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Welcome to the encouragement ride podcast brought to you live and direct with limited or no commercial interruptions from our a home in beautiful gluck stat mississippi to wear you find podcasts with your hosts. The quarter ton of writing fund those cycling good citizens the the boy scouts who never heard a discouraging word jimbo rarely and kelvin jones remember friends these to a quarter of a ton so you don't have to take they get away boys. Hey everybody welcome back to the encouragement arrived podcast on your host co host jim rayleigh. I'm with kelvin jones kevin that worry power. I'm going to say that i'm a little bit of a star trek star wars guy today because we just got through with a ride. I was on on somebody. That was a little sticky so may be with you. I'm glad i wasn't on that rodway yeah. Would you have for lunch brother mexican it just as a temp donate mexican before going to bike ride unless unless you're riding with a tailwind okay there you go yeah everybody looking. Thanks for coming back last last week or last episode. We talked about riding into the wind and this week. We're going to talk about other stuff. That kind of happened on rides or you run into on a ride that you kind. I need to be mindful of and we'll give you some tips on how to deal with it. Yeah so one of the biggest things that you might find if you're riding around is animal kingdom. The dog dog loves to come out and challenge you when you pass by his front yard and sometimes they'll go farther than your his yard and he'll chase you down the street three. So what do you do. What do you think you do well. I can tell you from my experience. <hes> i typically you know first thing i do is i try not to really outrun the dog because if you're not used to writing at a higher speed or you get nervous and that sort of thing typically i use it you know yell sit or stop in a very very strong voice. I also pull up my water bottle and i will squirt water at the dog. It's you know sometimes gatorade. Nothing's nothing's gonna hurt the dog. We're not mason them but i usually yell at the dog. Tell him to stop. I usually take one of my feet off my clips so in case i do need to stop quickly. If the dog gets too she close to my wheel that i don't run over it and cause even bigger problems yeah. That's great about taking your foot out of the clip real quick so you can make sure you're not falling if you're riding with other people like like you said. Don't stop just keep peddling edger normal speed. Don't try to outrun it or speed up or a wave out. You're out of the way because you could cause your fellow cycles to get hit and fall down as well. If the dog chases you keep pedalling yield back at him as loud as you can sometimes sometimes if i give a like an alpha male bark back to him and just kind of stops them in their track but yeah water bottles were really good. You can get your water bottle out scored him in the face. If they get really close i find the little dogs are the ones that have no fear the big dogs run after you and then they'll stop a little because you know they're like us. They're big and they're like. I'm doing so but little wants manigault forever and they'll they'll chase you so you need to just number one. Stop trying to outrun. 'em keep your same pedal gear yell at them and don't swerve out of away because you might hit something else like an oncoming car or another bike rider well in another thing the bigger dogs typically protecting their territory so they'll come to the edge of the yard and start barking this that and the other. We actually had a situation. I guess it was saturday your week or so ago where we actually had a dog bark at us and the owner of the dog caught us about a mile up the road and most people have dogs you know we're riding the contract so they're not going to typically be tied up or they're not going to be pinned up <hes> but if you wrote a certain area and you have a problem with a particular doll when you're done with your rod driver nicely and say hey look <hes> rod pasture house every week and the dog kinda runs his down <hes>. How would you like for us to deal with your dog or if you don't mind you know keep them in new fence. Do whatever mostly will be nice about it is some won't and you just have to deal with that part of it but most people know that if if a dog at their dog is bothering you they'll do something about it and usually in a positive way another thing you run across when you're riding on the roads is roadkill area. Yes down here in the south. You may think this is funny me but <hes> there's tons of dead possum and armadillos. We call those early of the porn stars of the animal kingdom because they're always lying on their back with their legs up in the air. That's great. We'll we'll keep that one. The other stuff we run into is <hes> we run into skunks. They're usually right on the side of the road. Usually not the middle. That'll also they'll be road. Kill on the side of the road this time of year when <hes> thumper said ralph twitter painted they're chasing after the young honeys there a a lot of debt staff. Oh and monday monday's ride. I went by late carolina to local lake here and they were too huge. Snakes on the road one was dead. I'm glad that one was dead because because he was big you know it was it was the damage that was the size of this micro so that's about three inches wide on the snake and it was dead thankfully but then i came on my way back i crossed the smaller states that <hes> snake that was crossing the road and i do beer out of its way because it tried to strike me as i went so and it was a cotton now wow now and so i was not happy on monday so yeah little animals reptile worlds and dead animals always be aware of those and also from a from a safety perspective but do not unless you absolutely have to don't ride over a carcass because those little bones will last retire just as quickly as broken glass. They try to avoid it. If you're riding with people pointed out we'll get into some stuff later but basically just point at it in a conway avoid read it so while you're avoiding dead animals on the side of the road. <hes> is another thing that all obviously is common sense is try to