January 2020: A Year in Review and Looking Forward


welcome to the encouragement ride. PODCAST brought to you. Live and direct with limited or four no commercial interruptions from our home and beautiful Gluck Stat Mississippi to wherever you find podcast with your hosts that quarter ton of riding hiding fun the sultans of cycling safety those braggadocious Behemoths Jimbo Rally and Kelvin Jones. Remember folks these two. We're a quarter of a ton so you don't have to take it away. Boys everybody walking to the encouragement ride. Podcast we are doing the first taping of Two Thousand Thousands Twenty Kelvin Jones Quarter Tuna Roddy Fund studios and collects that Mississippi and we got a we got a new partner in this. So I guess we're going to be now. Three quarter ton of Writing Fund. We got caught HAIRSTON. Calvin how has your year greetings and citations. My friend Yeah this is a been a been a nice year. We've actually been the weather's trying to cooperate with actually been trying to get some rides in during the winter months and staying being active in trying to stay up on our writing abilities and and you know what I got for Christmas I give up fat. That's what I got. I got that and what about you. How's everything with you? Go on good one good have been joined it because my son's getting involved and it's fun once you don't get excited about it and different types of running and stuff like that and he's really enjoyed it. Well let's talk about that. So how does your son. Chris is twelve twelve so I saw a lot of people who may be listening to the podcast. Maybe thinking you know what does the twelve year old do on a bicycle. But there's something that we have here in. Mississippi called Mississippi Blue's mountain biking team and how many how many twelve year olds are on there. It's great sixth through twelfth morally younger. Okay most of them are on because you can actually be high school age and be on the mountain biking team correct. Okay and where do you guys Ryan at. They practice Bicycle the revolution hearing loss and like a spin class that they do every Monday night and then every Sunday we try to do not what practice man walking skills but you know tomorrow there on. Close the trice because everything money right now night. The national traits here in Jackson Mississippi area and then they race against other mountain biking teams. Yes they do in Alabama. There's not a circuit here in Mississippi so the season. There's a rice every the other weekend in the springtime and will be going on there as many as we possibly can. Okay so what about other states. Do you know anything about Tennessee or Louisiana. Louis Theon or Arkansas is just. We're we're kind of like lumped in with Alabama we've We've put together a team that goes on there and rises. Because there's nowhere to arrive here. How many people are on the team here locally? You know I'll say about what the oldest you have any idea. I music like a senior in high school. I don't think so. I think what won't be the oldest one he sixteen sixteen. Say goes from in your son. Chris's twelve so we're looking at a team of a dozen kids between the ages of twelve and sixteen go and compete every couple of weeks at a different race around the around Alabama. Oh yes wow. That's pretty interesting. It's pretty cool. He didn't have anything like that when we were growing up. I don't think now now it was see. How far are we could hit a house with an egg? And and when you when you go over to Alabama how many teams do you race against you have any idea a lot of them. This is his first year to do it. So what we have to come back and give us a reward because if our listeners out there if they have children may be between the ages of twelve and senior high school and ride bikes and might be worth looking into the local bike shop to ask and see if there's any kind of like high school bike riding team or something like that because high schools are doing things. Now that we didn't have we grown up. I mean there's bowling teams. There's archery team us. There's Lacrosse teams James. I mean Cross has been around in of nor for a long time in the south. It's fairly new you know so. There's there's new sports that people are coming into that. We're not we're not familiar with and I'm wondering in a good friend of mine. His son actually is in Mississippi State Bass fishing team new those bass fishing teams in college. It's now high school. Yeah and so. I'm wondering if if there's going to be any kind of thing where you can get like a scholarship for mountain biking or something I west. They have Matt Mike Tapes at collegiate level. Do they're they're more club. Teams like Ole Miss Memphis University. They get cycling teams right the club level but in some of the the school's out West where they don't play football played college baseball basketball. They're starting to get more into the adventure. Sports try on teams cross country. Names actual uh-huh so yeah he's an emerging he's an emerging market is. He sounds like he's right at the edge of the ahead of the wave. It's a very good thing And you can see it on the soccer field. That's the only other sports does and he doesn't WANNA come out. He's never hardly breathing hard. His lungs are ready. Makes me sick. He decided one day he was going to run a half marathon neighborhood that he did. It decided around thirteen miles and he did a screen shot on struggle to ours. I Don I remember the first time I was at agent said I was going to go run down the street. I think major my neighbor's mailbox which was about eight hundred fifty S. Oh that's good so that's one topic that That our listeners may be interested in trying to Look at maybe something for