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Chris Jericho, Zelina Vega & Matt Hardy


Don't know siriusxm listen up commercial free music plus sports comedy talk and news. They have it all a lot of people think you need a car to enjoy Sirius. Xm But you don't. You can listen outside the car right now you can get your first three months of Sirius. Xm outside the car for free. Just go to Sirius. Xm Dot com slash busted to see offer details and to subscribe. You can listen on your phone at home and online that's Sirius. Xm Dot com slash busted offer available to new Sirius Xm streaming subscribers series Xm. No car required. This is the busted. Open podcast you can listen to the full show. Monday through Saturday from nine. Am to noon eastern on Sirius. Xm Channel One fifty six. Welcome to the bus. It Open. Podcast this is Dave or Greco on today's episode. We have a treat for you. Not One not to put three amazing guests on this edition of the busted. Open PODCAST I. We have the Ciampi all on Chris. Jericho then we have the MVP of Monday night. Raw Zelina Vega joins us and then we have somebody who has been killing it with a different show on a different night and that is mad hardy of a e w wrestling dynamite on Wednesday nights. We talked to him as well. So we have Jericho Zelina Vega and Matt Hardy. Coming at you right now on the bus open. Podcast is the lead singer of Fuzzy. He's the lead singer of quarantine and he's Ashanti on on a w and it's the one and only Chris Jericho Chris. How are you this morning? Must be you guys touch again. It's been my was here like last week. Something you are. Then you said that we're we're letting you go or you'll let me go already and we felt bad crack house. That's exactly what I told them. Look the Greco was like what are we should have gone for like eight or ten minutes and I was like do you cut him off. Last time he's got the cruise to talk about. He's got the main event double another dog. He's gotTa talk about getting laid out by Mike. Tyson there's a lot to talk about. Giving father was a job who yes laid up over my house. You obviously watch the show bully last night. Because he didn't get laid out by Mike Tyson. It'll put you grab grab did you. When you got back and you in my and cooler heads prevail. Did you at least teach him how to rip it. Shared off properly. Why else do you want to reduce the it off as Kate? And then all out little cat whether you just take little scissors and the The neckline ill set things while tests voice wall and really daddy and what a great time it was would say the second time like completely crazy. Stang by Chinese but still last week. We were talking about iron. Mike and Dave said that he thought Mike should be in the ring with J. F. I said I think that he's it. Should be in the ring with you because I think there's a big opportunity to create the headlines and you mission accomplished all over. Espn is one. Well that's the thing I mean Hawkeye. But we just off by. By case a you want your biggest monkey name was him and be were Hughes rankings. Entreprises like hanging a box of of tens you put on the floor. They scatter way. Try and round them all up. You plan worse. I expect. Plan that and listen to Jericho and any aspect whenever we just to do. There's there's I whatever you want to save by Tracy at this gate is potter now. That he's being fifteen years. Let Thirty Clippings I'm just whip. They are sort of sparring BDO. Sony everyone's talking became play with us was huge This is my case in from two years ago three zillion go is a brand new white ties. Turns older. He's offering people people love to see a guy like Kim and get back into attacking fighting environment that he says thank you so if he decides to play in our sandbox are waiting for Doug is is. Is that actually a possibility? Because my mind actually didn't even go there like is Tyson Jericho in whatever way shape or form. Something that legitimately as possible. I mean I think it is whether this is kind of above my pay grade and a lot of ways wait time out time out. You can't get above your paygrade in eighty w well to check so. Would you know to see required to do? All I know is he was super super. Happy is as idiot dummy. You have see guys. Those guys were about over three three weeks. Things that everyone's excited everybody's happy and future Confrontation Five boxing match. Sweet Fight Checker game between Mike Tyson concern. Go let that. That's my Dau- my dreams I think last night with the Bouza was cremated. Not just from some people like trying to be strict media standpoint. Everybody's excited about it. It was filed. It was it was like I said we wild all avenue. You Watch the stormy forty people and. There's a certain vibe to it that you can't you can't Duplicate the VIBE and the intensity that Tyson has jerseys twenty three of his age thirty shape is motivated. He looks straight. He's crazy looks. Crazy is people are crazy So we'll see all right Chris. You mentioned sand. We are two hundred and forty. Nine days away from triple-whammy the Rock and wrestling ranger at Sea February first the V two thousand and twenty one. I'm looking at the lineup. That you have solidified so far and it's a big one I mean first of all you got striper playing my God. That's amazing and then you have bully so like you know. I'm just you know little wonder tag on invite Mark Henry and Tommy Dreamer to. What's the story here? You got bullied comment on my tag team partner. I do this show with five days a week you know here on Sirius. Xm I was a hit the first time around no phone call. No we've not been. We can say that the first verse. Truce I lost It's a big money. Dave league-record was featured. The third careens. Were now success. And he hit bully raised featured. So you tell me. Who's running the show? There busted open second first of all that lies. You're spreading lies. Your first cruise sold out Kris. It sold out well but as as a as the old susell is out. Doesn't necessarily mean that it's draftable still great time. We walk it. You Great Druze. You did good kid. Just not good enough to get a white man. Maybe we'll get reinvite eight Who's this kid that you told me? Might Maybe Mike Can Count That possibility. But you know he chant re book the same people over and over again but Bully Ray would've get a huge jet bullies rating. Is that a fat joke. Would you say that huge? Get used eastbound twenty. I was trying to put you over. I didn't say it was a a wobbly. Gets GETS A huge batch? Jericho word portly not going to be there go to Chris. Jericho cruise dot com to find out. I'd rather have his wife there anyway. You see what you're talking about just sounded rather have other. She's more fun than you. Hey I'm a huge striper mark. I know you're a huge striper fan One of the best live bands ever excited to have them on the cruise. I would imagine an an understand. This is had algebra decide the first senior. Class fucking responded. Cigarette we're doing automated were We became the Charleston's our own is watching together and Allows drew towards the end of booking the bands and a great. Bob Doubts on some some. I love to Dr Selling Mike Cruz. I want to loose now and my mother would mean. We thought we'd find them. We bought them on. Great people. Love them and so was this rooms. We've only failed cyber And they have heard about. Who's then I wouldn't talk. January Orlando simply. You're not totally and they brought her up your ties to be honest. So I'm like okay. So the Brosius assaulted and for striper be the mosses Iraq crews can do the ship. Rob Drew's whatever. It is sixty other bands on that with up to three bounds on to one of on volleyball's talked about it the old north of the deal. And that's what we're talking about so deserves respect the Missouri spotlight great. This is the be spending three use