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Thanks for listening to the Ataman. Dr Drew Show on podcast. One Well Adam Shelby. Shelby thing is a triumph. This shelby. Doc then dry for triumph drove for Aston Martin and have to watch the dock matter to figure out what we're talking about here ooh Also Mike Lynch joins of course to make his triumphant return from New England. He didn't drive a truck. No Datsun Eighty three percent of you plan had a shop online for the holiday gifts this year but the FBI got nearly three hundred thousand online. Theft competes in two thousand seventeen and that was two thousand seventeen. That's going to be worse than two thousand nine hundred two thousand twenty two before you click that buy button remember some websites or created by people who just want to steal your credit card data and other personal information you need to understand how cybercrime is affecting in our lives. Good thing there's light. La lifelock out their identity theft another serious issue. 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Eight the atoms monthly nut December shipment includes a Pino protector wine condom. We had corolla drinks practice safe. Drinking a man show Beer Stein commemorating a great TV show and the time less woke. You'll also get free samples of Super Fat. Kito Nut butters to stave off the need for for a Burrito at lunch of course a bottle of angry or thirty-three wines and shrimp vein or the perfect gift to show someone just how much you love them. The sixty sixty dollar value is yours for only twenty five dollars. Sign up for one month or keep the shipments coming so prep your mailbox and get ready for Adams. Monthly nut recorded live at Corolla one studios with Adam Corolla and board certified physician and addiction. Medicine Specialist Dr. Dr Drew Pinski. You're listening to the atom and Dr Drew Shell. He grew grew with specialists man. I got and I'm magic man. Thank Galler Sponsors Manscaping Betty assign lifelock put a TV as well and I find myself looking forward to seeing Dr drew. Wow was troubled all time. What has happened between US I do? Love is bloomed. Yes reunited or if you're ready Ready I'm ready that goddamn shelby documentary so good really. I'm emotional. I'm not kidding you you like life change of laughing. I talked to my mom and Thanksgiving and she said what are you doing. I said I'm making documentaries about cars. And and she's like well she literally said. Tell me when you make one on a subject. I'm interested I saw. You tweeted that. I doubt it really took me down. But but it spoke volumes. All you volumes about what. You're contending with well also tell you do what on Muffins and and I was laughing. Well it's so so insane it's a story. It's maybe one of the greatest Americans that ever lived a great thing just to a time in a purely American narrative the narrative. It's a a F and love letter. You wrote to the guy too by the way I thought it was just be yours. You're I know how you feel about his stuff. We've talked about enough over the years. I could just tell what you were feeling as you put together. Well look here's my shelby. Shelby's been married quite a few times. Sometimes I screwed over a couple of guys who I like now. This is an interesting thing. Yeah Pete Rock is a guy that I I'm name a very dear fan of own many of his cars and we have been to his home a few times. We have a great relationship and he's just sweet guy. You know what I mean like bill off their guys. That are just sweet guys and I would argue. The the sort of a best supporting character is him. He's wheeler cares sweet wheat guy in normally guys get involved with cars and racing and stuff to have a little bit of an edge to him. Because that's what you have to. You have to be competitive. You have to be whatever pizza. Sweet Guy Shelby jacked over Pete and not without like for helping. I mean well well. Here's the here's the thing. There was well now. This is Toyota at this is later on that will hold. The Toyota thing is where repeat brock destroyed show where he got back at them. Yeah but he was supposed to run the Toyota team and Shelby Kinda slid in right took it from an. Yeah but anyway that's right. I forgot I have talked to Pete. Brock I've talked to many people about shelby. And you tell me their thing is is i. I liked Dan Gurney. He wasn't overburdened. With a great deal of honest cray Gurney literally literally like eighty three. And a half. You know a year and a half before he died. It's like I. He wasn't overburdened. With a great deal of honesty. Where'd you get those interviews? That'd be collecting them for a while or we went out and we got Dan Gurney for died for died and I sat down with anthem for a NATO in the next room for maybe two hours talked to him about everything and we went out with Talk to guys like you know these guys like Boban Doron Parnelli Jones Dan Gurney. I mean they're legends of the sport and they're not gonNA be around that much longer that at all they're older they're sickly they're some of them have died along the way a few the people in the doc doc you're seeing talking of Oregon Right Who We interviewed so Here's an interesting thing. So so peep rock is a very. He's a lovely man there. You are likely man and by the way he had some very kind things about shelby in the early years. And he was Jacked a little bit by shelby. He feel like he kind of went and got him back a little bit. And when you so there are many the people that got duped a little by shelby but they still felt kind felt good about him and I'm interested in how that were might as I was watching it. I thought Oh the guys little bit of a sociopath