their children about how to get involved as a family or House as butchered your child if they're into mountain biking and it really is it. Is it truly mountain. biking is a mountain biking course cyclocross or gravel bikes or anything like Yeah Martin bike trail riots okay. Mississippi is working towards getting it involves more involved in the misbehaves schools. Sports Association. Okay you start started developing so we'll just take a little time but you got to start someplace same way with the bowling in the bass. Fishing Lacrosse is just hockey with sticks and round balls and they tried to have hockey team at Omega. Three guys trying to try out. Uh All right. Well that's good so let's talk about. Some of our trials and errors of for the past year are still year interview review. So how do you think you're you're writing the this year Jimbo I was might target for this year was three thousand miles and I ended up right around eighteen. Eighteen hundred which was a little bit low Whether early this time of the year kind of set me back. I don't think I logged more than fifty miles from January Kan.. One through the middle of March just because the weather and travel is cold. I don't like riding in cold weather. I love cold weather but I don't like writing it when my finger and does start getting cold. I'm done. It's miserable for me now. I graduated from wrong. Did you do any writing in the mountains of Tennessee last year I did not. I didn't get a chance to take the bike up and do cades cove and enrolled around the Gatlinburg severe Valeria. Take it back. I did one ride with the local bike shop in an MBA and three in. I realized pretty quick and I'm a flat-lander were riding through some of the most treacherous busy roads roots and these guys are flying through cars or two or three feet away from us. This is in Tennessee. This was in survival but these guys knew they were done. Kept me safe pretty much. Might my mom is freaking out. You Know Semis won't buy me on a two lane road But it was. It was enjoyable. It was only about a twenty mile. Ride I had a hard time keeping up with them because they knew the terrain. I didn't know my gearing on some of the hills but on the way back we're coming into a headwind and these guys made I'm six four to eighty forty. These guys were probably six one hundred eighty back into a solidly brace. They love me. They love second behind the the big fella to VW's drafting behind the seminar. They enjoyed that part of it but I did do some riot town. We did together other. The three of us will to finish it. We did the sixty mile hungry. Would the by US Blues and by try. Uh talk about the low altitude crop dusted. And I'll put it this way ladies and gentlemen if you go on a really really good ride and you got a little nerves you know maybe a little pearl of wisdom is to take some What do you call it a modem or something before and listen? We'll just leave it at that. They had at Dat But also did a really cool ride down a mobile Early part of November was called Beers and gears should be called beer and gears because they give you one beer at the end of the road but they had Several short routes but I did the metric century so a little over sixty miles and they also had hundred mile option and it was Riding around around Mobile Alabama. Down to theater. If you're looking on a map you can look at Belen Graph Gardens and it was kinda route to and from. Well well run on. I think three or four thousand riders. If I'm not mistaken this pretty good pretty good mouth it was it was great Few rozier little nervous. Because you just I don't. You're not familiar with the area. But they put you on big wide roads and had some good shoulders to ride on one too big climbs coming back over to even from a mobile but other than that was fairly flat ride Very enjoyable Walmart. Well supported Yadda like local power company. Company had set up a huge rest stop and it was just a well run ride and this year. My goal is to do four rides outside of the Jackson Jackson Metro area and do some like Mississippi Gulf coast. GO TO MEMPHIS We've talked about. The three of us have talked about doing the bow. Bikes Obama that was birth from the Tuscaloosa tornadoes. About ten years ago he did a fundraising ride. Blue Bo Jackson as the superstar superstar running back from Auburn University and in Oakland Raiders. So if you If you go online and look at Bo Bikes Bama. There's plenty of information. I I will put a link to it on our in our show notes but I just want to do some more outside rides. Just go see different. Parts of the state. Go see different parts of the southeast and Just spend more time on the road bike. Yeah that's a great point. I mean for those of our people that are listening in the audience. I mean you know some of you may be new you and not be very comfortable signing up for a ride. But I guarantee that it's something that you'll get a lot of enjoyment out of even if you go by yourself you make new friends. We always seem to make new friends friends whenever we have rides. 