Twitter Restricts Trump Jr. After He Shares Misleading Virus Video


TWITTER GIVES DONALD TRUMP junior time out after sharing video directly refuting corona virus advice from top US medical experts. By Amanda Sites of the associated. In Chicago. Twitter has temporarily. President Donald Trump's son from tweeting on its site after he shared a video riddled with unsupported claims about the corona virus. Monday. Many Republicans reacted with outrage filling social media with cries of censorship after Donald Trump junior's account was put on time out for sharing the video which was viewed millions of times online in a matter of hours reaching the president himself before facebook twitter and Youtube bandit. These social media platforms have zero tolerance policies on posts that pedal potentially harmful untruths about the corona virus, conservative media, outlets, pundits, and personalities promoted the video across facebook and twitter on Monday. It features pro trump doctors telling Americans they do not need to wear masks to prevent corona virus while also pitching hydroxy chloroquine anti-malaria drug. The president has previously touted himself as a sure fire way to treat corona virus. The video directly refutes advice from trump's own medical experts whoever urged people to slow the viruses spread by wearing masks and cautioned against using hydroxy chloroquine to treat corona virus. The US Food and Drug Administration recently withdrew and order that enabled hydroxy chloroquine to be used as an emergency treatment for covid nineteen. Trump's son took to twitter Monday night to share the misleading video with his five million followers calling it. A must watch because it spread misinformation about treating the corona. Twitter required trump junior take down the video and put his account on a twelve hour timeout. A twitter spokesman confirmed Tuesday. Trump junior's profile is still visible, but he cannot tweet re tweet or like other posts during that time. The president meanwhile, only re tweeted posted the video, which has since been taken down his account remains live. Versions of the video are still circulating widely on platforms like Instagram, twitter and facebook racking up millions of views, facebook and twitter said, they have removed several versions and are working to take down others. Youtube also said, it has removed the video from its site.

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