of legit. You know platinum selling then soon twelve billion dollars so I'm excited units ever bad crews. This is like a three day forty dream for me. Anybody on would it be one of the chargers they wanted to be. I mean that's awesome and ends like what you're doing to during this whole time and I think with everybody and everybody Kinda struggling in the world changing right now. Who knows what this is going to be like on the other side. They have the band quarantine. Where you're you're doing. Some stuff that I know is our pleasures of yours outside of Fuzzy. Nola down dollars onto the ideas so stay motivated. At least I live in store. The worst is over for now So I think one of the reasons why I was in to stay connected. Stay quote unquote saying is able to remain create. Jumble Quarantine started you. Were eighties just covered as With the Ex Guitar. Kiss the band if there wasn't talented but now people just hanging around with the result of zoo charts. They created Israel like all right now. The Korangi Situation. I've to this is the new way to start a band at twenty twenty and pandemic It's the same thing out of high special show on Youtube live or face to glide boosters means those. I can't change the oil collar. I can't build a sense I can't do anything other than just entertain people so let me give people are sitting home with nothing to do something do including myself so all of these projects and all of these ideas are just so division of let's try and keep online fries as they really. I like the talk groundhog day. I never want anything to be growling cinemas alive alleges this let's keep it slash and return to To stay creative. Say Stay Open thing. Is You know so. That's kind of well those plunge and it would not. It's okay to fourteen when you need kiss on eventually. You know we have another one of crow and suddenly there's a lot of people interested in it so wreaking continue chords you no one During this kind of eighties kiss cover bad. There's so much material era but nobody focuses on so we could do that. There have been though pandemic. We wouldn't have so he takes you think is interesting. And that's what we're five new all accounts we'll speak in keeping it fresh and keeping a creative What were your thoughts on this stadium stampede? Had a you feel came out but the rest of the guys think more importantly how do you think the fan base reacted to it? Will all my children told you this before. He's wash that we Friday night cats over that Just about twelve hours kinda gloomy re six. Pm and six am unnecessary. We looked at it. That's the way I looked at it and what I feel. Imagine so what are we? Of course there's long as you tell the changes right and there's a pool fight gets you know what's the best thing in involved with Judy years? Now Zach Reasons. Because he's Tammy is everybody's dream was working together put together. This amazing spectacle segment many movie. Whatever you whatever along. I don't think he's ever anything like that. History of business unjustly. I waited I was involved with all of it because to me is a really great We hated a long story showing the county. We have a file as we say at the down. One that into system which takes hours and we have edited and off to the picture. Show say about you finished at six. Am to look up at nine or there. It was Kinda shocked. What what old the accident. to maybe off becomes more to do. This is something special. And whether he's been in the job almost thirty years the me or jobs sixteen years like the bucks of a twenty five thirty years all of more than they. Congratulations guys true wrong. I'll tell you this. The people as Jim Cornet hit. If you don't like this match and you don't have a civil because this was one of those entertaining sentence and you can see talking about Jim. Grant he booked say why put his space for this is the twenty twenty version of sticking. Somebody's face a cake. This is fire roast. I love wish there is a little bit of of Walking Justin pommie seriously telling these two gentlemen chip assuming it'd be gentle for dragon a bar like John Wayne movie. We have everything in there if you didn't like that and you don't like wrestling because this is what rescuers which is a game but all sides of the coin and I was very proud of it. yeah. I thought it was fantastic. We we were praising the hell out of it on our show on Monday Chris and one last question before we let you go and we appreciate it again. The Rock and Wrestling Raider at sea. Triple whammy we're only two hundred forty. Nine days away go to Chris. Jericho CRUISE DOT COM. He got striper. You got bullied got Violeta. Graca rock respirator at say. Bully asked me this question yesterday before the show and I love bully because they'll always ask me like one of those questions that make you think just before we start the freaking show so I gotTa pose this question to you and when he first asked me I was like you're foolish it but then it makes you think a little bit so bully asked that same question that you asked me yesterday because I think Chris my have an interesting answer to it. We can agree. That Eddie Van. Halen is one of the most influential guitar players of all time. Yes or no do most influential but could you make an argument and a case for ace freely being as influential not better influential absolutely thousand results. Ace OTAS MOMENT. But from INFL- influence sandpoint I think he's hand-in-hand with Bader. Walters Guys Vijay Guy Guys in the back. Dale ill Who Lived Eddie in loved as because you're taking the seventies a little bit younger than that serve as a kid you know in the the same. But if you're a young in the seventies size fairly there's an allegiance of a guys or if I buy as do Chris Paul I I phone kissed by bad on for their musical times. Whatever they do super talented which those are though. But I would say I agree with you one time and I agree with you more for breakfast. The police academies than loans. It is better than I mean. This is where I got to give you a lot of credit. Chris because it's gotTa be difficult for you. Cody Rhodes must be an extremely difficult person to work with. I mean just judging from how he judges me on my taste and he wants me to watch you know. The band delorean. He wants me to watch star wars part seventeen. He wants me to watch. You know all this other shit but yet when I say all I want you to do is watch the first police. Just I'm asking you to watch citizens on patrol or police academy takes Miami. I'm only asking you to watch the first police academy moving. He will do it. He is just an. He works purely on emotion. You can't get through to him. He has preconceived notions about people. I give you a lot of credit Chris to have to work with this guy I really do. Or the titled on a pompous signed Bitch and this dog Berry Souza's over Charleena's it's amazing. I love this sub troy strategy to was the Much Bows Him. Tell anybody out there on the bus open nation like mauser and I'll tell you my friend take bibles on Gregor colony right now shovel off into my rose off the head of the horse thousand less. Listen Chris I'm not killing citizens on patrol. I would rather watch citizens patrol on a loop for a week. Then watch one of those fucking shitty movie lorded rings. It's there. They walked they host fucking off the cliff and then they walked some more. But who cares said to you? I said to you yesterday. You don't have to get hot about it. You have been extremely angry lately by being the best of it was rumored that we talked. I love science names. That was we see him versus Kershow. Take US zip line from the top of the water poking of the pool all the going through not to be loved. We can watch lawyer together. Dave. We can watch Lord of the Rings we all with Pantsuit Browse. Get his head set up. The vast leaned asked of a horse. Also