Ep. 3,031: UFC Norfolk recap, Mike Bohn joins the discussion, the future of UFC Flyweight division, more


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I like having Mike in Studio because we're going to be down in a couple suds here so learned. Tell our bosses. We just wanted to have a good time to cap off a good fight week. We're going to recap the you have C. Norfolk card. Tell you all about it. You know all the results all the major plots subplots. That came out of that. Mike again was in Norfolk. So we'll see if he has any backstage news nuggets along with the news nuggets. That have come out this past weekend which there's not many of honestly the meat and potatoes show is going to be the UC Norfolk card and don't forget fight. Week has kind of officially started here in Vegas. Ufc Two forty eight is on Sunday. And so we'll get a couple quick dots. Excuse me Saturday. We'll get there. We go We'll get a couple of quick dots on that event. That's coming up before we get on. Outta here. So buckle up folks and it's another enemy junkie radio show ready to go two thousand eight a former D. One football star pulled off a robbery so daring and so strange that it went viral worldwide. It was a perfect crime story. There's just one problem. It wasn't the real story of what happened. The sneak is a new serialized. True crime podcast from the wind and USA Today Sports. You can subscribe now on Apple podcasts. Or get anywhere get podcasts. On Tuesday January fourteenth today is unable to get a little bit of a break. Saturday to forty eight is on Saturday. But right now we're going to worry about the UC Norfolk card guys. What a disappointment. We should be talking right now about either. Davison figure out or just spend vitas being the world champion at one. Twenty five pounds the flyweight division. They don't they don't really call it the world champ. You guys know what I mean and instead we're GonNa talk about just the sequence of events starting with the way in on Friday and then the fight that took place on Saturday Mike I believe you were one of the first ones. Start putting it out there. Davidson Figueredo came in at one hundred twenty seven point five pounds two point five over the limit and he didn't really even try right to to The second attempt yeah no he didn't just the baby s was the first person on the scale came in right at nine am local time. We're ready to go one. Twenty four point five. And you're like okay. This is great so far then we actually had a pretty rapid success succession of fighters coming in and we were basically through the whole card within like forty minutes. Or so when you're like. Oh there's two people left at one of them is Davidson Figaredo. You're starting to just get that little concern. But I hate when people kind of freak out in the window and they're like Oh yeah like you get those two hours until you show up like out care if you show up at nine one or ten fifty like you are still within your right. Orlando anytime there so I think we kind of make too much of it but you're starting to get a little concerned and he comes in with about twenty minutes remaining and gets on the scale and they read out one twenty seven point five. And you're like wow. Did this any rumors throat. Quite weak at all and he won billings. You know in the hotel or anything. No I hadn't heard anything I mean. We saw him on Media Day on Thursday. When he did his scrum he looked fine. I saw him around the hotel. There was nothing really lightheadedness or nothing like that. No no issues that really stood out to me and I guess what happened was he. The cut was going relatively well and apparently he started to cramp up when he was around three pounds out and I guess from the perspective. The doctors they started having some conversations and really they. They came to a decision point. It's like is this guy going to have to keep putting himself through this and if he pushes himself so hard and he has to be taken to the hospital or something then you have no fight it all so it was like okay. This guy's GonNa Miss Wait. But are we gonNA try to preserve the fight here so we still have a main event? Joseph Plan for the title he can still fight so I think that's ultimately the choice that was made but he was given an extra hour trying to make the way he did not use any of it. They came in because he reached that point. So now I get. It wasn't for lack of just I quit. You know like he broke or anything that he actually hid. The body was shutdown. That's what it seems like. That's the story. I did not get that story from. Fc official or from a doctor anything. This is the story that volleyed Ishmael. His manager provided to US allegedly what he said. I don't really know how accurate volume translations are this is kind of being a storyline coming out of this event as well so that was what he put out to us saying that the crappy started happening and they just made that decision that they want to make the fight still happen instead of him really trying to kill himself to the point where he was going to have to be taken to the hospital or something and we'd lose the fight and do they have the same rules the women at one hundred and fifteen pounds a few weeks ago. I think we lost a fight and I think it was the goodell fight because Grosso didn't weigh in within three pounds otherwise it could have went forward with that was at the same case that would have applied here with Joseph at one twenty four point five point five zero per pound less than what he needed to be and the other kid. Davidson to grow coming in one. Twenty seven point five. They dodged that bullet. I guess but did you hear anything like I'm not I did not. I think that might be a more Nevada rule. I think New York has something similar as well. 