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FOF #2796 Madonnas Disco Bloodbath


Since the beginning of her career when she said she wanted to rule the world mcdonagh has always sought to be provocative usually in sexy or ridiculous ways like hey herself on a cross during a concert or getting photographed pumping gas nude for her book sex. But this past summer the music video for the song. God control from Madonna's latest this album madame acts left audiences truly shocked with its reenactment of the pulse nightclub. Shooting left. Poor madge shot dead on the dance floor. Art Is Madonna helpful voice for gun control today. Comedian Nadia Ginsburg. Well known for how Larry and inciteful Madonna log. Performance and video series joins us to take a look at. Madonna's latest hijacks from our new album madame x plus Carly Simon reveals. What Jackie O Oughta Madonna? Are you ready. And so the call I'm Fausto for no I'm mark billion and this is feast of fun. Hashtag wake up high. This Madonna No it's it's mathematics. What's the difference? well Matt Amax you-know-who knew who like everything is everything. And I'm like she's like everything for fees cheese he's like you know she's an esthetician she's a she's a talion comedian at lives in Hollywood. When she's everyone Nadia Kuenssberg? This zero wake up call. Wake up Nadia Wake Up. Madonna wants wants the world to wake up in time overlying when I saw Madonna getting shot to death paying tribute to the pulse massacre nightclubs shooting my jaw. It dropped I said has Madonna gone too far I mean and then she was punished with that horrible. Wake in that terrible outfit. She was doing the electric trich slide to they was also also upsetting. It was probably more upsetting than the than the deaths. Those are fake but those are affecting the actual deaths are actually at obviously well Gonsalez. Very outspoken Parkland Alan Survivor. Shooting said that the the video made it her sick. Oh she was not happy about it. And then Madonna Johny used her because she's very attractive and so she used her as a Hologram in the backdrop for show. Right doesn't Emma on Solace Isn't she doesn't she appear yeah. She said a Madonna's new video for her Song Hashtag. God control is really fucked up. It was horrible so it made me sick and does it. Do you think Madonna's that why she put her in the show you think because she wanted to make amends in the show. Well this is. The thing like Madonna has for the entire career always wanted to be outspoken and provoking audiences even when the audiences were happy to be entertained with bubble gum pop music. Madonna wanted to push them over the edge. That is right you are so right. I love New York and other cities make me feel like a Dork. She really she really really really really need. Goes there you know Pushing US over the edge sometimes gets to the point that you're like almost angry at her for capitalizing or trivializing or sometimes doing more harm than good when these causes that we all care about and second the life out of them cume. Why do you think I love vacuum cleaner so much but I continue? Continue with what you said. It was kind of satisfying to see her. Get shot to death. I don't WanNa wish any hormone anybody but it was was to me like John Waters divine very like fuck you world. I'm going to go that there was punk. I think yes she. She goes even the things that my bore you to death. She will go there and make you suffer. Yeah and not to talk to you. You're developing a new show based on Madonna's hijinks yet again and you're going to La and the UK to perform in it. Yes yes I I'm GONNA do it in my friendly neighborhood Cossiga. They'LL COMPO here you're in La on November second and then on November nine in London at a place called the glory in London and It is also in a basement which makes me feel very at home. It's where I do my show here but I also just did at club coming coming Allen Comings and New York and I loved it and it's now with my new New York wave home away room and I'll be coming back there in the spring spring or maybe winter. I have to talk to the booker but that was really fun to and then I'll be going all over Finally this year. I think I'm going to come to Chicago and I want to Well I as soon as I get back from London and get through the holidays. Today's I'm GonNa my booker and I are GonNa make that happen. It's been cleared. Take an extra day and come see us I know of course. Yeah Yeah. Totally totally Are you traveling with typewriters. Tom In the background. You're like it's fine front of you. Yeah yeah a little bit just so we can hear it team. Want me to tuna tournament. Where's my typewriter read? Madonna's typing on a on a old school type ribbon typewriter because she wants to be taken seriously as an artist artist and connect with things of value and Precision in also. Did you know that in the Stanley Kubrick the shining. You know he would like to do things to fuck up. The audience actually studied advertising so he could study subliminal seduction and the typewriter changes colors. And it's supposed to be a metaphor for Holocaust genocide genocides like the Callum at Indian head box of like corn meal and stuff. It's a it's room whatever. Three some three digit I can't remember the name of it but it was really interesting. About Cou. Q Kubrick is cubic or Kubrick. How do you say Kubrick Kubrick Kubrick? Yes she's ripping off. I think James Baldwin. I think it comes across. Almost as an x files episode with Madonna Guest Star where she has a time traveler and accidentally time shifts into the pulse massacre shooting yes and also. It's a little nod to sex in the city. She's a journalist but she you know starting in every episode you know asking an essential question. She also has the advantage kind of look so I think maybe she's trying to court you to another time. Some film off assume new are yes. Yes I think during the show. She's doing vogue. I think she There's a film in one scene where she's perceived by men in trench coats. I think that is a ovid into the show. Somebody said that she's trying harder. Kanju Vitus to hide US guy. I saw an interview with Africa. I forget the name of the journalist. List Harry reasoner race Is it was it for the guy from sixty minutes. No reasoner no. That's not him then. I'll find the article while we're all affected Google but at the interview but anyway she says in the interview that she made lemonade out of lemons in that she heard her I hi she hurt her. I I'm going to say juvetr poisoning you. That Madonna actually had a clam injury accident and social with eye patch all like aster punched in the face. I don't know what happened especially herself. Astor uh-huh yes. But that's of course when she named she's she has a faint favorite. But it's a favorite sister. I mean if you had she she says he bit more more than the other one a little more No the The two adopted children. The one I think Madonna prefers the one. She named Ester having to see them. They're like acting out her