Matte he's he's looking down. He's allow baby beason. Love Chris. Peace and love mad predate the time as always thanks so much. And congratulations on everything and of course. Good luck with the triple-whammy rock and wrestling Raider at say go to Chris. Jericho cruise dot com striper bully. Ray The LA- Greg you don't WanNa miss it. That's only two hundred and forty nine days away. Chris thanks again for the time you were on the cruise as well. We actors from just one of the guys on the show and saying. Hey you've been banned again. It's like living out to light sentences. You Got Grand by cody. And now you've got banned by Jericho. Chris thanks so much for the TAB. Think critically hung up on you. I think he I think he was making that phone call from the cruise ship from the bottom of his hot tub. Like I think I think he's already on the high seas testing out the cruise ship with that fucking phone line. He's already out to say. Bali sounded like he was on the tail end of a case of the bubbly. I don't I don't know what could there I mean all right. It's one of four things as at the high seas trying out to Chris Jericho Iraqi Wrestling Test Ron. He was on the treadmill. That's a possibility because I heard a little bit of background noise. Possibly on the treadmill like you said maybe halfway through a case of the bubbly. Maybe a little bit to budget a bubbly. Or it's just what he had a long night you know. He got pushed around by Mike Tyson. And he's calling us first thing in the morning you take your pick. It's one of those four things. Maybe he is not. Maybe it's not making all the money that we thought W. needs he needs a better service provider who knows sound like stumbling bumbling rumbling Berar Age Jericho crews and highlight police. He must have been drunk. He said he'd like you gotTa make no he was not he was sober as the day is long. Here's the thing bully you're not going on the cruise nine and I'm bringing you I. I'm not going no because I know how we kill me. Tommy Mark Marie Sir. Gabby Don's Andrei Mike. I mean guns is down. They Mike according to Chris Jericho and I'll lose my the rookie. I know you and you and I man. We got chemistry together on the air. We do a great show each and every day. I know you would never go on the cruise without me. I know how are we're team bed brother? We're a team. There is no way you would go on that cruise ship and two hundred and forty nine days from now without your tag team partner. Dave look I mean my God you carry Devan for decades Gary me on a frequent stays took that truthful shot. Evan me and you skippering Gilligan. Be Your Gilligan get into shenanigans. Have a cool hat that I wear the red shirt. I know my wearing the same shirt every freaking day like Gilligan dead. So I'll guys slow you. Dress up like dill again. Four days on the cruise Gilligan's Gilligan's on the tropical island. He wears long pants and a long sleeve t shirt each and every day because it doesn't work on his forearms enough. He doesn't get enough protein from the coconut juice. Neither do I. Don't mind I know is being the Gilligan. Because again you take your hat off. What could be a bit on the ship? I do some kind of crazy Shenanigan. You take your hat off and you hit me in the head with it necessarily. If you're on that ship I will attempt to throw you overboard. I WANNA backdrop you over rail into the ocean. That's tough throw out. Throw you to the Zona thing if I can get it on. Jamie's mouth I'll throw. I think to save you. Just open that. The donuts at the have aren't pink because if they're pink there won't be any of them left for the save. I dress up like the skipper and you dress up like Gilligan. Who's Violeta dressing up as Marianna Jinja. That's an excellent question. See bullied just like the Eddie Van. Halen as freely Gua. That's an amazing question is feel that Marianne or Jinja Jinja or Marianne Finkel nine hundred feel it is. I'll say this Violeta is ginger outside the House and Marianne inside the house. Wow that's what you always look. That's what every man is looking for ginger on the outside but Marianne inside better. What the Hell A. We advocate of the public for crying out loud. Show God doing wrestling show. This is the Thursday we should be talking about. Aws State we did for half an hour. I put somebody over. I buried a couple now talking everybody else. We got Selena up at eleven. She's probably going to be wearing ten inch platform heels a bigger than Gene Simmons. It really is got to be difficult to run down at entrance ramp boxing culture lifestyle. The Baruch show so if you start a sparring session with a guy that's not at your level right and you notice that because if you're fight you'll notice that within the first ten seconds right and then you move accordingly but once you notice that and you're still teeing off heart shots and making a mockery up this guy itself it succotash. It's Corny weekdays from noon till three eastern Siriusxm Fight Nation Channel. One fifty six and I blame you for this. Show going off the rails. Why do you blame me? You're the guy wasn't your fault on Gilligan's island was always Gilligan's fault. It's always your fault Gilligan. But you know what? Why did you watch Gilligan's island Gilligan? To See what Shenanigans killing we get in. Really not really. I had a huge crush on Jinja. Jinja Gaddi has more of a mary-anne Guy Myself. I like Jinja. She was like she was elegant. Very Hollywood long dress but he thinks he thinks gingy could rock the heels like Zelina. Does I don't think so and I also ginger thoughts. Who she was too. That's the other problem. A little snobby really interesting. Yeah all right. Well we gotta get this back on track and who better to help us get this show back on track but somebody that consistently bully each and every Tuesday morning we say is the MVP of Monday night raw and that is Zelina vague? Zelina how are you this morning you? We're good I mean I gotta be honest with Selena Vega. Thank God for you. You can see Selena. You don't have to. It's really more kick. You don't say kick you just say claim so just scoreless Zelano. We got you all right. Thank YOU SALINA. Coming on thank you. We need you today because we had to get this show back on track so we appreciate you coming on today and thank you for coming on because what. I said is honestly the truth whether it's myself and bully or myself and Mark Henry consistently we talk about how. You're one of the reasons why you should watch Monday night raw. Thank you so much for that. I appreciate it. Thank you guys. Were having again. There won't be on Dan. Get very excited. When you're on he gets very very good because you blew. He was blowing up text last night. He's like Oh my God Selena's odds lean is gonNA come on. You're going beyond selene. It's going to be on and this is going to be great and I love talking to Selena 'cause Lena's the message the MVP and is that the other thing. I'm like all right. That's cool. I just wanted you to be ready for that. That's all bullied. I get like happens when a president like me comes on her. Show it just bring bring out of people. It's OK house. So here's the question I gotta ask you an enquiring minds. Want to know because this is like the question of all questions when it comes to you Being on TV every Monday night. How in the hell do you walk in those shoes? So I so I'm on yeager. I'm adult that's what it needs and your doll and I have to be able to walk in those things but at the same time. Pray with every step so literally like please please please. I don't WanNa fall. Don't WanNa fall and I ended up period so we're dead unless I'm being bumped up apron and there you will you take a bump in most heels have been told. Dave I told him I said you Dave said no. You didn't let's go state doesn't watch. Oh that's not true. I mean I am truth