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And welcome to this week's ringer dish, deep dive, I'm Amelia Meyer and today. It is my privilege to moderate a debate sell episode focused on a subject near and dear to many people's hearts, including my own. The Hollywood Chris rankings today. We are going to have to Chris experts on with very different tastes and very strong feelings about these handsome white men. We'll also do dive deep into what exactly makes of press a Hollywood, Chris Paul rankings of shifted, and who the top non Hollywood, Chris contenders are in one corner, calling in all the way from New York City to argues case is the ringers culture, editor, Andrew, Greta Daro. Hi, Andrew Amelio. It's up. And then in the other quarter here to represent all of women kind is tee times. Kate how well a million Hello. Hello. Well, I can feel the tension already. Okay. And then I will probably be popping in from segment to segment because, like most red blooded Americans. I too love the Hollywood. Chris gotta do it. And I also have a lot of opinions that I can't keep to myself, it's fair. Oh, thank you. Okay. So I up we are going to start off with each of your official current. Chris rankings Andrew because you've written at length for the site about this, why don't you go first. Okay. And I guess I we should say that, these are ever-evolving short important. Oh, yeah. Like totally it could be different tomorrow. That's actually. Yes, especially because men in black. Yeah. Well, it that could have an effect on things, although I feel a and to preview my ranking, I feel like this guy's got a bit of a bit of a lead right now. So the correct ranking of Chris's. All right now, today is one Hemsworth to pine three Evans four Pratt. Well, okay speechless. Really kate. Okay. I disagree. I first of all the inclusion of Pratt in the top four is wild, okay? I'm just gonna I'm just gonna say it. Yeah. Just to say it's going to say, all right. Top four number one Evans. Number two, hems were number three Messina. What number four pine? Wow issues. I've got is should is he didn't. We saw how does Messina even Greg people? Don't think Messina is a top for Chris are not online enough. You're not. And thirst Twitter. You're not active enough in the internet boyfriends, fear. Well, and I personally am. And that's how I know the Christina is a top tier, Chris just because the guy dies is hair, though, does goes back. So far beyond the blonde hair. It goes back to the just because the guy sweaty on an HBO show. Now it goes before that, too. He goes back to his strip-tease on them indicating show. It goes back to just his whole presence his sweaty nece on sharp objects. Well, that, too, that helped the rolled up sleeves, the sweating just like his general vibe goes back to the newsroom. I personally newsroom apologised, and I really enjoy Christmas, you know, being a giant goes back to the newsroom who says that me I do. I just did. And, you know, again it's ever evolving. And the blonde hair was really, what pushed him over the top for me over Pratt. And like pint, what is pine done lately? Nothing. Yeah. So he's just sitting at for Messina's three Hemsworth to Evans one. Wow. Okay. And you see the still from wonder woman, nineteen Eighty-four. It's just a still like I haven't seen it yet, I'm willing to move him up when I see the movie, but, like, come on. I could look at it from a wrinkle in time and those great best great fest, in that movie that was he was higher up during that phase. But it's not happening anymore. So Andrew, do you want to explain your rankings? Well, first of all, Christmas has he ever been the lead in a movie? Oh, does he need to damn kind kind? I think I think he does to be a Chris to qualify in the. Do have I do have some when we're gonna talk about, like, what makes a Hollywood Chris, I do agree with that to a certain extent. But there's also just alone, the Los of internet boyfriend obsession. The also follows this in he takes all those boxes. Well, I mean Hemsworth has had this pretty much locked up since ragnarok, I feel like he was always the best hang of these four guys. But he didn't really have the movie to sort of back it up, and then Ragnar came round cut his hair, huge move, and it worked, I think you would agree shirk. Eight did work it did. I'm sorry. I'm stepping into say it did. Thank you. Thank you for that a ruling Amelia. Hey time. Yeah. That works. He was really funny. And the movie is a joy. And since then he's been the best avenger. I think it's pretty clear. I think we should come back to the Evans versus. I think that's what this pot is going to. Okay. I think we have I think she'd go through should we go on, and then come back to Evans Hemsworth, because I think that's what's, this is going to be a real battle, ROY okay to work up to it. Okay. Well, then why don't we