Episode Rerelease - What Jennifer Garner Eats (with Kelly Leveque)


Stabbings adler. Hey, everybody. So this week we're going to be doing a rerelease of one of our favourite episodes. It's our episode with Kelly Leveque and for those of you that haven't heard it, it's incredible. Kelly Leveque is a amazing nutritionist, who works with tons of celebrities, like Jennifer garner, for one to be exact and Kelly, Leveque whole theory is about the Fab Four which she goes into a lot of detail on the podcast. And yeah, she shares. Jennifer garner smoothie recipes. So you're probably going to want to give this a listen. Kili Leveque is so amazing. We love her her theory. Her whole approach nutrition is so awesome. And we hope you love this episode if you haven't heard it, and if you have heard it give another lesson, or, you know, go make a smoothie or something I don't know if your life. Okay. We'll see you guys next week and enjoy. I'm like, there's a radiance pregnant woman in our space right now and freaking out. I'm shaking one of the most beautiful women ever seen in the flash also were both wearing dresses today, which is insane game for our guest. That's really interesting. Wow. Also, it's I'm slowly gaining weight. So that's why I'm wearing a comfy dress. I like you gaining weight. You're wearing something that's like cocktail cocktail hour appropriate. I believe you called me. Jackie kennedy. You are wearing you're wearing, like an aligned or what it is. It's like a sheath dress. It's very, it's very classy Esther. You are like very Natalie Portman nineties, like fresh, where's what's going on with your life partner cousin who's still in Israel? This is a thrift store gap number. Are you serious? That is. That's my jam. I think that's why you're kind of giving me mommy vibes, because my mom is a big gap nineties person. Yeah. This was definitely a mom who decided she didn't eat the stress anymore. And she gave it over like good. Well, will you breastfeed me later today? If I can produce milk, I will. But, you know, my ducks have been dry, just cut me a watermelon, and we'll call it even all right? We are so excited about our guest today. I'm freaking out. I'm freaking out. I mean, she's an icon of wellness. She's a legendary legendary nutritionists. She's a celebrity, her shoes, celebrity, and her clients are the roster. We're talking a list, you don't meet an alias nutritionist, just every day on the going up podcast my dreams. I do. She is. Also, her presence is just like it's very nice pleasant youthful you guys. Please, welcome to the podcast Kelly Leveque. I was I was truly expecting pause because I've been doing standup lately, waiting for the laughs and applause, I've been holding in a laugh over here. Is this how it starts every time you guys are hysterical, or just really trying to impress you? So our listeners are like, wow, why are they being so charming today? Yeah we're one hundred percent trying to impress you. We just want you to like us. I mean really are so view are the Pitney of the glowing of a glowing woman in general, but a going pregnant woman right now especially oh, thank you very much. You don't feel like that when you're pregnant, so you know, just bring on the compliments. My head. I would give anything to be your baby. That's your baby is a probably vision of health when you're gorgeous, little, baby. Shoots out here. She is just going to be radiating positively in home. Let's hope it shoots out. Take forever. Well, you know, well, I bet it'll be a quick shoot. Yeah. Fingers crossed strong rally near healthy. It just kind of pops out on how we're going to be a fifty plus our labor. Cut it out and get a hammer and a chisel get hit axe. I'm going to have a rep. I know it's gonna rip. Oh, let's talk about let's move not. Let's get to the pack. Family took a okay. Okay. Kelly your nutritionist and I know you have a book you've doing more than one book now. So body love was my first book that came out last June, the end of June and my next book body. Love everyday comes out in January. God. Congratulations. Thank you. And so what is the what are the pillars? Like, what are what do you feel like if you were known for something in your nutrition, what is what is your kind of thing in the game? My, my thing is the fab four's movie. I created something called the Fab Four. The fab floor is a positive Lee reinforcing lifestyle. So instead of having a diet, an Eaton do not eat less than a PDF. That's like sorry can't eat this any can't eat that this, the, the Fab Four is simply a way to teach people, how to eat the balances their blood sugar, and all you have to look for on your plate is four things. Where's your protein, where's your fat? Where's your fiber in where's your greens? So greens, meaning leafy greens, spinach, kale Ruge, if you're not really into that can, we add salon tro, can, we add basil, the, the beautifying foods? But what it does is it allows for people to eat out, say you're going to dinner on a date, or you're meeting with girlfriends, or you wanna put them in quickly together in your kitchen could be as simple as eggs scrambled with spinach, and you're good to go. I'm freaking out right now because you are speaking to me, like just the way I wanted to be spoken to, I'm someone who's like has eating disorder history. And so, like binge eating disorder and I I'm like good now votes. Like, I don't know I've done program done work on it. So, but when we when I did work on it, there's a nutritionist their didn't always agree with on everything. But the things that I did agree with were like. There's no bad foods. And when you're sitting here, telling me like there's not a list of foods. You can't eat them like, oh I can like I can listen to you like that's really helpful and exciting. Well that the the the trigger into binge eating is from a place of this wasn't a good decision, or this is a bad decision or I take one bite, and you're like, well Ardy screwed up. So I'll just eat the rest of this box, and the rest of my cabinets until it's cleaned out and then tomorrow, all quote unquote start again. Why don't we do that? It's a diet mentality. It's inside of people that grew up in eighties and nineties, and they saw their mom's do it. And it wasn't from a place of health. It's from a place of Twiggy being skinny, and that whole mentality and moving people towards a place of body. Love is what I always trying to do. It's really about also understand that Allah, g so the Fab Four actually regulates over eight hunger, hormones in your body. So what I'm trying to do. Is turn off your hunger with your meal so that you feel full common fueled for four to six hours. So what that looks like is a balanced along gated blood sugar curve, and a doesn't look like you looking at the clock at ten thirty in the morning and you know looking at a co worker or saying, oh, my God. Will what are we getting posted to the office for lunch because I'm already starving because you're already in a place of deprivation and low, and then you're making poor choices estrin. I R O Darby like okay, so I have a TV show called along together on Hulu right now graduates things and Caroline, and I became besties, because she writes on the show, and so we're working in an office together all day for, you know few months out of the year. And I like it was a dark cycle, so we walk into the opposite him. And, you know, usually you're you'd think a healthy person might have breakfast before that, you know, a solid seven or eight, but no, no, no. I would walk in and have breakfast like on the dot at ten. AM so bad. And then, by eleven it was like, okay, we're wondering lunch at twelve what are we ordering that that was like most offices most writers rooms, they lunch at one, but I walked in, I'm like, guys and I like can kind of, like, have some say 'cause it's it's I'm one of the creators of the show. But, like, I'm like, I think shit new. I see it. There is a lunch tire walk into manned that we have lunch at noon negotiated to twelve thirty well, even Saddam Hussein gave some leeway as followers your lunch tyrant. The point is, is that we hear what you're saying, we relate and I'm like, I need my lunch by noon, but I did suffer it till twelve thirty on some days. I yeah. So I definitely think you should try my smoothie. You're more about this fame so it, what it because the Fab Four shuts down hunger hormones like protein, does a really good job of making sure