to the fact that I started taking a nap in the third hour. But I digress. Well Selena what are you? How do you feel like you know because it's true we do? We do talk a lot about you on busted open. I mean how does that make you feel because this has been a long journey to get to Monday nights? I mean how does it feel to know that a lot of people are loving your work each and every Monday? It's honestly it's an amazing feeling because obviously you know how long it's been. I mean I started. How was seventeen when I started? So it's it's been a long road but it's also something that you know I've been really passionate about. It's like once you finally get a taste of what you want and you just get a little bit of that you want more so it's more than anything care like an I love this. I truly truly love this and you know but I'm hearing things like that. It's just it just shows me like you've got to keep pushing to keep going because people are liking what you're doing and you know. I know I can bring more to the table. I truly feel like this is. This is the time and for me. It's like hey give the ball she it. You know school her but if she doesn't the winning well you know how critical I can be and I think you've done a great job not blowing smoke. I think you've maximized your opportunities. I think you're the standout star obviously within your group and I think across the board during this pandemic are you. Have you know done the most? What what they've given you but my question is this. Do you feel like you can be doing more on your own. And do you feel like your group can be doing more? I thank you very much for that because yes I do know how critical you can be ideal or call one situation where you're like. Tammy had one job. So we've been here before so. Thank you very much for that Secondly yeah I do I feel that this is just scratching the surface and and when it came to me on t we we were just you know it was like thunder happened. Were great together and then next to you but I think that's shows where we can go and where we can even surpass that you know I feel that there's so much more that can be done and we're just finally getting the chance to show that So do I feel like as a group we can be doing? More absolutely Do I feel myself I can be doing more? Yeah absolutely you know but it comes down to getting that opportunity to do that but right now it's I feel like I'm constantly trying to prove myself and I'm totally okay with that because at the end of the day it's like okay. Who's the one you know not striking out? Who's the one WHO's here constantly? He's the one who's working hard and more than enough. My name is GONNA keep coming up and that's when people are gonNA go. Hey you know what that's been. Do you know when bullying I talk about Monday night raw each and every Tuesday morning here. It's like when you go through the rundown of the show man it is truly like a marathon like there's so much going on you know it seems like in every segment is so different from the previous one like the. There's not a lot of room to breathe when you look at a show like Monday night raw. Is it truly like everybody's trying to steal the spotlight? Are you given the opportunity to kind of try to steal the spotlight? I think it was more of a situation where you know. Obviously with everything going on you know. They're giving people chances that they probably either wouldn't have normally. It took a little bit longer to get there and I feel like I'm one of those people and I think more than more than ever they like. Oh Wow like she can handle this. Oh wow she's just being thrown out there and she's just talking had. Wow she can handle this. Oh wish that there would do McIntyre champion and she can roll with the punches them row. She can handle that. Okay there we go. That's what we need. You know and especially withdrew like I feel like he's like my other. Promo half I've I've been in the ring with tons of people I I've been on the Mike with of people but there's no one that I've been able to just vibe with like dramatic entire Zelina every week. We come on the show and Dave forgets the names of the three guys that you represent and managed show. Can you please name three him one more time? So Dave can remember my breadwinner. Were Rowdy. Obviously then Angel Guards and we did have often theory but the police. You said three. There's only two right now. The three she was always to not three. You said three toe. I was going to get to that. Was going to be plucked two of my question but once again you interrupted and you're always the the problem stop let the guest talk. Lay out how you doing this and you know why. Can I say something really quick before you go more on time? Let me know because I'm praising her as well because she makes you forget because she's so damned good. How much smoke on the truth? I say this on the show. Even if she wasn't on the Lai bully. You know this to go on with your question. I don't find the DOT. My question go great. Let me ask you. Let me ask you this. This might be a hard question because you you did say I'm dry was your first but I gotTa tell you. I'm a huge fan of angel. Who Do you feel? You have more chemistry with On Air Lawn. So here's an example. I been with them longer. You know so I feel that automatically that chemistry is GonNa be there regardless we feel each other's boys so if I have I'm lacking in something especially when it came to you know picking up my game wrestling wise. He fulfilled that you know when it came to promote him that way. So we we balance each other out But Angel he's such a force to be reckoned with he he's a he's very independent and sometimes when. I'm trying to even like a new puppy you're trying to. You're trying to tell them out but he's still like cited you know running around like crazy and I'm like okay. We got work on this. You know I'm head Honcho. Here okay But I would definitely say a Undergrad. I just because there's been more time there but angel I He he's such a great mind and and you know I love Eddie Guerrero. I've always loved that. He correal but I feel that if I'm looking at people just solely who may remind me of him in some ways angel definitely those that when it comes to his personality but he does that for me in his work less than one. That's funny because bully has been saying that the last few weeks here on busted open. I think it's absolutely true. You could tell that Angel Garza has that it factor. He's something special and I really do. Think if they give him the ball he could really run with it. I think that that's where I kind of understand where he's coming from with this with this question because there's no doubt about andrade is extremely talented in the ring but the pairing in the chemistry that you have with Angel Garza like to me that screams main event. Yeah incredible and I will say that. He's still so young and he's still learning so I if you're already at that point I can't imagine be in a few years when you look at it and I saw him that. I haven't seen a lot of people in a while so the hunger is there which is a beautiful thank Zelina. You've definitely morphed into the managerial role. Really well do hell of a job on the Mike. You're getting so much better is taking bumps something of the past for you. You even desire to lace up wrestling boots any anymore as opposed the putting on them heels. Well I know I know I love and I never. I never go out of that. It's something that I won't feel fulfilled unless I get that that run because I truly feel that for me as a singles competitor that's GonNa be a whole nother level like right now. People are being me as you know. My job is to is to put the other guys over. My my job is to make sure that my associates. My clients are in the right spot. The right time making sure that you know I'm talking them