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Brought to you almost live from the dude in the basement studios. Why because that's where the good stuff is it sits and smokes with your Smokin Post. The good old boys Suds Suds. It's time for more. So welcome everyone you betcha. This is another segment where motto is Drink Belch and repeat. It's like a bumper sticker that we don't have yet. We need bumper sticker on that we need to merge store. Yeah definite urge well joining me. Today is good. Avoid days classes. Are you really though? I'm no basic bitch. File could avoid candle. Thanks for being here. It's a pleasure as always good boy. Mike George Enable humint in you make love. Yup that's we came back. Oh her lovable co host and for those of you. That don't know I'm GonNa Gouge Ileana and today we're talking about loss words with it lost in the words. That's it hidden Indian words for two hundred so recently David. I took a road trip back to my Nikola would voluntarily where I was birthed which is northeastern Pennsylvania. We did a lot of beer shopping. Of course and picked up some beer from brewers. We've never tried before. We're GONNA talk about this beers and are traveling through the eastern side as well as Jewish square for your commute was at the after the third of the four th air you came up everybody's GonNa have a goal. Yeah whatever road trips are good. Struggle is real. Oh that worth it first of all though we we're gonNA talk about the ads spots. Wow yeah the suds been is brought to you by the clear. Beer consortium hazy beer. We say it's Lazy Beer. That's right brewers we are here. We're clear and we can see right through what you're doing. Actually we can't and that's the problem you might think it's okay to serve an IPA. That looks like a bowl of oatmeal. But why should we settle when you won't even let your yeast settle beer drinkers the world? It's time to stand up and say. Don't hayes me Bro. Don Hays me Bro. Who Don't his me Bro. He's across America. Okay I can feel the the event bright tickets just flowing yeah right. Yeah yes totally clear. Beer twenty twenty yes. I like that moving on eastern PA to most people it's known for coal mining and water skiing squirrels. That's that's real no. I've seen that on Youtube. You can see that's the thing I mean. There's only one squirrel the only water burger. That has a name the name with it. Look what was that half the city names only have confidence in them. They're no vowels as my favorite town river runs through BS Eastern PA is known for the worst sports fans why Philadelphia is true. So what about the amish in chocolate and stuff like that? No that's on. The Western side is on the eastern side. Other different amish done the dirty amish eastern Pierce get a lot of cool stuff so obviously we got we have Philadelphia. Okay a lot of things to say we have the Pocono mountains which is very near and dear to my heart. We have steam town. We have the city that is otherwise known as the city in the office of which everything is based off of in life. Come on kids. Let's Bil- in the back of the Winnebago. We're going to Steve Town Philadelphia the city of brotherly love. Yeah where they threw snowballs with rocks in the midst. Santa Claus football game. They had degrees up the light poles to prevent more from going off. You know that's where they invented setting a car on fire. Igglesden they win. You're more. Don't climb up their goals coming at you and definitely not going to Philadelphia. Now you're exactly exactly and then there's Hershey's chocolate and who can't forget Hershey's chocolate all the old Hershey Highway. Been up there a few times. We really do talk about beer. This show we're going to get there. Holy cow well. I do distinguish between eastern PA and that other part of the state by Ohio which makes sense showdown between East and West. Exactly Western. Pa is okay and you know and we're going to talk about a bunch of Beers from them in another episode. But it's just not as good as my side of the state. It's it's like Eastern. Pa has got Yingli and Western. Pa IS IRON CITY. Hey don't be dissing the city I rest my case say big engine its iron city or Duquesne right. If you don't get that reference you can go have a can of each and you'll understand exactly what I mean anyway. Every time I go back to visit some new breweries and do a little beer shopping. Well Okay let's be real a lot of beer shopping where we have a van. Exactly the thing about craft beer that I think we all love and hate. Most Burris don't distribute very far away. It kind of sucks because you hear a lot of great beers but you just can't get them but on the other hand you can always drive a few hours away from home and find a whole new world of beer. Which is what we did today. Speaking which could avoid Dave. Why don't you talk about the lineup for today? Okay let's see if we make it through this okay ten bucks. He's hose all this up so from last minute brewing in Scott. Pa That's right township PA. Jesus all right. That's the only word here less than eighteen character so we have time Goza by faster. It's a five percent kettle. Soured goes up rushing to be late. An eight point seven percent imperial stout I pledge