Jack Miller "Stoked" With Ducati Factory Ride In 2021


Hello and welcome to the tank. slappers podcast all sport, the Motorsport Network podcast for all things to wield I'm your host Lewis, Duncan join me as ever all the way from Australia is Oriole, pushed modern motorsport dot coms to GP. Global editor and Yuri Harry doing these days. Good still here in Australia. We're looking to to season. Start talking about the season. A little bit later on. We're GONNA talk about the big news of this week which has been Jack Miller. He has no going to officially become a factory to catty raider. Factor. Team Raider. From the two thousand and twenty one season, no move that we've kind of thought was going to happen for a while, but. It's a very significant move I think because it's. As another young raider been put into factory team very much seems like there's a changing of the guard and Mogi Pena. Well I. Think it's yeah, W. Gate, it be Goja. The all riders are getting older. And everybody's getting there but especially. All. The the they're all riders are getting older so Yates Steinfeld the generation, change and I think as Jack Mueller, said yesterday, he's like I think Yamaha. studies move by signing Fabio. For Twenty one and then I do patty had to move on. I think it was the right time to give him the chance off the after what happened. With with Petrucci them the time before. Yeah. Definitely, we. We don't have good to Raider Jack. Miller as we seen. Of seeing Wehrley works within that surrounding with the Bake you know in particular last year is a really really important figure for them. In terms of development, so not only got a young talent who's has capable of winning more GP races. They've got really good development raider as well, and that's the ideal combination. Yeah I think the only thing or the main thing Jack needs to work on is to get. At on the consistency, he needs to be more more more. More solid and more often more slowly and more often. That's what Luke do. God is looking for Because otherwise it would be impossible to to reach the level. They are looking for They need like a I wouldn't say a SEC on right, but I would say somebody who? Go which closer to the Dhabi which at the moment? Is the. Top writer and he needs to be more consistent than his being in the last few years. For sure I mean. Last year we did see. A very solid season for Jack five podiums consistently in the top top top sex and moisturizers. Is Get near birds certainly as you see needs to make that step in a factory surrounded, but. Didn't think he was capable of that. They would have left him at primax Oh. You have to think that the. He's he's moving into the rate surrounding to be able to make that step with Paulo about your own dome was stove Ataur dot C with digi linear as well I. Think is the right. Choice from I think. To not make that wouldn't be fair to Jack. But by. Saying that. I would say that. I'm not expecting any big change from him. Because last year he has right on as weather with the Omar. Really. Thirty support. And we all know Jack I think he has a beat more a margin. to improve done Danilo that's my opinion and I'm I'm convinced that but. It. I mean what I WANNA. Say is that I think we are not impromptu next. Casey's donor okay. That is the interesting thing because that is beaten. Comparisons of Bemidji Austrailia on a red bake very much Casey's donor, but As a very big leap. To to be the next, Casey Stone of. Jack is a very highly rated raider. Katie was keenum. We you know he's. After. There's a wild card and the in the PAC. Let's say someone that could surprise Marquez. You would say it was maybe Jack. Is All the ingredients. He just needs to put them together. How? My question is how considering last year he has been writing. Affected, Reich as well I. Mean when I say that when I say that Jack is not the next cases When Casey arrive at the Duke at was a completely different bike than all other bikes there. And he was coming from an Honda. With different diets. and. He was scratching every time. He was I mean a lot a lot more often. Than everybody. Together. With Jack. I'm not saying that to me is one of them. Hi List. Highest dented rides in all degree. Don't get me wrong, but what I mean is that we don't have dame boots expect a huge change. Because He was having a good package nausea and he would have Z as well. I mean this year it will be good young formation about what we can expect from him next year. Yeah yeah, that's that's a very good point. We do need to see how it goes. This year and testing was quite strong for Jack but. The, interesting thing about this year as it is, said to be quite a short championship, we know it's going to be maybe ten or twelve roads, nor room for mistakes, no room for inconsistency, which as you mentioned as been a problem for Jack so if he can string together a really good season this year under the circumstances. You know that would bode well. For next year, perhaps obviously it's. Edith would need to take a then a beggar step next year on the factory team bake to challenge, Marquez. I. Think, this is very good i. mean do Kathy and. Bush Buddy. Go debate because There are two. Different I mean there are many different perspectives from Ho You approach this this equation, so do me. Again. I'm really happy that. Jack has signed for to gut the by the time. Don't forget that. Gut The was running out of options. So. He's a it's. By signing Jack the best move. For all the remaining. Options. I don't know if I can explain I south Yano. Yeah, no, I, totally get what you mean. Essentially