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The B. It's episode one. Sixteen one of the be the official. Lipson. Podcast the PODCAST. That takes it beyond how to podcast into keeping you podcasting with podcasting. Tips and information for the everyday podcast. And of course taking you inside. Lipson the largest podcast host and distribution network since two thousand and four. Hey there welcome I'm Elsie Escobar Co host and producer of this podcast as well as the community manager at Lipson. If you WANNA connect with me you can follow me at the Elsie Escobar. And of course connect with at Lipson everywhere. that's L. I. B. S. Y. N. Okay we had a bit of human error in this as I thought I pressed record and I didn't actually press record when I recorded my backup. It recorded both of us in one track so I had to use rob's backup track just wanted to let you know because it sounds a little bit different than usual. Just a tiny little bit and I am so thankful to have backups. You guys backup backup. Backup your stuff. Okay that said on this episode we cover breaking down the apple email that came after their brief little blip at the beginning of February where you should look for your spotify stats within your Lipson Dashboard. Castro's new promoted podcast feature. Oh my gosh. What are good download numbers after you launch? What does being at the top of the Apple? Podcasts chart really mean listens versus downloads. A really bad one star review chatting about the privacy and compliance unit. I bet you didn't even know that existed and of course stats in this time. It's mean and median. Time Ready. If you know what's coming and WANNA get on with it. Hit that thirty second forward button. A bell. Four Times to get to the Robin Elsie conversation. But for the rest of you. Here's the scoop on getting on the show you can send in a thirty second promo to the feed at Lipson DOT com. It needs to be thirty seconds or less and be clean as in no profanity and again do your best your very best to keep it to thirty seconds attached to your email and then send it to the feed at Lipson Dot Com. If you don't have a promo but you want your voice on the show ask us a question or add to the conversation that you hear on an episode so you send. Us voice feedback again. You can do it. You can record it. You can email it to us and you can also call us over at four one. Two five seven three nine thousand nine hundred thirty four US speak pipe over at speak pipe dot com slash the feed or again send it over to the feet at Lipson Dot Com. Lastly we have a long running blog feature called Rockin Lipson podcasts. Every Monday we highlight one. Lipson podcast and in order for you to be featured all you have to do mind you featured on the blog you just have to email the feed at Lipson Dot Com and ask me that it. I will send you all the information that I need from you and it is first come first serve so the sooner you get your information to me. The sooner that you'll be in the queue always first come first serve and now lead to jump into our main conversation with Rob Watch VP podcast relations. At Lipson who also is Michael Host right after our first of the episode daily Detroit Detroit with the world on wheel. It's the arsenal of democracy and the Paris of the Midwest. It's full of characters and it's one hell of a news town. Daily Detroit covers what to know where to go in Southeast Michigan in less than twenty minutes each day. So join me spend Gustafsen and me chair stays plus smart voices from around the region for Daily News and conversations about America's most interesting city. Listen a daily DETROIT DOT COM or wherever fine. Podcasts ARE FOUND. Hello Rob goo-good generic time in the day. I'll see so how about those teams. I know I know how about those chiefs. I'm so excited here in Kansas City. So our funny little story before. The season started The last preseason game We went to took my family. Got Tickets on stub hub. There was front row seats on. Stop for like seventy dollars a ticket so we got front row seats and it was to the chiefs forty niners game so I got pictures of us at the field and in one of the pictures is the forty niners in their outfits. You can see him in the background and they wearing the same white. Alpha's it will wear for the Super Bowl so about a half an hour before. Gametime I send out a post and I said Hey. Here's a picture of my kids and I ask in our front row seats at the chiefs. Niner's game just as Joe. Nothing you would think we're at the super bowl so I did a half an hour before the Super Bowl Start and it was an angle. You couldn't tell what stadium. It was so good it was it was cute and my wife's best. My wife's like don't do that. And then her best friend sought. Who's always one that likes to brag on stuff and sign because Oh that's so good in the mindset. That was okay that you did it and then the next reply was from Laurie. Like oh the. I didn't expect my boss to see that I'm like no. It's not really didn't really spend twenty thousand dollars on tickets and we're actually been for front row. It'd been like forty thousand odd. Yeah no it was seventy dollars ticket on STUBHUB IN PRESEASON game but it was funny that the people that did bite on that picture. It was a moment where I was like. Wait a minute. What and then because I had just talked with you like I had just talked with you. We had had. We had this conversation right and I was like. There's no way you could have gotten against this game. Oh Man I would. I would have let it hang out there a little bit longer for people to think that was really there if Lori hadn't replied was like Oh. Ti well for the second. That had happened but it was funny that my wife was like don't do it. Don't do it. And then when the her one friend who likes to brag about stuff sees fell for it. She's like okay. That's fine all right well and then you have some congratulations here. Oh Yeah Troy Steve Chris and all that sending congrats thank you now. It's just sixty about sixty more days until the NCAA championship for the Dayton flyers. Then you guys can send thanks again or yes flyers that one. I will be the flyers go to the NCAA final four. I will be their kids won't but I'll be there all right. Well we'll good good to know good to know and we're and we're GonNa get real pictures at that. So Oh my God all right so moving on now from an email from apple oh my gosh goody goody yes content we live it every time. Apple sends out an email content. Do you want to read it and then I'll just interrupt you indiscriminately yes. This is good because as needed this. This is needed. Yeah okay so this went down at the beginning of February quote. Dear podcast creator. Below are some updates to help improve the experience for your listeners on Apple podcasts show availability and content updates apple routinely checks each podcast are says fee to detect new episodes as well as. Meta data or artwork changes. Are they say routinely checks that does not mean instantly? Checks are not instantly. Checks routinely is a big difference in. I hit publish an I know apple. Just CHECK NO APPLE. Routinely checks each podcast. Rss Feed to detect new episodes as well as Meta data or our work changes. Our system will display. These changes on apple podcasts. Within twenty four hours after detecting them not minute not seconds hours okay. You don't need to perform additional actions simply confirm the new episode or content updates are successfully published on your hosting providers platform after twenty four hours. If your new episode or content updates don't appear on Apple. Podcasts sign into podcast connect and follow these steps number one. Click my podcasts number to check the status section to confirm. Your show is active. If you show is in a failed validation status troubleshoot the issue and resubmit your feed three. Check the time and date when your show was last refreshed for artwork changes. Make sure the new image file has a different name than the previous one meet the artwork requirements. Now we've been telling you all these things for years so this is nothing new this just now officially from apple and again you have to change on the you have to change a file name and you have to meet the specs again. Fourteen hundred fourteen hundred to three thousand three thousand square. Fourteen hundred fourteen hundred one will not work for nine hundred fourteen hundred B Square. Hundred percent squares. We we mentioned previous episode and make sure the file artwork is less than five hundred kilobytes and file size and again. This is after twenty four hours apple saying this. Check your assess to see if your episode showing if it you know. Check your