07-22-19 NASCAR America


<music> going to go the ensure well welcome to Nascar America. I'm Steve Atari alongside a couple new or different faces than normal Burton and D._J.. Or are off for the day apparently so hindes join me Kyle petty guys another week another thrilling finish in the cup series a duel between Kevin Harvick and Denny Hamlin up at New Hampshire but as great as Sunday was. I'm not sure what happened because the chaos started on on Friday I was up into a booth practice and next thing I know Danny Hamlin's in the fence Ryan Newman's in the fence a total of six backup cars over the course of the weekend. We haven't had six BECCA cars all year K._p.. What was going on? I think with this package with the horsepower with the sticky stuff on the racetrack. There were so many different changes. These guys are just trying to maximize lapse. There could have been stuff on the race track. We heard Ryan Newman. Those guests say there may have been something racetrack but it is. It's been a long long time. They tone and Talladega are the only ones I know who you go and you got the practice and they tear up a bunch of cars in the Big One and then you on the garage. That's what this garage. When was the last time we saw a driver? Alex Bowman go to another another backup car second John Totally the first mechanical failure the driveshaft toward the floor out the second one. That's on Alex was erected the backup to the backup so we were up above what was the what was the feeling down in the media center and through the garage a bunch of US went out and of course we had to watch this happen going to Jimmy Johnson's car pulling his backup out and preparing it as the eighty-eight for Sunday's race. I mean that's something you never see should've Gone Shit have gone to William buyers. We invited has hurts as a sponsor so yeah. That would have been better William by so you couldn't go. I'm here man. He already went the president circling car at the hurts but guys so that was Friday but then I feel just just blessed the N._B._C. Half of the schedule we have had great finishing at the great fish great finish and once again Denny Hamlin Kevin Harvick Kevin Harvick on old tires Denny Hamlin a dominant car. I'll say run him down but inches has way closer and short-track style all in the end lap traffic holds up harvick then Hamlin catches them and the last lap fascinated me. I thought handle it was GONNA move him. He kind of moved him Harvard went back. It was heavily battle. Here's what they thought in this position you just don't WanNa make a big mistake and big chunks of time and so you know for for me. Just I wanted to try to hit my marks and and if he got to my back lumper try to keep him back there and <hes> so that that wound up <hes> being what happened and and and for me this is where the big problems started when those you guys were running the line that I needed to run and <hes> you know they eventually move over but like I say when you get into corner in the middle of the corner of the tar is already pointed in the wrong direction and Saturn and so I committed to the bottom right here and <hes> you know the three rebe finally got out of the Outta gas right there and unfortunately let the eleven go right there. I could see him coming in and right here. I saw him kind of half a car linked inside so I knew I needed to be in the middle of the track and just try not to <hes> get spun out or knocked out of the groove and I stayed beside him and he started he started letting off and I'm like main. I really don't want him on the on the inside of me here I need to be in control of which door goes into which door so you know he he came down right there and trying to get into the right rear and I was coming up at the same time just knocked the front out of the front of that car and I just wanted to be in control of the door slap yeah. I didn't WanNa be slapped <hes> Bob all their back behind. I wanted to just tap on there but I didn't want to. I don't want to completely screw them. I wanted to fair shot there and then down the backstretch kind of let off and unlike all right well. Let's just Rasmussen outside and you're kind of do the right way and second. It sucks so I don't know where to start. Let's start here. I guess let's start here. Let's remind everyone Kevin Harvick was winless in two thousand nineteen going into that race Dan. The hamlet has wins. I think that's important guys I. I think that affected how the two drivers raced Kyle of the panel. You're the driver. How did you break down those last two laps? I don't think it should affect how they race. Though that that's different you can you can say and we had this started this conversation this morning but you can say it it it affected but but I don't think it should I don't think it would affected Kevin Harlan that and if Kevin Harvick had nineteen wins going into that race he's taken the eleven and he's sending him up the racetrack and there was a half-hearted effort by Bennie and and and I think I'd be harder to pass to moving I think any had the ghost of Martinsville and Chase Elliott in his helmet run down because he took so much heat after Martinsville from running in the corner and taking taking chase Elliott out at this point in time and we heard right there on the cool down lamp. He's already second guessing himself on the cool down lab. Who second guessing yourself on the cool down that you just put it all online don't second guess yourself and so there's so much going on here I do think Kevin Driven Incredibly Smart Race Ace getting into that I corner you go back and watch that he positions himself to the inside to get here shallow with Jerry shallow in straight never turned in shallow got on the brakes made any hitting and sent him up? He was prepared for it. We're cow. Bush wasn't last year for for for that so I mean there's so much there and I'm not sure then he's twice. The