Steelers Preview: Steelers and Bills is a clash of mirror images in Week 15


Pittsburgh steeler fans what is up. This is Jeff Hartmann editor of buying still curtain dot Com and joining me. Today is my deputy editor and it's just a dynamic dynamic duo today. That's right Brian. Anthony Davis is out there Carolyn. You're doing something crazy. Wrestling bears the woods again. Either now but Dave's goofy joins us for a two man steelers previews Dave. How's it going this evening? It's going well. Everybody Wang Hardball Tonight. Everybody weighing Harvard Arvada because Wang Harbaugh is on the sidelines right now the ravens are winning thirteen. Nothing at the time that this is recorded. I'm sure seven. Oh Okay Dan all right. keep us up to date with that score for those that are watching. Live on Youtube Speaking of Brian Anthony Davis and speaking of Dave Scofield. Here Dave you you have a little bit of an announcement. Then she'll yeah. I was hoping maybe you get more people to live chat because I know they might want to chime in. We're looking for all right. It's okay okay but now some people were really were really busting us for saying that we weren't gonNA be able to go to the game. Here's what happened I wanna I just WANNA clarify hi. There was some certain circumstances that we needed to work out in order to go because of the time change. We were worried that they wouldn't work out so we didn't want to wait for the last second. Get stuck with if the tickets so we offered the tickets out there if we had any takers if if we have two acres that oh well if we don't then we'll see if it works out and before anyone solidified anything with the tickets. Things worked out so Brian Anthony Davis and myself and my big brother. We will all be at the game on Sunday Day. We will be coming over on. The Gateway Clipper. We were hoping to catch the very first one that comes across. That should be right around five twenty ish because it's supposed to be three hours before hand and and we are looking for some be. TSE people to hang out with. I know nap. Nineteen sixty three. We are looking for him tonight because he offered us to come tailgate with him a long time ago. If he could let us know what's going on we will be there. We already have a question here for going to livestream. We're going to attempt to live stream name. Were not going to say we're not going to say it's gotTa be definitely at a certain time or place. Because last time I try to do that I had no signal until I got in and could hook up to the stadium Wifi so we're going to weed once again. Follow myself on twitter. I guess you could follow Brian. Anthony Davis Davis on twitter. But he's got less than ours. Do so just go ahead and follow me And and I'll put something out there about where we're going to be at what time I'll try to give it at least ten minute warning. I know that game days are crazy. Sometimes it's just a rush to get in and get to your seat That's that so but we did but we wanna let you all know where we're going to be so that you all do the livestream from the if you have reception if you don't might you never know. Depending on his cell Elson carrier. Do it from the tailgate. Like don't wait till you get it at. That is what we would like to do but what happened. The last time we were there were not we were there. It was my brother and I we were at the game. I'm trying to get the get the articles on the inactive together. I can't even log into the website. 'CAUSE my cell signal is so bad where overture overture were over at the at the I was I see lighter. I see whatever it is tailgate. where I WANNA meeting Pittsburgh Dad and everything and I'm trying to move away from the stadium far as I can to get signal and I just I just couldn't get it to work until I got inside so that is the plan to to try to do it from a tailgate but between Brian and I were hoping somebody has some signal there that we could pull it off all right there. Yeah so if you're going the football game on Sunday night this week fifteen matchup. We're going to talk about a lot today tonight Make sure you hit up Brian. Anthony Davis Day. Dace go here you can send him an email you can Hit him up on twitter. You can follow us on twitter and I'm trying to think what brands twitter handle is it's AD DT se bad. I think tse bad because he was tweeting it you from his current concert that he is at. He's actually the same concert. My wife and daughter at right now checking out yeah. He was tweeting well at at the at the website. Yeah I don't know something about getting in a fight with a sixty year old lady. Something with his daughter at the PENTATONIC concert only Brian. That's right so good news. Glad you guys are going. That'll be fun. And I will be by myself for the post game show because Lance is out there gallivanting around. Don't worry I've done it before. It'll be just fine if I stay awake if I can. Maybe maybe Brian and I will just do the post game show. Oh from from the Empty Stadium What's up we'll probably get left behind? By the clipper that'd be the only problem Yeah we could. We could go out and go right down to the field interesting. So let's get right into things here today. It's Thursday night into report was out Dave. Why don't you update the injury report? Roque wreck back injury report it appeared to be really good today or so. We thought where we had Jalen Samuels was back he was a full participant. After missing. Yesterday I was dancing by that by the way. Oh because you you want to be clear. I was banking on and him being out. And then connor returns. You just got everything. Set up every cloudy right now. That's the problem with for the person who tries to predict the inactive of list. I don't know where to go there but we'll have to see how it plays out tomorrow. But he was back. Full Vance McDonald was back limited. So he still in the protocol but that's one step. It's going to be interesting to see if he would have been limited. I don't know if he would have been limited yesterday because he usually gets Wednesdays off so the fact that he was off couldn't could have been that maybe it wasn't so bad but He was limited today which is generally how it goes in the progression. Shen sometimes with that or it could be if he's limited again tomorrow. There's a chance that he doesn't play. So it all comes down to that Many players return Johnny Holden was out sick. Nick and Ramon Foster was out on his normal Thursday that day off the only concerning thing with conflicting reports was the juju Smith Schuster was was limited because he left practice early. Now there are some reports that that he's That it was nothing that is going to affect Sunday. Then there's other reports that it was a reactivation of the injury. They're being very very tight lipped about it and it kind of. Don't blame them. Yes yes The injured reports definitely up up in the air. We'll put it that way and so i. I just think that we talked about this at length and I know the UN should it in your stack Keith. Article with The brother Scofield as we call your older brother rich now the brother Scofield In that is just who's going to be in WHO's GONNA be out depending on who's available for instance. If you use misused available who's GonNa be out and Lance and I both agree. It was probably going to be Jones. Have Spivey out and then it was. The running backs were tough to really gauge. You said so many of them play special teams. You know. You're I don't think anyone's GonNa Bench Gareth White because not only. Is he productive. But he's also there kick Richard Dick Return trae Eddin's is there fullback. Insure your situation now. And he plays special teams to whether he's effective active nodded at full-back role. That's debatable but it's just imagine a matter of okay. Well what's Woohoo. If if I was assuming that Jaylen tables was not going to be available. Bill is therefore I was like well sales groin. He's out this week that you don't worry about. It now. Looks like he might be back. I don't know what they're GONNA do. Yes yeah because I bring up about edmonds with the fullback but the other thing with that is is. He played three snaps last game three offensive snaps so so he did line up as a fullback but they didn't really use it so I don't know if that's something that they would have to do there. I mean he did have the one reception on the first drive. I can't remember if he lined up at fullback