Pompatus of Love | 06/12/19


Pat grade is here on the blaze radio network. Welcome says bad great. You know, so people Mr. app. Mr. Twitter mister steak, Mr. Zaza. We've found out yesterday Zaza some call me the space cowboy some call me the gangster of love. Some people call me MAURICE, but I speak of the pompous of love. And I guess that's where start today. Maurice. Now. I didn't know that. Yes. Some people do you picker. No. Okay. You the. Paul king, or going to join us later onto the disturbing trend about expanding the acceptance of socialism in the country. She's so we'll we'll get into that with him. Yeah. He wrote that book on on that communist mentor of Barack Obama years ago. If you remember that. Yes, What's his face. Gosh, man. Frank marshall. Yes, Frank Marshall Davis. Good book. Yeah. He does some research, man. All right. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three ended Pat unleashed on Twitter. Smirk smirk at tweets, I had a gastric bypass surgery, a few years ago, lost a lot of weight. 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She just passing symbol, some thoughts onto us here, hasn't some thoughts on. She says I about ready to my blade subscription, right? She said, what I about ready to dump by Blake subscription. Because for all the airtime, you and Glenn give to all the abortion all the time programming. She's talking about you. Yes. You and Glenn, Glenn, given all the time to abortion. Okay. Not you or Glenn have given one single minute to addressing the behavior of men. Which is not true, Glenn. I just last week. What I was on the show. It was even Monday, talked about the behavior of men and why some men are pro-life, probably because they want to leave that option open of all. Yeah. Well, they'll just give you five hundred bucks and you can, you can get yourself in abortion, so that they can have their cake, and eat or two. We just members talked about that. I remember. Anyway. This is why the left says it's about controlling women. Not once I seen either of you get one your soapbox. Get one yourself boxes about demanding that men, respect women that men abstain that men quit joking with their buddies about how they got something from this girl or that. When I see so many comments from your fans, use the she should have thought of that before she spread her legs posts it makes me one of 'em it in a why. Because none of them ever say he should've kept it in his pants. Well, of course I mean. I mean, there's we can't cover every every single possible. Position on every single possible story or issue the issue right now is killing babies. Okay. And, and it is women killing babies. Yeah. Stuff killing babies, and they're going to have sex talk. I think we talk about the right way to act. And, and. You know Christian principles Christian Judeo principles. They're included in that. I don't know that we can cover every single aspect of humankind. But. Here. She says the. He should have been a many and married, her should have been a while. He should have been a many should have been a many. What do you think she's going for the old Mary, her should have been a man should have been a man? I'll let you put away though. Auto corrects should've had a many and married her type this on our phone. He should be demanding male birth control options. Nope. All you do address women's behavior you rail about sex trafficking will. Yeah, that's kind of helping women. Right. But skip the part that the demand side comes from men. I don't think we have skip that part, frankly, I've actually heard men who claim to be conservative and Christian say their sex chat with their sons is some women are for keep and others are for practice. I've never heard that one. Never heard. Wait. What was it some some, some women for keep and others for practice? And that's saying that that's like the sex talk that, yes, I guess, with her sons. I mean not. I've never heard of that women are for keeping. Women. Pract greg. Right now. Go wash it. Never heard that one brought home some possum Iran over on the way home material. Your momma was good for practice. Didn't came no talk. Well, I've not heard those your sister for that matter. No. I mean, come on, really I have never heard that ever, not once I've never heard. That sounds like this is a person with a man problem and I can't help you with that. Sorry as I recall, Jesus stopped people from stoning. Mary. Magdalene is how this winds up. Yes, he did. And. Okay. All right. Well, he was a responsible guy there. So, yeah, Jesus model your life after him. Right. You look at that. See we just talked about men behavior. We did. Yep. Gave Jesus props there. He also total told her to go and sin, no more. So I'll turn it back on the woman. Now, Pat, which is a good moment finishing on a high note and talking about the Lord. And now you have to bring it back to the Lord said, you know. So can't make everybody happy. I mean, and you know all of that's implied. I think you know we. I mean, nobody condones men acting like douche begs. None of us can condone that Glenn doesn't condone that, I don't condone that we certainly don't act that way in our own lives. Skipped over Jeffey there. Well, yeah, I mean wanting men act like deuce better be here in twenty twenty five minutes. All right. He's here today, could ask him about it, but I can't we just on the same team barb, barb. Yeah. We, we want babies live. Let's not Fisher at this point. Please and stepped leaving your bingo card out man you're going to give people. They can see it from that angle. I think so. Yeah, it was right there. Hey, if you haven't caught up get to the eight minute Mark of Wednesday's show to see where we're not get off. Tell them. Even worse. Blaze, TV dot com. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. All right. I consider myself chest is so we're gonna turn this thing around, and then now all right. Okay. Good. I mean obviously you shouldn't be getting women pregnant, if you're not willing to follow through if you're not marrying that person if you're, if you're not married to I mean, I'm a Christian, I believe in. Not having premarital sex or post marital for that matter, unless it's with the person you married. I want to get married that's over practices. It's over. All right. Moving on moving onto the women's team last night. Oh, yeah. Oh, soccer. Ever thailand. I might have to start watching soccer. This is like you know, because a one to nothing beating in soccer is like, well that's an insurmountable lead of one to nothing this. So. When it's for teen to nothing that would be like in football, winning one hundred forty to nothing. This was while I just started getting nothing. The alerts on my phone yesterday. I'm like, wait. She slut. In a World Cup game a record margin of victory at the women's World Cup. Alex Morgan tallied five goals by herself Tida tournament record. That's pretty cool. And as I say, in the Article No single stat can do this bloodbath, Justice. Single description can explain just how excellent and ruthless the US was. Good. Yeah. I love it. I love it. Sadly, there's a I don't remember who it is. Is it Alex Morgan? I don't know anyway. One of them doesn't want to. Doesn't wanna put her hand over heart for the for the national anthem. It's not hers, Dan for it or I don't know some weird thing, the Americans battered and bullied and outpaced outplayed their overmatched opponents and they never relented. They're only up three nothing at halftime. And in the second half of the game of the match scored ten more gold. Wow. That's amazing. The final score. See this is why soccer so sad. If the final score it actually stayed three to nothing that, if it self would have been a huge blowout. Yes. Yes. But thirteen to nothing. Wow, Meghan revenue. By the way, is the right. Yeah. No, yeah. I think that's, that's just plain sad. I mean that's a big deal to win thirteen nothing on a soccer game. But it's is it pales in comparison, what the Brave's did last night, hitting four home runs of the course of five batters. Thank you very much. John Bravo's gloves. You've got that in your job. Thank you. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three eighty three love the little back and forth between the president and Joe Biden yesterday man, they don't like each other. This is going to be some kind of campaign, and this is what we said from the beginning, if it's if it's Trump and Biden going head to head. Can you imagine? And we already got a taste of that yesterday. They say we're back and forth at each other. And here here's Biden versus Trump. Trump saying that Biden is mentally weak. A split screen moment, and a possible preview of the general election. He says, let's make America great again, must make America America again. Sleepy. Joe says sleepy guy, former vice president, Joe Biden courting voters in the country's first state looking past his more than twenty democratic opponents and setting his sights squarely on the current commander in chief. I believe that the president is literally an existential threat. Oh, sure. Today, the president taking shots just before leaving on his trip to a state he won in two thousand sixteen. What a man has mentioned my name, seventy six times that season. Trouble are you elevating? Joe Biden by continually attacking, no, I'd rather run against, I think violent than anybody. I think he's the weakest mentally. I like reading it gets people that are with mentally. Yeah. I don't care who you are. You gotta love that. June of twenty nineteen. Right. Can you imagine next summer? Oh, I'm