racecar driver was I'm not I will say that until the cows come home people this is not cow petty criticizing Dinnie for this to say I would have done anything different because I was never in that position as much as many as Bam at the same time. My job is to analyze it and think about being in a race car and a gist. Don't think Dinnie was prepared for that last lap. I just don't think mentally he was here. Denny said what Harvard to him in turn four by essentially turn relative that's what Denny should have done the him going and as you said he was second guessing it in the cool down lab after he talked us in the interview he talked for almost ten minutes with a group of reporters. It was almost confessional intone. It was like not to talk doc. It's around but yeah he was just replaying every move and it was great because you get this window into how racecar driver thanks you get that candor and we've talked about this before kyle about the way Denny Hamlin really brings you in sometimes it's almost breathtaking honesty. Eh whether it's Martinsville twenty seventeen whether it's in two thousand ten when he let the championship getaway to Jimmy Johnson at homestead speedway whether it's Kyle Busch taking pitstop from him in last year's championship Malians being so candid about what happened there and we we got real insight and real window into how Denny Hamlin lost this race and I think Stevie to your point heaven was asked the fact that Harvard doesn't have any wins and you do matter and he said No. He said that I I just I screwed up. I think the only take away here at any Hamlin is it happened now with six races remaining and regular season now to go. He doesn't make that mistake again. I think this year right so mistake I think Denny Hamlin made was turns three and four. I like what he didn't return one he gave him a nudge into the corner. Increases speed just enough to get inside him. I'm still onboard but Hamlin thinks he shoulda random the way harbor Grand Kyle Busch knocking degree and here's why because Kevin Harvick tried to pass cobblers for twenty five laps and then finally gave him a shot that was Denny Hamlin first trip to the four cars bumper and here's the mistake he made you move him up to get the position which I mean side-by-side do not let Kevin Harvick cab the bottom down the backstretch and it's game over you win the race because if you run the bottom down there shouldn't harvick just like Harvard into him just use them up on exit and you claim to start finished she didn't he just do at Harvard. Did the Kyle Busch Lash years not the same why not because Kevin Harvick had thirty last to get by them but then he can get there. Why should he does? It shouldn't matter what happened the twenty five laps prior Daddy. Is there on the last lap. That's why he's hearing guessing himself saying this is the rules Harvard. Does this as executive if the rule if the Rosa reverse Harvard grunting down catches in the first time he catches him. There's a white flag. I just went under white flag here. It is people there's white black yeah. I got one lap I don't have I don't have anything I'm going to say this. I'M GONNA give Kevin Harvick a lot of credit here and you need to point. You need to take this and let at your son. What's this race? This is how lead race control race with a slower car and win a race by driving by driving outmanoeuvring by out thinking by putting yourself. Kevin Harvick drove a masterful last lap. You can't argue that you know what I mean. Dini made mistakes. He made Denny second guess himself so that's an excellent last night. Danny should have did what Kevin Harvick did. Take care of it in one and two. You don't have to worry about three and four. That's my opinion when you say the circumstances dances affected I call I called on that. They don't because I can tell you. Denny Hamlin was still on his losing streak from a couple of years ago. Kevin Harvick doesn't even off turn to exactly. I'm a believer could be. I think he hits outer. I'm saying this to asking Kevin after the race in victory. Is this the style of racing. You have to run now know that when somebody catches they're gonNA move you and he said that's the way it is now. It's not like we used to race. This is the new game blocking bumping grinding moving people out of the way Kevin expected it then he didn't deliver and there was a as the weekend Harvick said that on Friday that if you raise the way now the way you did ten years ago you get a fist and you're exactly right exactly right for whatever reason denny. I don't know so if he wasn't aware that that's the way things go. Now I think now he's aware and again like if this happens in the playoffs I think that's the takeaway for him and he is this mistake again. Let me say this let me and I don't think anyone here is wrong about the situation. I don't think there is a rough is being run. I will say this you talk about my son right so who raises what we have in the last two weeks our biggest stars there are the greatest there are Nascar. You have to Bush Brothers to champions. You Have Kevin. Harvey cousy champion Denny Hamlin Future Hall of Famer we could all say with his resume and for two weeks in a row we've seen closing labs battle with smoke flying and the frustration after the race is because they lost not because how they were raced yeah. I think that's refreshing is my point is today's railway. We don't talk about who when we talk about. Who did somebody wrong? That's why I'm okay with denny pushing the issue like he did. We go back to the Paul Menard on Saturday. There's a conversation of how hard he hit Harrison Burton. I would've been fine if Paul Menard would drove over the door of Harrison Burton. I was not okay because he spun them on. My point is these racecar drivers are very good. May know the difference between moving and wrecking what I saw there was say he goes he was lifting