'cause I remember the fight a few years ago between Donald Surrounding Kelvin. Gasoline supposed to happen gasoline. Canaan like eight pounds overweight. And you. It's it depends on the weight class too. I think if you if you're talking about a three round. Yeah exactly as you said there so yeah. I didn't hear any word on that. But Joe seemingly unfazed about anything that we can get into that entry. I had with him after the fact if we want. But yeah it was. I don't think it seemed like it was a body shutting down situation for Davidson and then we kind of went forward from there. Okay I did see that interview that you did. And he even said Joseph said he ate breakfast that morning so he was very light He came in prepared. Fight at one fifteen if that really yeah and folks that does exist goes you. And I called fights at one hundred fifteen hand for world series of fighting global in Fact Jared Brooks who I think was getting vocal on social media and at one time was a UFC flyweight. He's actually the number one star. Wait in the world isn't he? And I don't know that we I mean that's so unfortunate about the whole situation is everybody just. Kinda had won. Twenty five's back when it seemed like it was gonna go Rhino and then for something like this to kind of kick in at when the spotlight is as busy as big as it could possibly be for them. That really really sucks. So I mean one fifteen. Maybe one day will happen but not any time. Well who knows who knows if one twenty five. Oh happen now ask Mike a little bit more about that but so so now we're on Friday. They accept the FI- thirty percent is what's decided that dig. Figueredo has got to give to Joseph Evita's the fight goes on with Davidson Figueredo not being eligible to win the world psychic calling the UFC flyweight title however Joseph innovators was going to be able to win the vacant title and they go through with it. Seems like everybody's okay with it? I'm sure the UC officials are displeased at this point but publicly. It just seems like everything is just flowing along until we get the Saturday right. Mike did I. Did I miss anything? There was Ernie anything behind the scenes. That no I think he paid about okay. All right so We get to Saturday did did he have to weigh a certain limited? Joseph put any criteria on him or not he just said that. I carry hydrate to a certain way on time. No she just wanted the thirty percent because he felt that three pounds he had kind of during his experience. That typically when someone is your if it's three pounds or more something like that then you could ask for thirty percent said the twenty percent and ultimately ended up getting not surge. You can ask for whatever you want. You could ask. Whatever the Commission rule is Virginia's twenty. Okay cool which you can go ahead above that and you also ask for the other fighter to come in twenty four hours later at no more than say twelve pounds. I think that's important soda. Why because come fight night? Wow what size difference and I mean I've seen I've seen both these guys fight a ton of time especially Joseph but I couldn't believe it not only did it look like a ban away versus a flyway. It almost looked like a light. Featherweight in verses a flyweight have the stress on a fighter like the second. They make wait. They usually all have either scream or neck sale or something the fact that you could put your fighter your opponent in that situation overnight where they can't have that release until they do that second win. I think that's great. I would do that every time I die man. You know that's a serious thing folks. Maybe Joseph's fault you know his children and his level-headedness maybe almost to his detriment in that situation because as you mentioned in that entry we did in his hotel room. Shortly after the win he was calm as Bob. Yeah like he did not worried about a thing he's like the guy who was the title anyway etc like. I don't care about him missing. I'M GONNA go in there do my thing. And he was just almost maybe a little to lax about it and maybe he should've push harder for some of those things you just mentioned Aman The the fight starts on you know as the main event with only one fighter eligible to win the title and the first round. Wow Davis Figaro I mean he looks great. He's obviously the rehydrated we don't happen to know their rehydration weights you know. They didn't share that with that commission. Which doesn't something that will always happen across the board. I'd love to see that to look. Yeah Figura you couldn't imagine. He like he looked like he was one hundred and fifty pounds. I was going to get one. Forty one fifty cents right to Ben Anita's no no more than forty probably thirty five below and thirties. I mean benefit is hit him a couple times and Benedetti's is coming off of Keio guys coming. Ko over Formiga. If I'm not mistaken for me 'cause the only guy to give us right so I mean I know the A. Plus B. Doesn't equal see stuff but either way I know has some power but yet when he's tagging. Figaro figurative doesn't look bad in the way of fly. It was so scary early on. He he sucked. He took his his best punch. You took this look like he had been carrying more confident. Look like that's all you got. You know that type of thing but Joseph still would catch up from time to time figure out it was really really catching Joseph. A couple of times Because Joseph more of a a windmill or type of guy rather than the street punch guy but I the way how about the first part of the The fight where you almost got armored. That was one hell of a scramble. The fight really got started. It was exciting. The only thing I was thinking was dammit. This could be the exclamation. Fight that the U. OF C. Flyweight Division needed to restart itself a title fight. Which I knew it wasn't going to be but still a great fight. That may be finished with one guy. Being the champion Ben Evita's it started off on the floor. That was exciting. The they were hitting each But God damn and we get to the very end and that's exactly not what didn't happen but folks at one point their heads collide Ben Evita seem to take the worst of it and a cut opened up blood spilled out and during that time when benefit is Kinda was backed up