92: Our Ship Is Coming In: Tuesday, May 19th, 2020


Good morning millennials. Welcome back to the morning toasts. Happy Tuesday another beautiful day here in New York City. Hey clod how are you doing? I don't want to trigger people with how you earn. Well I think you just did. I'm doing good. I'm cramp in. I'm on my third cycle of quarantine feeling moody feeling a little messy and ready to take it out on. You know the toast nice well. Meaning snitch are then completely thanked up on our times of the month. So that's an interesting quarantine development. I wonder if any of the toasters recycled up with us. Let me so. Yeah that would just be so fun for for the community. Say Yeah you know. We have this deep bond within our community and I think all sinking up cycles would be just the thing we need to take us to the next level. I completely agree I'm sorry that you're in the cramped. As though I passed through on Sunday. Pass through to the other side and an m feeling better yet. I'm in the crap and also the weird fucking dream phase. I had the weirdest dream last night. All about lizards and like the whole night. I felt like they were lizard to my bed. It was not good. Oh that's really creepy. I had a dream but it was more realistic but now I'm losing it. Damn it sounds like what Martin Luther King would have said. I had a dream our thinking so there's not a lot of news today but we'll do what we can add another is. Oh there was. I actually had to eliminate some stories. there's some decent celebrity news. I watched a good amount of TV last night. Oh my God I watched song land so behind I forgot about. I'll watch. Don't let me forget to talk about. It was Florida Georgia line. And it's giving Old Dominion Competition for best episode ever like Zach and. I were watching it and we didn't WANNA tend. Well can we just wait to recap it tomorrow so I can watch okay but you have to watch it today or else. I'm recapping tomorrow okay. I waited a whole week for you to watch Ted to me in Hollywood like you know you recapped it. I just put my mute be a day I want to recap it together. Okay I said I'll give you a day. Maybe we'll say a day or else you go on mute territory. That's fair cool. I also watch more of money. High still not feeling season for but it's something to watch. I'm like nervous. It's going to end soon. And then I have to get into like a whole new world of something and I'm just I'm running low mice I want was so full and now so empty. And this is what I feared. That's what quarantines all about like having a full plate and an empty plate. I watched Jerry. Seinfeld's comedy special and boy do. I have thoughts. Okay shaver save it for the recap segment. But I'm probably won't watch so I want to hear what you think yet. No I have a lot to say. Okay Great and what else did yesterday? Actually had a really busy day. We recorded the Patriot. Episode of all deer toasters We got such good inquiries. I hope people got some good advice and are going to make some changes and then you win. Snitch recorded a Taylor Swift episode. That is dropping today. Had Jockey adopted this morning already How it was good but you know so many of the questions at me and Margot got ranked. This album rank all of her albums rank. Your favorite songs and those questions are like so impossible and I hate doing rankings. Because of course matter what something has to go at the bottom and that implies somehow that it's a bad or negative when she does bad they're just things. I'd like more than others. I have a lot of anxiety about rankings and that was all the questions that we gotten and tried to answer like every other question besides the ranking ones but ultimately be to rank all the albums and I don't even stand by what I said because I like them all. I feel like ranking her albums. Though as is possible and it doesn't mean the one at the bottom is bad. It just means that you prefer the one at the top but I don't want to say something because it's ever changing like for the last maybe two or three years. Nineteen thousand nine has been my favorite album but forever. It was red so it's like with with different phases of my life. I just can't make a decision so I recently cleaned my apartment to the soundtrack of the red album. Because that's what I thought was my favorite album of hers and what I thought was just the best album ever but I think it was just. I was listening to it during one of the best times of my life And the whole time like it's funny when you listen to her music. I'm transported to what she was doing. And I'm just like Ethel Kennedy the Kennedys. Everything was like the red album is like an American history album about the Kennedy family. I couldn't get Ethel Kennedy out of my head yet. We said the same thing about how different albums like. I've been the Taylor fan for so long in part of why. I love so much different albums. Remind me both times of her life but also times of mine like I remember listening to read my first year of college and it was living out of my house like I was in a dorm. Like I disassociate. Memories with the album's But you know read was my fever for so long probably because it was such a good year of my life when I go back. It's actually not my favorite. Of course there's Red State of grace amazing staples but there's actually like a lot of skips on that album for me like I don't love lucky ones or almost do like actually skip a good amount of songs but see I feel like I'm not saying I don't like them. I'm just saying I hear no. I thought red was the Like the best album and then I listened to it in twenty twenty eight. Maybe just twenty twenty