'cause you end up writing with people that you don't know and then they they quickly become your friends So you know maybe for twenty twenty if you do any any kind of New Year's resolution look for a look good out of your comfort zone. Do not afford ride. It's Outta town where you have to drive now for us. Some of the ones that we have as we mentioned I mean Saturday. May the second of this year is the annual matches trace century. Ride now for those. That don't with the national traces. That's a state park. It's really considered state park. But it's a road. That goes all the way from Nashville Tennessee to Nashes Mississippi where we buy a lot of. It's very a pretty Water Turkey deer not a lot of cars except when you get through the Jackson capital area Good ride and the Jackson of the National Trade Century Ride is half of it or most of it is on Najib If you WANNA get out of town come visit us You can certainly drop us an email. We'll we'll we'll lead you on that ride. I think it the the cost is fairly economical. You registered before the end of April. It's like fifty five dollars and then another one that we do during the year in August is the bikes blues. And by US I think without question we love that one because it's in the delta. It's got a lot of good music at every stop a lot of good Rest stops One Stop. They have like a cool slushy. Remember that so they are they. They put the end slaughter largest city. They put the They pickle juice in like a slushy machine and he had like the pickles lushes and then when you stop at the money stop you have. What the Coca Cola Eliza the little glass bottles and moon pies in? You got a watermelon slim singing songs on his Steel Guitar or something. So it's it's Kinda good so these are it. All rides locally doesn't Mississippi but I'm sure that wherever you live. They've got some really good rides as well. How much this year because you did more than we did because you got involved in gravel of the first organised gravel rod have done? This year was Oxford. Last weekend with Kevin It was quite an experience experience of a lot of fun. Definitely get you a lot of heels of cold. You know you were the right things you don't get too cul. Yeah so you know one of the things that I've done this year since last time. We've done a podcast is that I got a gravel bike. I got a candidate. L. Top stone and so I've delved into in the gravel biking and Jimbo has unfortunately not had a chance to do that yet. But It can be quite dusty in the summer but it can be fun during the winter when there's not a lot of dust is just cold. That's the problem and wet so here. Are you think Mississippi. There's a lot of flat roads but it's amazing when you get to gravel roads. How early they can be an Oxford? Was My very first organized ride to and just to give you a quick update on Colin I. We were asked to sweep one of the one of the routes and so we did and and I was thinking that everybody was kind of like a little bit more into biking will come to find out. There's one guy that was on the back of the of the ride he was. He was walking up every hill so oh and he didn't know how to change. He didn't know how to change gears properly. He didn't know how to his chain back on when his chain Bob off and that was This is kind of like what this whole podcast is about is to try to teach people or encourage them from the beginning to take on rides so it was nice to kind of work with him and at the end we could tell you learned learned a lot by the time we get we get done when you think so yes and you tell him a lot about nutrition during the yeah. Yeah and so when you come out for a ride and you're going to be out there for more than an hour to you. Need to make sure that you have something more than one bottle of water. He had no food he you could tell he was bonking or crashing crashing out sharing some Jim Some of my fuel with them. I was letting him drink one of my water bottles at head carbohydrate mixture in it and we'll go over that here a few minute so So yeah gravel. BIKING has been a new thing. If you don't know anything about that you can certainly look up or Google or being gravel bikes and it'll show you the a new kind of thing that a lot of people are doing the reason why a lot of people are doing that as they don't you know quite frankly they just don't like being around cars. Cars are dangerous I have not been bitten by the gravel bog yet. But I'm sure it'll happen soon so you know we. We talked about doing some some of the longer rides the road So if you're looking to encouraging you to get involved in cycling so pick a ride or forgive the group and you've seen these marathon makeovers in couch to five K.. Programs you can develop your own program but you gotTa Kinda Kinda you gotTa get on your bike you have to. You have to ride in find a baseline of figure out what distances. You'd like to try for Ad Brad. Start for maybe twenty five mile bike ride and then if you can do ten miles in one ride and they take an hour may take an hour and a half but that your base ace then you start adding every week when it comes to running in reading some of the different ones. How hidden and some of these couch to five K.? Kind of deals they. They suggest you add about ten to fifteen percent for your long run of the week while I suggest you'd do about twenty percent on a bike because you know bikes low impact. You can do a little bit more go a little further but if you can start off go from ten miles a week to twelve and then from twelve to fifteen in the fifteen to twenty then you can Kinda Start Your training program to get to that twenty five Mile Mark and make sure you know in the week before if it's twenty five miles to go ahead and get a twenty five mile bike riding or a twenty or thirty mile bike ride in so that you over train gene so you can enjoy the ride so that your your longest ride. Isn't the the the group ride what he thought the farthest you have a road during your first year writing I would say about twenty five to thirty. Let's good guess see my i. I'm I'll never forget my friend of mine. Got Me into biking. I've done it about a half a year and then we went on an eleven mile bike ride and I thought Housman to die at Mile Eleven. I literally got off my bike and fell off into the grass and leave like a light. You know with my arms out like I was dad. Bad Road kill