Ep. 315: Combine L, 11 Plus 1 and You Get This - and more


This is photographer Keri Lewis. And you're listening to the pixel photography podcast with Sharkey James. Enjoy this episode is brought to you by our good friends at format Sakonnet and Shimoda further. Details and discount codes later in the show. Welcome to the pedal pixel photography podcast episode three fifteen combined L eleven plus one. And you get this. In this episode sigma to drop eleven plus one on us. Sam Yang speaks. I for the thirds on our f- Sony's new one thirty five is pricey and gorgeous Sam Yang goes wider and straighter Kodak doesn't get it. Again, capon announces its cana- Khan and Fuji film to hike prices. So get on that peeps. All that and more in a persona three fifteen of the paddock pixel photography podcasts. Thank you so much Gary for opening the show greatly. Appreciate it sister, fine, art photographer. Keri Lewis describes her photography as a blend of fine art film, and gaming styles. And one thing that it is not is boring at all carry likes that think outside the box and create something that you just don't see every day like a beautiful woman in a gorgeous dress holding a lit candle just below the frozen ice. I mean who thinks that Kerry Kerry does and it's a good thing too. Because the concept the execution and the image are just absolutely stunning. As Carrie says overrun her Instagram account, which is at glass crown photography, by the way. Quote. I like to tell stories if you can dream it. You can have it think bigger avoid the norm, and quote, and I agree with that. One hundred percent. You know, this podcast is living proof of that kind of thinking. So I totally feel that I want you to have a look at Kerry's work, be inspired and do something different today. Something bigger, you know, stretch you'd be amazed at what you can create when you think outside the box just like her, and I'd like to thank you all for joining us here. Nep Assode three fifteen of the pedal, pixel, photography podcast. We appreciate you all so much. And thank you all for subscribing rating and reviewing us, and I tunes or wherever else you listen to us and that now glues Pandora, and as always we appreciate it. And that's subscribe button and do it now, please. So you don't miss a single episode as well, telling all your friends on social media and elsewhere and helping to get the word out about this show. Okay. With that. I'm your host Sharkey James lattes, it it. Now, if you're thinking that this new L mount alliance between Panasonic liken sigma was a big so what? And whatever the ladder is giving our community a serious reason quickly shake those feelings off as the companies just announced it'll be releasing eleven of its most sought after art series primes as well as a new lens adapter and buckle up because they are the fourteen millimeter f one point eight twenty millimeter f one point four twenty four millimeter f one four a twenty eight millimeter f one four thirty five one four forty one four a fifty one four uh seventy. That's right. A two eight not one four in eighty five one four oh one oh, five one four and their one hundred and thirty five millimeter f one point eight all full frame DG HSM art series primes as far as primes go. That's about eighty percent of them right there. That you'd be interested in. That's just stunning each of these lenses feature high-speed autofocus compatible with AFC mode in camera stabilization in camera aberration correction also feature a surface treatment that enhances its strength a durable brass bayonet mount and rubber sealing at the mount for dust and splash proofing. And if all that wasn't impressive enough. They're also going to be releasing their new sigma mount converter MC Twenty-one which will allow lenses in CIGNA's essay mount as well as canons e f mount to be used on L mount cameras like panasonic's new S one are an S one both of which looked to be serious contenders. If you're looking to get in a full frame airless with something that doesn't say canon Nikon or Sony on it. And remember if you don't need full frame, there's always the incredibly dialed in a PSE Fuji film. The x t two which I love the x t three and other awesome bodies now of all this sigma. Awesomeness the. Company says quote, the expansion of the beloved sigma prime lens line along with the MC. Twenty-one converter will increase the extensive -bility of the L mount system and further CIGNA's role in strategic L mount alliance alongside like an Panasonic and quote that adaptor by the way, we'll allow for twenty nine sigma lenses to be used on an alum out body. So you can pretty much have your pick twenty nine lenses. That's insane. And they're great lenses, as we know, you know, I still own a couple of sigma lenses myself, and they absolutely rock the art series. Remember was the glass that was coveted before Sony started knocking out of the park with