ruins everything and I was like. Oh this definitely. Isn't my favorite album. In some ways I actually liked reputation. More will margot is like a reputation. Stan and I am a nineteen. Eighty nine apologised so it was just a very dynamic in-depth conversation that I think I've so what was your. Can you give us a spoiled? What was your top album inches? One thousand nine hundred ninety nine nine hundred eighty nine and then it was speak now and then it was lover and then it was red and that it was forgetting whatever marlins top fear. Oh you know I don't even fucking remember. It's so hard it's so hard margot's top was speak now. Okay I feel that for her. I feel VERTU and by the way it just depends where I am like. If I am a mountain lodge the speak now is my vibe. But if I'm on like a boat in the middle of Turksancacoes lovers my bob it's just different scenarios. It really is it's it. I don't envy the task because honestly even as someone who doesn't who feels comfortable saying negative things about Taylor. I'm having a hard time putting this together as well. So and I look gelato sinning. That episode like spiraled me for the rest of the day like literally sand bed and watch videos of Taylor swift looking live on my fifty account like I literally was the least productive person all day after that episode just because like I got in my own panda and I couldn't get out of it but that sounds like a good place to be like I London rabbit hole during the Q. Don't get me out. Don't come and get me Joe coming. GimMe for me unless I stand for you. One hundred percent okay. Cool we also have a lot of interesting guests this week. They're not coming till the end of the week. But tomorrow we're going to sit down for an episode on Thursday with Lauren gray who we are obsessed with it. I'm so fucking excited. We have been like standing her since before. Like tick. Tock was it. It was musically like especially Margaret like. We've been upset surgeon new song coming out so I'm really excited to talk to like maybe we'll get some tick tock followers from him and then on Thursday we're recording for Friday's no yep Thursday for Friday's episode were recording with Liam Sweeney from real houses of New York which like not. Well Not. Well not well not well. I'm so excited it's been a while since we've had guests and in the queue like I just when we have a guest. It's someone that I'm legit dying to talk to these to these two queens. I can't wait until just a couple of blonde queens totally Okay so maybe it's time thing so I think so. Okay without further ado each time for the past five stories that you need to know yet you you wake up and take a bite out of your morning toast and while I have you allow me just a brief moment. Remind everyone that today's episode is brought to you. 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So you've got two items putting toast and you'll get a free multi peptide ice cream for no cost thing in an for sponsoring today's episode. I didn't realize that NATORI I'm found from nature. Yes they put the nature in the Sign on products fan from nature. Okay First Story Ryan seacrest quote. Did Not have any kind of stroke during the American idol finale says his Rep. Have you seen this story? Yes I happened to catch the tail end of the American idol finale. Just because it was on right before Taylor Swift's concert on ABC. And it was really really sad like the whole thing was done. Be- zoom and the winner won and. I think that the other person who was up for the number one spot might have misheard because him and his family started celebrating with Champagne and I was incredibly confused and they all just started singing on putting their faces on buildings and it made no goddamn sense. But I didn't see the clip of Ryan seacrest allegedly like looking drunk. Okay but you know what if you saw that clip where the winner won? You actually did see the clip that everyone's talking about While American idol Crowns Samantha. Just Sam D. as the season's winner during the shows live remote finale on Sunday night it was idol host Ryan seacrest. Who found himself sharing some of the spotlight towards the end of the show which had seen seacrest nimbly juggling on air hosting duties as contestants appeared remotely from their homes the Star briefly appeared off. His words seemed slightly slurred and his right eye appeared larger than his left. The moment prompted a flurry of twitter comments from fans concern. That seacrest was not well or had suffered some kind of neurological episode. So you definitely did see the thing that people are talking about. You probably didn't notice it. I watched it like having read this headline and now I'm like okay. I guess that does look a little stroke but I probably I thought it was going to be way more obvious than it was. I guess throughout the night he was having technical difficulties in just stumbling over his words and people thought he might have been drunk but his remedied Ryan Ryan did not have any kind of stroke last night like many people right now. Ryan is adjusting to the new normal and finding work home balance with the added stress of having to put on live shows from home between live with Kelly Ryan American idol on air with Ryan seacrest and the Disney Family Singalong specials. He has been juggling three to four on air jobs over the last few weeks and he's in need of rest so today he took a well-deserved day off. Oh my God ever needs to chill the fuck out like Ryan seacrest is the hardest fucking working man in Hollywood during the normal days. He's going back and forth from New York to La fuck alone. He's tired from