roadkill so that was at eleven miles so you know twenty five may seem daunting to somebody but you know for it does miss that are large and in charge. I mean twenty five miles to be a little bit a little bit of Org. How well the first night I remember my first longest ride getting ready to two? It was actually the the Bison Blues is about five years ago and I'd seen the Flyer in Greenwood Mississippi I was calling on customers and I kinda did the math math backwards this was into very GM. And I knew how to month and gobbled one of my buddies and on July the third things on on a Saturday I said I'm going to twenty miles. I'm going to do it. It took me right at two hours and it was hot. It was nasty and every week I had to add five miles with the forty mile option on that particular. I was going to be my long run so it was basically a Franken. Bike is candidate with different wheels and Blah Blah Blah Blah. It was it was a truly Franken bike line nine. I had a T. shirt on. I showed up fifteen hundred riders. And I'm the only one wearing a t-shirt and I bought a pair of bike shorts in Walmart that the pat on it was a little bit thicker than having a Napkin on your seat and that forty miles took me three hours so I it was it was it was tough. But that Kinda got me hooked What was funny was? We're GONNA back from the. We're we're heading out the twenty and there were guys coming past the white doing the sixty I went. You know think that's what I don't know if I will be that great but I'm going to be in a group that is going to be far behind and so over the next five years I mean between us. We've probably logged in five years twenty thousand miles between us and a lot of just recreational writing to our buddy doing a fifteen miler twice a week and then maybe getting together and doing a thirty forty fifty miler on the weekends But if you're going to do just like a couch to five K.. You gotta get out and do some stuff three days a week now if you're in the colder climates mix where we are willing to wet Klein. It's been raining nonstop for about thirty days. Aren't to go by and you're right. I mean when I drove over here accounts House I saw you know possums and canes on the side of the road they're pairing off to about two so so we We have our unique challenges so last year got off of facebook marketplace found a little MAC trainer got for like fifty bucks. I've got to set up in my garage and I was talking to one of the The bike shop guys instead of you can do thirty minutes three times a week on a trainer. You're going to really really in good shape gathering come spring because writing a trainer is nothing like riding on the road. You're pedaling constantly play for you know twenty thirty minutes. There's no coasting there's no breaking you're just having guy going to do the long league which is a rails to trails in his very flat. And you think it's easy because it's Latte but you don't like you said there's no coasting and it's constant that no breaking so Li if you're new to this this it's didn't find the trainer go on Ebay go on a facebook marketplace type in cycling or bicycles whatever. Somebody's offload offload one. Take it to your bike. Shop asked him to show you how to figure it out. Start with ten minutes on a bye on the trainer. Work your way up. I hey trainers as much as I hate cold weather but also know that come March April. If I don't get in some miles this year it's going to be a struggle to get up to speed by awed by early June when the fun stuff in the fun ride star. Yeah I can come into that. I mean you know being a habit deerhunter if I just get off my bike hike in October. Don't get back on it until March. I pay the price dearly but if I'm riding during the wintertime even if it's in Sil- cycling I mean you know in a spin class or whereas Jimbo said on the garage with a trainer as long as you're doing something you're keeping what we call base miles. You know they they say you need to do one hundred and fifty minutes of aerobic activity a week anyway and so he just said three times a week thirty minutes. You know. That's ninety right there So you're already putting yourself giving yourself a good base for Hebrew yourself fairly healthy other than you know trying to get through Thanksgiving and Christmas and all that stuff. The incorporate some weight training with my schedule. I don't get to go to gyms very often so I try to do some push ups every day. Do some Body squats in tow raise. I was telling my guy the things dentist you The gentleman you and I were helping an Oxford awesome. You go to the gym Madonna's now and I said Yeah I can tell because you're having a stroke. You're struggling trying to get up these deals. I said I said why. Don't you just start next week. Just while you're in the shower let your conditioner sure. Do Your hair whatever just do twenty body squats in the shop online. You can find all sorts of challenges you can find. Plank challenges push up channel Urfi burpee. He's the squad's all that kind of stuff. I'll tell you folks you know doing some lower. Legwork is far as doing like body squats and that kind of thing you do twenty thirty five thirty bodies squad today and you know add in some push ups and some sit ups toe raises You'll notice the difference because as I do these and even off off the bike for a couple of weeks I can go out and ride and you notice it more on the hills. When you're going up a hill those heels aren't quite as hard as have you not done anything? If you're just dead legged from three months no activity right now. Some of you may live in areas where there's nothing but severe hills and so God bless you. We live down here where it's fairly glad so. He'll does is Kinda