its glass. So you just can't go wrong with Sigmar glass. He can't it's quality stuff. Now, we don't yet know how much lenses are going to go for nor win. They'll be available because they didn't tell us, but if any of them interest, you you can of course, check out the pricing of them in their current mounts. They're probably going to be pretty darn close to that. Now. Now that adaptor I'm guessing is probably going to be around two three maybe even four hundred dollars. We'll see oh, we're also saying is that things are about to get real with L mount you've got those two Panasonic bodies. I told you about so far CIGNA's upcoming full frame phobe on body. And like is no doubt going to develop higher end higher price bodies for this now because they got to keep the dentist happy. Right. That's what they do. Listen, I'll say it again with all these companies going all in on MIR 'less, if you're a dias Laura shooter, it's a tad bit unsettling, you know, just keep your eyes open be aware what's out there, and where the industry's heading and make the leap if and when you think it's time to do so canon and Nikon after all have both said that mere lis- is the future. So it's important and not be surprised and not be left behind. I think would be an excellent idea is calling your local cameras store. If you still have one. Finding out win the reps for the various camera companies are going to be in town. And when they are check out the new Murless gear, they bring with them along with the DS LARs in the lenses that go along with those. There's no problem checking those out as well. And see what's what you know. Many of these companies will even let you take a lens or two and avodon for spend you give them your driver's license. They give you that gear you go shoot it for a little while you come back. Of course, you have to have your own memory card, and you get a better understanding of what's out there and their system. And if you wanna buy them makes them super happy as well. You know, the time has come where the EV f is pretty darn close to the experience you get when you use a DSL are most people really aren't going to notice the difference. You're not gonna care that you're not seeing an image as bounced off Amir. What is it really matter talked to merely shooters you never hear them talk about this anymore. That's how close it's gotten an area. All that fun. Intact to play with and utilize in your photography that the dias Laura that you own will never ever have that next. You know, if you'd asked me, which of the third party lens makers would be first to announce lenses for Canon's new ARA full frame MIR less lens mount frankly, Samyong would not have been at the top of my list Tam run. Yes. Sigma no-doubt samyang. Nope. And yet they are and their I two r f mount lenses are there M F fourteen millimeter f two point eight r f and eighty five millimeter f one point four r f and of this surprise awesomeness, the company says quote as there are currently no canon e o Sar or e Ozark camera lenses from brands other than canon itself. Samuels new r f mount launch announcement is a fast response that customer demand and market trends, it also proves the competitiveness of Sam Yang as a leading optical manufacturer. And quote, I've said it before and I'm gonna say it again, I have yet to talk to somebody who's been on. Unbelievable unhappy with a Samyong lens. They all love them. I think that speaks for itself. Now, both of these new lenses feature that companies ultimately coding, you UMC to reduce ghosting and flair. That's right to the extent that it can cause they're not perfect and both lenses are also whether sealed to help protect against a light rain as well. As a light snow AK, not a blizzard, which you're probably not going to get a good photograph in anyhow just saying and again, that'd be remiss if I didn't mention this. It's twenty nineteen now all lenses should be pretty well weather sealed. Right. I mean, come on. It's like the darn lens hood, it should just be standard. But that's neither here nor there. Now that fourteen ultra-wide is manual focus only has a one hundred seventeen point seven degree angle of you. And we'll be right at home in the bags of those who shoot landscapes architecture interiors as well as Astro photography. It has a built in pedal shaved to to protect its. Convex front element and no filter threat. Of course. So you're going to need something like photo Diaz is wonder PANA, if you wanna use filters up front now this lens also has fourteen elements in ten groups a minimum focusing distance of point nine two feet. Also knows point two eight meters a six bladed aperture and weighs in at one point seven six pounds. Also known as eight hundred grams or new eighty five one four for our f mount is destined for portrait shooters, no doubt about it. Who are really really good at focussing with or without focus peaking as this