The Masked Singer | Season 3 Episode 6 RHAPup


Hello and welcome back to. The mass singer happens podcast. We are here to talk about Groupie. The finale we now know who the three from this group going into super nine are and next week we will be talking all group C in. That should be an exciting time but for today we're going to talk about the ridiculous stuff that went down with the final four the championships of the Groupie. I'm your host polio. The grilled cheese in Vakili and as always not alone here always got a partner in crime ready to break down some nonsense ready to fan boy about some people and be ops with others. We have Liana the bag at Boris. Leon how are you doing today? Who Am I fan? Burling over T. Pain TV. Oh my God oh my God. I'm so excited I love. T t pain was amazing in this episode to. I'm starting to put together. What would be currently consists of Jamie Fox and t pain and two others to be determined. I Think Tea Banh was the best guest judge for me. Oh my gosh. T pain was amazing. Also by the way before we get into everything which we absolutely have to the stuffed animal. That t pain was holding at the beginning. I also have that stuffed animal of t pain. There is a woman she is love and a sandwich is her handle named. She's on instagram. She makes all of these policies for I mean. Mostly just like other creatures monsters monsters but she has. She made the monster one. Which is a custom made monster that they had on the TV show the Massingir. It was so cool. I looked back at my little monster that sits in my bed because he has a Weirdo. Your TV buddy. It was so cool. I'm so mad that they didn't shout her out so love and a Sandwich. Go check on her work. It's really cool. She's awesome ships super-quick all around amazing. Oh my gosh t pay. Wow Yeah I noticed that too and I found it a little funny that they're trying to push this shop on us. But then they outsource their plus. She needs to the person on instagram. Who I've seen her work. It's incredible how much Details put into these things. But no to all of you. Massino folk setup the plus. She's in the shop. It is not that hard and it would go for a lot. Yeah exactly and even if okay so you could take the design from her and try to mass produce them or direct to her shop if you're gonNA have her creation on the show put it in your frigging shop. Just a link. That's all you have to do. Oh a link to her instagram linked to her anyway. She's amazing and deserves all the credit in the world. Yes he does. And if you could put it on your twitter at some point while saw that people can find it. Okay so groupie championships. We're going to go down from four to three championships. We were not so happy with the results but the show opens up with. We get a little bit of a fun relocate what the performers are doing leading up to the show there's people lined up at a Taco truck with Taco there. The FROG is leaving Bouquets of flowers behind Jenny Nicole's trailer doors the keys getting groomed and then being fed milken saucer by the secret service members which was odd but then the bananas having like a soul high trip in his trailer just raging on on his own which is very odd brand for the banana but those are the people that we are going to be dealing with. How did this opening sequence hype? You up okay. A few things first of all did pause the banana partying and his trailer to look for Drug Paraphernalia. Yes I did. I did not see any however I did see some bananas on the sink. I don't know what that me and also the frog was clearly. Bribing the judges with flowers. So I don't know I think somebody needs to look into that because there could be some shady business going on using the frog is buying votes from the panel. Yeah I think so with flowers. It was clearly dropping flowers off for Jenny and Nicole. Sure that was the one. Yeah yes so without any further ado nick. Cannon comes out in his all white ensemble with this dazzled. Cape and his obnoxiously bedazzled shoes which he said had the drip later. I sincerely disagree but you know to each their own. Okay maybe you can explain. I don't remember Phil Tease rap appearance super well but I thought to have the drip means you have covered in diamonds right. No you're styling your styling. He's Thailand. I disagree I don't think it style. Oh you don't they get style and you know those are worth two million dollars doesn't matter you can throw you dress up a half. The things I wanNA say are like expletives you can okay. What's the CEO? You can put lipstick on a pig and it's still a pig so but it would mean that would be the next character for the massing. The lipstick pig the lipstick pig. Oh my God you know what Super Cute teacup pigs. And there's have you ever seen a teacup pig adorable? They are but if you make an enlarged version of it like you know what's it called the villains in the power rangers expanding into big humans like I don't think the teacup pig will look as nice as a teacup pig. Looks the size matters in that context. Well size doesn't matter does. Do you think that the teacup pig is cute because it is just small in size or do you think that it's the ratio of its features? That make it cute because you know how babies and kids have really big eyes and really big heads because the way that our bodies grow we grow disproportionately so different parts of our body growth bigger than others as we grow up. Anyway and part of that is then. That's why that's why like kittens are cute. Because they've really big eyes and like all little things are supposed to be cute because you need biological. You need to be able to take care of them. Evolution Z like. Oh I need to take care of this. Little thing yells at me all the time and just eats poops and does nothing else that needs to be a reason why you love it because it has big is. Oh maybe that's my monster so cute. It's got one big. I was this question initially and then it became like your stand up comedy routine. You asked me something in the middle there all my gosh speaking of stand up comedy routines so you know the Song American Pie by Don McLean. No you don't Oh my gosh. It's goes by Miss American Pie drove the Chevy to the levy but the levy was dry up wolf. I don't need to like Ward Keys. It or what's the rhythm I need to catch? The this is bad. Can you cut this short? Okay Okay Bye. Miss America gives okay so that song. Okay so everybody talks about how long that song is. Like ha ha. That's always really long. Never do it as Karaoke. It should be banned from all karaoke bars. I was listening to Oldies Today. Based actually off of the songs that we're going to talk about later and that's on came up so I was listening to all these station. It was like Elvis the Beatles. Okay fine we're doing well then not song pops up. It is so fricking long but it is no joke. I don't know but it's really really long. I left the room to go. Do other stuff came back and it's still going on. It should be ban. Don McLean right. Asong now long. They should have fired okay. So if you do like the song why it's fun for the first like two minutes or maybe that's your personal like you like songs that are shorter but then there are long songs and like if you like a song. Why does the length matter? Well length doesn't matter. We hold on. Why do you keep saying? I don't know what you're talking about. It's really long eight minutes and thirty. Two seconds yeah well that does sound exhausting so we don't have it in Karaoke. You don't ban the song it should be. Why the Weird Al version can stay on. This is completely. We're not we haven't even talked about anything I feel like. That's I need to get to the bottom of this. You're you have problems with lengthy songs I just not song in particular is very long. Okay well to answer the question you said before you offset into this big big speech about songs and stand up which. I don't know how you segue stand up into this. But the teacup pig is cute because of its size being small and because of the proportions of the ratios of the body parts of the therefore having both of those be bigger I think would take away from the appeal of a teacup pig as a performer. And then yes nick. Cannon doesn't just cause issues are expensive doesn't mean that's silent okay. Sounds good but you just you agree. I'm trying to tweet still I got sidetracked by complaining about Don McLean. How okay okay. Well I will keep going then so okay. The Monster is revealed. Obviously okay so we need to stop yelling. Take it off when there's no mask I mean last time I was okay is hiding behind the mask. He was hiding behind a plush and we saw that it was going to be him before we saw him without the plush so again they need to figure that out. That's a flaw in their editing. And The plus she we've talked about at length is a third party. That is great and we will be. Leon literally spent fifteen minutes trying to tweet this out so I know people are going to see it. That's great and then they all the performers get together because the theme of this episode is friendship and B F F ing and all four performers onstage and do rendition of larger than life by the backstreet boys. How did you feel about this keeping in mind that I know exactly how you felt about the last one? How did you feel about this performance? I really liked this group performance. I thought that it was fun to see group performance again and I love the song larger than life by the backstreet boys and everybody actually got to so. I think that that was that was a plus. Oh and we got all the clues clues the tacos clue the only one that I think made sense especially given the fact that it's Tom Bergeron. I've enjoyed a lot of salsas dancing with the stars. Not exactly sure what's more inspiring than doing laundry and what that has to do. Maybe one everything else is more inspiring than doing laundry. It's weird that it was what's more inspiring than doing laundry. Not just like what's better than doing laundry. What's more inspiring than doing laundry? Yes I don't know but there's there's something to it I don't know what it is. Could it be like laundry list of things? And then we go into bucket list. Could this be someone who is known for being an adventure and does things that aren't people's bucket lists or you know something of that sort? What does that have to do laundry? 