daunting at times. What else we want to talk about? This may be somebody's First Time listening to us so we WANNA make sure that we just remind everybody about being safe. While you're on the road will be seen while you're out on the road the right kind of year. You know the right on a nutrition went to bring with you so you I'm GonNa Start off on that Cow Tells you know what you do in prep because you'd like to ride at night more than I did. So Oh you know until till we get like savings times back my favorite time of the year kind of what kind of lights are what lights do. Use not necessarily the name brands. But where do you have your lights. You know what colors do you wear reflective. All accounts time. They'll try to little reflected stuff. Oh Man I really don't concentrate on Tom Breath close at night. Because I've got a live student can see what I'm wearing anyway but I'm about a nine hundred thousand I'm in light on the bike. Plenty also get. Led flashing Red Lights on the back of the helmet and on the post. So we've survived car rashes. See I if I'm coming up behind. You see the red lights blinking. You'RE GONNA say lights out of lives right in the daytime. You one wear something. That's kind of like fluorescent yellow high visibility green orange hunters orange that kind of bright stuff. I mean there's a lot of Nice cycling clothes out there air but again if they blend in with the trees in the forest and the street is not doing anybody to good. You WanNa make sure that you're seeing because I don't care how good how good we're how lousy I look. I want to be able to arrive home back to my fam absolutely so Jimbo launch you Talk about what. What are you kinda mix up for? When you go out on the road like the Gatorade or well I usually do one? GATORADE or I get these little packets at at Kroger. Data are a little energy drinks. They get them in the over Crystal Light Crystal Lights. It's actually a little house ran. But they've got different ones once for energy I guess like five our energies in a little pouch and you mix them with water. And that's when I say short ride and we're doing our are fifteen to twenty miles stuff during the summertime. I'll go through to twenty four ounce bottles from doing forty eight ounces over the hour so but this time of the year. I pretty pretty much do water. I drink enough coffee and water throughout the day you know wintertime. Writing for me is not seeing how fast I can go and how fast so I can get back. It's more or less. I'm trying to avoid the land. Best at Cancer Robin surviving. It minimize the pain in my hands and feet great But as we start doing longer rides I'll pack some packs. I like the different types of us take naps was Goo Goo is a little supplement packets. kind of got the consistency of between peanut butter and Maple Syrup and it's got carbohydrates got some stimulant in it low kathleen sugar just something to keep a little fuel on your belly. Take those better every forty five minutes fifty miles. Whichever comes first? Also carry a naps. Lances peanut butter crackers reason. Why use that instead of a candy bar in the summertime if you ride in any you're gonNA mail the peanut Butter Dunton Mel? If you're not real hungry eat out six to three and you've had some the share and just to kind of like I said. Just take a step back. I mean we're talking because we're Mississippi ran the deep south. We don't have a very strong winter. We don't have any snow. You guys may be sitting there in the snow north right now while we're out riding and fifty forty degree weather trying to avoid the rain but the difference it is when it comes to being summertime. We're going to be ninety eight hundred degrees down here. We're going to be under a lot of duress with heat exhaustion and excessive excessive sweating for me. I'm accessible sweater to the point where I've had medical issues off ended really dial in nutrition and hydration and again Dan we. Don't you know we're not saying that. These are the best things in the world but there are companies. You can look at like scratch K. R.. ATC as they made a thank. God hyper hydration. I drink one of those before really really long hot ride out with my sodium intake the near stuff by hammer nutrition called he'd high high energy endurance Drink in that has like thirty something grams of carbohydrates in in a scoop with you can mix mix with your water. I was giving it to the dentist guy because he was balking so bad And then I make a little thing that that works for me. Is I take dates. You can go to Sam's or Costco and get a big thing dates and put them in a food processor. Chop them up really good at it takes oatmeal chopping. You'd make it into like an hour our at some almond butter peanut butter. Protein powder Hershey's cocoa and then I add just a little bit of a Vase Syrup and then I mix it all up into. This really ICKY gooey mess. PUT IT in a pan freeze it. Then I do a pizza cutter through and make little squares and I have one of those every hour when I'm out for long rise and that seems used to be very good because dates are high potassium which is an electrolyte. You can lose when you're sweating a lot. And it's slow absorbing carbohydrate which is really a free energy so that's just me of you know there's all things that you can find a lot of his down here like I said you heard us talk about pickle slush. She's a lot of us. Liked a drink pickle juice use with Because it's high in sodium and vinegar whatever and it helps start mind thing that we're doing something good or body it helps us and we we always try to carry mustard packets for people who hydrating cramp you may be in an area where you never cramp but if you do so from grams carry