WWHL @ Home: Kenya Moore & Ziwe (WWHL 2000th Episode)


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I please welcome real housewives of kenya more. Kenya more haircare this. This is diana ross. Look that i deserved tonight. For my two thousand episodes. Thank you. yeah you did. And when my next guest isn't interviewing cancelled celebrities helping to eulogize all of the things that were cancelled by the year twenty. Twenty-nine comedy special yearly departed premiering on the thirtieth on amazon prime video. Say hi to comedian and bravo scholars. E way hazy way great you to see u z way. What does it mean for you to share the stage with miss kenya more tonight. I mean this is an honor is an icon and is a pleasure to be right next to such a beautiful woman there. You go Got some few questions to start off with kenya. Bree are said you and marlow seem to be moving forward and being friendly. What do you attribute this sudden shift to. And how did you react when you saw her. Whisper letoya to be careful when she talks to you about business. I didn't like that at all. And that's one of the reasons why i said you know. What marlowe you're still up to your ways. You don't wish me. Well you're not my friend and then we had a come to jesus meeting we basically fall in fought and fought and it was just too much it was just too much negativity teeny and we actually are in a much better place. So i'm happy when you will eventually see it on the show. Okay and kris k. Wants to know what was your response to drew saying that. She's never run you on a casting because the two of you are in different age brackets we are. That's the truth. i mean. I'm a woman of a certain age and i looked younger than her. So i mean i can see why will run into her really pretty girls to z way general reactions to the potomac reunion part one. Oh my gosh. This is the most shady experience of my life. I was watching it mouth agape. I've never seen a binder so full of receipts in data. I mean she should be running for office. Well if twenty twenty was the world's crappiest oysters as rives rise to fame has been the only pearl so i want her pearls of wisdom when it comes to the bravo shows. She's been bridging in quarantine. How do you feel about porsche. Agassi and using her platform to amplify the black lives matter movement. I love push with their king. I think that she has modernize what it means to be a civil rights activist. And i am proud of her from you. Know underground railroad to leading the movement. Shout out to her can you. What's your reaction. You know what. I think that any time that we bring awareness to important 'cause you have to find that was easy way reaction to drew her husband's below out at the end of this episode and the fact that he disappeared for days at a time in tampa. Yeah i think that is on dark famously. Would make me uncomfortable to know. He's watching the on his little spike camps. But hey whatever works for your relationship. I am single and you know. God bless hey well. Speaking of single. What three qualities do you think. A man needs to have to be deserving of a relationship with kenya shady like her and handsome dark chocolate. All right lights. Reaction to the michael darby drama at robin and one's party those last six minutes of that episode. While i'm absolutely shook i've never seen someone viral so quickly behind the scenes in the production room so i mean talk about i. He really is a pathfinder for breakdowns on television. What was what was your reaction To the receipts. That monique busted out regarding jamal thorough. I mean that it is no word for that that i pray for both of them. Do you think jamal. Ju think giselle should be worried. I think just should be worried because what. Her father has intimated more so than what monique has gotten from the internet. Or you know the likes about regarding candice and mony kusei the you on there. I think that they are both in toxic side that the only way for us to sixty two for themselves each other. 'cause they're both a little wrong. You shouldn't hit people but you shouldn't call people trolleys kenya. What's your what was your reaction to their Altercation really disturbed to see that. I mean here. We are in the middle of black lives matter and we're watching a black woman attack another black limited and it was just really disturbing to me and i was very disappointed with you. See it z. Way your reaction to jen angrily calling mary a grandfather at mother effort in at that party. I think that there's a lot to drag mary about and we don't have to talk about whatever. Darkness is over there regarding her relationship so far. Who is your salt lake city cast. Mvp athere easily had. There's always eating meat balls. I can relate to that lifestyle through all right. Thank you very much z. Way can relate to that lifestyle tonight while candy was getting uber. Emotional at riley's graduation to brand new atlanta women were having their first day of school and since kenya tough on the new girls. I thought she'd be perfect for a little newbie faceoff kenya. Pick your answers to my questions between the new gals toya and drew. Who would you want to have your back in an argument kenya. Wow bad letoya who throws the best shade letoya. Who would you trust to babysit brooklyn. Let's wait of the great mom who has better style. Oh honey child anybody can tell you that it would be letoya who better fits into this group. Ladies interesting okay. Who would you guess has a higher. Freak number a locally. Would you prefer to be quarantined with of the to all right. I think we know where kenya stands here. Thank you very much. That is funny Wow way jackie g. wants to know if you agree with wendy. Karen didn't like her. Because dr wendy didn't bow down and kiss mama. Karen's ring that is not impossible. But i think that these women are from two different generations to different vibes and karen doesn't really like anybody who threatens her but that's what we love about the grand don kenya. You become friends with any of the potomac ladies. Oh yeah. I'm well giselle and i really closed. I absolutely love her in adore her. I think she's a great person. Robin