allegiance which is A. I don't know four point seven percent session New England Ip from doylestown brewing in. Doylestown township. Pa Jazz Township of everything. That way. You don't have to come to us. Town is just oriels town. Who if not me then who? It's a five point. Eight Percent Blonde Ale from Evergreen brewing company in Camp Hill juice juicy. It's six percent American from God. Wallin pop pack Brewing Company in Hall. Epa pretty good. It's packing brass is a six percent coffee. Ip Large mouth is a six point eight percent Ip a a beer named for our own. Good Oh boy. Mike and Logger mouth is a six and a half percent pl l from. Oh Jeez saw coney Sony Creek brewing company in cuts town could sound cuts cuts runs with puts X. Reserve is a five point two percent peach Ginger Cezanne from conshohocken Brewing Company in Conshohocken. Because where else would conshohocken brewing company? Be If not in Conshohocken that could be upstate. New York conshohocken going to Conshohocken this weekend. Type A is a seven percent west coast. Epa and from trobe independent brewery in Hershey PA. We have a beer made completely of chocolate. Now that's why we have trailed day. It's a five and a half percent dry hopped Pale Ale flawless execution. To say. I've got to be. Yeah I think he did it think he. Can you do that on? The cuts down versus Kutztown. That's a man thing whatever. Well thank you for your efforts now. Moving on could a boy Kendall. Would you mind green breeding reading? I so for. Would you mind today okay? We'll be discussing in reading these beers with these suds ratings. Plus our signature belching sounds. Here are those ratings now. One THAT SUCKS. GimMe anything fun too. Was that a belch three What a relief. Who for a body should really not make that sound And five listen to that time. Give me another body show really soon after every time you pronounce a city in eastern PA. Yes I agree practically motto Conshohocken. You did a great job at it. You see you're just I think that's an that's a class in grade school they have. How PRINTS WESTERN PA TOWN NAMES OR EASTERN PA? It's all bunch Indians game so I think took good classic names though. There's a lot of all right. We'll start drinking beer. After this brief interlude there are everyday actions to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases. Wash your hands. Avoid close contact with people who are sick. Avoid touching your eyes nose and mouth. Stay home when you're sick. Cover your cough or sneeze. 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Today's episode has part of a beer -cation to Pennsylvania and we're going to talk about some beers from eastern PA whereas start off with her top picks out of the flights and the first one forbids is from last minute brewing in Scott Township. Pa It's called running to be late. It's an eight point seven percent. Imperial stepped gets rushing to be late rushing to be rushing to be late kind. Probably running when you were rushing these the Russians Russians dot Byu. Fda must be thus babies so let's discuss this village discuss belly. Good view me wife girlfriend. Google fan girl friends. We are like this bid. Good Bill. I don't know where he's going to say why I smell the spirit. Of course you get huge chocolate notes but the thing the thing that threw me off his anew. It wasn't imperial stout but I got that sweet character you get out of like L. Must have a milk stout and you know once you taste it you start getting some the cinnamon and other flavors but it really goes. It's smooth and creamy and just we haven't had a technical failure beer Dolly's getting hung up Third Lazy Susan. It adds so much beer on it. She so lazy she won't even turn. Oh Okay Yeah. It didn't taste like a big interface. Imperial Stout it is really easy drinking almost too easy for the A. B. B. Level and I loved it. Eight point seven. That's it's big beer but it's not that no thing about this. It's an imperial Stout Ale. That has cinnamon nutmeg. Maple Syrup Vanilla bean milk sugar in it so one would lead you to think that this is just going to be a spice bomb but his nine shots. They don't put a lot of this will reminds me of Dave. It's very dense. We're not we're not going back to the very complex I thought for you know just a non barrel aged beer I just I. You could afford me that this adopting a barrel for a year or two. I mean it had that much complexity to it. I thought yeah. Which could you imagine if they drop us an apparel beautiful beard cow? Okay guys you hear us or saying maybe next year. It's yeah it's it's really really nice and it's it's hard for Stoute's to really stand out from the crowd to because there's just so many of them and you know they could be a diamond. Dozen is definitely reminds me like I am. I had marshals. Zubkov is They had as a. I think it has a very similar taste profile to the cigar city. you know. Stout for sure reminded me of Mexican. Stout like you know where with the chocolate and the other spices that are in there so the West the west broke a Mexican without the Chili. Right yeah no heat no heat which I actually a lot to the same bitterness profile for sure. Yeah great beer very cool and when they raided the rushing to be laid from