because he wanted to behind me and I was going to the bottom because I knew we were going to hit. I wanted to do the hitting spectacular chess. It's so much fun to watch it is and but the thing is it is the style of race you talking about your son. This is the style race in your son's growing up on yeah okay. This is a Talib racing that we go back and a William Byron and Daniel Swears there watching the greatest in the business right now just like you say and they're like that's the way we have to race but NASCAR has created that with the package that we have now right. We don't have that Oh style how package from when Earnhardt came along or packages moving over the reason I said that because why we go to Michigan it's GonNa look different Poconos conduct or excuse me New Hampshire. Did we might have more downforce more. I don't care out the window. That was the same New Hampshire. I've seen the last last fifteen years so so to your point. The new rules of racing are carrying over two tracks that are being raised how they used to exactly and that's and that's the best way to put it well so the other new rules of racing is it just doesn't happen on the race. Jacket also happens on everybody's phones on social media's as it goes goes back so following the race Kevin Harvick's crew chief Rodney hamlet had an interesting exchange starts with hammers and saying taking a little funny shot to the Tech God's right now read into that what you want Rodney obviously took a little offense to it so it takes a very special person to say dumb stuff like that. I'm signed with the Coochie five asleep situation but yes your car did pass joke like not don't get so defensive Murad Each Other's defensive so let me tell you when they say hey. How'd you like your new job? There's a lot of moments yeah I miss about being a crew chief calling the race strategy. You know the moment I don't Miss Sunday night of being the rates win because there was a lot of sleepless nights of because let me tell you people talk about the rule book and the gray area. There's a thousand things that aren't illegal but you're concerned because you took it right to the edge and if it gets bent the wrong way illegal. I understand the thing. What did you think of the exchange onto a makes? The dirt was job. I think the context there is the wins that Rodney Children's have last year the question in Texas and Las Vegas. You almost almost would make championship round because they essentially had a win taken away from them at Texas getting keep it name only so I think that is where it triggered a little bit of unpleasant memories. I think for Rodney Children's whenever even if it's ingest digest even some things thank you shouldn't joke about something critic but I will say when after we did <hes> Victory Lane Interview Dale Jarrett not they'll walked over to to Rodney chilies and we walked over that way and they'll set a couple of things to him but it look like a weight had been lifted off Rodney's shoulders I mean he looked ten years younger Stanton Victory Lane and an amazing what standing in victory lane versus making a call making a call and people on Sirius radio saying what was that. Why is that guy on the box? You know what I mean. It's the pressure that you speak of the best thing in the world has to have a race team in a driver that can win races and the most stressful thing in the world has to have a race team in a driver that can win race because when you don't win the pressure bills guys. This was just the last lab we had a weekend eh racing so coming up Air Jones and Ricky stenhouse junior get anywhere near the race. Is there payback. I'm GonNa tell you stenhouse wasn't happy. He felt like it happened before and we'll also look into the situation at the playoff cutline who's in WHO's out. You're talking about pressure this. This is pressure and then guys grassroots tore heads to my whole state side love a little short term rates at a man all right here on Nascar American. We tried to get some sage points acquisition. It worked out for US last time. Yeah you see the twenty just ran over there. He's he's got me a couple of times now. So you'll have one coming at some point you know when he's trying to make the playoffs so we'll we'll go get him next week at <hes> at Pocono and can't bring a little bit better racecar that was ricky stenhouse junior in in his thoughts about Jerry Jones after that actually that all that though it wasn't big Boys Day Fair Jones who left twenty eight points among the cutline with six races left. I'm not sure twenty. It's GonNa make me sleep very well but Ricky stenhouse junior is seventy seven the other way see him all the way down on there and twentieth semaphore get into the on-track stuff with Eric Jones and Ricky stenhouse seventy seven points is the seventeen car looking at must win from here on yes you can make upset. I think you can make up seventy cents more than not against the group that the racing against unless if we just go back the last two or three races that group has done this wherever they all finished within three or four positions. You'RE NOT GONNA make seventy seven up unless one guy wins in the everybody you're racing against are are the first three cars out. I liked that word use group when the reason I say that we hear <hes> Ricky Stenhouse talk about Jones say well. He's done this before and when you look out the window and watch these races. It's remarkable how often the same drivers are running against each other in the same. Okay whether it's for V ten fifty the seventeen the twenty end up being in that same location a lot obviously sent house feels he's been on the court and this was not an easy cash that makes me hurt seeing it. I mean if they're around killer a lot. In the next six races Stevie I mean seventy seven points as must-win territory for San Jose Junior twenty points. The good isn't exactly say Church Waiver Joan