nine wives some of the more demand and by the way back then. Why do you think he did that? I'll think about that. Yeah I mean he didn't want to give up no no no no no no back. Then he couldn't have sex if you weren't may now that's he wanted to have sex all his hot Y. You gotTA marry Aubrey. Pretend Mariam as what are you GonNa do. It's gotTa do it right because he was kind of a sociopath just okay okay we gotta do right And he was a salesman. They emphasized that over and over and over again right and so he wasn't steering with a clear compass he was staring with a I towards getting it done And because he was a lot of fun and engaging matic kind of not he a- fall on sociopath he said these kinds of tendencies he's also very entertaining and find a new way to create a great work environment and an B. B. O.. Like like a masthead like a clear the guy in the head of the ship going forward. That's where we're going. Take Rice. Go Gentlemen have added and then let them mhm have fun with it. Yeah there is no like the car themselves. I'm GonNa make an analogy here. There's really no such thing as a shelby that is free and clear of a handful of negative traits eight. It doesn't exist. It's like there's no such thing as building a Shelby Cobra that doesn't pollute a little bit like it's amazing but what comes out of that exhaust for yeah you see that. He complained later about that. Like what I'm Lisa cleaner downstairs. There's no free meals you don't get the shelby and the no Exhau- awesome you don't get a carroll shelby and a couple of women who don't have heart broken hearts and a couple of business partners that feel like they got screwed or you don't don't get all of that with nothing in its wake now you can live my mom's life or my dad's life and leave none of that but there is no car named after my yeah. I think it's impossible but it's like you can't have a world war without a bunch of civilian casualties like and you can beat up the country that that that bombed Dresden but you you got to go to war. That's that's what happens. You know what I mean. So shelby was very much that way. I feel like there were some women. There were some partners where some something by but overall where we glad he was born here. Are we glad that we know. Oh the name Carol Shallow. Yeah Oh oh yeah. And that's why I'm saying. It wasn't complete sociopath. He wasn't he wasn't despicable character by any means but he was was Man He get stuff done he could get stuff don right. That's exactly what he did. He got stuff done. He surrounded surrounded himself with world class advocators and people and anyone about it. I mean it to me. I thought I didn't know the the second third and fourth chapters of the whole thing that was astonishing to me that Chile the datsuns and it just kept going sky. Just would just move on and get had it done heart transplant in the middle of it. All you know I thought apart didn't put in the story that you might appreciate is. I was thinking to myself what happens with some of these people with He probably had familial hypercholesterolemia or something like that. It caused a premature aging the coordinator arteries if you increase if you stress. The oxygen commands the heart. Such that it's asking for more oxygen but not so much that you cause a heart attack you outstrip. Its demand equates it's extra vessels and so probably the way he handles his heart disease distressing at pushing it pushing it pushing it. collateralized all the vessels so even though he was getting the heart attack he had all these other vessels to back them up. That makes sense. Yeah and so. It's really interesting that he he made it through. That's why he lives so much longer than he should have. Yeah Yeah and then and then then what happens is eventually the muscle gives out and then you need the transplant. Yeah my feeling is it's all here as said you. It's comical that. He came from Texas to Venice so he could do his thing. That's the part I was I was that's kind of local and now it's not comical not count. Yeah Valentine it's funny you and I talked about it when I watched in the movie. Piss me off right. Got You angry but right the things that guy was able to do and really another reason is is. He wasn't regulated. He could do things because he there wasn't overregulation hostile to do what he wanted to do today. Any state and what's what was also interesting to me. You'll appreciate at this. As a young male growing up in southern California in the sixties there was sort of the culture. We were attuned to as kids We all knew about China. We all kind of you know the movie came out. Drag racing was a big thing of discussion amongst nine to twelve year old. Boys you know what I mean and so this all was happy was deeply Culturally meaningful for me. Something that I felt like was happening in the background while I was growing up and kind of it made perfect sense to me that there that was going on in the world I lived in as a as a young adolescent. Well Young Boys My Dad Dr Drag me to Riverside aside for the road races and Pomona for the quarter mile stuff. Orange County raceway. Oh Sea lions in Long Beach on my dad shoulders watching thus this flat track bikes go round all all a rush of memories came back. I watch commercials CELS. We're all those places. So that's what I definitely go and some blow all right. Mike Lynch is in in town and he was gonNA come by and share some of his philosophy with us. I do Bet D SL bitter sweet time to the back half of the NFL season but playoff push in the bowl games. Common man add some excitement. Make a couple bets. BETTY DOT COM. You're betting partner use betty as DS is live