on that player. Not because I like I said I didn't couldn't watch the game on on TV and recorded. I had to watch it online and I can't go back and see it so I didn't see where he lined up on that play with because remember he had the seven yard reception and then there was a fifteen yard penalty on top of it which kept the drive going so that was the only thing he had on offense other than the two times. He was in a fullback. So I don't know if that's worth it when you to Pat Him over. Somebody like say like Samuel's or white so if if they're all available they want to use them all then it probably still will be edmonds. Even though he's the one that did play the fullback position in Iran says this Jeff he's at activate five running backs four waters. Here's Judy can't go. It's the angels could play then you could technically use him as a flex slot wide receiver. He can run routes. He has good hands. We know that James Connor can also be used as receiver. I brought it up last night and I said you know if you want to ease connor in he could have connor. Be Your third down back. Because he's GonNa go to pass broke. Could catch the football. Those the offense can definitely do the two minute drill that that would be his bread. Butter said that. That's an option for them if they WANNA do that here. Here's here's another concern with everything with that is one bad shot on that shoulder judith James Connor and who knows if he's done when you're talking about a groin Royne with a running back one one bed cut and you're gone so do you really want to have a lot of times. The steelers would only have three running backs. Now they've I've been doing for Because we say three running backs when Roosevelt Nix health we never count was running back. So they're just using that fullback position to have an extra running back but if something that happens where they both go down then you're looking at just snell and white and nobody really to fill that fullback role unless you think McDonald's is going to go and they could squeeze someone like Gentry back there but I don't know if that's very wise either it's not not put Zach. Banner Taylor phinney comes down to this. is going to really impact the depth and lateen. It shouldn't impact starters too much. We know if Juju as you plays we know of J. Connor plays they're going to be it but ultimately we don't know who else will be active So I kinda put the cart before the horse. They're a little bit and we went right in the injury report. That's okay. I forgot the around the horn segment. And that's the only how we start off the show and that's where you bring up a topic from this week that you WanNa talk about the steelers related Dave. What's your around Ortega? Well since honor of this game going on right now which apparently the ravens just scored a touchdown and got the two point conversion because earlier earlier. Justin Tucker missed an extra point so I think that's a second of the season now that he's a missed extra points. Yeah so so so. It's it's currently twenty seven in the second quarter and there was a report earlier tonight that if that that was it was it was in rappaport saying that the ravens have already said that if they can't if their seed cannot be changed in week seventeen seventeen they. They don't care about rushing records although he did break the rushing record for quarterback tonight already but they didn't they don't care about extending that record or anything. Lamar Jackson will sit if the Ravens cannot change their playoff position in week. Seventeen which is news to the steelers. The steelers play the Ravens Week. Seventeen so so between that and the whole notion of with a win tonight the Ravens will will lockup the AFC north which makes it definite that the steelers only path is the wildcard hard which we all know. That was a long shot anyway. 'cause they'd have to lose all three in the steelers at the win all three But that would just make it definite so the question is do you. Let's say for example that things all go follow the right way for the steelers in the next two weeks as well and they don't have to have that game week seventeen how do you feel about Alta that whole notion of Lamar Jackson and should the steelers maybe do some similar things. I don't want to put the cart before the steelers running a lot would have to happen. Let's look at this from a ravens perspective. Because odds are that. They're not going to need to win. That came the dog and have their position. Locked up. You al.. You also have to wonder if you have to think is someone like Wang. Harb's GONNA WANNA stick it to the steelers because let's say the steelers need that checking to get it. Would you want to beat them on your home turf and keep them out of the postseason You would because deserve rivals and they know you will and they probably would play you tough and so a guy like Wang Harb's is might not start Lamar Jackson I I would. I would imagine marketing room would be in there. I'd imagine that Earl Thomas would be in there because that's just the the type of guy that he is in the I I don't blame him. If if the steelers were in that situation if you flop their roles there I think maybe the you'd say that you want to keep the ravens out of the playoffs if you have that Opportunity so oh I'm not I'm not too concerned about that right now It was funny because today I was talking to. My wife's aunt and uncle who were Ravens fans are from from Florida and they will bring it up. Oh you know we would love to keep you guys out of the Plaza Gavin would cause they're steelers could be in the playoffs. Oh guess again as it. You don't WanNa play visions three times. The steelers have done it more than once. And it's not easy so you know and Lance Williams. He's watching live. He says if the Ravens of chance to eliminate the steelers weighing Harb's we'll go all out. I I agree with that well. Here's here's the actual tweet from Ian rapoport report. And he actually was quoting a my Garoppolo reports. That if the Ravens lockup their playoff seeding bye week seventeen expect. Rg three to start versus the steelers. Even if if Pittsburgh needs it to make the playoffs. This episode is sponsored by Stash. A SMARTER SIMPLER WAY TO START. Investing with Sash you can begin. Investing in a wide array of companies and diversified funds for as little as five dollars stash offers unlimited trading with no add on trading commission. 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We went on the air I was looking through our profile feed and I we have guys that run our twitter feed during the week. I don't do much stuff on there. The navy occasional tweets hugh question polls stuff like that And I noticed that David decastro appeal of his fourteen. Thousand dollar fine was denied. Reid wasn't even reduced. Basically just said Nope you're paying the money and that's it I don't WanNa drudge up week. Eleven again but at the same time time I just couldn't for the life meeting. Derrick Brooks the same one that decreased marquees pounds. He's suspension from three to two games. He's the one that heard David decastro appeal and he did nothing. It's I just don't understand what they wanted to do you know. He wasn't on the laundry list of players that got suspect that got suspended refine from that Malay in week. Eleven in Cleveland. I felt that he was more of a peacemaker he and Mad Filo peacemakers in this situation in like land said when we talked about it afterwards he said he he could have done a lot of bad to lamar hostile Marjasin. Someone just said that in the live chat he gives a lot of bad to myles Garrett if he wanted and he did he took him down on late on him. I don't know I thought it was ridiculous. They didn't at least reduce it. I don't even know what they're trying to do. Yeah I mean honestly if you want to keep someone from fighting laying on them is probably the best thing to do In my in in my former life as a high school teacher I actually did break up a fight by laying on to students students at the same time until I could actually get some help Then actually tackle them together and I've done that teaches not high school. Middle School Yeah so So that that's so especially someone my size. That's pretty effective to to stabilize the people but the problem was there's there's a lot it's an they could've said you were there. was you still were using. You know making contact with the player