that you aren't craving sugar and carbohydrates. It regulates over four brain craving hunger hormones, when you add fat to your meal, you release the tidy hormone called coal assist to kind which is like a happy blanket. That's being wrapped around your body. Right. Think about having. I don't know some boring meal like you're having fish and veggies that were steamed without seasoning, verses so 'nineties. Yeah. What if that was like stir fried with? I don't know some kind of like healthy fat, or there was pesto on it, and beautiful, all of is completely different experience, right? Fat really does release so say, tidy hormones and makes you feel full in calm for longer. And then anytime you eat something that physically stretches your stomach stretch. Receptors calm your hunger as well. So gremlin is a really strong hunger hormone, that's like listen up, h it's time to eat, right. So we need to turn those off. And the way to do that is to pair protein, fat fibre, and greens or something that's going to physically stretch your stomach. So like juicing is my worst nightmare because there's no protein, there's no fat. There's no fiber. There's no greens. Like maybe you're getting some phytochemicals from that, but you're drinking that and all it's doing is spiking. In your blood sugar and ninety minutes later, you're gonna crash and Behan Gry. And what are you going to crave brownies cookies, pasta pizza crackers? You're not gonna go have a hardboiled egg now unless you're forcing yourself mentally to do that. And that is never longevity. That's not going to become a lifestyle. And so the smoothie was the easy, quick fix for my clients on the go, like clients who need to be onset clients need to be in a writer's room in. They have candy in bowls in the middle of the table. It's like it's a willy Wonka nightmare. It's horrible. I just I have to say what I'm hearing is that it's not our fault for like the way the we're eating. It's not I'm not this crazy monster. For craving, a brownie at three pm whatever fall, I did was drink juice, or try to die, quote unquote, like you're saying there's actual science backing up the way. This behavior is absolutely. So your blood sugar goes up at on average incomes down about three hours later. So let's say you had that lunch at twelve thirty. Well, you're going to go up for about. Ninety minutes two o'clock, you're starting to see your blood sugar starting to crash and by like three or three thirty your in the dumps with low blood sugar. But you're still full of this hormone that's putting away sugar, called insulin, and insulin makes you crave. Sugary carbohydrate foods. You have low blood sugar. You're having a hard time functioning, you're having a hard time writing, or, you know, like acting or whatever it is that you're doing so your brain yells at you to give it more sugar being the keyword reams rips. You a new one Ray stir inside me and my sugar. Monster is very angry. And demanding. Right. So what I've done is kind of take the guesswork out of it for my clients. I said, okay, well, if your blood sugar goes up in crashes down on average, every three hours is there a way to along that curve for four to six hours, so that you're not spiking up in crashing down, like Montezuma's revenge six flags and instead you're hanging out in the kitty area on the train? Rain like a low flowing like rippling river versus whatever swell is in the Pacific right now. Yeah. Like roller coasters, they scare me. I don't I want to be in the kitty area. Yeah. Think about making good decisions when you don't feel hungry gets one thing to look at a plate of candy and go into go into the writer's room and not have eaten breakfast. And then start to have that little crashing feeling and you know, whatever it is staring at you screaming. Hey, open me up eight me and you're like no, I'm not going to do it or not going to do it and not going to do it. And it's this fight with yourself. But if you go into something and your com-, here's like I don't need that. Don't press the button, don't press the button, and then what do you do press the button and the net falls over you and you're stuck. It's so true. Eating each meal, should be satisfying link it that envelops your body and soul, and makes you feel like ready to take on the next two to three hours. It shouldn't be a war. Your view versus your meal versus your body. That's like this is yeah. If I'm not if I'm not mistaken, your what you preach like the Fab, Four mentality isn't just about like keeping you sated and isn't just about the blood sugar. But it's also about reducing inflammation in the body to right. Absolutely. So. The first book body love, really explained the how to balance blood sugar and what the Fab Four was and why turning off hunger hormones is a body loving choice because you just don't end up in this place where you're making choices you feel guilty about, and when you do wanna brownie, you're making a conscious choice to be like, I'm an enjoy this, and it's no big deal. So book to actually, the whole first part is breaking down, what protein choices were making what fat choices, fibre, what greens choices and the best part about the fab four's? I have so many different types of clients, I have raw vegans, I have paleo Kito I have gluten free dairy free. I have Krones I have anxiety depression, which is starting in the gut. I mean, the correlation between gut microbiome anxiety stress. OCD ADD, the correlations were finding with the gut microbiome in these type of mental, I guess, ailments or disease states is. So tightly correlated starting in the gut. So it's about feeding that ecosystem and making sure that we're not making those inflammatory choices and the best way to do. It is not to mentally say, hey, never have a brownie again. It's to know will what can I do? Instead or what's a healthier choice? And I like using replacement tools not deprivation. So someone craves brownie at three o'clock. I'm like great. Can I get you some chocolate collagen protein, some almond, butter or olive oil, little see-saw blend, that with some cheer, flax tastes like a chocolate almond butter milk, shake? But it's really actually fuelling your cells calming, your hunger and kicking you're craving. Now, let's take a quick break. Hey, glow gloominess? I have a question. Does your furniture bring you joy? 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It's the best and wrote parabens petrochemicals, glycerin flavor or Franquet rates will is a female company, offering a line of organic cotton tampons, pads liners. They offer sex products to I love Lola obsessed with Lynn. Nearly everything they make. And now you can try Lola to for forty percent off all subscriptions is at my Lola dot com to glowing when you subscribe, and again, that's my little dot com and enter promo code glowing up when you subscribe, what is your opinion of snacks? Because I feel like I'm hearing a lot lately about I used to hear a lot of like six six small meals snack every three hours. Make sure you keep that system working or whatever. And then now I'm hearing like intermittent, fasting no snacking, even goes far as, like only two meals. A day like a now. I'm feeling kind of confused. I'm just curious. What's your opinion on all that? Sure. So. I think it depends on the person but I want to kind of explain why Vitus small meals a day. So what I taught you guys was blood sugar when you eat a meal that has something that is breaking down to blood sugar like carbohydrates, or whatever your blood sugar spikes up and crashes down three hours. So what they used to use as a tool to balance blood sugar was to never let you crash all the way down. So they great have breakfast at six am have a snack at nine AM. You know you go up. Ten eleven twelve have lunch, three o'clock, snack, six o'clock dinner, and so they're keeping you from ever being in a in a place of deprivation or crash. So that was the way to balance blood sugar before what we've learned is actually, the food choices that you're making can along gate that window can make you feel full longer. And it takes a lot of time today, just food, so and a lot of energy. So every time that you're, you're having breakfast, then you're having a snack. Back your reintroducing new food into your digestive system in your asking. For more blood flow, more enzymes, my more hydrochloric acid, and so many people nowadays have digestion issues. They blow ding. They have IBS