videos and stuff. It's all very healthy. They're calling her Mambo. They call her Mambo. which is cool which you should call call your mother Bimbo when he was in Cuba or no in Lisbon are probably started when she was cruising cruising alphabet city? When she was in listening I think she got the name Mambo right and she put it on a necklace? Madonna's latest this album. Madame x sat down today and listened to the entire thing and checked. I feel like a Madonna's music feels like I'm listening to some obscure Guatemalan or Colombian or Portuguese gays artists A. She does sing a lot in Spanish and Portuguese. Well that's part of the Madonna playbook if it ain't broke don't fix it whether you know it's like you slip Johnnie to lower to pay for toreador outfit using right. Then you repurpose it with the minute or miss so four rebel heart and it's it's always have faith in the lone nut connects Latin x pronounced lateen Jr.. It's the the ASHTEC Mexican The pronunciation so instead of same medical you say Nah yeah she go. Oh God quetzalcoatl. Yes Latino Beth not actually a real thing but I ran into this last as long leather dealings. Who pronounced it with the Aztec at all really and I was just Kinda like giggling to myself because I like for us? It's it's been kind of an inside joke and the public is starting to pronounce it that way. Latino Latina key to just they like like Cherry and the Latin Latin. Couldn't we just say Latin. You also say Latine show or Latino Chef. Dan handed with an hour and a or something. But also there's some people that are saying. Listen it's that we need to get rid of the Latino or not now are Latino accent just use a more Indigenous word to describe us. What about Latin? Because Latin is like if you're still colonial rally okay so you don't have to agree with that you just have to listen like Nadia isn't aligned with Madonna's Progressive Valley the holy the disruption. This is Your wake-up Call Nadia Waco. I had an interesting experience orient with a like. I was talking to my friend. And she is a Butch Dyke and she. Her girlfriend is like a feminine lipstick. Stick Lesbian might not say that they went out to dinner and I love them. I love them both and they went out to dinner and there was a female wage. Waiter waitress Threatened you this story before. Is this even heard this before. Okay so the waitress comes up. Waiter server comes up to the table and says hey ladies now doing tonight uh-huh and then she walks away and The FEM the won't Feminine More Feminine of the two K.. goes up to the female waitress truce working for minimum wage job who also had an all three have three half vaginas and the more feminine. The Jonah goes up to the waiter vagina and says look at my partner. Does that look like a lady to you. And she said I'm so sorry Ari but in the answer she does look like she has a vagina. She said that to her. No I am thinking like and so so with everything that we have to fight with all the strength we have to muster to get this orange monster out of the White House. This is what we're doing we're two women are gonNA tell another woman in working. A minimum wage job was on her feet trying to do our job trying to be polite. Consider the source. Can we just all consider the motherfucking source okay Madonna. But it's like that is what I understand where nothing necessary growing pains. I just don't want the war to eat all the chickens well. The chickens are arguing with each other. I had a college professor advisor in the eighties. He was in my English professor freshmen In English and he said that his wife who was also an English professor. She said he said that she goes out to dinner. With turf friends. Her women friends and the waiter or server addresses them as ladies she and her friends would just get up from the table and walked. Yes so if you want to trauma and you know we're going back ten fifteen years ago okay horse so you feel like the the. There's a lot of anxiety and unnecessary arguing and that we need to step that back a minute and listen to each other and try to collaborate as opposed to quarrel. Yes and you know what I happened just so happens Hashtag come together come on C.. Um Come on come on in November. My idea she kept cornea is his own company. Adams Adams superstar Yes transgender superstar Adams is going to move in with her fiance. He needs a place to stay for a move in. She's GonNa come stay with me and we're GONNA do a limited series. Paul podcast called trends his fifth CIS to sister Radio Transistor Radio talk about this stuff because she opinion year and as I've been very upset as her friend to see a lot of younger trans people trying to school her about how she you should speak and what she should say when she is a was a trailblazing pioneer my friend buck angel saying thing he wanted to say. He's a transsexual. Transsexual people don't know buck angel born with a pussy kept the pussy and transition to be a man it does porn a lot of activism was had had an experience recently where he was schooled by any said. Ironically they used the word queer with wild abandon who he said in my friend Mario was saying the other day is is it word. He remembers echoing in his head. He was shoved into trash cans and had his head stuffed in toilets. And But oh the word queries. Okay because you guys thinking days but he can call himself a transsexual and it's like really we need to all get along and I don't like us all arguing. We should be all getting getting along you know. And that's we're not going to be effective. We're not gonNA bodily orange monster if you're all arguing ancestor darling guys. This is like I do get As a host of a popular podcast that talks a lot. What about LGBTQ issues and and people inspired by the gender sexual nonconformity of the world? Sometimes people treat us as if we're customer customer service for culture. Why we're some you know I like to speak to the manager about this? Plays about your free speech. We don't really get to control a lot of how people react to us and what people's opinions are on things. We can only get a bomb ladder. We he can only create a space where everyone is welcome and hope for the bus. Yeah and our job here. Is You know talk. Show people we interview people. We talked to people. You know we listen and we ask questions and so if somebody says hey. Don't call me a transsexual. I would say okay. You know I respect that. Can I ask you the cool for me. It's just like I just try and do a lot of listening and it's not dictate how others and I'm not saying you should assume that this don't call me that I agree. I would never continue to hurl that route at that but if someone who is he in almost sixty years old and his lips alive defending the insists. I want to call myself. I self force say you shouldn't call yourself that that's my problem. I think everyone should call. Oh yourself what you want to call. You know what. It's like abortion. It's like people saying that about no it is it is. It's like if you don't want an abortion. Don't