avoid the potholes slowdown for any speed bumps that you have <hes> don't go flying over the speed bump so they could possibly make you go flying over your handlebars and the other thing that a lot of people don't think about but <hes> ars one of our friends at jan. She can tell you from firsthand experience. She was writing in her neighborhood. She takes a curve and she goes around a curve and somebody it was mowing their grass and had grass clippings all in the road as human around mccur her tires hit the grass clippings and out from under she went and she ended up unfortunately and enter hill falling on that side so you see grass clippings somebody mowing the grass spring or this summer if it's safe to clear to move to the other side just for a moment is trying to move away around that those grasp pelicans because that can be very a slick when you're writing out another thing is if you happen happen to get caught in the rain while you're bike riding. The asphalt is pretty good about keeping you upright but the painted stripe lines. They tend to be very slippery when they're wet so if you if you must ride or find yourself getting caught in the rain try to avoid or the painted parts of the asphalt reduce your speed try to avoid taken short terms even on asphalt with some of the the wheels out there. If you're riding your little your beach cruiser or you're riding your single speed around the neighborhood. Those tires are not ought. Radial tires like on a car. They're going to be slick or they're gonna be odd shaped to where you're not gonna have as much gripping area or grip strength and that rear wheel or front wheel. We'll just flat out <hes> from around you. I was riding with my wife. Who's starting to ride a little bit in our neighborhood and i would point out to her. Okay watch out for this pothole. Watch watch out for the grass clippings. You know just being safe and communicate. You know that's part of what you do when you're just have a sense of community have some quiet time more for right around <hes> kelvin. We ride just the two of us. We talk about lots of stuff but be safe vocal. You know if you're coming up to a stop sign with a with a small group in your neighborhood would stop. Let everybody know what's clear and let them know you're moving yeah. That's one thing that we do here. In the state of mississippi we try to teach our new riders that if you're writing clean and you obey all traffic laws so if you come up to a red light or stop sign especially if there's other cars around come to a complete stop and obey the traffic signs and loop via the laws just as as if you were in a vehicle now one thing here that we do is if there's no absolutely nobody around like at a four way stop and at a light. We're not heavy enough to trip the sensor to make the light turned green. So if there's nobody around and you wait and you wait you wait and you wait then if there's nobody there than than than we go ahead and just ease on across the intersection in go back across on our way. There's nobody you four way stop. We'll slowdown will ease up to this alway. Stop signs look. There's not any cars around will lease through but if there's a car we say let's let's make a good impression on the cars and well. Let's let's follow the biking checking the the laws of the road as if you were driving a car and when we come up to the stop sign if they get there about the same time or or even a little bit after us. Let the cars go through because you're going to get through the intersection a lot faster than you so and i just kind of shows you tip of the hat they were. We're not gonna on a slow you down and leaves a good taste in her mouth and a good impression because they're enough cyclists out there that one stop signs busy turns or or run stop lights. <hes> flipped cars off with their texas. Howdy middle finger day. You go so you know. It's like it's one one bad apple spoils the whole barrel well. That's just anything in cycling is no different so <hes> when you're outrun try to be a good ambassador obey the traffic laws sound off when you see a hazardous thirties hazardous situations such as potholes dead animals barking dogs coming at you now kilman. I'm gonna i'm gonna throw him out there a little bit kelvin's he's got this one special place. We ride and we've got a herd of cows that liked to chase kelvin. His bike is read by called el toro and evidently the the cows. Nobody yeah and i had a ball. Come charging at me at the fence. Luckily doesn't hop the fence but he likes to run at me. <hes> i guess because of my red bike so look hey thank you again for having this kelvin is going to leave us with <hes> this episodes encouraging word right right. Today's encouraging word is basically out of webster's dictionary. The word is mentor and the definition of mentors inexperienced entrusted advisor so far you beginning people that are out there thinking about getting on the bicycle and and we've given you some good basic groundwork work. Find your cellphone experienced rider and talk to 'em her. Have them see if they can take you for a ride. I mean the best experiences hands on experience and try try to be a try to find you mentor and then act after you get your expanse then you become a mental twosome absolutely and also if you find somebody. It's always more more fun to do this. I won't say a group. It's always fun to do it with somebody else. You'll push each other. Find somebody to ride with either your wife. Your girlfriend kid a neighbor neighbor. Somebody that you can mentor each other push each other talk about two different writings als on their next for sure so thanks again again for for tuning in find us on facebook at the encouragement ride podcast so until next episode go out and get some wheels down and doc crank out some months visa. Thanks everyone for joining in be sure to subscribe for all the latest news updates you can find us on facebook at the encouragement ride and and on twitter at at encouraged writing be sure to submit your questions to the saddle bag and tune in for the answers to remember wear your helmet always use your blinky and until next time happy trails objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear.

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