Summer House: Back To Basics


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That we just love to watch on Ben Mandil curve from the real housewares kitchen island cartoon on YouTube. Go watch it. It's fun. I need us watch it, please. And joining me is the wonderful and lovely Ronnie carom from the rose bricks bachelor rose podcasts what's going on, sir? Hey, how you doing today? I'm doing just great. Yeah. We alive. Glad glad that have little summer house back. I know summer houses back we're here to talk about it today for we dive into that next week. We're going to south by south west the way the order of operations for that show. Is that basically badge holders get in? I and non badge holders whoever's relations, and we don't anticipate a lot of badge holders are going to be there because it's like south by southwest, and it's like co people doing cool things. So I think that you'll probably okay. So that's how that works. And then we have in Cincinnati on next Saturday. We are we have two shows one sold out. Then we have an early show. Happy hour show. 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So the the those shirts and leggings are fabulous. Thank everyone. Keep sending photos in because I'm into all of them. You know, they villa. Great. This is like a this is this is a triumph Ronnie design on your part. God sure is guessing you guys all in bats. I share. So today, we're talking summer house. We also have crap it's mailbag at the end. So we stay tuned for that and summer houses back. So, you know, I have been very vocal booster of summer house over the years. But I've also I am I give tough love too. And I felt like last season was kind of a mass. I felt like episodes were edited together and choppy ways storylines and not track. There was weird casting issues. I felt like the summer house that I loved in season one had gone off the rails. And so in the off season. They regard some things the change the cast around which I had bittersweet feelings towards because I actually really liked like the work has twins. And of course, even was our friend, you know, but that being said season three is calm, and I feel like the show is back on track. I'm very excited. Yeah. I mean, they they're I don't know how much of them is trying or how much of it is fresh blood. You know, the best thing about. This show is just very disturbing whiteness. You know, it's like we see a lot of whiteness on. Bravo, obviously, I'm probably a lot better. I guess in recent times about getting some multi-culture multicultural says on stuff like that. Which is great. But we're used to a lot of whiteness, but this is Hampton's whiteness. This is like the whitest of the white. This is like, yeah. This is some pasty pasty ass whiteness. And I don't mean just on the skin. I mean in your soul is like a this is these are white sold people. Although I think to be fair, I think that any Ella. Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle I seem to remember from last season is she Puerto Rican. Yes. Yeah. Okay. So so there is some there is some diversity on this show. But yeah, this is this is why this is this is a big old white show. Yes. But it's, but I, you know, it's I feel like what I'm happy about is that in this season premiere, I feel like at least the story lines are are making sense. 'cause I remember last season the season premiere there was like this scene where they're all eating dinner and everything was fine. And then it just was like cutting random sentences and things and people suddenly were mad and then went to commercial break. And I was like what is happening on summer house. But now, at least things make sense. Yet things are things are making sense because the fighter so ridiculous. And it's like thirty year olds fighting over ten year old things become very into. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's that's that's too my whiteness. So I was like, okay. Got it. I got it. Yeah. So we opened with the theme song. What the fuck is this on you've been about? I still don't know still have no idea it's like someone to the inflatable raft. That is the Vanderbilt rule song. And then open the the thing and then just sat on it. And let all the air out. Fleeting Vanda penpals theme song because it's the same singer. So yeah, it's very intricate Jane doing her scales. So then we get a we open with possibly the greatest thing that makes summer summer house, which is the cameras than ever just lopping all like twenty four. It's like. The cameras come khloe. I need you to set a hard primitive in the master bedroom. Upstairs. They're going to be some sledding people up here. These people are so white. I'm gonna need might visit. I might visit. Okay. I want you to get me the filter that you use when we look at the sun. Jack, they somehow through the perimeter. The slots are in the bedroom. There's a cougar about to kill the daughter, but the Cougars Lindsay Sango Cougars. I mean, we even have Lindsey coming back like I'll say, it's like annealing Z. Now, it's like Lindsey now. Yeah. Lindsay Lindsay was like well, the work has twins are off the show. But I'm going to like carry the torch for them by wearing a strange like floppy like weird roughly top that sort of looks like the draperies and adorable store that sells curiosities and like old VHS tapes. Yes. Which is basically a really nice way of describing her boob job. Yeah. Okay. Let's let's do some subtlety jobs. Normally, no comment on beefs. I don't care. The only shows I really comment on our like real housewives of Atlanta because they're implants are so fucking insane. They've come out of the TV and punch me in the face. And then it's like, you know, I guess when you're going to do just like a one shop job in its only season on a reality show. You're not gonna go do incremental boobs ops. At hurts. Her boobs are trying to have a secret rendezvous on her back. You know, they're both like she looking. Okay. Let's go back there. You know? The back of Notre, Tom. Like ready to have like the basely khloe Jack about to have detente back there. Stick with twenty four. Yeah. The entire we're just gonna theme. Yeah. Theme everything in twenty four including jobs. These bills are terrorists. Their malls. So anyway, so it's Friday June twenty second and Kyle and MandA or arriving first and big exciting. Things have happened in between the seasons. Mainly there's a new day. So, you know. Yeah. They basically walk into an empty house which pretty much describes their souls right now. They're like we're back then was talking to us. Yeah. Area. Making welcome owing. No secret last summer was crazy for a mansion me. And then they show him farting in bed with Amanda. And then clapping at Amanda summer. It's supposed to be fun. Amanda got bud. Good. This is this is mandatory arc from last season. Going