last minute brewing. A four Okay let's move down the line as we say so to speak to evergreen brewing in Cam pill and their juice juicy. Which is juicy. Yeah which is a six percents. I pay I didn't like this one as much as you guys do. But there are some nice components who juicy it was I wrote. I wrote down. This tasty fruity A tad better but it it works. I think that's what I liked about it because I've noticed the any kind of these juicy Hazel say. This isn't super hazy. But now dance style of beer. The ones I gravitate to are the ones that still have a little bitter kick to him in the end snatched big sweet it definitely has that You know some type of Juicy fruit you know gummer stress almost like one of the stripes flavors a little lemon off have been almost like lemon fruit stripe down the hall. Yeah that's it kindle. Hit it right on the button lemon fruit stripe. Yeah yeah idea. They still make it. Do they really types stripes fruit stripe? Wow I'm going to have to the thing I liked about. It was just this was unique. This wasn't a me too. You Know Beer. This was you know we've had four hundred of these and I. It was that unique flavor profile that I thought was kind of captured. My attention as as much of the quality balanced. You know because so many of these. The juicy wants to almost feel a little heavy on the on the palate. This was not overwhelming at all. Those does juicier wins. The you know they make the oats in it and they they do everything that kind of pump up the body on this one still got a very nice light body. Nice Fish. Nice Multi finish to it as well Very good and I liked the Piney nece in there to kind of balances out the the lemon and it's it's nice to have some other finishes not what I expected when I heard juice juicy. I'm thinking just complete juicy Hayes Bob but this was a well-balanced beer and I have to take the can art on it too. It's pretty red just saying pretty red because I like did you listen to the art show acceptive anyways from evergreen the juice juicy we re-did this one a four now. Our third beer. The day is from wall. Impo PACK Wallin Paul Peck Walk Up. Excuse you it's the logger mouth. So what's interesting about this one? They they have a large mouth with Ip a which is a a staple at the brewery but they decided to logger that and this is the result so far these that similar of a beer as far as you know the grain bill and the and the hawks are using they're just different fermentation as far as we know there. It's pretty much the same beer. But she's logger. They look so different. Maybe gives the Easter time to settle out because the large mouth is. He's got a nice haste to this locker. Mouth is crystal clear. Yeah Yeah I think they've definitely blog it out then maybe even feel too because it is crystal-clear well I did not like either one of these beers My notes here on the lager. It's just too sweet Into better it was just way way way Doug Timeout. Yeah it's too sweet and bitter what you just say I know. That's what I'm saying is is that I'm saying that neither one of those are working. Well they're they`re. They're not in balance there fighting with each other. Okay so okay. I What I love about this beers. Just it's got some of the traditional flavor. She wanted an IPO or appeal candidate. Grapefruit Piney resume all working together and Mike is Right. There's that not quite carefully. Malt sweetness. But there's a malt sweetness through the middle of this but I think on the back end of bitterness does kind of balancing Kendall said I was right. That's what I heard all the way right man just enough just enough so in looking at the description of this it says that they Did do a slight tweak to the green bill from the large mouth. Ipa Six and a half percent. This doesn't feel six and a half percent to me does it say with tweak was now it just says it tweaked guessing. They pulled out maybe a little higher protein grains. Yeah because the thing. Yeah there's just such a radical difference between just the look of these two beers almost saying color. Yeah but it is definitely very different. Yeah Yeah it is. I liked both of those beers but I definitely like the her mouth. Owning did not like yes. Mike Okay we get that. But you're you're no it's US three score back to drinking your aid. Hey did this is kind of what I want an IPO BE. You know it's not a common style but when people mail it it's such a good it is it combined it turns some of the things that people don't like about. Ipa's Kinda cleans the mountain. You know like makes it a nice finish where it doesn't burn you out at the end like a big bitter finish. It just kind of goes away. Yeah and and that's what that logging does to this it. Just it's got such a great finish that you want to well. I WANNA drink it all day. So the logger mouth from WALL IMPO PECK. Burry way rated four. Julius Grey is next to wall and Paul Pack yes in the middle of Lake Wallah PA. Actually it's on the right like corner young. The right over there at the end of this dirt road. You'RE GONNA see a guy with one arm. Okay he's GonNa try to flag you. Now don't stop turn right and go down to the end where you see like a giant tree with a dent in it. Then you go left. That's the gophers trail