constipation, and we're just never getting digestion. So I think personally that you don't need to snack if you're eating the right foods that keep you fueled. Because you won't wanna snack. I if you're turning off hunger arms you won't need to snack. You won't wanna snack. However, I do have clients that wake up have their smoothie have a lunch, and then they're eating on European hours. They're having dinner at nine pm with, you know, friends or whatever and going from noon to nine PM, I wouldn't say you should be fasting through that, and white knuckling it, because what's going to happen, when you get to the restaurant and nine o'clock you're gonna eat all the bread with desert. Yeah, I read you're gonna order you and be like all order to entrees, I'll just take leftovers. You'll eat them all. So when I'm hungry, I feel entitled to eat more, yet or something 'cause I'm like, oh, I'm in a state of starvation. Like my body has been burning calories for hours now. I need to really, really double down. Yeah. A lot of lies. I'm telling myself, there's a whole narrative, I've created mental like a novel calculating accounting via calorie Yakoutie a bad account. Let's just like that, like my clients my body going to jail. Yeah. Very much. So. Yeah. So in that case, I would say bridge yourself have a bridge knock have something that is a little bit of protein or a little bit of fat. You're having an avocado or hard, boiled eggs or nuts, or almond butter and celery or, you know, the all the regular offenders of healthy foods, depending on your lifestyle, you might be doing grass-fed beef jerky. Or maybe you're doing sprouted seeds like pick your lifestyle. We can pick a snack, but something that's going to calm you down, so that, yes, so you don't overeat late night because that's worse for you. Metabolic -ly going to bed having over eaten had a bunch of cocktails in a bunch of dessert, because your insulin sensitivity gets lower as it gets dark outside so insulin sensitivity, is your muscles ability to suck sugar and fuel from your bloodstream and pull it into your muscles sorts stores as fuel. Instead of storing as fat. So intermittent, fasting is beneficial because one, they're giving you a little bit more time to bring insulin down and to burn calories or burn storage sugar stored fat, but I think it's great more than trying to be the person to wait till three o'clock to have your first meal. I'm like eat like a grandma be done with dinner at five or six o'clock at night, and donate after that. That's the way that I love five o'clock dinner. You get you don't need reservations. You get in like I mean there are crying babies, but also just I like eating didn't early. 'cause then I don't go to sleep with, like a full stomach. And I don't feel sick. Yeah. And I think it's also this thing where we think dinner is supposed to be at seven or eight o'clock at night. And so there has to be a snack there. People are like, oh, will, I can't get from one to seven? So I'm gonna eat the between. But if you're eating and you're eating feel full. And calm, and you get home at five o'clock and can make dinner by five thirty and eat eat a real meal like turn off all your hunger, feel full, eat real food. Don't eat fake food, just to get to a time that society deemed is like dinnertime. I do find. I have it in in my head. Now that intermittent fasting is a good thing. And like waiting to eat my first meal until basically, I think my whole clock is off. And I'm eating lunch too late. And I'm finding that recently have been eating dinner around, like nine or ten sometimes, and I feel like it's really wreaking havoc on my body to really make an effort to kind of Rieger my schedule and get back on track because you really feel it if you're eating dinner that late I feel like I see a difference bloating is going down all kinds of madness. Yeah, there's just so much like out there. I recently read this article, I don't think it was new, but someone had sent to me, probably my boyfriend 'cause I'm always trying to get him to eat breakfast. He's like breakfast is not. It's like overrated all this. And he's this article by breakfast, isn't actually that important. And I was like, and it kinda got to me. But then I realized eating breakfast, that fills me up is really beneficial for me. Because then I don't have the late night. Savings. I'm not snacking at ten o'clock at night. So I'm like a big believer in a breakfast. Even though there's like all the fasting stuff, which I get. But unlike holding strong on big breakfast, I think is so great about what you do. I love hearing that you work with all different kinds of clients and one-size-fits-all, and you have vegans, you have raw vegans, you have paleo people, you have all kinds of people, but still like this, what you're saying what you're teaching people to do is. It's backed in a lot of signs but is relatively simple and easy to understand. And it just makes me feel like it's so. Right. And I love that anyone no matter what their lifestyle is, or what their food, choices are what their food sensitivities are can still get down with what you're saying, and I do feel like remiss if we don't talk about the smoothie, I know what isn't so this movie contains the fat four, so that's protein, fat, fibre, and greens. So I we pick a protein based on your lifestyle. So if you're vegan, can you do a protein if? Your pay or are you going to do a collagen protein? You know, based on whatever it is always look for a simple protein, something that has minimal amount of ingredients what you'll find is a lot of plant based proteins have thirty sources like buck. We keen, wall rice, P, more is not better. You can have five ingredients. The protein is just there to provide the protein and more limited, the ingredients are the cleaner. It is because we're building the Fab Four smoothie is really a real wholefood smoothie. Right. We're just using protein as a way to turn off that hunger. So twenty grams is great, most of the protein powders that you can get on the market. They're going to send you a jug. The scooper is gonna be for twenty grams of protein or somewhere between eighteen and twenty four. Okay. Then you need fat. So for the same reason that you'd put pesto on that fish like you need that comfort. You need slow the digestion of your meal, and wanted to tablespoons will do it. So we always start someone with a tablespoon. It could be like I said, chocolate almond butter chocolate olive oil or could. Be vanilla with KADO we might use lemon and spinach to make it really green. It could be coconut butter vanilla coconut butter. Maybe you're using some greens, and we'll get to like what else goes in there like blueberries or something. So, but always it just has the us look in your blender and go to have protein. Great. Do I have fat a healthy source? Great. What about fiber? So in this movie, the fibers that use our Chia, flax, acacia fiber. Celia m- husker. She goes she's going off. So the reason for that is to make it sick. I don't want it to be portable like a juice, or a nominal, can it needs to actually stretch your stomach and be heavy enough to turn off those hunger hormones stretch heavy? Yeah. This, so it's got to be thick. So my smoothies end up getting like if someone makes it the night before or makes it in the morning and then takes it to the writing room. For example, it doesn't drink at tell ten in the morning, but they drink it. Ten in the morning and then they're not the person asking someone to order lunch. They're fine. You basing who are you referring to. Kelly. You know. So fiber is a really key source. And the same just like fat, it's wanted to tablespoons of fiber fibers are really easy thing to add to shake, and majority of Americans, get less than fifteen grams of fiber a day, you can get would be a lot easier to get more than that. But think about it a Cup of broccoli only has four grams of fiber. Oh, I would have thought way more, same. I thought all veggies had a lot of fiber living in a lie. I know I'm constipation prone. So I I'm I'm living for this right now. I am. I'm the Queen of getting your movements going that I am all about the potty talk. You're princesses, so you're poop guru. And then leafy greens. So handful of spinach, you might use basil and a strawberry basil. Smoothing might be your jam, you might use kale. You might decide that you're going to use micro greens because you're like I don't like greens. But