talk about what exactly makes a Hollywood. Chris, a Hollywood. Right. We just kind of started talking about that. I do agree that there's a certain level of like leading man blockbuster potential that plays into this. Like there's a reason that it was like Pratt pine Evans Hemsworth for so long. I mean arguably still is for people who aren't quite as obsessed as we are. And yet, I think you have to be able to just have like the filmography to back it up the action roles back it up. It like Chris pine wasn't really a Hollywood. Chris until wonder woman. I would argue. Wow. The Star Trek erasure only. My god. Yeah. Go down. Real feel like I don't know. Plus, those were the early days of Hemsworth, as well. If you remember Chris Hemsworth, I roll movie roles was his dad, right? Okay. Credible. Yeah, I guess it is fair. I think wonder woman is definitely the thing that an especially Chris pine sort of like report with gal Gadot, right in that movie is why Chris pine sort of faulted up to the rankings. Yeah. There is definitely a while sort of online when people were like Chris, pine, his best Chris by far, and like, it's no question. It was like that. I think would seem that the in this company at the company, we work at I think there are many people who would still argue this. I think he just now. I mean I, I see where they're coming from and at certain points in his career I agree to a certain extent, just like with his breadth of filmography and stuff like that. And like weren't singing in the, the funny pictures in the Kaftan on the beach. And like he is definitely a different vibe than the other Chris's I will say that. I think Chris pine is doing like the whole. Hey, I'm in blockbuster films, and indie, like Riley, acclaimed films with y'all, and I think Chris Evans. Wants to do that. And he's done some of those kinds of things. But they haven't really turned out as was it has for Chris pine into the night was a huge bust for pine. So let's stop. That's a toss not forgetting that. Baby. Tough look. Yeah. He's just you look here really stalled lately. I think. Okay. So what we're saying makes a Hollywood, Chris is someone who is a movie star. Yeah. Someone who is like who can carry a lead in the film. Sure. Okay. Messina erasure, but I'll allow it. I think it's also important to note that the person is named Chris. Yes. That is Christopher. That is key. I'm not kidding. I'm not kidding. It's actually important. That's the difference between Chris and Christian. And Chris actually, I was just looking through his yesterday ran a Twitter poll and I was like is Christian bale eligible to be a Hollywood, Chris and six thousand people. Agreed no. Flex. All right. Not that ringer account RT, you know, but yeah, no his name is Christine, so he can't be Hollywood. Chris, and but also like we're gonna talk about this later, but the Christmas is also kind of a state of mind like it's like the, the like high action star white guy Schorr, who is really like won't really arming, and just has like that kind of appeal. Would you say it's kind of like how you could say any girl on the bachelors name? Lauren. Yeah. Actually, yes. I would. Yeah. That's a good comparison. But also, I think like they have to be like, really hot. I was gonna say slash sway me. So on. SNL. Did a whole bit the Chris's and he described this group as quote all white guys check key, who were always at the airport wearing raggedy teas that are tight around the pets. Listen, so yeah. Like mission. Yeah. Yeah. That sounds about right. Yeah. General, I feel like the Hollywood, Chris are these guys who and I feel like just like looking back on high school experience helps where it's like there's these guys who are both handsome, and yet, they're also the most popular person in the room, according to everyone like everyone likes them. But then there's also this sort of like desire on behalf of the Chris to make sure that everyone appeals to them. Yeah. Like there, the homecoming king, but they really wanted it. Yeah. Like they campaigned for. Sure. Damn. Yeah. Like they did like theater also to make sure they got the theater. Wow. Exact sir. And I mean, we're gonna get into Evans again, later, but like he did a bit on a late, like a one of the late shows where he was talking about how he said to us. Patriots fan. He went into the locker room after the Super Bowl, like didn't wanna meet Tom Brady because he didn't want to be like, I'm Chris Evans and I I do plays movies, like with all these, like, actual athletes Sierra. I think there is like, like they're the jock, but they're also like, like they're like glowed self conscious about it. Well, I think that's that is what makes a Hollywood, Chris. Exactly. Let's go onto a new topic. This is a little hard for me has Chris Pratt. Who's not even in Cates rankings. Oh. Has he fallen? Well, I mean. Yeah. Jaded. Chris. Yeah, exactly. Chris