feet if it's in the feed your good usually usually okay and then continuing on with an email if you've confirmed the above items and it's been more than twenty four hours cents. Your podcast was last refreshed. Select refresh feed. Podcast connect will schedule an update. Please allow up to twenty four hours for this process to complete two. That's twenty four hours. From the time you hit refresh feed from the first twenty four hours and I were at forty eight hours note. Don't refresh your show with every new episode or RSS Feed Edit. Yes apple doesn't want you going in every time you publish new episode immediately. And I'll just hit the refresh eat. Stay don't want that so again. All of this stuff that we've said on the show before Apple. Just put it in there now. A part of this came from the fact. That apple had a little bit of an issue since last episode where the feeds weren't updating for some shows right around the date. We were recording the last time in January and there was a dude three maybe four day window where some Joe's for some podcasts weren't updating and it was on apple side and they did fix it and they worked over the weekend so kudos apple we were emailing back and forth that weekend and their team was working on it on the weekend for this no revenue service so kudos apple for working on that okay. Fundamentals of podcast marketing when marketing your show. It's helpful to keep in mind. Why and how people listen to podcasts. Learn more about podcast marketing fundamentals which include tips and tools to help grow your audience for example you can learn how to build and grow. Your show's brand. Right effective marketing copy describing your show leverage social media to build your audience. Use The listen on Apple. Podcast badge to promote your show or an episode collaborate with other podcast creators to generate buzz for your own show. Regards the apple podcast team pretty fundamental items there in the marketing part of it and that which kind of just there. We can't just put this first part out. We'LL WE'LL SECOND PART. Give them like some value email. I guess like they needed to fill out this email a little bit. Yes so that was a little bit of Filler at the but the point is make. Sure on your webpage for your podcast that it does say apple podcasts. It doesn't say I tunes and we've been saying that for a long time now and collaborate with other podcast creators Jerry Buss. That's contents even apple. Is saying you should do that now. Want if you don't know other podcasts. You can always reach out and try to advertise on other podcasts. That is getting to be common place. I think we're almost up to now. Probably half the edge you hear on podcast Sir. Ads for other podcasts. It seems so if it's not a mattress head it's not a razor ad or something to help you with your E. D. or loss. Then it's probably an ad for another podcast which will then have on it as for mattresses razors and E D. Ah Oh God going down the rabbit hole. You cannot get away from it so moving onto the biggest news of the week. That was rumored at the beginning of February. Which is that spotify and bought winger. I guess it's big news for you. Know some I guess to me. It looks more like more content. Depp was podcast. Content producers are now turning in their podcast chips and saying hey we're gonNA become exclusive premium on-demand content. Maybe I mean. Maybe that's what will happen. Details so far are few and far between now. Maybe they're going to do what they did with the ringer. What they said they were going to do with the original Gimblett content and make it available on all platforms. And they're not gonNA take the The ringer content off of all the other platforms. I hope that's the decision. How much they paid for them. No one knows yet. It hasn't I haven't seen any articles that have given any numbers but that likely will be revealed in future quarterly report from spotify. So when we know will say I saw some article saying you know. They look at the ringer as the new ESPN. And I. I would say it's more like the athletic or sports illustrated than ESPN ESPN is where you go for live events. Yeah they do have the the commentary. But the ringers commentary. It's not the content. It's not the live events. Saw but in any case ringers. Very popular sports in Kudos spotify for pulling this off. I just hope they don't put it behind the premium wall and and and turn it from podcast to premium only content. Yeah but I. Don't they have a lot a shows they do for now? We'll see what happens with all of those. How much of that content Remains or how many of those people break off. I know the ringer had some Some of their writers in in in by the way the ring is not just podcast. They have website cotton again. It's it's kind of like the Athletic. Sports illustrated is to me. A A better analogy Along with ESPN radio so it's kind of like ESPN radio and the athletic Would be kind of a comparison. We'll see what happens with. They definitely are going to have some issues as there is a union there to deal with. So we'll see how that all works out dislike Gimblett same thing with right so it's the so they've been through this so I think that part of their plan. I talked about it actually on episode two fifty four of she podcasts. Jessica's gives the rumor aspect of it and for me it was really all about acquisition of like more. It's sort of like now. They have more inventory spotify. The brand has more inventory to insert. Whatever right I don't think they're going to be putting things behind pay walls at all like right away right away too much that reaches too big without by closing the doors but if they do leverage this new catalog that they have which is growing and growing than they can do a little bit more with ad insertion right the deals for the ad insertion protesting there At new AD insertion technology at scale. Right a little bit more scale with their own stuff in there. I think that would be beneficial for spotify for them to testing that stuff out Having that brand lead on the ringer as well introduction to podcasts. Like it to me. It's just like another way for people to get onto understanding that you can listen to podcast on spotify. If the in my opinion if the smartest thing for them to do leave the content everywhere everywhere else make sure ad insertion goes in on the free side of spotify put in adds but remove all ads on the premium side of spotify. Right so make it real value to them. Where if you want. The ring are content with no ads. Sign up for spotify and you pay to get content with no ads and everywhere else. Put ads in but don't pull it from anywhere. Still have an apple podcast. Have it in Pandora haven't everywhere but have ads everywhere? Except for spotify premium to me that would be the. What would make the most sense? They do that. That's brilliant. It's smart because it's still building the brand not taking the content away making it ad supported everywhere else and drives up the value of spotify premium absolutely and also even adding what you were just talking about having ads. B Other podcasts. In so many different shows having this the scale of so many shows in so much inventory really does give you the ability to share like all of the brand specific spotify stuff in a variety of different shows. There that are yours. So it's it's not necessarily like having to go outside of the frame if you will so. And if they had hosted that content with Lipson they can easily set it up where they can have ads going everywhere except for spot allegation that our tools are tools. Make it easy to do what I just said and have them all be. Spotify does still hosts some content with us. Speaking of spotify. I think the bigger spotify news was all those music podcasts or podcasts with music that got the boot universal music group was the one responsible for most. Don't blame spotify you. Mg went through and requested. The removal of many podcasts. Spotify for music copyright violation. This is something I heard from. Multiple podcast companies was quite a few shows. Were removed wasn't just wants with us. We'll talk to others in the space. There is no license covers. Our I a music podcasting. Do not put music in your podcasts. Unless it's one hundred percent pod safe music we say over and over and we'll keep saying it sounding. Dare I say it like a broken record? Pot Safe Music. Only in podcasting Google pod safe music go to the wikipedia listing and read that. If you have any questions you know doing that at all it's GonNa come and get you another one this morning requested for take down from spotify or spotify notified me. It was taking it down because they got a request. And then I send