he wipes his eye and figuring out a lands of big right hand. It looked like kraft the nose. You know right above the lip just puts Bellavia down on the floor. A couple of follow ups. That's it man. It's a wrap. I could not believe it reminded me of two thousand thirteen when I was in Sacramento and Joseph had fought Dimitrius for the second time and the first time I've gone to a split decision I believe in your your hometown of Toronto Second time people kept thinking you know OK benefit is might get this one he's Sacramento. Everything's built up perfectly for And he got laid out man and Oh man that sucked to see it. Because just like everybody's been saying across twitter. You can't find a nicer guy than Bennett. Is it Kinda breaks your heart to see that happen to him. Yes he's an a plus character in this game while the nicest guys in just look him in Megan or just such a a great part of our sport their relationship in everything so nice like I personally. I can be thankful for what they did for me during that week. Meghan elite gave me a great and very rare interview where she was on the other side of the talking about what Saturday was going to be like for her. I couldn't imagine that was probably her worst. Fear coming true what she saw there but then she set up that interview with Joe after the winds and software in. Yeah just such great people and I know we're supposed to be unbiased or whatever is media but it's hard when you're around these people as often as we were of course guys share a hometown here in Las Vegas with Joe's. Well you see him at the gym all the time when you're going around doing your off guards and stuff so yeah it's like it's just hard not to form some sort of personal aspect. It's not that I was rooting for him to win. I picked him to win because I thought he was going to win. But actually seeing when the fight unfolded. I think you laid it out pretty well like I was sitting there cage side and Joe was landing. Some good shots and Davidson. Didn't seem like he was affected by the power at all and that started to get real scary and then sometimes the three or four punch combos he would kinda clip them a little bit and look like a a couple of those kind was hurting a little bit and at the same time we know the Figueredo in his loan loss shown showed that he's a little bit susceptible to that cardio issue. You know what I mean so I think it was laying out nicely for Joe because again that round. I just finished saying a little while ago. He almost got armed barred. But did the judge is still around because he came back I think on I think he I think only to look it up right now but yeah it was a it was going to be tough going either way like maybe. Davison will slow down. But I think Joe would have had to be really really honest. Ps and QS for the background like I couldn't he wasn't really having much success with the take downs with the scriptures. I'll say that much as he was starting to put a chink in the armor of figurados. Cardio Figueredo goes. How many times did he stop? Josue take down very very nicely. You know what I mean Boston around like a didn't even didn't even touch the ground. Basically via take down I think unfortunately for Joseph Ben Evita's and for the division really in general. That was a night that was just filled. With what if's right? Oh what a minute. Figueredo makes weight right. He becomes the champion. What Joseph Wins the title? What if the referee catches the head but and gives them that break? Stop the finish from coming coming. There's so many what ifs that night that it. It just really sucked the way. It went down so all three Just to clarify all three judges did a first-round yes India and so remember. The other guy made an attempt to the Finnish In fact I was even wondering Ben. Readers Zelba was okay because that was deep and he's spin he spun out of it you know and was able to secure a single and get out of it. Both guys back to their feet. I'm telling you that fight was really really fun and exciting. Except for the part of Benhamouda's losing which like Mike already said. Hey Look Yeah Oh all right. We're a little bit more on the side of team. Benedetta is not that we were openly sharing or anything like that but We just know the guy he's been around for a long time. I mean I think he's gone on his fifteenth year through WBZ. And you have see. So you know you you. You can't help. But when it comes to those two fighters one guy that's based in Brazil. Those little English I. I don't even think I've met him versus Benhamouda's was co hosted. Sorry guys yeah. It sucked man. It's like to see that guy. Go through it. I saw it in two thousand thirteen thousand last title shot. Now it happens again. I saw Mike tweet. That he's like one five or six that have lost three times to have yeah go through in the AFC because remember he also lost to to cruise in WC so that guys? He's no joke. Man Brennan Venus Loma Skins on his wall. I just mentioned for IGA forming a could be one of the guys fight for a title at some point and Joe's beating in fact he's being sentenced him to us. It's just a match up thing but goes you said it. It's too many what what if it does go all the way to one hundred twenty five. What does he put his body through? Would he be is stout as he was on the following day? No you shut it down early. We don't know what happened behind. The scenes fighters told me every pound towards the very end is like thirty minutes of torture in the Sauna. Or however your methods of losing weight and figuring out didn't do any of that he shut it down early and again safeties paramount. If the guy's cramping up then yeah. We want the weight cut to stop at that very moment. There's no sense in pushing forward with it. Still a colossal fuck up on his end because he walks away with no title yet again. Mike Mike at Mike Von may have. You weren't following him this weekend you. You're an idiot because you also hit on something that shocked me and I even know if you know this one goes. He