afterwards Yada Yada Yada well him holding it down made it easier for mark. EASTBOUND's you to try to kick him. That's a stretch. But they could always try to go with that. I mean come on Matt. Fowler got five three thousand dollars for entering the fighting area because the fight broke out at his feet. got into the Octagon God. I mean take workout around him and he just turns what gets fine for being in the neighborhood of a fight because they yeah I mean I think the NFL looks like money is money. You know if they really WANNA hurt somebody. They hurt them with suspensions. So decastro I mean and he. You're right they did kind of just kind of sweep it under the rug the first time and even with this one so I guess he can afford it Money does not go to the league. It goes into a fund To to help support former players so why lake donate says if not for Decastro Garrett Lisi game on a stretcher seriously probably point. I'D WANNA make a couple of quick announcements before we Are One announcement in one more topic to discuss before we get into this week. Fifteen games as in the steelers or bills. I is if you you haven't noticed yet We had we as in behind this occurred and breaking T'S T shirt company. They got landed. A licensed agreement with Devlin. Hodges so and put this up there on the ticker there To actually produce Devlin hodges gear now as a site site editor in someone that is been working with this company. They've been waiting for this for a while I hope he continues to play well. Pathway he wins if he wins this week it would be big for business and so We just launched our very first duck duck season Devlin. Hodges his t shirt I think. The designs really cool it says duck season and then it shows a picture of a probably his his image but with a duck head. It's I think it's a cool logo. Check it out on behind the steel curtain dot com to place your order and it's great for the holidays The get him in t shirts hooded sweatshirts. Use Sizes is ladies. Women's inner nice shirts. I have the behind the curtain logo. One nine oh Dave's wife got one They're really high quality shirts like they're nice shirt so make sure you check that out day. July design your muted. I am you because I was coughing and didn't realize I said I wasn't still muted. Yeah I did like the design. I would just waiting for it to say. Rabbit season on back throwback to the looney tunes so I was I my first reaction was wait a second. We got permission to do this so I thought that was a pretty big deal. It was a pretty big in in. The company is a couple agreements and licensed deals with other players like another one is Gardner Menchu. They've done some really cool stuff with him with the Jacksonville. The Jaguars big cat country. which is the estimation equivalent of BTC for the Jaguars? The second thing is is something that job man. I WanNa talk about this around the horn segment is he. He said you should get a B. to run the twitter. I'd saw that earlier her. All right the my gosh. What in the world is this guy thinking? We've said this a million times. Mr Third and fifth has been a topic of discussion. And I don't like to talk about him but at the same time. Holy Cal he goes from. I really do worry about his sanity and his mental status as mental state because he went from super apologetic logistic like he's apologizing to everyone. He saying that he's sorry organizations that he burnt bridges and all this stuff and then the late literally the next day or at least two maybe two days after he goes on his twitter tirade where he is called he goes Ben Rothlisberger a loser he calls the NFL racist. And I'm just I was thinking to myself. Do you not want to play anymore it. Maybe he doesn't. I've said this all along I've said he doesn't WANNA play but at the same time if he does he's going the wrong way. I think there's more there because there's a few things you can piece together with all this and I'm not sure the timing of it so maybe between can you or people in the live chat you can help me. I can only go by what I when I saw it on twitter. Not Actually what I was posted on twitter. 'cause you know sometimes I get it retweeted from people and and that is. He posted the apology which did not sound like him at all. It was so orchestrated. It was so Let's just say I can't say he didn't write it in the first the place but it was definitely cleaned up to be coherent if you know what I mean And sound proper but then you get. Ah The question is was he expecting soon as they come out that all of a sudden all these teams are going to jump in and say. Hey come play for us I it's almost like let me apologize so that way the offers a lineup and it didn't and he got mad but there was also a report in there I wasn't sure at which point where we're out of. The Commissioner's Office that the investigation is still pending and it would not change his status if he returned to a team that he would pot that meaning meaning where they were stated before that he would chances are team signs and he's going on the Commissioner's exempt list and they came out and said this in the last several days that that would not change the his. It's nothing nothing with the with. The impending stuff has changed that for for where it would be different teams. Maybe some maybe that statement came from the NFL. Because maybe after this apology some team started inquire about well. Hey what's the status there. If we were if we were to add him what would he be available to play or is he going on the list so they made that statement and then he just blows up our you know the funny thing is is that the NFL under the current collective bargaining agreement has them where they want him. Because here's what's going to happen. He'll eventually eventually say the investigation's over he is free and clear to be signed by whomever he like. And then once he signs they're going to suspend them you're gonNA suspend him conduct detrimental or whatever the comments. He made the actions that he you know everything. Furniture being thrown off the balcony to now the misconduct with the trainer. And all this stuff and the other accusations since have been made in and we don't know I'm not here to say he's guilty and innocent but at the same time the NFL because they can just there's going to wait it out. See what what comes of these. He's you know these allegations in whether it goes to quart or not. And then when they're done like oh by the way you're suspended for X. Games because we can't. That's exactly what's going to happen. I don't know I just WanNa bring it up because the guys I I kind of feel bad for him at this point you know he's Out there running routes all the time He. He's in steelers floor uniform. What is this guy trying to do but it is what it is in? So is that true. Someone just said the pens one. I asked my hope michaels right because they were headed to overtime against Columba's India. Big wouldn't wouldn't isn't over zero zero overtime. What I just saw in? It's been an ugly game audio anyways. Here's the penguins were here. Paul yes we are. Yeah yes we are. We're talking about the Pittsburgh steelers. This is a huge game and we've dubbed Multiple Games To be huge and and really really really important and I've always said that it's the biggest game until the next big game in. You hope that you have another big game. Because of the steelers would have dropped to their last three these. These games wouldn't be that big because they're not going to be in the playoff picture but here we are eight five. The steelers are on the outside looking in their sixth seed. They can catapult themselves to the fifth seed seat if they beat the buffalo bills if they lose this game on Sunday night while they had things get really hairy because they didn't get interesting they'd give really hurt because because if you break down the tiebreakers which you did dave actually check out that article behind the Curtain Dot Com at the playoff scenarios. Here is. Here's what it comes down to though I mean a win win and you're basically he basically just one more gaming you're at if you lose this game then you like you said had it the Tennessee Titans get involved. Houston Texans get involved the against you. Oakland raiders could still get involved not sure about that logistically. The disuse have a lot going their way on Sunday. Night Football Home Mike. Tomlin has very good Sunday night record at home and I called it. I called a Dave. Oh Yeah you did. I gave him credit fan. I was. They are wearing their color rush uniforms into their five. And those uniforms. This is a big game reveals the regular season finale. You should be pumped to go to this game. 