if I sneak in a handful of micro greens, they have fourteen times the nutrition as the full grown plant really easy way to, like sneak it, and not have to be a green smoothie girl, which is great. And then when it comes to, like fruit or superfoods, or what the majority of these shakes that you get out from any LA location are, are really just sugar and carbohydrates. So that's gonna take your blood sugar up and crash you down. Right. So we limit that we limit that to fourth a Cup. So it's blueberries blackberries or strawberries, or bananas or apple or pear whatever, but it's just enough to give you the flavor without taking on the roller coaster. So a quarter Cup of fruit. Yeah. So quarter Cup of fruit is, is where we max out and you can make any. Favor with that. So in my body love the first book that I wrote there is like spas movie with out fruit, and it's you know, vanilla protein avocado Chia seeds for fiber. We do spinach. And then I do a squeeze of lemons, cucumber and cement. And so it's really fresh vibrant. But if you pick a good protein powder, like the vanilla chocolate base of that really sets the tone. So you don't need to add an Anna, two dates coconut, water because honestly, I'd rather have a whole bottle Rosa than the fructose that you're ingesting these mornings. And there's only so much space in your liver. Your liver can only metabolize so much fructose before producing fat cells so called policies so happens really quickly. So when people can can't eat two bananas, two dates in a whole thing coconut water, but you blend it and put it in a Cup for them. And they drink it in five minutes. I literally did that last night when you're thirsty. A new attack. Smoothie, I mean you drink that thing like water, have you ever been thirsty and attacked soda? I don't wanna go there. But I've done it in the last like it's water. It's just like so satisfying. Anyways, sorry, those bubbles. That was. Yeah. Exa-. Yeah. That burn on the way down in fact, like corporate sizzle so corporate, it's so cold about that cold can. Okay. Let's stop. I'm so sorry to Senator Valley, I it was my fault. I'm I feel like you really opened my eyes on what's movie should be. 'cause I'm a Moore's more person. I'm a maximalist. I am. I mean, I will load that daddy up. I'll get out so much of my counter. I mean it is all, like in this we'll house, you know. Yeah, but I'll get out the hemp seeds and Chia season and on butter and the avocado. It's just like I mean, I'll pick and choose. I put in but it's like I can go crazy in that blunder. I was gonna say, I usually throw in, like half an avocado. Is that way too much, not at all? Oh, really? How much in the way that a whole fruit wholefood fat works like an avocado? For example. It's not the same as putting two tablespoons of olive oil on your shake because there's fiber carbohydrates in water in whole foods. So if it's a Costco, gargantuan, avocado, I might see a quarter but most of the time, they're like, small trader Joe's whatever having avocados, great, I'd rather. Have you put that half? Inaba KADO in your shake and go four to six hours and arrive at lunch alive and make these better choices than be, you know. Not satisfied and snacking on copy last week, we went out to lunch, Carolina nine a few girlfriends, and there was a weight. And I was like ready to kill everyone. And we waited for an hour and I'm just imagining an hour. It wasn't our Carolina. Aleph onta-. Oh, no. Oh my God. I feel like the last week on my, my entire Instagram. I'm like, what is this plays and some restaurant, yet it was the Hollywood sugar fish, and it was a lunch way. That'll do it. Yeah. It was, it was pretty shocking. I demanded not demanded. I politely asked for green tea's slurped down. Slipped on the green tea is I, I was a hero mode. I was so hungry by the time we sat down I had to order, more on top of the trust me for not saying it Kelly, but I'll say I was wanting to know I actually forgot about that. But I was like, why don't we just go next door? Sweet green like who wants to do that. And people were like really silent about it. And then finally someone spoke up and was like no way, and I was so pissed. But it was worth, it, it was worth that n we'll take a quick break gloominess. I'm here to talk to you about none other than our favorites concert Dealey harvest daily harvest is up in the breakfast game. Like no other. Okay. We're not talk. 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That's right. Skill shares offering glowing up listeners two months of the minute assez, while access. I really need to scale share class because I can't even say the word access to over twenty five thousand classes for free to sign up skill share dot com slash going up. Again, that skills care dot com slash glowing up to start your two months now and again, that skill share. S K. I L. L S, H, A R, E dot com slash glowing up, I wanna talk more. If we can't about the plate in that dream played. It's really simple. I mean, we kinda get it, but I have a question about the fiber element. Yeah. So I can imagine the protein, the fat which is going to be your olive oil, your KADO slice your whatever fat you're going to have on your wall. Nuts, pumpkin sees anything like that. Yeah. Does that for concerned? I'm not a nut person, which is just keeping it real. Yeah. Unfortunate for you. Use haven't had the right nuts. You have to be boyfriends. Oh my God. Turn. Well, we really need better nuts. What were you going to ask? Well, okay, so and then greens I can imagine. But when you say, fiber, because what, what would that fiber, what are some examples of fiber like a sweet potato so non starchy vegetables? So cauliflower broccoli, spare Agha's, more veggie, it's more veggies. And the thing is, I would normally I was gonna bucket it into, you know, like protein, fat and eat the rainbow or whatever the thing is many times, people try to be healthy, and they're like, I'm gonna just eat a big salad and it spinach and all and chicken, and but there's only like one or two grams of fiber in, like a huge bowl of spinach, and people just assume only agrees has all this fiber, but the fiber that were looking for that feeds got microbiome is coming from real veggies, like Christopher vegetables, like broccoli cauliflower the brussel sprouts, the note. To self Aruba and Keller both cruciferous vegetables. Rupa. Let's so non cruciferous. Right. So if someone has a hard time digesting cauliflower, or broccoli or kale. I always say if you go to sweep green get half a Ruge because there's a an amazing chemical Fido chemical inside of Christopher vegetable. That's anticancer detoxifying, it literally starts genetic pathway in every cell in your body called Nrf2. And what that does is instead of your cells talks vying every hundred thirty minutes. They'll deduct Safai every sixty minutes, I wanna quit droop down on your question. And I want to ask I would love examples of each like could you run me through like a plate of your. Yeah. I'll give you some of my favorite little meals that are in my. So one of my favorites right now is my shrimp, Scampi. So I do I do like eight to ten you know, shrimp and I saute those in a little bit of key. And in like a fry pan. And then I take zucchini Zoodles. So there is my fiber. Right. And toss those into the pan to kinda give him a quick saute. So I have protein, the geeze my fat. The Zoodles is my fiber. And then I take parsley chop up the parsley dropped the parsley on top there some greens and some red pepper flakes. And then I'll finish it with, like a nice cold pressed olive oil, some salt and pepper. Oh, girl, oh, girl. Well, I'm not a shrimp person. Okay. That sounds that sounds interesting. So here's a second dish that might joke. Your fancier something of that nature. A lot of knows today. Dr. Well, we tracked into this from the midwest has. No. That's all right. So my husband's Instagram is be bad by Chris, and it's really funny because all he wants to eat is like burgers, and fries. Pizza teriyaki chicken rice bowls, like so I've had to keep it real. I mean, like I grew up on pizza, too key does anything Costco, that had to offer like I wasn't eighties babies, so yeah, so one of my favorites is all take your rotisserie chicken, and I'll shred it, and I'll take some of the cauliflower rice and some broccoli and saute that in a frying pan with a little bit of coconut milk. So it kind of becomes like a sticky cauliflower