you! You mentioned options because. There's one I mean you've said sorry. Lewis said that the was. Really keen to signing tack. But. Kate the is a completely different project than look at into Coty in the last few years has been the element of factor able to fight for the. Data until the end strove Duke Gut, the e, C, net, different path than Katie the percent so that's what I mean. Yea Yea for sure. Going back to what you said. Of the options to Cathy had We Know Paula chip told one of our own. Journalists from the Italian motorsport. Dot Com addition. It was going to be for the factory team. It would be an option would be between the five current currently contracted raiders to Cathy so mellow Davinci also by. Petrucci Zakho. The, you have to say that the biggest loser amongst all of us because. The rumors are to be believed at product that's going go to either by and Bass Jeanie or by and Hori Martine. The biggest loser all of this as as probably Zakho because he had these say ice on. Stepping up through Kathy, he's stuck of Anti essentially for the next two or three years if you want to. So I would say that the biggest. Danilo. I. Would disagree with that personally because. As well, look I think precisely. They're going to get a really good Raden mode superbikes on a very good contract. You'd have thought or he's going to end up earlier if you can't get his band, which wouldn't be a bad option I don't think for for Danny, low? I. See I see what you're I. See what you're saying about Donnie low, but I don't think he's necessarily lost doubt as much as Saku. The Way I don't know it's hard to explain. Zarko had more to gain than she had to lose. If that makes sense. If you. Say. It makes sense in my head, but I don't know if I'm getting a skin. Probably. Yeah I! I I disagree with that containing than fair enough through. She has three Guyq. Goulash! Patricia was always GonNa be. Always going to be there for one year. It was very much a filler until they got someone better not not to take not to be disrespectful to dining, but he was always no. This hundred percent agree and I wrote that many times that by signing King Raleigh one year. You are not giving him the trust the confidence. That a writer like him proudly needs. To step up into a motor indoor faculty team on the potential but At the same time. He didn't deliver. What do I do I spent she has he got his first. Win Blah Blah Blah, but He wants to par. He was far most of the Times. He was, but. Don't get me wrong and don't forget. He ended up. He ended up in a better position than Jack last year, so he was seeks Jack West eight eleven I think which is normal and understandable containing. But she wasn't right. But, that's what I mean that I am not expecting any huge change, but going back to the question. Dot West Nowhere. Imbalance last year. was home or thinking coming back to? Not. Do Di had to convince him to sign for India. We have an. Hot. Any raise yet. So. What's the point on eggs? Yeah you. I totally agree with that is no point taken? Is As. We know Sokoll had he's had this year. He was gonNA, trying to say or. Tree Bait with Promo Code Scene But as you've mentioned before Zakho does. You know that. What would you say that Darko? Go has many Let's say shocking things inside his head. Yeah! We've seen in the past. Yeah, for sure. Yeah, but for why we if there's going to be one is going to be unhappy at the current situation from. because. He doesn't like the team wherever he said. All the teams get in bear. He doesn't want to really be there he wants to be. To Cathy but. Now he's east stuck there, so yes as? Well you know. I suppose what you could. If you were beaten cruelest meanest, supposedly, you could save. Zach goes, it's. Karma really know. I mean don't forget his his pastoral Katie. I mean what it Yeah Yeah Disaster An. Detainment hone wasn't dray. Racist, but it wasn't as good as it really should have been so. Not. What I mean I mean you have to take all these important. Then try to result or to to try to get a conclusion from all of them. Show in the end. I, think that the best pinky can do is to come down and try to deliver. First, and then all the entities will come. Arrive, but he needs to deliver something. which he hasn't. Done. A is true and I always did think he's ambitions of a factories raid, or at least proud grade were. Well there were about bishops really but. Everyone has to have dreams of suppose. With with the with the. Thing. I mean it's crazy how this this market works because if I remember what happened in the indirect building last year. He was really close. There'd be out of county. He was really. Close to be pushed out. From Glamoch. For these year. But really close believe me I mean we're world that Most of the people admitted that even admitted that. And now he gets affected seat so. when I say that there are a lot of perspective different perspective. I think we have to keep it on on mine because. I. Mean Yeah, it's. It's a bit crazy than. In, let's say six months and. Then racist you go from. Being outside of the all having big chances are being out of the tide of Dad, but my current Coty. And pretty close to sign for Kate the end due to get A. Factory Cadiz it. Yeah, it's. A very good point you make and don't get me wrong than the the situation. They're in the red bull. Ring Wash to me. Stupid Committee and Oh yeah, for sure definitely. Fully agree with that as I'd like to readjust my answer of the biggest loser there because if he thanked about it. If you think about it, the biggest loser been hey Lorenzo