okay. Those are people lost remained in eastern. Pa They they just settled there. They were trying to get to the ocean. They're like you know what you just lay. No Ocean whatever. Yeah it's water. Let's stop. I'M TIRED. Oh look they're amish Is better cheese anyway. The last one of our top picks I am very proud that this is in our top. It's from trucks. He Hey I love you this is trail day. They're dry hopped Pale Ale. This is five and a half percents. this is the beer. You want in hand when your compass lands you at trails end. The scene is set with a multi bill full of soft oats unmelted wheat from Pennsylvania at Hayes and props up the oils of a bright hop combination. Citra dominance with notes of passion fruit and light. She Lotus Attentive Orange Rind Vanilla and Eldorado works with a fruit forward yeast to pull flavors of Candy Peach and beneath. That is a foundation of good. I can get a Lotta what they just said. Yeah I have to say scenario is playing pretty well into this beer at peach is definitely there. It's definitely there but That foundation of good. It's you can taste it jake. Classic good solid Pale. This is something that will definitely play into a great beer at the end of whatever you know miserable. No happy strange. Because you're you're right here in Scranton not really fan button. Band wants to know. This is very tasty too you know like I like that. It's a dry up Pale Ale because people don't usually do that you know everyone wants to go. Yep You get more balanced with the Malt hops when you do a Pale Ale then you generally do with an Ip and dry hopping the the Pale gives you just the nice flavors and Aromas from the hops and not any of the bitterness or anything. It's very nice very easy. Took beer still finishes with enough bitterness to know that you're drinking a pretty solid payless. Absolutely now it's not sweet. No no but it's very fruity and I've never had lotus hops before so this was like this is what made me go This will be never even heard of Lotus hops. Yeah they're the ones where the little things are kind of crossed over each other so really it was. The flavor of the Lotus is imparting. And it's got to be that floral thing loaded is Orange Vanilla which I'm just getting like the slight hint of orange but I'm getting a bit more floral than Orange Ryan. Vanilla Orange Cream cicle is pure does have that Orange Cream. Single tastes going on. We may just be ourselves into some of this but I actually do kind of a definitely got. The peach definitely got some floral notes in some candied fruit to now. I don't think I've come background and had Something from this brewery see they have They do mad Elf right nugget. Nectar Nuggets Jersey. Probably the other thing I have quite a bit of and that's probably the one thing that I've pulled out when people ask me. What does you know what do Nugget Hop? What is that? That's totally the beer. The you know I would pull out and go this. Is it man all the way you know? there's not like a huge blend of anything in that Nugget Hop but I don't think I've had this pail Before and I really think it's new and it's a limited release so I guess the thing that I always think of them as making a lot of beers with a lot of flavor and to make something as a really good solid Pale and very good at that yeah I guess I just wouldn't have come out and said well. Yeah I think that you know they would make a really good pill having all those different flavor. Yeah No. It's not surprising they knock this out of the park. Yeah they did and so the trail day from trucks. We rated a four as well beer. True Yep okay okay makes you. WanNa run right up the Hershey highway right up right up in there waiting to reuse that line for at least fifteen minutes yes. It'd be known foul find just foul K. Fair or foul. Yeah so we're going to switch gears here now and we're GONNA go to Goza country. I'm GonNa go there were so this is from last minute brewing again in Scott Township. Pa and it's called Time Goza by faster. Hey you guys WanNa know what is cool about road trips in. Pennsylvania is listening to your. Gps TRY TO PRONOUNCE THE NAME OF ICE. So it's kind of like demon burrowed. Yeah yes so. Just go to turn left on Demon Bruin. So there's a street that it's called the numbering him. Yeah but when you hear that's exactly when you hear your. Gps TRY TO PRONOUNCE IT. They all urged onto really parkway right so like in one hour you will reach Wilkes Bar. They don't do well Yeah well so you're saying e need like a a ways eastern PA dialogue. They should do. Regional thing welcomed Eastern. Pa contract and present don't for the major cities where there's unique pronunciations like Nashville. Yeah who would ever guest of La Fayette Street? Yes yeah I agree. Maybe maybe there's something personal dialect to now. Oh I think that's a winner. That's right up here. Did Demon Bruin turn left? Great Aunt Chicken right there that Boston up just a little bit No No. It was a national accent. A all right up here on the left over there where the captain days used to be eight known. That's a Mexican buffet. That's like the eighth one there on the block across the strange which way to look three to not a meeting. Why but a maverick. That'd be