Zorc "we want Achraf next season" Dybala offered to Madrid, Preview Madrid v Eibar


Welcome back to the Ramadorai podcast now coming up in today's program, we're going to be taking a look at who and what has been making media headlines over the last few days and we'll take more in depth. Look this weekend's opponents EIBAR, of although don't forget. You can catch it with all of the previous episodes of the podcast by the website at www. Dot Com or on. Google spotify and all of the major streaming providers I was forgetting that today with Dortmund's Michael's Zorkin. He's being saying that he wants Ashraf Heke me to continue at Borussia Dortmund next season, but he did say the situation at the moment is a very clear Asha for tunes to Spain in the summer, but we are very interested in him continuing with US next season as As for the player and his views, he said I can't lie. Of course. I went to succeed at Rail Madrid. Because it is my home. If not then I will try elsewhere and don't forget. Dortmund's have a significant bogging tools. In Jadon Sancho we'll have a bit more on him in a couple of minutes, and of course link Harland says seeing, chef, Jamie Edelman. For next. Season isn't entirely. All Fantasy Donnie Vanderberg future was discussed on Dutch television. We're that when Vannice are saying. It is very clear Madrid and Manchester. United are interested in donating. However Madrid's interest is not as keen as last year on the subjects price you said whilst the move into place or one hundred fifty to two hundred million euros will disappear. Wait, we'll still have players. All significant values anybody coming in to show interest in Tucson players that will be no fifty percent discounts pilot has been offered to both. Both Real Madrid and Barcelona often negotiations on her new contracts from breaks down his demands for fifteen million euro per season, Italian media reported of this to happen event would have to sell at least four players now dibella happy offer to Madrid in the pause, in fact, more than one occasion over the last few years, but interest was never particularly high. They play who is in his fifth season in tyranny, scored sixty four goes in one hundred fifty two gangs with eventers at his contract runs until twenty twenty two. Now back in April German media reported that Borussia Dortmund had set a price for Jaden Sanchez departure, two hundred and forty million in the last twenty four hours, the UK press bieber forty s prices being set at one, hundred, thirty million. What is certain is that regardless of the financial situation the will random is in Puerto adult to realize the value of players, possibly the second most valley below the market today killing back pay. Pay and they have no intention of offering any incentives to others to take star Matt, who remembers just twenty years of age kid does look likely that he will stay in told Moon for the next year and negotiations will begin in earnest next summer where the moving into the final year of his contract now staying on talent for the future Madrid's Japanese International. WHO's a coup? The Japanese messy as they call him, Poos. Yorker has proved to be a huge draw back in Japan this year with eight of the ten most watched games on television involving Majorca. Game on Japanese television a Yorker Gainesville rail back in November again, which one three one and Cuba scored his first league goal actually that day. As for way, he's going to be playing next season. That is still uncertain, but Terrell Southie Adad have shown a big interest and his own talents, which certainly fit well with a side in the top ten in a League look is still making plenty of. Of, new. Jersey may not snobby. See until next season, but then hasn't diminished any of Milan's interest or desire to sign him. The problem remains though that they don't want to actually by him. Still just what to take him on loan for two years with an option rather than an obligation to buy him at the end of it. If he did go, he would link up of course the redditch. Frankfurt for. Seventy eight games see. He played scoring seventeen goals to of had a reasonably effective partnership together. That said he looks highly improbable. It's Ramat again. A player waiver two years with potentially nothing at the end of it. Day or up a McConnell? The future surrounding came as again looking uncertain. All of these speculation of courses be weighing on some of his recent performances. You may have seen him. Get settled last weekend and his club. Leipzig half according to German media told him sign an extension to your contract. All leave the club this summer. We have a clear understanding with the place, said the CEO Oliver Slap. We will not let him go for free. We cannot afford that as a club. There is a clause which allows him to leave before June, thirtieth for sixty million euro, the twenty one year olds contract remember runs out in twenty twenty. One Amazon is ongoing. Situation continues to draw comments former outlet. Peres said will have to win over Simeoni. Basis is in tie game on defense. He wants a lot of sacrifice from his players. So Hamas must understand what he will find here if he were to sign doesn't look really. Does it on papers? If it's a match made in heaven that. Diego Carlos, who is enjoying his first season in Spain with severe continues to interest Real Madrid puts with a contract that runs into twenty twenty four. It's not going to be easy to prize away the Brazilian defender. A mind president. According to certain sections of the Spanish media has a lab. Brahim Diaz to be used in negotiations to bring down the cost of the deal by about twenty to twenty, five, million, sixty, million, severe want to a more affordable thirty five to forty million on an order would be a disappointing end ruins it for Diaz. If indeed he does go onto, leave the player. Player, who was tipped a few years ago to grow into one of Europe's elite, is still financed difficult to actually convince people since he first appeared from Manchester City back in twenty sixteen in an EFL matching swans in the full seasons following, he started just five league games all with Madrid in his first six months there this season. He's appeared just three times now. are preparing to raise money for the Real Madrid Foundation which is involved in projects around the globe by auctioning off the shirts, the players wearing in the final six games of the season now bidding will start on kickoff, and it runs for three days