mustard packet. It'll help with your cramps if you take down about three or four packets of yellow buster. Would he put near bottles pretty much. Catering powder yeah I mean. I wish I could do that but I have to have a little bit more stronger stuff because of how much sweat when this time of year I do run. Just carry water. Wow good for you if I if it's a longer rod. I'll do on water one gatorade during the summer. It's all gatorade. Sometimes a beetlejuice in a feel kind of jealous of I will be riding with somebody who in like a small guy and I'll look at their their bike and they've got one bottle of water and that's it and we're doing fifty miles away. How does he do that? You know it is what it is. I'm my body is big as I am. I have dialed in figuring out. I need about one bottle. Every ten to fifteen miles. You know we're on the Adra so traded break even when we even when we wrote that Oxford grab a ride. It was what forty degrees when I set my Jack on the like I have been coming out. I mean I was completely so of wet and speaking of writing in the wintertime and and soaking sweat you know talking about what you wear like when I ride on insists called. I wear a I've got a thin water. Wyking t-shirt that were under where where my jersey. And then I got a fleece tied win resistant jacket. So that I don't get into the self basting modem arrive cows not as heavy sweaters. Calvin chemicals like sprinkler sometime mind but footprints with issues. But you know what's what's what's kind of your normal were Toboggan have or what are you wearing reface ski-masks type thing where the helmet as you're out robbing banks. You can just get away on your bike right exactly now. Aw the compression stuff you know have a good base layer on get the sweat away from you. Make sure you get a layer. This went through F- like moniker body against I've got about four different layers on them but they're all in the main thing I have to switch out depending on the temperature is the gloves if it's really called ride to me really cold. Oldest forty and below got some one hundred percent name brand from bicycle. Revolution of the gloves called percents the number again okay. They're really good But if it's fifty degrees and those my insulin so much that I had to take off so those type of rods I just got some mechanic's liens from lowes. Were just funding. That Blair even thought about that. A little bit of areas they're just barely breathable and they're they're great into those Kouros. The I use my regular cycling gloves and a kind of you know. Keep this in mind the ride when it's cold weather maybe forty degrees. But if you're riding fifty miles an hour you're going being at thirty mile. An hour wind chill right at BASF road. We don't get compensated for any of this but one of our arriving buddies TERMI onto a holdover mitten with expose. Thanks so you've got the glove you got the half fingers and then you can put them in the top of it and those will keep your hands license. Seen if they get if they do get hot until the mid part by yeah. Those are like hunting fishing fishing. gloves you. Can that way if you WANNA cast in real with your your fishing or you want to pull the trigger with your gun hunting you can simply pull the finger park back back. Those are really cool gloves. I wish I had a bear. Oh actually do have appeared to camouflage so we want to see your hand. You're right yeah exactly. My my problem is is not with my fingers. I mean my hands. They start out really cold but then eventually because I start heating up my fingers do get get warmed up. My problem is that it must be a long way down to my feet because I cannot stand to have cold cold feet. I mean to the point where like we've got off that ride in Oxford I was. I was limping because I could not feel the bottom of my feet. There was the thing that does help which I did do. But because we were out exposed for so long it did help the first hour our to really did help after going riding in the in the wintertime. I decided what I started doing some research. What can I do to help my feet feel better? They they got this stuff called embrocations that you rub on your feet. I have yet to get that we talked about that in one of our last podcast in that and I've yet to find some just going to be you as honest as I can't wait but I still thinking about going to Amazon and order himself something that you put on your your hands or your feet and it's supposed to can like warning warming in jail. Whatever but since? I haven't done that the other thing that I did. That does seem to work. Is You take your dry weaking socks. You put those fair on then you take like a grocery free bag a kroger bag or publix bag or whatever plastic bag that you get your groceries and you rack your feet in those then. You put a a pair of wool socks on top of that so you got three layers. You got a wicky of a plastic bag in a wolf stalking the prentice. Is the plastic bags supposed to help with a cold with the cold air. That comes up from the bomber shoes now for the first hour. My feet are actually nice intensity but then if you say longer than an hour is just like you never had anything anything on it all so new listeners out there have a cycling hat on either some kind of cool insert that we can swap in and out of her. She's that will keep. Art are tender feet being whiny little hocine battery-operated box that I just didn't want to spend the money for that. I didn't want to get shocked when I'm running. Yeah I get cold easily so I would never get the gators okay for those of you. Who are getting getting ready or urine climates? Or you're GONNA get on your trainer start doing some stuff Make sure you go get checked out. Just go