telling you telling you on if those two guys are in the same place at the same time, it would be I think it's even objects. There's a physical altercation between the two no kidding. Okay. It's an old guy fight. Also the president called him a dummy, which. Absolutely love that. Cities, a dummy. It's just great. I mean it's not you know, I don't know that it's presidential but I love it. I'm sorry. Love it. I think this is what debates sound like in the realm of idiot. Crecy the movie that foretells our future. This is we're here. He's weak mentally. He's a dummy. He's a loser. I mean he called him all those things yesterday. Look as immature as Brooke Obama was I just cannot picture him, saying any of this stuff. No. On either side. I can't picture any other president ever saying this kind of stuff can't see him again. That's why he was elected to save his stuff. I don't think Obama would would call another president or presidential candidate existential threat to America either. That's crazy. That's and that's why by deserves it. He deserves being gulled a dummy mentally weak. I mean, you know, it's, it's a little dangerous because Trump's only a few years younger than Biden, what seventy six now and Trump is seventy two seventy six for Biden turned seventy seven member. Yeah. It's been two years. He's seventy two now seventy to look at this in two days, Trump will be seventy three. Wow. Happy birthday. Mr President really in two days, so June fourteenth Seventy-three. Yes, sir. Okay. No fifteenth fourteenth fourteenth. Okay. Nobody going Keith math. Well, I was I was confused as to whether it was the twelfth. Thirteenth twelve. All right. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three we've got that crew's coming up next year. It's going to be something would we love to be there? You bet. Are we going to be? Maybe. But I can tell you this Glenn will be there, Bill O'Reilly Stu, David Barton rabbi lap, and it's a fourteen day adventure. Next spring sailing in the eastern Mediterranean, you're gonna visit, you'll start. 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We all know your Mr. every aspect of humanity. Yes, I do pride myself on covering. Absolutely. Every aspect of every issue every day, all the time, would you say, you know, a little bit about everything? No, I'd say I know a lot about everything. I know everything about everything and cover everything about everything. Wow. Every day awesome. I can't wait to talk about Olympic field hockey. I mean, our podcast is so dense people got have to go back through it. And listen over and over and over to each episode just to pick up the subtle nuances of all the all the information, I disseminate information overload, and I will. And I will any what's her face tweets regarding abortion and having babies. Yes. Both parties hold equal responsibility. But one of the two is involved sort of the gatekeeper. Yeah, that I mean that's really true. But again, barb that does not. Clear men of their responsibility in this they should keep it in their pants. Absolutely. You know, unless you're married and you're ready to have kids while then have at it. Right. We're supposed to multiply, and replenish the earth. But. I, I don't think we've ever can don't guys be douchebag. Lone wolf twenty nine sixty five so will the show name be changing to MAURICE unleashed as a nice little ring to it mall. Unleash see get my sign right for you and everything. Well, I mean it could be space cowboy to right. It could be the gangster of love. It could be motoring. He's unleashed. But you know again I speak of the pompous of love, I don't have enough room on my whiteboard for lyric. There cowboy. I don't think the pump is of love has ever been explained. What it, what is that? I've never taken the time to even look that word up. Look it up. Let's look it up today, and now in see what that means because I don't think I know everybody sings it, and nobody knows they're singing about nobody knows okay? It's like the metric system. There's just no way to tell you way. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three speaking of abortion. We got all these businesses now claiming that abortion is necessary to be a successful business. Oh. I mean, they've tried a lot of tactics on his to try to justify murdering babies, but this one may take the cake top executives more than one hundred eighty companies have signed a letter that says abortion is essential in order for people to be successful in their businesses. Really? Fascinating when everyone is empowered to succeed, our companies, our communities and our economy are better for it. Don't ban equality. So by having a Boertien you've been empowered to succeed at what murder okay restricting access to comprehensive reproductive care, again, killing children is not reproductive care. That's not including abortion threatens the health independence, economic stability of our employees. And our customers simply put it goes against our values and is bad for business their values while that's an interesting value, it impairs our ability to build diverse and inclusive workforce, pipe pipelines, recruit top talent across the states, and protect the wellbeing of all people who keep our businesses, thriving day in and day out. Access to reproductive care. Means everyone succeeds including well, everyone except the baby who's being murdered. That person doesn't succeed. But this includes companies communities and the economy, along with the hundred and eighty at companies we've signed today's historic New York Times statement, affirming, the importance of reproductive health to equality in the workplace at one of the things was desperate be able to recruit quality talent in doesn't lessen the talent pool lemony this. Well, but I would love to hear from someone who was going to take a job like man, I don't wanna take this job in Alabama. We're gonna take this job in New York. Yeah. 'cause well. Well. He's right up until birth, so cost of living's, higher, New York, bundling they're able to a life, right? If I want to New York employee of mine might be able to terminate. And we want that we want that dumbest thing Fetig mean seriously, they're really desperate right now. The list includes slack, technologies, Bloomberg LP MAC, cosmetics, H, M, yelp solid, these all of these internet companies. All of these apps are headed by progressives square Inc. Course Ben and Jerry's. Communists, the two of them. They should do a Karl Marx flavor. The Karl Marx flavor. Does it taste like the blood of innocence? Yes. Okay. Karl Marx read the blood of a hundred million people included right in the ice cream Atlantic records and Warner Music group pop sugar hint incorporated. The body shop US, of course, Jack Dorsey CEO Twitter signed the letter for his company and is other digital company square. Don't ban equality. Equality while that's how is that equal men can't have abortions. Right. You know what doesn't equal to pass laws that allow for men to have abortions. Right. This isn't dumbest. Well, they will. They will cause the trans thing. The absolutely will letter. Was it Kirsten? Gillibrand. Sounds like sounds like her stuff. Doesn't it? This is hard to get through Keith started playing this yesterday. I'm like, no. Do this. Once. Showed them all. I don't even know if I can get through it once here, she is comparing pro-life activists to racists. I think it's it's wrong to deny women, basic reproductive, freedom, basic reproductive, freedom worried about judicial independence but imposing litmus test on your nominees long been seen as an in crying on independence. Are you doing some issues that are much more thirty? We have a society decided that the other side is not acceptable. Imagine saying that it's okay to appoint a judge who's racist or anti semitic or homophobic, Kelly asking someone to point someone takes away, basic human rights of any group of people in America. I think that we are we've, we've I, I don't think those take human life. We believe in this country and the separation of church and state, and I respect. Of every American don't hold their religious beliefs shoes for themselves entry in our constitution has always demanded that we have a separation of church and state and all by President Trump and other radical conservative judges injustices to impose their faith on Americans is contrary to our constitution. And that that's what this is. So I believe that for all of these issues, they are not issues that there is a fair other side. There's no moral equivalency when you come to racism. And I do not believe there's a moral equivalency when it comes to changing laws. That's women reproductive freedom. That is terrible. Terrible, so you can use that as litmus test. It's gotten so bad with these radical extremists Democrats, there now grilling judicial nominees over their official of over there -ffiliated, with groups like the knights of Columbus. And it's so bad that Ben Sasse the other day, it was mocking them by asking. Peter Phipps, who is a, a nominee to be a federal judge. He asked him are you now. Or have you ever been involved in the organization of fish fry? So Greek because he's fantastic. I love Ben Sasse and because they're asking about their affiliation with the knights of Columbus. I'm sorry. Are you involved with the rotary club? Have you ever been to a moose lodge? Have you ever been bowling with a moose lodge group of people with a group of people who have a socio with a moose lodge? No. I know where did you get that? I know I don't think so I, I don't maybe when it was really, really