Industry News: If You Aren't Consuming, You're Behind


The. Hey there I'm Eric Olsen. And I'm heaven days. Join us on our journey to building a one hundred million dollars company. What industry journals to use ascribe to what Email, newsletters? Do you get in your inbox have everybody, it's Eric? And I wanna talk about obviously industry news. If you are not falling along with the news that has happening in your industry with what the big players and industry are doing with the trends in your industry. You are falling behind now here at a rate digital and me in person or personnel. Say I subscribe to Email, newsletters and magazines in our industry, which is marketing and advertising. So for me, it's ad age and add week and a couple of Email, newsletters, now, I don't get to every single issue every single time it comes out. And honestly when I first started to get into digital marketing from a software back. I read everything. Now, I only read I don't know maybe half of what comes through in my inbox or in my actual stale mailbox when it comes to industry journals. But in the beginning, it was super important. And I read all these things religiously for about six months to twelve months and after about six months, I knew more about the industry than ninety five percent of the people in my area and probably a one hundred percent of the people that I talked to about marketing advertising, so within my sphere of influence, I immediately shot up from not really knowing all that much which I think is kind of the baseline in a lot of industries. Unfortunately, people are just in the industry, but the students of the industry I shot up to what I would consider to be expert level the very quickly. And it's not that I had decades of experience. In advertising and marketing, but I put in the effort, I read the journals. I read every single Email that came through from one of those publications I learned what was going on. And it honestly wasn't that difficult is not like I was going to school at night. And then take in tests to confirm that I had learned this stuff. I was just consuming. I was listening to podcasts I was reading and how was picking up on patterns, and it's just not that hard to pick up on these patterns when you hear a company's name over and over and over again. And when you hear or read about some of the executives in those companies and some of the companies that they own and some of their clients use start to get a mental map very quickly about what's happening in the industry. And when you hear from multiple people their predictions about what's going to happen in your industry, amazingly SARS to influence what you think is going to happen in the industry. Don't neglect reading and listening and studying your industry, again, if you don't you're going to be at a very low level, and you're gonna stay there and other people are going to rocket right past you, so take the time subscribe paid one hundred bucks or whatever for the magazine subscription, if your magazine reader, great sit down on the weekends and read it if you're not a magazine subscriber kind of person, then get the podcast at the emails, do whatever you need to. But if you don't do it you will be lagging behind, and you don't wanna my behind. Thank you for listening. I hope you heard something you can implement in your business right away. Finance online at journey to one hundred million dot com.

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