have one that you shouldn't be able to say either people shouldn't same thing. It's the whole coin of free speech. Well do you feel like in some ways like Madonna for all her her desire to be pro. Prerogative and and pushing our audience forward It's interesting that in terms of transgender and and gender identity politics contemporary ones. She usually kind of stays away from that area. Although coach all Ogle John John. The conversation that we're having is very non Madonna. Actually well she does. She did say it's going to keep her baby and chicanes. The words words Lynch she sings. Papa don't preach you know everyone loves a medley. What's your change? The words what she do into from. I'M GONNA keep my baby it. She says I'm not going to keep my baby. And she comments upon it and then she is esther and the other one Sing and dance suit with like James Brown Bigs on end a sit and they say time's up and need to they do a little. There's a medley section section where she addresses me two times up and then she also says she's GonNa keep her baby. I mean not going to keep her baby border baby. It's GonNa fucking order baby down-time Donna. What's so funny because in some ways like I never thought of Papa don't preach as a pro WPRO or as an anti Choysong or anything it was always bothered me as a woman? It always bothered me. Did you. Interpreters as absolutely earliest Italian American than the father. Danny Aiello telling her. She's got a good Catholic girl and she's not. I always thought about that. I'M GONNA title keep Bugged mole. It's always a double entendre. Because it was. It was forcing her to split up with her boyfriend and so it was a it was a double meaning that she's keeping the baby. She's pregnant child's going to give up the child support art and give up the child support. Anybody people have babies left and right and I suppose they I did back in the day you put it you know. I felt like you know it was. It was uncommon for people to call them. Unwed mothers you would never call a single woman with with the child in unwed mother. Now you know what I mean we'll show on. MTV juice mom a huge show that actually has been responsible for lowering teenage pregnancies. Because Oh that's cool. Yeah it's actually had a positive effect on American audiences Young women don't think of having a baby as this. Glamorous thing anymore because of that show Oregon people are troubled and say I just want someone that Will Louisville conditionally. 'cause we never got that love and then you realize yeah the hardship of raising a child. That's really that's very positive news. I'm happy to hear that. The when you hear Madonna talking about her relationship to Lourdes as for example she described as healing her when she was born and that is finally getting this pure unrequited love to she had never gotten her life and also. The baby is completely only helpless. It can't talk it needs you know of no. I can understand that also as someone one who I love all children and I don't have to be related to a child to like feel that but I saw I A- France who never thought they would have all kids and didn't feel that and I see how it changed them. I see how it softened my sister was not hard by any means but I see how profoundly it changes changes you when you feel so vulnerable to love something that much and absolutely. I think all mothers would say that that it's like you can't imagine until it happens table and I do think Madonna's very sincere in her desire to make the world a better place and certainly. She is unprecedented in her success. As a musician as a pioneering woman in any field of course of course you know anytime I tease him. And that's what's fascinating about her sometimes because of her success because she's so huge in in so many ways that it she's he's Kinda disconnected with the impact that her attempts to speak to these difficult issues have. Yeah and you know it was interesting interesting. I know The was two articles but there was one. Iran in the HUFFINGTON post and it was not anti Madonna but it was talking about the difference between seen people like Pat Ben Atar who actually just saw perform who is sixty six in incredible with her husband. or share people are sort of half the happy to become nostalgia acts and they were saying how Madonna just will not do that. And that it's sort of like mercilus her desire like it's it reminds me a lot of Joan where it's like there's part of it or you like you like Joan would always have room rivers become. Yes yes that you that said that you there's like you admire it and then on the other side it's like but at what price glory you know. And she has I mean and let's talk about like her face. She's so beautiful but what she's done to. Her face is distracted. I mean she looked like clockwork orange so outrageously beautiful so beautiful. But you look at someone like we've discussed this like Sharon stone or someone else. There's a golden. There's an architecture to your face once you a woman's face at a certain age is not supposed to be blown up you know and you. It's it's as a primate. You look at got it. In its editor. It's disturbing the uncanny Valley of grotesque a little bit about talks but it's kind of along becoming a new normal though. Isn't it our friend. Justin Judd Liquor. The Human Ken Doll. He described himself saying he wanted to think of himself as a new. You kind of beauty as something. That's different aesthetic. And you know I I work I do some catering and I am around some very wealthy people and some of them are you know it's just like Madonna. It's like their faces are just like you said they're blowing up and it's it's a new standard. It's those big giant cheeks. Smooth four hundred. Yes that's all already that's also been old. Yeah but at the case I fuck cysts. Strike is right and I know we're like they like to see a woman's face having expression when she's having an orgasm face not like to move around like you're it's hot when your face moves. It's it's like when you're just a sarcophagus and you're like Lee rimmer great series where she's telling these harrowing tales of people being separated from their families and a tear just rolls down the cheek without a like an any movement it's it's also at when he's acting in movies movies when I saw that horrible movie she was Emma Jaylo. She's a great actress but J.. Lo didn't like her forehead moved again. It's like at what price glory I don't feel like men to audience. They'd rather they wouldn't care for few wrinkles. I remember the nineties. The people sharing their dreams and anxieties about Madonna. I can't even count. How many men have come up to me? As if I cared in the first first place but to tell me that they had a dream where they were having sex with Madonna and they and she was laughing penis. Wait a minute str- straight min straight men when both would come to me and say that they were having dreams sexual dreams where they're having such on Madonna's laughing nothing at them going. You are not going to