though I don't think Jones said to us after the race that bring it on essentially is what he said to stenhouse and he doesn't seem worried about potentially only getting knocked out of the playoffs and a retribution revenge move here but certainly that's gotta be on his mind as well as the twentieth been running as well as Jones running lately. You could see him getting a win here. In the next few races you could see him getting in on points but if stenhouse sort of looming there that's got to look at and and I'll say this real quick they run together but when I watched see those two teams I think stint houses over achieving to be able to run with Johnny and the twenty car underachieving to be back. They're running with stenhouse. Honestly when we look at the two organizations that twenty cars should be up in the top five and top ten and should be solidly in. They've just had a terrible year luck. I will say though if I was a crew chief in today's world this is where my spotter would have a busy week because I would say listen. I want you to fall social media and all the headlines so you you could tell me <unk> who's mad at who so we can at least try and reason I say that is because we look at those playoffs days. We bring them up one more time we talk about Stenhouse at minus seventy seven and Jones up there plus twenty eight but Newman Boyer. I don't care if you're William Byron and sixty one you. You can't get caught up in somebody else's mess. If it happens early you get one or two points. I mean situational awareness for these guys is big not just for who you racing around but in Chris Gayle cited about Jones finishing third like they called strategy based on the fact that where is having trouble Jimmy Jimmy Johnson was having trouble they do the guys they were racing in points were falling back and that allowed them to get a little more aggressive with the pits drag. Racing is an ugly word but ineffective words yeah we were talking about my man clint drops to spots and picks up ten in position or ten points Tampa seven point something it's crazy the way this point system works your situation. Are the group that you're racing is when when clint boy goes into this race when when Clint are Newman or Jones or Johnson or when they go in they need to know what each other is doing all day long. They're spotters need to know their crew. Chiefs need to know this guys had trouble. I can do this. I'm going to stay out and gain these stage points. That's going to put me here. Whatever it may be? You've got a sacrificed the the war to win some of these battles to get to the final place not just situational awareness the other thing that drivers the crew chiefs inspires need to know or the rules and they say came into question with Eric Jones he had a little bit of an issue with the commitment line late in the race <music> committed. You did okay stop talking. We're here. We're good all right so this 'cause a lot of controversy a lot of people sorry let me just cleared up. Let me explain the rule now. I'm GONNA say this. I would love to say that rules it up yesterday. Yes I talk do it again. Okay let's do it so when I was a battle on my plate I mean we didn't know them all but the commitment line is very simple. There's an orange box to come to pit road. You must have all four tires below the orange box like the twelve does like the two in front of him does you you see Eric Jones. He turns right and splits the orange box. If all four tires are not below the orange box you are free to go back to the racetrack penalty free while fails. The vision test doesn't fail L. The rules tablet stay. The reason it's confusing is that until about a year or two ago that would have been a penalty that would have been a commitment. That's why Eric Jones thought he had screwed up. That's why the team initially defense the reason they painting is because it changed it. Every track track ran a timeout. This is too hard. This is the rule so to be clear. If you have all four tires below and you go on the track that's penalty if you don't have all four tires below and you come down pit road. That's a penalty I saw a tweet. You were mentioned in though you said well then if that's kind of silly why guys just not do it all the time because the one other footnote though is you have to maintain your spot in line so if I'm a lead lap car and you're GonNa play that game guess what I'm GonNa do accelerating fill that gap and you're not going to get back up their line. You see that big gap that the twenty twenty has right there if those other three or four cars. I can't quite tell who they are. They need to fill that gap. They're paying tonight and then then your position is low why not just throw deeks more often and if you're the leading car why not just always fake why not run bodies because NASCAR would make a rule and you wouldn't be able to do Jones essentially said yesterday I was like did you stumble into some sort of gamesmanship where maybe you could just always drive over the commitment box and he said maybe but NASCAR might not never gamesmanship okay. That's a little harsh. Listen listen. I'm fine with the rule. I don't like to ship because I don't even like the stupid code words they all us. Let's try to keep the simple I think they make it more complicated. They should but everyone's defense. It fails the eye test autumn. I had this compensation. He's like look. It was clear cut his rules. I agree with you he goes but I will admit it looks odd and things like that because it looks odd because he can turn right and he's safe if you turn left penalty denison penalty and. That's why it looks odd because we've seen so many times somebody cut it and turn left and come down pit road. Now you're called on. If you have a box in a boundary you're going over it. Just doesn't look one side or the other side and then somebody else said well. How about a cone and I I was like if