because had he accepted the proxy chances are. Given the factory contract. Yeah? Well I think I would lie. I would love to see this happen again. I mean signing with Kelly again. I would love to see that happening. Yeah well. You never know stranger. Things have happened. And just to wrap up the decastro talk before we go through a quick break. Also talk still stalled over money, but I mean we're going to do. Is he going to walk away from to Catty I couldn't go I. Think it's GonNa Shine. Yeah, there's no, there's no. Choice relate that that's what that's what it was. It is now and it was two weeks ago and was a month ago. I mean market in the end what we would we? Complete when? Honda one Yamaha said? The deemed for Tony Twenty one with five Matvey when Honda. resigned modern for four years. So in the end. We, all know that if the duke at the end, the we want want to keep. Being that liberal? Day Arab to to shine. Forth define show why what? Do. The is not about today. Shown ghost a view. Them have money to pay well. Yeah, but it depends which started you happy if you're these two for the championship unique to try to? Get, the best possible team. And, of course, it is more expensive than having on are less competitive. For sure. We're GONNA. Go for a quick break. Do join us on the other side where we're GonNa talk about some of the calendar stuff coming up so hopefully we're going to be going race in July and we talk about some of that but yet. We'll be back in a minute. Welcome back to this week's. podcast jury is still with me. Hopefully. We're going to recede race in July Herath Spanish. Government is still to to give it. Go ahead for the plan buff. Lolita in Spain is going to pick up. An June so that's that bodes well for GP think. We've had some bakes on track this week. Katie had a private test. That bull ring, which is lovely was nice to see some video. Footage of some bakes going around the track. More than Anderson what I really enjoyed was zoned a really messed disowned of Amore GP bake. But we? We are expecting account of pretty soon. I think you're Isam. Coming along? We think British grand. Prix is going to be canceled. Australia's not gonNA under calendar. Parolee Japan as well yeah. So Yeah I. Think we. Have to expect. A European Kalinda with I would say I. down. My? proposal for for which got that Weirder we're GONNA HA. I think we're going to have to do. Yes, it will happen if we don't have any you know. A The curb keeps lead. Say fluttering or Jay. stable say these way. Try. To go for CREF. To racist than or Burleego to. Would Brody go to Austria. Would Brody go? To races. Would probably Goto. On. Would barely Watts Lona the races and probably go dwelling tier two races. That at the moment my let's say guessing A. Certain sensible. I think that that probably will be very close to where the real calendar would be. It sounds very logical, and I don't think we're going to go and Taylor December I mean probably the first weekend of December, but not nothing Christmas. Because I think they. They have realized that the we need this season to start only decision to finish, you know. The best possible way, and then we need to focus and they need notice but. They door now and if I am and themes and everybody needs to focus on trying to recover these like new normality. For, next year. Bedford Amien. And I think it's the yet damore logical move because at this point i. don't see any. Racing happening this year. Does Not bind from Konami, point of view from the media point of view from the I mean daily. Daily would be. But don't forget, Don at nighttime is not like they have crazy numbers. It's a good point you make about the overseas racism. Eating financially doesn't make sense. TV doesn't make sense. You know there's a lot of risk going overseas as well with the virus. Until the virus tellers, the vaccine going overseas is going to be risky, so it's not worth it rate not really does know nothing to be gained yet. It's the risky. To be there because then it is much more difficult to control. All the people from the paddock. which researchers would be really really really? High. With this new medical protocol because they. They cannot take any risk by making the. Going up again, so Yeah, that's why thing because I mean. We have to have a clear mind and by doing it's race. It means a huge risk because you have to control. He amount of people more than thousand people. Going around and you have to keep them under control. Each machine which means that I mean vertical. It's crazy. I've seen the protocol and he's really really crazy I mean the people from one team. Is Not allowed. They are not allowed to talk with another team. That's one of the things. They are not allowed to go anywhere else from the track to the hooked up for beholden to the truck Internet, specific data. They cannot show it is. It is crazy, so if you overseas? It's much more difficult to control the staff year as you say that it would be difficult to draw me if we take as an example. You know the hotels. Hotels aren't not on is closer to circa. Are Some places to paying? You know so and you've got you say the two main hotels and Supine or the to airport hotels, but the. The other side of the airport, so. Really really would be really difficult to antenna. Yeah and Brody are. Two of the most expensive hotel there, so you have to reach a deal with the hotel, because otherwise it. Most of the deemed specialty multitude monetary cannot support. the rate show. Yeah, I! Think is not easy is not easy, so I'd say that European in that is the most