i love Ashley i get along with candace. I really am friends with most of them. I just am not pretty much friends with karen and and now money you. So you and karen don't have connection. I just. I just not friends with her. I've met her a few times. She's at cynthia's wedding She you know we don't have a connection. I like our on the shell. I think she's very entertaining. All right. let's go to our virtual audience daisy. What's your question for kenya high. So i thought it you and mark recently were together for brooklyn second birthday. You guys look really happy so my question for you is where the two of you stand and have you filed for divorce yet. I have not filed for divorced He did file in with drouet less than twenty four hours later so we kind of got bad that and right now markets relief fighting for his marriage. He wants To go to counseling. He's made appointments. He's asking to publicly. I to me in a lot of things but i never thought i'd see the day so all right okay brandon europe. What's your question. For z z way. So i read that. You also draw inspiration for your instagram show from housewives or a unions. Is there an iconic house reunion debt. Limit in your mind rent-free yes it was. It would be andy. Cohen asking direct cuddly. What she thought about someone saying that her boobs look big and bad. Do you remember. This was maybe season. Ten with denise first season. sure sure. That's the lot of boob questions going back to orange county season. Two gotta tell you. By the way zeke. What was your reaction to the conversation surrounding colorado tonight on the potomac reunion. It's hard to deny color them when you see a women of a shade of color and then wendy on route. It's hard to deny it. It's really uncomfortable. But i think it's important to have these conversations The holidays are upon. Us and kenya thinks the elf on the shelf is creepy. She better buckle up because she's about to get a festive visit it from the elves aft- up cousins it's the return of our clubhouse shady shot skis. Hey shady okay. Kenya pro-life my mantelpiece. Do not come in peace. They do come with questions about your appearances on this show. you've made many in our two thousand episodes. I stopped we have a question from lady gaga pee perfume. What's the question in the two episodes of watch what happens live which was your least favorite to watch anyone. Anyone a good answer all right. Now we have chamras implant tim'rous implant. Ask her a question. Who would you rather get stuck in an elevator with michael rapaport sherri shepherd fox vivica for sure. Okay finally the bunny has removed. Ca meals ball gag to ask a burning question. Okay bunny come. Yes that was on walked happens live with you that you would never want to be on the show with again a guest. You're paired with that. You would never want to be on with again sharing shepherd i just. That was probably my worst appearance. I thought she was trying to take over the show She was very arrogant so it shares. She was calling you kendra. Most of the night she thought she was still on the view and she didn't know she had up here. We get fired she okay. Thank you shady. Watch keys go back on the shelves shoe off with you. Well over two thousand episodes. We've made it our mission to play games with acid trippy. Titles that you wouldn't see on any other show and almost is often. We've tried to incorporate naked models whether the game really called for it or not. You're welcome by the way. So i want to see how many of these brilliantly stupid clubhouse games you to remember with what's in a name i'm going to throw out some potential game. Titles you gas if we played them before. Okay i up the ass menagerie. Did we play kenya z. Way yes we did play with zach quinto and connie grappling elaborately asses. Okay what about. Who's sitting shiva with kimmy gibbs. Did we play that kenya. No no okay we did. We played it with jerry. O'connell laurie laughlin. Okay how do we play. What's that smell for wral. I don't see how you smell game on the show. So i would say no zero says no to. Yes we did. It looks like we played it with carole. Radziwill and ferrall. Okay did we play camel. Show no. They didn't kenya yet. Z way. i'm going to say yes. Because i've been surprised every sounds like we did but we didn't how 'bout hit him where it squirts kenya. Nine z. way. That feels a legal so no we did. Not about the deadliest crotch. Did we play that game kenya. No z. y. Yeah we did play with. Sarah silverman nine okay. What about blow job or no job cal. I would be afraid of if you did. I'm going to say no z way. I'm gonna say no we did. We did with debbie. Mazer. adam brody. What about schwab pass. Okay sure i'm going to say we didn't but it sounds great. What about riber. What about do lynn's curtains match the drapes. I'm gonna say no we did. Not but we used sounds like last. What in the crystal ball sack. Sure okay. yes we did with mark swallows and mama elsa how 'bout how to more okay quickly booty hole in one. Shame on you. If you did shavei us we did it. Okay last did we play dra- ch- is that your snatch funny. That's too funny not to play but we didn't play at zero wins. The game kenya. Julia p wants to know. Is there something we're not seeing. that happened. offscreen that made you like letoya so immediately. We've never seen you like a girl so fast. I don't know it's something about her. It's just really genuine and funny. And she's unapologetic and she's really a kind person. I just really want the viewers to give her a chance. Not for my haters. Who don't like me to say. Oh well she's friends with kenny. Give her chance. she's really great girl. She actually gets along with most of the girls alexandra. I'll wants to know z. Way who's your pick for best dressed at the potomac reunion and do you think karen has gone too hard on giselle style. This year is justified. Jays al is one of the most beautiful woman ever seen and she cannot dress to save her life. That's the gist. But well at smart girls. A lot of the acute dress outside is not yet. Oh who else. Who else do you ask. problems dressing. Kenya god i mean. I used to love the way ashley