'cause I'm pumped what so torn because I didn't know I couldn't decide if I was getting a pumped to watch it at home or getting pumped to watch it at the stadium so much I didn't know in which direction to get pumped so now that I know exactly what what I'm doing I am super pumped for this game. This this game means this game is probably the one of the more important games for so many other teams like when when I was reading the article about the playoff picture. This game is more important for other teams than what their games are for the steelers if you really think about it when it comes to the wildcard because everyone knows what's going on with not everyone knows. I hope most people know what's going on with Tennessee and Houston A and that is. They're both in the playoff hunt. They have identical records. They haven't played each other yet. But one of them's got to win the south assuming that Indianapolis issues two games back doesn't doesn't sneak in there somehow. One of these teams. They're going to knock each other off my right eye. Only one of them is going to make the playoffs. Well those likely most likely most likely and it all depends on the worst case. Scenario for the steelers is Because they play this week they play the final on week this season and inbetween they play an NFC team. The the the Texans play. I'm pretty sure at home against Tampa on Saturday. And then the saints the Saints that the the the the titans host the saints. So yeah so I know I think that's in Tampa. AH The one with Houston so this. That's that's interesting. So worst case scenario for the steelers is that both teams end up to in one sub. Just because that's how it is. What's better as if one team does? All the winning the other team does all the losing and then you don't have to worry about about the other team being in the because right now there's a group of three teams that are that are right behind the titans. I say right behind him but there are two games back with three games remaining. And until until like if if the steelers don't come through on Sunday night and then a loser of the Tennessee game those other teams have to win this week just to get within one game with two left and that's just an awful lot to ask soft steelers. Take down the bills that all but eliminates that at that group of three teams regardless of what they do even if they went so I mean not officially but but for the most part crushes their hopes and dreams which is which is nice to crush the hopes and dreams of the Cleveland Browns. We we ve enjoyed that for years. So that's what it really comes down to. Oh I I would not be shocked at all if the team that that Two in one of one of those teams would win the south. I mean it very well if you really want to know who the best case scenario Tennessee beat Houston at home this weekend but then Tennessee loses to the saints while Houston beats the the bucks and then they're both at identical records again and having to play each other heart and one of them's GonNa lose to where they're the only tour one team's only gonNA go one and two in the last three which really plays into the steelers chance but none of it matters beat the bills. None of it matters at the beach the bills I mean they would have to drop the last two games after beating the bills so beat the bills. You're in a great. You're in a great place. Yeah absolutely there's going to be a this picture is is going to be a lot clearer after week. Fifteen you know after we've seen is when the browns will probably be gone You'll have teams like the colts might've gone out of the in the hunt group. They might still be there but you know they're they're not they would need a laundry list of items to occur for that state play so It's going to be a huge game. steelers bills week. Fifteen Sunday night football. I think it's very much deserving of the Sunday night game is going it'll be the sixth primetime games of the steelers. The bills haven't played on Sunday night. Football and I don't know forever. It's ease they haven't had one on this year. I know that I Know Sean McDermott said. He felt that it was justified. Putting them in prime time again so the bills are not necessarily used. I used to the primetime. Stage steelers are We know that the steelers placed differently better at home compared on the road especially their defense will talk about that a second so dave real quick though before we get into our match ups to watch and things of that nature when you look at this matchup. AFC match of. There's some familiarity there but would not a ridiculous amount. What are your what are your general thoughts on the game itself factors? It might come into play. That aren't necessarily him versus him. Matchup type stuff. What's your thoughts? Well that these are two teams that their strengths are somewhat similar. You're meaning they are very they live and die more with their defense more than with their offense I think the bills over the course of the season has I have a stronger rushing attack but the steelers have done quite well with that the last couple of weeks could it have just been their opponents perhaps but regardless they they've they've put up a yards and done more there so these are two teams that are that are really driven by their defense. So if you're talking about getting a splash play on offense or or special teams. That's going to be so much. More of a factor in a game like this than it would be normally because I feel points are going to be hard to come. uh-huh here this is a tough bills offense to wrap your head around. They don't really do anything well but they're still dangerous in in their own way. You know what I mean. Shallan is their third leading rusher. He has eight rushing touchdowns on the season. He's a big athletic in his own way. He's not Lamar Jackson. He's not cuyler. Murray and I was actually really stunned when my Thomas was asked about him during his press conference businesses I think the buffalo has more design runs in Arizona does and I it was just me I. I've watched the bills and the Ravens last Sunday in. I gotta be honest. Honest you the bills did not handle the blitz very well and that's been talked about on the. The Standard is a standard last night. And what are the steelers do. This is more than anyone else. Blitz pay plants a lot so a Josh Allen. They blitzed a ton this year. I mean. They've took it home a lot with four. Let's more now. Well here's the thing. Some was it that he couldn't handle the blitz or he couldn't handle more than four rushing at him because sometimes the steelers blitz while still only rushing four. 'cause they're dropping somebody else that they wouldn't drop otherwise there's definitely computation will put it. That way on. His processing is slow and the football getting out slow. I think I saw on twitter. That he he has the he holds onto the ball the longest of any other quarterback in the NFL That was actually sent us by. Williams is evidence that I got. I was going to bring that up Lance Lance. Give much credit. Because he's already already the live chat he's worked worked in the New Year. He's got definite brilliant. Wow that's nice. I'm nobody it said since entering the League in two thousand eighteen. No quarterback has held onto the football longer longer than Allen on average of three point. One seconds because That's not good. They say that That he has a thirty eight percent completion. cliche percentage which is Latin which is thirty. I don't WanNa say last cause some quarterbacks more more than one call via team which thirty seconds and he averaged six point nine yards per attempt which is twenty eighth. I think this is when he's under pressure. And it says the steelers have the highest pressure rate and there and they get their in two points and the highest rate of getting being there in two and a half seconds or less. 