up but when I bring it to myself. I don't think people are going to be ready for that yet. And that's something that I wanted to be when it's when it's GonNa happen there's GonNa be no stopping me there and and when I mean no stopping me. I don't mean just fans I mean everybody. Let me ask you this. We gotta be honest here like you. Don't get to wrestle a lot so no matter how good you are or think you may be or anybody else. Thinks they are rust. Sets in and Russ sense and quickly so if you're not in that ring constantly working constantly working you kinda take steps backwards. No matter what do you feel like you can get to that level of in ring work with some of the ladies. That have been working every single week if you're more in the managerial role looking. That's where having place to practice a place to actually get your working outside of you know. The performance center was something that I've always wanted to make sure that I had access to which I do. Which is something that I'm very very thankful for And now when we do get to the performance center and we do get to you know have like to go over things other was with you know Bianca Bel Air. When I had a chance to wrestle her that was that was something that just happened that day. It wasn't even planned. It just happened you know and I had to be ready for it and it was something again I was like. I'm so thankful that I have is outside of the performance center but they also have rings there. You know so. We wanted to come in. You know a lot earlier to work. We get to do that for me. It's just finding all the all kinds of ways to make sure that I'm prepared. I mean not. That doesn't go just for Russell. Goes FOR BEING IN. Know in a manager Position like I try to make sure that I'm ready for any and every opportunity. That comes my way because I don't want to be one of those people that they're like. Okay let's give her the ball and then she's known as the one that dropped. It definitely won't be me. How has it been like? There's been a lot of transition with Monday night raw over the last few months. First of all with everything that's happened that went from fifteen thousand fans to know fans and now they have you know performers out in the audience like have you felt that. Do you feel the difference from last week to this past week with at least just a little bit of fans in attendance. I do do feel that and I think that it brings something different out of you because for me anyway. I can speak for myself in saying that whenever I'm around my peers I always wanNA. I don't WanNa say outshine but I WANNA make sure that I'm performing even higher even better because you know there's there's not gonNA be chips in your game. You know what I mean but when you're before I there's a different vibe when you're performing in front of fans and then in front of you know co worker and it's just it's just different and for me. It just made me want to work even harder because I want you can make them react. If you can shock them you can do that for them. For the people improving yourself more particularly agent that you work with at the. Wwe that you have you in. The group have better chemistry with and their ideas. Seem to mess with your ideas I would say a bit has been great Chris part he's been great Jason is amazing. We love working with him. But I mean I think the guys that I work with and and Paul Heyman is obviously like the brain of everything so he's he's really helped us not even just entering wise but he's been able to give us ideas for you know the characters for promos. It's it's been a such an amazing amazing opportunity to get to work with Haymond but I would definitely say more than anything. Jason Jordan helps kind of blend everything with us he helps bring that creative juices out of us and it becomes really fun and when we got to work with very it was just like people were finishing each other's sentences and people who didn't know Spanish learning Spanish. Now wait a minute Jordan. Yeah Great. Oh that's that's interesting. I didn't expect to hear that name like when you bring up a best identity. I know how creative abyss is. I know he's got a great mind. I wasn't expected to hear Jason Jordan's name but that's good props to him amazing because he instead of saying okay. Let's change this. It would be more like okay if that's the goal. Let's see how we can go go about that. He feeds our ideas rather than Changes it and I feel like he likes to give. He looks to make sure that everyone's happy and everyone's ideas is taken into account and shown that there are important and I really love that about him because he's so positive and he's always like okay. Can we make this better any time that you know? Sometimes it's still busy and people may have not thought of. Oh what's the Lena do? He'll be the first one I go. Okay let's look at that extra layer. We're that charry on what's going to do and it's it's always such a nice feeling when people go no. This whole package is important. So Jason Jordan. He's a hell of a hell the guy. Wow that's awesome to hear because we haven't heard a lot about that so that's very very cool. One thing I also want to bring up is is the youtube page Videos out there. No I wanted to talk about that because I think it's really entertaining. And I think it sees we see a different side to you. It's A to Z stor to Zelina talk a little bit about that and how the fans can see that other side of you so I feel like people when they when they look at me. They may not think. Oh well she's A. She's a Gamer and she likes costly thing. She likes pokemon before. Definitely not see that coming out of the Lena necessarily but when you look into the little details of my whether it's my gear for rumble everywhere. I've had So my last name is Beta. I did go from street fighter. The first year sending del you know coming back out of the second that I did so if you know you know. I don't make it really obvious. But it's like just showing little pieces of me that you know helps fuel. Zelina and for me. Sometimes I'll look at Like mortal Kombat. Just play that. I'm actually putting that video today. I play mortal Kombat aftermath. And it's just a different side of me. I but decided of me. That's also really aggressive and Puerto Rican. Yes I get very mad when I don't win so I start to raise video games. I can't help it but you know it's it's fun to I. I think for for people to see. There's so many layers to me but then there's also a lot of layers to allaster because he is presence in. Wbz Like he's he's presence but then also he's really knowledgeable like he's you know he's done Professional like Personal training the longest time. But he's knowledgeable on that you know He. He loves food. A lot of cooking stuff. So we're really trying to peel back those layers of ten to show like you know. This is a building of our brands. But it's also like hey I can relate to him on this level. Oh he likes this kind music. Oh Wow I can't believe it doesn't come without your back. I didn't think I would say the Lena. Oh she likes. She likes metal. That's strange but okay. So our our youtube page is really just show the different sides of us and show you know we can be relatable to you in some ways and some other sites that you may not have normally seen. I mean speaking to you playing video games. Dave did you ever see those pictures of Selena and velvet sky playing video games together? Only only for to no more than her so much she don't got you don't got. I got flaws right now. Oh come by do hear him he. I honestly by far the best times I've ever had playing. Mediums was repaired and. I don't think I've ever laughed as hard occurs person the Games but with her. I miss her through and through. And we'll always be one of my best friends but yes there is a photo shoot and we've done quite a few of