'cause laundries in buckets no because it's a laundry list of things a laundry list inspiring in doing your laundry list of bucket list things. Yeah I mean it's a stretch but to be fair. The massacre is pulled worse. So you're going to be right. Yeah and the KITTIES clues. I'm here to seal the deal. I think this is should be unseal. Now how does that connect? I'm not sure but I. We gotta start thinking of seals like circle who to seal know. Who's he'll brush. Who's done a collaborative seal? I think seal has a big part in this one using actual like actual seal. It's gotta be because there's no like other seal that we know of here. There's a okay. So the presidential seal. There's a seal of approval Seal the animal. But maybe like what? If it's like let's make a deal go to actually doesn't have anything to do with seal about making a deal. I don't I don't I focused on seal. I thought it was odd to seal. I think it's let's make a deal and this is also Wayne Brady know as much as I love. Kitty and I'm rooting for Kitty. Kitty is not Wayne Brady. None of the clues add up to Wayne Brady and these clues actually through confused me more and I feel like this is the first time ever for me where a person could be eighteen different people. So we'll get there when we get there but katy's odd one then. Frogs have opened the door for bigger artists. Which for me makes sense given that. I believe it's bow out so I was a young. He was here and there. Around the big artists work during his infancy and then he became bigger and he still played that role. So that makes sense for the frog. Yes okay so as we said we're GONNA be talking about this week. It's all about the best friends and ACLU packages are going to be explained to us from the singer's closest friends and with no further ado we jumped into the kitties clue package. They on so many questions for you but I almost want to save it and just let you start talking about this. And then we'll just hit them as we go along. So what okay? First of all I just hit S- tweets on my tweet so now that's done so now I can focus on her friend. Who was yes. Go on okay. Who was her? Bff WHO WAS? I loved the COF- cousin it comparison. I thought he kind of very good spin on. This could be based on the way. He saw the clues. Actually watching t pay and put the clues together was so fun. It was like watching. Somebody have that uplift any that? Aha moment in real time as he was putting everything together. I can't say whether or not he's correct. I also there were a lot of other parts to this the Faberge Egg. I don't know what that had to do anything. Weird focus on the Christmas lights. No idea what to make of this. They seem so random. I don't know if they're red herrings or if they are actually clues there's a lot of different ways you can take. Her Aclu than go with them was a forest. There was also a focus on candles. Which made me feel like beauty and the beast was involved. Somehow is a couldn't link anything else so the candles in my head and then the ghost thing that team put together was a thing that was mentioned the Faberge Egg. There's honesty. There's so many different ways this could go so. I am not sure at all where this is going to go. But yes so this. Green rapunzel looking person is the friend and they talk about how the Kitty didn't have a ton of friends and was bullied for being weird and then at the end the Kinda talk about how one day in class. She said she can see ghosts and freaked. Everyone on got tension so I wanna I really don't I have no idea who the kitty could be? I still think that you know if we go through the okay. So here's the movies that we can go through to figure out it could be someone in one of these movies or shows handmaid's Tale Little Red Riding Hood a forest so like hey potter could be one. Maybe beauty and the beast could be one maybe into the woods like. There's so many like foresty. Would movies Georgia the jungle? I don't know look through all these movies and come up with your list of eighteen. Could be one of do you think? The directing horror movies was just Oh. She made horror movies when she was a Kid. Or do you think that she actually now is a director as an adult see. I don't know because they stay specified as kids so I don't know if that means when they were children or at the start of career like they kind of both got into the acting scene by doing that and then ended up in bigger things. I'm not sure I'm not sure either. And I I don't know if the Christina Ricci us is right but it definitely fits with all the clues props to t pain for that. Yeah it does. I would have never even seen that or thought of that. So spot on. So then we get into the performance and it's a rendition of Mama's broken heart by Miranda Lambert. How did you feel about this? I love this song so much so I heard it from the first couple notes and I will say that it was a good performance. I don't think it was the best. The kitties done so far. And I think because I really really know that song and I know how Miranda Lambert performs that song and I'm super partial to her because Miranda Lambert has such fine control over the way that she shakes her words when she sings she is not known for being this big ballad strongest voice but she is such unique sound. She's so good she's such a good writer. I Love Miranda Lambert anyway so it was a little disappointing. But it's the backup dancers that look like the skunks. I guess and then you had the BANDANNA wearing others. That was very bizarre. Also the cat's mouth is always open. Has It always been that way? Yeah Okay for some reason. In this song it looked weird. So how did you see skunks? When they're clearly cats wearing top hats. I saw skunks okay. I'm just telling you what I see. Okay look I don't make the news. I just report okay. And that's what I saw. Well I thought that the Kitty has good style. I DID ENJOY THE OLD TIMEY. Saloon background motif thing. Going on the cats did top hats and the backup dancers were indeed sexy again so that was very odd to digest and the two cowboy vigilante dancers were like wearing pink cowboy hats bandannas boots and then. But how did they cow print chaps? Which I wasn't particularly fond of but not a fan of chats or not a fan of print print mostly. It just didn't with everything else being pink. So Yeah No. That was a qualm but otherwise it was. It was fine. It was a good opener to the show. The audience seemed to like it and again the Kitty has good presence. Good performance and this was I agree. Not My favorite of the three performance. We've seen but this was one that made me feel that the Katie's spot in the final super ninth safe. What did you think about? I think it was Nicole who said. Oh we'll definitely see you in the final nine. Yeah I am. There's another part that I'm going to talk about the the way we're getting to these votes of like leading the audience into feeling a certain way or deciding a certain way. I don't quite enjoy that. I think the judges have seen all of the performances so maybe if a performer has a weaker week than that can. Maybe help boost the performer. A little bit but yeah I had the exact same like shut up. Make their own decision. But actually I got a very detailed description from someone who is in the audience of this particular filming and said that it was very hard to hear. The best vocal performance may not always be rewarded since nobody really sounds that great from the audience also. It may have been two hours from when you heard the first performance devoting so the razzle dazzle aspect is. What really sticks out in people's heads so now is particularly interesting and so I wonder how the judging would also influence and Yeah so that was very interesting. Marry members some a wise person once there on this podcast that they're here for the razzle dazzle got laughed at so she's very good to know that that's what matters more that's what matters to the audience in a room. Yeah they're the ones voting the winners determined by the razzle-dazzle. Yeah well apparently. That's the way that it happens to be in this particular circumstance. That doesn't mean it's fair. Well Amass Dancer. Aren't they doing the masks dancer? I don't WanNa talk about that show. Okay but I mean again. We can't rehash this but it's an all the massing I get it I get it. Look I agree. And we've tied with arousal basil so no need to relitigate. Yes so I went. Okay so then this. What's it called so this episode? They had friendship bracelets to give to the panel which is similar to I wanted to. It was Valentine's Day cards that they had before that we've seen happen so this happened. And the Kitty gave a friendship bracelet to Robin Thicke and it said fireworks on it outside of Katy Perry because we both Katy Perry. That'd be insane. This clue help you any nope because the first time we met it was lit apparently when Robin and the Kitty met. I have no idea what that means. There's so many different interpretations it could mean. Something was on fire. Perhaps they were in a building that was on fire together. They could have been at a party drinking and it was let you really have no idea to open to can read whatever you want into it. I mean to. Let's think about what todd the Tacos was