didn't even get is a reebok money. He only got five five thousand of the thirty thousand supposed to get. I guess that's a new thing like no. It's so there was a precedent there with your Romero. Same thing happened when he must wait for the Lacrosse. They were that well. I mean it's the way it goes right. Like you already penalized for bonus shirt. Well right to think about the money. He could've law that arguably probably would've won fight of the night if all whistle jet. And personally I thought they should've just about one hundred thousand dollars but that's a whole other thing But the potential fifty K. There and with this. Yeah the Reebok. Money or the promotional guidelines compliance pay but. Wait though how it works how it works this is the description given by the UFC. When I asked about this basically and again there is precedent for it. There's the tears right. There's the one two three fights here. The four to five fights cheer the five ten eleven to fifteen sixteen to twenty twenty one plus and then the title Challenger which is Thirty K which they both got and then the champions pay which is forty so he was not competing at championship fight so I technically for him. He's not on that title Challenger tear anymore so he drops back down to what it would be a regular fight and this was not lie Makeweight so we're going to know guys not on not tear any longer. You're not in title fight. Tear Janney lost thirty percentage. Oh anti-populist bonus and isn't the rule for the next two fights to or something like that or is that only a few guys that are GonNa fuck like that Clinton told us that goes or bonuses. Miss Wait Yeah sometimes you're not like TV shows two or three shows no ally acquitted like like that You know it is. Al Does a lot of things so maybe take it with a grain of salt but I thought something I before giving a real answer. I'd probably want to look into more but I feel you would look back and you'd see some of these people who've missed weight and they've probably got bonuses a few Nobel and then how about we want to keep going. If he's champ he gets pay per views on the next week Yeah you know what she gets. Probably a bump in pay as well. He Gets Forty K. For his first hell defense on the Reebok's promotional guidelines compliance like. There's there's just about one hundred thousand to two hundred thousand dollars just right there from what? We named mistake properly. Let me ask you this. What was your guys? Take on? Just his emotions after the fight because he didn't seem like a guy that lost all the things I think if he was listening to this over a little bit about the time he starts blowing up twenty four hours later. He's starting to hear you talk about it. He's like wait a minute hundred thousand two hundred thousand somebody on his teams getting fired. Well I mean he's gotTa realize it was him. But still maybe a nutritionist. Or something you saw with Joanna. Deg- even think he has a nutritionist. That's the thing old school I asked volleyed during the scrub. And this is again where it's so hard to read into Davidson because I don't speak Portuguese Talking to Idaho gear made cruiser. Ma Fighting put out after the Octagon interview. He wrote a story. Like this is what Davison actually said in the thing and there are some parallels to what volleyed set on the broadcast but there are some things he left out completely and we did a seventeen minute. Scrum backstage with him after the fact and talking to one of the reporters from Globo who was there? He said he's like it was better than in the octagon. But there's a lot of stuff you just like straight up to clean it up or just. I think he's. I think he's doing a massive disservice and this has been an issue. Volleyed is a big part of a history especially in Brazil. He's done a law for that market. Jungle fights all these things they can go on. He is a extremely charismatic personality in our sport but he is not doing. Davison any favors by not accurately representing what he said and we said. I talked about this. Was Jon Morgan colleague. Coming into the height week. I said we're GONNA go there and we're GONNA speak with him on Media Day. We need to tell you see. They need a different translator and they ended up doing not on the Media Day. They brought another guy who according to one of. The Brazilian reporters wasn't all that much better. And volleyed did find his way into the room as well during the scrum and like those kind of chattering. Some things in and saying some things here and there. So it's just a really weird dynamic of what's going on there and it just makes it really hard to know Davidson's true emotions and what he's like you know accurately saying here just to the Lang. There's a language barrier with the US audience one. And then second. You have this translator. Who's not even doing him any favors and sharing. He's actually saying you have Alex Davis who does that for his fighters as well but he wasn't getting official Trans Critical Today on twitter. I saw I saw him. He was going to have a history and another thing. I've heard behind the scenes. Volleyed is ruthless with the athletes in terms of. I don't know man you know like Tim Status. I don't know how much of that money you know. Makes it to to their athletes. Who knows but that's all stuff that I've heard behind the scenes to be fair. I I've never looked at these contracts asks these athletes anything but I've heard it so many times over the past fifteen years. Mike says this guy has been in the sport since the HP days that I feel like I have to at least bring that I love that volleyed volleyed in studio one day point blank. Ask them that these rumors. You know that that's the way is cutthroat manager but anyway All right I did catch when bread. Akimoto was talking. Volleyed Volley When he asked Davidson some question. And I'M GONNA go and try and get it in time for tomorrow spitting back like maybe can discuss. It goes but I remember catching something that kind of you know. Raise