literally putting the entire media industry on his fucking back. Ok Learn was watching. Shahs of sunset and it said produced by Ryan Secrets. He's busy yeah. He's very busy. He's probably exhausted Air Go one is bigger than the other you know having one eye bigger than the other is a crime and put me in jail. Lock me up okay okay. Everyone is so nit picky about people. Everyone's so bored and like just leave him alone. I know but people also live shit like you know the goes viral. Someone Acts Imperfect and then we're picking it up everywhere to the point that his rap needs to let us know that we didn't win a stroke. Well this is like a similar situation like when people noticed some odd behavior. Michael Boob lays instagram live in regards to his wife and I felt as though was cause for concern. But I haven't seen this video but it's just like his. I looked big seriously that specific. Okay so first of all. It's a similar situation because it's like two videos that people have questions about but like they're so different yes his. I looked honestly. It wasn't that concerning his. I've looked big. He at some point seemed like he was just stopped talking completely He was moving very lethargically but maybe he was just what I mean. It wasn't exactly the most exciting finale of American idol. I can imagine Ryan seacrest sitting at his fucking dining room table for two hours talking to nobody. Maybe he gets a little bored and he yawns and his eye bulge is a little bit like. I just listen. He worked so hard like I do one show and I'm exhausted. Like he does four. And maybe the last. Show the finale of American idol. Where People's holograms are singing on billboards. You got a little tired. Yeah totally I can't believe that they did the rest of the season of American idol. Virtually and this honestly if it hadn't been for Ryan seek dress fake stroke. I would have never even heard of just SAM would have no clue who won. No and if it weren't for Taylor ship city of Labor concert. I wouldn't have even tuned into know that American idol is still on the air to. They're filming a promote finale and three tonight's finale. I'm like wow. I'm catching it. I was there and the winner. As I'm how fabulous is this? Yeah I guess that was the point of putting Taylor Swift's concert like after that tiki. Jerem up some love for American idol. Yeah Bowl Taylor. Swift has now been hospitalized for putting the American idol finale on her back. Yeah and she's in the room next to Ryan seacrest for having a stroke. Yeah and the other is Porsche from real houses of Atlanta. From putting the entire franchise on her back for the last five seasons and then in the room next to that is Francesca Farrago for two from too hot to handle putting the whole show on her back. She's having some back issues and also down. The hall is Bianca Del. Rio from season. Six of repulsed drag race was literally like the worst group of contestants ever and she was a star. She deserved better with entire fucking season on Iraq some wishing her a speedy recovery. Wow referring to all of these people in the hospital. At least they're together. Blessings blessings. Okay next up is a story. That is Just you know. We're going to close the loop from something from yesterday. Brian Austin Green has confirmed he is split from Megan Fox after nearly ten years of marriage. It's the end of the road for Toxin Brian Austin Green. He confirmed on Monday. May Teens at the longtime couple of called it quits. After nearly ten years of marriage he revealed the break up in a new episode of his podcast who knew yet podcast titled Context. He referenced the photos of Fox in machine gun Kelly that surfaced over the weekend reveal that he had a dream while she was filming her new movie with the rapper. There was distance between the two and noted that since the end of twenty nine thousand nine quote. They've really trying. They're really been trying to sort of be apart. Okay I feel like these two have been separated forever like sometimes they come together like I don't know today. They have kids but like Messi couple in Hollywood one hundred percent the one that made the lease sense and the one that needed to end a sap. That's the thing it never made sense and you sometimes when couples don't make sense but they stay together for so long it starts to make sense in like you you picture together but these two just never really made sense to me like to me. Meghan Fox is like the pinnacle of like sexiness maximum. Like everything of the sort. She is like the most desirable woman in the world objectively. And yes Brian Austin Greenberg or whatever. His name is like he is handsome but he is by no means at the same level and he's technically look if you look in the dictionary. It says Brian Austin Green has been like he doesn't really work anymore so I never really understood the pairing and and you would think like after. They've been together for ten years. They have kids in the family. Like they're working through like you would think I would start to like get on the ship but it never really came in yen. Oh my God it never came in. I kept on hoping that every time I heard about these two like it would have been over by now and now it's finally over. He said I will always love her and I know she will always love me and you know as far as family. What we have built is really cool and really special. He explained that they will still do family vacations and holidays family and really make that a focus for the kids lovely. Hopefully the kids are fans of machine. Gun Kelly 'cause he's coming around so like normally. I'm not really excited at the prospect