out the expenses and try and say okay. Well this is how much my will raise. The silent auction goes one hundred percent to the nonprofits just above us so whatever we can do to get trade or donated or discounted whatever we can do towards that main budget all that money's gonna go any kind of profit we make. We'll go to the nonprofit. You have to front the budget though right you do that. Yep yep so. That's why did it under my under my business so i'm able to Run all the all that revenue and all those prices there but it is a bit of a bookkeeping challenge because it is all under one business. I don't have a separate nonprofit account that might be something we do in the future it does. It makes it a lot easier but also what you can do is if you use quickbooks Us classes and then you can have a profit and loss by class but say you had different divisions of your company okay or locations or but if you in on like what books you have to turn it on okay. It does ask you in the desktop. Which hardly anybody has any more. But you go into your settings and you say to allow classes so you can have classes for like if you had bob different events okay or you may have five different things that your business does. I learned the new today. Good appreciate the help that. I've been struggling with so i didn't know how to do that. Yeah turn on classes and quickbooks All right well good. This was mutually beneficial bugs. Clemson thank you all right. How would you sum this up if you have something you love and you want to share it with others. Then don't be afraid of a long list of deduce and logistics to make it happen. Just start with a simple decision. Just jump just jump right in and don't go too big right. I mean that's one of the things that we did. We started small. Let's test the waters the first year we had you know one hundred hundred and twenty five people. The second year we had one hundred and fifty eight hundred sixty people in this year. We'll have about the same. And we've said hey. Let's just stay at that that level. We don't need this to be a big massive event manageable it's manageable and and this is just a fun thing to do. Now i do have a bit of a vision for it to be a franchise event all around the country. I mean i think it's got that kind of legs to it but right now we're happy to do it right here in mobile and if we tend to if we decided to grow it then we will i. Now you've made everybody thirsty and excited to go to this a bit. How did they get tickets. They go these. These things are gonna fizzy fest dot com. And what's interesting is busy. F is easy. I we have a little bit of a different spell. Physi- fest dot com. Also they can go straight to bright and search for physi- fest so they have questions or want to partner up with you to get in touch with you. There's an email address through the website. It's bubbles at physi- fest dot com. We're we're Facebook page book. Instagram as well and so certainly reach out to us My check all those and and would love partners to come and enjoy. Oh i forgot one thing. The battle house hotel his to be a partner nice and so we have a block of rooms. For great rate. I think one hundred and thirty nine dollars for the friday night before or the saturday of if you wanna come downtown and make a station out of it. Come have girls night or a date night or whatever. Do maybe friday night in the hotel and fizzy fest saturday morning or come to busy fest and stay in the hotel saturday night. Shout out to the battle house. I've never stayed there. Ooh it's pretty fancy and a pretty cool spot they do. The whole committee has decided. We're going to go to the spa after physicists. So everybody come join us on saturday. June fifth levin to two at the history museum for physique fest two thousand and twenty one and then head over to the ballot spot with us. So why eleven to two. I'm curious because we wanna do brunch specifically and an ambiance. We started at ten o'clock last year and people were three sheets in. Yes oh like let's start a little bit later and some folks in you know went on to some other bars downtown and part of it is we want you to go and experience other restaurants in support of the restaurants downtown on saturday afternoon schnookered. That's right that's why you should get a hotel room at the bell house for pre book. Your awesome thank you so much for coming on the show. You're welcome always a pleasure to chat with you. Pretty soon johnny. I'll have to best of lady will. That'd be fun please. Be sure to subscribe to cheers to business. Podcast on itunes or anywhere else that you get your podcast visit our facebook and be sure to give us a like and if you have any questions or topics you'd like us to discuss. Shoot us an email from the website cheers to business dot com.

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