Spurs Expose Dortmund


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Welcoming edition of SPNFZ. I'm Dan so much by Craig Burley doesn't know how to use. These new chairs alley Moreno is here as well. Shocker his lung, rock, honing son will be joining us in other areas outside when Lee, of course, which was the venue for Spurs and that three nail victory over Borussia Dortmund. It was a tight first half. Not really low happened spas came flying out tramps in these second off just woman the bright. We saw naked one now then late on goals from baton on your say, but very much in the driving seat going in that second leg in Germany has much wealth. Right. So yeah. Hopefully, fantastic. And some and some ways it reminded me of yesterday kind of above average first half and then one off to bundle zone. It was PS G. And today it was taught them. You know, we we've spent we've talked about a manager a law in marisha, Sarah. And how stubborn these been we've seen the complete opposite here from Portugal. You know teams. I think has changed fully sake of changing it too many times. Biko it created and sailor went up three with the personnel. The hod so that it could allow other players for the Fogarty entity, possessions pushy on vitamins and the left wing position. He was much much for them in terms of the cross and the goal is called on the walkie that are not lifetime site allowed to play behind the front tuition. That would always a threat, but it was surprised by Dortmund with the way they set up and by the tempests played them in doesn't play a league games zamba. And then you've got you plan a front for the away from home. That's an attack information struggling defensively. She in one side, you go and you sign show and the other thoughts of talk and plans to go away from home when you've got problems at other. Rain and a very good game and son Joe who's been brilliant settling did not have a good game. Until what was the key Spurs in that second half to Queen Craig's raise what where do they find? After Ben is where in particular with a dominant weight helps that one minute in dorm and turns the ball over. How key me does. And now you put yourself in a position where you can score a goal the way that song did. And I think that free Spurs to play in a different way also thought that they recognize that. Okay. Whistle and Delaney are pressuring us in the middle. We're going to skip that we're going to try to stretch them over the top and the movement then from him in song was very important for Spurs. Once you're able to then bypass that initial pressure. And then you stretch, then you're playing one once against guys to your point that defensively have had all sorts of issues. Let's not forget that doorman has allowed over the last three games nine goals nine goals. So it tells you that this is a team that is struggling defensively and those one v one positions are not very good for them. So hockey made a mistake in the first goal then in the second goal, Tom again and again. An advanced position. I keep thinking about I'm going to go on the attack, dude. No, it's Champions League. Your Wembley, your first priority should be to defend well, and makes you make sure that you keep at one nothing. I thought that individually they were performances what Spurs that were very good. And in the second half Dortmund fell into the trap or trying to catch up Spurs instead of saying, you know, what we'll take the one nothing because one nothing not that bad three nothing is over. But you look what does well is the peace from the back, but the trouble when things are greet for them. They can hurt you a meal that you badly when they're slightly off. You can you can make mistakes. And that's what you show from spruce and the second. I also think as Craig point to note that change a full Megyn allowed Vitton in that. When he does get up that he doesn't have to chase back immediately that they can pressure bore up. And when they do retire Lincoln St. and and see what comes up it. That's what brought the first. That's what brought the second and give them. The again that dope meant just slightly off with their passing time. Times you make you make the most of it. It's Kifah Spurs as well that they continue to be tight at the back. Again. This is the Dortmund side that on top of the Bundesliga by accident, the kind who'd you, but they don't have to throw out Shiva tongue them ten Ben pants very excited violence. Okay. We're talking. What's excellent? But you'll talk to make the point that if you are voice a, and you're looking ever tongue in playing a wingback, and you have gave on scientist down that you're thinking, this is an area that we can expose we can take tongue into a wide area. Now, it's one be one. We can expose him. We can force hint to defend instead, it was for talking force and everybody else to defend that's pathetic, supposedly in the first half. Yeah. A couple of times that right? Hindsight talking. But in the second half. No, no, let's go out to Wembley, shall we? Enjoy rap on Exxon. Of course, obviously the game raff, let's kick off show. Eight from Bruce dormant perspective. What went wrong? I was reminded watching this of something that's been Ericson used to say the England manager at the time used