satisfy me K Turner who is a musician in girls in the nose put together a book called called I dream of Madonna Women's dreams of the goddess of pop where they interviewed fifty women revealing their nocturnal encounters with Maj judge. Some of them are moving. Some are bizarre but other tell more about our collective anxieties and fears and complicated nature shirt with some an entity. God and it's all it's always the vagina with teeth. Right was the bad woman that you know because because because it was interesting I was talking to a friend of mine. About how more and more straight men are being open about finding Trans Women attractive on fucking Trans Women you know Beautiful Women with big tits and a Dick and my friend my friend Tena. I've been Tena Now. I will tell them to listen to this that we that we discussed this so tena after listening. He brought up this really fascinating idea that women's sexuality is hidden he. Didn't you know men you see Dakin. It's out there you can holding in your hand and with a woman we have to like it and put a mirror like a thing to look. We're all inside and what a straight man is pleasing. A woman. He a woman hot can not you know if it's wet you know if it's a wet pussy week fake it but she can speak it and so he was saying that there's something to the male psyche that they're fucking there have making out with this woman and then be when they see the example of a beautiful woman with a great tits in a beautiful face in great ass and a big heart. Dick that is exciting into them. Because it's like they don't get to feel that with women it's like to state you're really turned on women's bodies reveal the when they do choose to keep their penises that it the hard ons when they have hard ons reveal their sexual desire in a tangible way whereas men those things don't necessarily stay there and it's a signifier where they're like yes. This person is enjoying it and they that that's part of the arousal and I found that really interesting whereas women you don't know they all kind of like you said these misters could be lying. And seeking the orgasm and men's Dick Stone lie takes well. They've also done studies to men are just whether the straight or gay or bisexual is they manages turned on by Dick's in general. They might not be interested. You'd like the body that's attached to it like they like a man's body but they're still kind of interested in that Dick to some everyone loves blue's women love oops straight men love boobs. Gay Men love boobs. They'll there's booth you wanna like right. I mean all the all the gay men I nor like look at your boobs though they look so greater. Look at Your Lose Connecticut Your boobs and survival boobs over here look a great. You know and I'm still not ruling and I wanna live in a world where nipples nipples are free for everybody. That women don't have to be topless because it's I've I've found that abby topless. I'm sorry aren't forced to cover up. So you know you donnas in Chicago right now performing. She's has a residency Chicago either. She's at Madame axes there. The show starts at ten thirty supposedly. It starts at like ten forty five or eleven. My friend went to it yes how much she paid for a ticket. Thirteen thirteen hundred dollars. No actually it was. It was a bargain compared to that. So she only had two days here I and so tickets were going for a thousand dollars God so he was able to a couple of tickets for three hundred seventy five dollars each you. That's great so his show started eleven o'clock at night and ended ended at two am Santer. It's lonely Cedar. I'm an actress in a theater on Broadway and you can't bring a phone in and she's like instagram thing which is mystified by. Why people seeking a second phone? What what the audiences are forced to put their phones in lockers? They get put in a little locker in. Yeah they're not because she doesn't want them to record the one joke she's been practicing And also the one gag she does. were six next to someone. There's an MTC. She sits down in sips their beer. You know. And Yeah and then and she also Employed over fussy. I mean just of of her three thousand dollars in cash where it takes a polaroid camera in your yeah throws it underneath her skirt or something. No I'm talking about the heart. Does take a Selfie of resolve with the port and then sells it for like auctions. At right yeah thousand in cash. Who carries a thousand dollars in cash and Madonna concert? People who know they've just been keeping up that the first night was Rosie o'donald so she was probably a plant and then the word spread in bringing those crisp radios for the material girl. I wonder uh-huh I wonder if she regrets not saying materialistic and sing it grammatically properly materialistic girl. Yeah hopefully thanks Terry wants to fuck to sent me. What do you think of native? Madonna's impact is in terms of gun. Violence wants to feel like that. Video does change anything and you know it will change things or laws and background checks ax. Everything else is is poetry and it's nice to say listen. I all when people say to me. I went to a dark time and I watched a video video. Made me feel good or if I've watched a movie that makes me feel good. You guys all know we all know. We've all listen to a song that have made us feel good. And that's the transformative initiative power of our. It's not taking guns out of people's means so it's you know come on. Let's get real. malware world painfully aware in how many people have to die. Sort of like. It's sort of to me is banal is saying all you need is love which is a beautiful sentiment and I believe it but it's like in. Yeah so what. It's not that revolutionary to come out against Gun you know banning assault rifles we all no. That's what she says. Also that she agrees with you. We don't all you need is not just love but she says says. This is your wake-up call. We do not need to fall. We need a New Democracy God and pornography I'll write like nausea taken off we need we need new pornography pornography I I don I think pornography is changing our concept of theology and philosophy is changing so Madonna's more describing something then prescribing arriving at their. Yeah that's a whole other discussion pornography. There are interesting. Things can't ion is something interesting. Happened to me on a dating website. Today I was chatting with his mundane chatting head and Dan Cute Guy and he. I like I like this. I like the word. Daddy is so problematic and I'm not gonNA call someone daddy in bed. Maybe the poppy pop up enough to say daddy but I do like a man to take control because I work very hard and Cassini Frankel said the same thing she likes to get tied up and I fucking we used to fight so hard and be you know when when I am in the bedroom on the man to not like if I lay there like a fish dead sheesh but I need to be doing man so I said that and then he was like Gant but he was like on the level. It's like now I don't want you to spit in my mouth. I don't want you to call