you ever Senate race car hit a cone at one hundred sixty miles an hour? You don't WanNa see cody. You think that was important to turn to the right well coming up. We'll look the racist turning point which ultimately led to Kevin Harvick's victory allowed. I'm gonNA give you hit. It's not exactly what you think. It's Michael Doc more no fire Kerry before Bush Ford Man. It was a battle up up and down day knows all about track position and we just happened to get out front there. At the end of the New Hampshire by running children's builders my buddy Shrek from Oxford made home of the Ocsar to fifty big. You talk about grassroots track. I grew up racing guys. We talk about how these these drivers win races and on Sunday New Hampshire there was a lot opportunities to come down here did not come down pay road and that really brings us to the turning point of the New Hampshire as you heard right there the great call by Kevin Harvick. Stay out the guys. That's not really where it started actually started back well earlier. You're in the race towards the end of the second stage Ricky stenhouse junior impacting the wall brings the caution out why this matters is because from here everyone can make it to the end on one more stock but if you come down pit road you are definitely not going to store stage points so the front rudders the leaders of the race that want to raise for the win they pit right here. Kevin Harvick comes against his tires. Denny Hamlin comes gets his tires Kyle Busch who has basically dominated the race also comes gets his tires a problem with that though K._p.. Is Now you have that ten laps sprint to the end of the stage and as a driver buddy I need you to somehow keep all four tires on no damage. cobblers wasn't so lucky yeah. Kabul was not lucky <hes> got into we see right here with Powell arts. They get together now. He's got a tyrod so it takes him out of pets secrets that he was just that they just put themselves in yeah so now at the end stage to eighteen who was gonNA control the race has to pay for the damage that seems simple right with the United States too but that hands the control of the race over to Denny Hamlin nate and we had the lead he really took over yeah. He really didn't drove away from the field in a backup car in a car that he said was phenomenal from the time. The team started working on Saturday. He had the big lead and was really in control and control right now. You know what he's hoping hit. My marks yellow hit my marks. No yellow a find the Coochie of on top of the pillbox. Please don't make me make a decision this thing lease just one well in NASCAR's way. That's not how it works and guys. There's been a lot of yellows people haven't liked over the years Nascar. Has It's been great about calling yellows when they're needed. Kyle Larson needed one about ended up on the other side of the Safer Barry Heavy damage on the forty two car now. We're going to have a sprint right. There's about thirty six laps to go on the race right here. I was asked by Rick Alan. When this caution come out? He looked at me. Point blank crew chief Denny Hamlin. What do you do and I said you have to come to tires? There's eighteen cars lap. If you stay on the race track I think seventeen guys will pit. Yes and you're sitting duck. I love the call from Denny Hamlin but Roddy children the four-car they don't even come down pit road coming and what we talked to Royal Children's Winnie made this decision listen to his interview this this tells what his mindset was. You know it is what it is. WE ALMOST MR PIT knocks. They're a little bit ago. Loss of acquisition and you know it's just too hard to pass today. You'RE NOT GONNA get up there. We came to win the race and <hes> you know if we had a comfort to tires on right and they were gonNA start seven and not win so either win or will fall back again the other thing. He said if we're going to learn right away because it's about the first few laughs after the restart Kevin Harvick gets a great restart and then we talked about the closing latte any handling and all that so so much to talk about I I WANNA make sure everybody understands Kevin Harvick and then he ham were put in that position because one hundred sixty one laps ago four right yeah the decision dependent lab one forty and I want the fans understand. There were cars that needs to stay out because they needed points. There's a lot of people don't understand the stages. This story line would have never existed without the stages when that caution one forty the whole field would have pitted and it would've been follow leader on pit road follow leader on the race track. The stage completely changed the complexity of this race right because he had nine cars that stayed out to get stage points. Seven of those don't have wins this year so obviously they're worried about points to make the playoffs they stay out play the stage point game and again Harvard in Hamlin that put them on essential winning strategy would've put Kyle Busch on the winning strategy if not for that caution right at a higher in K._p.. I would stand in applaud WLOB director. We get mad by stood here at the desk at Ronnie Children's thank you yes because I am the first guy to say why do crew chiefs. Call racist not to lose them. Yeah can someone please call them to win. One and Ronnie chillers he called to win hat razor and if we go back to pre race in an interview would would Kevin and the question. Was this one here last year. This got to be a place. She circled and he's basically said the paraphrase. We circle every week we go to win every week and that's what they came and that's that's what Rodney was saying. We're GONNA win. We're GONNA run seven. That's what we came here to do. They're not points racing. They're not doing and that is the strategy aspect of this sport. Now fascinates me because there are multiple races going on out there. We've got guys that