to always come up often with that line first half. Good second half. Nuts are good and. Stay in because of course, completely collapsed. And the reason why that happened is because I realized this team on the ball really good creating problems for us in our own half. Let's give them the time. Let's just play twenty meters. Higher up the pitch. Squeeze the space. They don't really have anyone up front to run behind us. Cut says not quick enough and dope -ment through their own fault. And bitter pushing from Spurs from the offset gave the ball away Hakimi to terrible mistakes. And of course, compounded by shmelts as awful attempt to have the ball for the free nil. And suddenly you don't find you don't even understand why lost that game for now. Going on the first half, but domain really caved in in the second. Raff continuing this, obviously from Spurs perspective. They get everything right in the second half. Yet. It got another things. Right. I mean, I didn't have a great game. I think objectively a lot of things didn't work for them. This was a game between two teams with problems Spurs dealt with their own problems much better than dormant Dortmund did okay to certain extent when it came to the really important heiress to the boxes both their own and your position that didn't quite have the same the right solution Spurs food a bit of extra experience a bit of stronger mentality. I think as well had it and that made the difference. And of course, just pushing a little bit further exposing the brittleness at the heart of the dolphin defence this dope unpack four that never played together before that's been moving people around centrebacks fullbacks changing positions. No one really quite happy where they were and Kimia having enough night. And the result was a game that's probably beyond celebration on forty from the German league leaders that an off night and airs, and he has actually left block. And he's. It's been playing great. So I wouldn't expect him to be as good going forward from that possession is Ali we saying I would say I expect him to be switched on offensively. The post because that's his job bread and butter to the point RAF was talking about about both teams had problems clearly documents problems at the buck Veda address, those well enough clearly taught them gestures were on strike and department. No cane or the the the fighting felt no cane, no Ali so credit. You know, what does he do? He wants to get up on it wants to get more and suddenly team. So how does he go in the best possible way? Well, they can play by four and play player diamond in midfield and still Eric's and then behind but that's gonna leave him a little bit shore in the middle of the park. So he goes with the bike for the the the way the way they sent a box to get forward. The reading box push on. And you've got the extra because you've still people and the mentally parks. They don't leave themselves but yet keep Ericsson behind the front two. So he go to absolutely spot on tonight row. Does this mean for Dolan going forward with regards to that domestic campaign, obviously, if you were to silver lining on this is is very unlikely? They'll get the win back in Germany enough to see them through saying concentrate on their bonus. They all is there an argument to say that this could could trigger a bit of a compatriot Latian. I don't think there's a silver lining because, you know, barring American in the second leg dope and have now been knocked out of two Cup competitions in the space of ten days into cop against Fedor Bremen at home here. I think the game tie is all about over. And in the Bundesliga, they dropped a point a couple of points after being up against often. I'm so, you know, if you're worried about the wobble, that's all this is not a good time of having it and especially conceding nine goals in three games. It's not great. I think still the lead at the top is just about comfortable enough for them. Not to now panic and completely lose their way. But this is kind of result that I think just will make everyone just wonder, you know. How good are. We really why we made this mistakes. Nothing. You have to ask some questions about who sinned father as well. Because when put your Tina realized things weren't working out in the first half he made a couple of changes, not really big one subtle ones. But made a big difference. Father kind of just waited and waited and waited made very late substitutions and didn't really help his team who were struggling out there. So I think just another sort of smallish point to this. But one that adds to the sense dope. And really didn't didn't do themselves Justice here tonight. Of course that derogatory term that we use for Hotspur on occasion. I they give you hope and then say it away now all on this occasion, showing that yourself. No. I just don't see that happening on. Yes. Do have that history. Don't look too far back to to realize that. But I thought as as ski we've been about Bruce Dortmund, I think the time you have to look at what spruce it. I didn't particularly the back where I thought the. Code with Dortmund's peace and their threat. All good things that we've been seeing about over the last few months didn't really trouble Spurs all that much. Yes. No. They had a