young, but I've since worn off the moose. Have you ever driven their lodges driven by a moose launch? Well, could you plan an alternate route that took you somewhere other than your purposefully? Dr not that I not that I can recall. I plead the fifth, I plead, the fifth adjourned get the witness outta here. He's always in a qualified for this position. That's who these people are. Now, this is such a witch hunt on every issue. If you're religious sorry, you've got no place in our society. Now, the left can do. I mean Nancy Pelosi can talk about the word. Of course, the word is the word, of course we all know. How that informs public policy? So that's okay, if you're a democrat, and if you don't really believe in, because what informs her policy making? Doesn't seem to be the word because Jesus never taught that it was okay to have abortions. Can you really imagine the Jesus would condone abortion? Can you are really imagined that after he, he sent that precious being to you? He be okay with you killing it. Really? I don't think so. I don't think so. Just a recap a presidential candidate for twenty twenty. Here's Jilib ran has basically said that pro-life being pro-life is the same as being resumed. Right. You're a racist. You're the equivalent of a racist. If you're pro fortunately, taken man, here's the one one good poor part of that. Kirsten gillibrand has no chance of becoming president of the United States, and we all know it, so I'm not going to get to work up about it, even though I already have. But I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna try to call myself in the knowledge that there's no way she wins. What does she is? She even at one percent. Yes. He's read. She might be at one. She's registered one percentage point. So congratulations on that Kirsten again, these extremists. They're frightening. They're absolutely frightening. All right. Scientists have just found a correlation between of course, we know about the growing rates of obesity. But they also found that processed foods lead you to overeat as well. So the bottom line is you need fresh vegetables in your diet. And just one scoop field of greens has a full serving of real USDA, certified organic fruits and vegetables. You just put a scoop of it into eight ounces of water or a smoothie and you're good to go. Go to brickhousechad dot com. Get fifteen percent fifteen percent of your first order, when you use the offer code Pat brickhouse, Pat dot com. For everybody. Waiting on the definition of pompous. I know that's what ninety three percent of the audience, I would say more than that made up word, apparently from Steve Miller, just as I thought it's an unusual word is the description of Wikipedia used by Steve Miller famously in his seventy three hit the joker. It's probably a corruption or imagined version of the word puppet Tooth's, no way. So an original coinage written by a fourteen year old Vernon green subsequently released in nineteen fifty four as the do up song. The letter performed by himself and medallions. Okay. All right. So there you go a little bit too much token going on by space coupla. That's so well he is a Toker smoker. Naito writer. Love on the run which far but thank you for reminding us, that's a bad thing. Stop it. Steve do not get your Lovin on the run. No. They say no, I don't know what they say. Keeps not keeps keep keep L summer for practice. Keep over coop. Yeah. So I'm sorry. Right. Right. Right. Oh, that happened. Means. So we got a little entertainment news. This is actually breaking news if I were to say to you. Hey, do you think Steve Lawrence is still alive? You'd say, no most people would say who, like Stephen Eddie. Yes. Yes. Even the but he is. He was just diagnosed with Alzheimer's very set on eighty three. I didn't even realize he was still around. But it was very sad. That's a disease. I know. That's I do not want that at it's the most frightening thing. We have to have a cure to that. Yes, please. Any kind of dementia. Alzheimer's, any of that needs to be. Yeah. Yep. I wanted to probably need a paper towel or something to dry your eyes because I Kleenex maybe this week this past weekend right weekend. Selene dion. Performed her last show, the loss. Big don't say that don't say that. The tears. Don't don't paper products in this joint has been. It's been sixteen years on no since she started in Las Vegas has it really it's, it's over now. Don't say why. So you're live man. She's done enough in beg. It's she's announced to. Courage world tour was going to start. So, so let me just put into a chance to see her. Do still have a chance to see her in Las in Las Vegas. That's a little less sad. But. So she's done sixteen years in Vegas over a thousand over eleven hundred shows actually in Vegas for selene Dion. Kicking sales in excess of four hundred million dollars. That's pretty good gig for her. She doesn't wonder where her next meal is coming from. But she might though because she's actually lost a bunch of ways she's looking thin. People are worried. Really? Yeah. She's got a new boyfriend new hot young. Boyfriends, he's low. Yeah. Her word, I think. Right. And he, he was worth a few bucks to independently. Yes. Was he really is? So Cillian is not concerned. I remember correctly quite a bit older than she was that was one years as more. Yeah, she's coming here in February third twenty twenty we'll be sure to. So you go to that, right? Before you go on the on the spring cruise in the Mediterranean. What a way to start your vacation, what we're gonna be. Actually, the show is actually nice to stop the show in the middle of it. Some guy got up to go to the bathroom, and she just stopped. We'll wait what she waited for the guy to go to the bathroom, and come back. It's funny actually funny. It's really funny. She gave him what you gave them a hard time about being broke now. We'll wait. You spend a lot of money for these tickets. Cool. That's it's funny and it's it's nice, but. Chance to see our Vegas. Again. Very sad, Tournant dang darn tower residencies stay there little bit longer book there. Yeah. But for some reason when I imagined it'd be in Vegas. I don't imagine what a selene Dion concert. Oh, you can't drag me away. Oh, other things happening for you. Yes. Yes. Practice. Some of. Okay. Vegas saying there. And then that stays someone from practice some of there's nothing for keeping Vegas. News. Justin Bieber wants to wants to fight. Tom. Cruise. Yeah. That's a weird thing. Really weird thing. He challenged Hollywood star Tom Cruise to UFC fight on social media. He just had the big outburst said, hey, I wanna challenge Tom Cruise to a fight in the octagon. You don't take this fight. You're scared that you will never live it down him cleaning up his life really still on why I don't know. I don't know Conor McGregor. He had involved. He said, hey, I'll host the fight. If compro- man enough to accept the challenge. Mcgregor sports entertainment, will host it. He then then kind of Gregor said, you know what I'll even I'll even throw a fight out there. Let me fight Mark Wahlberg bring him on Marky, Mark. I'll fight him octagon too. So he wants a part of. No, I don't know. I don't know. I just I think that just an is trying to stay maybe a little relevant Tom. On the other hand, does not need just, you know, he, he does not need this fight. In fact, people were commenting that they would pay to see, you know, the Tom Cruise fight, and that he that Tom would absolutely beat the crap out of Justin Bieber. I would I don't know just as a pretty good shape. And he's so Tom, have you seen? I know shirt off. I know what fifty six year old man, and he's kind of jumped up on the couch for Oprah and all that stuff. Right. He's got. Yeah. Yeah. So a lot of people believe Tom would win and win. Yeah, I think so, too. I think it'd be fun. But you know one person asked Tom Cruise wondering who's just Bieber. Justin who so good luck with that. Well, more news on the Woodstock fifty. I know you were looking forward to going to Woodstock was I ever and I you know, it's still could have I can't get enough canned heat just kill could happen. But it doesn't look good. I of course the festival faced a series of setbacks again, last came Monday when Watkins Glen international announced it's not hosting the diversity. It's over. It issued a two sentence statement. That's how much it meant to them. Two sentences. It's we terminated the site license for the upstate festival. It's pursuant to the contract. We're not doing a nice day. So the people are still saying, well, we could still find another place. We could still make it happen supposed to happen in August. Yeah. So good. I know I know. And you're right and can't heat is we're gonna have Jay z, right? Santana Miley, Cyrus Miley. Right. John Fogerty hasn't gained bell. Who's there at the first one dead and company and imagine dragons, no can't heat though can't heat is not part of it doesn't say it here. Now, maybe they are maybe especial of Justice. Camden full the plug on the right without can't heat. You can't you can't. Maybe that's why I walked Glenn shut it down. If you're not hearing country. Oh man classics, right? Yeah. I don't like magic dragons either is that just me. Maybe I'm the only I think you are the only one really well seven. As some of the stuff some of the songs that was the same. Yeah. The last right. So you do you do say is that. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. That's where you're at with them. So if you hear once, and you really like it like the first time you hear them all, actually. Good. And then, like you said is that. Yeah. Okay. Same thing. Thunder. Thunder thunder other one that does change the track. That's the one I was thinking of name another one word imagine dragons song, because they're a cat. I can't you can't I don't know the radioactive radioactive, right? Lever. Believe her thunder. Thunder. Right. Different different cells. Oh supposedly. But they're not gonna you know. It probably won't happen. So they say they're there. I mean, they seem committed to it. They say it's still going to happen. And they're gonna go lice. Yeah. You got two months better on it. I know they're planning on having a hundred. They were talking about maybe trying to think, and they were gonna have one hundred fifty thousand people there, I read sixty thousand Astro. Well, they were saying that sixty five thousand would be safe and appropriate for most of the places, but they believe we know they're, they're selling it as a hundred fifty thousand it's gonna be free like the original right? There's no way they can put it on free, right? No way. Yeah. And they had that big backer that gave them a bunch of money in the backer was a little while ago. Like we're pulling out. Yeah. Somebody have day. Yeah. At eighteen million. We said we were going to give, you know, no, no more. It's kind of weird. It is people would be pretty committed to dune the anniversary, the fiftieth anniversary. Woodstock seems like a big deal like a big deal. That is an iconic happening. It's an iconic event in American masters. Definitely. I kinda go, there's no way to get around. Most iconic thing ever in music. I'm sure right. You anything bigger. I mean more influential had to be dollar fluential. No, I've got a couple of what a couple of stones, concerts that were big and people got killed. Yeah, but remember Almonte because of the murder, right? So, but for music and the set the scene for America, culture and half a million people there, so, yeah, those big Celine Dion Las Vegas and all their I'm sorry. Jeff just eclipsed. Well, that's, that's what's wrong. Right. Aerosmith is doing their Vegas, stint Selena's in Vegas. Yeah. Yeah. Did you wanna go play in a field nam good here? That's a great gig. You, you know, you make forty one hundred million ago, you you've got a you don't have to go anywhere or three nights a week plus shows, and you're and you're done. That's a good gig. That's it's wheat. You're live at is. Yeah, that's real good. And yourself I mean merchandising all of it. It's a lot of money. Thank you for blazing that trail oak. Don't thank you. Don't do it, man. Don't do it. Me another energy. Need another sandwiches? Lard. You'll be the case. King making me mad. Yeah. Man. I appreciate that my last remaining fan. Thank you, baby. Yeah, you're getting you're getting visibly shaken over there could be. I mean, you're talking about the king making fun of the king, no thinking tribute, okay? To me, Queen, hang on a minute, man. Got a commercial to do. In america. About fifty million of us have. Pull right out of that is one of those. Yeah, he was, but he self Medicated. And that was probably not a good idea to be. Yeah. Did prove not to be? So if you'd like a drug freeway, and this is one hundred percent drugfree relief factor can help you get out of pain. You know, the pain, usually, usually originates from inflammation somewhere and relieffactor works on inflammation. Does a really good job of common that down. And then it takes away your pain, and they have a three week quickstart. Just nineteen ninety five use it for three weeks. If it doesn't work for you. It's not going to discontinue you've lost what twenty bucks up, but seventy percent of the people who start with the quickstart order, more meaning it's working for them, and it could work for you to if you wanna drugfree natural way to ease your pain and get your life back. Go to relieffactor dot com. Relieffactor dot com. Had great. Namie son, Elvis. Go ahead. So if you're looking for a way to make a couple of extra bucks, you're gonna have a company that's going to pay you a thousand bucks to ditch your smartphone. Are you ready to do it for a thousand bucks are going to give you a flip phone provide the participant with the survival kit? A physical map to be used in place of apps. They're going to give you a phone book for jotting down phone numbers of notebooks, CDs with ninety air music on it. And you got to just use the flip phone for a week for thousand bucks. And you got a document everything with a CD with nineteen nineties, nineties era music doesn't say which particular which particular and you only have to use it for a week. Yeah, I do that. I could do that. So I mean, that's the thirtieth anniversary of the flip phone, why they're doing it the frontier more than thirty thousand applicants already so good luck. Good thing is though you have until July first, there's no background check and drug tests so dinner. All right. I got shot. Yes, you do. You still shot. There was a fascinating story about a tourist in Canada. There's a museum, this vermilion heritage museum in Alberta, that had a safe there and people would come to the museum and try to open the safe. They had the safe was there from since the since the eighties, it was given to the museum, and nobody knew the combination, so people would show up at the museum and try to open it get a shot to open. And so this guy shows up couple of weekends ago, and he says, I'll try he puts his ear up to the safe. And he said that when I looked at the safe, this, Stephen Miller, when I looked at the safe, the numbers twenty forty sixty that combination, just popped into my head, so I- joked around little bit of my ear up to the safe, and I real the safe around and did the forty clockwise sixty bag forty back and open the safe. Wow. Fantastic. Right. And they were all excited because, you know, of course, what was the safe a billion dollars? No. Was not a billion dollars. It was just some patients restaurant order pad nothing. Just from its old hotel. Big time let down but it was, you know, it's got a school that he got an open. Oh, I forgot we gotta do this to there's an amber. I don't know if there's an amber alert, this is called an amber alert or cow alert, or a bull alert. But there's a bull rodeo bull missing here in North Texas. And they're so if you're on the lookout, this is what it looks like now it's a missing. It's, it's Brown and black horn, Bulwer seventeen hundred pounds as purple air Texan each ear. It's got a zero one on the left shoulder five a on the left loin appear on the left hip, and be over the bar, the left hip. So if you see this bull, it's been stolen skipped. So good luck, only in Texas. Are we could mapping goals? Yeah. This is something that I think we know this already, and this is a new study, but the new study says that ruggedly masculine guys, sir. There's not many. With highly masculine faces and voices are less likely to care about the environment. Sign me while so wow. Right. If your voices are rated more manly, you're less concerned with preserving and protecting the natural world. Whatever. So there's is our friend barb still listening. I wonder -nother strike against men, therefore bar. 'nother thing about men, right? Suck. We shouldn't prison men. Yeah. It's put them all in jail for the way they behave. Yep. Okay. A toxic masculinity. Put, I'll often if I talked about toxic masculinity over and over and over neverending white guy privilege toxic masculinity one trick pony. Yeah. I know. Yeah, I know. I know how much you love animal videos. Cute little. Oh. Oh. He's banned program, so thought I'd bring some to the table, you know, just to help the show along a little bit. So. Zoo not long ago, people are watching, and they're that the polar bear exhibit. And do it don't do going to. No. Let's be lunch time with the. The little. Yeah, we're gonna go ahead and just kill is gonna have done for lunch for. All right. So the people at the zoo, are, like, oh, no little dog, and the kids are being nature. Make up some nice. All wrong sauce for them, of course, in the wild Verster, the polar was good just an in, you know, polar bear country. There's not duck. He's just like, hey, this is right? Yeah. Every time I go to the zoo that doesn't happen. I want that to happen, right? It's probably a little traumatic for the kids. And I would think so. Yeah, so all right. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three we got more madness coming up from AO, see and Chris Cuomo, and you name it. There's madness coming pack released. Great on. Nisha. Extreme triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three also Pat unleashed on Twitter pats otest facial group customer tweets, you can't drag Jeffey away from selene Dion. You have to haul him away on a flat bed. No actually takes a crane usually two to lift him. And then you don't want to tear up the road put him in a flatbed, right? Because right. Gotta get a permit. To what they're saying about you there. Is that your overweight? What point of my life, I was my goal was to be craned, right? Right. I know you gave up on that gold sad. You have to give up dreams. We haven't had the crane you out of your health. So just point disappointing. Mostly vegetarian Kalem tweets. Pat. How can you not be a fan of the most famous Mormon band of all time? Imagine dragons is my jam. First of all, I would say the osmond's more famous than imagined. Oh my gosh. You when you say. Yeah. Mormon Tabernacle, choir more famous than imagine dragons. Oh. I mean overall probably the hippest time. Yeah. I would say, imagine dragons. There's also that other one neon trees. They're, they're pretty the on trees. Yeah. You don't know neon trees. Song. They did a few years ago, David Archer Letta also. Oh. Looking for clarifying that? That's pretty much the wells dry there. Yeah. It's everybody. Yeah. Right. Thanks. You know everybody talks talks. I'm not gonna sing it. But yes, they're they're fairly hip o linzie stir fairly Phillies for the Olympic sterling's, pretty good. Oh, yeah. Sterling, she's good. Yes. She's fantastic. Yeah. Right. So glass night LES she converted years, maybe twenty years ago. Yeah. Gladys Knight performance Lake City with the Motown all the time, all its former tabernacle choir the pips for her kind of. Yes. Kind of. All right. Let me tell you about express VPN for about sixty seconds. Most of us just believe I guess, cybercrime is something that happens to other people, you might think nobody wants your data or that hackers can't grab your passwords or credit card details. But you'd be wrong if that's feel stealing data from unsuspecting people on public wifi. That's what they do. It's one of the simplest and cheapest ways for hackers to make money. But now there's express VPN this is fantastic. They secure my all my devices. They should be securing yours. 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I have not gotten used to the. Still raising every day. Okay. Well, there's more she wanted to pay raise. She's only making one hundred seventy four thousand dollars a year for thing on that poor thing. I don't know happy at Nancy Pelosi for pulling that, Bill. She's not happy here. She is fighting for that raise good for you AOC do it. Why there's so much pressure to turn to lobbying thumbs into cashing on member service after people. Because precisely of this issue. So it mean be politically convenience and it may make you look good in the short term for we're not voting for pain creases. But we should be fighting for pain pieces for every American worker, should be fighting for a fifteen dollars minimum wage peg to everybody in the United States with the salary with, with the wage gets a cost of living increase members of congress retail workers. Everybody should get a cost of living increases to accommodate the chickens Narcan, EMMY, and then we don't, if only increases the pressure on members to split loopholes, like insider trading polls to make it on the back of so. So much making one hundred seventy four thousand dollars a year. This is about you try to get a raise. It's not about average Americans making fifteen bucks an hour. It turns out around. I'm okay with her making fifteen bucks. An hour. Lutely, you'll head you can make that fifty bucks an hour. I mean think about it. What, what else does she qualify for? Congratulations. You're qualified to be congressman, and we, we need to raise, and we need more money, otherwise, we're going to take the we're going to take the people who are willing to pay us extra money to do bad things. Yeah, we're gonna we're going to become lobbyists. Okay. She's doing. I'm okay with that to that. I dunno problem with. Here's how raising her wage will help raise Americans wait. Okay. Here's. And so my whole side of it is, like may not be optics. It may not be great optics like. You know, whatever. Could use it as a political. Cost of living, all American workers. Wait, again, she's making the case for her pay raise but turn to throw other Americans in on the bargain. Well, obviously, if I be bad optics. But, but what about how it looks? What about that? Maybe that opti it may look bad. Searching. Used something else. Something else here. It made you look bad. It may not be. It'd be not be great optics. Optics, great op day, award, great up Dick's or might not look, look good either know that too. It might not look good. And it might not be bad optics, or wait. It is bad upticks. It might be it might not look good. Either. It could be both. But yeah, I think it's both. I think it's bad optics, and it looks bad, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't get more money. Plus, there they vote on raise his right. So it's, it's not the Kip, we'll give themselves the next congress. A pay raise where she expects to be for a long time. I thought the rumor headed she was gonna run against Schumer. I saw some ruler shoe. They were laying the groundwork for her to be Senator though, not in twenty twenty twenty one I don't know, the dates, I just know that I saw I saw the headline of, oh my gosh. She having trouble making rent in that new luxury apartment for. Disposal cost extra. If you want to. But I love how she just kind of tux in there in every American needs a raise, you know, she tries to make it sound like no I'm asking for everyone. Not just me. Yeah. You can't do anything about that. That's not your job to get Americans pay raises. I mean, I guess you create the environment with businesses could do that. But the congress has no ability to do that. Gonna do you can't install a federal minimum wage, but that, that only affects workers that are at start up jobs, really, you know, the right? That, that's just really bad congress to institute, a pay cut. Why don't you guys vote on up yet cut until you guys can balance the budget. You don't get pay raises you could pay cuts. Okay. Or you don't take a salary until you can balance the budget. You guys, don't how much could we save? Don't make me do Keith math. What is a hundred seventy four thousand? Okay. I think say about eighteen. Thirty five. What does senators make the same? Yeah. They both they do okay. One seven four zero. Care, the one times what we do. Five thirty five here you save ninety three million dollars. I mean, I know it's a drop in the bucket, but boy, it would say a lot, and it would also probably insure you guys get reelected. But you won't serve you won't do public service for free. What does it say that she's shoes wanting that raise fighting for it? But the person she hates the most devil, Trump doesn't take the Bill celery. I'm so glad you bring that up. We keep for every time when we have a discussion like this always forget that the man is not taking a salary. Does he get credit for it in the media Barack Obama if he didn't take a salary for eight years? Oh my gosh. That would be leading every newscast for eight years, believe, he's the first president since George Washington, not to accept the salary, which is amazed at Syria's, you know, Washington turned down twenty five thousand a year in seventeen he was elected in ninety one in seven in ninety and started serving anyone he so in, in seventeen ninety and ninety one twenty five thousand a year. Good money that was you're like a millionaire. Any said. No. And, you know, he lost a lot of money during the war. He wasn't making money while he was the general. There was no way to and congress couldn't afford to pay any of the army, and even him he suffered a lot. Check this out couple more didn't take salaries JFK. Oh, JFK doesn't salary. Man ever sworn in as president giving. I didn't know that either. Yeah. He maintained the practic- I gave celery. He gave it to charity. And then Herbert Hoover estimated to be worth four million in nineteen thirteen divided most of his president celery between various charities, so we could use a valid Hoover. Great. Now those were the days man. Yeah. Hoover. Not exactly. One of the greats, not not one of the great, but we could use. I don't know for what but not for president. Yeah, he was good outside of president. Hate Missouri, and their last abortion clinic in Saint Louis. The final hope for abortions in Missouri. Gets to stay open. We've been to kill babies in Missouri with the people that live, like, say in Kansas City, on the other side of the state. Do they still have to travel all the way to say Lewis to get an abortion? The do Jeffey talking about hardship. I know my no. The only abortion clinic in Missouri. Can stay open after Saint Louis. Judge issued a preliminary injunction saying the state must make an official decision on the facility's license before it can be reviewed women's healthcare, and abortion provider. Planned Parenthood sued misery. Of course, to stay open. And now so far, they are, in fact, still open. So the baby killings will continue the great state of Missouri, for at least the time being. That was a close one. They didn't have that ability. I don't know that they can function as a state more. Anymore. Yeah. You gotta show for business. Just turn it off. Just turn off the state. If you don't have to portion clinic in it. Another story I absolutely love hundreds of illegal aliens from the Congo are being dumped here in Texas. And that's good because they've had a massive bullet break. And so now we got a bunch of Congo ones can Goldens Congolese? Goes on there being dropped off in San Antonio weight of all the states in this union, the one that had to deal with the Bulla already us, Texas. We're having guys show up that, that from a place where a bullet is rampant. Can we just sit him to more formula? It's only it's only spreading faster than it spread in the last twenty years, or whatever this is a bad outbreak there. And so it's good to know that some of those some of those people who may be infected are coming where they're supposed to go. That's a comfort. That's my question. They're supposed to come here here, not here. I think is the answer. But we just had another story and a bullet ridden areas of Congo. Isis is taking over. That ends. Well, let's go to turn out well with Ebola. Yeah. But it's only a group of about three hundred fifty from the Congo that are arriving in San Antonio. And the next little while. No. We don't know that fact we don't know that. So don't even worry about it. But. Boy, I'm sorry now after being placed in San Antonio. They are bused to a destination of their choice by local charities. To choose. Yeah. Yeah. So they could come to Dallas, if they want to have a bullet before we, they're not going to Missouri, because there's only one place to get an abortion. Thank you, not going there. Maybe. We need to start a boycott, Missouri to campaign as the only one of one. Despicable despicable. I wanna know how long you can be exposed to a bullet before you show signs. Good question. I don't I don't know what the action period between two and twenty one days, it's going to be between two and twenty one days, twenty one days. Yeah, I'd say Brown two days to on the outside three weeks. So we're just I'm sure we're keeping them, you know, Corentin until we get past just to make sure. Well, yeah. I mean look, the optics might be. But how does it look? Yeah. That's what I'm concerned about how does it look? I mean you can talk optics all day if you want. I'm talking about how it looks okay? If you actually left him in quarantine for twenty one days, then the press would be like, oh my gosh, the conditions. So deplorable, how could lock them up and quarantine? Why there's no win situation. That there's no winning this. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three Glennon Tanya started real estate agents I trust for a really simple reason years ago, and that's to help you sell your home for top dollar as quickly as possible, because they had the opposite of that occur several times, and especially the home, they sold in Connecticut just sat there from longtime before they lost at ton of money on it. It's like it was never going to sell. We really did we thought they might just have to give it to somebody else here. This is our gift to you. Congratulations, brand new house. So what they found as they put together this network of agents is that, you know, because selling and buying a home is so complicated. And it's a tough process. Navigate yet to have a a an agent with a long track record of success. And they have to be totally committed. That can't be part time or inexperienced, they have to know the market, you know, the comparables in your area to help, you decide where to price your home. To sell it quickly and their fans of the show, and that's important because you've got a lot in common with them then. So don't hire a friend wrote a relative somebody that somebody else says is good. And they dabble in this and they do a really good job when their dad bling don't do that. Go to real estate ages. I trust dot com. We'll introduce you to the best agent in your area real estate ages. I trust dot com. Bad rate. Dribbling nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three Pat unleashed on Twitter. Where the St. forty-two tweets Missouri clinic is still open, but women have to schedule abortions using dial up internet. No, no Ono on say that isn't so. Oh my gosh. So they can't schedule abortions lack lack. That'd be really for striding for them. You imagine like any other? I'm trying not to be one. Dial. If you're gonna end up at one. Yeah, I mean by the time it connects you've already had the baby. Fortunately. There's some people battling this. There's a homework gap. Now that shows millions of students. Lack home internet. Yeah, no computer or internet at home raising provide them work there. Reagan birds homework assignments present a nightly challenge. How much can she get done using just her smartphone? Can you imagine this chicken get done by using just her sweater? I thought this was, you know, industrial age nation. I thought we were kind of hightech fairly, not Mr. on the tiny screen. Reagan switches between web pages for research projects, losing track of tabs, whenever friends and send messages. You're not you're not able to turn off the notifications. Right. Right. And do the. The. It's impossible. There's no way to do it. It's like the metric system. She uses her thumbs to tap out school papers. But when Lynch's keep her from submitting assignments electrically can't just write them out by hand. By what is this China in the nineteen forties? Caves russia. What is the middle ages? What is going on? Reagan said at least I have something instead of nothing to explain the situation. Really good point. Reagan really, well, put she has something instead of nothing to explain. But how does it look? What are the one of the things anybody? Okay, we've talked about the optics and how it looks but how do people view it? That's what I wanna know. Right. How do people view it? That's the question we've not gotten to the bottom of this morning. She get this. She is among nearly three million students around the country who face struggles keeping up with their studies because they must make do without home internet. Oh. Again. What is this Madagascar so nowhere because meta Gaskell, even has internet. Right. So it's not I'm confused though. So she's using the internet. Yes. On the phone, right? But she small screen Jeffey home internet, hotspot over that would cost more money because you turn your phone into a hot spot. Get this it, what's become known as the homework gap. An estimated seventeen percent of US students do not have access to computers and eighteen percent. Don't have home access to broadband, internet. It's dial up. I thought the Lombi tried fix this. A long time ago. Thank you. She's from the paper tried of North Carolina. Right. Bless your heart. Thank you have two children, Kinney moved or from boy. My oldest is transferring student to Ewing. CPI umbro. Right. And Isaac is in the eighth grade at Peterberg middle school Jakup, but most families. The state don't have access to hus- speed internet or who can't afford afford it. We were stuck with dollop service in your home until two months, two months ago feel that this my family my son's in particular. A severe disadvantage severe. It is. It's catastrophic. Is it depends on the internet, the complete his assignments for school? There you go. There you go. He often uses the internet to work on reports projects often at times, often research research on porn and watched him struggle residual. The dial up service through and observed him get frustrated because it could not on the web, what was the optic of it? She did observe it. But I wonder what the optic of that. What do you think it look like? Like he likes does need needed to do seemingly easier. Some that's took him hours to complete dole say that. That is very disheartened to watch Honey got very upset discouraged and frustrated. I'm surprised you didn't turn to hard drugs, and maybe he did. Try that now has high speed internet. Can't just invite all these kids at seventeen percent over to homework. Exactly because he could not do what he needed to do. Like like as a mother. Right. My heart and causes me to feel to feel that I have failed him someway miserably, failed him nuts. Miserably failed should be totally ashamed trying now. No, for Rondo Locklear. I'm pissed off because he's a failure failure. Yeah. You can't serve porn like he likes. At least at least Reagan in the story earlier wins enough to use a pencil and paper. Right. Right. All right. We haven't figured out how to do the optics on this, or, or figure out the way it looks, but we can do something about the audio, you know, and maybe the way it sounds by getting the wax out of your ears. And there's a great way to do that at home for a lot less than a doctor. Visit would cost you wax Rx. It uses physician developed technology safely, effectively removes erects build up then Susan ears with a ph conditioned formula now you can use wax Rx without a prescription ice. Go to whacks Rx, use weks dot com. Use the offer code radio at checkout, and they'll throw in free shipping to wax Rx, this is great stuff. It even works on Jeffey does got the gerbils out of both of his ears. Use wax Rx dot com offer code radio. It's Pat gray unleashed on the play. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three and Pat unleashed on Twitter. Great from Zanzibar hairdresser. Wanna stand to van. This is getting out of hand, and then he shows us this picture of a urinal and. Do we have the other Victor? Yeah. It's right there. And there it is there it is. This is getting out of hand. Somebody put in the urinal, we've been attempting to reach you regarding your warranty. The filing occurs extended warranty. Urinal. Let's great. That's really funny that shows you how prevalent that obnoxious, call is you get on your cell phone all the time. One of the many also from my fat cat Jeffy. My son sly twelve sixty one had his wisdom teeth remove this morning. Here's what he had to say in his drug and do state. Let's find out. Giving. Crowder's mazing. Is to Jeffey fat. Truth hurts. That's not really funny. You were laughing. You know it's funny. I mean I I'm not sure. Record that just to be part of the state with the family, right on a share them. No, you have to share. Yeah. You have to have to. That is mandatory. Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau, who is on a big plastics ban kick good because we need to be thanks killing the earth out of, you know, that I do know that, okay. It's choking it. And okay, so we want to ban plastic bags planning things more than worst, run, plastic right? Yeah. Water bottles. So I don't know what you'd put the water in. If you're not using recycled. Tell us how his family doing. All right. Well, here here's he was asked a question about the plastic span. And and what he's doing here. It is. Back on. We, we have recently switched to drinking water bottles out of water out of when we have water bottles out of out of sorts. Sorry. Awards paper what? Fox water. What? Wait. What you look like. So you've switched plastic. No not. This. You know the paper where we're using paper this. I mean bottles. Congratulations AFC who thought it could be done. Someone looks dumber than you today. Getting while we see that again. Pat grace here, it is brilliant. What do you do to cut back? We. We instantly switched drinking, drinking water water water. Water bottles out of plastic. Classic paper, paper and everything like such as. Okay. Per box waterboarding per box. Thing, the box water thing. Paper boxes filled water. We all love so Kroger. When you go to the Kroger their water, there is there are you serious? Yeah. There's water. Yeah. And it's made out of you know like. You know, like a milk, carton or whatever. No. Okay. I don't know what I'm talking about. First time I've never seen that. Yeah. I will say that it's, it's not everywhere you don't have people. Gosh, it's boxed water is better. Yeah. But it's not his stupid. No, he knows what he's talking about lying. No. He hasn't done a thing. One thing. What do they call the things that we don't use probably we should because I'm a hypocrite? You know, the things the paper juice box took him twenty five seconds to pull that out recently started using what the plastic bottle water. You know, we started drinking water out of water. What one point? That's what he said. We recently started drinking the water out of water. The water. Good. You're, you're drinking, the water right? Out of the water of the water. So I see the water comes in a water container. I you drink the water container than you know. Okay. Interesting. Now the other way you drink the water then the water continue their out of it. Right. That guy. So this is like it edible plate, then we're right? Water container holding water, right? Yeah. All right. Okay. Yeah. He thought it he thought it up quick, zero. Yes. My dear, there's a light on this tree that won't light on one side. So I'm taking it home to my workshop idear. It's the Grinch thinking up the lie and thinking it up quick. That's unbelievable so bad. The you know, I. You know, I, I mean we've done a lot of stuff, we're doing so many things that we've done in my household. I can't remember them all give me one. Well, like the, you know, the thing we're we've, we're doing the thing where you get rid of the well, we, we drinking out of plastic. No. Drinking water. So we're doing with boxed water. I love it. He's had a fairly there is there is water. And I see that out there. And in fact, I have one on the top Murph ridge Reiter, that someone bought me a long time ago. Yeah. Water water like Armageddon supplies, sitting there for any reason he's up for reelection in October, by the way, Canada, don't screw this year. Well, wow, will dizzy still look good. What are the obvious? I think if you view after was quick to answer that question he was good looking man. He he's screwed up a lot, socialist. Good. He's a moron. Yeah. And it's embarrassing that he's a world leader. That's embarrassing. He probably will probably will because that's the way the world is going, right? Triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three interesting. Little ranking here about the states where you can have the most fun. I don't think I've ever seen most funds list over fun. Yeah. Where do the most cool things these states offer of riot act of activities and. Them. They range from movie costs to excess ability of national parks to casinos per capita. Oh, well, I mean, that's a weird measurement. But will they funded this study? Yeah. Probably probably. So who, would you think is the most fun state in the United States of America? Well off top my head. I'd say Florida, okay. They're number two. Yeah. California obviously, never of California, and Florida, they've got all the, you know, they have all the great amusement, parks and casinos, casinos, other, yes, New York was third followed by Washington, Colorado. I guess, for skiing, Nevada for gambling courses you can have a lot of casinos per cabinet there. Minnesota Pennsylvania, Oregon and Texas, rounds out the top ten. Now, Hawaii, which I think is kind of fun. Hawaii got like twenty fifth twenty fifth and then I love this, because, but that's also accessibility though. Right. Maybe that's to have. So maybe, maybe that's what drives him down so far. But the states who always do poorly in every single poll study or survey or the bottom of this list to Mississippi at forty nine they're just not fun. There's nothing. Mississippi is prettier than you give it credit for those of driven through a couple of times it was like, really into list of the prettiest. Well, if you try man, it looks good and number fifty and West Virginia. Oh, I guess, coal mining. Just isn't fun. Now, you see, Hugh sales people walk in local here like, oh. It's not for me. No. All right. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three we're going to talk to Paul kanga about his new book in just a second here. I let me take sixty seconds to tell you about patriot mobile. Most of us could afford to donate to the political and social causes. We believe in our money's tight up. You know, putting food on the table, keeping your roof over our head paying mortgage and paying for the utilities, what like cellphones, for instance in every month you give money to the major carriers. Then they give your money to left wing causes the promote abortion, sanctuary cities. They take away your gun rights and censorship will patriot mobile is the only phone company that does the opposite. They believe in the same America you do. And that's why thousands of blaze listeners viewers have made the switch. And for a limited time it just got easier right now. You can get a free month of service on all new lines with the offer code blaze. With unlimited talk and text plans starting as low as twenty five dollars. There's never been a better time to switch on over more than two million dollars has been raised since the company's founding, imagine what we could do. If we all join this fight get a free month of service on your new line with the offer code blaze at patriot mobile dot com. That's patriot mobile dot com. Right. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three. We are joined today by Paul can gore, author of a new book called the divine plan. Paul, welcome to the blaze. Hey. To do. I don't think we've talked to you since we talked to you since the whole communist. Yeah. The mentor of Barack Obama time. Yeah. What we spent a lot of time on that. Sweet. We, we did talk. I did a book called a pope and a president about about Ronald Reagan job, right? Yeah, it was back in twenty seventeen. And in fact, this book, the divine plan is basically a follow up to that. And with what, yeah, yes. So, so what, what happened was we did a pope in a president in twenty seventeen hundred anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution, the Fatima stuff, right? The stuff that happened with Fatima. We've talked about that on the air. And, and so that book inspired filmmaker Robert Orlando to do a documentary film on Reagan, John. Paul, the second, call the divine plan. In fact, so that film will be out this fall, the thirtieth anniversary of the collapse of communism and, and. Yeah. And, and it had there was he interviewed fourteen people for that film. And there was so much great material. I mean everybody produced. Like twenty pages of transcripts of interviews. And you know how this goes right for a documentary film, you can use about two minutes. Everybody says. Yeah. So, so, so we said the publisher of a pope and of president said it would it'd be great if we could publish this as a book, right? Take some of the divine plan film documentary stuff and spin it off into a companion book. And so this book that we released this week, the divine plan is basically a companion book to that film, or, and, and it's really about how Ronald Reagan and John Paul, the second sort of combined to help end the Cold War. Right. I mean that's right. That's right. Yeah. And then we're back they were both nearly assassinated in nineteen Eighty-one, what six weeks, apart, something like that. Six weeks apart and the and the cover art for the book is really, really dramatic. They, they have like two bullet holes railway above the two men while they're shaking hands. And, and it was yeah, it was March thirtieth, nineteen eighty one that Reagan was shot. And then it was may thirteenth nineteen Eighty-one, the John Paul, the second was shot, and everybody people who live through it like like you. And I and I mean, we I was buoyed how old was, I think fourteen years old at the time, but, but everybody remembers that, that, that those two were shot, but everybody forgets today is it was only six weeks apart and, and they both believed. I mean, you would think, of course, the pope would think this way, but maybe not a president, although Reagan was much more religious, and everybody thought, but, but they, they believe that God had spared their lives for this divine purpose. According to this divine plan, they both use that language. They, they came together. They met a year later at the. Again, in June nineteen eighty two and they said the one another that they believe that God had spared