the email to the podcast. You're saying at this. And then they get some people got mad at me and like a messenger and you shouldn't put this stuff in your podcast. To start with one person was like some people don't understand that can't put the music in there like one person was trying to say. I've got to sound radio station. We had the sound extremely doesn't cover you right. Now get your stuff off of Lipson. I right now moving on to An e mail or e-mail episode here. Hi Rob I love the feed and I have been happy with Lipson for thirteen months that my podcast has been hosted there. Quick question pertaining to recent episode of the feed pertaining to the updates. What spotify pass through in the episode you said too I check licensor slash hosting provider in the spotify podcasters page to see if it says. Lipson or liberated syndication mind says liberated syndication however. You then said that if it's not one of those to check the link to our assess fee to see if it's the spotify address mine is the are the dash are slash. Our assess address should switch it. Thanks in advance heidrick thanks for hosting with an for listening to the feed and for the kind words and yes you by the way you should also say elsie when you send those in yes you want to. I make sure you have the slash spotify. Rss Feed setup. You do this by going to destinations looking in there to make sure you have the terms of service approved and if so then yes update your RSS. Feed in spotify you I to end with slash spotify and not having the slash ourselves in the feet again first thing make sure you set up the destination and you listen account then going to the spotify you. I and then change it to slash spotify. Yeah and then he responded. Hi Rob Awesome thanks. I was hoping that this would explain a recent dip in my download numbers that correlated with the change but the spotify stance on my lips and page have been at zero ever since November. So I don't think I can use that as an excuse of a great weekend. This is important to point out spotify stats in the spotify stats section bonafide special module for stats and Lipson do not update anymore and have not updated for anybody since November. Spotify stats are legacy. Now they will not update ever again and likely will go away to get rid of confusion like this spotify stats are now part of your regular stats. No longer broken out as spotify is no longer hosting the files just go to your user agent stats and you should see spotify. In there now again spotify separate stats module is no longer. Updating and now spotify requests are all in your regular stats like overcast and apple podcasts in chrome etc all one big happy family well except for Google play music. It's like that child and we need to. We need to take it behind a woodshed. No no it just you know slowly. Yeah or change their name or something. I don't know but poor Google play music. Okay so all right so I have some news and this came to me from my favorite podcast APP. Castro Oh my God okay I will. I will comment personally here after I. I share some news and this came directly from Ofen. Who is the He's essentially the CO founder or co-creator Castro amongst them up on your wall don't you you know you know. Maybe I should. But Alas he reached out marco up online so whatever I do okay maybe I should just do that. Yeah Okay but anyway. He sent me an email because what they're doing over at Castro. Well I have a quote here from from his email here that said over the past few months we've been putting a lot of effort in trying to diversify the business model for Castro to make sure that we can keep it going long into the future so at this moment according to this email he says that seventeen percent of our of their monthly active users subscribe to Castro plus which is pretty great but with an expanded team in big plans for the future. They really need to find ways to generate revenue from the eighty-three percent. Who aren't really paying directly for the APP itself right so they have like that premium realtors tight where you download it for free and then you obviously you can upgrade for all of these extra features and stuff. And so what they're doing now is they're kind of moving into what overcast has been using now for awhile that Marco has proven the concept that it really does help which means that they are now starting with promoted. Podcast placements in. They started to test this in the last few months. And then they've been really refining it making sure that things are working well for all of that stuff but now they've actually officially announced the availability for the promotions for everybody and I will put a link in the show notes where they introduce promoted podcast so essentially. They'll just just noon the way the same way that overcast does it. They'll just put a little ad for your show inside of the APP and you're able to Ben easily subscribed to an episode or anything like that right. So I'm telling you guys because I really WanNa have Castro succeed because I love them and I want you guys to check out. What their interfaces? At this moment. And if you don't want to you know maybe some of you guys can test on promoted podcasts. At the moment or you can pay for Castro premium. Because that's also another opportunity for you guys to do this so I'm going to go into my own. Lc description here as to why I love this the the APPS or what it really matters to you. You know whenever you love something you just get so like. I don't know if I could ever live without this so at the beginning at the end of the year the beginning of the year. I'm part of their Beta testing program. So the Beta expired right and so I'm listening to all this stuff in the Veta- whatever whatever they they sell out it expired and it took like it made my app not work anymore. Because I didn't and so I was like freaking because I had all my stuff in that out like a live on that APP. Do all the things on that APP. I I was like you know what? Maybe I'm just GonNa let them because this was during the hot like right in between January and stuff I'm like I'm not going to push these developer dudes. I know that they're getting. They're getting back into the saddle here. They're working on all stuff. I'm not going to be that person. That's going to be abusing them so I was like. This'll be a great opportunity for me to test out other APPS and alas as hard as I tried it deeply failed because my brain wants to have everything worked the way Castro works because it's super easy for it to work. I did the same things with my daughters. I downloaded separate APPS for them to use because Castro at this moment is not an in an IPAD APP as of yet so whenever when they download podcast on their ipad. I had Castro in installed for them but then I thought you know. Let's give my them different choice so that they can use other apps too also listen to their jobs and they went back to Casco. Fine is that even do that? So the reason that I'm seeing this is because the type of stuff that they offer in terms of the way to consume content. All of the extra things that you can do with the APP all the you know the voice boost being able to do things fast being able to skip stuff at the beginning of each of each episode per per show so not all shows do the same thing. There's so many different things that are about Castro that I feel are valuable. I love their sleep mode. I don't know if you're slow. Does this route rob. But if you put a sleep mode and then you're listening to it and then the you you hit your whatever balance and it turns off acupunctures. Turn it on again. It automatically just gives you another twenty minutes or another thirty minutes free sleep mode extended in that it just does it like I don't have to go in there and do all this stuff so anyway. That's all to say you guys by Pot Castro. Premium the end. I can't handle it. Castro goes away. I don't know what I'm going to do. Moving on now to podcast movement speakers admissions. Rob What do you have to say about this speaker? Submissions will are open now for podcast movement in August and they will close February. Twenty Eighth Twenty twenty. All applicants will be contacted by March. Thirty first twenty twenty level link in the show notes. I submitted my Yesterday Marketing Vice. For Your PODCAST IS BS session. Hopefully it is selected and again if you would like to speak podcast movement now. It has in before February. Twenty if you're hearing this before February. Twenty twenty twenty now is the time to submit could look and they and they have committed to you know again to contact table by March thirty verse. Which is a crazy feet to be able to do that? for those of you guys