couple of opportunities pulisic, maybe could have done better. But I feel spruce cooped with what they had what everything don't mean through them. I spent them to go and do exactly that for ninety minutes an endorsement just three three goals is a hell of a start the felt well, they'll know rental banks had two weeks. You could've you could seen a bit nervous. But three new not know, and the other is you talk about Dortmund unnecessary. Wobble domestically over that's huge result the going against and that's when you allow them plays, Julie vehicle and McCoy's to combine that's a big bonus for them. But that's when you let scored the top of the this. They got the GOP is not the no look the Champions League. So he will land in the law, but what he's gone and contrast to what Tinos going through, you know, recently they were completely the title race. The two Cup competitions. We were all questioned them because nobody wanted to criticize them and all of. Sudden you know, that on the coattails of mindset and lever pill, it's unlikely but the hang in picked up some wins again domestically and the Premier League and the best result of the season. Maybe not the best performance, but the best result of this season. And a big part of that has been individual performances like the one that humane song continues to put out because it would have been easy as it was very easy for us to say, well, no Harry came for the next month. What is going to happen with I probably not so good. And at the beginning. It wasn't so good human. Something comes back. He's playing he's playing well scoring goals and gives them move some gives some variety in the attack gives them speed and ability to stretch the field he can play underneath you can play in behind. And then he gives you goals on productivity. Why else? Could you ask for homing? I don't I don't think you can underestimate or overstate how important his presence and his performances have been for Spurs to continue to win games where perhaps it would have been easy to say. You know, what we have all sorts of excuses. Not to win games. He has provided that spark we'll say thank you to raff as we just remind you that. SPNFZ's every day on a postcard. You can download the version of the plus shack. There's plenty of your opponents. Oh, okay. Thank you very much. Let's consider the secret life of the innermost nesting doll living most of her life in the dark inside the other nesting dolls. He has plenty of time to think if we could sadly, she has no brain, however when most nesting dole. Here's the Geico not only saves people money, but also has been providing great service for over seventy five years. She thinks it's obvious. You should switch because. Yes. Switching to gyco is a no brainer pity in a most nesting doll and her lot in life. Now, these are the scenes outside ram with trades hotel. I'm Saddam at three o'clock this morning. Nice. The fans on fire lovely. Slam lovely time. You have any of that time. It didn't quite have the desire to fakes round Madrid with a two one win. But boy with eight to may to work hard for it. Benza Amal would open the schooling around which I would get the equalizer sensor coming off the bench again that key second go Ramage rid. But boy were they made to fight hard for that victory. Do you know? As a lot closer game than I thought it was going to be when you're when you're putting around Madrid, and you to a huge underdog and you're getting almost twenty decent efforts on Real Madrid's goal. Then I think that's telling the story. So. The two away goals key Novus to her that played is key in terms of going through. I think as much as picked up for them domestically. I think defensively or opportunities and eleven can average teams at vest level that still a worry. Yeah. It's concerning for ram, you'll take the resolve. And I think the difference between the two clubs is the fact that whenever round created their opportunities cutting Vincent my who's heart as anybody else in Europe. He's putting those opportunities away. Whereas I actually early on in the game. They get chances touted Asya whoever it may be they get those chances you have to put them away against Real Madrid. Those are the thing about Real Madrid is yes defensively issues. And if Steve Nicol we're sitting here, and he would have seen what was doing in this game. It was just responsible defending. And some of them stakes is things that you don't expect from komo's so much. So he gets a yellow car who will miss next match for me Real Madrid. There's still problems. There's no question it's a flawed team. But this is seemingly what they do. And now now at this stage of the season is when they turn this performance. They don't look so good that they're not convincing. But it's a win. And it's two away goals. And this means that they're probably gonna. Vance into into the next round of this competition, and he gets them just enough chance and just enough opportunity for them to continue to improve towards the lighter stages. Still for me is not a great ravage you come up against. I I actually and you knew how open in their diversity and this played right into Real Madrid. Strength. Look good going forward create chances Benz finish of confidence. But then huge problems on the