me a stupid bitch whore. Yeah I don't want you to slap my face my ass you can tell me up you can you. Can you can tell me what to do. you all of that stuff but not really not into the getting getting some to spit in my mouth than slapped in the face and texting him and I said but I do have two friends ends that are in. I could rephrase I realize that is really what makes our country great is that I was able to refer him onto the ladies. Why did you send this weird on my way? Yeah but I have noticed in porn. It's weird I used to. There's a lot of daddy but now the girl on girl point mommy stuff it makes me uncomfortable like pornography gets really confusing or interesting when you step back and you look at who steals it and who buys it and when it comes to like gay pornography it's mostly per capita since gendered. Heterosexual women are buying it more than gay men are and so a lot of porn companies. Like Shaun Cody or Corbin Fisher. Whatever hothouse they start throwing sex scenes with women in there? We'll discuss this hour that that to give women like to watch two gay men a lot of my my straight Mike. Gay Male friends like to watch gay gay couples and I'm straight but I like to watch girls because I love to Suck Dick. I love it but I don't let me to watch a video. I don't enjoy it and I like when like the girls nice to each other and I don't know tea party but I mean and I feel like as primates to like when you two two when you're fantasizing somehow has stooped to borrow a teepee term. Jump the shark in some way. You can't smell it you can't feel it. It's not there so it it has to like go to another level of fantasy no in order to know what I'm saying an abstraction and and we all the Laura a spectrum we all are known as totally straight or gay like we are all on a spectrum so I don't know now I I I. I don't know like question of you. Know if it's if it's Contributed to violence against women. It's like they say stay with them. Video Games right. He's playing video games. That make kit bile fit kids violent or does it does that kind of quell those instincts. You know mm-hmm so it it really. It really is interesting to me that that what you're talking about what people like and then identify ads. And then what porn they're gonNa Watch you know Carly Simon the the the musicians. She has a new book out touched by the Sun. My friendship with Jackie with Jackie. When asked US get Kennedy Onassis Bouvier Kennedy Onassis? Please tell me they had a sexual affair say not to be. Simon did come out says as being bisexual right. Yeah I think she cruised Four or five years ago we interviewed somebody who had a crush on her like as a child and she became a it was like she has been the says. She's she was onto something years and years and years ago Carly Simon's the musician who performs the song anticipation contests and your so. Thanks sorry Sylvia. She's the daughter of the Simon and Schuster Book Company people. Oh so you're so. Vain is is about a woman we don't know who know about Warren Beatty. I thought it was about one. She actually come forward. ooh She told some she sold the answer to somebody and that person ratted her out as far as I understand Warren right downs. I worry more more Jackie Collins who are no Joan Collins pregnant she had she was in keeping that baby Warren Beatty had a relationship with Madonna. Two and so in the book touched by the Sun. My friendship with Jackie She says the Jackie Kennedy Onassis was horrified by Madonna. Donald J cake dated briefly. And it wasn't just that you know Madonna was kind of channeling Marilyn Monroe who you know I that's right. But she s she really hated that Madonna used crucifixes and other religious iconography the in her in her act and Stephan. The Jackie was raised Catholic and so to her it was. It was deeply offensive again over at jacking but I think Jackie is well over an hour right she no longer. The land of the living Got No choice now hunt Jackie. Well it's like like I think about Madonna early career. The way she Her interracial romantic kisses or same sex kisses or showing two men kissing each other or the gender ambiguity of of justify my love or her pumping gas is naked and sacks in her rant on the late show with David Letterman Kissing Britney Spears and sucking the life life out of the Brady was never the same after that kiss to drove her crazy crucifying herself on a disco ball shaped cross. But wait a minute. Wait a minute Brittany has is bipolar and she even even Justin Timberlake described her family as a horror show so I don't think Madonna's kiss suspect responsible for driving her crane don't know so she's done a lot of things She she's banned from seeing Lindwall. Noel Miranda's shows shows because when she wants to see Hamilton she would not stop texting the entire perform and they were like it was work related and people are like go to the lobby. I thought it was ten years a slave twelve years of slave. Both old those things Madonna would not stop texting. Remember her Forcing a kiss on drake. Who is not happy about it? Coachella and the most outrageous Sashi was the Thompson and the most outrageous thing was when she photo shopped. Her album covers onto art on the walls of the photo of JC and beyond say at a museum looking at her albums and she says posted hurt that image on her own. Instagram said learning from the master. Astor Bello Hashtag. Art Hashtag Equals Hashtag Freedom. What about her fans did rebel heart photographs of the faces of black civil rights leaders wrapped in black cord? Don't you remember that. I mean how. How sorry she is so smart she is such a smart woman? She's not just smart in like just street smarts. She is educated that she's educated herself. She's well read she. How can you be so fucking stupid that you're GONNA put Martin Luther King's face wrap it in black court and have him promote your album? Rebel heart I mean how I mean come on guys. That's just capitalism. Baby it's a snake Eight everything and its own tail. No but if you have black adopted children and black people were lynched in this country. You see how insensitive to posthumously against. Someone's will wrap their face and black cord to promote your album. Says she wanted to be like Martin Luther King Gandhi and Jesus but she wanted to live she actually said that. That was a quote of the Year Time magazine the year that Shia. They said that part of it is to me. It's like music. The music business is really complicated. Think this summer she. She was interviewed and they asked her about that quote. When do you remember when she first hit the scene and she goes on the Johnny Carson show and he said what do you want to to do with her career and she said I want to rule the world you know? That was American bandstand through. She said a couple of times but she American Bensaid. Madonna's said I want when I said I wanted to rule the world. I didn't really mean it. I want to be the most famous person in the world. I didn't say I want to be the richest person in the world. I