rankings. Okay. Aware and win. Did he go wrong? He was like, debatably the top Christopher while not in my personal America's sweetheart like even now, I remember the ringer ransom polls last year, like I think tidier articles, Andrew and like he thing she has an incredible fan base. Yeah. Goes Chris jocking, shocking. How these people ride for Chris Pratt? Yeah. And after this podcast comes out, you're gonna get it. Sweet. Sweet signed out how we were wrong. Okay. Ready? Eight they ride for him a lot. But I would say the only time Chris, even threatened to hit the top of this ranking was before, he was technically a Hollywood, Chris, like parks and rec days. Yes. M by that point, he's not even like leading like he's not eligible yet. Yeah. Yeah. I would say like first guardians of the galaxy. I, I was like pro Chris Pratt chore. It was when, like he had just gotten really hot. It was like before the final season of parks and rec when he was still Andy you were like, wait the skies funny. And also has ABS incredible. And I just remember like being extremely pro Pratt then and then I was like gardens of guess. It's so funny. It's so good. He's so charming. But then, like I it just went downhill from there. So where do you think it went wrong? I would say I went through his, I am kind of trying to trace where. I thought this is the tiny bit of reserved. I actually did for this podcast might take is that it happened in two thousand sixteen over the course of passenger. I literally an assay that magnificient seven. Those were too bad. Passengers was like that was it the nail. And there was no reason that he Jennifer Lawrence should not available to front, a movie together except for the fact that people had turned on them. I totally forgot about singer. Yes, good. Congrats. I wish I had flu degree movies did that this is where they like climb over the table to make out with each other or Justin, just an unbelievable unbelievable. So, yeah, I think he was just like oversaturated shore. His movie started getting bad. He started being like extremely conservative, not extremely conservative. But like if you were paying attention you knew and then in two thousand seventeen split from on a ferris and that was it in my opinion, Andrew, where do you think went wrong, so, wow? I forgot about passengers. But I was even put it at, like Jurassic world's. Yeah. I also thought about as well when he was that the first one, the first one, which is I think summer of twenty fifteen. Yes. I agree. That's like that's like when you get to the point where guardians, I guess you're like, oh, wow. It's funny. Like he still Andy Dwyer great. He's just slightly fitter. Yeah. But drastic world he's like basically doing Bert Macklin. That's true. That's when it was like, he has one character and its way you know that Andy Dwyer doing Bert. Macklin is a joke right in that it's not good. That's a great point. That is true. That's like when they were like gambling on him being a leading man. And then it's all of a sudden Lenk, wait, he can't do anything, but this is wearing Henley's in like Ryan, moves, and like flipping off aviators right? Like it doesn't work and. It's just like you want the old Chris Pratt back. You're totally right. Do you think he can ever regain his stature in the Chris rankings? I don't know that he can. Well, okay. I think he, he would have to be, too, censored like whole areas comedy situation or like get fat again. That's it. That's all I see in his future to the worst thing is, is the time that Chris Pratt acknowledged that even Anna ferris wished, he was still found. He's like, no one likes me extremely on. I. I wish I wish the best for Chris Pratt. I have no ill will towards him. But I don't in this race. I don't see how he added. I think it's over for him in the Chris for sure. Okay. Well, then let's move on to some more popular. Chris. I think arguably the two most popular Chris are Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Evans. So the question is, has Hemsworth officially dethroned Evans, as Chris prime. Yes. I disagree. I, I. I thought that he had and now I have seen the light and I am sorry to Chris Evans for briefly straying. Sure. But I'm fully back in on team Evans. So here's here's my so what happened during the it was just a few months ago. You said, Chris, Spence was vendors endgame. Now during the vendors, I'm game press cycle. They both were like out on the press tour. They both looked great. Yeah. Hemsworth looked taller. His eyes looked bluer. And I was like, maybe it's your time. Oh, maybe Evans is over. He had just come out with the thing about like the both sides website. I was like Evans like maybe maybe your rain has ended this big because Kate is a huge Evans. Stay, I was and he don't this shows that I have an open mind. I'm willing to shake things. You know, if