from Carlisle to car on. Character development. And Kyle has been committed and by committed. I mean, not cheated from according to these storylines about five minutes. You know, congratulations went step at a time. I haven't eaten a piece of pizza since like three hours ago. So like, I feel like I'm on the path to but he's acting like he's everyone's treating him like the Simpsons next door neighbor. Now, he no hardly early. Neighbor. Never gonna go out. He's never gonna live again. Dead flanders. Yeah. Yeah. He will cows. Like, there's no doubt that Amanda are like she's like my partner in crime, and like a relationship is better than it's ever been like, okay. So there's going to be cheating scandal. Got it. Before. Yes. It's better than it ever has been which means that you're gonna use a black Abbas excuse for treating scam. Like that's the problem with following up after Vanda Prempeh rules. We've already learned all these tricks are. Yeah. So now, we get our first Trixie monocle song of the season. Which is her saying big shots now with big shots. Now bigshots now with big shorts now, and I loved it. They start this off like it's going to be a serious song. She gets let's go do three big shops. Now. The countdown. Thanks for your discarded Huggies commercial jingle. So. Now, I'm a big kid now Mexican kid now. So we see Danielle Yellen Lindsey in the car. So I had I thought that had been fired. Maybe she was fired. And then rehired either way hill is basically doing single Lindsay from lassie's season. She's basically like, oh, this is my second chance because in the first season. I was on. I was just really quiet and nice. I've decided I'm going to be a reality star this. She was like. Acura, Dan, you know, what I am going to the Hamptons because I'm gonna have some fun. I'm gonna catch some thing. I'm gonna catch on date to like you don't have to sing it that team. Fifty miles jobs data over that. She's like literally tap dancing. No one can see your feet right now. It's just a shot from the chest up. I don't care them committed to this. I'm committed. I am fun. I'm Danielle von bomb. Pump font. See really is. I was talking on the Vander prompt rules recap that she needs to wear sweatshirt says e for effort because she's given it just giving it's a little painful to watch not gonna lie, but maybe find a middle ground between boring Danielle and like trying to potentially get D everyday dead yelich this the middle middle of the road. Yeah. Like, she's basically acting like she's in a commercial for Macy's with like it's ten percent off all weekend long. And she's like dancing around. There was like an umbrella. And like, okay, let's just look refi heavy medium, happy medium. That's what she thinks. She is in her head. But in reality, she's that commercial from Irvine's where there's just a lady waiting morning outside the door tapping all the women going open. Mervyn? I can't believe you knocked her down to Mervyn's. Macy's is already like not even that high. I've always thought of basis is very fancy store in a really terrible cell lives. A nicer store than it. It's nicer what am I trying to say? Like, it looks ugly. It's expensive still. Yeah. I feel like Macy's is Mesa sort of like the Danielle of this show. It's like really trying hard to be blue me's Norstrom and the men's, but it's still just Macy's. Yeah. Pretty much. It's still like friends with food court. Listen, by the way, I'm open. I'm open to having Danielle here. I just feel like for this first episode. She's just like a little bit on ten. Was Lindsay is let's he has new hair boobs know, and she's she's without her friends now. So she's like she's spent the whole season the whole offseason trying to get rid of Kyle. And Amanda, and they all basically Nord them and now instead they got rid of her friends like her side of the house. So now, she's like having to reconfigure, and so she's coming back with new everything and trying to be like super fun too. And she's like, I'm not even crazy. It's like a new like she's still speaks some questions with this little areas. And so she picks up Danielle and Danielle's like, oh my God girl. Why do you look so pretty? Do you look so pretty fab kinda the hamper? And they're like. Oh my gosh. Like the person that both been in a car or something like what is this new thing? All my has all all my God single car. Lindsey lindsay's. Danny watts. I really like God low clo-, but mine she's not on the lane. Bring me down. She brings you about. Yeah. We tend to get each other like we work hard, and we play harder are lesser mess, though. As like, are you reading from the basic handbook everything was saying is so base model. You're like cloth seats, like a plastic glove compartment right now base model. Yeah. This is this is the most uninspired character development. We've seen on Bravo. In many years. So when you're when you're as basic as they are what what do you do next you call nicknames? Names. Let's call Carlito. Let's call Carlita. Arlene. Dea since I since I represent pizza Bauge and Margarita machine. So it's like, I'm pretty much Spanish now Carlito. No. And she's like Carlito what he Octavio and he's like, oh mostly jumps like I'm taking the train. Big boy, we'll take the trend with like. I love how shocked about the train. I mean, like it's a fairly standard way to get to the Hampton. Yeah. I'm not gonna parent I reign. God that's a sound new Carlito or Lito taking the train all my gun. Carlito? Am I right? Oh my God. Hashtag such a hot mass rien que jazz like instills a cells. So like, you know, at that man gotta make gonna make sales, bro. It's gonna be a great job. It's lead to a lot of things be gracious for my my mama's boy and my mom's like get a job. And I was like I'm gonna get another job. So I'm have this job. You know, every week gonna have a new job, you know, by the way, got new job and sales. Yeah. Yeah. And I know that these guys all hang out together. Like Vander pump every dish bag on Bravo. Hangs out together. Right. And you can tell because they all let comment on barstool sports together. Yes. No, still sports. Right. But. That's how you can tell like what's the other? And I guess I've decided that they're going to do this like storyline while they're all nice guys. They can start giving quality Pusa again at the bars. So they're all having redemption storylines, and I'm not buying a single one of our absolutely not. And I also do not support the re redemption enablers like Lindsey who when Carl says he's taking the train. She gets. You know, what Carlito I'm proud of you. This is like it's first time ever getting on a train like he figured out. How to like by the by the ticket at Penn station. It's like, oh my God slow clap for Carl. He forgot ticketing system. Although I don't his actually been depends station gonna train