who are going to be applying. Just make sure that you're really clear about what you're going to resenting and what kind of value it's bringing to other people you have to do the work when it comes to that particularly. If you're a first time person that submitting something make the title incredibly like at least eye-catching so that people WanNa know more about it but at that it really represents what you're putting in there and then you do have the option to say like these are the three things that people can expect to walk out with. You have to sell it. You've got to sell it and also understand that that's for most for most of you guys. That's what they're going to use to market your session alright. So if you don't put enough time to craft that out nobody's GonNa want to attend even if you get picked it up to you to sell your own stuff moving onto the inside podcasting newsletter. So there was a quote from inside by cussing from Sky Quote. Paci sir which is creating an IMDB like database for podcasters and fans has announced one point. Six five million in seed funding from investors including high EPA capital and Hyde Park venture partners unquote so congrats to the fine folks at pot chaser. Thanks Sky for the coverage on that. They've been doing a great job over there. And if you'd have not signed up for protests POD chaser. Please do so. It's so fun. And they really done a lot to get the infrastructure set up to be incredibly helpful for all of us so check it out. Follow me follow follow. Follow the feed. You guys all defeat over there. All Right Hi Elsie and rob. Ooh I know these questions. You get all these questions all the time but I knew. I launched episode one on Monday like literally on this month. You guys and I have two hundred downloads. So far in three days combined with a trailer that was released on January twenty third. That's four hundred and thirty download in two weeks. Does this seem typical to you? For a launch. I have listeners in thirty different states in four countries. Seems like a good start but I didn't really know what to expect named acted. Those numbers are great or horrible or write about where they should be expected. It just depends on your following and topic and will so much more in short. Do not worry about your numbers right now at all. Not Not if they're good not if they're bad or not. Is there anywhere in between. Don't worry worry. Only about interacting with any listeners. You do have making sure your show is everywhere I am tempted with some Lipson pro customers to turn off stats for their accounts for the first month. Just so they concentrate on the right things because I get this whole lot from the pro customers. Especially where is that? That'd be especially the first month. Don't don't worry about your stats at all the first month interact with your listeners. Ask for feedback in your episodes and replied that feedback. That's the most important thing starting out but really per those numbers are they good or bad no way to know. It's just too early too many variables and we get question all the time and it does keep on changing dependent exactly with ROB said and also you. Kinda give yourself away a little bit people because the people who are a lot alike super super extra concerned with their stats are usually the ones that have the least amount of downloads do their stuff. Because I saw somebody who was asking that they've noticed an increase of two extra downloads or two extra stats. Whatever from a specific user agent every episode and they were wondering and it looked like it was happening at the same time and it looked like that was a little off. And can we clean that up and I was like. How do you even know? And then the only deduction is like there's four downloads per that one user agent and now they have six. It's like so yeah I mean we have so many other things to think about than I had someone to. This is huge spike in my downloads. Something wrong with your system and I went and looked and they were from a two hundred and fifty downloads in episode. Two four hundred and fifty or something like that. It wasn't even double but it was a huge spike. That's not a spike. Yeah it's it again dislike and I know that we're kind of being. There could be a sense of being flip about this people but in all honesty if you look at it from in the trajectory of your growth as in like looking back at it even you know when you get older or something like that you look back at your life and you remember that one time that he thought it was such a big deal that that one thing happened and it was just like. Oh my God. I can't believe this happened. And then looking back you're like you know probably shouldn't have wasted so much time paying attention to that one thing. Because it really didn't have any relevance on my life at all so that's kind of what counting your stats is bull. Hooman Past Elsie. Totally forgot to get the second. Promo of the episode in the show as we were recording so this seems like a really good time to insert our second. Promo of the episode Active Travel Adventures podcast. And then right after that back to you Pastel see. Hi this is Kim parks the active travel ventures podcast where I seek to inspire and empower you to lead a bigger life through adventure travel. You hike bike. Inner Paddle to explore the world's most amazing cultures and landscapes such as climbing Machu Pichu rafting the Colorado River and bike in the heel of Italy. The Bar is set that my fifty nine year old body has got to be able to do it particularly by train. And if I could do it you can do it so please check out the ACTA Travel Adventures podcast. Thanks guys. Here's another email hi Robyn. Lc just wondering if you have any thoughts or comments on the new top podcast in the USA. Verdict with Ted Cruz. Being the top of apple podcasts. Ranks DOES NOT MAKE THE PODCAST. The top podcast. It just means it has more new subscribers in the last seven days with a weighted average for the past twenty four forty eight and seventy two hours than any other podcast. His best episode is one hundred twenty six of the episode list that day when he this email came in which is by the way really good for a new show but it does not make the podcast atop podcast or anywhere even close the way apple does it and I agree with the way they do it and I think it's brilliant. The way they do it is it's based on new subscribers. Recently I weigh the list. Keeps changing moving but unfortunately a lot of people think when you get to the top spot? You're now the top podcast in your down getting more downloads. And everyone else know unless you name is Joe Rogan. You're not getting more downloads than everyone else. So just accept that and move on and yeah and this is again another piece of a little bit of data point that we also get a lot of feedback on that where it would say. Historically our podcast is always when they released when released a new episode. Were always in the top thirty now. We're in the top fifty. What's going on in? I'll go and look when someone gives meals on. I'll look at their website and oftentimes. They don't even have the subscribe to Apple podcast link on the website. I'll go into the social media. There's not one link to subscribe to the podcast and Apple podcasts. You WANNA to know why. Your show is dropping there because you don't have links to drive people there. That's what how apple design their system. It's pretty brilliant. On Apple's part you want to be moved up in the rankings. Get new subscribers. Had He gets a new subscribers. You drive people. That aren't on Apple podcasts. Or don't know about your podcast yet on apple podcasts. To your show at Apple podcasts. That's how it's designed the carrot. That's Karen put you onto carrot and reward. You GotTa do you gotTa put Subscribed Apple podcast links on your site. Got a mention it and social media and on the podcasts in case someone finds it elsewhere and every now and then say hey. I don't care where you're actually subscribed. Just go into apple. Podcast and click subscribe all right here. We go now. We are moving into a lovely article that that I feel that you have some. I don't know I don't Forbes. Might Begin to fiction writing. The article goes over the top five podcast for revenue generation. Rogan's number one at thirty million annually from my favorite murderers number two at fifteen million annually. And Dave Ramsey is number three at ten million annually and this is revenue generated specifically from the podcast according to Forbes and I of congrats to Joe and Dave making the list both host on Lipson pro but as far as I know neither have ever said what their numbers are for revenue