them together but man she's can't say enough. Amazing things about her Greco is looking up those pictures as not true. Don't do not look at Zelina that way. Listen look at velvet that way. Because that's what do you have on your laugh right now? What's your lap right now. Chatting my cat Louis Okay. My my wife is ten feet away sitting in the dining right. Trying to get me in trouble here bully. You'll commit yourself in trouble now. I don't get myself in trouble. You mentioned Alastair to on that Youtube you. Do you see like what a hard worker is. How hard he trains? What chemistry you both have together. You're you're amazing couple as well but like you do find out some things that gaming stuff too but like the music you know I. I wouldn't have guessed like Selena Vegas you know. God Smack Van Goghs Zillion Vegas a Metal Fan. I mean I think it's Kinda cool of finding out different tidbits and I think the biggest thing is what you said is building the brand. It's all about building your own brand and it really comes down to like for US making sure that you know when it comes to building our brandon. It's something that we're proud of and it's something that you know it is authentic to us. You know like I'm not one of those and I've seen it before and I'm sure you guys have to where you know. Some of them claims that they're into video games or claims that they're into possibly just do a photo shoot in their wrong paintings in in a controller. You know what I mean just for views. That's not how we are and it comes to just it comes from inside. It comes from like Oh. I love playing Pokemon gold silver when I was younger. I love playing mortal Kombat or street fighter street the rage. You know like we're just so into it and I think that when you see how angry and frustrated I get that's one the passion for that's like. Oh Yeah that's what we've seen that person before. Do alisher travel together. We do. We traveled together. I don't think there's really many times we're we're apart which is a nice Change is something that I've always wanted to do. I've always wanted to have a a true true partner that were so alike again. People will look at us and think the absolute end up calm but we are so the same on the inside like put. We basically share the same brain. We love all the same. You know Videogame stuff for like things comics. We go to convict stores together. We go get tattoos together Well the same kinda music and he's really been able to introduce this about side that I haven't been able to explore too much now. It's even better. You know I got to go to Amsterdam and to help beautiful. It is over there and not see my in-laws and it's a really cool thing and to be able to travel with my husband. Do I love with my husband and shared that you know He hopes Kinda work creative side at me and bring out. You know those only of it ever gets to see every Monday. You talked earlier about if you were to get back in the ring and wrestle which one of the women do you feel like you can have your best match with the I do WANNA get back in the rings me again. Because her and I had each had a win at our house of hardcore matches we had One in Queens and one in Philly and we haven't had our tiebreaker yet. So mehemet someone I absolutely want to get in the ring with But Bianca Bell. There is a force to reckon with me. I'm like I would love to have another management her but the nice thing is only talk about being ready for those opportunities. I get the best of both worlds. You know I have Andreotti -freshing my Lupus side but I also have alastair sharpening up my striper skills so again that's GonNa be something that you know. People aren't going to be ready for the winter hits. It's going to hit and I'm really excited for that. We really appreciate the time this morning. Thank you so much I truly mean it when I say you've been the MVP of so many Monday night raw that we have watched over the last few months and keep killing it. And I hope we see more on the Mike and I hope I hope we do see you in the ring more as well and thank you again for the time really truly appreciate it. Thank you guys. I've always you know how much I love. You guys are like my family. We have history for the longest time. And I've always loved the especially like your your mind in. Your opinion is very valuable to me but thank you guys very very much trying to fight appreciate it. Walk doing a great job. Keep tilling it out the thank you guys. All right Selena Vega awesome catching up bully with Selena Vega this morning good stuff from her her out like. I wonder if Alyssa makes her laugh. So he's gotTa areas now. I'm telling you you gotTA watch this aid Z. The series that they have on Youtube Bully. You see you truly see a different side of him as well like you know. She's right he is. He's kind of like food. He loves to cook. And you know. Obviously he's a hard hard trainer and he's training her and you know he gets into the Games as well. You really truly different. See a different side to both of them. And we talked about this with the last ride with the undertaker. Obviously it's different with the undertaker because this is a character that you've seen for thirty years and now you're seeing a different side. This is pro wrestling in two thousand and twenty bully whether a guy like me likes it or not. The person that you see on TV is not going to be the same person you see on social media and you see on a youtube series. It is about kind of building your brand and I see I see the the pros and I see the cons the positives and I see the negatives in for a forty eight year old fan like me. It is a little bit of a struggle but I definitely understand it your home for all things. Combat Sports is Sirius. Xm Fascination Stir Your Day with Hall of Fame Pro. Wrestling's talk on busted open. We sped these men and women that build the business and the Bronx keeps you up to date on all things boxing. Boxing is the fear of young. Expect and then Nigerian. Luke Thomas has you covered for mixed martial arts. Logan is the most important influence in all government. The name broken down nowhere only on Sirius. Xm Nation Kit on one fifty six bring in Matt all the lead hardy. You could see him every single Wednesday night on a e W dynamite coming off the heels of double or nothing that Outta hell are you man. I am excellent her. You guys here busted up my favorite. We are good. We are good and man. We are still riding high from double or nothing and man that stadium stampede that we saw in the main event on Saturday night. Still Buzz going on and that was one hell of a show for sure. Yeah we were all very very proud of that especially if you think about this era. We're living in right. You know going through the scenario were in these empty arena shows in having a big massive pay per view like that in what challenge trying to make it as great as possible and the stadium. Stampede is the concept we came up with. We get to play around with that. Was Our ultimate concept biggest cinematic where they gotta start. I love the idea that they you know Tony. Kahn really wanted to like emulate football and had the ball a stadium and then we start all coming off lake about James. There were some wrestling in the beginning. But then we went cinematic and it really thought I had something for everyone and I bet so. Much positive feedback in so many fans are like non wrestling grants casual fans Tune in and start with other fans like love it. So that's that's what we need here at eight. That'd be to MATT SINCE EIGHTY. W started you know a year ago so we come on this show almost every Thursday in the predominant word that we use in describing e w is fun and ever since you've got there looks like you're having a blast. Can you talk to you? Know is e w as fun for you as it comes across on TV the S. I mean it's extremely