which was kiss and it ended up being that he she did a perfect ten score dance on the show to a kiss song so following that logic fireworks was it at a new. Was it like at a like New Year's rocking eve types show where it was right on New Year's eve and before the fireworks happened. Oh that's not bad. Yeah so like could that be thing so that may be like? We look into appearances there and see if that's something we find or is it a situation where there were out of. Katy Perry concert together or I don't know we'll see I don't see why we're discounting my burning building theory. That's dark we'll give it. They both live clearly. The only two survivors morbid. You thought of that. Did I say that anybody died? I just building was on fire which I get now. I hear myself say this but still I didn't say anybody died. You didn't but my connotations that come with burning buildings and they're not positive ones so no one says that though my God gang. This building is lit no seriously. It's on fire. Let's leave like that doesn't have dude. We had a fire in our building was like two days ago. Yeah it was literally. The building was lit literally. Yeah Okay but speaking of being a morbid and sad. The large out of tens head. Can we talk about that? Yeah sure okay. It was garf- was terrifying. Why was it so big? Why did it need to be so big? And why did it only come out? Once I felt like then you have to have ones of other ones. Why did this exist so many questions? I think it's appropriate. That only his head was made. I think you know as much as we bag on him. He is the only one of the judges that has enough stupid. One liners that you could mock him with and be would be funny to do and see would probably have the best reaction to make being made fun of so. I think that was good. We did see it a couple times And I thought Jenny did a good job with it. I think Robin could have done well with it to Jenny. Seems like the only person who was controlling the Ken had can head. Yeah that's a phrase. I really wish I'd never heard could be worse. So as far as the judges guesses when we had a guest by Jenny McCarthy and we found out that the kitty is flattered at the that she's been getting which makes me think the kiddy might not be like a top tier Celeb- like I could see this being on the Rumer Willis level of celebrity. Yeah I could see that too. I also like to really listen to those little confessionals because I think that they're filmed or at least what I would guess is sort of right after they perform and so. I think that you are truly getting what the performer is thinking. And so you can kind of read into what they're my their head spaces and how they're feeling and how they're thinking and to your point it's probably somebody who's not a superstar because otherwise why would you say something like that. We're not a professional singer. At least yeah at the very least a Haley Christina Ricci guess like them I would say this is a lower to your celeb- whoever it is they've got a good shot of winning this thing so you get someone who's younger too because I think that if you look up to people like Haley Duff than that is such a huge compliment to be compared to her. That's true I do think however the kid is skewing younger like Glue Twenty four and under is my guess. I think anybody in their twenty S. I could see okay. Well find out in about a month when we dive into the super nine. Jesus yeah but for now we can roll this up and move onto the next Tortilla and as the TACO and the tacos friend. That's going to spill the beans a famous friend. We find out later that this was bob sagging. Now why would clams be Bob side? I thought it was an entire seafood. Platter that's what it looked like. It was a three tiered seafood with dry ice on it so it looked like it was smoking and then you had him drinking fake whiskey from a glass that didn't have liquid in it like it was clearly a mold and just plastic because when he tried to tilt it at the end. The liquid did not move. Yeah yeah this is a very weird segment I mean. I know. I was an advocate for the plant person who was on the WHO was the friend of the kangaroo. I believe that this was just weird like this. Oh this is weird. The plant was fine with his hair. Cly living thing. Well the the seafood. That's in the platter was living nominee any more. Well Yeah but oh it has to be currently living so you were gay so we have to Yup Yup Yup Yup. We're going to rank the four friends. Okay from least weird too weird. Okay so you can remember the forefront. Oh you mean from this episode. Yeah from this items. Are you kidding me. Something that happened weeks ago. I can barely remember what I complained about at the beginning of the episode. Don McLean. Yeah okay so we have green rapunzel. We have seafood platter. We have. Who is the banana friends? Oh you remember these things just banana not have a friend nor the banana. Lovely Lady Bananas. Yes the two kid bananas and then the woman the invisible woman from the frog. Yes okay what are your ranking. So I'm going to go from worst to best because I think there's a clear. Worst and worst is the clam per cent and then seafood platter. It's not a clam person okay. The seafood player the soup. Is Your Platter Seafood? That's the worst then. I think it's the two banana people and then I think it's Green Rapunzel. Actually thought invisible woman was pretty fun. I thought invisible also pretty normal. She's my least weird for sure. I would have to go invisible woman banana. Kids I can't believe is a phrase just said the IT Green Rapunzel lady and then yes. I agree with you. The talk that seafood platter was the worst. It was not the worst. It was the weirdest who makes that active choice. That was a creative decision that was made and nothing was made. Why couldn't it be like 'cause I mean Lincoln to the Taco? Why is a seafood platter next to the their shrimp like I feel like there's so many other things I go to a Taco before I would seafood? What does yeah? Okay but what does it plan have to do with Kangaroos? I guess you can't eat plants the herbivores. Yeah Okay but what does shop sagging have to do with seafood platters Let's see there were shrimp. There were clams there was whistling. He his name is Bob Belly of not. I can't tell you all I know is it was. It was not choice. Yeah it was definitely an odd choice. That was that was the weirdest the weirdest the ones who've seen so far and I don't even remember the ones from the previous week's there were some weird ones. They're okay but I also don't remember them enough to be able to cite them outside of the plant person. Okay well here. How about this? The true test will be if in three weeks when we're getting to meet the next group of whatever's friends if we can still remember the weird seafood platter then we know that it was definitely the weirdest one sister turtles like a shelf of books you know it was off books dude. Jordan level bookshelf and like there were like. It was a teacher's table and there was an award and like a Scorpion thing on it. I remember that one day you know what okay all right I look at the White Tiger was the weird stripper dartboard guy. That was pretty weird. Yeah okay in comparison. This week's episodes were not nearly as weird as threes. Were better but Dr Board. No because didn't they go to the bar and then they did the stripper dance. Yeah but the guy was dartboard. Yes the bartender. Bartending dartboard. Yeah and they did their magic micro Tean Tobar question for you. Where do you know where the Dartboard went to school dartmouth? Yeah okay. Oh Ms Monster was the hairstylist. Just normal the turtles was Miss S. It was books wasn't my talent is books bugs all right okay all right all right so yeah so. Let's see just real quick to talk about the I. My whole notes has clamp plotters. So I'M GONNA change it to seafood in my head and move on all washboard. And then they talked about how the talk was all about the laugh and we both people when they get knocked down. Which honestly that's a big trope in America's funniest home videos was mostly people falling. So that makes sense are. They called their children little shrimps which I thought was I understand the saying but then you're like a seafood platter so it was odd. They talked about entertaining America again. We go back. This was America's funniest home videos clue all over now on talk about the performance because so the scene opens and have a bone to pick with you on this on why. Why is the focal point of the Tacos? Dancing background tomatoes. Why is it tomatoes? Why is it not tomatoes because tomato is not the focal point of the TACO TACO is a focal point of the TACO? And I feel like this false narrative put into this show by making us try and believe that the tomatoes belong there as a staple of the Taco because of the tomato head and it is not true and I will not stand for this normal. I sit for this. Do you not put tomatoes in your tacos. I it's not like it's like saying Oh boilers technically salt. On like your meats. That doesn't that's still not like you. Don't count back. Tomatoes like a small tomato is like if a movie had eight leading actors and actresses and then Jamie Kennedy plays like the Valet for three minutes. It's there but it is it important. Okay now we're going to go through and we're GONNA rank all of the things that go in tacos and what celebrity they would be compared to. So you're saying the lead is the shell or the meat vegetarian the beans. I think the show the shelves like without the Shell. You got nothing to know. Vehicle for the innards. Yeah but you would you have against salsa assaults on down. This was tomato Salsa Avocado Guacamole as Avocado. What I'm saying is that if it was a salsa background but like totally makes sense but like