great. Should how we can do all those items screw up at least half of them. Go screw them all at mind. Don't don't short change yourself. Everybody has to have a goal. Okay well the time goes faster. Yeah let's let's reel it in. Here is a kettle. Sour goes it with Coriander Pink Himalayan Sea salt blackberries raspberries and strawberries added. Why would you call? It goes a kettle sour. They would never make it in a footer. I mean that would be ridiculous stupid. Anybody anybody who made a key or blended. Goza with some food or would just be stupid. That's the opposite of this beer would absolutely which is really good. Yeah the thing that really caught my attention with this beer was definitely in the mouth feel it was very sick very tasty and everybody's nodding your head. Yes that's it's beautiful gorgeous color gorgeous. Paint looks different than everything else on the table and its heart and it's not overly sour. It's just still surprised with all these fruits. That could. Oh Boy Mike enjoying this. It's really good strawberries overwhelming the raspberry. They're a little bit but well we'll be right back. After this brief message the snozzberries show. Hey tap heads. I'm Greg from the unfiltered gentleman craft beer. Podcast join Dan. Scott and I every week as we discuss review and keep you hydrated with some of the best beer that the craft world has ever in addition to all the amazing beer. We also run down. The biggest stories in boos news conduct the most important beer science and share booze hat to make your life easier all keeping things fun in life. We also get reviews from friends around the globe. Every few episodes we sit down with the head. Brewer owner of a local brewery to sample their beer discuss their craft and learn the story behind their passion. So as soon as you're done listening to the good old boys at Sips Suds and smokes. Grab a beer and stay hydrated with us. Every week you can find the unfiltered gentlemen wherever you get your podcast or head over to the unfiltered gentlemen. Dot Com cheers. Everybody hey welcome back to and smokes on today's episode we're talking about Beers from eastern. Pa and making fun of every single name possibly imagine we were just talking from the WHO in Rolla Brewery. We have The Goza which as time goes by Faster than we were discussing. You're at the break. Yes time by faster. Yeah really great Beer the thing I was thinking about During break there was just we've had so many goes and You know if you had told me that. Yeah this is this. This is a really good fruit it goes. I would gun great. That's number like eight hundred forty five you know and I just I actually This is very novel in good and I really think it stands out. You know 'cause we have had so many you know fruited goes as that. I'd just to say that it would. Yeah I'm really excited about it. You know it was like a whole mission is another piece. You know on Blah Blah Blah. Berry thing you know but no. This one's really tasty. I like the salinity that you get in the beginning you know before you even get to the fruit. I think that's really nice. And it just carries through the entire time even to the end and Lake subtle. It's not over now. No no no no no. And that's what's great because so many of them so in your face that you don't even get to taste the fruits that are there. Yeah so listen. If you're not familiar with this style. Beer goes a. We have a great episode in our back. Catalog called who goes to their it. Features eight minutes of the best eight minutes on radio about how to say. The word goes out. Did a long time ago with Chris But it'll teach you a little bit about some of the taste profile. We talk a little bit about using a simulated mall and really how should have that kind of salinity quality that Juliana was talking about there so from last minute. Time goes by faster we rated this one of three GROZA. Now let's switch gears again and go back to our pack and talk about the large mouth. Ip a the six point eight percent IPA. That is the what started. Well what was the beginning before they decided to go all lottery with it so this is a birthday. Yes this is what birthday. This is brewed with Chinook. Simcoe CITRA hops and it is six point five percent. Tell us why you hate it. I did not like it was bitter wasn't not balanced. I you know I wasn't a fan of any of the wall and Paul Pack Beers I I didn't like the lager didn't like the the large Large mouth and I didn't like the The coffee all right so kindle. Tell us why he's wrong was too words this Chinook simcoe. I mean I love the classic bitterness and this and then that you don't see in a lot of beers the irony of using BUREAUC- cutoff hop called Chinook in a beer. That's named after a bass like that. There you go some fishy about. I think it's I think it's great though because like we're so new England ties for lack of a better word now. Is that a word. I just made it well. You are from eastern. Pa The home of shabby the the other town glass. So I I really I enjoy this And I like it for the Piney nece in the earth that frank's goodness net bitterness. Clyde is it is but it does have a little bit of that freeness to to. It's kind of riding set. Sorta third hop coming in there the