of like family. You know breaking up parents kids involved but at the same time. I'm like too excited about the prospect of machine gun. Kelly and Meghan talks to give a shit about these kids. I this is fabulous megabucks. Time is coming like she was with someone for ten years who just wasn't on her level and now she's with it's probably such a different feeling for her like be with someone on her level. You know yet for sure or someone who liked together they will rise you know. Because like she's I haven't heard from her in a while like we're on of the Wallace department store is like she's been kind of quiet and I feel like her Michigan Calories. Just GonNa both be taken to level from this relationship. And they feel like he'll be a good step down to the kids so the kids will be looked after like the campers will be like machine gun. Kelly is the. I'll never forget the first time I saw machine Kelly because when I was an intern at aol they put on this interview series where celebrities too depressing like nobody watched it but like it was still like cool because they got caught people and Machine Gun Kelly came and normally nobody really showed up to these things but he promoted it on its social media and this was the six years ago so we had like a really like tumbler like really underground following and all these people showed up to the corporate on. Aol headquarters like spiky hair tattoos. It was just like daddy chokers like it was just crazy. And he came into the interview and literally stop the interview in the Middle Took. His shirt off started rapping screaming in the middle of a corporate office. Like all. These people were jumping crowdsurfing. It was the craziest thing I've ever seen and I was like damn. Who is this kind of Hot? Many resurfaced with that whole. Camila Cabello Song and it was such a good song like literally one of her chicken song then he resurfaced as being like the man who picked up the pieces from Rei macron day. Breaking Davidson's heart brought petain take away in a very low point in his life. Run into the Golden Globes like Oscar Party. And he's just to me. I've seen him in so many different phases of his life and I've respected him ever since so like. I'm just excited about this. I'm excited about. I never had an opinion about him until the movie with Davidson that we just watch adult adult and I was like. Wow He's handsome feller. No he's very handsome but like he's like a little rough around the edges like when you hear about him like he's bad to the bone in like he's you know. Edgy. But he's also quite handsome. So get you a guy who can do. Both Meghan box has and I I look forward to watching ship. Come in yet. No I'm standing at the port and I'm looking and it appears to be close to shore so I'm wearing this nautical shirt today. 'cause okay this story is really sad so just going to transition to sadness highlight actor. Gregory tyree Boyce and his girlfriend were found dead in Las Vegas. Have you heard the story yes? Try Dr Gregory Tyree Boyce. In twenty seven year old girlfriend were found dead in in their Las Vegas Condo last week. According to a report on Monday voiced and Natalie peggie. We're pronounced dead on May. Thirteenth News reported their. Cause of death is pending. Toxicology report as an actor voice was known for his role in the first of the twilight movie franchise. He played tyler. Crowley who has a crush on? Kristen Stewart's character Bella Swan. He also appeared in the short film apocalypse. Prior to their deaths they had been working on starting a wing restaurant according to his mother who posted a tribute on facebook calling him the best chef. I've read what his mother facebook and it was just so sad She was so heartbroken. I was so excited about his future. And Mrs just a really sad mysterious story and I just feel so sad for both of them yet. It's like spooky Like lazienki cause of death. They both were found to add. I it just. It's so weird. And it's really sad 'cause they were so young And loved him in twilight so really wishing his family. The bestest is a terrible fucking story. Same and I hope that they get answers. Soon right Okay going switch gears right again to use. Jade repair till bear is pregnant and expecting baby number three with husband. Tanner to- bear weight. I heard that jade were tolbert was pregnant. Oh no no no. You're confused. It's jade till bear on. Sorry I got confused with the other Order yet no you would think jade roper tober maybe pregnant. But it's not. It's Jaderow payer tool bear bill back. Jane Repair announced Monday. She's pregnant and exacting her third child with husband. Tanner told there after sharing a family photo along with the pregnancy tests in a sonogram picture on instagram. Here we grow again. She captioned it if the also good to be able to finally talk about this pregnancy. If you noticed I haven't been on social media much the past couple of months. It's because I was dealing with terrible nausea teague on top of taking care of two kiddos during a pandemic thankful excited for this bet. I truly believe that as being born during this time are here for a special reason to be light workers. We are beyond happy to be light workers. The way that it weird light worker could be fixing the lights down to the construction site with a drill. We are beyond happy to love another baby to get. Emmy and bricks and other sibling to have our children be so close. Oh my God. This is so sweet. They're such a sweet family. I love I do love Bachelor Baby News. Because with every bed that is born and gives like the franchise another season to let people think that they're