tomatoes not even a main player tomatoes in the arena watching everyone else play as a bystander. Do you not like tomatoes would ever do to you nothing. I just think it's a little insane that the tomato plays such a big role the Taco when I know in my heart of hearts that it really doesn't who yeah I love you and I'm here for you and if you ever want to open up about your traumatic tomato experience you're more than willing to share to me. There's Notre I'm so so I feel sorry for you. Don't pity me. I love tomatoes Blasio. I'm not going to back down. I think it's ridiculous so we can move on because now. I'm just getting ridiculed shit we have to. The dancer is the show wrestling inflatable shafts. Yeah the fat suit chef dancers who like were inflated but then a points there were deflated and then replayed it. Where can I find this costume? I WanNa go is this for. Halloween really inflamed chef. Why because it's so weird. This is so weird. Why did they have to be inflated? I know that you're taking umbrage with the tomatoes in the background. But my God I think you really have to take umbrage with Y. The chefs had to be inflated. Why is in one of the things they say? Or I don't know who says but I feel like I've read or heard or seen somewhere like if a chef heavyset. Then you know. They're making the food with love. So maybe they wanted us to love the TACO and was subliminal messaging the phrases. Never trust a thin shafir skinny chef or something like that seems like an awful saying. I'm not saying I mean you said don't wait. What was it? You can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig. Yeah that's I believe. That's the saying you can put on tomato but it's still a tomato. Yes but also. The tomato shouldn't be in the picture to be put lipstick on. The tomato is three doors down not the band and away from the makeup chair. Where the lipstick is can't believe. They're so anti tomato. See The you always do this you you take you make like. Oh you put clothes on bananas Oh you. That's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is that you know so I think of a Taco right got Shell. You got the salsa you got GUAC LETTUCE SOUR CREAM. You got the meat or plant based on filling tomato. Isn't there it's in the salsa as a part of the salsa ingredients but it's not a main player so like if the tacos background had fourteen. I'm in GUAC ON IN SALSA. I'm in it was tomatoes whole tomatoes. And it's a propaganda because they're trying to convince us. Hey US putting the head on the TACO. That's a normal thing and I'm like no. No no no no no. That's not a normal thing. It works because it you gave the TACO ahead you had to put something round on top of the Taco to give it ahead so I'll give you that but don't try and make me believe that tomatoes are on a Taco. Because I feel like that's not case. Would you say tomato your tonight? I love tomatoes. Well I guess I just feel here without you. Three doors down. Yeah I was wondering how many I could go for. I only know like what like a handful of songs so I was going to run out real. I didn't catch the KRYPTONITE thing until the three one. Well when I'm gone. Yeah okay well. The three doors down is not the numerical band that the Taco saying about the TACO. Did a song by the four tops called. Can't help myself. I love this song. yeah yeah. Is this song too long for your liking. No this is perfect. This is one of the old signs. I absolutely love actually between the four tops and then the bill weather sun the banana dead. I was very happy with the songs that were chosen in this episode. I think I really like oldies is what I'm reminded of. I heard all three of those songs for the first time tonight on the Massingir. What was the other one that was new for you? The first one we listened to. Are you serious? Yeah the Wrong Lambert Song. Yeah Oh man. Wow we have very different music days over. Sure I mean when I can spot low wayne with nothing else and you can see by Dionne Warwick nothing. I feel like that gives you all. You need to know about our contrast and tastes true that although I don't like cheap low Wayne I just happened to listen to Sean. That's not important. What's important is the most outrageous thing about the backup. Dancers wasn't the fat suits wasn't the chef genus. What was outrages? Was that the dancers to this. Oldie or flocking and naming. Watch them Nayna. No no I never slash me and watch me nate. That's the thing I know that so that but you can't just do dances to songs that don't match sure. Yeah Yeah. I have apparently on learning that. I'm very passionate about the tacos stance and performance and the dancers tacos your ups no the topic. I love. I love Tom Birger. On I had an inkling was him from the beginning. Very happy with the performance is actually. Don't think the tacos should've gone tonight will get there but so just some up on the TACO. Actually dancers were fine. You could tell that mid performance the audience are really into it and that was promising to see but ultimately it was. It was okay. It was it was not as good as the kitties even though it might have presented more razzle-dazzle than the kiddies. I thought it was weaker so I was actually. I thought I was going to be more mad than I was. In retrospect does that make any sense. I thought it was gonNA come on here and be. Oh my God. I can't believe the banana made it but I'm actually happy with. The decision was made. I thought I was actually fine. The TACO GOING. I so in my notes I wrote down. Okay I think tacos going but I have a reason why I don't like that. The TACO went over the banana. And we'll get there when we talk about the bananas conversations and songs and stuff but there's a specific reason why I was annoyed. Okay yes so the bracelet for the banana. The TACO came from or went to Nicole and bracelets at kiss and When they saw Nicole in person Nicole was perfect which goes back to the dance being perfect one don to Assam by kiss which very weird way to get there. I thought of is fine actually and I liked the phrasing and I think that that's something I appreciate about. The clues is that they're very specific with the phrasing sometime so for example to say I saw you in person. You were perfect imply something different than when we met for the first time right so to see somebody in person is very different than when. I met you for the first time so I thought that that was actually really cool with the way that they did the wording so I was all right with it. Jenny. Kissing Howie Mandel however I was not okay with which by the way. Howie Mandel known Germaphobe Jenny the Anti vaccine what is even going on in the world. I mean it could have been a situation where he did not know they could have been case of entrapment or he didn't know she was an anti boxer. Till after the fact maybe I don't know the man notorious for fist bumping people on dealer not L. is now I am an expert watched. Several dealer no deals very odd very odd. I'm very intrigued. What story is behind that? I don't WanNa know. I do because curiosity. Nah Okay thank you. I like to the tacos. Final words trust first impressions and be a little nicer to each to each other. So I've decided from here on out. I'm GONNA unauthorised the banana but we'll see how long that lasts. Okay you got some fighting words for the banana for a long time. So I know but the banana won me over this week and thank you Taco for her. Reminding me who I want to be as a person which is to be a little nicer to each other except for Don McLean. Who wrote the longest song in the history of Jesus? Christ you can't pick and choose when you WANNA use these wise words how dare you. I'm like Gandhi. Yes very much so in the same league. Yeah I mean essentially. Yeah pretty much the same person me the Dalai Lama Gandhi. I'll just like hanging out. One of these. Things is unlike. How dare you? I meant the Dalai Lama clearly. Of course yes. Of course I will say that. That was very nice. And that that whole moment and then bright beforehand we cut to commercial. They're talking about how. Oh Jerry Springer do that ended his final words at the show and I thought hey. This is all really good logic. But I'm sad to report that I know is in Jerry Springer but that logic was great but the Tom Ridge includes too strong. But that made me think. Do you think Jerry Springer would ever do the show? I don't know I have no idea. Is that show still on the Jerry Springer show. Yeah I don't think so I mean Jerry. Springer is pretty old. Now right I mean how. Okay this is now you take the Mike while I do a little bit of googling okay I will talk about. Let me think of other foods that go in our. Yeah other foods that go in tacos. Okay you have cheese. Unless you're like me to list all the foods go and I think we've we've harped on the TACO enough for one sitting on it. Looks like the show goes on and off like it went on till twenty eighteen so it went on for twenty seven seasons. That is a very long time. Yeah and then after the cancellation of the show. It was announced that springer would host a new courtroom show titled Judge Jerry which premiered on September ninth twenty nineteen o like judge. Judy Judge Judys done done while. Rupa's give real upset through Paul's favourite show. Call sorry films. In front of a live studio audience in Stamford Connecticut. That's not very far from me. You WanNa go all right. We're going to judge Jerry. Judging Jiri jury still at the beginning. Well we're GONNA find out because like ordering the court I mean it's fake court but it's still court yeah. I don't think all the rules still apply. Oh okay so the first second paragraph on the wikipedia signature Jerry Jerry. China's been carried over to judge. Jerry may only at the beginning of the show never during the actual