generation or download. So not sure where. Forbes is getting these numbers Heck Joel Not even let me put out a press release saying how much bigger his show is than everyone else I mean if show figuring in any case Joe is not one forgiving out any numbers about his show. He does not look for that type of attention. And I doubt the Ramsey team would give out numbers too. So maybe they're just looking for top podcast and extrapolating revenue figures from there or you know fiction writing one of the two so I guess there was no links then. There was no links to the whatever that reporting was like. Oh I don't put a link to the one I have the link. I haven't linked to the article but saying link inside the article as to the sources like an inside the Forbes Article Link to the sources of how do you win another regions from Info so rob. You're point man. Yes you are growing in points. Okay so I had another answer recommended from the apple team. Thank you for the seven points apple team. I here is the question that was asked. How do I submit my podcast to tunes and Apple? The normal processes not working every time I tried to submit my podcast to apple items. It does not allow me to do. So how do I successfully submit my podcast? There seems to not be assistance from apple or items and and In the email string They did post what their RSS FEED URL was so based on that my answer was there is an issue with your artwork. It is too large. Make sure your artwork meets all these specs fourteen hundred fourteen or pixels men to three thousand by three thousand pixels Max Square all capital Letters There Square Dot J. Peg dot p. and G. RGB color and less than kilobytes in file. Size note per apple. Do not have any tax in the lower fifteen percent of the image. I go the next issue your media files are VR. Vr equals bad. Cpr equals good. More about that here. And I give a link to my article about why is good in. Vr Is bad and then we recommend the following coning sentences spoken word dot MP three format sixty four kilobits bit rate or ninety six kilobits per second rate forty four point one kilohertz sample rate mono that works out two point. Five make permit at sixty four point seven five. Make permit it ninety six once. You fix your artwork media file. Then you could submit to apple via these instructions on the blog. Post on how you submit to Apple Regards Rob and anyway thanks to apple again for the seven extra reputation points by making that a recommended answer. I in love again apple saying yes this. Is it. Make Your Artwork Square and and that they actually come in on that one where I'm saying. Vr Bad CB are good. And I don't get it lately. I have seen multiple shows coming in as VR. I don't know what's happened in the last month but all of a sudden there's been a rash of VR podcasts. And is if there's somebody out there with to`real that's recommending VR and anyone comes across. Please send me the link because there's an idiot out there recommending. Vr Yes if you're recommending VR. You are an idiot. I'M GONNA put it that bluntly if you're recommending the idiot stop it stop it. Your article is crap so if anyone knows who that article is please linked to it so I can tell them exactly what I just said verbatim. I hate to be so blunt but VR equals bad. There's no reason at all to do. Vr And podcasting and MP3 none zero and causes issues. Stop it only reason that I would see. I mean other than an article. Of course it might be just Settings inside of Some kind of like new new way of maybe there's some the door made this newsom software or something yeah and it just has a preset whatever and then people are just exporting to me. That's what I would see because it's something somebody like a new would look at that and not even that like they wouldn't even do wouldn't change because it's whatever it's preset like. They wouldn't even know how to do it so I'm my maybe there's something out there that's preset people are using to either to encode someway and it's doing that. I don't know it just like an outbreak and I'm trying to figure out who Mary is in this case. Where Patient Zero? Because there's a patient zero in the last month that's caused this outbreak of Vr podcasts. And I can't figure out who typhoid Mary and trying to figure it out so if anyone can help me let me know stop it. Let's now okay. Here's another email. Hi Rob. I haven't used on our ass shadow. Each it's now stands for name Service Okay Redacted Service Okay guys and R s here we go hi rob. I haven't used an R. S. much sense. I signed up for it and to be. I'm not quite sure. I fully understand how the process of or platform works. In any case I went and checked the stats after reading your email and there seems to be a big difference in stats per episode and R s logs. Episode numbers. Listens while as you are aware? Lipson logs downloads. Not sure if this is the reason for the difference or not. According to nras latest three episodes have a combined. Total of just over twenty K. listens while Lipson stats only recorded. Total of roughly a thousand five hundred downloads. What is the difference between how an R. S. and Lipson record these numbers? What is your take on us? Using and R S as a prefix or our show. I want to make sure I fully understand how it works. Regards in our interest calls. Listens everyone else in? The industry calls a download. Listens is actually the wrong thing to call this as it's misleading. Giving the impression that someone you know listened we talked and debated and argued about this. Ib podcast metrics committee for over four months and ultimately decided that downloads was the correct term and listens should not be used unless it was by aggregate or APP and they actually could see what happened with each listener in this case in our S. cannot see that Info so they should not be calling it listens per the difference it has to do with how we filter stats which is per. Ib to guidelines. And I guess how they do not filter stats are numbers are the ones and the ones that are certified by the privy to guidelines per using their prefix. If you're going if you're not planning on using the service or any service just not just there's we do not recommend adding in the prefix as adds an additional potential point of failure. A another link in the chain and something we at Lipson have no control of again not specific to any one service. This statement is true for any. If you're not using the service we would recommend you remove especially if the only benefit is stats and they are not as accurate as what you're already getting plus you can always add it back later at any time if you want because Lipson is the one service that allows you as a user to go in and add the prefix anytime you want. Which other than one person everyone else thinks is a really great idea. Great if you have any questions please. Email Robert Lives Dot com? So we have some news from our friends over at Edison on Rob. What's happening with the infinite dial? This year the infidel report will be released during a live event. Thursday march nineteenth from twelve to three PM eastern time. Why so long hell? When we say lives we mean they are doing it in front of a live audience. I guess last year when we had the listen party that must have struck a chord with them. Because they're taking it to the next level three hours. I mean that's like longer almost in the Super Bowl parade I really. I don't think it's going to be from twelve to three. I think you know the live experiences. It's kind of like if you go to the apple event. You know what I mean. If you go to the apple event you hours. We'll know knows what no it's not two hours. Not for the reporters are when they're getting into place when they're talking to the thing like the event itself is much longer for people who are showing up live then those people who are consuming the event right so even after it's finished they go and test out the stuff they go into little rooms. That's why they have like the. I think that have an opening act to talk a little bit actress on the touch. The stats then opening. Act and they get to the meat DOT COM. Thank you for the kids yes yes. It's very exciting. It's like Oh my God. This is so great. Okay another email. Gd Dod Elsie End. Rob Thanks for all that you do on the feed. The feed is my Go-to podcast to keep me on my show. End My show up to date with all things podcast. When I shared tidbits that I learned from the feed with fellow podcasters at meet UPS. They are amazed says. So thank you for making me look smart get to know we make you look smart okay. I've often heard Rob Brag about his amazing upload speeds and Times. Could you share some tips on how to