I'm really open it more I'm willing to look at the evidence. So I going to end game. I was like, I think, Hemsworth has taken it while, and then I saw endgame and I walked out of end game. And I was like, Chris Evans is still Chris prime forever. And always he created the most iconic character in the marvel cinematic universe fuck off iron man. It's not you. It's captain America. Sean Cary that movie south were like what the fuck was that. I mean it was. Fine. It was funny. But, like come on, and every captain America movie has been good. That's true, one or movie has been good. Oh, tooth or movies, or some of the worst movies in the marvel universe? Chris Evans carried the franchise on his back Robert Downey junior didn't do it. Chris Evans did it. And listen. I walked out of end game. And I was like he's still the best. Kristen he always will be Lale Andrew thoughts. I think you're extremely wrong. I whatever like America's ass, etc. Great cool. I don't think it's Chris Hemsworth fault that the thorny movies were bad. Nor do I think it's Chris Evans fault that the captain American movies are good. And Chris Evans is a Boston sports fan. I don't know if you know this about him. That's an extremely huge Dan on his resume to boy, he continues to defend Tom Brady just recently. He was like, maybe he doesn't like Trump. And just a Wild Thing to say shorts still horrible, horrible, Boston opinion. Okay. But Chris, let's talk go ahead. Let's talk about the starting point. Okay. Do. Do you have any response for this? Is that the website? Yes, I've blocked it out of my brain. I did not know about saying, okay here's my thing with Chris Evans. He tries harder than anyone. Yeah. He tries so hard that a good thing because you respect it. Chris Hemsworth hides behind his sunglasses and his private jets in his cute. Ask kids and his pretty wife and he flies off on vacation with Matt Damon and doesn't comment on any issues ever. Hold on. Hold on Matt Damon is from Boston in likes. Chris Hemsworth more than Chris Evans. Okay. I don't fuck you Damon likes that day. I'm just saying. I think that's I think that's Chris Evans has is not the regular Boston douchebag like Matt Damon, and Ben Affleck, he went against all odds. He went up the hill. He could have been the worst bus and fuck boy. But instead he's out here on Twitter trying so hard to use his platform to talk about LGBTQ rights talking about just bashing the straight pride parade talking about transgender rights just like the last week, he tries, so hard. He speaks on all these issues where where's Chris Hemsworth darn? Are you using your platform? No, you don't have anything good to say. So Chris Evans takes all these swings. In the fact that he the worst problematic thing. He's done is try to hear from both sides. That is Ingrid edible, that is true. I know another person who's had some opinions about hearing from both sides. And I think, you know, who are you comparing Donald Trump, maybe? The same words you heard it here. -fensive thing I've ever heard. All Chris Evans. Does all day is calling Donald Trump on Twitter talks meeting, twelve point three million Twitter followers, many of, which are dumb ass? Boston sports fan boys, who don't know, any better who are looking at this actor that they admire who sort of like, see as themselves, you speaking on all these issues in a really smart way. And that's that's a good thing. He's taking these swings and he's trying to use his platform for good. And sorry like the fact that the only problematic thing that he's done is try to create this website again. He has not actually created yet for, which yes, it's not great. He should cancel it. I maybe really. But the fact that, that's it based on just the amount of swings that he takes the fact that that's the first miss is incredible. So. You know, like those those like internet jokes, where it's like, oh I taught a robot how to write a screenplay I'm already offended. But continuing Chris Evans Twitter is like if you gave a robot like a tweet deck of every left leaning, internet celebrity, and then we're like, okay impersonate, this is Chris Evans Twitter. Okay. But that's not a bad thing. I don't know if it's a good thing either. I mean it's not like hurting anyone, but it's not say it's actively helping coming from a genuine place. He's since what is being earnest inauthentic? You're a bad. He'll exactly you know, Liasson questions about often Tissot he's making some dad jokes. He's out here. Speaking for gay rights, getting eighty nine thousand retweets. He's laughing at his own memes, making fun of Donald Trump. Listener small Melia. I thought you were supposed to be a mob, feel a little gang up right now is extremely pro. So the fact that she's agreeing thing right now is incredible. I just think he really tries. And I respect that. And I don't see that as bad