betting platform bet games until the final whistle new members. Get One hundred percent bonus match with Promo Code Adam Adam one on one. That's double your money paying winners for twenty plus years top rated on review sites and user friendly interface mobile site as well fastest pay in the industry. NFL NBA NHL Boxing Politics Reality TV and more. It is spat GSI again betty. Sl Dot Com Promo Code. Adam One oh one for a limited time get one hundred percent bonus offer. It's only a game same until you bet it. I Bet D. S.. I'm Mike Lynch in studio. Everyone loves to Mike in the past. Yeah Mike gives finally licensed and Moran Financial and he's ready to go and I'll give his website out right now. MC DASH ANY NOT DOT com. He is overqualified for your problems and He's really good at what he does. He does a very is. There's is a few people who I speak to you about these subjects and when I do like Dr drew when I find someone who's who's likes to talk the mind and and is good at it. I always get into it and Lynch and I find ourselves doing that quite a bit. So Yeah M. C. N. E. by the way drew is for men center New England. Because that's my type therapeutic passionate guys then. How'd you get down that PAT? Actually you had him on your show on Dr Steven. Johnson did men center Los Angeles. Yeah and I went to all their retreats. I was turned for a brief period and changed my life so I figured I'd I carry that forward back to New England where I came from Nice and so are eighteen dealing with younger band. Do you modify virtually just one question. How does the landscape look differently to you now? Then when and you start back there and told me I'm moving to New England and I was like what and you to do this and now you're doing it yet. What is that? Mike Lynch I of this Mike Lynch. Oh how I I was thinking about how you change but how us few things now. Well the condition the landscape is different in this sense California versus the human human condition. Now that you've bringing it back then you're like I thought you thought you understood the human condition. Now you're working with it as it. Has It changed your view of. I guess it's GonNa be. Yeah no I mean the the conversation Adam and I have been having about how much has changed possible. You know when you think about that zero to six period of of your life where you know the scheme is are getting built in. How is it you can people change that and science and neuro plasticity? Of course it's possible but then we have so many anecdotal examples all of our lives. Yeah people who like come on what's wrong. Why aren't you doing this? Domestic violence is an issue that I particularly don't like working with because it's just so intractable. Yes for some reason. That's more intractable than addiction in some ways even though it is an addiction. I'm way though that person's life is the perpetrators not being endangered by it so unless less freedom is being challenged then sometimes they're willing to do something right so you know the it's it's that balance of how do you maintain. Hope I think is you know the longer you're in this field but sometimes I see you know oftentimes people I would not give have a prayer to massively transform and you see a couple of those okay okay right. It's possible for anybody. Yeah I think it's you know it's I think of it like kind of you know batting average you're not gonna get it one hundred percent of the time but every now again there's that that Grand Slam early. Oh I get off on. The light bulb moments the moment where somebody goes. Oh that's why I'm doing that. You know and as you know many people don't the reason I'm a therapist because I had good therapy you know and I use that self disclosure. That's my opening salvo. That's my weapon. And so I do that especially with men to to normalize level playing field and you see their their body posture physically go and they'll sink into the chair when they hear that. So I'll tell them you know crippling panic attacks. I'd had good therapy and Blah Blah Blah and. I'm going to teach you things that I've practiced myself on a daily basis. And so you know that that that part of it that that connection but that that light bulb moment. That's that's what keeps me going back into the room. I get that all right. We can take a call then. You guys can argue over. Whether I've asked Bergerson do not through says yes. I know what you have. Steve What are they have reactive attachment. Brianna oh yeah for sure. Yeah thirty four out. The Dina Guy High Guy I'm Iraq shows and I think my dad lives out Kadena say ranch God. I'm sorry I'm in Atlanta so don't worry it's sorry Mike Glance no no worries no worries. Go ahead Mike. You gotta you gotTa tell the guys about how awesome the big is. I'm a transplant from doing that. I hope you you attended the big e festival while you went back home for a bit. I did did not but I had some relatives there. Maybe got taken a lot of beer batter. It's a better version of whatever. La Out to go uh-huh vaping question. I do so I've been trying to. I don't smoke and I mean I don't really do any vaping or any sorts of cigarettes like that but I I've always listened to when it comes to the vaping crisis if you will about how people say that they things as bad or worse than cigarette smoking and I take my. Ah You know Dr drew to say that. It's not great. VAPING isn't but it's better than cigarettes nice so much better like ridiculously cannot lot more aggressively enough. Get people off cigarettes onto vaping but but there was this thing of what what maybe six weeks ago where magically all these people started sorta dying at the same time and it was a