the little red flag as Brett is asking this question. Volleyed is kind of tone them something along the lines of like. Don't say anything real quick he just gets it off real quick so then volleyed translates and then Figueredo I think said what he needed to say so almost like he's trained them a little bit. You know what I mean. Who knows but wow what a costly mistake. All the way around now Mike. Tell me something that division is going to go right. This isn't I know that there's probably a percentage ten maybe five or hopefully point one. Oh that the division will continue on. Yeah I think I think the track because in this weird situation I had heard I will not say exactly from who but it seem on the night of the fight. In the immediate aftermath there was powerful. Ufc executives who had brought up the potential rematch of baby. Doing an immediate rematch. Those two yeah Joe Davison. So that's potentially out there because going back to the head. But yeah if if the timing's right in refereed takes a look and sees the Joseph's concussed because they cut they weren't able to get them up by the time they were announcing the winner. Yeah no he was. He was looking for a bit there. They may have been able to call it in context. Yeah Yeah it's tough to say I wouldn't put my faith in anything. We had some weird scorecards on the we had of course if we want to get into. The Mega Mega Ankle live young stoppage. That was its whole other thing like it was. It's been a rough few weeks on the referee. And judging in our sport here going back to you of course the John Jones Donna has all that kind of stuff elder hooker etc etc Main events just can't go off without a little stretch here but yeah to get back to your original question I think if they can make that work potentially but you look at the other guys out there. Like who's really screaming to see Dave so figuring toe and ask our Askerov or something like that you know it's like there's guys out there but I think we're kind of back to the place. Maybe Henry Pseudo does consider coming back down you know. He's making claims he's going to return to fly with on twitter. But you can't really put too much solidarity. Anything ASOS IS. I go relinquish means he has nothing to do with it right. There wasn't one of those. Were the belt comes back to the guy that they had said Immediately after it was declared Davison was not going to be making for this fight That if he wins the belt will remain vacant. So I think if I had to make a guest. I don't think there's GonNa be a long term future here. Maybe they try to run back the title fight. But I don't know how Cofferdam I'm the David six even make one twenty-five even going back to his previous UFC fight. He's been one twenty five point five or one twenty six. He has never made one thousand five on the nose. Never met one twenty four point. Five hundred lineker. Something happened to him. Exactly so volleyed did say during the post fight scrub that. I asked like next time this happened. I asked him point blank. He's never made one twenty five. What would you do differently? And he's like nothing really Mike nutritionist. Having nutritionist family. God How do you go into a world? Championship fight and not having nutritionist is just bogus but yeah. I think so. That's a whole issue. They have to figure out you could potentially do this over and run into the exact same problem again. So do you even encounter that? I could see them. Running out defy wait fights that are already on the schedule already on the books we got one coming up and a couple of weeks between for me and brand Marino and then it could probably come to a point that we're at before T. J. Dillashaw Henry. Suharto where they basically say. Yeah we'll let these fights run will maybe offer some guys that have fights left on their contract but other than that you can either move to one thirty five or go honestly. Don't blame him at this point. I think it's I can't blame them for that. If they're gonNA shut it down like now is the perfect time they can do it. There's nothing holding them back from getting. This thing has been a mess from day. One this division you know the draw miscalculated Dimitrius John McCall draw You know not being able to get. Dj over recall goofing off to the camera. Yeah split-second on his back in the postured up mountain stuff back now. It's just it's just hasn't gone smoothly. That's a hoot. Oh revived it and it had it had a chance and then he gets injured then he has to imagine if Tj dillashaw had won that fight and then there's just so many things that is on life support me. Yeah so like I. I think they'll probably honor the fights. They have signed to these guys. The ones that are already on the books and then they'll make their ultimate decision was exciting right guys. And that's the problem is good so it was a great thing that fight and I and I remember Marino in Kaikoura France. I enjoyed Dow one like the ones that have taken place in the last ten of the last twelve of have been to my liking. I just don't understand. They don't have the bodies is the problem. So you can have a great main event at flyweight but it's not like welterweight where a week later even a month later the next one comes around and it starts to build up what you're waiting for some kind of forty fives not go away more pounds. What's happening here? You know like I think what it was guys is Dimitrius strangled by the throat. The division for the last five seven years however long is run was and he was kind of like vanilla a little bit so dominant and you know like I said I think so who was able to bring it back. I still think it has hope if they run it back. I'M NOT OPPOSED TO IT. But yeah like what? What guarantees do we have with like? You just pointed out. He's never actually made one twenty five. And then you got a team. That just sounds sloppy over there. It's almost like the team. It's almost like like they blackjack players but they don't know what to do with an eleven against the six you