rice with broccoli throw in the shredded chicken. And then coconut amino replaces cope yet just had me by some. It's really awesome. It replaces teriyaki sauce and soy sauce. So it has this like, sweet. Hanging sort of we tastes. So with the coconut milk or coconut cream in the coconut Amenas, it's a, my version of a teriyaki rice bowl and my husband loves it. You do sesame seeds and chives on top green onions. And so the protein is the chicken, the fat is that coconut milk or coconut oil or whatever you're using to cook? The fiber is the cauliflower, something green on your plate, chives, broccoli, whatever kind of have some overlap there and then. Yeah. And then basically like you're just doing that. Coconut amino, which is lower and sodium lower in sugar and fermented. So, wow, will you throw us a vegan option? Absolute Mike vegan ish. You know, sure definitely mostly vegan vegan. You're mostly vegan. Yeah. Okay. But unlike open, but I'm curious for vegan option. Okay. So I have to. So in my next book, actually it breaks down. The first part is all pro. Teen fat fibre greens, like what, what am I talking about here? Like give me the details. What should I buy that kind of stuff, the back half of the book is all lifestyles so Fab, Four for plant based diva t- fab for, for girl on the go? Thank like, I'm on an airplane every week and I need to know how to pick a protein bar at all my Hudson news, sort of. Oh, wow. Yeah. I have made some bad decision news. I have some gotten who I am an Gumy's. I've never heard of the brand size family generic dummies. Yeah. Well, then Toews. I don't even like mentos and I'm buying them. In mind tonight, I'm scared. We thing. We, we need to we need to addition. I'm bringing snacks on the plane. That's a done deal. Okay. So, so here's an example of one of my favorite like vegan fat for lunches. So it's a play on spring rolls. So we'll do a bunch of colorful veggies cucumbers carrots, the purple cabbage sprouts, big chunks Volva KADO. So I might use a whole of KADO in this dish because when you are lower in protein, which you naturally will be when you're plant based in vegan, we I really up the fat to make sure you stay full. Okay. And so then the sauce is a play on a peanuts us to like nuts, though, peanut flavor. I'm just like I'm never I'm not going to snack on to reach for a walnut. I went through a phase where I read about how healthy walnuts were in a really tried to make it happen. And I just couldn't that's like, well, there was that, like few months, where I was doing walnut butter my oatmeal, though, so shout out to those three months. Nut your. Friendly, but you're not Snapchat. I just don't haunt. It's unreal. Anyway. Peanut, yes. Okay. So we'll do like an honor a peanut sauce. So we're getting you, you know, twelve grams of protein in it in that in that sauce, that also has a little coconut, amino Senate and what I love is hemp parts. So what I'll do is, I'll do the peanut sauce. And then I'll do a couple tablespoons of hemp hearts, and those are really kind of they're really nice. Give a little texture. And so we'll just dip that spring roll in there. And it'll feel like it won't feel like you're eating a salad or being forced to eat just veggies being vegan. You're feeling full, the fats kind of, like coating your stomach and making you feel calm and we're getting enough plant protein about eighteen to twenty grams to feel full for four hours. Well, what's like the role part of so we, you can either use just a rice, paper roll like a regular, spring, roll, those are low in carbohydrates, so that sort of like a party plus one but. Makes you feel like you're not dieting. Yeah. Which I can't feel that way. Yeah. We're all getting. Yeah. And so another thing I do. With vegans is all do like a, a vegetable curry. So we'll do. Yeah. With coconut Mel, tumorous back and curry, and we'll throw in some chick peas and throw it over some cauliflower rice. And if someone really likes to have a little fun. We might slice them thin dates in that parsley since lawn DRO just got pregnant waves from talking. Are these recipes in your book, if so, so all the vegan won the, the curry one was in my last book body love the spring roll is coming in the next book book coming out in January twenty second? Okay. Yeah. How did you become who you are? You get interested in nutrition. How did you become a fabulous LA celebrity nutritionist like this just seems like you're one in a million? And you I don't know. Can I feel this one just with the beginning of the answer? She was a cancer researcher, right? I spent eight years in cancer genetics. Kidding me. Yeah. So my past life was working with a startup company that was spaced in southern California, and it was part of the Netherlands Cancer Institute. So we were taking new genetic technology, teaching on colleges on the west coast, how to. Implement that into their practice? So it's pretty amazing. Doctor might go to school for fourteen or sixteen years. But two years after they get out of school, a new technology that can save lives comes out and someone needs to be the educator in liaison between the technology and the doctor. And so. Yeah. I spent I spent eight years in that field and a required me to read a lot of research and be able to take studies and explain the outcomes. Two doctors, explain does it have is it correlation versus causation significant peeve Aliou? What is the population size look like because a lot of times, you see something, you know, in USA today, and they're like, coconut oil causes heart attacks, or, you know, war, heart disease. And it's like what are they referencing, and I'll open the study in it just it's completely correlated. It's like saying, you'll get skinny wearing red pajamas like. You have to use your intuition, and make sense. No. It doesn't make any sense. You know, so it's not a causation correlation someone's losing weight, and they're wearing red pajamas. So. New your stuff research wise while I can mind the icon mind the data. So when things come out and people get really heated about something really excited about something, I'm not say, like I'm just pretty monotone about most things. I'm like show me the research, okay? Is it a tool? I don't get something doesn't become like the word of God to me, because someone said bulletproof coffee is going to be the best thing that's ever happened. Like I might say, why does that work like okay cool? That's a tool all use that with clients, and I can say, this is why it works turns off hunger because of the fat. It doesn't you know, fat slows the digestion metabolism of caffeine, which can lower court. All it can support you to do intermittent, fast. If you don't wanna, you know, eat right away, and it can it's a fat fast. So it's good for you, and it would work. What are the reasons why it might be bad? Well, you know, their genetic mutations for people who have saturate. It'd hyper observers of saturated fat, or, you know, there is a tendency for saturated fat to kind of have an affect on your liver. So it just depends on the person. Everything is a tool. So I like to be consultant for my clients, and most of the time the question, I ask is what he liked to eat? I'm not gonna force you to easing don't wanna eat. And I just like find the things that you like and let you build your lifestyle. I am just like my life's quest, I think, is going to be turning off the candy voice in my head and something about Gumy's and candy I view it. I feel like I'm entitled to eating them, and I'll find I will like somehow find a way to like eat candy every day. I don't even know where I'm finding this candy but it happens. And I don't know how to find a world in which I am, like I know it's a food I shouldn't be eating. But then the minute I get into that. That's when I start getting hungrier for the candy it's out. Is this is wrong? I feel like I'm hearing all or nothing thinking a little bit. And you are an any also. Have to you have to understand what kind of food that is like in animal studies rat studies like sugar water versus cocaine and rats are choosing sugar water. So so you are a rat, the test came back. I mean I, I, I don't know. I don't even know what to say. I wish I were a rat on a skinny rat on cocaine. The fat girl who loves gummy bear, like what can I say? That's me. So, you know, my thing for you would be instead of trying to be all or nothing. Give yourself I like to call it bumpers on the