following the game I'm bids can be made through the Rail Madrid website. Now with Chelsea looking to recoup money after this summer, spending spree and go to contest name has appeared today. The twenty nine year old's contract runs until twenty, twenty, three Chelsea of vanity at around fifty million, which in this climate does locate on the expensive side. Looks Doubtful Madrid will follow up any of the earlier interest kyw habits is fast becoming the hottest transfer property of this. Hand emboldened by them. Moves to try and tie team Verna. Chelsea ready to tempt Leverkusen with an eighty five million pound author in. Course of what buying and Real Madrid offered so far to date tempting as it may be the pulling power of row, Madrid and indeed by Munich, but yet still swing the deal that way, so reynolds, future, discussed by Rennie Ramsey was quoted in interviews. Saying says yeah playing in the new ben Ab- It would be the perfect way. He said to end his career and a few unnamed sources have been appearing in Spanish media. Saying the to all should be well. Ramos will get another year on his contract deal, which would take him up until twenty twenty two in the next World Cup finals, which would increase the likelihood that he would actually be all the Spanish squad in those finals Brazil has been talking about his future this week. The player who will be returning from spell with by meeting was talking about southeast. Add the club that he began. Began his career with back. In two thousand, thirteen, fourteen and t made fifty appearances that before that moved to Madrid in Twenty, eight, thousand, nowadays future, uncertain asked if he would like to potentially return to rail software data his response. Yes, one day. I would love to return. We've competition places very very high. Indeed alone bank to south at might be on the agenda for next season. Media had been reporting in the last twenty four hours. The rail maturity to preparing that I offer camera Bingo with a fifty million downpayment and another ten million adults now as impressive as this looks, it may not be enough to actually move Ren who haunting out for seventy, five million, a remember PSG remained remained ready to plans if the deal looks as if it might not happen with Madrid. Madrid, but also is infringed media this week. One of the journalists who knows him very well has been credited. Kevin Feature is at dramatic he this year or next is his and his parents desire. He will have no problem in adapting. He's a very humble guy. Nothing he said like Anelka or Nasreen, and finally hinder media round up more on Arou- on his potential to coach Schulkin next season. Season there is no doubt that the idea is very appealing to the fans, but to have him on his own is simply unrealistic, say club sources due to his lack of experience, but could be possible if it were in tandem with a more experienced coach alongside him and names that have been mentioned Southampton's row Hasenhuttl. Of course, he's just signed an extension to his deal with Southampton or Or indeed Ralph Randy Aku has already had two spells in guests and catching me, though is said to be in negotiations currency with Milan about taking that next season right time to move on. Let's take a look at this weekend's Tainan City in a little bit more detail at Anita Fourteenth. Ever meeting between the two clubs around Madrid and Aiba, Madrid one ten drawn to lost just the one. Lost Their last season in this fixture where about one three nearly for the first time in the history of meetings Madrid hadn't actually scored against the EIBAR as well one of those days, where despite dominating possession once again they'd have willing to these sixty plus percentage. Points of it I had nearly three times. The number of on target is Real Madrid. Madrid to do usually school goals in this fixture thirty two in all to eyebrows eight. Back on familiar territory with a four nil victory in Aiba in November. To. Ben's One each for Ramos and. Coach Mandela's record isn't great against remedied either. He's lost fifteen of the twenty games that he's played against them during the course of his managerial career. He's one one with VR. Lead back in November of two thousand eight, and the other was the victory loss season. He has as well injured some miserable days in Madrid twice. He's beaten by seven goals the last time when he was with also soon back in twenty eleven one specific area the Sudan has been working on with his players is avoiding costly late Gilles eight times this season in the League and Champions League. They've conceded goals in the last thirteen. Thirteen minutes games in in the league. Eh, it has cost them no fewer than twelve points now. Hi, Bostock, this match round down in Sixteenth Place in twenty seven points relegations, still a big threat for them form to is very poor. Just one victory lost eight games and eat three of those games they found. She scored goals in in open play away from home. They failed to school in seven games. They've won just one away league this season, not against against back in November fourteen different places of being on the scoresheet, said this season, two veterans of the squad talk scoring jots, chilly and international fabulous. Fabulous or Alana with seven is the leading score. He's having his best season our trees since two thousand eleven twenty when he was at Celta. Vigo and the Thirty Five Bureau Brazilian Charles has five goals. This season is wanted to show just what a good season or Alana is having. He's the lead assist for by to here as well with six the list three desktop, though incidentally is the account laced with eight, but everywhere you look at this team is substantially deficient to rail, Madrid across all of the average is one goal per game to Madrid one point eight possession wise the average for the season. Season Forty seven point seven to fifty six point four around Madrid Pass completions seventy point six to eighty six point five around. Madrid shots on goal is sixty one to Madrid eleven point three two aiba on forty eight tackles to sixteen per game for Ground Madrid. It really would be sonic of a massive upset if there was to be anything other than a comfortable victory this weekend for Rail Madrid and that just about wraps it up for this addition. Do join us again next week for more in the meantime. Enjoy the match when it returns on Sunday that the moment for me Tim Cable Bob Ivanhoe.

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