there does urban war because that places zoo a hell hole. How does that play? How is that? How do you have something as smooth as Grand Central few blocks away? And then you get into Penn station. They're like, all right. You're trains, leave one minute. And we're not gonna tell you the track until right now. I moved to New York. I I arrived at Penn station. And I was eighteen years old. It was like the day after my eighteenth birthday. And I was like what have I done? That terrified of my life. It is so often vile and it used to be a beautiful beautiful building a beaus arts building gorgeous building that the demolished. And it's just like the biggest shame. The now, it's basically like a eight foot tall like subterranean space with like tens borrows? And like a boutique called elegance, you know, it's not totally it's gone through a redemption. Ark. Like these people. Just like new Pence, Asians bend station. Everyone don't buy it. All the other train stations. Are so mad Penn station. Single Lindsey like melons buying it. We are really like. 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Go to native deodorant dot com and use the promo code crap ins during checkout. So then he'll feels like this summer because Lauren workers isn't going to be in the house and more. She's gonna have a weight lifted offer shoulders because if you may remember she learner both in house last summer, and they both dated Carl and Yelverton Phillips, you could be herself. So she says, you know, what I'm a completely different person to summer. I have a new kick f- job. And before I'm gone. I think con I could be friends. Yes girlfriend. I am on. Yeah. I'm nap so much but Carl. Poor Danielle's gonna pretend she's not in love with Carl the whole summer. Yeah. Why is this a recurring theme for this show that like every season we have to see someone try to be just friends with? Carl area thing I think Carl super has. Like, he's looking at doorbell. He dies kinda funny anywheres like skinny type, you know, white jeans every seed or now the addition of white sorts with our. But you know, I there's stuff that no isn't owing obviously because I'm me, and that's how I look at people. But I mean, he's pretty Dora but come on hot really Carl's hot. But he's a fag. And I don't like and like you said I don't like to the jump ahead a little bit. I don't like his co opting of Higham Carl, and I'm recovering. Boy. I'm like, no, you're not recovering. Okay. You're not. You haven't recovered at all just because you say it you can try to own it. But you can't you can't own it. You can't own the Brooklyn Bridge Carl. And that's what you are. If we're gonna be giving everyone thing. Yeah. So Jaas like this summer is going to be different not gonna lie. Oh. Oh, my Mazur. She she's like this summer's it'd be different. Guess what? I'm lying. I'm back to me. So I so. At this point. I was starting to feel a little like I was Tensing up. I was like is this what this is going to be. It's going to be like an Danielle trying to sell us on personality. But then as you sort of as you mentioned, we get into into some the heart of it, which is that MandA in Kyle have been excluded by the rest of the cast, and they go to parties together, and everyone would be on one side of the party, and like not talk to a man, and Kyle and then on top of that that whole group, they un-filed Amand on Instagram, and I guess cropped out of photos and stuff and this like feud was so bad that Kyle sent a seventeen page Email, which is crazy. That's like a manifesto. So once all this out there. Okay. Fully support this. This is sort of pettiness that we need to start off season. And it really is petty because like you see the picture before with a mandate. And then they're all wearing like wacky sunglasses, and then they just crop. Amanda, right out of it. And the way that Lindsey tells us I want. Like, I don't know if possible after what happened with column other people like other meal, and then if we see all the we hear Kreil side, and it's like, yeah. This year was rough like people purposely to sell like, I mean, social media posts cutting out Amanda, and we see the picture, which is like a ready. My favorite thing. Been like an octopus emoji right over her face. And Lindsey's reasoning. She's like, I'm not gonna big. And I don't even know her. I don't even mind knowing my I only know memo Mata's girlfriend, but like not gonna buzzer run with. She's not like one of my best friend. Such a bad. So then and by the way, regarding that seventeen page Email, we then see Carl goes, I told Kyle to send the Email mistake. Fucking Carl, of course behind that. Stupid email. Horse force. Like, here's a good idea. Let me send a huge Email to tell everyone off like I wonder who's going to give me the inspiration. Do that Carl Carl Carl's at all? All the all the that goes down Carl. Carl Carl realize it was seventeen pages of I do, but that's mainly because I can't count. Well, like Arlene is. Was nine Madame Email. But like I just wanted to be stronger. So. What? This you're giving some weird social media tough love. I just wanna be stronger that she's swish won't be stronger. So you so you like excluder, and then like, and then cropper out of photos and tells us strong enough that she can like tear her way back into the photo somehow like. Carl and Kyle's like this. It's not like this is all about man's feelings. And then it cuts to live how not about Amanda Fanling member ending seventeen page Email about I'm failing. I mean. I don't think that Lindsey I wouldn't even read all that. You know? That's that's a lot. I considered for moment. Positive screen when they showed it. I want did pause it, and I was like reading some of it. This is hilarious. And for a moment. I thought about writing down I even thought about like like like tweeting at Kyle. And can you send that Email? But that's what this thing is so long we only need you only need like four senses to be would be worthwhile. You know, twenty nineteen. We all have Twitter like even when I see tweet when people are like one of three I'm like, no, I'm not reading it's like fucking brothers karamazov dust. I just Abreau sqi get it into dust. I f skate isn't that fascinating. So so Amanda like he was a mean girl thing to do. On and and then Lindsay's like like, we talked about this. Because by the way, we're cross cutting back and forth having a conversation. I mean, we could have talked this like normal adults dill. But instead like, I did the more reasonable thing. Just cropper out of all social media pause. That's the best way to do it. But then I got this Email might game over. So then Amanda is but they say game over print that send it send it. So this show this show. I missed the show getting so excited talking about this with Iran. I'm like, oh my God. This is hilarious. I