too. Is a manual focus lens only, I don't know about you. But focusing manually on somebody's eye and especially at a wide aperture, not exactly ideal. It isn't you're living way on the edge right there. If you you're subject moves just an inch. You're an inch out of focus. So there's that you're gonna wish you were at aft- twenty two instead, and you know, that doesn't make for the best portrait photos. So this lens feature. Is nine elements and seven groups has a minimum focusing distance of three point three feet. Also known as one meter and eight bladed aperture filtered thread size of seventy two millimeters. And remember you're gonna wanna get eighty two millimeter filters and a step up. Ring. Dress me on this save yourself some money and as lens weighs in at one point six pounds also known as seven hundred and thirty grams pricing and availability of yet to be announced. But Samyong says they're coming soon whenever that is. You know, I'm not a huge fan of manual focus lenses. But if you're shooting mere list, you've got focused peaking, and if you're subject and yourself aren't moving that makes it a perfectly usable option. Also, a lot less expensive to you know, I see people get these manual focus lenses. They think they're going to shoot portrait's they sway back and forth. Earlier subject does. And they're like why isn't it sharp? Why are they out of focus? Well, you were shooting at one four and one of you. Moved that. So don't do that to yourself next. Have you seen my Sharkey, James dot com? Say you see my portfolio in progress. Powered by one of our great advertisers format, and I'll soon be expanding it to is project. K K my garage studio project gets into full swing now before I go on it should mention that format is doing something amazing for audience with a really great deal to save you guys money go to format dot com, and they'll not only give you fourteen days free to kick the tires. You'll also get twenty percent off their Perot and unlimited monthly and yearly plans with the code Pedic pixel twenty there's no credit card required to give it a spin. And check it out. And I want you guys to see how great your images look on format for free right now. You know what? I love about for Matt is it literally takes minutes that'd be up and running with a gorgeous modern website that not only looks great on mobile platforms. But also the desktop as well, no coding is needed at all. And they're adding. Themes all the darn time. You can change it up as often as you want. And it just takes seconds four men has some sweet new SEO tools to make your portfolio as visible as possible. The search engines you can embed maps in bed audio there's powerful inventory management and their store and so much more. Whoa. That rhymed it happens. A while back. I told you about how an independent organization ranked format the highest out of all the others out there. And for good reason to they listen to their customers like no one else does and they deliver prices started. Just six dollars a month all plans feature unlimited bandwith incredible customer service, and so much that I don't have time to cover it all here. So I want you guys to explore their website. Check it out and see just how incredible your photos look on format today. I love format, and I know you would to next. You've got to admit Sony. Make some pretty killer lenses, you know, they're gorgeous. And it's not just about looks. Although they get high points for that. But what really matters is the quality and quality is not cheap. That's why these things are pretty darn expensive. And one of those no-doubt is the new f e one hundred and thirty five millimeter f one point eight g master prime for the company's full frame, Email bodies, a lens that is likely to be a huge favourite of portrait and wedding shooters and Sony's e system and of this the company says quote equipped with Sony's most advanced optical technologies. The new lens is built to meet the extremely high standards of Sony's g master series, the new FEB one hundred and thirty five millimeter f one point eight GM offers exceptionally high resolution and exquisite book, a two qualities that are signature attributes of Sony's flagship g master brand and co. Quote, the company says this lens features a new optical design that affectively suppresses all common telephoto lens aberrations. That's their words did compensate for Axial, chromatic, aberration and color fringing on the lens barrels and aperture ring for direct aperture control, a focus ring that allows for linear response, manual, focus. Control a focus range limiter switch which most people seem to ignore. But shouldn't look it up. There's two, customizable, focus hold buttons and a focus mode. Switch this sweet new Lund's. Also features the company's Nanno AR coating reduce ghosting and flair to the extent that it can and eleven bladed circular aperture and an x-ray