doing some good in the world. Yeah no and like outweighs like in the scale like when you get to heaven and God like ways all the good things you. It's like look what they did. They tried to like religious creator's life but they're responsible for like ten kids now so like eight kind of ways out. I guess that's like Mike Places judgment that is his share life young winner life creator. Does it balance out. I actually think it. Does you think I don't know I mean who are we to judge? We are now onto judge but in regards to this story like I know that you're you like of course you never know what goes on behind closed doors and like you shouldn't like really like look at other people's lives and like one emulate it like you should be grateful for what you have but like. I just like to have the perfect life and I'm sure that they have their own shed but like they're just appears like everything happens for them. Do you know what I mean. Yeah except for just to give you some perspective. Few things one they won that draftkings money. But then oh tanner's own friend Leslie not forget. Goose Goose of crystalline goose. Rather him out and they didn't at the money other thing that I just like can't get out of my mind no matter how hard I try. They were on marriage boot camp and they were like fighting in the room and it was just like they're just like us. You raise some very interesting points. Once again reminding people. Nobody's perfect Hannah Montana Senate best. Nobody's perfect but I agree with you that they are goals but like perfect isn't gold because nobody is perfect like they seem like they have a real true relationship. The family keeps growing and they have such cute peppers and they seem like overall content with their life. And that's really all you can ask or remember their Palaccio say in Kentucky or Kansas were living and now they live in La and it's still a pilates like the nicest house ever seen. I know but like when they were living in Polat K. In Kansas and they had a laid at barnes and horses yet. I don't know if they had horses but it was nice. It looks like they had horses. Yeah I wonder what happened to that house. I think they were selling it but they built from the ground up. I remember she did a youtube tour and like this is custom. Custom countries are custom cabinets. Custom custom custom five minutes later. We're moving la. Yeah interesting. Dairy love nothing repaired so bear. Oh is it the fifth and final brought to you by billy? Yes it is so happy to hear that Jackie Self Care and routines are always important. Whatever you're using to get ready for the day should make you feel amazing. So meet Billy. 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Okay Tick Tock taps Disney executive Kevin Meyer as their new CEO the head of Disney plus streaming service will lead. The video APP owned by by tendons as Chinese company seeks global expansion. So Kevin Mayor who was passed over for the top job at Walt Disney Co. You know the one who would take over for Bob. Eiger is becoming chief. Executive uptick talk in a jump from one of the entertainment. Industry's most venerable names. To one of its busiest new arrivals. I think that this is so interesting. So this is the guy who launched Disney plus. Then he didn't get the job. Ceo and now he's go. He's taken his towns to talk. Honestly good you know you have to know your worth you do have to know your worth And I hope this means like really exciting improvements for tic TAC even though like I don't even know what they need. It's the perfect platform. I spent all morning on it. I I think a lot of people are just like concerned or like the the only real discussion around tick tock is like it's the biggest happen the world can at last so. I think it's great that they're having someone from Disney who is from an established company like a long lasting company. Come over hopefully bring some of that stability to tick tock because musically was like everything of the sort until it wasn't you know yeah and no it definitely. I think takes would probably be worried about just like earning out like. Is this really just like a quarantine? Hobby I think that they have all the makings of being a forever. Sort of caught form but they definitely have to make the right moves at this time. Yeah I agree. They I foresee not that. I know anything but I do. Foresee it being like a stagnant platform where like people are just GonNa always have one like instagram to talk? Yeah I that I like to talk so it's a good platform. That's the T- that's on that should be jive entire TV. Recap second yes we should I wanNA hear about. What were you saying that you watched the seinfeld special? Yes so it's called twenty three hours left and first of all it was just fabulously done. He had like a full orchestra on stage at the beacon. The lights it was really like old. Hollywood Glamour And the first twenty minutes me and Ben were dying. It was just really. Seinfeld like talking about just how difficult everything is like. He's like even you guys came here to my show tonight like did it get together tickets. Pick you up like it was all the intricacies of how leaving the house is terrible and how everything you do. You only do it so that you can come back home. Yeah Lou's like so funny. Me And ben were dying and then it just stopped it just completely stop being funny and it was weird because like Seinfeld's very specific. He has like an older demographic really. Jewish humor And I felt like he just started talking about like cellphones and like Social Media. Just like in an attempt to like be relevant. I don't even know it just felt