increase this? I currently have three hundred fifty four. Mvp download speeds and a ten mbps upload speeds. It doesn't take too to upload eight to our MP three showed Lipson. But I'm always looking to save time and my uploads times are nowhere near Rob's but my times are much faster than Elsie. Sorry Elsie perhaps this is just a case of the Internet provider. Companies assuming that most people are content consumers and not content providers. But I sure would like to see faster uploads please share rob secret. Hello thanks again for taking the time to make the feed. It's a treasure trove of information. And you don't need to adapt my knee and this is I'm Jay Scott so high Jay and thank you for listening and the kind words and upload speeds you said Your Ten megabits which is respectable but it's also one ninetieth the speed I have. Must you brass Mike? My typical Wi fi speed in the house is five hundred meg up and down but I actually hard wire in when I'm at my desk in my office and that speed is typically around nine hundred megabits per second up and down and I just tested it and was running at nine hundred thirty megabits per second up and down so technically. You're you're one ninety. Third my speed so my secret is Google Fiber. Google route or at my desk any wired. Lan Cable and then when not at my desk and Eero Mesh Network in my house folks. If you want speed like that just moved here to Kansas City home of the superbowl champion chiefs the best barbecue low house prices and Google Fiber. There you have the seat can be eighteen. Yeah Yeah we most of us don't have that and actually ten megabytes up is very very very very common. That's about what you get in most places even if they have really fast download speeds there upload are still going to be pretty sad and remember for for for most folks out there when you are uploading. Go to the Tab One and you click upload and then you go to tap tune you fill out your show notes you do out says it's uploading I mean. I don't have a chance to do that because I start uploading and by the time I get to. It's already done uploading but right most for for us. Mere Humans Mir Non. Google fiber people another email. Oh Gosh okay. This is one of our segments. That has been you. No people don't contribute to know because I think they're afraid they're afraid it takes a courageous soul to to submit so therefore here's a courageous are courageous friend sharing ellison quote. Gto Man that takes a lot but time totally does does L. C. and Rahm if you're still doing the one star review thing. Here's the absolutely worst podcast preview. I've ever received. Maybe even the worst I've ever seen it's so bad but I actually pity the author because it sounds like they have a sad lonely life. Okay the following review is of my former clean comedy podcast was written by redacted from the USA quote. This podcast isn't funny at all. All the people in this podcast should kill themselves and should been insert. Not a nice word. Yeah well right. Maybe this can be the new low standard by which all other podcasters measure their one-star reviews. And then this is our friend now. This doesn't have anything to do with Rio. But he says I use my own product. My PODCAST REVIEWS DOT COM to get all my reviews automatically collected and delivered to me weekly from the one hundred fifty. Five locales of Apple podcasts. Stitcher and soon Paci Sir. This makes it super easy to use. My reviews engage in my audience or even simply copy and pasting for your enjoyment. Thanks for hosting the feed and easily Daniel day-lewis per the quote Daniel Ow. Ouch and thanks for sharing. But as we say podcast is not successful until it gets. Its First One star review if your podcast is successful folks on you and the person listening right now you and you want to share your one. Star Review. Please email them in or call them into the show. You can read it yourself. Elsie what number would they call to read that into? Full one two five seven three nine thousand nine hundred thirty four or you can email at as a audio file to the feet. Lipson DOT COM but we like audio audio feedback. So you can call it in called in recorded or email to us. Read Your one-star reviews and do it in just like they do on some of the late night shows where they read the bad reviews. They get for yourself your star review with points of emphasis when you're reading it and of course pitched and of course pimp your podcast at that point. That's right or your review service to exaggerate and Dan. We get a lot of questions as well from people who are like. Oh how come I'm not getting. My reviews are hot all. Ucla reviews. And all this kind stuff where you don't have to do that. You can just use Daniel Service. My podcast review dot com and then reviews dot com. And you'll get an email verses you don't have to use a service you can go into items on your computer and Manually Change One hundred and fifty five times the country that you have and look in each country for the reviews and do that every day. I mean that's my easy right. The other eaten easy thing I think is also that you can't copy and paste it right believe that I remember. You couldn't do that so you would have either. Screen shot something or manually. Retype it somewhere else so if you WanNa do that please feel free. Might take up your time instead of looking at stats. But my podcast reviews DOT COM low. Probably do a better job of saving you time so that you can't possibly just watch the stats wars. This is a novel concept work on content saying okay so rather than the worst email the week I'm GonNa go with the worst phone call of the week own my okay all right so. I talked to someone that told me. They did not create any of the content. They were going to host with us. I asked them if they had it in writing. If they could re host the content. They said well on their websites. They say they want us any. They want people to share their podcasts. With others so somewhere in people's website saying hey sheriff podcasts with your friends. I think maybe they meant you know tell people. The podcast exists not download the episodes and then re host them on another service. Oh my God this is where you have the card face Palm Gif. Yes hard on the G That was on purpose. But yes that face palm gift that right there. I'm thinking of Picard right there when talking to the person no no and no you cannot Ri host people's content. Let's put it in writing that you specifically can do so you your name not you generally share of. Hey share my podcast download it. Put It on another service. No you in general as in share my show but you as John Smith or Jane Doe they have to put your name you have permission to re host my show and make mechanical copies of my content if you want to upload it to another service witching podcasting services to stay but staying on topic. There was also news this past week about a wondering. Podcast we crashed using content. They pulled from the ritual podcast without attribution or approval. Oh passing off interview like it was one of their own and the folks at wondering how to well wonder he full response to ritual when he called them out quote. We've reposted the episode with your clips removed this was a human error and we are very sorry unquote what okay. What yes. This was a human error. Okay as human error is eyeing coded my file as instead of CR or I included a picture of my French bulldog in the three tags instead of my show artwork or more I uploaded as as a wave file instead of MP three that is a human error taking someone's interview from another podcast and editing them out and putting it in your podcast. That's editing human error. I mean unless you forget to take out where a major celebrity calls. Women doesn't like Muffin tops. Forgetting to take that out. That's an editing error but taking someone else's content and passing it off as your interview that's not human error. That's criminal wait. Oh my gosh well you know what I listen to the first three episodes. I was it three or two two episodes from that from that but I I didn't hear I mean maybe they had already taken down. I don't know I mean I did. Listen I don't know how long it took. But they did mention that this is from. Npr like they mentioned. This is from an interview any attribution that they didn't do any attribution. They didn't give nothin' renew by the way rich. Ritual podcast is a lawyer. Oh so anyway again. Not Human error is called editing choice. Crazy I can't oh man shortcuts his I think even if something is creative Commons usually usually people will just add a common courtesy to be able to retail to somebody. Like hey or even if you know. Hey I'm using a bit. I'm