know what I mean they. They're not maximizing their opportunities with their guy and honestly figurados a stud man. But you know the thing is like if he has to go up to one thirty five. He gives off the impression that he doesn't even care. And if you look at his body I don't even think he should. He looks like he fits in perfect. That one looked like I mentioned lineker before he I think he brattle off four straight before he settled into losing some of the top guys. But if you guys have been able to go up. I mean. Look what he did. His timing was right though. You know he didn't have to go through the Gauntlet Wow We could talk about this division forever. But the yeah. Those are the flights that are coming up for me. Go versus Brandon Marino I thought I saw one other. One doesn't Pant Ohio Know Schnell. Yup So he's got a right to it A little bit because even though he lost to Figueredo figure it also lost two for Megan. So everybody's Kinda beaten everybody in a way I wouldn't be too crazy to find out. Look who's healthy. Let's just ride. I was even thinking outside the box. Hey let's eight man tournament but you know the UC's not going to do that I certainly hope this isn't the end of it though Yeah did they say anything about the head and is that the reason they would run it back 'cause interjects because it's in the accidental right. Yeah no one from the said anything but we did ASS Davison slash volleyed at the thing and he claimed that it wasn't the headbutts that split them open. It was the elbow just before which is like. Come on Bro. It's like stop it so again. I just don't know what to make of Davis Figueredo because I don't know anything about what the student actually thinks that I don't know what words being spoken from him. What's being jumbled up? What's half translated with like all these things? So it's really tough. I would love to sit down and talk to that dude with a very healthy independent translator. What did Alex do this? By the way I think he basically was conversation that started up on twitter. I think with Ghirmay crews tweeting. That story being like this he actually said and then some other people chiming in being like this is a problem Alex Sherman people kind of all saying volleyed. Ishmail is Al Horford translator and he should not be put in this position especially on such word. Actually I'd love to see Alex Davis and volleyed right in elevator goes like sixty floors at least sixty floors. All right look the other. I mean look. There was some people that I'm excited about that. Spike Carlisle Guy He's awesome you know there's a few guys out there that you can tell right away whether it's their debut or they're just the way they flow that they're going to do something but I want to concentrate on women's featherweight The top two outside of the champion fought and won Felicia Spencer defeated Zara Foreign to Santos and Megan hand Excuse me Megan Anderson Defeated Normal Dumont Viana. Then they pitched it to Amana Dude as kind of punted back to the obscene said. Who whoever you guys want is fine. I would think Spencer makes sense. 'cause we don't even have to go back a year when she beat me an Anderson and like since then I get it but she lost a Cyborg but she did beat Megan Anderson. Mike is you think she's the front runner at this point. Anything behind the scenes there. I think she has to be Just given all those things I wrote this in my takeaways call. I'm not trying to do this to sound negative at all or anything like that. I think the reality of what we're GonNa see here especially it. Seems like they're going to want the title fight to co headline the C two fifty card with Brazil in Brazil with Fito and although Amanda wants to fight on that card one forty five and I assume they will probably speak to both medicine and Felicia and negotiate with both of them and I would say the person who got it will probably be the person who takes the cheapest deal from the AFC. Oh Wow if we're just being honest that's a situation that's happened before someone can negotiate themselves out of the fight I know. Megan is represented by paradigm who is very bold behind their clients and tries to get the best deal. I mean we almost got this Israel out of Sonya your Maryland coming up because as you was they were not budging on the deal. Ufc wanted to give them so the same people who. I don't think they're just going to let me get walk in there for something. You know some cheap deal and I think she kind of perpetuated that herself. She did not see my she was going crazy over this title fight. When we spoke to her post-flight she actually mentioned that she would be down to fight. Germain Durand me. She'd like to have her come back up to one forty five and if we're going to get rid of a division don't get rid of flyweights give this one. Oh it's funny because really like that situation of just saying yeah you know what all have next like. It's not as dangerous as if you did that. Say at lightweight or welterweight where one little screw up and now. You're back like a year having the weight because of rematches and all that and that division is matter. You know it's just like there's not that many bodies so I think Spencer so one that should get it but I agree Man This is the time to play high-stakes because if you beat a Manda you get the paper views and more than likely they're not GONNA make you headline they'll probably put you on a card that awfully has connor or some other beasts. Were you can reap the benefits of that but has tyron Woodley. About headlining are Being on the same card as connor and if not get paid for their. But who's to say IF AMANDA WERE TO LOSE. I think there'd be money in a rematch or something. But she's thirty five to ten to for sure and I think really the only reason that one forty five is still kicking around post. Cyborg is Amanda just wants this title defence. She wants to go in there and say the only two belts at the same time and defended the both know back and forth simultaneously