dress. Because she had the grey body in. I don't know what's happened to actually addressing. I really didn't love. Any of the girls stresses except for arana's best tours at reunion island wendy's look as well. Wendy gorgeous olive beautiful. I just didn't love everyone's drax all right now all week long. We are celebrating some of our favorite watch. What happens live two thousand moments for tonight. We've come through the many many gems bestowed upon us by the atlanta housewives. We can only play one. The nominees are kim and nina's iconic closure legs to married men fight from two thousand nine the night in two thousand ten when candy was on with patti labelle and gave patty crabs as the lights went out in the clubhouse also twenty ten cherie playing she charades with tabitha coffee. Kenya's is fraught twenty fourteen appearance with sherri shepherd that she mentioned earlier we're sherry kept calling her kendra and finally kim zolciak performance of tardy for the party at bravo on this year featuring me those are your contenders. Let's see which clip we're gonna watch light up the board when i stop. It's going to go stop the bravo. God this is original track folks. Don we we only. 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It has massive outdoor kitchen a pool and so many other amenities that gives us a chance to really unwind and relax. That's amazing. i'm going to check it out. Because i know you can find pretty much anything on there for whatever you need. I am ready to take a trip. You should check out the verbal app. Whatever kind of vacation your family needs. They'll have the perfect place that's verbal. Vr dot com. You're together awaits off two thousand episode after show. It's getting more. And z way. You're lee departed. Premieres december thirtieth on amazon prime video z. Easy i really yes she. Thank you talk. Phoebe which housewife newbie. Would you say the best first season this year. wendy leah or gar cell. i love carcelle. I think that she is a talented actress. She's beautiful and she came up cool calm and collected so i love gardell. Okay very good kenya in our once and on a scale of one to ten. How would you rate latoya's shade towards drew would you. Were you surprised. She came in so hot out of the gate. To another surprise. I was very surprised. Delighted to by the way did. Yeah you did you did. Katie reader. I am but i won't give her a good steps z. Y. noel are wants to know. Be honest with you. Ever rock and embellished hat tacky. Sweater party a matching hat situation. I'd love to support small businesses. So perhaps that's funny Sandy from sarasota. Florida at wants to know kenya was difficult to say on national tv. That you gain thirty pounds during quarantine. I admire you for speaking up about your struggles. Thank you you know. It wasn't difficult. Had had a horrible late six months since the pandemic and before that and i was just going through a really difficult time obviously with my marriage and i think you saw some really wrong. It's for me and it is what it is. And i think that a lot of people are going through the same struggle style. I wasn't afraid to share kanye lizzy and when snow vivica fox reached out to you after you apologize to rod wendy williams and what made you want to apologize for on national. Tv the answer is no. She hasn't reached out to me. She definitely has information knows. People wanted to apologize to her. Because on the jordan show she was you know she againry reignited whatever was going on between our feud in but it was the first time that i heard her say that i had hurt her. Beefing and you know you know. Superficial arguing is one day. But when i heard her say i hurt. Her were friends before celebrity apprentice and whatever went awry when awry but to hear that hurt her in. I really believe. Turn a dismay your awful. I wanted to apologize to our good for you good. The atlanta women used a dictionary to get the proper definition of the term sugar. Daddy but i wonder which qualities ten and z way. Think with defined an upstanding husband. We're going to play. Let's talk about the husband's the rules are civil. I'm gonna give you traits that pertain to pairs of housewives husbands for each round. You're going to pick which one sounds more like marriage material. Would you rather have a guy who smokes pot or a guy who calls your friend. Inherently cold z way. easily maurice. yo pot okay in kenya would you rather have a guy nicknamed his penis. Tarzan or a guy you can do the splits. Immune to the split for me zia little at best zee way. Would you rather have a guy who insists on going to every party with you or a guy who never shows up because he lives in your code. A virtual boyfriend. Hey all right. Would you rather have a guy who your mom thinks is after your money or a guy who wants access to your phone. My mom after my money. Okay recently okay way. Would you rather have a guy with a great ass or a guy with a super deep voice. I i like i like food. And that's just one of my loss. Okay can you. Would you rather have a guy who was once married to another member of your family or a guy who's manhood is allegedly a different color than the rest of him him. Okay this is the white guy with the brown death. would you rather reuse. Okay do okay. Can i just do most black. Men's penises are different than their than the rest of them. Would you say. that's what i'm saying. Is that most of black. Miss penises are darker than your body. Just the same. We're a lot of black ladies darker knees or elbows lake pygmy alright alright z way. Do you cosign. On the look at your. I love burchett. Your girl never seen a phoenix in my life. All right. i think that's a good place to leave it. I to thank. Can you more and watch special on amazon. Prime on the thirtieth. I was a great two thousandth episode. Look forward to two thousand more thanks. Everybody thank you guys appreciate it. Thanks for listening to the podcast. Everybody hope you enjoyed the show. Remember episodes go live monday through friday at four. Pm eastern time. Make sure your subscribe to have a great rest of your night.

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