forgot I it is just a rag on it. Like, I felt my Lindsey boys coming back to life from the beginning to this on our soul coming back to life. Okay. So so Amanda and Kyle at the house, and then a black SUV shows up, and we're like what's going to be Lindsey and Danielle the fights gonna start. But instead, it's Jordan media executive and Hannah of video content creator. I think they all I think all the new people work at batches. Right. Isn't that where they all work? But they're not allowed to say where they work. Do. They don't know. I think so because betcha like thing so. So on is not reading about this. When it's not on television. One thing. I pride myself on is not taking the time to read about this is not on. I'm like, I'm sorry. You like you like to dive in fresh, right? So we have Jordan Hannah where to the new people and so- relearn like Jordan is they work together and joins like, we're not dating. But we just worked or maybe Hannah doesn't matter. They just work together. They're not dating hana's like Hannah goes yet Jordan's looking for like, a sweet southern bell. And I'm like a ratchet girl from Brooklyn who speaks her mind. I mean, look at me, I'm so ratchet. And the next thing she says, the direct next thing. She says is most summers shelter island with my family. I'm like. Yeah. Ratchet so ratchet it's hard to catch some D when you're napping at your parents house. I'm not the most person you've ever heard of. I mean, Hello. I was like on the other day. And I'm like, I'm so ratchet right now. And then page she's like the hot one offense Hannah. I mean, everyone's cute on this show adorable sees this adorable little thing, she looks like she could have been on gossip girl. She does he's wearing like this piece denim thing and Hannah's like denim on denim is such a bold move. At the riot girl. Let me say not fucking law that is like ratchet chic right now. All my we're like two ratchets. Okay. Like am. I the nurse ratchet. Because that's what I feel like right now all my God. Is that a one and pages? Like, it's one piece. So. It's a set. She said it's from the commercials. I sort of thought I was gonna hate page. I don't know why. I just thought I was going to but I really enjoying her. She she comes in with flowers, and she's like brought flowers because my mom said you should always bring flowers and hands like page. You're making us all look bad goes. Well, that's your own fault. Pages. The only one who probably belongs in the Hampton. And she gives me she gives me like old school mad mad in omic Mankin amick. I don't know. But she is. I like it. I like outlook. Yeah. Yeah. I can see that Jordan is telling us about himself, Jordan. Okay. Let me tell you about yourself doodoo. Yeah. That's a great way to summit up Hyun. And he's just like a little dish bag with Bob's big boy hair. You know, like that slicks like dooby doo pair in the front, and he's like mumble linked straight guy in an office full of women, including pays in Hannah. It's amazing. I've never been alone with them. But like I will look forward to being alumna tham this year, and his is a really wide like these crazy fuckin- is like he's always shocked. Yeah. He's like, do, you know hard? It is to have a body like this and Katie Lang face like this hard. So I think the hair to the hair Manley, he has Katie lying hair, which then just informs the rest of the face. I'm not wanting to make fun of people's face. It not saying that saying that Katy Lang has a face to be made fun of I'm not one to make fun of physical features. But sometimes if you have a Katy Lang resemblance, I'm going to call it out. Yeah. It's not like saying he's likely because he's not ugly. He's no. It's the surprise of seeing that he has Katie Lang face when you wouldn't expect it necessarily. Yeah. Yeah. True. Yeah. The price even when he looks in the mirror. That's why is or so open. That's why he's always large. He's like, Tom green. Daniels like me to constantly craving. Person. I don't even know where we are. I'm just like, I'm just like, I don't I don't know just coming in the house and getting to know everybody saying, hi and Amanda, Amanda tells us she's like, I'm person Kyle. And I haven't talked about Lindsay to Hannah and pay, but it shouldn't take them long to realize that she's like a bit of Lindsay's. So I mean timing squash ship some avocados and possibly make some guacamole guacamole anyone and. By the way. I also want to say that when page was talking about her family page with this somewhere in the mix of all this page. I met she's from a conservative family and appearance or upset about going to a house with the two guys in there. And all I have to say there was a shot of pages. Mom, and I'm desperately practice. Mother comes onto the show because I was all about her. I believe her name is probably gonna be like franchesca page page to make lasagna tonight. I'm gonna make lasagna you wanna die. Okay. Kids gather around Francesca's booth on what's going to happen. All right. Let's hold hands and promised not having sex before marriage with such a smart little girl. Always so smart and chased two very chaste. Okay. So that and we hear. I'd have been there. God the first thing I'm gonna do. Gone. Straight the settlement. Says rebels as so many times in the span of like hundred twenty seconds on my God, high end to get straight to the rose. Say rose alien Zeke on spray Raza as the resume over here. I don't know this girls are the best example of the slang term becky's. Pretty much. And so basically, these are basic becky's. Okay. Yeah. So Lindsay's media. Nice to meet Yao. Nice to meet you go straight to the Rosa hold on Thursday. There was a here. Do you know the Roseanne going straight to jail? Nice to meet all goes. Wow. Your hair while we your hair go straight to the resume. Just I may mean house, but I'm gonna be the weekend. I'm jay. Set not torpedo Lindsey right around that tell you about ready throws. I right now k. Yelling at people. I'd rather make people feel comfortable because that's kind of person. I am. Although if it makes you countable about the fat, go straight to the Rosa. That's nothing that I can home with 'cause I'm going straight. Amandus like a case, we're not gonna pretend you didn't caught me out of your pictures. Lower me are. So you're just gonna go straight to the Rosaiah. Not have my guacamole. Okay. Okay. By the way, for people who are wondering why we keep mentioning whack-a-mole is just a stupid joke. We came up with lassie's in the only thing that we have to talk about the MandA. 