their lives for special purpose, which was the take down and defeat, atheist, Soviet communism. And so, so this new film documentary. And this new book, the divine plan goes through all of that, and it also considers just the it's deeper philosophical feel article kind of deep dive into what, what is the divine plan for for history for people's lives for individuals? Because I think everybody has some, some sort of the sense that why am I here? Right. And if you'll this question that you Manley is ever asked is, is there a divinity out there and if so how's it shaping my ends, what, what is my plan? And so, even in this modern morally relativistic, secular age, and west and, and in America, you still have people, you know, even in liberal states like California where you now. The pretty the, the largest spiritual group that's growing probably witches and of all things, right. But you but you still have people thinking of themselves. I know there's something out there, right? What, what, what is it do I do I have a plan, do I ever divine plan, and, and these guys, Ronald Reagan, John Paul, the second, both former actors felt that way on this, this international stage of life in the nineteen eighties. So they did actually conspire together for lack of a better term conspired together to try to bring down the Soviet Union. They've actually discussed this. Yeah. And it's quite amazing. You think about all the history here is so Ronald Reagan turn to John. Paul the second at the Vatican June nineteen eighty two their meeting alone in the Vatican library for about an hour and the, the non polish non-catholic, president turns to the to the Polish Catholic, pope and Reagan said to him hope remains in Poland in your country. He said, we working together can keep it alive. And they pledged at that point to do whatever both sides, could the Reagan White House and the Vatican to keep alive. The solidarity movement Lek wall Lhasa as the wedge, that could that could take down the iron curtain. That could be drawn into the could be pounded into the communist bloc. And right now, we're having this conversation last week. Everybody noted that, oh, June fourth nineteen eighty nine. This is the thirtieth anniversary of Tiananmen Square. Perec everybody. Forget. That just within hours after TNN square, June fourth nineteen eighty nine Poland held free and fair elections. And that was supposed to happen at Yalta, right? Nineteen forty five. And so those, those were the first free and fair elections and the communist bloc, but Mikhail Gorbachev would even say when, when that happened in Poland. I knew that, that threatened the entire break-up of the socialist bloc. I mean, that was like, lighting a fuse that would run all the way to the base of the Berlin Wall which, which blew up in November of eighty nine but everybody forgets that it was the elections in Poland, I the Reagan John Paul, the second worked to try to make happen. They're really led to audibly to the breach in the iron curtain. We're talking with bestselling author and political science professor, Paul can gore. Paul can you believe in light of everything that happened with the Soviet Union with, with bringing down the wall with winning the Cold War, and all of the subsequent changes that have happened in the world that we would be at a place now where college campuses? Elected officials are turning the socialism now. I mean what is going on sadly, Pat? Yeah, I can. And, and it's because I I've seen this coming for a long time. And, and I remember in fact, probably you and I and Glenn back when we were talking about that book, the communists back was that twenty twelve twenty thirteen and we were talking about the failure to teach this stuff in schools. Right. How, how bad the public schools are how bad that universities are? I mean, I've been getting a speech for Young America's foundation back to the nineteen nineties called why communism is bad where where I travel around to different campuses, that I've got college, Republican groups begging me to come there and explain to students on campus. Why communism is bad. They allow you on campuses. Well, it's, it's funny, I have a long conversation about this. But, but I all go, go to these classrooms. It'll be packed with students there won't be a single professor there. In fact, one of the only times there was a professor there, it was a professor who was, it was an emigre from Poland, if you he was in the engineering or he told me he was the only Republican that he knew of on a faculty of, like one hundred twenty people because he seen fruits of, of communism, he understands that's where you're going to get, you know, that's where you're gonna get like minded people is when they come from the Soviet bloc, and they understand what we're up against here told him to I said, do you feel intimidated on campus? He said he said, look, I survive, communism. I don't care what they say about me, right? Afraid the words of John Paul the second, but, but think about this. Alex Andrea Causey. Oh, Cortes if I'm right about this off the top of my head. I think she was born in nineteen eighty nine right guys. I think so look it up. Think so because she's very close to thirty now. Yes. So when when when when elections are being held in Poland, she's in her mother's womb. She she she's in. She's an infant when the Berlin Wall comes down if she was even born yet I think she was born about the time of the Berlin Wall came down. So they, they have no memory of, you know, forget Reagan and John. Paul, the second Gorbachev probably can't even spell gulag probably what that is. And then and then to be handed over to the public schools. And then our wretched horrible universities. Learn none of that there. And as we talked about in the past. Sometimes the only thing that they learned about the Cold War, if there's a bad, Joe in the Cold War, it's not Joe Stalin, Joe McCarthy. Right. Right. Cold war. Oh, Joe McCarthy was bad about the core rate, which stuff McCarthy. Talk about communism. That's that's when you start blacklisting people and shutting taking people's free speech right McCarthy afar. Theism. The other thing that's the other thing, that's interesting to note is, you know, when you think of John Paul, the second is boy. We have a different situation in this pope. Now, don't we? Do completely different field sprint completely different. And, and I, I won't pick on Donald Trump here and saying this. But I think it's just a key point with Reagan, John Paul, the second you had two guys that sought almost completely alike. Right. I they could check the box commonality on probably nine out of ten issues, and I can't even say we'll be the one where they disagreed. I mean, they, they, they shared completely this this worldview. They both believe if you ask both of them, what's the greatest threat to the world without hesitation, they would have said, atheist, Soviet communism, and then they had this incredibly unique Bonn, where they were both almost the SAS innate within six weeks of each other. And I remember when Donald Trump went and visited with pope Francis. This was just a few months into his presidency and, and kudos to Trump for, for doing that reaching out. I of presence he goes to the Vatican, and I was not surprised. Is that they got along? Well, and the liberals were saying, oh, this is gonna be a dogfight. They're going to be at each other's throats fell them. You're not a Christian. Right. And and and you know, Francis didn't do that. He you know, he was Mercifully was gracious. They got along. But even then if someone would pull them side and said, hey, both of you right down on a card here what you think are the top five threats to the world. And then they you'd write them, they'd write them down. And you look and say you guys haven't picked anything that you agree on right Francis. It might have been. Oh, ecology, the envir- warm, right? And Trump might have been immigration. And but, but they're just completely opposite of the pope, by the way compete wants us. Right. Right. And, and I and I do understand how the pope sees the world. He he has a Catholic church Catholic means universal. So he's got this church literally, without borders, and if he sees migrants escaping the Middle East. He just wants countries to take him in. But at the same time, he's gotta understand that nations and presidents have constitutions. Right. They have national security of boards, nations have borders. There's only so many people you could take in, so, and I and Francis has said that on occasion that he does understand the countries have to look at this differently than he does. Right. Right. Right. But, but the clearly it's, it's a shame that right now, you don't have a pope in a president that, that have a sort of commonality of purpose, they could unite to defeat whatever the, you know, the crucial international enemy is that you had in Ronald Reagan, and John Paul the second. And of course, Reagan, John Paul, the second saw that as part of the divine plan, they believed that, that God had shaped their purposes and their lives to bring them together at that point in the nineteen eighties. The divine plan is the name of the book John Paul, the second, Ronald Reagan, and the dramatic end of the Cold War. Where can people pick this up? Yeah. Go to Amazon dot com, and there's also a website, the divine plan movie dot com did by claim movie dot com. Thank you for she ate it. Nice job on this and as always, great work. We'll see you tomorrow on Patrie unleashed.

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