lens element for exquisite Bocquet. That's their words again. It also has a minimum focus this sense of just two point three feet. That's also known as point seven meters. A maximum magnification of point two five x four not three not two XT linear Motors. For fast inaccurate, af AAC control algorithm for quiet and low vibration, af and surprisingly it weighs in just thirty three point six ounces. That's point nine five kilograms or two point one pounds. This is now the thirty first native EFI, Sony lands and the forty ninth. Overall amount lands in the company stable in other words, pretty much every lands that the vast majority of photographers could ever want need is now available from Sony alone. And there's third party choices as well. Don't forget. Now granted the Sony lenses are kind of expensive. But that's okay. They're worth it. Ask 'em you Sony shooter. And they'll tell you now of all this craziness Sony imaging VP. Neil Mana wits says quote Sony's commitment to growing our lens lineup remained stronger than ever. We will continue to drive market leading innovation in all aspects of our imaging business giving our customers the opportune. Unity to capture and create like they never have before. And quote, this sweet new one thirty five will be available sometime next month. Also knows April twenty nineteen for a one thousand nine hundred dollars US. Yep. Ouch. Now compare that to CIGNA's one thirty five f one point eight DIGI HSM art series lens in Email out that's one thousand three hundred and ninety nine dollars. So consumers are going to have to decide if that five hundred dollar delta is worth it. Or not one way, of course, would be to rent. Both of them decide for yourself or go online look at hundreds of sample images by your fellow photographers and decide for yourself. If it's worth it or not five hundred bucks is a decent way to another lens after all next. If why'd just isn't white enough for you. Let's say maybe a Venus optics Leo at twelve millimeter at two point eight or the Layla ten eighteen f four point five to five point six just isn't doing it for you because at ten millimeters. You can only open up to f four point five on that zoom. Then you might want to have a look at what Yang doing what their new X P ten millimeter f three point five. All right. Get ready for it. The world's widest rectilinear prime lands. Boom that craziness which gets me thinking what's the limit? You know is ten millimeters. It there's got to be a hard limit somewhere for how wide you can go and still have a rectilinear lens. I don't know what it is. I'm asking this new lens is destined for full frame bodies offers a one hundred and thirty degree distortion free. That's their word angle of you. And it'll be a specially popular with landscape and are. Architecture photographers, the company says the optical quality of this new ten millimeter prime can resolve enough resolution shot by cameras that shoot fifty plus megapixel stills. And of course, that is plenty good for AK video, which if you're keeping track is thirty three point one eight megapixel 's to be specific. And I just was this lens has eighteen elements in eleven groups a minimum focusing distance of ten point two inches. Also knows twenty six centimeters and an ultra Multicoating reduce ghosting and flair to the extent that it can now from the sample photos that the company provided objects in the corners do indeed look pretty darn good. So if you're in the market for a stupid wide prime the Sam Yang or Rocca, non as it's known elsewhere XP ten millimeter f three point five we'll be available in canon af mount sometime coming up here in spring of twenty nineteen for one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars US. And it'll be available in Nikon f within a few months. That's their words of that canon version, you know, ten millimeters is so darn wide that I recommend renting a lens like this before buying because many people regret going that wide. You just can't imagine what it's like shooting with a ten millimeter lens until you actually have it on your camera. It is a completely different experience. If you wanna make compelling images with a lens that wide you're going to want to get really close to your subject and then get closer still, otherwise, you're not likely to be happy with the results. And when you're dropping that kind of money, we're talking well more than one thousand dollars. It's critical that you make sure that you want to go that wide. It is crazy wide stupid wide is I call it next as you may recall just a little over a year ago. Now, we were chosen the help kick off the Kickstarter campaign for Shimon. Does awesome adventure camera bags? They. Launched with their explore forty the explore sixty there. Explore carry on roller. And just recently added a smaller, but equally awesome bag, the explore thirty those numbers refer to leaders as you probably