bowling lane. Like let's keep you moving towards the pins in it's cool. If you sway site decide right as long as you're going, the right direction and nothing's ever a straight line past always crooked. Right. So if you know that there's a specific location at sells like your favorite single serving of dummies or sour. I don't know. I'm like thinking about what I loved. I know it's so funny to hear. You talk about candy 'cause you don't eat it anymore. You're like, I don't know those sour men. No. Watermelon. Patch? It was about that, candy that is what crack crack it's superpac. And that's another thing, too, is like I know that that's crack. I know how good that is if I opened one of those and I had one, I would, I would be like a drug addict like I would need to finish the whole bag wouldn't be like, oh, yeah. I had someone the other day told me they had they used to have like a half his own bar first knack. And I'm like the start me start cert- over with me, because you opened his own eight half of it, and then had the self control to close the other have disgusting flavor. That's one thing. But it back in you like that was never me. So I'm coming from a place of like all, or nothing open the goldfish from Costco. Watch every Disney movie growing up and eat the whole container like there was no off button for certain things in candies. One of those things there's no off. Button is not turning off hunger. It's, it's exciting. You you're releasing dopamine in the brain. It's a reward hormone. So I would say, you know if you're having it every day. If you could get to a place where it's only two times a week, and you give yourself those days and you say, like all right, I'm going to have a two times a week, and maybe you buy two and you eat both bags on Monday at four pm like, well, I gotta wait till next Monday to buy or Sunday to buy two more bags and see when I want to have these she. Yeah, you're right. I shouldn't think of it as an all or nothing. But just accept that it might happen. That's your twice a week on my on my journey just so you know that's the voice in my head to that ideal with. It's all or nothing thinking is like I'm constantly fighting that voice like yesterday. I was in a position where I was really hungry to thirty and the place. I was at a table read, and then they had pretzels like those giant jumbo pretzels, and I was like, okay after hard soft was like, I'm not gonna have that obviously, I'm gonna go get lunch. I'm starving. I'm gonna have half and then I ended up eating one and a half soft pretzels and I was like this is so bad. I did bad. I am bad. What am I going to do tonight? I'm just going to go and eat something else bad 'cause I've already been bad. And then I talk myself down, it was like, no, no, no, no. I was hungry. I hadn't had lunch. We're gonna just label that little misfit fit thing. We're going to call that lunch. And then no one thought ahead of okay? Now I just won't eat dinner. I'm not gonna have dinner 'cause I already messed up. No. That's gonna lead me to another problem end up engine again. So, like, okay, I'm gonna plan, I'm going to have a healthy dinner. I'm gonna have my favorite salad that I get at Mendocino farms, and I'm going to power through this. And I, I made it I made it I have so much love for that story because that is. A daily occurrence for everyone of my clients, like that, is what happens to most people who have ever tried to diet, who have ever tried to reach a body composition goal of ever read, one health and wellness article from sell for women's health, or name, a magazine name a blog, like you get one idea in your head. And then you're black and white labeling, something good, or bad. And I think what you did, right? There was the perfect planning 'cause it's not starting over tomorrow. It's not waiting till Monday. It's not waiting till the first of the month the first of the year, you went like no. What can I do at my next meal? It is always your next meal. That is, is the next chance to make a healthier decision and keep in mind, like, if you had that at two thirty years should plan for that meal at five thirty. Oh because they're you basically had a bunch of practice carbohydrates on their own. So you're. Blood sugars go up and come down. And you're gonna feel that crash at five thirty. If you wait till six thirty or seven thirty, you might have ended up getting amended Sinoe, farms, and feeling really like, okay, maybe I'll just get a sandwich instead. Yeah. So that's how you prepare yourself in another thing, too, is like, let's say, you did have those soft pretzels. But you didn't really feel totally satisfied by that. That's when I would use this movie with a client and say a smoothie as a research tool. I think it's good to address starts to your life at like you could have been sixty minutes after that soft pretzel. And you decided, I'm going to have a big green smoothie, that's nourishing to my body. I'm not going to think about the caloric load here. I'm gonna think about this. As a way for me to start this day over same goes for workout same goes for meditation. Find those things that you're not Depp depriving yourself, but you're adding to your life to re focus and change the narrative, and I get a lot of questions from our listeners about binge eating. And I'm really glad that we're. Talking about. I feel like the you're the first person. I'm hearing on air, like say the things that have really the tools that have helped me, some really glad that we're having this conversation. I also wanna add one thing that comes up for me, there's two things that I learned one is, there are no bad foods, which sounds like it's kind of an incident alignment with what you're talking about. And then, also that it's like for me eating think of a pendulum, like if I try really hard to be really healthy like exactly what you're saying about a juice cleanse that pendulum is gonna swing to the opposite side. And then I'm gonna be the ravenous monster rat drinking the soda and the going crazy on brownie and popcorn and whatever big meal binging, so yeah. I'm just I'm really glad to hear that you have that the mindset that is also the same mindset that has helped me tackle my binge eating issues. Absolutely like every little decision keeps you close to that mid line keeps you from that really. Big swing on the pendulum. Right. So you're not juice cleansing and blowing it out and Kabo for the weekend with marks and chips, and guac, and like that effort mentality because this doesn't make you feel balanced, but on the same token, you know how many times down with clients and balanced feels like perfection and they want their ball to stop and you need to say, I always have to take a step back and say, no balance, isn't having a perfect day, where your meals are all perfect, and everything is lined up because you're human your emotional, and we swing our weight swings. Our water swings. Homeo- stasis is the process of the body, that's always, regulating and changing and re-regulating our body state, and it's happening, mentally, and physically. So to try and stop your ball is actually, really, really bad, because you're trying to stop it trying to be perfect, and then the guilt is way worse. So think about the ball bouncing off the mid line. So say you had the soft pretzels, like, I actually don't think sapping of deal, but. What you did is you let the swing be small and steady the other way to that. Mendocino salad. And then you have your momentum right? We're never gonna stop. But keep the swing tight. Yes. 