strange you know couple of weeks bursts of people dying all over the news. Everyone's talking about it and then it Kinda quieted down again. It seemed like they were all unrelated deaths. And I I see people now saying C.. C. Vaping is bad. You can't you can't vape it as bad as cigarettes smoking. Can you update us on valuable incident and then again reiterate vaping versus cigarettes so also what happened was what had happened. was what happened. was there was a outburst of Vitamin E. You being used in black market cannabis vape hannah-beth Stephen cartridges onto. The canvas. Is Right they what they went to as you see. Your horrible Levine. told you as a disaster then. They're like Oh. This is all black market stuff. That kids that are looking for cannabis got up the Internet. Whatever okay well they immediately? We had to shut up and he crow and because it didn't gratify their moral outrage is went to zero fast right because they wanted to be able to see horrible people. You know people around smoking. Probably have more nonscientific thoughts and emotional thoughts than any any other subjects like. I listen to Dennis Prager. All Time and Dennis Prager says I smoke a cigar. I don't inhale the cigar and then people fulla call in and go. It's just as bad as smoking and he goes no. It isn't because I don't inhale I'm not saying it's good for me. What about jaw cancer? And then they go okay. It's very rare. It's exceedingly rare and they go. Yeah but you're still releasing first off. WHO anoints everybody? These spokes piece shit purse African Anti Smoke. Lack of flocking. keepdriving would you. You don't smoke a cigar. Shut the fuck up. It's like what the message it sends what what message. What does one who are all these people? These are adults. They're like infused with this energy about third hand smoke smoke or tennis players with his kids. Vaping we're sitting all where's this energy. Come from it's like look. Would you like your son to smoke. Cigarettes let's No. Would you like him to smoke cigars and not inhale over inhaling cigarettes. Yes would you like him to vape. Water Vapor or nickelodeon versus smoking cigar. Yes she we keep going. This is how life works pitches. What the fuck why? What is this and and why are we listening to all the fucking hysterics and how they make it on the news that was that was gonna be my points anecdotal versus systemic? Like you know. There's probably as many of these vape deaths as is there were people who had the bad alcohol down in the Dominican Republic but all of a sudden it was travel bans right we do. We have strength. We also didn't say all alcohols bad dangerous of your business eighty-three percent plan to shop online for holiday gifts this year but the FBI got nearly three hundred thousand online theft complaints in two thousand seventeen. 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Well as I was saying to drew probably or anyone who would listen as I really now. Now think about this crazy fuck and sway in in our society when they talk about the black vote they go with a black populace. Populous is like you know twelve percent of the population you know okay. Small percentage population if you could get fifty percent or thirty. Five percent of that population vote Republican than a Democrat would never win ever again. And it's like wow you mean you get a little group of a little group to move move you know fifteen points or twenty points this way and no Democrat ever gets elected again. I mean according to today's standards unlike start thinking about that with dudes who think I like checks just a small group of Dushi due to think like chicks. Throw the fucking hole balance off. That's what we're experiencing now. The balance is fucked. talked up because a small group of Douche dudes swung over and started thinking like chicks. That's what I'm experiencing. And if they have the power to spread that message through social media things like that are social media. These guys are on TV every right like yelling about vaping and they don't have to fuck they're talking about like also this notion of like it's it's called its water vapor which is inert with nicotine which is inert. There's nothing you're taking you're taking air and and Styrofoam and putting it together and calling a t and T it's like no it's not. I'm doing the math. That's not there. And then are they go. Then they start branching off into like. Yeah well what about the steppingstone. Okay now you're making another argument and as I. I'm now fond of saying being born as a fucking walking steppingstone truck. We used to all kinds of shit that we don't like book. Yes write that down but this notion of like yeah but then what about ooh What about what luck if it gets if it gets a large group of people to put down cigarettes and pick up the vape pen then good. Then that's good Antigen Antigen research has shown it's more effective than anything else for stopping tobacco right dangerous effective at doing shutting the fucking Yanez up because they're not interested in smoke or secondhand smoke or third hand. Smoker facts are interested. In telling you what the fuck. That's what I'm that's what I'm realizing. You think there's some appeasement process here. That's what I'm really realizing. I'm really every time they do. We gotta get the Jewish state and the Palestinians to sit down and work something out that's your presuming. The Palestinians WanNa work something out. I'm not going I'm not. I'm not signed off on that. You very much. Like the almost WANNA go into no doubt. They want affordable this they want that domestic life now they don't. They're doing what they WANNA do. They're