know that's how they measure them. And before I forget remember that you can use our offer code, which is petty pixel twenty and get twenty percent off right now over in their US store at Shimoda designs dot com. That's S H. I am ODA designs dot com. Now, whether you're an outdoor adventure photographer or you just want an incredibly complete amazing bag you're going to want to have a look at what they have to offer. I have an original pre-production explore forty and I absolutely love it. You know for short trips it, and the explorer thirty are ridiculously perfect of their bags coming gorgeous seeping or blue knights save for the explore carry on roller which comes in the ladder and of all the bags Ione sponsor or not my Shimoda is hands down the most comfortable bag. I've ever. Had on my back. I'm six foot four as you probably know and things to the size adjustments, small medium, large extra large guess, which one. I am extra-large. It's incredibly comfortable in addition to being easy to use. Thanks to its back inside access. No more having to put the bag down and getting dirty. That's gone. So you sly the bag around your waist though. Flap opens the side, and there you have easy access to your gear safely stored in the company's animated core units. Those along with their small medium or large accessory bags with plastic windows on them, and you can see and get to all your gear with ease all bags or extremely weather resistant have a resin coated nylon shell waterproofs splash guard white cake as effort efforts, and there's a sizeable plot pouch to carry your tripod, whether it's purple or otherwise all that and the ability to hold a water bladder at crazy amount of pouches. And you've got one many people consider to be the best bags on the market so head on over to Shimoda designs dot com. Use the offer code pedal picks. Twenty and save twenty percent today. And yes that code works. Elsewhere so head on over the lens shark dot com slash deals and find out where next. One of the great myths and photography is that hand held light. Meters are a relic of the past and that the meters in our cameras are somehow replacement for them, and they're not they're two completely separate things or you might hear that they're not needed when doing off camera flash. Because you can tinker your way there, and you can't of course, but time is money. Right. Even if you're not shooting for money, your time is valuable it has a value to it. I know mine does and a light meter like the new flash mate L three. Oh, eight x you from our new sponsors say conic is a huge time saver. It's also incredibly affordable to especially with that twenty percent off go that we have padded pixel twenty ease that over at Sakonnet dot com. Of course, SE K O N dot com. Anyhow, the value of the light that falls on your subject is different than the value. The light that's reflecting off of it. Those are two separate things right there. And with this new Sakonnet light meter, you're going to get to a proper exposure and a lot quicker. To it's the world's most versatile and affordable light meter yet. It's also three meters in one actually it measures both Ambien as well. As light from strobes, of course in photo mode with bull shutter and now aperture priority. And if you do video, you can use it in Sydney mode or an HD Sydney mode and with ISO eight fifty and if you're a pro doing video, you know, exactly what that's all about this new meter. Also has a sliding Loomis fear to measure ambient light as well as reflected light with a built in lands with a forty degree reception angle, and it can measure a massive range from zero to nineteen point nine e v at ISO one hundred. That's insane right there. You can meet her both corded or cordless it has a clutter free interface and get this a backlit display that turns on automatically in lighting conditions under e five that's pretty sweet can you picture five? I can it's gonna little dusky at that point. Also, this meter has a greater design and it's powered by a single AA battery now consistent. She is key, of course. And what this meter you've got repeated accuracy within plus or minus point one EV or less that is insane. And this is why you get a hand held meter, of course, for accuracy repeatability and getting their more quickly. And that's the new flash mate L three. Oh, eight x you from say conic, so hit the show notes with the link or head on over to say Sakonnet dot com. Use that offer code Pedic pixel twenty and you'll get twenty percents off any of their great light meters. Not just this one next. We seriously live in great times canon Nikon finally went mere list. We're seeing all kinds of great third party innovations to complement those ecosystems that we have now and one of these is a new adapter on the horizon that'll let you use canon EF lenses on a Nikon with autofocus. What would be the world's first Cannock on lens adapter