thing. And yes, it's corny in. Yes, he's cheesy. But, like I think it's a pro I think it's a prone his favor that his social media, so earnest and he tries so hard. I think he'd dial it back like forty percent. I don't disagree. I don't disagree. But I don't think it disqualifies him from being the best, Chris, the type that he's too politically outspoken, do you wanna talk about his Jenny slate comments, his Jenny slate calmer? You stand. Where do you stand on them? I'm pro Jenny slate. Chris Evans metoo. Are you an anti? No, I'm not. I thought they were great. I do think that she was kind of dating her as a sort of like serious signal. That he was more than a high school jock. Do you think that was a fake relationship now? No, I don't think it was fake. I think he liked the cred that gave him. Wow. That, that's a real projection really is. And the fact that you don't think Denny's late. Could poke Chris Evans on her own defense to. That's what I'm saying. And what I'm saying. Sleep is great. I'm sure she won't. A long time that don't that also doesn't matter. I'm just saying that I think he was he liked it a little bit the sort of depth that gig K. Well, he's dated a lot of extremely pretty very shallow women as well as that makes you feel better. It does. Okay get. Yeah. Anti max her Beal. Beel feel safer his dating street. Okay. Real quick question who is hotter. Chris Evans sums worth. You're asking me. Yes. Chris Hemsworth, a million anything. Chris hemsworth. Yeah. Even bearded captain America may on their intro. Chris Evans in -til velvet on a red carpet, helping Betty white up the stairs. That's very sweet. Okay. I'm going to be that person that lying. Okay. So I've met Chris Hemsworth have, and there's evidence on video on Disney dot com. And I for whatever God knows reason I thought that Liam was the superior Hemsworth, and then I met Chris Hemsworth in, I literally have never been in a room with a person who was more beautiful than Chris Hemsworth. I, he was so beautiful, that there was a moment that I couldn't say a word correctly. So there's be role of me being like ga because he was so frigging good-looking. So I'm going to say. Is worth? All right. That's fair. Yeah. I personally again just love Chris Evans. But yeah, it's Hemsworth is extremely Australian thing going on. You know, it's like the tall thing also just real quick. Chris Hemsworth, social media's not great either. I need you to stop talking about your center fit workout app. That's one step away from Ernie. Larry. It's okay so much. That's not good. Okay. Let's move on and talk about I have one. Okay, you'll please. I'm sorry. I talked for a long time. So Andrew, please your case Kate. Evans is so woke, why wasn't he the one shedding tears to comment on legend formats? Okay. I'm gonna say that on the next question this. Okay. The question is Chris pine is what's keeping him from taking the top Chris spot? And what does he need to do to get there? Well, yeah, actually, I forgot the Chris pine was also about Chris Evans on your ranking, which is unbelievable offense. Okay. That's some performance of bullshit, that tier is like actively makes me dislike him so much more. Thank you. I was like I can't get emotional the common not like that while now. Okay. You just can't. If that's the most interesting thing that has happened. Yeah. You in the past five years. I it wasn't the most interesting. It was just name something more interesting that has got emotional over the song from, that's like the only like viral moment that he's had ever. It was one tier. I think the okay. So here's what I think Chris pine needs to do to move up because I have him like with the bottom of my rankings currently above Pratt, obviously, but below Messina which is just my personal, first of all grow the beard. Again, the most attractive everyone to Chris pine was when he had the wrinkle in time beard and the long hair. Look, good might take the Google bought the rot. And Chris pine in a wrinkle, anti are the most attractive movie couple ever had as a hot couple that extremely attractive, Chris pine get on Instagram. Mike. Why, why aren't you definitely hurts? At least Instagram. You don't need to be on Twitter. I don't need your political takes whatever post a behind the scenes picture every now and then have someone running Instagram for you. But I think that's like part of his brand. He's like, moody and rebirth, you need to do better. These days, okay? Everyone has Instagram get on Instagram. Okay. Andrew. What do you think? So when I saw this question, really the only thing I could think of is. And Chris, pine is six feet tall. But he just has short guy energy. He does I would challenge that he's six. Yeah. I mean, that's what the internet tell told me. So I don't believe he just you just kind of seems like short guy. Yeah, I agree. Nothing short people. But