said I wanted to rule the world I think. Well what does that mean for me and my I young mind. I just think that I wanted to make a mark on the world. I wanted to be somebody because I grew up feeling like a nobody and I wanted to make a difference. Thanks that's what I'm not I make sense of it. Rage what do you mean by the other ages is the is she like a queer person. The news angry. I mean we made our second Chris. Women are second class citizens to and I think that it's I'm not gonNA say being gauged Gobi Women's the same thing as being gay. I don't think yeah I don't think she I don't think it was all about money and all about fame I do. But where does the chicken and the egg began Because you she does create. It's not just good enough for her to say on creating art and I don't care if anyone ever sees it it's about the art and I am important because people will experience it. She even now in Kolding like she she has to be in that she has to be relevant in terms of dollars incense and huge amounts of money. So it's a little if that were really truly. I mean you can see that with this album. That is less a day. You know Capitalizing on all the trends trends. But I mean Debbie. Harry is in artists like that. I believe Debbie Harry didn't crave superstardom and lots lots of money With Madonna. There's another level the IT. I don't know that that's completely Completely honest but on the motor level. Oh I don't think as a woman she'd have to apologize for that. I think she should be able to say yeah. I wanted to make shitloads of money. I wanted to be really powerful and being women are not allowed. I'd say that because then we are castrating and then men do have dreams of US laughing at their penis women have dreams as well a lot of. Njit there around Madonna. So I can imagine that her whole life is in some ways. She's navigating that collective anxiety directed at Sir. Yes yes and that just adds to the amazing and impressive quality of her as a person in her career that she's he's able to navigate this anxiety in a way. That benefits are financially and creatively. Yeah 'cause I She's not a nice person. And you know that's the only thing you know the kids love but everyone who says they've worked with her And I won't names because I don't want to call him out but even I heard a gossip of people who were directed by her in movies at just no warps as like as a person in the end. Is it important that you're on the top ten of the billboard charts or is it important that your kind to pick around you thank me personally saying Nets Biljana. What do you expect I know by share would never be rude? You know that's true you know it's true. Well I'm not going to have a relationship with share closes. I get to share. Madonna's you shared. Did you read shares. Tweety out that. She's getting help for dyslexia. She's like I don't know I waited so long. I think it who cares. You still love it. You Love My emojis you love relevant section is boring coming not always a pleasure to talk to you. All these amazing women share but Madonna. It's you know. In the past said like like Madonna sick of being Madonna. And you're sick of being Madonna's Madonna but at some point in time you know you've been playing Madonna Donner dissecting or ruminating about Madonna for for a long time Do you ever see yourself in the future. Like you know retiring during her completely or is it just seems like Donna just as a comedy space that is so endless and limitless. I am I think it's interesting it's to me. It has to be interesting to me. So if it's just like if I were just enact that was about Doing parodies or exactly recreating her look Yen I think I would get bored with it but I do all different kinds of shows that you some shows that are just stand up and then like the one I'm doing in in L. A. and then in London I am GonNa do Madonna and Cher and then sometimes sometimes I like to just work as a writer and sometimes I like to work as an actress and Sometimes I like to do other characters and sketch comedy so so I think as long as I can be stimulated with all different things I'll always love to do and Do Impressions of her But I do have to say that I as I get older. I don't want I don't have it gets harder in that comedy has to be cool and we've touched upon on this is it. I don't really WanNa make another woman who inspired me so much. I don't WanNa tear her down you know And and Benin so that sometimes is a challenge. But anytime when stated matter who I'm In person doing impressions ends of Comedy About. I always have fun forever playing well. I think that's true that you really bring out this deep level of humanity in all these divas channel on stage to the point that they take notice and it influences their work. I mean I'm certainly and we've talked about this. A lot is Madonna by without a reasonable without a reasonable doubt has been influenced by your video of her. I the inuit the jury still out like if it's really it's just so weird to even think about that. I can't say definitively it's true but but a lot of people have said it to me and because we I started making videos With her on Perez Hilton Dot Com. Around at the same time she was courting him and there was a video Madonna and child. I did with a Selena Luna She's got to have seen IT I. She must've just because she's seized those. What's up how do you say friendship Napkin and French Salvia? Yeah Salvia region to supply. Learn how to say Napkin in French because of that video. So I don't know I let a yes. It is an interesting little lots of lots of coincidences of things. Things have done in videos and then she's so guess I'm actually waiting about it. Guys you implore her to do stand up comedy and then she does stand up. Comedy Greg Kraft traffic great crowd. Did I climb into her vagina and enter her soul. Are we connected. What is it you know I would not be shocked someday? You said you know what I was actually in cahoots with Madonna the entire time. I love that word cahoots. Can you in one case. It's Madonna's new album. I give account but you know what I have to say I once in a while I'll get a stinker who will be like you know. How dare you rip down the Queen or your terrible or whatever but it's so rare and I really appreciate that Most of the time people see because people were big fans of hers like my stuff. So I'm glad that boo an I'm hoping no matter what people are going to see the respect and admiration I have for any dragon slayer especially through woman. She's Italian Italian American like me half Italian talion To know she's that's DNA catches go Kabbalah. No IT Britney Spears converts to Judaism let me put next to Mel Brooks. Ain't the same thing we saw all right. I wish I could get out of it that easily. You think I don't you wish I could. No She's not a Jew you. She's not she's not. She does not have she took DNA tests. There ain't no junior Madonna at some point in time Madonna did identify as Jewish though was she was raised unusually. I'm not I wasn't aware of it before I