90: Villanelle of the Suicide's Mother


I knew us poet laureate. Tracy k Smith, and this is the slowdown. Today's episode comes with a warning that the topic suicide may be difficult for some listeners. But it's an important topic. One that affects far too many lives suicide is a growing public health crisis affecting veterans victims of the opioid epidemic. Adults children the famous and the familiar, and while a poem can't undo something as permanent as death. It may be able to provide people affected by laws with a useful vocabulary for the feelings that make up grief. The weight of sorrow can feel unendurable. But the expression of sorrow is something we expect of the bereaved something we are practiced at acknowledging, but what about anger? How do we give voice and credence to the anger and frustration that grief can also give rise to and in cases, where a struggle of some kind has been endured what is the acceptable way of giving voice to a feeling like relief. Today's poem villain. L of the suicides mother by the late Pulitzer prize winning poet, CK Williams is written in the voice of a mother processing her daughter's suicide. One of her strategies in dealing with her pain is to circle backward in time returning again, and again to the period before her daughter's death are there things she sees more. Clearly now things she missed or misunderstood at the moment. They were happening the villain L form, which employs a pattern of repetition underscores the cyclical movement from present to past and back. It also allows simple statements to reverberate with different glimmers of feeling and new shades of meaning. Villa? Now of the suicides mother by CK Williams. Sometimes I almost go hours without crying than I feel if I don't Algo insane. It can seem her whole life was her dying. She tried so hard then she was tired of trying. Now, I'm tired too of trying to explain sometimes I almost go hours without crying, the anxiety the rage. The denying though, I never blamed her for my pain. It can seem her whole life was her dying and mine was struggling to save her prying conniving. It was the chemistry in her brain. Sometimes I almost go hours without crying. If I said, she was easy. I'd be lying. The lens between her and the world was. Stained it can seem her whole life was her dying. But the fact the fact is stupefying her absence tears at me like a chain. Sometimes I almost go hours without crying. It can seem her whole life was her dying. The national suicide prevention lifeline provides twenty four seven free and confidential support if you or someone you know needs help call one eight hundred two seven three eight two five five. The slowdown is a production of American public media in partnership with the library of congress and the poetry foundation. The slowdown is written by me Tracy case Smith, it is produced by Jennifer lie with Tracy Mumford. Our music is by Alexis Quadra engineering by Corey Schrapel production support by joy biles.

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