'cause their average time is two point three three so that's one of those bad combinations for the bills. If you know what I mean. Hey Hey I'm Jason Delray. I recently wrapped up a land of the giants. The rise of Amazon. In this podcast we examine how Jeff bezos turned a small online bookseller into one of the most powerful companies in the world. We start by exploring how Amazon prime became a service with over one hundred million members and the main source source of companies power. I mean I think that's kind of what Amazon's banking on right that you're just so often that you're going to go to any other sites. 'cause I mean I don't and we end the season by pondering wandering. The question is Amazon. Too Big you know and we just don't WanNa be the United States have Amazon. We just really don't land of the giants has been recommended by the New York. Times axios wired and more. It's a candidate. Look at the state of Amazon today. How we got here and what the future might look like the entire? Your first season is out. Now find out more and binging on apple podcasts or your favorite podcast APP. So I think when you look at Pittsburgh my gosh I mean they leave the NFL on sax or reason and they pressured the quarterback. And I was wrong. A lot of people in the live chat are saying that there have ranked twenty second in the NFL in terms of blitz percentage mini how often they blitz. You're right dave in Malaysia. At that they don't don't send extra As much as they used to you know after lobby you look back to the last two seasons and they had to to get home they were getting a lot of sacks but it was obsolete Salita hung out to dry in the back end so I guess in the battle of offensive lines in the ability to I guess issue to impose your will on the opposition. He has the advantage here. Pittsburgh offensive. Line Buffalo's well from my understanding. I can't can't quote where I heard this but that the weakness of Buffalo's defense not that it's not that it's week but it's the weakest part of their defense it rushing right up the the middle the middle of their defense so if the middle of their defense is going to be there then that means the steelers offensive line. They need to get their hand in the dirt. Hurt if you know what I mean and fire off the ball and let's get four for your cloud of dust. I say four yards because that's going to keep moving the chains. So that's that's that's where I think if they're if they're going with that philosophy that that could be I I would lean towards the steelers with that will cliff. Harris is still a punk. Who's our one of our film analysts on behind the curtain dot com? He talked about how they should utilize steelers. She was the inside zone runs Awad Wad against buffalo and you said three yards and a cloud of dust is going to sit up there manageable. And that's where the steelers can have. A slew of plane at their disposal is all when it comes to that. ROLODEX rather have third and six hundred four compared to third and ten or eleven. So it'll be really interesting to see how they attack this team but a lot of that depends on who's available to them. That's another key issue here. With Juju Smith Schuster James Carter returning to practice in some capacity because if especially in my opinion judy species. There's the bigger injury than the you agree. Yeah I think there's how do I say I think he adds more offense bringing him back right now because of the attention that he withdraw along because you know bringing him back. He's going on the field with Johnson in Washington. You're bringing back James Connor. He's coming on in place of Benny any snow or care. Th White or JALEN SAMUELS NOT NOT. I mean there's the occasional time they would make it. Put two running backs out there but not like a receiver. So that's why I think it would be more important for Jamaica back. Yeah he I think he brings a dynamic to the offense that they are missing right now. I'm I'm not saying that conner wouldn't be dynamic but they've gotten production in the running game the last three games he's been out and is because a lot of it's they're committing to it and I think the offensive line is getting back into the groove of run walking but I absolutely think that Juju Smith Schuster is the bigger injury here so I have an answer for what you asked before which was the last time. What do you want to know specifically about the bills playing in prime time? Obviously they've played on Thursday nights right because of our one's doing but the last time they played on Sunday night football was I have to go all the way back. I had it here now. I lost it he go. How about two thousand and seven when they lost fifty six to ten at home to the Patriots? That's the last night on Sunday night football but I mean they played uh-huh. Yeah but they played on Monday night football last year And they lost to the Patriots. They I they. They didn't have a Thursday night game this year. There was a couple teams. That didn't have one. They didn't have one. You don't have made on Thanksgiving. Oh that's right. They played I have these Primetime Games. So that one didn't count because it wasn't a night game so that's that's that. was there Thursday when this year. Thank you for clarifying that. So yes but I know like the bengals roles and the cardinals did not play on Thursday at all this year so they have a Monday night game Thursday night game Monday night. Game All these losses the last primetime when they had was two thousand fifteen On a Thursday night football game against the jets. I'm pretty sure two thousand fifteen. who was that was that that was the infamous game? I'm pretty sure that where I I was using the stats about. I your coaches where it was. was that the first year Rex Ryan going first year. Todd Bowles in two thousand. I would've been but that's their last primetime win. If you'd have to go back to two thousand fifteen wow well. It's the difference between the bills and the steelers. The steelers are guaranteed five. Primetime Games every single season. This this is there because they know people will watch they drive the needle. And that's why West asked this ad agency him on the injury report. Dave would you. Did the article West asked. Is there any Status of Allen's anchored if he's not on the injury report so that would be one of those things that he goes out there and all of a sudden tweaks ankle when someone says yeah. We were hoping that he'd be alright. Then they're going to get find out Ben Rothlisberger and the Elbe else so that's but teams are more likely to take that. Take that chance a novel and the other team know about what's going with quarterback through Eunice Danke. This week I did head. I date if you don't mind into. It was really good because it was it was a question that was emailed to me by one dentist Sheraton. Who is in the live chat tonight? I try I. I tried to get it together for Tuesday. This took took a couple of hours for me to compile all this hours and yeah it did because I had to go through and do it every single one myself. He wanted to know about Dr Results when there's a penalty somewhere along the drive. So guess what I did. They looked at every single. Drive at the Pittsburgh steelers had this year. They had a penalty every one of them and I am not only within had a penalty. I couldn't I couldn't I couldn't sort it by if it was an offensive or defensive penalty. That's why I had to look at each drive so I was looking at. Here's some here's A. This isn't good numbers I because I didn't accidentally hit mute. Did I okay because a button beat here. So sorry if I'm waving my paper in front of the screen because this was a lot of stuff let's just look at it the steelers now. This includes every drive. This includes kneel downs. I couldn't I couldn't take any of this out all their that. The on the season the steelers have had a hundred forty four total offensive drives. Just in total how ma- how how many of those drives what percentage or what fraction of those those drives. Do you think the steelers scored. Now the reason I'm asking because this worked out perfectly. It is a perfect fraction How may drives again? How many do you have to be number? Just give me A. What percentage is again hundred and forty four? How how many of you? They scored or Gore touchdown a quarter. You're calling it was actually exactly one third thirty three point three percents thirty three point three percent ended in a score. which was there slightly more field goals and touchdowns could at eighteen point? One percent field goals and fifteen point. Three's around it. That's why they don't add up thirty three point three touchdowns where they have Off just shy of forty percent where punts and twenty