'cause I if I had made that choice like I'm so full so stuff and I had just been like, I'm not going to dinner musket inner, you know, at nine o'clock at night. I'm in the pantry. What is there in making bad choices totally now now for the real question while what does Jennifer garner eat? You are. I've seen her on your Instagram. I we gotta know she she's got the Bod. I mean, she's got it all to she does, she does work out hard. She works out Simone body by Simone so yeah, and smoking, I haven't app, Simone put out her. It's basically like hit training dance cardio, it's you can stream her classes, and then came to me because we've had a number of clients overlapping clients from revenge body overland, big, light clients, like Rawson, Jen garner who've had to get ready for roles. And we just we get each other. And I think we both hustle, and we're just to the point. And so she's like, hey will you do the meal planning? So there's a vegan vegetarian plan based and protein based meal plan option. That is inap- as well. So it's the first time that like workout it's been two different people experts in their field, sort of. A situation that came together to do that. So that's the BBS app if you ever want us in your pocket, but Jen gets up, and we'll do a body by Simone, workout. Wow. And then she has one of my smoothies, so she actually took the formula that is, you know, the Fab Four protein, fat fibre in greens and created her own smoothie. So obviously, she's incredible. Like should have her own food network show as well. I love when she posted about food. It's so awesome. She's so cute. Yeah. And it's she is my domestic oddest like she is goals when it comes to having a garden and chickens and have chicken. Yeah. She just makes a lot of home homemade food from scratch. She brings Honey from her bees to the set of HBO camping like the stuff that I hear about. I'm just like, of course, she does. And she's a girls girl, and she's so genuine in so loyal. And I'm I mean, knock on wood. I've had really amazing clients. But so she made her own sort of cookies in cream to me, this is the gen garner special. Are we really about to get an exclusive of the cookies and cream Jen garner smoothie I can barely contain myself? It's time to it's time to go deep on the and cream. So she uses chocolate collagen protein powder from primal kitchen. She uses almond butter as her fat. She uses Chia seeds or flaxseed. That's her fiber, a handful of spinach. And then she uses a quarter of a blue of blueberries, and it's amazing because it's a mix between the blueberries the chocolate collagen, and the almond butter that every time I have someone try it. I'm like, what is it tastes like because it looks because of the chocolate protein, it looks like sort of a chocolate cookies and cream shake. But every time I have dry, they're like, why does this tastes like hook? He's in cream. Doesn't even really have that flew barriers. Spinach flavor at all. And that's the best part about kind of picking the right protein in having these layers of flavor. Is that you know, even my husband who doesn't want to touch anything? Green is drinking green smoothies that tastes like peanut butter Cup. I that is an awesome thing. I've learned over the years is like you are a handful of spinach and anything you bundled up, you cannot. Hey, set. Spinach, it might that's been my overpower the color of this movie, but you're not going to taste it. Usually have a really heavy hand with veggies pack in so many that this movie becomes a tar, like a jungle like the floor of jungle kind of I'm, I'm back smallest always like too much too much greens. But yeah, I could never taste never taste that spinach, it makes you feel really good. And you're like I mean, I have clients who are it's more mental like they wanna put all the greens in it, and they want the superfoods in it, and they wanna know that, like you know they're putting adapted. Wins and CT oil and all the things and as long as it's balanced if the macronutrients are balanced like I don't care if you're putting almond butter and avocado in your shake and spinach and Ruge and parsley in your shake, like just look at look at the overall. What is it mostly? And if you have the components to feel full, I max out girlfriend, I'll, yeah. Max out max out with your with your cock out. So after this movie what is the what else does she eat? Yeah. So esters taking them. Yes. So she does have garden. That's no joke. And she makes she has a big salad every day, which honestly, I think that when you're eating raw foods like a raw salad is a great time to have it. A great to have it is at lunch like Friday, gestion purposes in all of that, like it's just it's bright and fresh, and it's easy, and social pick a protein, sometimes she'll have Turkey meatballs or chicken or, you know, sometimes. Black beans or whatever she's feeling like fat sources like seeds and avocado. She always has, like a homemade olive oil vinaigrette that she has like an assistant, that is also sort of, really supportive in her wellness journey, which I think is really cool. She's sort of a chef as well and will pack a lunch for jennif-. She has to get up really early or whatever they have, like this amazing dynamic which systems assist in. Yeah. And then when she's working really hard like she, she's having soup having to work late hours. Camping was a lot at night. So and peppermint movie we had some late nights to. But, you know, if you're working from eleven pm to three AM it's really throwing off your circadian rhythm. And so. I might push for a protein-based stack, I might say, okay, I want you to have celery peanut butter, or I want you to have a handful of nuts. I want you to have a hardboiled egg or want you to have another little like light protein shake in the afternoon. And we use that when she had, like big filming days where we give her a bridge neck and then dinner, you know, was more like a warm protein and veggies. She I know she makes a good, lentil, black bean soup. So sometimes a little bit of that. And, you know, like all of us a little glass of wine is doesn't always hurt, you know, so depending on her filming, though, like, if us filming really late, I might pull back on the call too, because alcohol can affect sleep, and she's getting so little than, I don't, I don't want her to be dragging, or cutting a hard time, making those healthy choices. So depending on what her what she was doing. It was really just making small. Tweaks in listening to what she liked and she needed and. Meeting, her halfway or allowing for her to have that creative freedom daily. And that's what I think, is, so interesting about light structure. I mean it's I created the Fab Four because I needed it because I couldn't be Atkins. And I couldn't be Mediterranean. I couldn't be vegan. I couldn't be I just wanted to go like, well, it, does it really matter of having a soft pretzel, or rice, like when my body digests that what is the end product? And if the end product is the same there are no bad foods. It's not about what you can't eat. It's about what you can, which is everything, which is everything. I mean, there are no bad foods. I say that a lot to my boyfriend. He's like, is this healthy? And I'm like, I'm like thinking about it. I'm always go to what's the rule. There are no bad foods. Right. You mentioned like long hours and how like when she shooting at night and stuff. And sometimes when I'm working our show. We have really long hours a lot of glow. Here workshops were there's long hours. I'm curious for that. Because for me, my go-to him, those situations is like slam that coffee like get through it, because I'm so tired. I'm curious what your opinion is of that? And what your specific tips are for if you are working long and how to keep your energy up, and like an afternoon slump kind of situation similar to that. Yeah. Like an afternoon slump or the slump from, you know if you're just the grunt. Yeah, yeah. So I would say be careful with caffeine. I drink coffee. I mean so many people have been like you're pregnant. Are you still drinking coffee because? A lot of people cut coffee out, and I'm like, I'm allowed to have two hundred milligrams. So I'm having a Cup of yards. Down. You tell them, you know, looking at the researchers anything that a Cup of coffee Cup of coffee is not going to have negative side effects. Like I feel comfortable with that, and some people don't and that's cool too. You gotta do. Right. But I would be careful with the caffeine because when we overdo caffeine, like I've had clients come to me, you know, basically dying to be skinny here in L A. And they're like the venti iced ice, cold brews all day long. They don't unders. Yeah. Thousand six. Yeah. They don't understand why it's not working. And the reason why it's not working is when you have too much caffeine, you're adrenal glands release adrenaline adrenaline can cause the release of cortisol a stress hormone and those two hormones together adrenaline in court Zoll 'cause your liver to take storage sugar and dump it in your bloodstream up. So all the sudden you're having a blood sugar spike because your body's like oh shoot, we're gonna. You have to run from a bear or alliance. Let's biologically prepare this person for it because they're going into battle. Right. You're drinking, caffeine to