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The news. It's time for new coal Sandler's. What's news from the coal, Sandler dot com and the progressive voices network. There's a whole lot of scrambling going on over at sixteen hundred Pennsylvania Avenue Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Monday said his department would not meet the Democrats demand for six years of the president's tax Meiling saying it lacked a quote legitimate legislative purpose House Democrats say the returns are part of necessary oversight while the administration has rejected the request as part of a politically motivated hunt. This will likely end up at the supreme court. We just heard from Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin that he will not fulfil that request for six years of the president of business and personal tax returns. That requests coming from House Ways, and means committee chairman Richard Neal who had requested this information using an IRS section sixty one of three that he said gave his committee the power to ask for this information. This is of course, breaking. A news and escalating this fight for the president's personal and business. Tax return information. Now, Richard Neal has a few options he can basically sue and say that the treasury department is not fulfilling their legal obligation for the information war. He could file a subpoena on top of that. And then go to court that weighs more than five hundred x DOJ officials have signed onto an extraordinary open letter saying if you weren't President Donald Trump would be facing multiple obstruction of Justice charges. Former federal prosecutor, Jennifer Richards explains why she signed on a letter because I want people to know what the mullahs report found. No one's reading and all they're hearing headlines, and what Bill Barr says about it. But this obstruction case against the president is easily chargeable easily provable case that would have been brought against anyone else. And that's what I think people should know. How did the letter even come to you? I got it from a former calling of mine from the southern district of New York. I think it just kind of started making its way around of people who used to work. The department of Justice. But now that it's public. I think a lot more people who hadn't had a chance to hear about it before. We'll probably sign on who signing the letter left right center, all of the above everybody. I mean, certainly probably more Democrats than Republicans. I would say, but people who worked across all administrations, I think I read that it started with Eisenhower, actually, and you know, all the way up to very recent former federal prosecutors, so certainly some prominent Republican names in bars, refusal to appear before the House Judiciary committee on Thursday and his refusal to turn over the unredacted Muller report to congress have prompted congressman jury Nadler to schedule a vote on whether to hold attorney general bar in contempt of congress CNN's mono, raw shoe has more which says this in the report that they plan to vote on in committee that William Pibor Torney general United States Shelby found to be Incan tempt of congress for failure to comply with the congressional subpoena. Now in this report, they argued that the democrat. Need this information the underlying evidence as well as the unredacted portions of the report to help with their investigation into the present to help with any potential legislation that they need they say that this is necessary in order for their oversight legislative or constitutionally warranted responses now that last part constitutionally warranted responses hinted that one thing that they could do in that committee move forward articles of impeachment. They're arguing in the sense that they need all this information to determine what they should do to deal with the present the accusations of obstruction of Justice determine whether or not they should go down that route of impeachment, which we know at the moment, the democratic leaders don't want to go. But now they do plan to hold the twenty general in contempt something that could set up a court fight that could take some time. The department of Justice is pushing nab ler to backtrack from the vote scheduled for Wednesday trying to negotiate with the House Judiciary committee to find an alternative course of action. The two sides. Are expected to meet some time on Tuesday to negotiate over everything from Muller testifying to allowing the leaders of house and Senate Judiciary committee's to see the unredacted Mullah report and more. Stay tuned. A new landmark report from the United Nations paints a bleak picture of the planet. It warns one million of the nation's eight million species face, the threat of extinction because of us humanity's ever-growing population, and seemingly insatiable consumption are destroying the natural world. According to this report, the global rate of species extinction is listed as quote tens to hundreds of times higher than it's been over the last ten million years shrinking habitat exploitation of natural resources climate, change and pollution are the main drivers of species loss. And that's not the only recent bad news to come out. Another study says permafrost is melting so fast in the. Arctic that it's increasing the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere and damaging the equipment. Scientists used to measure it if you're wondering what the official administration line is on the melting sea-ice. This is really secretary of state, Mike Pompeo steady. Reductions opening new passageways and new opportunities for trade this could potentially slash the time. It takes to travel between Asia and the west by as much as twenty days. Arctic sea-lanes could come the twentieth. Century Suez in Panama Canal. No, I'm not kidding. And that's just a bit of what's news for now. 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