bike shop. Drop your bike off. Say Hey hey you need a need a tune up you may need a full you know get everything stripped down and in relived up for for the year or you just may need just You know some adjustments making sure your brakes her or set. Your wheels are in good working order. Maybe go ahead and swap out your inner tubes. So you've got French inner tubes because just it's like in cars. The cold weather will affect your tires. tentatives they'll swallow contract dry rot and do different things on the side. Not The reason why we talked about. I'm going to local bike. Shop is yes you probably can find. I mean all three of US could sit here and agree that we can find things probably a little cheaper on Amazon but when we don't support our local bike shops that will eventually be a casualty of war and they will have to close their business. And then when you need to have your bike worked on who you'RE GONNA take it to you know so so police leave wherever you live. Support your local bike shop. There's plenty of bike shops Out there find the one that works for you where we live. There's three major bike shops within driving distance. We particularly like a one. Because it's close so close close. I mean we can literally ride our bike to it. They shall and they sell beer. Yeah but He has the support your local tax. So I'm sorry to Jimbo just I mean you know you. You go to the mechanic shop you go to your local mechanic to get your cars work done or you on a bicycle and you have a flat tire. You're doing ten fifty miles. An hour is very very very dangerous. You know if you're in your vehicle in your car breaks down you're still in your vehicle wooden if you're on a bike and you have some sort of failure. The potential of you may upright is about fifty fifty. So it's better clanking. Fun is the Bali nece. Yes the sudden stop at the mob so getting things check Jack Breaks you wheels. You know Those are the main things. Make sure that your gears are in good working order eat. Don't WanNa have a gear break in. You're stuck doc in the heaviest gear for twenty miles to get home. You may be calling your significant other or having your buddies comeback. Pick you up because you can't pedal anymore but just like you would your vehicles you know regular maintenance some of the stuff you can do yourself but I really have no problem In it's it's not that expensive to go to your bike shop and let them check everything out. You know swap out whatever you need to be safe and that way you get confidence when you're at correct. Yeah we're helmet or you Hammett and you show them obey hull of us. I have done it. I can't speak for the other two. I've I've had the crash interior. The APP AH we have wrecked and cracked their hands. We know somebody who has wrecked and cracked down. Or if you've never seen a crackdown just saying that would be your skull and you could be a a neurological ward at the hospital. Because you got dame bridge we used to not wear one when we were kids thinking back today but now I can't imagine in Riding a bike without a helmet right always wear a helmet on goofy. It looks correct. My daughter back in college today. Dad wanted to bike hers got stolen last last semester. And I said here's your helmet. And she's Daddy. I don't need to how NASA you don't need a back your college. Yeah she said that Kevin Avenues my daughter and I said maybe you're right on. Campus people are texting and not paying attention. And don't risk. It's not worth two miles an hour. You can tip over your head slammed into the concrete. Yeah and two miles or you follow over on the road and you hit the curb not able to to protect yourself always always wear them linke lights where you Blakey's Some sort of light. You know just safe safe safe safe safe safe. It don't ride. We run into this everywhere your we're seeing more. And more of cyclists bean hit because more people are taking up the activity. I won't call it a sport because really not a sporting activity for for most. We don't get paid to do this. So it's activity be smart. Don't decide you're GONNA go ride on major thoroughfares between four Ford six o'clock in the afternoon or between seven thirty and nine in the morning during Roshan are driving. Your people are GonNa get mad year. They're going to put you in harm's there's way they're gonNA they're gonNa buzz you purpose going to try to send messages and it's just not worth it find find safe places to ride a ride with groups Now it's dark makes you you lights in the summertime. Same applies people trying to get Hong. Get to the kids feed the dogs. Do Whatever whatever Dorado major thoroughfares. Yeah I mean go to your you can call your local bike shop. They will always have a list of local bike rides. I mean we ourselves have several facebook groups at announced where somebody's writing with. Whom and so you don't have to ride by yourself if you don't need to Jimbo and I- Kyle we we do? Oh you know during daylight savings time hours. We try to help with the encouragement ride where we'd lead beginners so these people have a safe environment where they feel they can learn earn. They can they don't have to get dropped or whatever so there's always going to be somebody out there in a writing community that ride with you by yourself. That's that's one thing Make sure you get a road. Id Bracelets identify who you are unless somebody on where you're at all times but mostly try to ride with other people so it's always thank. Thank safety I wear bright ugly clothing. Lashing lights you want. Everybody in a car aren't to see you out on the road. If you'RE GONNA be out with other vehicles he so you know gatorade good waters good. Be Sure to be drinking. Don't