logic gotTa. Think will happen. Yeah, definitely, the interesting thing I spoke to Wayne Rainey a couple of weeks ago. Mortar America, president of course, five hundred CC legend. And he was telling me the plans to America. Go put in place for their return, and they're actually working quite closely with Dorner working directly with Dorner to to share data to share information to formulate the plans. And some of the stuff they were talking about. Lake you say none of the team speaking to each other. Marshals not traveling around the circuit one corner. There's none of the team. None of the track staff no-one interacts. Know. Paddock is space to lot waiter. The teams won't even be allowed into pit lane until the session their session starts. They're going to have to work from the Paddock and. Number of personnel will be banned will be cut rate down on wall so. As you say a lot of things and. The for some things as well. The I never even considered being a problem lake collecting passes that sort of thing for the product. That's had to be completely rethought to make safe. You know so it's there's a lot little things that need to be addressed as well as the main issues like you say, it's very very complicated. Situation Yeah Yeah I mean I mean don't forget that the. With, not had before so any in a way. It looks like we are in a in a film. So. even in our day by day. Life which means was here in Australia. We are a bit more. Yeah, we have. The regulations are a bit more flexible than in Europe because Demont cases are much lower, but in Europe. I mean most of the people. have. Like in a in a film in a movie. So. I would say that that scenario that they're gonNA face in a racetrack. Week completely Yes different and full of surprises. Despite? They're gonNA try to have everything, set and ready. I. Will have. A huge surprise it which will be good to write it down and maybe after write a book. I tell you. This that's I was thinking about this. The other day because I was I was working on a updating. Book for a company. And this season is GonNa be so strange to to look back on and explain to people how we went racing, and you know you know why we had. Two races at is. This is going to be strange to to talk about in ten twenty years team, but. I suppose it's a little bit history to be lived through so. I always look on debris, suppose. Yes, I think it would be with multi billion with the the normal life I mean these would be yeah. Completely different and and Goto remember for the yeah for sure, but the the most important. I say the most important. More important things in life, but the most important thing for us is. We are getting closer to Gordon. Racing plans are being put in place and sensible. People are Putin plans into place so. I have for the first time in quite a few weeks. I have a lot. A Lot. Hope that we're going to see race in this year. So I think I think that an in the last recently in the last hours the Spanish government has sent Yes, they'd been underlining. Hall important the motorcycle. Will the motorcycling world is? For Spain, which means it clear signal that they are trying to. do the best their best to make this happen. Especially in in then, let's see how the holiday things go, but I think it's important that the most important thing is that we need this season to start. Coming back is the is is the per step. Trying to get back to normality. Yeah, this is exactly what we in rainy said to me was that it was one of the most important things for Motoo America was to. To give people that hope. People stuck in. Say the there is a chance there is a way that life can return to normal and. I think this is the most important thing about getting sport, not just more. GP All sport back in some capacity, because people need something to grasp onto to to get them through this really difficult time cause. Spent eight weeks we've been a knock. Don't and it's been incredibly difficult for so many people, so we can give them some sports something to look forward to. That's that will change the situation for everyone completely. Yeah, I would say. It would be to give people something. To lead a rescheduled, their lives and sport is a really good. let's say I. Dunno Addenda or you know a very unifying thing. Yes, I mean everyone loves sport. Whatever is everyone loves sport so I would say a good thing to show next next weekend. We have a race or next Wednesday. We have a applicable game or an ex. You know what I mean or Denise so which means that the every body would be able to escape a beat from this nightmare. Yeah, for sure and to be honest, I. Think people have had enough of sports when you give them something proper to the. Proper. Yeah I. Think they yes I. Mean. Let's say that crashing in sports It is. Yeah Mall, let's say. Easy or light to handle than crashing in a real. Base Yeah for sure. On that no Melendez there may thanks. For joining again, my thanks to listeners as well. We hope you enjoyed that story. We've been away for a few weeks been busy. I've had the holidays well at a whole saint. Holiday and the house, but you know a holiday in the last. But we've been working hard as ever. There's lots of stuff on autosport motorsport dot com to read lot features on everything. Everson GP Super Bait Morton even more to America, so do go and check out We will be back soon to talk more things more GP. Fold podcast on apple podcast Google podcast, spotify all podcast places but until we are back again as a very warm Dubai and do keep looking after yourself.

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