like that and then I think she just wants to cross that off a resume and then everything goes out the window. Who knows if they keep it around? Who knows if she wants to keep? I would love for all of them to go to. Pf L. and be part of one fifty five not have to put their bodies through you know those additional ten pounds and just in enjoy that. But there's just not enough women at one hundred forty five pounds of sustain division especially when the champ as double duty and all these champ champs. I've had it up to here. That's about a foot over my head with this whole they don't defend both belts enough of that. They don't defend both belts. So that's why we like to see these campaigns. Look at Ryan Bater. He's barely getting around light-heavyweight along it's been guys two years. I think he's going on three. If I'm not mistaken might be too ridiculous you know. Look at what pseudo did. He held up for like six months then he made the decision. It just sucks. I don't mind them going for it but as soon as you win you get thirty days do the media tour and then you let one go and then that's that anyway all right. I think we all agree. Felicia SPENCER NEXT Begin now do you think there is worried about what what happens. I'm not there is value in both those like say. I think we'd all consider Amanda. She'd be a massive betting favorite neither those fights but Felicia or Megan. Winning would be good for the another Canadian champion. No no bias here but in Felicia that would be big for that market if they could get another Australian champion in Megan. That would be huge corn. Big there's some things go see. Canada withstand game more. Yeah but like you have her invoking off st on a car together. There's upsides marketable in Canada. No I don't think anyone knows this. She is seeing so but I think you throw her like Canadians. Are the type that they'll rally around that. You put if she wins that bell and people of course if she were to beat. Amanda Nina as I think the recognition pretty quick for her So we'll see what happens there but yeah I think the could do a good job marketing. Her however they want to do it to make it happen But yeah it's Israel Major. What if I don't imagine it'd be really big uphill climb for either those ladies to dethrone? Amanda Folks Junkie Dot Com. You can go to results and you can see the results of the fights Just to finish the main card and then you can search for prelims on your own. Magomed uncle. I have defeated Yang to Lobo and GRANDPA's and defeated Derek minner Seven thousand and ninety eight souls were in attendance at the chart. Way Arena Norfolk Virginia. Total Gate was four hundred. Two thousand nine hundred fifty eight. The bonuses went to fight of the night Kyle Phillips versus Gabriel Silva Performance of the Night Megan Anderson and Jordan Griffin The I mean I guess anything else guys on this card. Now it's just I just can't get over the fact that two thousand twenty well go every main event yeah about has hats. Mcgregor ones the only one. That's been smooth right. Yeah there's a lot of crazy follow from that as well Alkali. We should bring that up. We'll go a few minutes long. And we have to Goliath young cut. Olloba look man the referees. I try and go to bathroom because I think they have an incredibly difficult job out there. They don't even have the luxury today. I was watching Manchester United and there was a questionable call. That actually benefited us. And that's somebody who's already in a studio with all kinds of different camera angles Who between him and the referee they have they take the time to discuss? And even then the pundits saying now they got it wrong. Here's the letter of the law Blah Blah Blah. These referees have to make split decisions in the middle of a fight. You know that's happening really really quick. I mean it's hand to hand combat. That's taking place. I thought it was McDonald. Right was named Kevin McDonald. I thought his positioning was great from the time that ankle I have. I rocked cuts Kuta logo. A little bit watch him. He did all the mechanics of John. Mccarthy's always told us about. I'm more concerned. He says about the guy that's hurt and he just kept following them as those guys circled and he was watching he was watching him. He just observing them ankle. I have throws kicks and punches and whatever else not all of them were landing but could to love is just giving the feedback of on. Wobbled Australia cording to him. Yeah you know which I dunno possums more like when you kinda retreat and kind of cover up. I'm thinking of Scott Smith. Remember back in the day we lead. You see it a lot more so off of the road exactly you kind of cover up and then also you wind one up and he in fact. I think he won one or two fights. Check out Scott. Smith middleweight. Back in the day Well he was just hurt. Really bad but pete cells and all time classic exactly great but this guy was he looked like he was a little bit wobbly legs and then you know the eyes and on one of them he actually turned his head right towards Kevin McDonald and he just had this glazed. Look and I think that's why McDonald. Who was already trailing. I'm already observing them. He's already thinking. Hey this fight has the potential to be stopped. That's why he jumped in folks because the data that he was getting from logo on those prior shots was one of somebody that was robbed. Now it's easy to say. Yeah once once. The fight was stopped and he reacted and he showed that he was. Okay Yeah Yeah. Don't go shit on a guy who may have just got it wrong. Of course we I think you should have let it go a little bit more. But I don't think he also was careless getting. Yeah it's a tough one again. I think you said it right. He he was the one in the cage he was the one with the closest view of the fighters is at At some point like these guys know what they're signing for going in there like I think we're getting a little a little soft with the stoppages in some ways like that. You know ten years ago fifteen