they come and they're gonNA win. They want to win every week. Cow Bush Kevin Harvick Gaza Kurt Busch guys like that then we've got another group and they're back here on the bubble their points racing right now and they're only racing four or five other guys and then you've got these other guys that are trying to prepare for the playoffs then you've got another group of guys that are just there so it's it's a fascinating field. Imports racing is kind of like saving money Rainy Day Fund yes. You don't know if you're going to need. We're not eric those teams that hurt their acquisition to get some stage points. I ended up winning that stage and everybody like nobody's nobody's plus ninety eight but like ask Boyer. He's plus seventy something a few weeks ago you gotTa make sure you have that rainy-day funds. You have a bad rate. confounds me still is eighteen cars in the lead lap three cars. Stay out yeah. Usually the conventional wisdom is whatever the leader does at least half the cars and the lead the opposite so as soon as the eleven hits the pits. I'm stunned that there aren't nine cars that stay out and just do the opposite because there's only thirty five laps to go in the race. You make them ahead hurt. I can't stand up there. You can't find I can't I will say the races are much clearer yeah all the way up on the booth. I've always said that like chiefs. They're required by rules to be on the pillbox. That's why they don't do it but if the crew chiefs could be an offensive coordinator position up above spotters order chain see the whole chessboard man they would be better moving the chess pieces. I think the world's GonNa Change. I think somebody up there other than spotters gonNA start relaying information. Try to help these guys call the rates because the decisions are bigger than perhaps one guy can make her to hear. I yeah we'll GONNA take that. I'm GonNa name that position next. Stop Grassroots Store has to vacation lame. Where's that state state obame? We'll check it out. When you come back aw welcome back well today? We're heading to my home state. Everyone the state of made in my Home Track Beach Ridge Motor speedway in Scarborough Romaine guys big names rates this track which opened back in nineteen forty nine named like Bobby Allison even demand and my left Kyle petty his Racer Beach Ridges also known for handmade checkered flags that are given to race winters more than four thousand have been given way. My father actually has one in his garage and it's also plenty of variety with four unique nights of racing including car wars which takes place every Friday night in August. I thought car wars was just basically short-track racing but I love this idea right when we talk what about home tracks. It's not just the super late malls anything that entertains fans pretty entertaining to me. I like the car wars and say of destruction I love and car wars right here. This this has rutledge would written all over just say that I know did you could see right one unique thing to scarborough turnaround. You'll see a wall now. Oh look at this right here yeah you don't there's a wall the French backstretch no walls and the CO workers in the corner. I went over three. When I was up there? Did you hit the Sam Pie went over and got off somehow and then drove back on. I came back in just cleared that drove back on is normally where it gets the jazz sketchy like there's no turn signals in racing well guy so beach ridges my home track but this is a great campaign if lizards over our shoulders my track my roots these billboards have been sent these little packers of essent short tracks all across the country. This is the best part when you see guys victory lane. I hear this is devils bowl up in Vermont a big dirt modified win. That's pretty impressive for sure and all of these different ones that get sent in. I think it's a great campaign. We see a bunch of cool tracks. Here's was another one K._p.. Yeah Lincoln's clad. Martin Memorial speedway was saying that is a business card right there. That's cool because they hold the banner up and that's what we won't. That's what we won't hear it N._B._C. to see these my my track my roots tell us about your racetrack. Tell tell us what's going on there and if you've got car wars please send it in if you've got car wars and a huge supporter Tony Stewart for good reason he is the owner of outdoors speedway and this last weekend the Kings Royal Hashtag my trag Meyer route spread sweet. If there's money on the line with a dirk car he's GonNa win. You wanted this weekend if you've never been L. door it's a must but but simply put it's not just outdoors just not be treated we could have shows upon shows upon shows about all of these great tracks all across the country. That's all we wanted to go out. Send Tennessee tweets. I got to see it in person. Thunder road and Barry last Thursday got to see Christopher Bell. They're racing the governor of Vermont and the my track. My roots campaign was very much a part of that night and was really cool. Have you had some footage from thunder road from like Nineteen eighty-seven into ninety one you'd see like eight or nine Stephen Chart sneaking into the pits and run around all the hills there so it it is it's great. It's great. Go shoot us some footage toss about him. Guys coming up. We're GONNA look at the current playoff picture in the cup series. Lose bubble is about the I I'm telling you the pressure is building. Yeah man three top tens in the last five races is so cool and I feel so much better because we we had not really good luck to start the season off and not just things didn't all our way now. It's so nice to show and we you know things go right we can execute and so our strength especially places like this. You know we have after all time and whatnot it just allows us to muscle kind of sloppy in my opinion but it was a good day that good stage points and first