and adapter engineered by China base, Kip on. Oh. And here's a spoiler alert. It's Cananea tonight. Kanzi not Nikon f. Now, of course, there are canon and Nikon and Nikon canon adapters from the likes meta bones. Nova flags photo Deok at cetera. But not one of them allows you to autofocus this one does how well it works remains to be seen. But if it is as advertised that's going to open up an entire system of glass for Nikon users. Well, if you've got a Nikon's these seven or z six that is. Apparently this adapter, which we're likely to see others come out with as well as possible things that new larger mount size of the Nikon's Z system. I think it's important to state the obvious in that is there are way more Nikon f users out there, the easy money would be to create an adapter like this for those night kind of users. But apparently that's not possible or we had seen it by now, but Nikon's e one of the many benefits and having Jain Ormuz mount is you can do things like this. So if you're a Nikon dias, Laura user, like myself, you're going to start seeing more and more these things drop like crazy for Nikon MIR less, and you're going to start weighing your options because at some point the scales are gonna tip and getting out of and intercede is going to be more expensive because Nikon DS LARs and f mount lenses are going to decrease in value. I mean, if you disagree just ask those that made the switch from analogue. To digital aka from film to the DSL are now if you've taken the plunge, and you're enjoying all the fun new things that are available to you. Because a mirror is in the Darnay this Kip on a dafter. Remember allows you to use canon f mount lenses not just from cannon. But also from third party makers like Tam, Ron and sigma. And maybe token token ever gets mentioned. So we'll throw it in there. Nuff said hip on hasn't said when this can economy dafter will be available nor how much it's gonna cost, but my guess is somewhere close to four hundred dollars or so US and you're currently in the canon dias Laura ecosystem, but you're not super excited about their new merely bodies and Nikon's e seven or z six appeal to you. Instead, this adapter certainly could ease the pain there. You could keep all your canon af glass unload. Your cannon Diaz, LARs and go Nikon. Murless? That's now going to be a thing next. If you've listened to this show long enough, you know, I'm willing to give credit where credit is due. But I think it's literally been years since I've had anything nice to say about Kodak years, a brand that I revered growing up and we're talking for decades, a brand that meant so much photographers, including myself has really turned itself into a company that just can't seem to catch a clue from completely failing. When it could have been a player in digital early on to the extremely ill advised cash. Minor bitcoin mining nonsense to their on demand photography service that was launched back in January twenty seventeen called Kodak it a service. That's catching a lot of heat now, and rightfully so thanks to our friends over at PD and pulse. The Uber photography is some of called it is being called out do their terms and conditions which are being called extremely overreaching and restrictive. And if you signed up for the service and didn't read that document as most people don't, you wouldn't know just how ridiculous it is. Especially disappointing coming from olas once a leader in our industry, and is now in my opinion, a joke, and it pains me to say that now you can read the full document, which has been archived over at the pet a pixel mothership, but let's break down the madness here without getting too deep in the woods have boring legal jargon for one photographers lose the entire rights to their copyright images. With this ervices, they have it set up. So basically, it's a work for hire situation. There terminology is pretty darn clear. You're giving up your entire copyright to them. And that is not cool ever. The second point. That's rather. Bizarre. Here is that photographers must hand over and or destroy all digital files. Negatives transparencies at cetera, including outtakes. Upon request any stipulation that's so ridiculously over reaching an unreasonable that they should be ashamed of themselves for including it. Then there's the fact that they won't even allow photographers to use the images that they created for their self promotion unless it's approved in writing. And who knows if that's going to happen or not they've got the right to say. No. So if you shot a great image, you want to show it on your website or social media, you might not be able to. Oh. And even if you do get permission you have to agree to including a watermark or a copyright notice. On those images of the client, not the photographer and the fourth crazy point is that photographers have to sign a moral rights waiver in which they agree to not even