procedure. Okay before we talk about the banana quickly mentioned that if you have any planning going on right now for any kind of traveling head over to rob as a website dot com slash travel. This link will have any potential offers that are on the table to help. Plan your next trip or your next vacation or your next work trip or anything in between really. So that's Robinson website dot com slash travel and now we'll take a message for sponsor and we're back like a bag on your back. It only takes forty five minutes to get to the tape. It where they judge Jerry. Just F Y so ray yes definitely sounds like a great day trip like a total great use of my very limited time. So what have you been doing in the state you know? You don't want to Jerry taping. It was very nice like everybody does the sites the judge Jerry Age Airy Eg Egg egg speaking of egg a performer. That doesn't quite mesh well with an egg. Because I don't think you can make a recipe with eggs and bananas that I can think of off the top of my head banana bread so speaking of egg. Let's add some Kanana to it and make it a banana bread. It's the banana it's up. Any Anna deavere banana bread have accident. I just assumed D I believe Yup Yup Yup Yup Yup Yup to eggs beaten boom nailed it man plus for breakfast. You can have an egg and then you can have a banana. I don't know that counts. Fruit fruit fruit and eggs. Plus everyone is a banana fan. That's not that's what the banana said at the top of the package. I'm not lying. Is The Bananas Conversation Cannon? Well that's what the banana said. And you believe you're known ops. Ted I take it back BANANAS NO LONGER MY UPS. I really liked the song and I liked the performance. Even though we got to see the MAC tonight dancers back. Okay so the banana has two lovely young bananas there to talk about him in the clue package and they talk about how he's such a great role model and he one of the first instances. They took him go karting or some and he's been through a lot of heartburn. I noticed that there was a spider on the table. There was some like weird stand on the table and then there was a there was a jar of jam on the table. Did these link you anywhere. Give you anything. Did Jam really stood out to me because it was clearly lit separately than the rest of the weird banana family children. I have no idea what it means though. Maybe jam is the name of like Jeremy Jam. You got jammed a person not the food. Necessarily it may refer to being in a jam or being friends with someone named Jan which is very similar to jam. Or it's an acronym that stands for Jason Under Michael That's better how about jamming on my planner. Watch the whole in the PEGO. Oh no just just the jam in part also that's a Hartson recreation referenced. But it's win silly out her dating profile and the Jeremy. I'm thinking me thinking she's like what are what are your hobbies. Jama planner which I love because that would also be one of my hobbies jam plan just got. No you've just got note. Built a race track in the backyard. Did built the whole thing himself. And yes. It's been through a lot of heartburn which I assume it's supposed to be a pun and actually refers to heartbreak. I don't think so okay. Somebody who literally has a lot of heart birth someone who is probably like bigger had these before and is now lower set. Smaller anything goes. I can't I can't tell if you're making a joke or you're being serious weight loss journey. Yeah really yeah you think. Do you think it's one of the the comedian guys and they lost a lot of weight. I don't know any of them like their past even know their future that their present really but because I think about like someone like drew Carey who was definitely overweight in the early goings of his career. And now as I lean so I think it's someone in that mall but I can't quite figure out who Okay I disagree with you. I feel like it is somebody who's been through a lot of heart. A maybe also heartburn with eight or break at that point. It just felt weird to specific. I guess that makes more sense the Taco yeah I feel like does do bananas induce heartburn like that. I don't know I'm never. I've never had heartburn from bananas. I learnt the hard way that if you like more than two bananas in one sitting your stomach will hurt and I was young I had four and oh no this is awful why I have so many questions one. Why did you eat for bananas at one time? I was hungry and there was bananas and the Fruit Bowl and I was like you know. This banana was good. Also good on. This one was also good in by the fourth one. There was one left and I think in my in my child housing lemieux's finish it like finish the set you know. Let me get the set. So at four bananas and then I felt Tummy. Tummy burn for like a couple of hours. But no heartburn. Come on have you had bananas sense. Yeah gotTA say since. I've moved out on my own namely to Canada. I don't recall having bananas often because bananas at one of those things that I forget I have and then they go back and then I don't want them. Okay got it. Do you have been Anna's. Do I have bananas? I do not have bananas in my home. Right now. Is the court. I guess I eat bananas. Yeah but like we learned last week. They're high in CARBS. But have you felt heartburn through heartburn because if a banana okay see I think? The banana went through heartburn. So the banana was bigger before. Oh my gosh. Apparently this got cut from the episode but t pain made a bunch of Dick Jokes about the banana so mad I have never been more mad in my entire life except for whatever I complained about earlier. You believe I gotTa Miss. Out on the team pain. Banana Dick Jokes. Well he did talk about the banana being what the inside of a minion would look like so that was an odd thing he said. Yeah that was weirdly apt. I got it. I understood what he was saying like. Yeah no that makes sense. It does like like the inside of a minion appealed. One back yeah Just because they're both like yellow phones. There's nothing else a links them while they're yellow and they're kind of like cylinder ish. Yeah Ish being operative or they're sad we don't get the Phallic banana jokes from t pain but I'm sure if you listen to his last album one up. There's plenty of Phallic jokes in there to see a valid jokes. Yes I'm sure. Yeah Okay Cool. I love you this performance. Go for okay first of all. Yes we get the backup dancers. Which were the Mac? Tonight's out tonight now. They were in choir. Robes there were five dancers on stage and then on the back screen there were like twenty extra dancers animated swaying back and forth which was very weird but all of that aside I wrote. Oh this is actually good. So maybe it was low expectations that I went into the bananas performance with but I really enjoyed his interpretation of bill withers lean on me. I thought it was very well done. And when I watched the performance in real time I thought okay I think the tacos. Outta here because I hadn't seen we haven't seen the frog yet and I felt the frogs safe so to me. This whole thing was a showdown between tacon banana. Banana took it here. The audience loved it. You could tell. The buildup was good to win. All the dancing goes down so that was good and the voice was really decent so no bad things to say about this former except for the backup dancer. Mac tonight folk. Yeah I also have another think complain about is that the cheer for the banana still sounds like Nanna. Which sounds like. You're cheering for your grandmother. And it really bothers me for some reason. Why your grandmother going no no no? I'm not saying don't cheer for your grandma. Of course cheer for your grandmother but cheering for nate manners. Like Banana. Nana's Nanna. That's that is because especially also because of the bananas a Partier. We know apparently and memory isn't what it used to be and how maybe it is grandma. Go Go Nanna. Oh Okay. So the hand motions for the contestants. The person who went to the tapings shared with me very detailed what the hand motions are. Would you like to hear them? Sure okay. Banana. Put the left hand out. Ninety degrees palm facing towards you thumb tucked. Then use the right hand to peel the banana. No like you peel it like banana and then you you you peel it way. So left arm out ninety degrees. Yeah and then with the palm facing and then you tuck the thumb your four digits in front of you. You're like make. It looks like a banana. Then you use your right hand to peel the banana peel. You're not left with the Middle Finger. Look I understand. What are clue you. Peel back the fingers. Yeah that's what I was doing this on TV. Oh that's so much better though. I was just faking peeling was pulling anything. Oh your hand isn't the banana. Oh you peel around it. I guess I see okay. And then the tacos is. We were told to make a t and then did. Oh yeah right so that when we knew and then for the kitty it was make pause and rub them across your forehead like a cat cleaning so those are the official instructions and then the frog was webbed. Hands that move up and down and really know how to do that but yeah okay well I gotta say Kitties is the worst one out of those for me or bananas. Bananas is pretty bad. But how could you even make good banana one? I don't even know what that would be. I like mine but it's not safe for TV exactly. Yeah so the so okay. So I teased this earlier about not liking. Specific thing about the banana getting through. I thought the performance was strong enough that it could take it. What I didn't like is the banana getting the extra opportunity to talk about losing their father. Because now you have a simple devoting Obviously I'm very sad to hear that like that. News is heavy enough that when ever you hear it you like. It's sad but to put that our competition