just in, in this fear it, none of the other guys have, he's definitely taller than Christmas. So that's a point in his favor. Oh, you wanna talk about short guy energy like five six tops? Yeah. My other thing is I need Chris pine to date, someone more interesting than Annabelle Wallis. I'm out on Annabel loss. I've been out on her since her nose job, post, peaky blinders. It was a betrayal of all again. Women big noses. I need someone more interesting from him dating wise who should he date, who would who would satisfy, you like an like an Alastair. He's a day nameless or Chris pines and Alastair. Okay. Then who I mean, I obviously does married like don't go. But someone like that. Okay. Have you seen the gal Gadot gif? Yes. So one that you just send us she was. Into it. She was in to it. I mean I get it. I love Chris pine. I just need him to be actively more charming that Giffen moon is why he's number two on my. Oh my God. Andrew. He looks bad. They're the buzz cut was bad. I actually don't know. Doesn't think so. Yeah. There's just something about him. That is seems that screams. I'm just gonna sit over here in read my book. Yeah. And I'm not gonna participate with the rest of the cast because I'm a method act, a little pretentious. He's a pretend yet by one hundred percent is not quite likable enough. I don't think I mean he's charming, and he's charming in his movies, I needed to be more charming if you exactly where I'm at, you know, it's fair I think I agree with all those things. And yet, I still feel that he's better than Chris Evans at the moment. Okay. Do you think it's because it his like moody nece comes from, like a genuine place, whereas Chris Evans Czyz woke us? Maybe does not careful. So I think I think Chris Evans is genuine. I think he's just annoying. Mike. He's a little performance of about his, his genuineness. Okay. All right. Well, let's move on to other Chris's who are not in Hollywood who kind of in Hollywood adjacent. Who would you say is at the top of your non Hollywood, Chris lists? So like outside the official top four xactly. Yes. Obviously of our talked about Messina of. I just want to give out shout out to Chris O'Dowd. First of all, Liz Kelly loves Chris O'Dowd. Stairs were him so hard. There are two things that I think make Chris O'Dowd to separate from the rest of the crisis. First of all, he was allegedly vaping on stage at the TCI's this year. There were a bunch of TV critics that I follow. We're like guys dairies everyone saying this everyone's saying, Chris adad vaping onstage during this panel that he's on she's just an incredible flex from Chris idea. And also, he's part of my personal favorite talk show clip of all time he's on the Graham. Norton show with Steve Carell and Kristen wig. And he accidentally drinks a fly, and I really. Do Justice to watch it because it's truly is my personal favorite talk show clip of all time. But yeah, just those two things really really elevate him by the pack on then Chrissy Teigen, also great. Sure. Andrew Chrissy Teigen. I would say is probably the best one. Yeah. I would agree. No, Kris Jenner. Wow. Give me give me a second. All right. Kris Jenner is right below Chrissy Teagan. Okay. That's fair the world. We live in is, is partially built by Kris Jenner. It's true, right below her. Well, maybe not like I would say put like a large gap in between those. And then ludicrous, who is names, Chris. I don't know if you got the joke within his in his rapper named mica while I actually have a friend who is dad's name is Chris, and they have a boat called ludicrous. I think he had it before before ludicrous. Do believe it ludicrous, great fast and furious movies. You guys seen him. I actually have had. That's what I thought. He's great. Also, just I grew Chrissy Teigen to the extent that she actually nails like all the Chris things except for like, actually being in movies super Larkhall. She also similarly, I think to Chris Evans takes so many swings in his so active online and the fact that she has never done something overtly problematic is like stunning. I the fact that people still like her is incredible. I will say that I think she's very polarizing, I think you either love her, or you hate her. I mean, people hater just think like she's annoying. Whereas like she's never really had like she takes a stance on so many issues and just talks about everything. And the fact that she never has really put a foot out of line. She did there was like this thing that happened a few years ago, and it was like her and John legend. And it was like a video, I think it might have been on Snapchat or something. But they were like kind of making fun of domestic violence. But it was quickly taken down. So, that's, that's okay. That's one foot. You can again just a lot of swings for her. And various Michigan's a big distinction between Chrissy Teigen, Chris