von and I think the thing that is so about it is that you're giving this platform and end this scenario grade as an artist and you know how it is related as an artist. It's very important. If you're passionate that you can translate your vision through to what you're doing. An interview knew that. It's so much more entertaining. It's not just a job. It's like fun. It's your passion inside it's Love of Your Life Hobby that you have and you're able to do that here and they like you know. Listen to your feedback in Gaza. Help one another just such a positive environment. Some new ways in like I'm excited to be here seventy young guys that I can help teach and and Kinda just help improve their game as time goes on also help improve the product while doing that and you know bully just said it fun. The show on Saturday was fun and for me as like an old school pro wrestling fan. You know you get a bit of everything when you watch he w You know and and I think like for every wrestling fan. There's something that you could be able to latch onto as a fan. Do you agree to that? I do agree to that. And I also think that wrestling is at a point now where it's evolving in different directions. There's sometimes like that old school train of thought when you have these cinematic match if you're like well that's not wrestling. It's not really what wrestling is is should be seriously entreated As sports type scenario. But like I mean the fact is to twenty thirty years ago. The cat has been publicly out of the bag. And there's the Internet and everybody knows what's going on especially with the fan base. There is now wrestling has to be different and has to be a variation show to agree. You have to have have a little bit of something for everyone to especially to gain new fans like laps fans casual fans are people that are like you know mainstream entertainment fans. Don't care up harassment. But they want to be entertained in other ways and I think that is what the goal of that stadium seventy match was and I think wrestling has to be a variety shows a little bit of something for everyone. I don't want to talk about the past but there is something I'm genuinely interested in and it's and it's has to do with frustration so I wanNA know how frustrating is it to return to the wwe at Wrestlemainia to probably top three greatest returns or entrances POPs or any of that of all time right and then be utilized the way you were utilized but then once again something goes wrong with Jeff and Matt is kind of put on the back burner and I say that to your face. 'cause I've said it on the on the show many times and I hate it. I'm not a fan of it. How frustrating was it for you? And how do you deal with? It is extremely frustrating. Obviously and I just I knew what I was getting into going back there. Just the way things worked out we went back and I was like well. This is a bit of a row of denies. You know we'll give it a shot. Let's see what happens. You know maybe things will be different. Whatever and you know the system you know the system. I knew the systems there are watch. You know when you Yvonne came back and I just I know how everything works there and their mentality is like once they have something set in their head as of who you are even like towards the end when they were trying to resign me for others years. I I know it's already predetermined in the machine had what I am. What my role is going to bayside just knew as I leave you know. I just got Ross of how much money they offered at just turning down because like I knew I had to leave because I would rather go somewhere else could be on this platform Great and I can be happy and this Awa job and being here. This is the greatest roster the most fun that I've ever had. I mean I would say behind this would be the TNA. Run when I first started in Broken Matt but now this platform is just like still so professional and so well done in like you know. The date take great care of their employees wrestlers. This is the best Gig I've ever had so lucky in so fortunate to be right now and I'm sure it makes it that much sweeter Matt via you know having to go through the ups and downs in the frustrations I. It just makes what we see on Wednesday night. That much better for you. Yeah and I'm a reformer. It's a secret I don't try to hide it. Forty five years old. I've been around almost twenty eight years doing this so obviously I have to be utilized in a certain way but if you utilize me in a certain way I can produce really really rates stuff still you know but you have to have the the trust and faith in me to do that and you also have to understand how you had utilized. Matt Hardy Less Twenty eight years of a buxom his bunkered. And if you do that I can help build me because I don't want to be the champion. I don't really come to be built around me. I don't WanNa be the centerpiece attention every week. I to be there. I WANNA do my thing like still stay a hot interesting fresh but I'm going to help other guys that is that's my goal. Always you're gonNA start seeing some of that in the next few weeks coming up to the new things off. Take me take us behind the scenes a little bit with stadium stampede. Putting a match like that together we both know what it takes to put together something epic while a match like that other than Tony Kahn. Who's the first one to talk? And what are you talking about I? It was really everybody like John. We were talking about that last night. How great that was We met the day before. We jotted kind of like walk around the stadium. We had no idea really what was there to see what we can play with plans stuff out. We had a new like our time constraints and a lot of it was like being Jericho thrown ideas. But then you know like bugs had amazing ideas and those guys are like super grade if they get the Kenny Omega. He don't like bugs in Kenya. They really understand like says just wrestling like this is entertaining or this is funny. This is like did he stuff. You know like there was a time whenever as adjusted. We could have done it. We're all GONNA fireworks going to come on guys. Let's DDT there s which prompted big DDT from Japan obviously but like it was really a collaborative group effort. It really really was everybody chopped and everybody had something to say and we put this together pretty quickly it was. It was pretty shocking. How quickly put together and I gotta give great edits to being a great credit to the team because they really edited. We shot it like the night before all night and they really slept together very quick and clean it up Super Nice. You know Polian. I talked about it on Monday morning. And I've watched it a few times. You have to like you just watched that once because there's so much being thrown at you at one time you don't catch everything the first time you watch it so you really have to watch about two or three times you do. It's it's like when I would watch a great episode of like a game of thrones or even breaking bad or whatever is your ozark almost have to watch all the little details you know and that's one of the things we're going for. There's a lot of little Easter egg details. You know have probably watching more multiple times. Still pick a Gordo so we did a lot of that stuff so cool. We're seeing all of the different versions of Matt. V One Broken Matt. Damascus was that the original plan when you came in to get to all of the personalities this quickly or did you have to do it because of the Times. We're living in right now. The original plan was started doing this and I think the one Promo Code where I shifted from broken into. Classic Matt was get such great reviews on TV that we said okay. We'll go ahead move a little faster along with but that has been my creative pitch ever since I came in here I mean ultimately. I'm going to end up being the