so unnatural and it was so not funny. It was literally like local Vegas comedy opener like it was there. Were some jokes I was. It was so strange. Because he's so funny and he does this clean type of humor. It's like not vulgar which I really like. And he's been like one of my favorite comedians. We were dying at I like and I look at Ben and I'm like we haven't laughed in like ten minutes it just it came to a halt and it because it was just like why aren't Seinfeld talking about your phone in your pocket and like it's like it just it made no sense and I dislike. We eventually turned it off. And I'm sure picked back. Every set of comedy like has highs and lows but the low was just so long that we just couldn't get back into it. Wow Okay I WANNA watch game out though. Yeah it was so funny. It was so ben like and it just really. It's like twenty three hours and left. It's like everything in life is so long and hard and I just. I thought that was gonna be the whole special. I'm like I totally relate especially in quarantine like I totally relate to that concept that like everything is just difficult people difficult and you hate your friends but you don't WanNa go make new friends who to stick with the old ones like it was so funny and then it just it was like a different comedian stepped on stage. That is so interesting. Okay I will definitely be there. Yeah and that's all I watch and then we went and watched them old. We just wanted to watch something funny to watch him old. Chapell stand up. Which was it was crazy. Honestly like Becky just can't believe you said some of the stuff that he says. A which one did you watch? It was called the Byrd revelation or something. I don't know would you recommend it honestly? No I'm not even like pc police but it was really like some of it was like making me uncomfortable. He talked a lot about Louis C. K. And also spoke about how he no he knew a lot of the stuff that he was saying was crazy and wrong but he just wants to say it because we comedians have a responsibility to be reckless into be offensive. So like I got it. Just some of the stuff I as a woman. I couldn't get on board with it at the same time. He's also like such a like a champion a women it makes no fucking sounds like he was just talking about like and then he ended. It was just a little all over the place like I couldn't decide what side he was taking an anything which I think it was the point on someone who believes that like comedian should be able to joke about things like I was here for but like as a woman I was not here for a lot of the stuff of God. Okay now I'm now. I'm just curious to watch it but I probably won't know was if it doesn't come highly recommended like barely even watch the stuff. I'm excited about watching. Yeah no I don't know if I would like one hundred percent recommended like there were parts that were so funny but like I just felt like a little bit of a pit the whole time understood. Do you see the politicians in got gotTA release date? June nineteenth. I'm so excited me to. Hopefully we'll be out of the house by then I'll be too busy to watch it but at this rate no one really knows. Hopefully I'll be watching it like while ALFRESCO. Yeah the prospect of which makes me so excited I'm out. It's really crazy Watching like so many states are opening up or things like moving. And it's just we're living in a different world. You know you know like people are really making strides like the curve has been flattened. A few restaurants are choosing business. Owners are choosing to open if they feel safe because they're not now allowed to and I just like I don't know what planet I'm on because it's not that one no and like no one. Has that choice here. But it's the beginning of the week and so. I'm I'm starting off on foot. You know I put on today just to stay in my house and so we'll be patient. Yes did you watch anything? You WANT TO RECAP I'm not finished with money yet. So odd there's not that much that I want to say but I don't know it just like the trope of the show is just getting like exhausting at some point the hostages. I know that no one is going to kill them. Like you can just walk out the front door Like the like in the first spoiler like they don't kill hostages. They're not they're not murderers are not there to kill people and like. I know what we're supposed to be on the side of the professor and his squad But at the end of the day like their criminals in their thieves and so every time something goes against them like. I'm like excited that. The police are winning so like it's really like the Super Bowl. Whichever team wins is the team that I wanted to win because I really don't give a shit but you know who's who's time is it summertime. No it's not their time. Oh who's time? Yeah you sewer time. Great no no it was the chiefs time and the other one was the. What city did we offend San Francisco San Francisco? I think we did offend San Francisco. That sounds that sounds about right. I don't even listen to. It wasn't their time. That's thing but the super what's so crazy is the super bowl was just like a month before the Q. Yeah no it was like two months ago no but like it feels like years ago when I started. The toast was freezing. It literally put a blanket on my legs and I've never been hotter. That's great worked up a sweat. Yes I did before we bring up anything we want to promote episodes of our Patriot Channel Podcast episodes to your toasters. And then Taylor Shifting Episode. There are new episodes of tnn shows coming out all week on. There was a new episode of the date. 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