wait till the day of your ride. Just have a glass of water. Try to drink your water. Every day to keep stay hydrated good nutrition proper good carb carb loading prior to your ride is good. I'm not saying you gotTa go to the Pizza Buffet before your eyes. Because I don't WanNa oh you puke everywhere but you know maybe a bowl of oatmeal. I know you always have you always have A. US have a Bagel bagel peanut butter guy. They don't peanut butter about an hour for the. What do you usually Granola bar at the house? Oh Grandma Yeah Saturdays I just have this. One is my treat in about two hours who we have seven o'clock right. I'm get up at five o'clock in the morning have a couple of cups of coffee to pop tarts about target. You know it was just as fun stuff. I don't know what else we got. Thought about anything directly. So we're going to try to do you know we're GONNA change the format up a little federal do some highlights on local rides in the southeast On our website. I'm going to try to get a calendar up. And if anybody he has a ride that they would like promoted get in touch with US via email and we'll try to do an interview with you or send us information and we'll talk about it but there are Tonderai is in the southeast. We're based in Mississippi and they've got some really awesome stuff in Louisiana Arkansas Alabama Tennessee. You know I'm looking at some stuff in North Florida over into Georgia area. There's a pretty long rails to trails setup there about seventy seventy five eighty mile or I think and at some point this summer I'm GonNa go that's That's that's called bucket list but I have a kind of a two you. Twenty Two thousand twenty checkoff list and one of my deals is is to do five moderately long ride sixty miles or you better outside of Mississippi. Yeah there's a group that sometimes goes and they do what they call. The Katy trail in Missouri is like two hundred fifty miles. Miles of rails to trails they take Vanden railroad tracks tournament a path and they take a couple of nights. Stay at a hotel here hotel there across else Missouri in the Katy trail goes across the state Missouri. And they loved it. I'd like to do that. That's I'm above list telling the boys here before we started that I had signed up for the dirty dirty. Kansas underdog. Grab Riding Emporia Kansas. If they choose me out lottery and I'll be training one hundred riding Kansas's so that's one of my bucket list listings. I'm totally on board with Jimbo by Trying to be adventurous and finding something outside of the State Boat Bikes Bama that is in April April April liberal. You know it's a junior year the Tuscaloosa Montgomery area Actually Dogar Okay Auburn Auburn Alabama. You know come on down Might get a pitcher Bo Jackson who knows Kyle and you you're GONNA be working with your son getting thing on your your agenda. The main thing this year to double Obama Miles from the last two years and hit a thousand miles the last two years mainly because of new baby in the house. I'll have been to at least two thousand this year. The great thing about you is you're doing with your son and you're making memories with your we at John. You know outrun may a did it something as we talk about real quick. DOC is set some goals on Shraga and some other of the different. I call tracking websites. They've got a challenge. It's the two it's the two thousand thousand twenty two thousand twenty miles in two thousand twenty. Probably do that and for some you I didn't get to do it in miles but my birthday. They was in December and I did do a fifty four K.. By pride to honor my birthday we had one of our our elder statesman. c'mon on his birthday. He did a seventy five mile background. You turn seventy five year old seventy five miles that day. So you know two things one. Congratulations nations in two. I hope to God I can do seventy five miles seventy five years old. Maybe I can get a time machine and go back to eighteenth birthday excellent finish up with the encouraging word of the day so this was a a a statement by friend of mine name Limbs L. Johnson and his. It's a AH. My weekday challenge was kindness. He says kindness is the language that can be heard without ears and seen without is and so. I'm going to read that again. Kindness is the language that can be heard without ears and see without eyes so you know always make it a point to be nice to other people. That's the way God intended us to be anyway. We only have one. ESPN in enemy is Is Not anybody on the face of this. Earth is Satan himself only we have. All of us should be kind each other especially if you are a little bit more advanced on a bike than somebody else that sometimes John will bring them up into the sport. Let them don't don't push them away and And hopefully you'll find the same kind of person that gives you a pearl of wisdom or a tip or a hand up when you buy as well but just trying to make a challenge of twenty twenty to get two thousand twenty miles then if you can't but also be kind to your neighbors. Your friends people checking out at at the grocery store. Where the person next to you while you're pumping gas or sitting in the movie theater okay? That's all I can guys. We'll we'll circle back in a week or two and call center here. Thanks for joining. Sky turned thanks for joining it. Remember to subscribe to the encouragement ride. PODCAST FOR MORE UPDATES dates be sure to follow us on twitter at encourage writing and on facebook at the encouragement. Feel free to send us a message to ask questions or just say. Hey Hi until next time remember. Wear your helmet and always use your Blakey's so long for now you gotta fuel dates uh-huh juice.

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