like this to me just garner sympathy votes and this is a situation specifically where now that. We're talking about it. I do think the banana had the stronger performance on the night. So it's fine but I don't like it. That was in there. I'm not not at it because they all got an opportunity to talk. And if you remember the Raven one part of her big story was I was. Didn't she lose her partner? Something like that but that was in the clue packages not post performance on the night but it was still. It's still part of her story right so I think part of the story of the character you get an opportunity to build who you are what you want to convey to the judges and so I think that this was. This was a choice and I can't be mad at okay well. The Bananas Bracelet went to Jenny McCarthy and it said nineties on it nineties did it just say ninety s ninety s love right. They said love. I think it was just because they're our hearts next to it. I don't think I had anything to do with love because from ninety s love. I got the TV show. I love the ninety S. there was on. Vh One day so it could be somebody who did commentary on. I love the nineties. Jenny McCarthy did commentary on. I love the nineties. I genuinely care remember. There were so many people that on I love the ninety S. How many episodes they did they did. I love the nineties. I love the nineties perdue. I think they did only three. The eighty s the. It's the one. Have you ever seen it no have you? You haven't seen any of the I love the eighty s early. Seventy S or. I love the new Millennia. No Oh my gosh. That's where I learned everything about history. Screw my history class. I watch style of the eighties and the night of the nineties. It was essentially where you go through each year and then they would talk about. What are the major events that happened that year and actually in the I love the ninety s one they did Jerry Springer's final thoughts on? I love the ninety s and they would cover each year per episode so they would do. Oh I love the ninety s nine thousand nine hundred ninety and then they were talking about everything that happened in nineteen ninety so they covered things like pretty women and and twin peaks and ghost and MC Hammer versus vanilla ice and all of those types of things and then they had a bunch of talking heads. They would talk about it. It's what Morocco's on there and Michael Ian Black. How about we talked about this. What am I talked about this with me anyway? Yes so so I did look it up because I think I actually have a guest. Read The Bananas Okay. Okay and I've been trying to put this together and this is the clue that finally did it for me. I think it's Bret Michaels of poison guy. Yes why is first of all this stood out to me after? Been through a lot of heartburn in my life heart ache I have watched every single season of the rock of love show including the season the third season when they were on the tour bus. I did not watch the other bret. Michaels show that featured him later. But I did watch those three so I know that he's been through several women because that's how the show works. Plus he was in a relationship. He's got two kids. I have no idea if the go carts make any sense but he was also on. I love the ninety s part. Do why do you keep saying he's saying what Pardieu because that's how it's not too? It's it's good part because that's what they said the show. You know what it's an important. The most important part is that. I think it's my hair band theory. Which is what I got stuck on because I was trying to think of. Who IN HAIR? Bayan which poison totally fits would be part of this. Okay that's my thought I don't hate it. I think in a strong guests. I don't have anything else to contribute or like validate so I think right now but I will say this. I do have to think. Think about it a little bit more. But that's what I'm getting an the voice. I could hear it. I mean he was a big partyer. It totally fits. I'm was looking for more rock of love clues. I'M NOT GONNA lie. Because that's what I know the most about Bret Michaels I and then daisy of love. Who because daisy came in second place spoiler on the second season of Bret Michaels Rock of love? She then had her own spinoff. Show which I also watched that okay. I learnt a lot. I have seen all of those love shows on. Vh One VH1 golden era of reality TV like the mid 2000s was such a wonderful I am. I can't agree nor disagree because I didn't I didn't have each one is my gosh. I have so many. Tv shows for you to watch. I can't wait. Oh my God. We have to watch flavor of love. Do we have Labor of love? I Love New York Rock. Yes okay fine. We don't have to but anyway I think this is Bret Michaels to get back to the point of like is it like must see TV. I think there's a lot of people out there that would agree with me. Magsi include okay. So I'll fat endorsement. I'm in and if we get added then I'm more in okay. Everyone at who is on twitter. Please please you might get one if come on people. So Jenny was given the friendship bracelet. And the reason was we had a little chance to hang friends. We had a great time. And I love you. You were an awesome person when they were doing. I Love Ninety s together. There you go. I need love the guest. I mean Larry. The Cable Guy's not a good guess. Johnny Knoxville is someone who they're right on the Senate enough. He's going to be on one of these he could be in the next batch. We don't know yet. That's entirely possible. Yeah I could totally see that. And then Well the banana said. I gave Jenny Friendship Bracelet which completely threw off her guests. Which good I guess I think so then last Banal East we get to what I would like to call the performer of the night. And if the FROG FROG comes out to to ribbit too quick. I've known frog. Since he was a tadpole. There was a shampoo and comb in the package. The invisible person took him to his first late. Night talk show. Even those past bedtime was cool. There was a green bow tie and there was a blue lily pad. And those were the clues. Did you make anything out of them? No I don't what did you say to Ribbit to quit? Yeah like too legit to quit like MC hammer because in the beginning of the center set in one of the judges at tour of it to quit MC MC hammer to rib to quit. There's like a hand motion for too legit to quit. I learned that in middle school wasn't on. I Love Ninety S. No I love the news. I also did not get anything from this but I think if we go with bow Everything kind of makes sense especially pave the way for others. I think that that's totally good. Although although Marianne guesses I think are also very good so yeah Omar ends up very strongest because like last season it was like a wayne breed. You could be like Taye diggs and those were two very close guesses. That could have gone either way as well so I think it's the same kind of nature here. Sorry you were going to say something and I cut you off drinking water okay. All this complaining about stuff has made me thirsty or fan growing on TV shows. That are what fifteen years old now? Yeah apparently must see. Yeah I think the the bow tie. I just looked at a bow tie because bow. Wow that's close enough for me at this point incredibly stupid but I love it about. Oh what are you wearing tonight? Don't worry I got my tie on. So you didn't need to wear a bow tie for this next performance because the frog had bells on this was a great performance. You dropped a bomb on me by the gap band. There was all money motif. I think the frog is playing their character. The best which I very much enjoy this like mobster frog with all the money and then there's no fault in the background simple stuff but I enjoyed it and then I was over the background dancers when they were trying to like hand the bag of money to each other behind him but then when they passed the money back to the frog himself on the frog took over. I was good with that. But I'm done with the backup dancers doing weird things amongst themselves in the background like either with the Taco when the fat suit folk walked in a line with the TACO. I enjoyed that. Because they're part of the performance extra stuff in. The background has no link to the performer. Then it just like makes trying to pull my eyes away and I don't want that and then we saw the frog do a little two step. Do some like moonwalk asked movements. I think the FROG has the best stage presence on the season foreshore. This was my favorite performance of the night by far and I do think last week. I said I don't see him being in the Fox zone. They met the judges. Mentioned it on this episode that he is and after this performance. I'm ready to say that. This is the Fox of the season really. I I almost want to disagree with you even more because you feel so strongly about it. I thought it was fine. I didn't think I thought that he's very very clearly a talented dancer. But I thought it was fine the performance. I really agreed with you with the backup dancers. Just doing their own thing. Which is very distracting. It reminded me of cheese that was being thrown around by REX. Backup dancers a juror. Stanway Shanwei they hit him on the head with the bag of money and then I expected more when the thing was gonNA explode at the end when he pushed down the I thought it was gonNA launch like fireworks or some kind of some sequence. That didn't have what happened with the bag. What's of money you? What was the story that was trying to be told? I really didn't get it boss. That's what I took from it. Okay so he's a mob boss who his minions stole money wall wearing suits like leotards made of money. They stole money. Then they fought over it in the background for a bit before handing it to the mob boss the mob boss then proceeds to blow something up. Yes okay. Yeah Yeah