stage and <hes> you know finish well at the end but the Stanley camera. Emory was good. I mean you know all day. I felt like we were close. We just seen it to get up on. Never quite did it never quake the lead but <hes> you know we were there and again you know up in the top five. You can't complain especially the points beginning today. It's good to pass as many cars today was it was really a lot of fun probably most fun. I've had raised a long time proud of <hes>. Probably everybody probably everybody's effort to to get up towards the front. We had another restart or two. I think would have had something for them but that's near there either here or there so just <hes> probably making making something out of what could have been. Nothing had a good points day which I'm here to win. We got to second there but they live in was really fast. I was kind of fighting between this loose exit. Tight Center. Just couldn't really get that dialed in. I was just kind of tied at the end and couldn't keep going forward overall proud of the minority of any for my staying cold group dismissed at this weekend so <hes> you know missing it. We got the second stage in the ninth overall. We've cut our losses. The the best possible executed the best we can with the car that we had just off so we will go back and figure out what we learn learn a lot but not to do which a lot of times valuables anything. We've been trying all year. They know sound like we can magically flip the switch and all of a sudden in house out more. We've been able to run the top when you get back to doing that is really what it boils down to. Jimmy Johnson is in dire straits when it comes to the playoff picture after back the back thirty this yes back to back thirtieth place. Finishes is not good. Currently seventeen points below the cutline when I look at all of the playoff drivers K._p.. He lost the most losing twenty seven points at New Hampshire and you heard them. They're actually thought they had okay car. Not a great car called a good race Kevin gave him from chance there and end up to track you went and sounds like a I don't want to call it freak but some sort of mechanical failure on the front of the engine with the water pump the same thing I think might have happened to the nine. I can't confirm that but to watering issues at sports guys. What are your thoughts on Jimmy Johnson's years so far? We've talked to death but but with waiting for something to change yeah listen we're. We're waiting for good news so as Jimmy but but I don't know I it's it's like bat that interview to me is I've not seen an interview like that and that was just a piece of it that was just a piece of but that whole interview you kept waiting for him to grab something and show you a little bit of hope but there was no hoping that interview and I think that's that to me that it was it if we listened to Giuliano if we listen to some of those other drivers they were hopeful that they were going to get better hopeful that we know what's wrong with Jimmy was just there and out of out of a guy like Jimmy Johnson that speaks volumes what wasn't sad more so than eighteen seasons of racing and cup. I can count on one hand. The number of times I've heard like a sense of resignation yeah and Jimmy Johnson's voice and that would be one of two of his seven championships he won because of mental fortitude he out how outsmarted outwitted Denny Hamlin two thousand ten two thousand sixteen. He didn't have the best car but he will that team in the win with Chad canals and got the championship that you're I feel like it sounded from that interview is if we're we're as good as we've been all year and I don't know if we can get better and I don't know if it's going to be good enough so we have a lot of drive you want to cover but I want both your opinion on this because i not sure if Jimmy Johnson van Chevy happier sad for the statement our number one goals to make the playoffs so we will points. It's race you mentioned Jimmy. Johns seven James Shifts man knows how to collect points right. There wasn't all in this heads up now so blanket statement. Should the fan say rejoice. He's GonNa Points Race. He's the best every he'll get enough points or should they say oh no. We don't even think we can win now. We're points racing ono. We don't think we can win now. We're points race. Jimmy Johnson is just talking about making the playoffs. He's not talking about winning Wales. He's just all about make. There's a huge difference in making them when I don't from listen that interview. I don't know if you you hear that there's a wind and the next six races waiting for him. I don't know if he can make it on points. I think they have to win from that interview. I don't know if he thinks the team is in a position. It's a tough road Watkins. Glen Bristol Pocono list attracts that make it very very difficult. How about Ryan Newman car was good drove up to the front engine issue one of maybe one hundred that actually gets fixed on pet road with foil wire and I thought Anna's not gonNA help and still GonNa be stuck in the band clamp Ryan Moon over achiever of the week eight? I'm telling huge AH HE I don't care whether you recall Bush. I don't care whether you were Martin Ex. He ran you door to door is hard as I've seen him run in a long time and he's a hard gotta pass that's his reputation <hes> but that was a stellar stellar Taylor Day that was the rash of old that was newman of old that was a glimpse in and what he was and what he could be in a backup car twenty three points and I'm telling you know we just talked about the turning point and how it all change nothing right when he was on the hood up. That was my to less than one hundred ago and Ryan Newman was the Blue Collar Ryan Newman. He pulled the belts tight. I tell you it was good to see they were moments. This year round like man. It just doesn't look like the same frustrating Ryan