Evans, is that Chrissy Teigen is actually funny. Oh, I'm gonna acknowledge that. And just let let it slide when his Chris Evans actually been funny. It would take to hosting Kyun video of his dog. I does he need to be funny. No. I'm just saying how early everything else in the world going for him. I don't need to know who is funny Chris worth. Chris Hemsworth is funny, her sons, never actually, like been online to make a joke. Though. He reads things that other people right for him in a funny way. Wow. Okay. Well, moving on, let's do some non Chris's with the biggest Chris energy. Okay. I wrote this question too. So I could talk about Jake John Hough. Jake, doing hall is about to be a villain in a Spiderman movie, but we don't know if he's going to be the Bill, he's gonna be the villain. I miss you ever aspiring. Lert. Anyway. Jake doing has the biggest curse energy I've ever seen right now. He's on Instagram doing fake ass social of friendships with Ryan Reynolds. And that's that is a Chris, huge Chris thing. He's like totally bought into like the social media marvel cinematic universe bromance vibe, like the fake viral jokes that they all do the behind the scenes videos. And also you just looks like Chris right now. He's got the he's got SCRUFF. He's got the is the superman superhero suit literally everything about him is Chris energy, except for his name listening. Yeah, I'm willing to tell another name. You, you actually just mentioned. It is Ryan Reynolds is a little one hundred percent. Rye Amelia said this Ryan Reynolds really wants to be. These mad. He he always turns. Yeah. He really thinks he's a Chris another person who I think we talked about also wants to be Christmas, John Krasinski. Oh, yes. Thank you. I wrote that down. And I was like, maybe this is like going on a limb. Yeah. Lately to do the Chris Pratt transition to Christmas where like he gets apps. All of a sudden, like an action star he does he was there. She was rooting for the Boston Bruins. Serio. Sure. Yeah. So extremely Chris Evans moved there. Yeah. Also, I think in this is just part of the whole marvel cinematic universe thing. Bree Larson, has female, Chris energy. Oh, okay. She got super ripped for her role. She went like, Barry internet girlfriend, viral, people were shipping her with lots of people. She did the like kind of like the two likable to relatable. Chris Evans thing. I was like, okay like tone it back, not that I've ever thought that about Chris, but I did think about Bree Larson. Yeah. Like she essentially was like female marvel. Chris energy, whose Twitter is worse rehearsing, or Chris Evans, the whole shit. Rehearse it. In general, is more annoying Andrew. I'll all my, my opinion. Thank you. I appreciate that. Okay. Well, any last words on the Chris, I think that men in black is going to bomb, okay? And it wouldn't bomb. If crumbs worth was the best Chris, if Chris Evans was in men in black. It would has the good sense, not to do men in black. Okay. If men in black bombs, this weekend, will this shift, the Chris rankings ender? No. Yes. Well. Knives out knives out is possibly, where Chris Evans comes back like Yay. Jack O rien Johnson moonville, okay, only shot if he doesn't do it, then it's not happen. It's a bullet take, but and we'll have to see what the fucking website. Honestly. I think I won this argument. I strongly disagree with me. Yeah, I disagree to be only make us I, I feel very similar to Kate on the whole like pine. Really? Yeah. Never. Sorry, there by really making that. And we're entering a new stage in both of their careers. So there's a lot of potential for shifting. I just think that if men in black does, well, it's like going to, though, okay? Well, maybe it will. What is wrong I think it could do well crazier. Things have happened and Tessa Thompson, and Chris Hemsworth. That's like a one two punch. It served should have been. You'd think. Yeah, just just watch it become like the number one movie this weekend are out for that, but yeah. In the future, a lot of shifting in the Chris rankings. So we'll just have to keep an eye out. I'll be watching another. All right. Well, I think we will leave it there. And you have Chris wars thoughts of your own be sure to check out Andrews running Chris wars updates on the ringer dot com and feel free to tweet us your own rankings at any of the bring our podcast accounts. Thank you to both Andrew and Cates. This has been an enlightening experience. Go see men in black international because I think it's going to be good paying, you know. But hey, if you guys want to know we've come to an agreement that has is the best is absolutely, no, I think, but, like arguable definitely. Okay. All right. Well, thank you guys. And we will catch you next week. Bits rail on the eleventh hour that the. I wrote. Jesus.

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