back. And as they go slightly deeper this competition think readmitted will continue to have a lot of problems or that being said you look at the results in the league and the weekend, and it suggests maybe something different. I think so Larry still has a lot of problems with the side. They not really sure who they are what they're going to do. But for right now get what we saw from three or four months ago, you take this. We talked a lot about Imbaba yesterday. A couple years, of course, behind him Venetia junior's been great since he's come in and exciting talent looks completely unfazed by the pressure of playing around with. I'm surprised the too long. I mean, I know he's a young guy surprised it took us long to get as much game. So it came here to the states with Real Madrid in the summer. An okay, it was the two of them, and it was friendly. But he was he was a bulk tricks. I was looking up and thanking here's a guy that's coming from Flamengo for like four million bucks or wherever as on a combat in a sense. Where is no fear on? Maybe it was the right thing. Just leave him be for. But he's not finding these feet. And the more game teams gets particularly that's level. We all and then more experienced the he's going to get the ability carbon giving him to say, no. No, see another wall. Best of the games. Either. More talk about what happened in today's Champions League matches. I've on extra time be show to join us. Companies. They can quote the appetizer. The main course as the euro put that is or. Gains. These the ones that stand out by borrow some awesome gallatin thrive in thinking severe Celtic Valencia zero against Napoli record against in some Alon plus Mamo against Chelsea. And I suppose normally it's not a game worth addressing. But considering what's been going on? Chelsea of lanes is will be on this game ready. Chelsea can only. What they're in a no win situation. Alma believe that was one at least one headline in the UK and one year capability today that was mentioned in Dan, really, no. He's been mentioned to you a few club yet because he's off to the Real Madrid successful kind of understandable because the moment murmurings are already there unless he's dug himself a hole here. Sorry in the last few weeks with these comments with with the team's performance arsenal. Then comments off the back of then horrendous performance at Bournemouth, and the even wars performance at mindset, and then just plays the same way all the time out talking about. But he's had enough possession wheel the trigger can be pulled after any defeat our walk home attention. It's way. Didn't you? Beat mama has always Alamo. You lose tomorrow. That's. Well, I can tell you that the better option is you beat bound shawl say, well, you're supposed to be. But the truth of the matter is they don't even want to mess around with the possibility of what that other reaction would be I expect and it's hard to say this about Chelsea because you don't know what to expect from this team. And what what version of this team is going to show up? But I expect them after you get your backside handed to you the way that they were and humiliated, whether they were against not just to city that if this guys are true professionals and through very talented players that they would show ks that in this competition is the next game is the next opportunity for you to say something about yourself never mind the manager anymore about yourself individually. Can you put together a performance, and then make that as a group you do that you should be better than if you don't then we'll be talking about them in the not most positive manner the truth? I don't think this game does anything for Josie. Listen the are supposed. Three by my more team. That are struggling domestically that still on there. They went to bre- chessy kind of beat mom. Oh, sorry needs to leave Monday morning that that aside regardless of what you do and again. Do you know what they today pack. I'm not gonna stop anything back. That's. You know, you'd be my taking with his tactics. Bold is complicated. You've got big games on your on your horizon. That's where you will be judged on the thing. That's where the players will still be feeling nervous both about their own their own performances and the and their own confidence. And what this minds is to see as he continues to become more, more and more. Unpredictable. It's as difficult situation for those players to be an especially some of those who already have one eye on the predictable information protective. The, you know, pull the suddenly even more power to jokes because of the champion spa. And he could be sailing. Not he's talking to these because you say the talk to him, but he could be selling these owners to keep your job. Yes. Let's we'll know. We'll talk for racia- and we can win this year. Police we will get Champions League football next year. So you can sail out to the then that works the other way if you slip up and the owner, there's another one. We qualify United. We'll take and as falling away in the league. So. As part of importance now that's police because as avenue for and they should be one of the favorites. The absolutely should favorites to witness call attention. So the shipper Noyce Kasese me, just briefly