seven percent was what I considered other which goes as missed field goals turnovers turnovers on downs. End of half and of game Or safeties that all went into the other category. So if you look at that where there's where they're scoring on a third of their place. Let's let's look look at what happens when there's a penalty during the dry versus if there's not here's what's crazy if there's no penalty on the drive against either team the the steelers scored twenty three point two percent of the time so it goes down so in other words it means they're aided by penalties but Dennis's main question was so how much does a penalty against the offense keep them from scoring and the answer is not as not not any different not any different. Because if there's there's a there's a penalty on just the offense whether it's one to five seven penalties. They scored twenty four point one percent of the time which is almost the same as if there's no penalty what gets crazy is when there's a penalty on the defense at all because I even broke this down. There's a penalty on both both but if there's just any kind of defensive penalty on the drive in verse. The fractions are switched to fractions the steelers score sixty seven percent of the time and don't score thirty three percent of the time if there's a penalty on the on the on the defense even if there's the other ones on the offense if there's a pounded on the defense and no penalty on the offense they score eighty nine in percent of the time on those drives eighty nine percents which is crazy which is which is thirty three percent touchdowns instill fifty-six percent field goals you know. I think I can't read my writing right there. But that's just crazy. How much so the thing is when it comes to the steelers offense this year? Now don't ask me how compared to the rest of the League because that would take me a couple of hours for each team that do that and I'm not but you would think. Oh well the steelers O.. Anytime they get an offensive penalty that really sets him back that doesn't nearly negatively affect them nearly as much as how much it positively affects them when the other team on. The defense has a penalty so I thought that was crazy. That's not what I expected. That's a lot of work. I wouldn't have done thanks to the email. Good luck straight. I didn't realize how much in depth that was going to be until I got got partway into it. I'm like well at this point. We'll just finish it so I split up over several days. Good numbers I've really is in terms of you know L. E.. I never would have guessed that. That's what the numbers will play out to look quite but I mean that's the last two games. James Washington has been a defensive pass interference. Here's magnet throw a deep and see what happens so yeah and and when they can get that defensive penalty there I mean it's it's almost most ninety percent chance that there are at least get feel. I like that I like that a lot and because of this team field goals are gold. You know I mean touchdown nominal. I'm an old but field goals our goal so I hope that was good enough for you. Dennis yeah he said he appreciates so Of Cuba's you Dave for doing all that work. We appreciate that. Were going in by crunching the numbers. Yeah I'm sure we'll I WanNa make sure that you Edna listener and viewer know. Oh that you can help out the program in a variety of ways One of them is by donating money to the the cause of the order. The good of the order so to speak and that is by are using the super chat feature down where you can post a comment to the rice lower dollar sign. Any money comes to the shell. And for instance I've kind of been accruing the money and were getting new equipment with the money I Lance Williams Dave Myself Brian. Dave is getting these new. Blue Yeti microphones owns which have really improved the sound quality of the show really excited about it in your already on away and so is mine in the money that you all have donated so graciously racially donated is going to help us. Defer that cost and so we really appreciate that and then also if you if you don't do any money in holidays are coming up. I get it hit the like button subscribed to the channel. If you haven't already and then go and get the hit the bill on whether it's your phone and your laptop or your tablet in set up your notifications accordingly that will you never miss a show you know. Some people get emails. Some people get push notifications. I've seen a lot of people. Dave I don't know if this as you that say the There's a lot of people that say that they don't get the notifications. How do you have your notifications? Set up You know what I think. It has a lot to do with whether or not I'm on my wi fi or not comes through. I know in the shows are about ready to go so I'm usually check in youtube and I'm I'm in there before the notification comes up but Yeah that's happened to me a few times where it's like. Why isn't this coming through? So you can only do what you can do. In that setup indications accordingly and then hopefully you get you know Mrs Show so those are ways you can help the show by all means like videos subscribe comment share air. It all helps all right. Let's get down. Here's what I don't understand. Is that so many times the number that we see people in the live chat. Doesn't I mean that's it's already number than the higher than the number of people that ended up liking the video in total a Mike. You're on the live chat right now. Just take the time to hit the to hit the thumbs up. It would really uh about. Yeah and you know every little bit helps that people might say well. It's just a stupid thumbs up. What does it matter? It actually does matter in terms of the Youtube Algorithm so when someone types in Pittsburgh steelers we went our shows to be one of those things it pops up and so a lot of that comes down to me using search engine optimization nation which you ought to need hear about and also of different surge framers but also by the amount of traction it's getting in terms of the viewers that does matter better. Okay let's go into brass tacks here and let's talk about matchups that you're really looking forward to watching Dave. You'll be there live your seemed to the end zone. Yes it really gives you the running game then. Yes so what are your. What's your match up the yearbook looking forward to seeing this Sunday? Well it's so tough because we still I don't know who's going to be available for the steelers and how they're going to be utilized and everything so I'd bottom line is I want to see the match up of basically the steelers defense against an against this running game is what I want to see. Because I think they're going to get to the quarterback. I think the the best thing that could that could help the bills to keep the steelers from getting to the quarterback is going to be to have a successful running attack so I think if the steelers doors are focusing in on this run game and what they can do and if they can if they can keep wraps on that that's going to be the key so that's what I'm really looking. That's what I'm going to be looking for four in stadium. I'm looking forward to the Pittsburgh. steelers pass rush getting after Josh Allen but you have after do two things you can. You can do this. You can make them one dimensional in one of the ways number one you stop the run. You don't give single Terry. You don't give Gore chance to breathe. You say if you're going to beat us on our home turf in the regular season finale on prime time color rush all that stuff. Josh Allen is going to have to do it. That's one way of doing it. The second way is to get a lead if you look back to last week if it weren't for Benny no jets fumble the steelers were gonna I guarantee where we're going to put that away early exactly and then Kyle Murray's throwing the ball forty sometimes to try to win the game and that's exactly what you want when you have a defense leads the NFL acts and in takeaways into Josh Allen will take some risks but at the same time. He's a dangerous player. He's in mobile the player but I want to see the steelers pass rush. I watched the Ravens and I don't think the Ravens have nearly The same type of you've Pass Russia's the steelers they harass the heck out of that guy sacked him six times. He fumbled the ball multiple times. He lost two of them He this dealers pass rush is going to have to win period. They're