read Kony's a biography at about how they weren't raised the with both religion with with Catholicism and Judaism Oh yeah and it is the old and new testaments that they are related. Jesus it's just a nice Jewish boy so like it makes them as to who is Jewish family. No one but they. Their their the practice was to study on Judaism and Catholicism. Aside by each the office they were stunning. Need God that my father was fist is intimate and I was like he and in and out practice our faith because you think oh this is like art history. Now you're learning about different cultures and faiths and stuff. But they don't stop there they they go all the way to did. Jesus was Jesus alien questions like that. Those this is what will you tell me. The definition what is the definition of a see us the office society an organization that my father belonged to Puerto Rico in the eighties. And it's a a scientology but not so evil And they basically have meetings like Mensa where they talk about Out Supernatural stuff. UFO's you now you name it. What farfetched fringe conspiracy Weirdo? Thiry very they can find the interconnected that -ness of it all and they would just have conversations about it spiritualism transcendental Meditation Reich Maike ESP EST-. Wow so I don't know Madonna herself approach that I I think it is A. It is a common reaction to living in a in a world where we're exposed to so much information and so many different philosophies is to want want to seek out that humanity and to make those connections connected I mean Joseph Cambell Joseph Cambell. That's what he studies in. They are all the same mm-hmm yeah so they are all it it. It makes sense the only time I don't like the alien thing is that I feel. It's kind of racist and it's like oh those those crazy on Agip Shins couldn't affairs aired out how to make a God's philosophy Idea pyramids were not created by humans but by advanced civilizations from outer space right or the Mayans weren't smart enough or the the that because to me it always is because they're brown. You know it. They had to have a alien teach them. That's what I that's what I don't like about about that part of it is like you know it's it's it's trying to make sense out of a supernatural story and One Sir I think Carl Sagan wrote about this and other scientific writers said that aliens are the Modern Day angels in the past. When we couldn't explain explains something we would say angels or demons? Did It on today. We in our in our desire to understand the world around us we say. Sometimes we say that Aliens did it that. There's you know the the hence the popularity the X. Files and how that typewriter it it just permeates our culture to the point that Madonna does even realized that she's channeling the X. Files and this idea of of confusion fusion and fascination with the world around us and trying to make sense of it when we see something so horrible happen young people innocent disco dancers. Here's dancing and being shot to death and then we see our government and our officials crippled paralyzed. Unable to do something about it we we. We just feel bad bad platinum wick with terrible bank so when we should have just you know. Mustered the courage to the sorrow to find a good person to get us to cook and I think that is Hashtag story. Yes ask just next time. Donna goes dancing. All stay home then to question is At the concert are they searching people's putting them through metal detectors. I bet they are Madonna's concert bodily right maybe me yeah. I don't know that's been common reaction to Madonna's video and film like the Joker Joker is that they fear that it's going to inspire people to actually shoot more people in public than has before our president's already telling people people yeah did you see Jerker at NC actually a really interesting film that I urge everybody to watch just because of the fact that it departs depart so much as an archetypal superhero film. It feels like a film that just happened to have a character that somewhat resembles the joker ochre in. Oh Cool I love what king and he chews up the scenery and choose the film and the film kind of inadvertently talks about racism and marginalized men and the the rise of installs and all right and in in a really interesting way. That I think no major Hollywood film ever touched on and certainly not a superhero franchise. So it's an interesting film to see the indefinitely. I urge everybody check it out. I'm sure walking Phoenix is going to get an Oscar nomination for the guy who did is the same guy who did a film that I finally we saw and could not believe how fucking bad it was I was like. Is this really happening with film. Is that a star is born. Yeah okay do you believe for one. Second that she had ever held a plate as a caterer I didn't and then when she goes home there was not acting coach where she's in the scene making the best she's done to be in your father's plan with her bow talks. Let's face it didn't move will was like the end. The drag Queens in it were the best thing in the movie. That Lemme Lemme say like everyone is a good actor but Bradley coup. The voice is on his face in his RIP DADS and I didn't give a shit when he goes into the corrosion dies and she is. She doesn't go blonde. She goes read. It was like tedium movie of the week caliber. I could not believe a fucking bad. It was Allie. 'cause she's an ally for LGBTQ people. Oh Oh yeah we saw when he came out. Because we're like you know I have to say the one sitting across. He cried during the movie. Though you know the the movie really upset me actually. And and in the way that it handled suicide and it was very gratuitous and deeply upset me actually. Yeah just goes into the into the garage and then suddenly just like he's dead. I just felt felt like they. Don't understand the filmmakers you know. There's there's a certain I don't want to call someone social you know a sociopath but there is this approach that they have towards people's feelings of helplessness and depression and suicide aside that the filmmakers lady Gaga really woefully. Don't understand and at least when Madonna. The worst thing that comes Outta Madonna is that that were kind of laughing at her as opposed to with her but with Lady Gaga the worst things that cabin with are sometimes is that young people who are suffering fring suffer even more and her whole born. This way foundation was a farce money laundering. The thing that bothered me to like we talked about about this on a podcast before we because we did a review the show is that you know lady Gaga inserted herself into the LGBT conversation with born this way and bullying and in suicide and teen suicide and young lgbt people killing themselves and so then to take a movie like this where the Guy Kills himself. And it's like there's it's really little discussion about where he's at or what's happening or or anything or why you took his life. It was just yeah. You don't care so so it was kind of like it was. I think it was irresponsible. And I've