I find I just for me last week. My big critique was. I don't think that the song even though I I enjoy when they take genre and bend it. I didn't think it was performed that well but I think this this performance in particular you have the dancing song was good. The Frog controls the audience on like anyone we've seen on the show before gets them involved. Gets them chanting prompt them? These are things that are important especially if we go back to the live audience feedback that we've gone that being there. You want that energy that attention paid to you and I think the audience is very important and I think it's one of the reasons why the White Tiger made it as far as they did but I think the frog is someone who maybe doesn't have a strong voice as the Fox did but he's got the dance got stage presence got the MOTIF and the character down. I think the frog is GonNa make far I do. I don't know if I'm quite ready to say that. It's going to be a winner contention yet. We'll have to see the next batch but I'm feeling relatively strongly. I think this is a situation where I totally see the logic behind it. I totally see why. If you're the studio audience y you would enjoy this type of of performance is just not my cup of tea but I get so is your cup of tea. I really liked the bananas performances week. It was my favorite or you. I don't even know anymore. Look in the mirror and all I see is banana rable I I know. It's an all along crazy. I like the most are are ones that I think are able to do. Both that have both a fun performance and also have a strong vocal presentation and to be honest. This season in comparison to the last two hasn't really brought it in the same way in the vocal department. No I think there's a couple of factors one is obviously. There's more of them and the way they've split them. I think they've clearly split like two very strong vocalists and each batch and then there's a lot more like you're noticing a lot more of the not as good vocalists on as a result but I am intrigued. Because I think I'm feeling I'm sensing that this season the entertainers are making it. Further than the vocalists you think more so even even more so outside of the talk like your Voices Amazing Turtle. You're great you're going kangaroo agree you're going. You know we think of so right now. I Guess Bananas Voices that Bad. Either it kind of goes back the white tiger being like the one out later right and I think everybody is an okay singer. There's that's left right. I don't think that anybody here except for that's Oh my gosh. They definitely don't deserve to be here. I'm fine with everybody being here. Who was so Ninja. The ice cream was not a good singer. I would argue Ninja was. I don't know I don't know I'd have to go back and rethink but I also think the eggs should not have been sent home because I was a better singer than that. Showdown against to lose. I pineapple maybe the season prior. Did I tell you how am I supposed to remember anything that having a couple of weeks ago let alone seasons ago? This is why Mike. Bloom always never ceases to amaze me. He somehow remembers everything. I'm like dude. I can barely remember what I ate earlier. Today Mike. The depot bloom for nothing goes full bloom good old. I can't even remember okay. All right I'M GONNA look it up. Okay all right you take the microphone. All right let me grab the MIC on one. Two one two so we finish off with the frog by having people really really really enjoy this the the frog mentions that they lost their love for music and they wanted to quit at one point he Got a bracelet for t pain. That said all we do is win which was not to a song. I was going to go check and see if he's featured on that track bow is but I didn't so that's my bad and then Omarosa obviously so actually this. I need your commentary on. Did you enjoy the fake out of them teasing candidate can? Maybe your daddy can and got you a bracelet. Did you enjoy this back and forth or was it no? It was fine. I'm just nervous for three weeks from now when we're going to get the conclusion to this gift story of will can ever get he thank. You don't think the La- the very very last one will be for can. No I think what will happen. Sir Here's my prediction. So they do this stuff and then cans waiting. Oh my God my God is my turn to get against is the last one. It's going to be for the guests. And the guests is GonNa see in but my God Blah Blah Blah Blah. And then. You're going to be like. Hey Daddy Nick Cannon which Yikes did you get him a gift? Daddy Kennewick no and the guests will be like. I guess. I'm the daddy now because I got you a gift. Can John and Ken Jones going to get a gift from the gas judge? So that's my prediction. Oh my God can be like the que- me a gift. Daddy three daddy no way. Also the egg lost to the skeleton. Oh Paul Shaffer okay fine. I was very okay with it when I thought it was shocking. But that's fine. Yeah so my notes at this point I wrote all right I think the TACO is done. So that's been rhyming by me. It should be the banana though. I would not be mad if it's the banana. And then we got a thing again. We gotta think at the beginning of the show and be careful with your votes. Dionne Warwick went last week. We got the same thing again at the show and here which other okay we come on. Are you warn unfair? Yeah like stop it you you have to talk to the audience there and we know that you can't because you be in the past. Yeah exactly essentially. You're putting the entire blame on the audience. Being like Ovitz eats their fault. It's their fault. They time traveling nick. Cannon was not able to get back in time to give them a warning on what people from the future were mad about when Dionne Warwick home like it seems really shady. I actually really don't like it at all just own up to like that's the way is if if you feel like everybody's mad about everything then clearly there's a problem with the way the performances of the judging or something is going on. Phnom saying mean definitely I mean so. Yeah not a fan that but you know knowing that this season is well underway. This isn't going to stop and it's GonNa keep going so then next time when we lose night angel to the Rhino and then everyone's mad they're going to be like listen. You guys voted to be careful. You voted out the angel. So Yeah Oh man. I'm excited. Fire last group. Yeah we'll talk about them right at the end here. But basically Barry manilow Nicole's gas Martin Short was Kenan Robbins against someone else. Who's been mentioned multiple times on the show? Kelsey grammer was T- pains and then Jerry Springer was Jenny's it was Tom Bergeron. We found out that Bob side was a friend in the package and I felt sad. I was very into Tom. Birger on throughout his tenure on the show even though I thought Tacos cost them was awful Fun but awful and you know I do not know Tom. Donahue pipes like that but I'm glad we figured him out. Yeah I was really impressed. And it seemed like he was having a lot of fun is something that I very much appreciate. He was just smiling ear to ear when they took the mask off. I thought that was really cool for me. That's the most important trait is if you can tell they're happy to be there than I'm happy for them exactly and then so I went ahead and look at the unmasked interview that Tom Joined it on Youtube. He said the reason he wanted to do. The show is because so many people he worked with work on this show and the prospect of being in their midst and fooling them would be fun. Oh that's cool motivation. He mentioned he was relieved when he got unmasked. He mentioned how hard it was to have the mask on we. I've learned that with these unmasked interviewers. They kind of recycle the same stuff that are like. Oh my God. My helmet was like heavy and it was hard. It was a you know. He mentioned I did A. I worked a lot doing this like more than I've ever worked before these earn intense costumes. There are no joke. Yeah an intense schedules from what we understand with all the driving in the rehearsals and the masks and the hide me. And all that right yeah. It's very intensive clues that he unveiled. They're talking about obviously the VHS is where America's funniest home videos the anchor was him be. He's he did some talk show hosting and was a guest anchor on Good Morning America for a while so okay. Yeah M. E. on the menu was actually the two Emmy so. I thought that was really cool that Nicole figure that out and then he did end this again with also some more. He said we all wear masks. Were more complicated than first glance so just be a little nicer to each other. It behooves us all to do that. See I feel so inspired. Maybe I should put that on my board instead of polycom keeping the positive and stay crash. I think it shouldn't have taken us this long to find something better but I'm glad you did Tom. Bergeron was the one that brought you there. Yeah I think I'm GonNA quote the TACO though and not Tom version that's fun. I think that's a loud. I'll put it both I'll put I'LL PUT TACO AKA. Tom Purtzer much room on your core or Tiny letters I have big letters in tiny letters so I could use a tiny letters big letter little letter. Okay now we have a couple of questions. Are you down to answer some before we get out of here? Let's do it perfect so Sarah had to questions or no three questions. If it was a final six instead of a final mine. Who WOULD WIN QUESTION MARK? Who WOULD BE FIRST OUT QUESTION MARKS? Let's answer this one first before we answer the next one. So if the final six was the turtle the kangaroo the white tiger the banana the and the frog who would be the first out of that bunch and who would win. Oh God okay I gotTa Keep Track of. Everybody is is so complicated. I would assume the white tiger go out. I but what the