'cause I think we had a whole thing where we're like Amanda seemed like this person who makes Kamalia to party and then tries to does. She did make whack-a-mole members the Amy. Oh, you think that's a big accomplishment. You think that's a big compliment? I was actually very important argument. Because I said it wasn't accomplishment 'cause oppa cottage are expensive. Yeah. And you have to tell which ones are ripe enough. And it's not as easy as everyone looks. But on the other hand, it's like the easiest thing. You can make 'em it's fancy 'cause everyone's like, oh my God IVA cutters or so expensive. Amanda saved the party. Interrupts interrupt Ronnie. Because I'm going straight for the road. This news broadcasts has been brought to you. I was just desperate for Christine Gibson reporter, Christina Gibson to come back with her giant magnum of Rosa that she sold the end of her season. Like, I have your is eight right here. Lindsey. Susan the pool still holding like, Shirley, they're going to ask Graham. The trap has been lean and I'm here to spring it. So now, they're talking about who gets what rooms and Kyle have already decided that they're the couple and they're going to get the ROY McKay rather here at the wildebeest took it. And they meet the work est workers who totally demanded that she was getting no because it was only one of them still circus onto around this show flashback, and she's like I need that Carl because like Karl like like hair I got here. So here Carl care Carl Carl Carl are. So lenses. Has as you guys decided you're gonna have me on random and Daniels gonna be mad because he's read that she so boring. So she's gonna be mad at everything now. Oh, I guess you guys have decided that you're going to have their and then Hannah tells them well me and page about spun saw wake Shara by. I'm gonna take the best of or because if you want the BUSTER, and let's he's like high-end definitely having my. That's fine me and page. We're just gonna have we're call it the ratchet sweet, I'm ratchet all my God. Just calling the Roger sweet it's like so ratchet. Danielle's rise. She's like bio and Jordan's like, well, I like to snuggle in wants to snuggle with me anyone no one, and there's many more anyone. With the walk away. So then so then Daniel tries to start another fight because Amanda guys, I'm so impressed at this room situation is like a lot more civilized than last year. Call and Neil's like, oh, well, I can change that. 'cause I'm a reality star. Now. I like to late night. So Kyle you take you take it from your Cal. Okay. I don't know about other like about the people around you embarrassments because like I mean, I wanna late night and cargoes is that a verb. Just hasn't always been a verb. Like people who are already in that Hamptons and legs music. Harding. Like I've been doing for years. She's like Kyle. I'm trying to start my own slang. Let's late night. Straight is day. I'm sorry. Miss something straight for the Zeh. And I feel like I missed everything you guys I made dinners rations wants to go out. It's like a mind knows not people be place called Joe. Joe John something Joe lon-, it's like the movie move on. But it's about Jews. It's like, I don't think so. The real people. This land was stolen from lawn. So goes so reservations have been wants to go out. I mean, I see that people are cooking, which is so passive aggressive because there's only one person cooking. Amanda who has been quietly chopping peppers this entire time. She was like clearly making a kebab ready to be like, we're grilling tonight. We're gonna do Lomb tonight. So if anyone is cooking. I don't know it seems like people are cooking. She just calls. She just keeps calling. Amanda people. You mean like people odds? So we just do them. You're that wanna cook we figured I've owned get here. Go straight for the Rosa. And then be like, let's go to Lonzo. So I guess people wanna cook, I guess people like wanna be out of photos to maybe she's like cropping out zucchini because I'm not really good friends with it. So aiding. I just wish people could be stronger some your crop people out until they get stronger. Okay. So the girls are all the new girls are both the girls. Like what the fuck is the tension in this house is so weird. We find out pages. Pages thing is dinner. She's like, I Mira had anyone stress about dinner like, I love dinner. So that's my favorite meal and right now, I don't even want to enjoy divided. Just wanna call my mother. I got to this house awfully I just wanted to get straight to dinner. It goes on all of this is about an Email. Why if he asked me for my Email, I'm gonna say I don't have one I'm gonna say it's ratchet ratchet dot com. So so handed decides she go to juon page is gonna stay back, and then we cut to Dan and Lindsey up in their room dancing, where gonna get let we're gonna get lit was like, oh my God. I'm like mortified for myself right now. I can't think they were saying we're going to get laid. Oh, I thought they said that. I mean, honestly, whether you think what do you think they're really going to say laid Kazan yells storyline. It's like teddy ended the D that I wanna just cap some deeds either way, I was embarrassed for them. So well, it'll help you catch your dis K just just. Deco? So being equal fresh supply arrives in the form of call Mr. Cooke Gentz Gentz Saturdays for the boys. The boys giants reform fuck Boyer. Hi, my name is Carl recovering. Fuck boy. I don't know what that without leather backpack. You got in Chinatown, sir. This is Carl three point zero and the bugs have been worked out better than ever. And I need to sell a lot of me to meet meet my quota. So. Barely recognize myself sills quota sales quota Celtel sale. So. Yeah. Three porno pretty much me guys and Lindsay's like Lee. Currently toe. Do you wanna get straight into the roads? I 'cause I can show you where it is straightened. The road is out here. Oh my God. Ow. So called you wanna like come to long because otherwise it can be here because people are cooking. If you know what I mean, people like, you know. People are people so beer you and I get along my after crappy out of my Instagram. Honestly, I'm really good friends with people so Karl like honestly people who who've people the worst people in the world. That's not include them anything. Threaten avocado. So she's I bought it every lab and cross like, oh, we're cooking and Carl home will someone told me what to do because like this was a beef about the country. Eat. Thanks, Carl Carl's max. Are spent the entire train ride that congratulations. So proud of you Carlito took the chain any thought of job. Oh my God. So the juon crew goes off to July and like gone suck shots yet. Yours to France New France. Cheers. Cheers. Cheers. And then they come back the barbecue, basically home and just like quiet here like knives. And folks. And Kyle trying to make really interesting conversation. He's like did we turn the oven off an amendment like? We did that. And he was like is that dipping sauce pages? Like my God. I made the wrong choice. I mean, it's Friday night. I meaning vegetables