said this and I've gotten messages from people saying it was not responsible. It was beautiful down a lot of people really love that movie. They a have very fond feelings for lady. That was such a new concept. Rioted just said never been done before right Malian who would have thought Why don't you change it? Why don't you flip it? Why don't you make no? It'd be more interesting to me. Why don't you discuss discuss the dynamic of a really powerful woman woman a female who is a protege? That's a younger man. And you explore this idea of why these powerful women often date younger men who were not competing being for that with them and I felt that dynamic. I'm not a powerful woman in terms of financially but just being older than a man than men I've dated needed. Sometimes it is very -freshing refreshing men. My own age will say things like. Wow you have such strong opinions. And they don't like it and younger men. Oh we'll don't feel in competition with and they're sort of ripped reverend to the female power it turns them on you know so like why. Don't they flip the pygmalion story. Why do we have to tell the same fucking? It's sexist in a way to like that that this guy it's always some powerful man that takes his this young woman and she learns from him and then he you know like they didn't do anything new you know. It was just boring not everyone. Everyone is coming to the future having once coming from the pants anyone's anyone's counting what about those two zero GonNa last whenever the words wrong you still fucking. You're still GONNA pay thirteen fucking hundred dollars to three me. I'M GONNA fuck up those words you don't. Madonna does not have cue cards or teleprompter like Dolly. Parton does says Dolly's Gay Dolly has full sleeves achieve covers with mashed gay iron. She needs me to. Oh now that's a TV show the secret life of Dolly Parton. She's been married. Alec us the Sixties Beard Beard appeared same beard one day is like the jazz musician Billy Tipton. What about where he died? They found how he was a trans man and his wife and girlfriends were none the wiser. Wow Wow yeah. And they two F. M. to ask is very hard to tell. I think you know if your wife wife is expecting that your husband have a penis. It's a pretty impressive. And you know Billy Tipton is somebody who did not have access to Hormones or surgery that we're aware of Now the time and he managed to you know Hide that reality from his romantic partners. which it's it's really an amazing story of a check it out if you haven't seen it yet that's yeah? Yeah that's very cool Nadia. It's so good talking to you. Congratulations on all this amazing work that you're putting out and looking forward to seeing you here in Chicago Chicago soon. Thank you guys always love talking to you. Did we get to everything we needed to talk about. Well definitely want you to think really long and hard hard about coming on cooking with drag Queens. Okay and what we're GonNa Cook together and the catch all. Because that's ever made Spaghetti Alla Carbonara. I love it. Do you eat meat though anything better. Yes yes that's the scrambled eggs and Bacon in Pasta. Right scream scrimp. No no no I mean I see where you're going. But but no way for S- Carbonara Spaghetti made with butternut butternut squash. That's half the calories. Darling no no matter. How GOPI pinker I'm telling you add a little butter sauce to your Spaghetti Carbonara and you'll be like who are maybe half an has a little top and bottom half in half half around the Russian. Yeah the gross with does not yet thank you for coming on the PODCAST. Thank you so much for having so much I love you guys in the UK to okay. Thank you. It's my first time ever going to London. I'm so excited so excited and I just just WanNa tell you how much I'm such a big fan of the show and how much I appreciate all the support in love that I get from you and And I just I love you guys so thank you so much all sincerity. No joke. Arrhenius love sweets. Thank you I feel the same way about you. You know we've been taping shows with you for over a decade now and it's really great to see you evolving and growing as the person getting older and older and the older to stop crawl tells me about it I'm like to port for talks If I had the money talks you know. That's I'd have so many treatments I would have treatments Jaylo. She had cellulite treatments. I'm sorry I've seen the before. Astor I want her treatments. I prefer silly like I'm bought my from my face not gonNA look like I'm soaking somehow to hide but I will get the laser. I will get the laser things I will turn. My colleague peels do those you can do all you can do those IOS at home some. I've done some you know what I look at. My Mom's Sony swore like three rounds of Chemo. And she never did any of that shit and her skin is is like the quality of it sometimes. I'm wondering all this excessive peeling and peeling and peeling appealing of your skin peeling is important. He like well. I look at Jessica Tandy and unlike she was gorgeous. And if I rob my face out of aging aging and having bring Kohl's I'm robbing myself out of a full experience of alive right and I have to live my life love Revolution Darling. Come on good idea is not against Berg Liz in Los Angeles California anxious and dangerous as coming to London then in November and Los Angeles definitely check it out Nadia GINSBURG DOT COM and links and information on our website Feast of fun Dot Dot Com. Come on come on. It's so much fun to talk about. Madonna with Nadia China. She no one else she really thinks about Madonna very thoroughly. She really gets into her. And she imitates her so well well in a lot of ways because of Madonna's unique career and experience as ah the pop icon cheap brings in so many of the juicy topics that we like to bring up on the show talking about aging Lgbtq a Q. issues women's visibility and empowerment and just addressing a lot of crisis but hilarious unintended consequences. When somebody tries to fix something actually winds up making things worse more makes things that are wonderfully in and outrageously ridiculous? That's where Madonna shines. And that's why Madonna will always be this fountain of Humor for Comedians like ninety Ginsburg for sure. I wish I was singer. Show in London or in L.. A. If you've got a chance to see it definitely see it because I love all this stuff. She does online and I would like to see. Madonna's show I personally I can't afford to go see that but it does sound like an interesting event and you know I urge people. There's a lot of community theater and experimental theater. That happens. The neighborhood experimental dance. Get Out of the House and check it out. We we want to hear from you guys. You know you could actually record your voice on your phone and send us a voice memo. Wow and we want to hear your voice as we want to hear your name and your last name just your first name where you from. Where are you from? And tell us

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