multifarious at hardy and I've done I been doing it. Very blatant REC- The costume changes like this is one percent. This is another person and then I think later people really catch on to it and they understand what's going on you'll even see where out of what look out transform into different things you know but it's going to allow so so so many cool different grade of things there's GonNa be some new percents that in coming out too so it's a welcome to the adverse of Matt Hardy. I love the different personas. Is there somebody that's on the roster right now with a w that you think would be the perfect opponent for you? There's a a a little more left for me in Sami. Like Sammy's insanely talented. Has such a good attitude Such a good sports stuff. I think they'll be an interesting thing down the road. I would love to see I would love to see big money Matt in. Mj F. go at it and I'm sure that will happen at some point Darby Alan. I think there's definitely something that we can do together. He very much Bullied would know to. He's very reminiscent of Jeff in many ways. Just as kind of like laid back dude. If you like me that school if you don't at school and then he's like fearless when he gives rain just like whatever it is. It's he'll do it. He's he's very special. You can tell a very special equality to what would Matt Hardy and Twenty Twenty Tell Matt Hardy from two thousand. What advice would you give a young Matt Matt? Hardy and twenty twenty. I can guarantee the first thing. He was Hari. Two thousand eight chill out on his house shows. Cfo or smart work. We're GONNA take care of him resign a little bit. You're back you're back in Hicksville appreciate in twenty years but you know what it's like. Every veteran tell tells every young guy that but as young guys who are now has guys that were younger now veterans. You have to go through it on your own yet to fully understand and appreciate it because remember when we were young and we looked at those veterans. And we're saying to ourselves in the corner that old bastard just doesn't want us to have a better match than him but now we're like wow he was right back in my hips. Actually do hurt. But that's like that's the game. We're they're making a name for ourselves. We're like trying to build our legacy. We're GONNA go go all out to do whatever we have to do to really establish herself as a superstar like don't realize do later like the things that are really important they get you over you know so it's a it's interesting but like you said you really have to learn that through experience bullying. I talk about the whole world to pro wrestling. And there's a lot of organizations that have been around for a short time and even some organizations that have been around for a couple of decades that really haven't been able to get their footing and to that next plateau. Aws been able to do that in such a short time because again it they just debuted on TNT October so this is very very young company and I think a lot of fans forget really how short a time but how successful are you surprised how easily WSB become successful in such a short time. I mean th they. I am not surprised about the project. Been getting because like when they are like. I've worked very closely with Tony Kahn. And like we. Our personalities are very similar in some ways because we both have such a great love and passion for wrestling. So we really. Bob Will Not like we've been. We've added an amazing relationships. I mean he really cares and he's like very detailed guy like he pays attention to everyone and he's just so easily accessible right now. It just is what it is. He's just so passionate about the product and he cares about any wants to like look into every single little thing and make it as good as possible and he's all about giving you know everyone the best opportunity to make the most of what they're doing and like the young bucks and cody and Kenny. The guy who fallen that VP. Lon All those guys were great. I had nothing but amazing things to say about them and sometimes almost won't like because they were the stars that brought a w to the table they to be pushed a little harder. You can't worry about what the Internet says. Like the hell with those guys. It is what it is like. You guys have to still be treated as stars here. Because you're a big reason. This place came into creation but like aws they had they have great knowledge and great passion and they're putting on a great product and the thing that is so amazing. I've been here almost ten weeks and has been in the midst of a pandemic and they're still killing it in these into your inner shows like the the way they've approaches and so smart like I just can't I can't wait until we get back to whatever the normal ends up being in eventually people back stance last night. I was watching in the past couple of weeks. I almost feel like I can't come up for air when I'm watching an e w show and that's actually a good thing because I don't WanNa change the channel and I don't feel I can take that nets breath because it's almost like that Rousseau esque mentality when it comes with throw as much shit into the show as you possibly can but what you guys seem to be doing is throwing quality shit or fun stuff entertaining stuff like no matter what it's like. Almost every minute of the show has something that you cannot miss. There's there's there's little to no filler stuff on the show. I mean like if something's on there it means something and he does a great job. Everybody does utilizing the new guys. They're like even last night. I I know people saw deal. Where the Braga? Cardi brother hurt his knee and I went out to help. I mean that right. There is the start of the story that we're going to have those guys. Were big hardy boys fans you know so. There's something there and at least two something else that I'm going to say I mean everything happens for a reason on the show. There's a lot of things that don't have it by accident so on big fan of that too because I think in twenty twenty wrestling fans are super intelligent super detailed and and there needs to be little hints are subtle. You don't have to beat them over the head with a hammer. It sounds like this is the store you know. Do little things and enrolled with it. They appreciate it to Tony. Hold on Dave Tony. Kahn Noah about Matt. Hardy was Tony Kahn. A fan of Matt Hardy and come to you or did the bucks kind of bring Matt Hardy to Tony Kahn. twenty is knows all about his history wrestling and he knew everything done which is amazing. But Yeah my Initially started with myself the box. Because we've been great friends close friends for a long time. So that was my initial context starting here and then I dealt with Chris Jericho. Lot to Chris was very instrumental and everything we're doing when I originally got here but like coming in here in and were getting the no tony working with just an absolute pleasure. Matt thank you so much for the time we really really appreciate you and an aws been phenomenal for this show Last question from me really quick before we go now that you're a part of e w Jaguar's Fan I mean. Is that going to get you any trouble at home? I mean that's a great question especially for you I I do like the Jaguars I think. They're going to send some stuff to the boys like that. You know but still. I'm also going to be low. Tomorrow is New York giants well. So it's Carolina Panthers you know again I you know I'm I'm a kind of shape shifting jumper fan. Maybe Abe is nothing wrong with that bad back. Thank you so much truly appreciate. Thank you for everything. Thanks for the time. Thanks for listening catches Monday through Saturday. I'm busted open from nine. Am To noon eastern on Sirius Xm by Nation Channel. One fifty six. The busted open podcast.

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