dinner. This is not the dinner that I wanted on a Friday night dinners import. It's just a bowl of guacamole. So we go back to July and Carl Carl Carlito, what's your type? Well, I like smart funny. Females females giants. You know, I hot sex like sweaty hot sax where my hair can get all over, you know, you and you put your weight on me. And then if you turn the lights on your skin, your thematic, too, and you have a twin sister and just in my name over and over and over and over and over again, and then I can dump you and make you feel weird all summer. I like that. That's my type also have masturbated to move on quite a lot. So if you could introduce me to do on that might actually workout low point of this meal. Do they start playing that Christina Aguilera song? And then like, we dated Karl like, I'm pretty sure I check all those boxes. And then he goes, I mean like brunettes, okay. Gravitate towards blondes. Like. For personality personality. So then Jordan, meanwhile, Africa Jordan was at that dinner at home because no one's remember Jordan is like the new. Back. I m e. Meets whatever I forgot him. I mean, I he has more upside. Hopefully, but Jordan is like. Personalities already so much more notable than meat. Yeah. Meets whatever. So Jordan's like, well, I'm from the south. And if I were if I were still in Atlanta, I'd probably be married with two kids. But I don't wanna date just today. I just I want to date just so people can see how attractive I am. He's like guys like, I was named hymns band. Hinges hinges bachelor of the upper the app. Everyone's like, I guess that's a good thing. Maybe so now, did you Lon? People are coming back like let's get a hot tub. I'm I going straight into the hot tub, by way of the Rosa. And Kyle hears them. And he's you know, that Carl's gel because he totally just wants to go party with the new people. Yeah. But he's like, Amanda. I'll be right back. I'm gonna go check on that Margarita machine. Was he checking on? Making sure it's like happy. What's the deal with on a motor reader machine? All right. So Linda, I'm gonna hang my phone's lying. I have. I have am. I chance you gotta say, man. Yeah. 'cause like everybody just checking on the Margarita machine just checking on still here. Maybe maybe tomorrow will make Gaza Margaritas and maybe some BBC's. Hey, everyone BBC's BBC's on now. No. And he gets back into bed with Amanda. And it's night-vision. But you know, like he's naked and I'm like, rar luck. Yeah. He's so little hot little guy. Hot little. Amanda instead of being like yak ever here, Kyle she's like you can tell how old yard or like how much your ball sag. Machine. Check on it is it. Okay. Okay. Lindsay. Then y'all are doing their mean girl gossips it, of course. And they've got Hannah now on their side. Who's also going to be a little mean girl gossip. Yeah. I like I like Hannah a lot because I feel like she's just like these people are crazy, and I'm going to have some fun and just like spread gossip I don't care. I'm looking all the new people. Jeff think too. Good recast. Yeah. I think so too. So Lindsay's like I think that Kyle like dying and side because he wants a party any can't and just like cut to Kyle. And Amanda having sex. I'm like, I think I was pretty happy right now. Well, it seems like it, but then it cuts back to the girls gossiping, and she's like my ham because he's making other ways. It's not a good bye. And then back bedroom where they were boning in America's medicos. That was pick. Yeah. Catholic Dong inside. And I can say this as someone who's already dead in theme side. Like, I know when I see like they're on their high horse. They think they're like the best couple in America. I guess while. Sheet on our okay there. I said I thought. Our in house Brad, smells, and like I'm brain injury. The my now, but Langley never backing about about Lazzari buxom girl, only blacked out might take some responsibility Brown. Testaments -bility. I hey, shares just she just fucked some guy with a girlfriend last summer. I don't even I don't remember like. This is you had like she was going after someone jockey. I don't know it was like she was going down to strange path. So then she's like, I just feel like Amanda deserves batter. Which is why we are isolating her and cutting out of photos. Okay. She deserves better. Yeah. Jeeze so. Oh, yeah. Lindsey goes the reason I'm followed Amanda as cow cheated on her and then she's like posting photos. That are nice like now, Mike, you're gonna unfold. Manda shouldn't you be unveiling tile, totally just lock them Oli all year long. That's all she's doing by the way is gonna bother me to say, I don't know that she cheated with a guy with a girlfriend, but for some reason, I remember her being like, it's not me dating her or like, it's not me as being that's his problem or something. But that could all be in my head because I get my like kooky nonsensical white people mixed up some. Yeah. I'm so sorry about it. So the next announce the next morning people are waking up Carl Carl's like sitting out at a little table and Kyle comes out. He's like Carl goes, hey, they're old sport. Hey, I'm like Carl. What's up shop sick haircut because like to ask for my haircut? And he's like, yeah. Totally got the same hair. So like, I don't know what happened before I got here. I have a feeling do with addresses at really emails and 'cause like I was hotel stop. And I was like we're here to have fun and like other people aren't capable people. You mean, a mantles like her new name people if you? List? Listen, this is new summer. Imagine I are better than ever. And then it cuts to MandA scrolling through his phone. I love how did that got her that in that they put a big arrow that said Kyle's phone? Through it. So so Carl what do you think about page? I've only two minutes with her. But she's obviously a babe. So. Yeah, babe, babe. Babe. Jen's Mariah everyone baby John. I can't we I'd like to suck them out emotion because like she totally checks the bay box. Yeah. Like, she feels my quota for babe. So then haven't paid you're talking 'cause they're in bed together, they sleep together and Hannah's like own guards heart like that. 