claim to have shot photos that they actually shot. Explain that one to me write that one just makes no sense at all. And what's funny or not funny is that all this is contrary and message took codex. Stated purpose for code. Check it to exist, which is basically to allow photographers to concentrate on the actual photography while they do the rest on their site. They even say this quote, spend more time behind the camera Kodak, it makes picking up extra photo jobs. Simple wherever you are. We'll make sure they details are covered, and you get paid on time, and quote, they also left out and you're getting an incredibly lopsided deal here, in my opinion. Now, according to Kodak its chief marketing officer Natasha atoms three thousand four thousand photographers around the globe of us this service since it launched a little over two years ago, but we don't know to what success or just happy those photographers are right. This is yet another Kodak property that in my opinion is a big swing and a mess. Kodak loves Kodak ings itself over and over and over again, it is bizarre. You don't see any? Other company. Do exactly what Kodak does it's weird. I don't like next if you're a film shooter, and you especially enjoy Fujifilm's great color rich film stocks now is the time to load up on some because as of April first at twenty nineteen prices will be raised by thirty percent. And for good reason to and no this is not a super early, April Fools joke. That would be a joke. Now, the film stocks included in that price increase our C two hundred superior extra four hundred and pro four hundred age Fujicolor negative films as well as velveeta fifty velveeta one hundred and ProVia one hundred Fuji chrome color reversal films. Also, a slide film. And in addition to those quick snap. Disposable cameras and control strips the ridiculously popular I mean, just ask my daughter's Amazon in stacks instant films. We'll see no price increase. In addition to those Fuji film. Photographic papers. We'll receive a bump in price as well with them being in double digits, according to the company, so that's at least ten percent and certainly not nine nine percent. That would be crazy. Listen, it's no secret at all that costs in the film business have risen significantly and the resurgence and film hasn't quite been the CF. Jeez. And hipsters would have you believe it is. So if you want film, that's essentially at a thirty percent plus discount between now and the end of March two thousand nineteen you're going to want to buy some right meow. That's right. I said meow and of this the maker of my favorite camera the x t to and my future XT three says quote in the past Fujifilm's absorbed, some of the costs by undertaking intensive structural reforms and communalization of production facilities, but as a responsible manufacturing company and to provide the high quality products, our customers, expect the company will institute a price increase. Reese, and quote, you know, I think it's worth noting that other makers of film stocks are going to be looking at increase in their costs as well. So you're going to see some of them probably keep their prices low hoping they'll see a bump in sales from those that don't wanna pay thirty percent more. But you're also going to see a number of them increased their prices and take that increase in revenue, which they deserve as analog shooters tend to be okay with the added costs of shooting film. I suspect going to understand and pay more. You know, it's just thirty percent. After all we're talking a few bucks a role. I mean, I'd happily skip the law, which I don't drink to shoot my favorite film stock, and it's the cost of being retro chic, right, right? I'd like to thank you all for listening that bestowed three fifteen of the pixel photography podcast. Don't forget to check us out at petty pixel dot com slash podcast for the show notes. And see what else we have for you. If you head on over there. You can leave us a voicemail question that we can answer here on the show or if you don't feel comfortable even a voicemail feel free to Email me at lend shark at Djamil dot com. And if you like to connect me personally, and I hope you do hit me up on Twitter Instagram or Facebook where I'm lend shark. That's L E N S S H A R K. Don't forget the to us in there. Again. I don't know who this Lynn shark guy is responsible for what he says. So don't go there. Now, also don't forget the head on over in my deals page, which is Len shark dot com slash deals for all the current offer codes from our great sponsors, if you want to help support this shown insurance longevity supporting our sponsors is these single this way to do. So so have a look and save some money. All right with that. I'll see you all an episode. Three sixteen. Please subscribe to the pedal. Pixel talker free podcasts my daddy is a hoax. 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