Tiny tiny which which Chinook simcoe. And what was the other one sicher? Let's see a little bit of modern flavor in there but it works really well. It is what we rate this well. Most of US rated the woollen Paul Pack Large Mouth. India Pale eighth three new now. Something completely different in. This group is from Sony Creek in Kutztown the X. Reserve. It's a five point. Two percent peach end ginger says on its peachy all I got was ginger the when I first took a sniff of this to me. It's a lot of ginger. I get some ginger but I get some peach. I think the peach may be coming out. Moore's warmed or something I don't know. Yeah he m made me on the nose. Yeah Wow on the flavor to. There's a ton of interest there wasn't there he's out there. The has really showed up peacebroker. I'm with kindle. The Ginger was actually forward when this was crack. Fresh and It's flipped around and not only did the peach. Come forward but go us we're Yeah Um for sure I just needed to open up a little bit. I think it's gorgeous And as it's warming it's gotten even better get the peach. Ginger play really well together. They do just compliments. Cezanne. This fruity history and weirdness. I think this is the first as on that. I've had with this combo you know of spice slash fruit together. They give we've had peach and gender I don't know if we've had an interface on style I'm thinking like a farmhouse style. For some reason you know trying to do that would have been How somebody in Colorado Odell? That was a party. You went to and there were some tales. There is no Dell Dell beer that both the girls there Beijing job so my own tasting notes. Here light Good Fair Balance About this I don't particularly like how this is warmed up. I actually enjoyed it. Fresh and cooler so You like more ginger forward with a little more of a bite yeah I did The sugars are just kind of overwhelming. this a bit. Yeah right now so okay. Well I think this beer eight it it kind of shows you that. If you do like it I would drink it fast. If you don't like it if I let it hang out for a little bit maybe you will. You know it's going to be something different. And that's the interesting thing about some of these beers like if you sip on it for a little bit and let it sit for for a while in kind of come up in tamp- is GonNa Change Terrapin. Beer tastes a lot like this. I can't yeah. It was a peach terrapin. Beer tastes it a whole lot like this name related marijuana. No well from Sony Creek Their ex reserve. We read it a three jobs. Eight Twenty eight twenty peach coney island to see. Okay moving on from conshohocken brewing company Conshohocken. I don't understand what you guys are having such a big deal about this. It just rolls off the tongue. This is that what it does. How much how many fast food joints and Konczal a few a few. Yeah any worse than some of the southern Indian names like Mingo or KOSCO. Yeah those you can say I mean those role. Oh yeah those are tug. Really take okay. Let's talk about type. A seven percent west coast Ip. Well if there's anyone who's an expert on Taipei it's Mike so go ahead. This was just a good solid west. Coast IFA. This definitely Rang every bell You know spit right out of the BBC Gp Wow oh boy is this a town in PA? Your thank you know Jay. Jcp guide life. Yes Rove right off the to- right. Yeah con shock and B. J. C. B. So I you know it's just it has That touch burnt caramel. That you know I think you really kind of looking for with a west coast That's really kind of the key thing that I always think of. This was classic. The the first thing I got on the noses those huge grapefruit around us take a taste of that. Piney resume bitterness. Do get those Caramel malts. It's classical school west coast and his. It's warmed up. That bitterness is in your face yeah a little more subtle when it was cold but I agree. It is a great old school now warmed up. I think I like it even better. I'm with you It it almost gives a candied grapefruit kind of flu with that. Caramel mall coming out. One is what is the name of the Burri in San Diego that makes West Coast that. They may have a free down two hundred of them. I know it's it's reminds me of the Green Flash West Coast type. This takes me back to when I I really got into beer. You know and I mean not just my local stuff but just the west coast style was right there and this just takes me back to that. Yeah and like when Green Flash came to Tennessee and it was such a big thing blah blah blah. This is this is art and I. I think it's great and I hope the key brewing this because again in a day and age of all these kneipp's it's nice to see this out there and it's such a classic style so from Conshohocken the Taipei. We gave a three as well conscious. Okay let's talk about some of the other one supposed to those Kendall and Mike have you guys ever getting social music beer in Pennsylvania. Yeah Weird Law. They're like you can only buy a certain amount that's correct. Yeah it's there and it crosses over between both on premise and package beer. Yeah yeah actually you can drink more in person than you can buy and a package store. Yeah they know what you're taking it home. Yeah drinking here buddy. Yeah they they really have. That's the way a