using this bit from your show on my show to say this right. Most of us will be like yeah. Cool 'cause that's we want that but you would generally say it's from this thing. This is where we got it for putting it out anyway human error. I got Elsie. You pointed out. In article titled Quote Meet Headliner Flicks a net flicks for podcast hoping to solve discover ability problems unquote once you look at? What is talked about? It looks like they're building a platform that highlights the same top shows as apple podcasts and that helps discovery how not getting it. I mean I love this from the article. It's an issue. Companies have put a lot of effort towards solving over the past twelve months on replacements with years in an effort. Then they're probably by three and a half. Maybe it's agenda just another discovery article. The problem always comes back to this. People discover podcast. I and mostly via word of mouth and then from places. They are already consuming. Podcasts at dedicated sites for discovering podcasts appeal to zero point one percent of podcast listeners and I think most of that zero point one percent our podcast is just trying to pump up their own numbers in that service with their own podcast and the service but I just don't see any of these quote unquote any services that are out there to to solve the discover ability problem working because it's word of mouth and then it's people searching where they're already listening to podcast that's really it and services that are dedicated to the the issue worse news features that are dedicated Unless there are features inside apple podcasts or spotify or overcast aren't GonNa really do much if you think about it from the other thing that is helpful. If you do WanNa do something like this would be one of those one. Click subscribe thing educators. Just like were talking about if it's already built into overcast if it's already built into something but usually when you see those those types of things it's really hard to then go. Ooh that sounds like a really cool. Podcast let me go. Grab my phone and subscribe to it rate. That takes its extra extra like even if they want to be like Netflix. Think about how Netflix has. Those things right. They have the ads in front of your face. They have this is suggested for you. And they're my favorite little thing that they do. They changed the cover art. How many times have you decided you're not gonNa Watch something because of the cover art and then later you're like Ooh what's this new show and it's not same show. You've been seeing in your face for the month unless you know unless you people already in. Netflix and Netflix and Netflix is using an algorithm. Based on what you've already watched I mean. Yeah I mean I. My kids will use my netflix account. Am I and then? They're down there over a weekend. Count watching a whole bunch of anime and then I go to watch stuff and now it's all anime. Yeah stomach thing in your account. The heat stop watching fairytale my count. Yeah it Netflix. Looks at who you are? What you've watched what you've not just watched but what you started to. Washington continued watching. So if you stop watching something you get a little bit in and stop. Their Algorithm knows that he didn't like this so we'll take stuff that cylinder that away so when people start saying well the. Ui looks like you know. The interface looks like Netflix. Netflix keeps changing. And it just look like it now. And that's not why Netflix. Netflix is a lot more to why Netflix Netflix. Says it's not make deathly. Yes all of the everything all of that and they yes they have somebody that they're just to figure out how to keep people in there watching content like. That's they had people who do that all day everyday. That's jail anyway. All right Moving onto another analogy without be like. We designed our white castles. Now to look like Morton steakhouse still different on the inside. All right moving on. Oh my God all right moving on email quote hi Robyn Elsie a question. Do you have recommendations for the least expensive slash accurate transcription service or software? I want something I feed my. Mp Three file into and get a transcript spit out they do interviews so there will be two voices that have to be separated out. Thanks and this is from Lindsay from the perfect stool understanding and healing the Gut microbiome and quote. Now we've mentioned before imaging again 'cause there's a price change but I use recommend Tammy DOT com. It was ten cents per minute but they sent out an email saying was going to twenty five cents per minute. I thought that email it said at the beginning of February Iran one on February second. It was still ten cents per minute. I expect it to change shortly if their email was true unless they got enough backlash to drop keep the pricing ten cents. But whatever it's either ten cents or twenty five cents per minute. Expect it to be twenty five cents per minute. There's also descript which we've talked about on the show before that's free up to three hours of speech per minute per month. Sumit three hours of speech per month. It's free and it's ten dollars a month for more than that. We'll have a link to descript pricing in the show notes. But either Tammy or described or the two places you WANNA look at. They're both very accurate. Semi St- a little bit more accurate than descript from my testing from what I've seen and read although the folks at descript tell me they also use the same basic engine that uses plus some other stuff but either one are very good comparatively to what else is out there but still not where you need it to be. If you're looking for one hundred percent there eighty five percent tonight percent range. I sent you a link to the one that I've been using I haven't actually. I've what I've been doing. Hopefully I will actually deal with this at some point. It's my it's my little project Is That I'VE BEEN UPLOAD. I've been using otter dot. Ai and it's free you guys. I mean I'm sure for the majority of of the things that you guys have. It should cover you for free stuff. I've been using it for the feed and I've been uploading there single time. We go out there. And it's an explicit out between speaker one speaker to what I cannot comment on is how good it is at the actual transcription because I've just been uploading it so that I have the transcripts there for an if I need them for anything else that I need to get an answer that we've talked about or a topic that we've gone into just to have that there and but it's really great because I love I love the fact that it's time coated in. It does split the speakers back and forth and I it has a really substantial amount of free in there so that I'll have a Lincoln for that as well Otter Dot. Ai and you can also use Iphone IOS APPS stuff like that so really cool next up David Oxford from the broadcast law blog had a post at the end of January titled Quote Bmi Settlement of Royalty battle with our MLC to include music podcasts question. Mark Dash not so fast dot dot dot dot unquote without getting into the article specifics. Too Much it's law blog and I don't want to violate anything there I will say it is a good read about licensing of music or lack thereof in podcasting and issues present. Today that will be there tomorrow and for the foreseeable future link in the show notes. And if you're thinking at all having any music and your podcast please read this post. Thanks David for the INFO All right now going to be careful about what we quote out of blog posts from law bloggers right and so now though now. We're going to quote are we bellow from the? Ib Are March. Twenty four th privacy for America will host a national privacy summit and congressional fly in to help lawmakers built consensus on a data privacy. Bill that will provide meaningful protections for all Americans. We encourage our members to attend. Look forward to providing additional details. Soon on February ninth to eleventh. We hope you will join us for our policy and privacy. Track at the twenty twenty. I bi annual leadership meeting in Palm Desert California. We will explore how today's regulatory activity around data. Privacy and compliance will fundamentally impact the future of marketing and media special track titled Beyond GDP RNC CPA. The future data. Privacy and regulation will address topic such as the economic impact of privacy. Rt be compliance in with GDP are intersection of antitrust and privacy and more and that was from the privacy in compliance unit. And I will be at that February Ninth Tenth Eleventh Meeting and by the way. Pr will also have a privacy event. At the end of February which Rob Greenlee will be at a New York? I'll