gonNA have to win. They average five sacks a game at Heinz finds field so far in two thousand nineteen thirty five of their forty eight sacks have been at home. That's what happened in my opinion. That's what I'm really looking forward to seeing. It's been a lot of fun watching this defense this year. It's wild since we've been able to sit back and say man. The defense has got well. Here's why because so many times. How many sometimes we say last year while this defense is really good if we can keep so and so from being exposed you know who he tried to not have exposed you? You know what was happening before is you're like oh I hope we don't have Vince William exposed in pass coverage because we didn't have any of the past coverage linebackers. Not a probably more. You know I like I was saying to. The several people is that when when I was coaching especially in the level football coach we basically played cover three. We had we had a third of the field. You know between the two corners and the free safety if you think of that the same way. The steelers their deep thirds last year it was Joe Haden and then at big drop off this year. There's no drop off if anything. You sometimes the defense is offense. Almost feel like they have to go at Aden because they don't want to go and Fitz Patrick over or Nelson. I mean these were just massive improvements improvements. It doesn't seem like they have the holes. I mean whether it's whether who's in there on the defensive line yeah they're missing Stefan to it. But when you're only running to defensive lineman a lot of time and hargraves getting a lot of a lot of play in there which I'm sorry a lot of people do appreciate that other sack just because he touched Murray and down hargrave grave caused the foot was the closest causing the fumble that when you Gaza quarterback the fumble you get credit for that sack. So I don't know if they're going to give to anybody but hargraves doing well with hayward has not been bad there so we've just a month that he'd been great but there's just so much there that you look at and you're like what are they gonna go. What are they gonNa do what we are they going to explain? Because I don't see one now I mean they've been Dave given up some runs this year but it it's not like a you know a routine or a trend I would say that In their past he has been tremendous. I the one thing I wanna make sure if you having gone back and listen to this standard last night with my myself. Atlanta talked about this upcoming Game Lance watches film more than I do and Lances Lance's also as everyone that's listened on the show as he's a guy that's going to point out the negatives more than he will the positives as just his nature in. It's okay it's the homer in the hater show. Oh but at the same time. He'll send Dave and I screen shots and stuff and I'm like. Oh my gosh. Do you ever plan on anything that they do well but I told him look for stuff that they they do in the secondary. I said I want you to see the secondary. Not as good as we think they're being covered up by the land looked and he said. Hey I'm Spencer for hall. I'm Holly Anderson. I'm Ryan Nanny. I'm Jason Kirk and we're the hosts of the shutdown full cast your avengers of college football. PODCAST it says in the script onto riff one what that means and basically what is already spoiled every Tuesday. We talk about everything from cooking disasters to pro wrestling. Too unfashionable pants worn middle school. We we also do talk about college football. Every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the booth early. And unfashionable pants. That coaches where now if you want to take college which football exactly as seriously as it should be taken subscribe for free on Apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast APP. Secondary's good it. Actually good one blake court last time we could say that the secondary as a whole was good. Probably when Rod Woodson Carnell Lake. Norman even with Power Malu. You didn't feel like it was complete. Did you feel like was there any year. Now that you've thought it was completely across the board. When they had McFadden Taylor Townsend as their three cornerbacks? And you had Clarkin palmolive back there. Yeah I mean you felt pretty good about that too. Yeah Yeah. That's the last time though. I mean you have to go back that far. Yeah I love a the entire time says invisible Nelson the he means Edna goodway. Yeah you don't want to hear your quarterback's name I won't even throw. I WANNA see if get an interception. How can you give me reception with him? Well I know but the funny thing is I saw quote athletic or which outlet brand. The article basically said that the transitions from Kansas City. Pittsburgh has been one hundred percent perfect. Yeah except for interceptions he did. He had here. You're in Kansas City and everyone seven. They signed him he gets targeted. The Moser he lived up to every bit of he's been tremendous well honestly I would rather other take him knowing that he's on. He's been basically lockdown corner that they don't feel big even throw at him getting a bunch of interceptions he's not a liability play after replay and Joe Haden has three in the last two games because they have to throw a Joe Haden. He's going to get the ball now. If you're gonNA throw your old. He's getting some confidence. You can see Zia eastern to jump on the ball. I mean it's you reported the one word not not the last one where that was just they were trying to get there and he just made sure he we went and got it. But the first is first -ception of the last game where he basically he saw it at one point and said if they do this again. I'm GONNA jump it. And he told Fitzpatrick so that way he would be ready so he would have someone as a backup in case. It didn't see in case it didn't happen and boom. I mean that's what these guys need to know that they have other guys that are also going to do their jobs out there. I missed the prediction for the season. Because when we were asked who's is going to have you know what can anyone get multiple interceptions in the steelers secondary. Cause remember we were just hoping to get double digits interceptions for the season and I said he I think Steven Nelson get the most. But that's because I thought they would be thrown out of more man to keep throw at them. That can't even throw at them. I'll ask you what I asked Lance last night and that is is is this steelers defense elite. Yes so now. Let's say you're not saying that you want to know what was funny now. They're not only and then you just kept laying Out The case. Then it's like how could you not call them elite with all those things I mean with with turnovers with with with the sax you hang your hat on it. Yeah and with the interest jains are now. Of course I'm saying turnovers but yeah but it's one thing if you're just always getting fumbles but I mean they're pretty Steve. Well I think before last week where they even fifteen and fifteen. I think might've been fourteen. I think they were. Yeah but then they got the three interceptions. I mean me there. That's very even which is what you I mean you don't care if it's a fun word interception you just WanNa turnover. That's just going show that you're getting it from so much I did more I the more I see this defense play. It's just a situation where you're like. This defense can take this team places leases if the offense just runs the ball protects the football and improves. I said in third down key that the red zone to get you. They're the red zone. Well I WANNA make a statement. I don't want people say oh here he goes with duckie. No I love me. Some duck. Hodges right now. This is exactly what this team needs in this moment. But I'm going to ask steeler fans and especially all those those of you though those wise ones of you that that solve the sparkin duck before four others did. Let's stop the discussion of where he's going. How he's going to fit in in two thousand and twenty? Let's you do week. Fifteen and week sixteen week seventeen and wildcard and keep on going and let's that the those are great discussions the February you know. Let's not worry about where he's GonNa fit in long-term let's let's you know. Let's live in the now the steelers just right now this season. Let's live in the now and and ride the duck. I know you can't really ride a duck but But but let's go. Let's let's just do it. Let's focus on what let's focus on the now absolutely so real quick. Let's get through fantasy football focus and this can he cares about fantasy football. Well it's basically a saying who is going to play well and who wouldn't play well here he starting in sitting Ns week. I am starting the steelers defense and I am sitting everybody else for I mean. I think it's a defensive offensive game which means we're probably going to be wrong and it's going to be like both teams scored in the thirties but I would like the defense is the most solid. That's the safest pick I'm not. I'm steering clear of any player that is possibly dealing with an injury. I'm not jumping. I've had a lot of people. Ask me all. Yeah you you right for the steelers one. Can I put James Connor Fancy lineup and I said don't don't even if he's back. Don't put them in your lineup. I wouldn't go there. I wouldn't go juju yet. I wouldn't go Vance McDonald concussion. I wouldn't go jalen. Samuels anybody who has any possibility even playing of getting dinged up to stay away from them. 