go. And so you feel like you're going into battle and your body repairs for that dump sugar in your bloodstream. So what happens? Your blood sugar goes up and you crash down. And so then it repatriate sport. Choices it happened to Jennifer garner to we have Ron one Cup of coffee a day. Okay. How are you? This may be the beginning of a new segment. That I'm gonna start because I'm really obsessed with knowing what people, how do you drink your coffee. Yeah. It totally depends. There are days when I wake up, and I know that we have a branch or something with friends, and I might lean on a heavy fat, like coconut oil or MCAT oil and blend my coffee with that sort of a modified bulletproof, too. So I don't pull a November. But so I don't pull like sugar fish where I'm ready to go next door. And tell if I can't get my like example. Yeah, that's interesting. So that'd be like a holdover almost if you're doing a later breakfast, yes, all use that as a pause double up on a do you do the MCAT and Aguigi, or do you sometimes? Yeah, I just kind of gauge my hunger like do I need to Abelson fat can get away with one. Are we going in two hours or we're going in one? And I, you know, I think we're always which is so funny, because food is everywhere, here in the United States were always so afraid that we're going to be hungry. It's so sad. But harith. Yeah. And it's. But learning to turn off hunger kind of takes away. So, like all us those little pause buttons like maybe thicker, more of a bulletproof style. If I'm in a branch, but if I'm going to have a smoothie for breakfast in it's going to happen within one or two hours of waking up, I might just throw a little almond milk in it. I like new barn a company mall, tree house. These are all almond milk without a bunch of fillers. Have you do you have thoughts on oatmeal? I think it's an interesting thing, it's not my favorite because I don't understand why someone would use oil. Well, it's just it's grain based oats, you know, and there's cross-contamination with gluten, and it, it when you talk about what you can get not any of these milks are so nutritious. No offense. They're not like a cashew mill gun almond milk. Coconut coconut milk. Real. Coconut milk is probably the most nutritious, like a ham. Melk something like that. But like an oatmeal and like some of these nuts, not milk's it's really just like a creamy water. It's making you feel like it's a milk, but it's not giving you a lot of nutritional density at all, but you're still gonna get more nutritional density from a nut or a seed milk than you will from like a, a grain milk. I need someone out there to make pumpkin milk. The it's one of the member Lee said that that's pumpkin. Seed milk is you don't have to strain it or straighten it. You just mix pumpkin seeds. You don't have to restrain at. Yeah. It's the same cashews to whenever you have that soft buttery type of a Melk. And also like if you make your own almond milk, the skins Popoff. Yeah. And that makes it way, more creamy. Oh my God. That, that would be Jennifer garner level work for me to individually peel off the skin. Yeah, yeah, it is. That's going to bear x level. So if you're not doing coffee to get through those long hours, is there like you're saying, like a protein snack or something like that. Yeah. I'll I'll use a protein snack. I'll use water. I love like little ladder. Yes. So we'll take like a lot of people are really dehydrated. So we'll get a really big glass of water will either do a green agreeing tab mix in like an eight g maybe noon tablet with electrolytes. I might do a spot of apple cider vinegar squeeze of lemon kind of that bitter taste, wake you up, and then reevaluate like twenty minutes later was I just really thirsty and tired or am I still really hungry? And if you're hungry, then protein-based knack is like definitely go to. But if you need another coffee, I think one of the best things you can do, do you guys. No forcing Matic foods. Oh, yeah. They're one of our sponsors, we love them. Yeah. So I would do like one of their mushroom coffees and I would pair it with maybe a coconut milk that is little higher in fat, because anytime you pair, caffeine with fat it slows the metabolism of caffeine. So you don't have such an aggressive response with cortisol and adrenaline, so you're not gonna have that fight or flight response. Another way to do it if you pair it with an adapted gin. So anytime someone has a massive coffee habit. I might say, can you put a little rodeo or Oshawa Gonda in your lot in the afternoon, or take if it's easier take a little rodeo at three pm guy? Herbs makes him in pills, Oshawa Maganga, you can get from now foods, you know, you just take a couple of those pills, and then have a coffee, so that you lower your body's response to that stress 'cause doesn't I know ash gone to protect your body against the cortisol also doesn't cortisol 'cause belly fat. Yeah. Most of the time. Most of the time court is all. Yeah. If you've ever seen those slim quick commercials does that, that little like shake figure, lady basically high cortisol? That was my that was my diet guru before meeting, you marshalls all my information that, that definitely is, you know, if you've chronic stress it, it's going to it's going to keep a layer on the body for sure of. Absolutely. This has been, I know you're an amazing wealth of information. You're so glo e in so kind like your kindness, your presence is like calming more important than everything else. This point. Thanks, guys really fun to be here. Yeah, I feel even if for just the last hour, I do feel like Jessica Alba you've been telling you what to do this week. And I just I love it. We also saw you work with Hannah, Simone. She's a friend of mine. Oh, awesome. And she will do this podcast. She said she will guys. So that's I also wanna tell people I talked to Jenny slate she's gonna do to those are coming. Sorry, esther. We. After I explain yourself as a tease for everyone teases good. But yeah, that's cool that you work with her. She's such a sweetheart and talk about. I mean like I was knock on wood. I've had a really pretty nice and easy pregnancy. But there are a couple of weeks where I couldn't put sentences together and I felt like I had mommy brain was little nauseous, and super tired. And our session was then, like she had just had her baby. She was coming back, and she was going to be filming, her new show, and there's a gag to my house, and we'll sit down and talk. And I got there, and I was about to like, throw up on her face, but also I had watched every single new girl episode ever. And I'm rarely like excited starstruck sort of an I just sat there was like this is real life. All of us when I say it would be an honor to be vomited on. I like to be my baby and I could be an honored, probably be more nutritious and some of the meals that I've had her husband is going to, like, have a talking with you like back off. Oh, no. He seems cool. Pretty joel. I'm like so scared to let you go 'cause I feel like I'm gonna have more questions, racking. My brain trying to think of more questions. I mean I it was just so amazed. I know meeting you and your Instagram is be well by Kelly. Okay. Good. That's going to be a great resource for everyone. Everyone needs to go, follow you and your book is body, love and book is body love, if there are people out there that are really interested in nutrition. I host a functional nutrition training program on mind body green with doctors like Dr Mark Hyman doctor Lipman. These are big doctors out of the Cleveland Clinic, and Dr TASR they go into hormones. They go into different lifestyle diets kind of understanding how to really like fuel your body for future. Wow, stern. I will be hosting a summit with Dr Pepper. How delicious quotas doctor Kevorkian doctor, Dr J eye? Doctors say. Thank you so much. Dr dre, Dr Drey. Actually couldn't book Dr dre. He was unavailable. Schedule your friends, maybe future. He'll be he would come on in the later date. He and hand. Oh, yeah. Thank you so much to meet. You hope that you'll come back. Yeah. Definitely. Oh my God. I even just hearing you say that. And now I feel confident I can unlock the doors of the studio and let you go since I know he'll come back to. He offering me sparkling water. I wasn't here. Oh my gosh. You're got us. Yes. We love you see everybody next week. Bye. Podcast network.

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