on awesome. Obviously, you could say the same again for them with getting into the Champions League. Good good possibility. No Zona squad that travelled. These are massive problem for us though. Isn't it in the sense that he's going to be there for a long time? They've just given this massive contract. Azazel? There's no way it's going to be resolved unless you can find somebody who's going to pay his wages and take them off your good luck. Yeah. That's the thing. Don't say we didn't say they become a huge headache for for for also for Emory and some of the shows you lucky longtime thing can football clubs. I mean, it's just crazy with. I don't really want the guy in my team because I want to move onto a different way played. But of course, we discussing those Europa league games on the next addition show Julianne Laurent will be here to go about pants. As well as the Champions League that was obviously championship matches as well today. Let's say through the key results Brentford with a one no way over Aston Villa? Meanwhile, it's which town in real trouble. At the moment, you want one joy against I'll be at night. Starting light bouncing back over the to win again. Swansea. Big surprise fresh than beating Norwich state see by goals. One bulls Canaries seem flying of light. Meanwhile, police struggles continue Vara they lost one against Sheffield United Goethe's between weakened and I mean while reading to Blackburn Rovers ones, but just saying look at what all that means lead. United to the top of the championship of the victory. One point pair of Norwich City future. United great two thousand nine hundred ninety two now remain in third. Westbound full Bristol City Middlesbrough make the other pile places. Nope. Needs to do your job for you shock. I imagined. None of those championship teams will be in your power rankings. Hope not swaying. Are we're gonna do things haven't played. Then you go like boss Luna who drew PSV Napoli drawing. Let me tell you what he's talking about. Well, tomorrow how exciting confide. Welcome in extra-time, Emmett Smith, the check right. You're right. About. Oh, it's the knees. I put me, oh, that's not good on the Benny about you. Two bucks. Smokes. Genesis down on us. What he chills? What's wrong with that? We can see your legs. We'll see issue. Well, because when I put them on the thing pushes up the 'cause legs are quite low. Off to put my. Done. I'm up to two. Say that they're going to be Moreno to continue to pick against. But as long as possible, please. Sure gladly do. So the alley curse. However, however, be very careful Spurs you continue to play this. Well, there may be the off chance that I may pick. You know, what happens when that what about Stevie today say he could C Span's getting this done industrial Wembley where where is the Howard show? If I mean that kind of prediction, I would just show him. Now, he's still trying to work. If I did text takes. Wanted to have his this is what he does when he changed. The changing diapers. He still is printed instructions out case may have sheds the that's the first. Yeah. Well. Actually off to as massive result. And that recent good form in the league to Spurs have a better chance. Winning the champions or the primarily. But let's let's. I think it's the fact by. No, no lying. They're not winning to win two windy prema- league. They'd have to overcome city and Liverpool to win the Chinese league. Petrova comes city Liverpool. Readmitted Boston not keep going on three three teams. But still seem to teams that they have the question. My answer is no. That's the question. I have a better chance of winning the previously that that's my. And it's a very small meaning school chance of that. Yet. This hugely important. Off the streets. And now you're on. Primarily. Bye bye. It's paci. No the best manager in the Premier League. No best. Manage imprint me moment is monit months. It. Why didn't you say his name? Well, pretty well. We. Adult like just by the first name, but your or Pat, Pat. Saying while the Ola. Hey. Just say Justa had. How can put you to you know, but the best minds the pregnant because they just about jape, blah, blah, blah. Yeah. Given. Do you want to arguments, blah, blah? Exactly. Too soon to say Venetia junior Ramage it's best winger the best bring right now. I'll do do that question. Why is it too soon? Shang just the question where you Ostad. I'm right. Let's see extra time today grief Craig's off tomorrow, Valentine's Day. No. Yes, they're not been more romantic doesn. An correct doesn't step Peru. Hey. I have been on groupon. For. You'll get the best. Cheese Everard, right? No, Craig tomorrow fading hopes. The Schapper Nali will be here. Who married now the over? Oh. Let me tell you without compete who loved hockey and always wanted to play in the NHL Pete played since he was three and begged his mom to let them stay on the ice by some nights. He even slept in hockey skates. He practiced and practiced until one day when he was forty seven p realize he just wasn't that good. So he threw his skates in the trash. But then you heard how DIKO proud partner of the NHL good save money on car insurance. So he switched and saved a bunch. So it all worked out.

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