living their best life on the fucking sidewalk nathaniel. Yes sir. How you doing today? Forty from Michigan. Good Yeah I don't know What am I calling about now? I forgot I almost got so wrapped up in listening to the show. Boy What a much. Gotcha what a bunch of phenomenal ideas. As far as we go over talking about. But I'll be honest. I don't know I can launch. You'RE GONNA launch okay. Okay so here. I don't know as slam. I got it you know like What I get confused about is like like You know like Okay I'm newly called on a second I feel like we've talked on or maybe there's just a lot of guys so I get I. Can't I the exact axiom impression and I can't tell tell me there's this guy that was gonna tell me stand back. I'm telling you a story. Tell me if we can connect these dots. Mike Be Interested in this. I I look at little little tells and Society Watch commercials. I listen to talk radio. I listened to talk right of listen to talk radio. I've never heard more callers talking simultaneously while the host was talking. When the uh-huh said give me a moment I'll let you? I'll give you time to ask you arrived. Please let me answer your question. But I've never let me answer. Answer your question Blah Blah Blah. I grew up my whole life listening to talk radio. I never heard the other an talking right through the back of the head of the fucking host. It's now almost almost daily. Yes I get that a lot of my talk show and I put them on hold Rep. I'd just gotTa go go hang on all right right there with. Here's Larry trying to say all right Larry or is that it okay. I'll put you back on hold and a lot of ad hominem stuff. Oh come on you know better to make the argument stop with the attacking acking. Just just I don't I don't see what are we what are you. Why did you call unable to do a back and forth in? Your listening is a skill to be practiced and no one teaches it to us and no one teaches us how to practicing. Mike is accepting the groundlings to learn how to listen and the thing. That's a joke doc. canal all right. Yes and you had a question about inheriting real estate well Yeah I got a bunch of real real estate and I gotTA figure out what I WANNA do with it and I'm not exactly quite certain because like If you keep it well then you get holding costs and then if you let it go well then get the mind and then right at this point in time we you know we keep it is it. Is it in Michigan. Here's talking over. Is it in Michigan. Yeah well yeah yeah. It's not. It's not a trick question again. Is it in Michigan. Yes thank you thank you what your sure right keep it no I keep it well I say. Do you want to be a landlord if you want to be a landlord. Keep it if you absolutely categorically to not want to be dealing with plumbing and landlord. Whatever hassles come with that so well I think that advice generally generally is you keep as much of the stuff you can keep you have to pay bills or pay on or whatever medical issues or something you sell but if you can keep things thanks ed since they seemed real estate consistently goes up in value? Try to hang onto it. I think that seems to be the answer. He's He's that one of those guys who answered things in peculiar ways which is is it in. Is it in Michigan. Yes well sure sure. Have you say yes. A lot of that in a lot of I know people are now how more divided and you could use that as the reason for why they're talking over the host on the AM talk show but it's more than that they're not they're they're just powering right through that person they don't have exchanges. Think about it. You are calling up this radio show so you can share an opinion Indian. I feel like three times out of five. Now if it's a complimentary opinion then you get it out you go. I think you're doing a wonderful job. I agree with you on Blah Blah Blah Blah. The host hears it he thanks them they think they go back and forth. He asks them where they're from are. Are they religious or something like that and they go back for it to him but when they have an alternate point of view and they want to get it out. They can't get it out because they can't stop op themselves and the host says I'll let you answer this question. Just let me answer your question. They follow and ultimately they've called indoor radio show and never got their point across because they couldn't stop themselves. Maybe they had a valid point. Maybe it's a point that we all could have heard but we're not going to hear it because they couldn't control them they were they were rehearsed. They were weighed. It could have been dead air on the other side. They were just talking to can exactly all right. 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All Right Mike Lynch can be found at M.. Mm See that's men's center dash any New England DOT COM so if you want to contact them contact them they're the best in the Biz his best in Massachusetts. That's all right and you can watch shelby American. I'll tell you what you can do. You can get yourself a BLU ray. Copy lots lots of extras. I haven't seen their. I need it. I need that so For Christmas. Watch Oh Yeah I'll give you the ramp watch. American at chassis are you can buy the DVD at C. H. A. S. Y. dot com also You can get the twenty four hour war there uppity shipping very soon. You can preorder that. We got all the movies over there so get that And Corollas Rola unprepared This Friday Saturday December thirteenth and fourteenth. Oxnard levity live so come on out say hi GODDAMN KROLL DOT com for for all the live stuff drifts dot TV. Sign up there and we'll give you a blast when I do those live. QNA shows on the weekends. 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