Newman now you gave him a car and he showed up so I was I was entertained for sure it feels like he sees the playoffs there and he has gone into gritted out every week every race mode and I feel like he's a solid bed at this point. So who are we most concerned on the playoff leaderboard. You have somebody I'd be worried worried about Clinton Kyle Larson even though Larson is thirty one points of the good I mean I think it was somewhat inexplicable that the restart where he got in trouble and crashed for the first time when he was trying to pass Alex Bowman on the Apron here going into turn one again like I said earlier like Eric Jones finished third because his crew chief was aware that the bubble guys wherever problems aware that could be more aggressive with his strategy. I don't know if Kyle Larssen's being told hey the guys around you in the points or having bad days you you don't need to race over your head to try to get a great finish here. Let's just got this out and get the top ten because he goes from. He's still thirty one points ahead of the cutline but he only gained eight points in this race ace and he essentially gave away probably twenty right there right there. I need someone to lead this race team. That's right. It's gotten to the point where you know in any sport with any team. You have to compete to the talent which you have so if you have a great running back you run the ball you have to Tom Brady. You throw the ball. We'll Kyle Larson. There's never a doubt about aggression and there's never doubt about raw talent and ability yet. They cannot connect all those to see continued success. Someone has to take the reins of this race eighteen when we see Kabul mega mistake Adam Stevens does not let up one bit he will step on the pedal and control that eighteen car. I need somebody to control this forty two. They can't Kyle Larson has proven he cannot be the leader and the driver. He's a heck of a driver. Let him the drive okay but I will say this. I think that that Kurt Busch the other part of that team he has stepped up and take leadership role on that team and as a result of that has taken control of up the race team itself. Can we heard some comments from cow. We said I just drop so you bring you the Daytona Carter Martinsville. I just drive. I don't know a lot about the car call. Does all that get involved. Get get in understand the situational awareness that we talk about. I know who you're racing understand studied. The sheep sleep on this sheet. I don't need you telling me. I don't need my crew chief telling me Oh my God Eric Jones is a game racing. Clint boy is a game racing. I should be smart enough to see that and react react to it and do something but he was going for the win when he made it three wide Mike Bugger ravitch and Clint Boyer they need to have this conversation. We talk about points racing Jimmy Johnson we talk about situational awareness all the buzzwords. We've continued to use in explicit why that fourteen carpets pits at that lab one forty. They didn't have a winning car all weekend long. Go get some stage points. He puts them in the back then they get an accident one more. There's one more example of a car not gaining points and this team guards in a bit of a spiral again. I know mark tricks. Juniors frustrated trade with boyer because he's taking it three white here in this crash and the thing about the crash against the timing. They're only five laps lessen the stage they know the yellow is coming and why race that hard with the Fifteenth Eighteenth Tom. What are you doing right here? Do give you a little bit of good news. You want that. Let me ask you can ask him yourself. Because Wednesdays Initiative motormouth we will be joined by other than the original motormouth clint more my buddy he will be here. We're going to have to open up phone all lines early that day five P._M.. Eastern right here on N._B._C. S._S._N.. Call in talking the man there's no telling what he might say coming up next shoutouts like this. This is crazy. I'm joined is right now. That was the Jauregui Jeff Burton that is Sunday morning with the cars on track right before the race that is Paralympian David Brown this gentleman blind and he's a sprinter unbelievable also I think he's counting down the yards going straight away when he was coming about a quarter to be on the straightway great great great to hear his sensors all takeover but guys. It's time to shout outs. We had assure you that leading into that was a great out for sure how <music> it's an eye racing shot out because this Thursday five P._M.. On N._B._C. S I'm going to be on here. I'm going to be held covering it. It's a live I racing all star race if you've never seen it tune in I'm telling you is captivating. It's GonNa be a great show. Okay my Keelan Harvick as he kisses the lobster. I think it was a thing between Kevin and him. They'd been fishing in one of those big states that nobody lives in Montana one of those and he wouldn't kiss her whole trout so he had to kiss lacunas. You go talk to Danny. Anyone even hold the lobster Mac so maybe he did hold it but he didn't like it all right my shoutout. If you read Dustin longs winners and losers on N._B._C. Sports Dot com slash Nascar you will know one of the winters was parody. Kevin Harvick made it seven seven winners in the past seven Askar Cup races so stretch of uninterrupted so let's continue it. Let me see we got what are we got six races Pocono the Glenn Michigan Bristol Darlington Indie every different style track there is they've been seven for seven. We get different renters. How many winners do we give between now in the playoffs and listen for Pocono this weekend? We talked about earlier. I've got William Byron for that. One so there's there's rates for me. I'll take your Jones. I think he breaks through at some point in Bristol. I think Air Jones.

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