lot of the localities tend to favour things as they want you to to buy. Buy The beer at the bar and it is a distinct difference like some package stores are like you have to buy buy buy the twelve pack or whatever correct but then what what. School is like what they call Beer Delis and so you go. It's a beer store and you can buy one off. Yep and we. We found a lot of those really cool thing and their grocery stores have way better beer selection than we have down here too. Yeah let's TRUTV have planet Sir. Sure I'm blaming spark you for that one. I blame Phil Bredesen's judgment that up. It's got to be his fault. Well and the warm place that we went to in Philadelphia which you know kind of like blew me away was the richmond bottle shop which was inside and I g so it looked like Janki. Kind of not great. It's not me but it actually. There was a great selection There was a really cool section and we were able to buy a ton of one offs out of the Cooler while you know when I was there in Philly I had a client in the area. There was a there. Was exactly what you're describing. It was a it was a beer store. That had a deli in it actually. They had pretty good chicken In their go figure but it was it. Was you know it was an ethnic guy? that I WANNA say they were Turkish or Indian big difference. I know Turkish. She was in India deserve Turkish. I don't you know beer in that place. I wish I could remember. The name of it was next to a mall. That was directly on the Far Eastern side of Philly right before you across into Jersey and It was just They always had really great beer there and that was my favorite package store but the thing I enjoyed was you're able to get something pretty decent eight there but you. There's no way you would eat their. You know you would take it into go away. So yeah this place. Had some pretty nice looking pickled eggs. I don't remember any chicken. I'd pickled eggs. They were pink. They will pickled. Eggs is a thing. Yes it's a thing I like them. I like. I'm glad to get a free t shirt just for saying that the pickled egg council just a thousand bucks doors pick you go sales okay. Well then just briefly the pack brass GonNa read this type type. A is a nicer shown up. He's thinking about pickled eggs and Turkish or Turkish. I guess well okay. Let's briefly just talk about the pack and Brass Pup Wallin Paul Pack yes. It's a six point. Eight percent coffee. Ipa Are you said I. It's very blonde looking. It's the coffee is very heavy in their nails at warms up but I still like and it was. It was really good at the brewery to talk. I feel like the coffee flavors. A little muddy. It just doesn't cooperate. With what the hops are doing. This is interesting beer. I'm glad I tried it but I don't think I can drink a pint of the you know you know you had those blonde Coffee Stoute's you know that have tried to do this. Absolutely one of the Cream styles the cookies and cream at new heights. That is a great beer. You know Or it's coffee and cream chocolate and coffee cream but cookies and cream is great too. Yeah but this is not working for sure at all so we have this one like ever a deuce well. I think that's going to about do it for us here. Cain yeah yeah definitely a lot of things that you know. We've had on the show before I've been to that part of the world but they're a bunch of beers Catholic juice juice is still hanging on me man. I would go back. Yeah yeah that was that was but I think you know they have a good variety of different styles. And I think it's worth the trip going back. Julia is proud of our homes. You think family or not it's A. Pa is the best place ever well. That's going to do it for us. You can always find us where you found this episode as well as Radio Satellite Online. It apple podcast. Google podcast iheartradio spotify. And nearly any place you listened to a podcast the easiest way to find the show on your phone is to ask Alexis Siri or Google play. Podcast SIPS SUDS and smokes. We love your feedback and you can reach US online. Anytime at Info at subsides smokes dot com our daily tasting notes flow out on twitter and instagram. Every day at Simpson smokes facebook pages. Always blessing with lots of news. Please take the time to rate episode. If you're listening online fivestarsoap Kendall please tell us about your blog. Beautiful Wife and I blog about the good news of good beer at near makes three DOT com. Dave thank you for being here. You know what it was. My pleasure wrote down his favorite top twenty names of towns in Philadelphia that he is trying to pronounce hugger towns and Philadelphia Town. More more beer at table six. Wow what could Kendall? I enjoyed the beers. Somebody did go boy. Mike did enjoy like two of them. Are FAITH EARIER. Where winning comeback join us once again for another exciting episode of Beat. Mike up I'll ask you a coupon sipping this. Juliana sending love to my home state. Catchy next time on chuckling and by by this has been a one ten ham production of Simpson's and smokes a program devoted to the appreciation of some of the finer slices of lighting from the dude in the basement studios your host. The good old boys will see all next time.

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