'cause they're going up against a good defense anyway. Yeah I would say sit Jordan is. You're running back this week. The last says this and this is exactly what I was thinking says sitting Washington he's GonNa see double coverage not to mention Davies at very good. CORNERBACK that'll probably be following him. So you knew I say you start the Johnson because if he's GonNa pick one or the other if you're gonNA leave the Johnson over we solve it. He can do as a runner her when he took that. Sh- that blown up wide receiver screen reverse Field Numa scored a touchdown. We saw him as a punt. returner obviously eighty five hundred returned for touchdowns for score and we also saw him as a receiver. He's turn coming into his own. I would say start Johnson from saying to sit someone I would I would venture to say without being too obvious. I'm I'm not GonNa Start Devlin. Hodges in a game because there are times where I've thought about it because he's chief is all dirt and he he just doesn't put the ball up the trust him yet to do that. This is a game to the one that I guess. It's kind of counterintuitive disturbing. Yeah they Johnson but Deontay Johnson's other avenues as well so If I had to pick one other person like that if you're doing a daily fantasy that goes through Sunday night eight because I know a lot of times in my games you can just the game but if you're doing one that is including all the Games might WanNa think about if you if you're like I need someone dirt cheap because I really want I really wanna a play one of those high profile running back somewhere else my roster think of Dion Kane you know. Because eventually he's going to he's going to get one of those deep ones that he's going to be able to break because he's actually catching them. Mike Johnny did. I'll see who you're you're doing daily fantasy and you're doing a single game you have a multiplier multiplier in this well because you can't do the defense Honestly my moth- last Chris. Boswell that's not a bad one. That's I think this is going to be a low. If it's for just a single game this might not be a big point. I would not be doing one of those leagues where Where if you gotta a break appoint barrier in order to get you know? 'cause you can do those. I've done it before. They're just not very fun all right. Let's get down so you what's your mouth player. You know who I had actually thought about doing. That is Josh Allen. Based on the fact that he runs the ball. And you know I think that there are going to be point scored but I've probably look see. The steelers have a running back by committee. I'd probably think about I leaning towards Gareth White about maybe getting him in there. I Dunno data. Now let's get to predictions enough of that stuff. I said my prediction landscape his last night Lance Lance Lance predicted the steelers to win and he briefed before fans freak out he predicament last week. Yes he predicted to beat the cardinals. They did so. I think we finally got that hopefully Out of the way of but he said the steelers went seventeen to thirteen. And I wasn't too far off. I said that the steelers to win a close game twenty to seventeen seventeen. Dave which are prediction. I am going even less. I am going the steelers to win sixteen to ten. I was considering nine. But I'm like then. Once they score one touchdown I'm done so I'm GonNa say sixteen to ten. I think it's going to be a low scoring game name which is funny because every time with exception of the Patriots game every time they wear the the color rush they put up these points as well so so but I just I just don't see it with just the way. This matchup goes deano. Day Brian's prediction by chance. I meant to ask him earlier earlier today and he was actually in the live chat earlier but he's probably actually driving home now. Because I know I gotTa Best Wife. Everything was over and they were heading back so oh I don't know maybe we might have to send it to lance and have land saying on the asset. Who's got burning question this week idea? Okay you can tell it on the burning or if you guys. We're going live from the tailgate on Sunday can happen given I. Why did I think that? What was I thinking? So okay folks Dave I guess before we a break of any final last words for the steeler nation out there if you're here now when you weren't here at the beginning or if you're listening back to this on audio platform platform if you're going to the game and you WanNa be part of a meet up. We don't have the information yet because of the way everything went down with the change in time but feel free to follow me on twitter at S. T. L. are Super Super S. T. L. ourse superfan dad or to email me at S. t. l. r.. superfan dad at or go to behind the steel curtain DOT com. Look for any article written by Dave. Scofield there's always you know two to four every day click on Matt you will have my email there like my profile. Get a hold on me in order to figure out what's going on. I'm still trying to reach out to. Hey we have Brian Anthony Davis. Oh did you see it. I didn't bring it up right there. He is he is saying steelers. twenty-one Bills Twenty these three field or seven field goals yeah. That's why like the dolphins had last week. That was pretty funny so sorry. Sorry to interrupt their. Please get ahold of us. Less no NAP. 1963 offered to say. Hey come by the tailgate. I've got if you're listening to this us. Please please please reach out either myself or Brian or both of us so we can figure out where we're going to meet up. I gotta put me the five dollar is please get a simple Twitter handle an email all those were created before I ever did. podcast the one thing you could do. And this is something that you know you can change your twitter handle and you can always create a new email address. Anything that's sent to the old one can automatically be forwarded to your anyone says that is a possibility for you look off season just I was not aware of being able to do such things you know. My wife could figure that out. It's really not that complicated you young whippersnapper. No all these cool technology tricks that old guys. I don't understand you and brother field so now I'm not saying that I'm not saying chain or said make a burger pregnant cigna all right dave. Thank you for your time. Begging servants watching live on each. If you didn't have youtube channel go to YouTube dot com search bt SEO's radio subscribe like the videos set your notifications. He don't miss a show. Were also on any audio platform that you can think of spotify stitcher itunes Google play. You name it were their search bt TSE or search steelers and a lot of times it pops up that way Lastly Matiur behind the steel curtain dot com is your one-stop shop for Pittsburgh steelers needs. You have my writing days writing a bunch of other guys like Brian. Anthony Davis another's ribs. Louis good stuff coming up tomorrow. There's Brian Anthony Davis twitter handle handle simple. BTC Dad so we thank you very much. Dave thank you very much viewers. And we'll see you I will see you. Oh Saturday for the burning question is also late Sunday night for the post game. Show in the meantime enjoy lands. Tomorrow night's yeah. I said it not sure what he's GonNa talk about. It'll be interesting tune tune-in tell a friend and subscribe. We'll see you.

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