years ago that would be a abomination of a stoppage. And and how often we see the standing stoppages occasionally but it's usually when a guy is up against the fence covering up getting off or something. I can't recall many times where a guy has jumped in for a standing salvage like that in the center of the Cage Open. Space Bright does not happen very mechanics. Were good is obsolete. It's like he missed anything sure but he just saw something there and he. He just went into too quickly but I don't think he was careless. I just think he made a mistake because he jumped into quickly he did. And I think you're right there and I. It's just a tough one again. He was the one in there. But like I said these guys know what they're signing up for this important fight crucified man. It's like all right. Lead them out. Come on put them on. The Cross crucify album. You know. It's like great and the dots for accountability to all came out and say like they have in the NBA. They have a brutal stoppage or nuts. Salvage belt at brutal miscall or something like that they will allow and of course they have like an NBA writers association who worked with the REFS and etcetera etcetera. But they have a pool reporter. Who can speak to the referee? One Guy who represents all the media they'll come in with three or four questions? They'll get task the referees. They'll give their answers and go on. But now there's no accountability. There's no mcdollar we get a few guys big John. Back in the day Mark. Goddard comes out and speaks for himself a lot now. But you don't have. We don't know at McDonalds thinking. Maybe he comes out and he has a perfectly legitimate understandable reasonable explanation of why he stopped fight. And then so be it you can move. Forward is what as but we have no idea. We're all just left here to speculate on what he may or may not have saw what we saw from cage side. What you saw on the TV broadcast. We don't know and it's just left to this big controversy in big debate. We all react the way we do. Because there's so much on the line for these fighters one of those situations puts you back sometimes depending on your division it can put you back as far as maybe two years possible cut. Yeah depending on what? Your situation is The the domino's was shaping up to be fight of the night like that was a crazy thirty seconds we had there so it sure was I don't know I guess they can run it back whatever All right listen We'll be right back with a news nugget. So we really ain't gonNA take up too much more time in your life. Straight should've just ended the show. But I really liked this fight. Alexander Hernandez is going to be fighting at UC to forty nine. His opponent will be Islam. Maka AF- these are lightweights. I think it's a quality match up. I think the pay per views have not been as deep and a stack as the way we ended two thousand nineteen so the fact that to forty eight is a step up from two forty seven and two forty nine appears to be a step up from two forty eight Liking it. I'm really hoping that what's the beat said was true that he'll also be at UC to forty nine and the only one that seems to be left out. Is Brian Ortega? Now you got yourself a main a pay per view in Brooklyn New York. You know what I mean. It's not I don't think so. We'll see what is on now. I I'll speak as freely as I can here but I think they still WanNa do that. Ortega Korean Zombie fight. I take out there. He was hoping for top five guy though and process of elimination. I think that's always left Gauging that's a different way. Oh sorry I think and I I would say this is premature at this point. Not Not even close to finalize by. I HEARD YEAR. Rodriguez name tossed around. And that's a fight of course with that and that's the one I think we all WanNa see. We were supposed to have that. Those guys have had their back and forth Again quite premature. So no one. You know quote Mayor Report anything specific on this but that's the fight to me get the rankings. Looking at WHO's available. That makes the most sense for forty five. I be into that one man I would be into that one. All right. We're going to get on. Outta here was plug our Social Media Mike Bonomi across all platforms. Mike Yes sir. All right and What what's going on next after Vegas? What's the next of covering still rolling stone sharing their? They've dialed back a lot on their sports coverage. In general they can't have since they were purchased by a new company. I think about like eighteen months the other trying to focus on the rolling stone. You guys probably grew up with traditional music stuff like that. So it's all anime junkie for me baby. What about the raptors are GonNa be on the opposite side of the Lakers in the finals this year? Man Maybe if you honest gets hurt. At least he's honest goes goes or excuse me at the goes for instagram and twitter. And what are you doing this week? I'm looking forward to getting this. Spinning Dot Click tomorrow recording that and some topics all the junkies. Yeah check out our franchises going on this week. In terms of the Junky so yeah. We got spinning. Click got off guard series and the rankings report checked out folks. It's also on Youtube and it's also on our website and what Mike is alluding to is. We're having an Emmy Junkie summit where all the Writers Viagra fers editors and even some of the higher bosses are are in town for two days. And we're just GONNA have like workshops. Exchange ideas grow to go together. I don't know South coming in twenty twenty. Yeah so so. I think that's a good thing. I really the higher forgetting that together. It's all GonNa Happen here in the radio studio and of course as we progress we get close to U. OF C. Two forty eight. Which is what we'll talk about when we come back on Wednesday so folks thanks for your time as always thanks for your support we are going to bounce on. Outta here. Thanks Mike VON FOR HOSTING DRIVING FOLKS. Go out there and be a champion.

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