'cause for string and pages like on he still tall lying. I mean, they go be be a fuck boy if you're fucked boy, just like be a fuck boy. Okay. Hannah goes, okay. You think he's hot yacht? Who thought her do you think Karl totter or Jordan and pages? Carl. Jordan's like, I'm right here. I'm literally in the room with you guys. Oh, sorry Jordans Hannah. I'd rather fuck a girl, Jordan. Hanna Hanna goes. Yeah. You know, what I like about Carl's? He just like so easy flirt with patriots. Yeah. Because he's tall. Yeah. She's like he's hot. I mean, he's tall. So like, that's really cares about. Tall people get away with so much more can't really do. So and Carl meanwhile, downstairs declarin Carl three point oh rules. And he's like so like there's some on just going to tread lightly in in house relationships, and I think we're going to be really good be good to go. I'm like every single season. You start off saying you're not gonna fuck around in the house. Yeah. He's like there's three rules to stop being thought. Boy jets number one in fast forward. Number one till your quota number to take into fro yo number three go to a wedding. But say you're not going with the day. But you go with the data anyway, number four, you name is Kara Lido now boy. Gents? So Danielle then we cut it Daniel on a laptop and she's like, I'm working at presentation. But you know, what I'm not gonna let drama brag me down because I got power PowerPoint. I'm like, you're just reviewing the bullet points to how you're supposed to act or aren't you? Welcome back, then yell now. There's Dan I'm yell sitting on a laptop being I'm preparing for taste. That's the Daniel. I know. Yeah. The maze. Ing job right now. And like people don't seem to understand that. Amanda. I trauma like this is what matters like you're starting literally all the drama in this house. You just created a Google, doc. It's like not that impressive. So Hannah's like who has I- Timothy's? Quick tennis. I'm so ratchet aren't I on my God tennis? Am I and it's so ratchet Brooklyn girl. So she doesn't plays tennis with Jordan and tells us that when she was a kid she was one of the top in the nation, and she's like almost pro. But by the time, I was twenty two I was like ready to move on. You know, like now I can stay in delight reading or go out and grind on random stuff for because this summer is my voice star. And I'd say. Irony because I go to voice their shock because I'm in the Hamptons mile Stor. So then it's one eighteen I forgot that summer house has random time stance on on a make sure what time it is when Lindsey goes strike again. It's like summer. So we're not gonna round anything upper on its one eighteen times time, not being the Trump stamp that some people have the girls like jokes on actually going to go to the store. This is true. He really is. Does anyone have any list for me because I have a quota of groceries offering breakfast? Oh, all I'm will you bring up. So we can play Gaunt's. Pages. Like, okay, I'm gonna go with you. Because I've got nothing left to do. Here can talking about their stupid dinner at juon. So so page and Carl go to the store, and they're in the car and Carl talk about how he worked for like a tech company. Now when he's gotta make my sales. I gotta get my quote, also got fired. And like, I don't know if I could go to. You know? I typically go after brunettes that are small where a lot of. So if you wanna ride my dick right now like almost Oppy jets, quotas said Dan Yellen Hannah or in the hot tub and Daniels like we are partying kit it as Jordan passes, and he's like Rosa stripe rebate. Rebate. Thanks bad. You called him Perry. I'm so getting out of the top going to totally Koch. Dick. Oh my God. Like, I called him babe. That's like so meek. That's exactly why personality is like that's what I would say in a normal situation. 'cause I'm just going after that d- am I right, everyone, babe. I said babe right right bay or the bad bed bad. Yeah. Jordan comes out, and he takes off his shirt and I'm horrified because he's like skeletal war. But muscular, if the creepiest thing I've ever seen. I'm not sure if it's real I'm older menu. I'm not sure if I'm turned on or extremely disturbed. I don't know it wasn't doing much for me. But they're like, oh, my God is this for real. It's like the diet coke, man. All over again. Oh, he's a bed. Did I say oh my God. Lindsey as bad as into it proves himself to be a real brain trust like pages hot. And I'm interested in her. But Daniel is fun too. I'm not the Easter bunny. I'm not gonna put all my eggs in one basket. I don't think the Easter bunny actually, does that to be honest. That's not really how Easter works. He's probably terrible at an Easter egg hunt. He's like I found Neg. I'm leaving there. Because I want to many my basket. He's like the kid, caring grant, twenty baskets. So guys, it's one hour until Southampton social, okay, we're gonna sell homeless all so Danielle's like showing Lindsey do you like my outfit care if I? And then they're showing them all in their cameras getting ready stupid stupid during the staring at his apps in the mirror touching them. And like pulling down shorts suppose pup- line. Just right. I didn't notice that. But I totally believe it, and I can imagine it. The so they're all out to go. And Danielle because like if you haven't figured out like cease base mother gets let's do the damn thing. I'm like oh God. Now, you're quoting the bachelorette. So now, they're often they're different vans and two Lindsey. Amanda are alone in a van just like I just wanted to dress the tension that some people have right now. And I just want to say we're going to dress it later. Okay. Be like the content that it's been trying Yan may younger like you're near her. And her people on me are people any alad any on peop- all people are like what I just wanted to be stronger right now. But we'll address your strength later. Managed to think thank later so dinner Jordan's like all have a mess scout with orange and Catholic warns what you knew at all have the mess cow with three oranges dens and not fun. Don't say I'm not on triple the arches triple. So calls like making he's like talking and news like I once was scared of commitment. But I was always committed to parties in Lindsay's like. Tiles single Z talking right now, how do you feel about commitment? Now think about that think about what I'm saying. On like, a great great. We're doing great in Amanda leans away from him. Like, jeez. What do they? So guys we wanna go over health rules right now rule number one guacamole anytime anyplace, right? We know what speaking to you in the house. Why do you have to be the one? He's like house rules. Yeah. Everyone loves on about that. Yeah. So let's see. Yeah. Like little number one in my own legal don's house thrill number June Karl over Vic. Vic came in. Now solders for the jets rule number three. Rule. Number four Saturdays are also for the quotas. So they basically the new girls Hannah tells Lindsey she's like, oh, no. She tells Amanda, she's like so his favorite person and a man's like out Nevio. And let's. And let's. My megna. You know, you're got dish based on your Instagram, Jordan. But I'm presently surprised how your way Mark outspoken, Mike, the you're in two days, and I've ever experienced with you live and pay as like, you're more genuine, the new come across. What the fuck? I went to an all girls school. If you're gonna try this shit with me, I know how to give it back compliment. Okay. You're