be proclaim in national at the same time that that's going on but I always get concerned when you see something that says a bill that will provide meaningful protection for all Americans and they'll hosting national privacy summit whenever you hear something with a makes me concern that. It's not what it seems like. It's going to be so. Hopefully they are really talking about privacy and not how to skirt privacy. Oh I see what you're getting at. Yeah we'll see we'll see where where it winds up an hopefully that. They're trying to do the right thing and not for for the consumers and not the right thing for advertisers. That seems like when you're reading that I was just riveted by my desire to attend and sit in a room and discuss this. I'm being totally facetious. But I'm still got his shirt so desires if you really feel that way asset life because this is what. I'm really into like this week. I'm glad you love it. Rob Because you can relate a love to us and then we're like yeah we don't have to do it are so we'll see how it is. We'll talk about what I can talk about. Episode one sixty two on how it went palm desert right and then how much Ti or energy drinks. You drink pack a couple five hour energy drinks with me okay and now we are moving to our last aspect of our show here that most people really love that little last segment of the show but before though we are going to listen to the Third Promo of the episode this is Larkhall Mindset. Podcast BEFORE WE WATCH. Tv shows and movies on narcos. There was one man who was the ultimate Narko. Listeners will hear stories about me and they're caught Delta have never been told in six months. I went from being that American dream to America's nightmare broken frail and full of shortcomings in article mindset. We will engage hard subject. Same thing that happened to me can happen to anybody. If I change any human being can change congrats on on launching the podcast and turning your life around and folks check that out. Yeah right the interesting. Y'All so you ready. Let us now get into the median and mean numbers to see how your show measures up. The median. Numbers are based on episodes released in the month of December with downloads measured until the end of January on average. Each file is about forty five days old. And Hey we're now including all of the stuff from spotify well. The median number for December was up one hundred and forty four up a bit from November one hundred and thirty the adjusted mean or average. Where I throw out the top zero point. Five percent and any files with three are less downloads. Adjusted mean was fifteen hundred ninety two up a bit from November when it was fourteen seventy three seven point five percent of all downloads for episodes released in December were in the five K. range or greater for downloads. That is the magical number that some advertisers look for appetizing for downloads for campaigns. And this was up from November seven percent seems October September as well and here are some numbers to measure against and put things in perspective if your episodes are getting over one hundred and forty for downloads. After thirty days you are better than half the shows if they're getting more than twelve hundred downloads. You are better than eighty percent of the shows. More than thirty five hundred ninety percent of shows more than eighty five hundred ninety five more than twenty one thousand. You're better than ninety percent more than thirty seven thousand. You're better than ninety nine percent of the shows and those numbers for December were all up compared to November's numbers and a good reason for the rise in all the numbers was December. Was again the first month with spotify fully integrated into all the stats. And Yeah going from one thirty. One forty four is about percentage wise that we had said spotify numbers so it jived and everything moved up and so you know we're not one forty four. Is that median number now for your episodes now that spotify is included in there so good numbers to see but kind of what we expected moving onto the where have we been segment. David at stable asked back in two thousand. Eighteen is S. T. A. B. L. asked What does the podcast and at the time? I gave the standard answer. I always give which is need. Rss Feed that's two point. Oh compliant and force at RSS feed to be an apple podcast to be podcast period. David was back with a follow up article asking if the definition has changed some gave long winded updated. Answers is simply said quote. Nothing has changed at still the same definition unquote. He does not change in that period of time which by the way is a really short period of time from October twentieth to December. Twenty one thousand nine and sadly. I see New People coming into the space where the first thing they tried to do is redefine. What what a podcast is. C- last episode one. Fifty one sixty and the disaster that was Media Researches Attempt to redefine podcasting to work with what appears to be a very poorly designed survey with no real concept of the podcasting space in my opinion. And you know appears to be in case. The lawyers are listening Dave Jackson who was at the mass media. Podcast summit January twenty four th to twenty six which was well virtual summit at least and that was online some so. I haven't talked to Dave. See how that went paying Dave that that was Elsie were you anywhere. They'll have a couple weeks now per where we're going as I mentioned earlier. February eighth in the real world. That's actually February ninth to eleventh in the real world. I'll be at the leadership summit and going in sitting on the privacy track in pumped as California February eighth in the real world that will be tomorrow from when we're recording yesterday or a couple of days ago or a few days ago from when you hear this Dave would have been at the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association event in Nevada California. Then we have a chance for to still be the future for you depending on your listen the podcast movement evolutions in La which will be twelve to the sixteenth Bob Greenlee Day. Jackson will both be there. Dave Jackson of school podcasting discusses the importance of quote. Your podcast first impressions. That will one PM on February fifteenth. His session then. The New Media Show live with Rob Greenlee and Todd Cochran. We'll be live on stage at podcast movement evolution Saturday February fifteenth from one. Thirty to three. Pm Pacific Time in the crystal ballroom ex. The ex postage and then robbery only has to Harry up over to his session. How to grow deep listener and Co host connections and loyalty. And that's at three thirty. Six half an hour from one is one ends to the other. One starts at three thirty on the fifteenth. So there's three sessions there from Dave in rob backed back and then Dave will be at the spark Christian podcast conference in Houston Texas February Twenty First. Twenty second I will be at. Nrp Twenty twenty the national religious. Broadcasters proclaimed twenty twenty and natural from the twenty fifth to the twenty eighth Elsie Dave. And I more from Lipson would-be at podcast Orlando March sixth through the eighth. So check that out pod fest. Expo Dot com will be et enabled. Las Vegas late April and a whole bunch of us will be at podcast movement Dallas Texas the first week of August. Then there she podcast live in. Nabc NYC Tober With more INFO on those future plus some other events looking to get out to at least fifteen more than fifteen twenty twenty. Of course let us know you have some events coming up this year that you'd like to have a set and speak at happy to participate and please folks if you're hearing about these events and they're near you or not and you can get to them. Please come out and say hello We try to get around the country in some cases around the world To ten some of these events and look forward to meeting you this year and just email me if you have an event Robert LIPSON DOT COM. And we'll talk to you about how we can get someone to rent sweet well guys. That's about it here. You will hear from US in a couple of weeks coming back into your ears and we would love to get your feedback on anything that you heard in the episode the feed at Lipson Dot Com. You can also call us to five seven three nine thousand nine hundred four or you can download our free APP from IOS or Android and have all of this just for us and you can send us feedback directly from the APP again. It's for free. You can search for the feed lips and lobby. Syn for all of that stuff and that's about it so we will talk with you in a couple of weeks.

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