hell do I know? Probably going to be someone else like the kangaroo and I think the turtle who'd win. I think the turtles the strongest contender on the board. Right now. Vocally I think the frog is up there. I think the kitties up there by the kangaroos up there. Basically I think the banana and the white tiger would be on the bottom and one of them to definitely be first out and then for the winner I would I won't say the same as you see the Kiddy. I'll be different. I'll see the kid would win. I think again it really comes down to song choice. I okay. Here's the thing because we have no Alma. Gosh this person is absolutely amazing. Stand out it means that the race for the top is actually very competitive and is very close. Because you don't necessarily have those standouts which actually kind of makes it pretty exciting to see who's GonNa win them? Seeing competition shows they have like. Oh this was eighties week here in American idol and everyone did an eighty song. I wonder if that would level the playing field a little bit because make it thematic. I don't know there's a lot of options. Though Bret michaels would be like. Oh I got us. Yeah it is him. So that's what I'm saying. Is that if they did that. That would level it would also force people to do songs out of what would be known as their comfort zone. Cabinet would have to be later when you people that are maybe more serious about it. Also they are celebs. I feel like getting them. You know having done like a mass survivor thing. If they say yes let them do what they can exactly. Thank you so much for being show. We appreciate you okay. So Sarah's other question was what costumes are you most looking forward to for the next So Leon we've got the astronaut the bear the Rhino the swan the T. rex in the night angel. Which one am I most excited for? Yes the astronauts looks really cool. It's true To be to be on it okay. Night Angel is breaking terrifying so yes I am excited. I am equally terrified but I have to be honest. The T-REX is the one I'm most excited for. It's got these dufy little arms which I assume it got your. I assume it can move them. Normally it's not sort of restricted to t rex movement. For some reason it seems to be dressed in like sixteen. Hundreds attire doesn't make any sense to you rex. Yeah it's a very renaissance which. Oh yes of course. The T rexes that word known for their Shakespearian Times or something. I I don't know but I'm looking forward to. It was showcased along the elephant at the Natural Museum. History Museum of L. A. on February I. I was the first time we saw the wrecks. Fun Fact. Wait oh the mask yes yes yes okay. I feel like I knew that okay. You knew that and you didn't tell me why kidding thing trouble. I don't know what I am stoked to see the night angels terrifying but I need to see this close like see what's going on. I think that you're gonNA have the easiest crowd gesture that we can think of for. Sure and I think astronaut does look cool not gonNA lie. That does local bear looks and I think the swan is this. Season's Flamingo and I don't quite care for it okay. It's definitely more fifteen hundreds. Sorry for the T. Rex. I just want to make sure I get my get your errors right my period clothing correct. Yeah the Swan. I know you'RE GONNA hate. I know you've complained about it. I know you're GONNA hate it. I'm going to have to deal with you complaining about something that I don't care about so you deal with me with me complaining about stuff that you probably don't care about so I'll suck it up but I don't hate it like you do and it's not that bad. It looks bad okay and I actually spoke for the Rhino. And here's why the Rhinos. Outfit Looks Very Jumanji. The movie to me. I said it looks like what's his face. The Jonas brother. It looks like Nick Jonas. When he's in the movie it does but I'm holding because I don't think the Jonas brothers would be on this show. I'm holding out the teensy bit of hope that this is restarted. Just the teen is hope because that would be awesome. Maybe maybe I could potentially see it's death not Jonas brother and welcome to Jumanji so I'll be down right so yeah writers. It looks cool Ronaldo pilot so that's nice that's nice against now is the bear looks the most budget out of everybody. The bear does look the most budget. It's not as bad as the penguin from two seasons ago that that was last season last season ago. You know what the bears hands. Look like those pause carver's no. I've seen scarves that have ends. That are like that that you can put your hands through a normal thing. No I think I know what you're talking about. I think I know what you're talking about. Yeah okay it. Looks like a repurpose couch. Look a seventies no or like a shag carpet. What can we do with this? Mix this blend. I heard two doors down the Mass Sarah Costume Department looking for some stuff. Let's just drop these off. Are you sure it wasn't three doors down? It was definitely not true tortoise. I got the joke. Well the road I'm on beyond us. Do you have their discography Oakland for a man to Google? It just now out of three doors. I did one at too many new something because I knew the other ones and then I was out of jokes and I wanted to make another one. I was like Iger. Is they flew too close to the sun. Okay One last question before we get. Everyone's hair here. So Tim asks we've seen eight guys on four women. Do you think the last group will correct. The gender imbalance can't release going five females one guy to get to nine nine so I had a notice this until I saw this question and then I looked into it and one hundred percent notice also if you look at the final three from each group. It's one woman. One woman to two men final three four. The finale of season season two as well. I mean we've had two male winners and we already are coming in with a big male to female disparity also the winner of the Massingir. Au is male. Thankfully Oh my God senior. Uk off because if the hedge whatever. Okay I won't get into right now. The yes it is a concern. It is very much a concern for me and I am nervous because I think even we have equal men and women the women still or some reason struggle when you have the men and it's show friggin weird it because you have a Taco of banana and still somehow their gender and still somehow is like makes a difference in the performance so frigging frustrating deal with your own internal biases devolve fan of the disparity. I feel like you're giving US eighteen. Give me nine and nine and don't stack the deck so that being said I'm looking at these costumes I can't I think. Bear and Swan. I think are women night Angel Night Angel Dust. Three the astronaut be I mean yeah. It's definitely possible. But it's I mean this is GonNa sound absolutely insane to say this. This is gendered in some way but it doesn't have eyelashes. So how can you tell a woman as we learn with Miss Martin all my God everything is like? Oh whatever? Whatever bra the t? Rex I will say I think is probably a male doj looking at fashion from the fifteen hundred s seems to be more traditional male dress. Let your specialist all of a sudden based on my cursory googling however we did have seal which was very wonderful costume so you never know. You never know okay. Well THAT ABOUT WRAPS UP. All the mass singer conversations. We're going to have today just before we start talking about. What's coming up if you are a fan of the podcast and you'd like what you're hearing. Please go ahead and leave a rating or review for us. It always helps. It really does at ROBA's website dot com slash mask singer. One word now Liana. Where can people find you? And what are you up to? You can find me on social media at Liana. Boris so speaking of box shows my sister and I got back together. Talk about Lego Masters. We covered episodes two three and four. So that is out there if you're interested in any Lego masters coverage I'm also doing the RHA PB NBA with. Mike Bloom our guest. This week is a wonderful Matla gory which should be a lot of fun. I'm actually I'm actually really excited. I've Mad libs prepared spoiler alert which I'm looking forward to not lives Taco lives. Nope not a thing. Okay and then. Also doing rupaul stress. Shut up shop. I'm also doing repulsed drag race season to season twelve. It's a second premier. It's coming out. It's out maybe whatever anyway. Look for that Brent. Welcome Alma Mater and myself are all getting together. Talk about the amazing season is repulsed season twelve so much goodness and you can find me on social media on all major platforms at ISM. I can no longer say. I'm doing nothing because big brother. Canada eight is officially here. And we've already got the premier. I think the second episode is going on right now. Ashby record so I'll be catching later but you can catch me on Fridays doing the morning. Updates with Taryn talking all the big brother stuff going on. They're very excited Catholics. Good I'm excited your for that and this week I will be appearing on another podcast I will talking riverdale with the Wonderful Mary Caskey. And Kirsten McGinnis over on the couch cast network talking Archie Andrews Betty and Veronica Jug head and What bombastic show. This has become so that'll be fun. You can check that out as well. Also if you have not become a patron of rob has a podcast. What are you waiting for? We put out so much amazing. Content and ROB has a podcast is supported by patriotic. And so that seriously supports wrap ups. That's why we're all here today. Because of the patrons of rob has a podcast plus you get a bunch of cool benefits. You get extra podcasts. You get extra videos and get access to the facebook group which an IRA part of so you can come. Ask questions talk. 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