actually smart for blonde with fake boobs. So good job. So now, Danielle as she her her her new personality has gotten a lot of hand because now she's drunk. Does does chasing the DA. And I wanna say something about new energy, really energy, sustainable, solar power. Now, I'm gonna work out with you. Cal. With the new new green deal. All right. That works things out with Kyle and people again all working out separately with you guys. And Liz, I'm where where good what do you mean to say is we're? Like, I said all entertain my Email, which was not answered by the way. Curls. Like, I just want to enjoy my Saturday. I didn't like take a train to not enjoy my Saturday. I mean, single Carlito here, right? Everyone. Daniels. Like, I don't wanna talk about it like woolen like that. Whereas ones about it. I don't wanna be that person is like you are being the person who's like. Even say what president doesn't wanna be like you are the person that is like. I want to address the elephant number, and he's like you or the all of the room when she set the puck up and then pay just like here. We are. Everyone's favorite meal is dinner for this group. Your slider. Shut it your slider. Danielle's like we have some things to work on cars like worked out with them. Not me not right now Saturday for the Carl's. Okay. And they just basically I'll start arguing because Daniels being belligerent Lindsay's like a novel the name all we have to make people feel comfortable, which is why just criticize each and every one of them were on prime one. And then that was sort of like that was the the big cliffhanger, which is what will happen at this dinner. How will it all end up? So ridiculous. So glad to have the stupid show back in my life. So that I really enjoyed it. Anyway, before we sign off for the day. Why don't we dip into the crap mailbag a little bit show? Grabs mailbag where you can write in questions. And then we read them on the air, and you go to patriotdepot dot com slash Walter crap ins, and you sign up at the mail bag level or higher and get to do it. So let's see I'm just going down the list, April, bud. The low wits says as you probably know the OJ Ramona Theresa Vicki Kyle any planned Andy's baby shower. Can you reenact how you think that planning meeting went? Vicky probably got hung whereas house where is it? Space. It just meet your hats began till you pay me back that twenty dollars zero me gonna plan this party to be part of that. I just looked at my counter and Lisa Vander pumps can be in Las Vegas this weekend. So. I think this would be good time to do it. Shut. Kyle stupid out. Get a job get a job. Get a job. What I'm sorry. I'm sorry. But I think the sec okay, baby, baby, shower, here's what we have to do. Everyone gets five drinks one in a small cliffs one with a toll one one one. In the meantime, glass with the Quila and club soda, okay? And the other two your choice. Well, I don't know if you got from aunt Coen. But you just sent me a picture of its own agreements and AP, and I was like, oh my God that being stomach me. I looked say me it's that baby out of the boom. I look like the beam system K. Well, this one time a little girl. I was like I want to take a shower. Joni part Smits can't take a shower. Too dirty always beat or so, no matter. So why we the water does day of never taken a shower. Okay. We truly me just off in the background tearing off a cameraman shirt. That's all. Okay. Nice one else king. Oh, this is a this is a Ben central question. Ben, I need to know more about Dom. I've been following on Instagram. I'm a lifelong dancer, and I love jazz best. So choreography of some of my favorite next time. I come to allay, I'm gonna take his class. Anyway. How did you meet? How does he feel about? Bravo. Could we ever get them out as guest if anyone hasn't seen him yet? He is indeed hot. Oh, thank you Elson. So Dom is my boyfriend. He is a choreographer. He is fabulous. We met on Tinder. And he's great. He you'll he is not as into Bravo. As I am. But he will sit and watch some of the shows with me until like until they annoy him enough to go into another room. And could we ever get him on his guess, probably not you probably will not come on? But he did make a brief cameo appearance left week or two weeks ago. So he sometimes like if. He's around and we're doing our TV party thing. He occasionally pops into the room and he like waves at the camera. So the best the best chance to see him in action is on those things. But now, he's wonderful is great and you so so so so talented and I'm like in awe of him. So he's wonderful. So that's the story with Dom and one more question. Christine circle Bach says hi, Ben, and Ronnie, I'm trying to listen to all the podcasts and thought maybe it's time to put a new twist on an old classic and podcast number one. Forty six. You did a riff on the then New Jersey housewives singing Kokomo. Well, we have new New Jersey housewives new voices. So it's time for new rendition one-two-three, hit it, boys. Remember we doing how did cocomo? I don't even know what the context of that was I don't either I'm so sorry, not being able to fulfill the crap mail bag thing. But I know. View Jamaica, both gonna take you to be Muda Bahama. Oh, I got a great view. That's better than all designers. Honestly, like, they're nothing compared to ram honestly. After Florida Keys. Complaint where you in me. Everybody's complaining that the voter shaking. Do this all the time. I mean, what is like Jamaica might take to read a Bahama? Pretty mama knows pretty much senior. Okay. That's that's a pretty mama for you. Okay. Not not some beach boys thing. I don't want to beach. Boy, I wanna beach, man. Okay. That was Joan that was gen-. We to cook. But without going to be able to do it till it's finished remodeled. All right, Joe like Joe like Searcy can't concentrate. So you know, whatever pretty Bob with the station there. Senate. You know, what I went on vacation? I went to rubel Jamaica back to back to Jamaica back to Rupa couldn't find Frank couldn't find Franky booze dead mas- wasn't anywhere around. You know, my boyfriend. Thanks. Jamaica. I wanna take you to Bahama who really mom. No, lordy. All right wrap up that mail bag. Close. Now back up. You guys what a fun note and on? We're going to see a bunch of guys tonight in DC looking forward to it. Thanks for being with us this week. We'll see also another bunch of you in Austin at south by south west. And then Cincinnati goes so buy tickets that really show is could be fun. A fun wacky early show. We're really really excited come see us. Do both shows one. We have a great time watching crap dot com for that. Ronnie a love ya. Put a great time. We must be you guys soon for me to get straightened to that resume. By everybody.

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