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Oscar Isaac Isn't Arab Featuring Lexi Alexander & The Chico Leo


You are now listening to four all nurture show podcast about Geek and pop culture from the perspective of people of Color for all nerds hosted by DJ. Ben I mean and Tatyana Keen Jones for owner chose a member at allowed because network. We always say rest in peace to our founder combat. Jack for All nerd show is powered by listeners. Everything we do from our podcasts live events. Our website are all independently funded. Please continue to support us. Do our page at Patriotair Dot com slash for all nerds rogue? So and what's up y'all episode of four all show the voice that are urban. Eat the PODCASTS. That's dedicated to Geek Culture from the perspective of people of Color. It's your boy. Dj Aka Arsenio Halliburton puts in quarantine. Oh I'M GONNA keep my Aka Short this week because we've gone to huge guests over give it a real because back in the CO captain's chair is my brother. Chico Leo Aka Bernie Sanders Aka Wuhan. So Low A. K. A. Corona Rider K. Around the Block in Eighty Days Aka. Better Cal Poly. Shas from you know it's funny. I was in use that because I thought you might have used that one slow. Halsall LAKES RUN ALL THE STAR. Wars thing right yes elitist crummy little dude that sits with the jab all the time yes and the RTD to take some out right after. Laya kills Kills Jabba No I did not. You already lost me on around the world in eighty Miranda blocking eighty days. All right well as you see are special gifts are But we also have a returning special guests. One of my favorite people in the world filmmaker. twitter rackham tours. That word is that you say that every I like that. That's a great one. Like one of my favorite people Lexi Alexander needs no But you know please introduce yourself and actually I want to have an interact like you just gave one for yourself and you do one for me as though you know. I actually have J. for lack of up to one I have one for you. Don't joke it's basically wire. My nickname was alley cat. Yeah it does. That is amazing. This star out there doj a cat so you could be a flying back fists the deadly. Wow Go see do have any as up on into debts in. But you know you've been on the show before like. I say you're one of my favorite people out there. You know director of just some of my favorite films as well and just an amazing for showed say what and TV shows and TV shows that on a different things you know just everything and anything right right back at you. One of my favorite people as you know off. Thank you so much because you know I mean I could go on and on like I'll be honest I'll put it out there. You know because this is show by property every time or anytime that I'm really feeling about psychology would or anything out hit Lexi up and she reminds me to keep going and keep doing something. So thank you very much for that out. Well we need you more than they renamed you more than you need them. That's definitely the way this race. You very much. I Know I've I'm pretty good at these days to let me do I. May Have you noticed that. Staying with like what's out there You know on content and stuff you know when when you actually like start looking at what's out there and take a moment of pause you start realizing that you know voices and voices of collar. And storytellers of color are still the minorities so that been be run out of content. You know you run out much fast out of content from people of Color. Then you run out you. We could watch white content in for another hundred years stuff. That's just been backed up something that I read an article the other day about how they think that because of the corona virus that a lot of issues onset while shooting might might might change. You know how people shoot someone was talking about shooting in La next to like all kinds of dogs shed or you know You know people shoot in conditions where it's like you know you're in a building and it smells like gas but you're still shooting there and so there was an article saying that they think because of this there's GonNa be potentially new rules on sat about like cleanliness because you know when the whole Reu You've got like one hundred people breathing over the same food and things like that and so it was sort of an interesting article that like you know at the end of this you know. They're they're going to be new rules in production to to protect you know the crew and the cast You know from. Potentially you know people get sick onset. They still come in and then they get other people sick. You know by the end of a shoot everybody sick. It's you know. And so they're saying it completely welcomed this idea because As as you know I mean I was in the middle of Brooklyn. Actually when this whole thing really broke out I mean I knew it was breaking out way before but you kind of look at your government and think if nobody is concerned why should I concern. I was in the middle of shooting a TV episode And we were just GONNA get ready to meet remember and And we keep going the second week. It was really interesting because now and it was around the twelfth of March now. Ruma started popping up everywhere of other shows. Shutting down of other shows having corona virus outbreaks. And all of this. And I'm still shooting and I think I even mentioned instagram. Like I can't believe I'm still shooting. Yea in New York on on Friday. At that point it was Friday the thirteenth or something like that and The finally in the middle of the night shoot. They came and and basically stop everything but it also meant because it was the end of the season. It meant my episode. I worked my ass off for like a week. will never see the light of day because you know they. They basically will ask the the season without this episode. And you don't come back to one episode and finish it you just. Don't you know so you you can just take the entire food each and every argument or discussion you head or every like thing you prepped and and toss it it was a waste of time and you know a lot of access kind of had very emotional scenes and stuff especially guest act as as a couple of guests at this who in a really had like tough scenes in to to think that you would just going through that for a week and then the whole thing is thrown out was just unbelievable but the big thing was that the aftermath. I'm not sure if you guys read it. But in the aftermath I was caused by human resources from the studio and was told that You know we hadn't. We had positive corona positive people working on set and they wanted to yeah and they wanted to inform me but they only wanted to inform me and ten other people. And so I. I can't believe you can see. It was only a couple of days and it ended up in variety. 'cause I ended up you know. Basically she told me human resource person told me she would only Tammy and like ten of the people who were in touch with this person and I said to her. Hold up for a moment unless we don't understand how viruses if I was in touch with that person every person I was in touch with is also at risk. You can't just tell me. It was one of those kind of elitist things that people tend to do in my industry and that. I always speak out against. It always gets me into trouble. You know but I couldn't understand how you identify ten people and the director being one of them in not tell the other people because unless you know I this the this corona positive person which they didn't want to name this person so I didn't know who it was and it was the last person I spoke to on my last shooting. Day then everybody I spoke to after I had to do with. This person is also at risk so you can't just have me and five other people you have to tell everybody and only when I went on twitter and start complaining about this. Did they finally send a letter out and then variety picked it up enough? Coz Me I'm thinking well so much forever working on that production again. Did they offer you testing because it's somewhat that's even crazier they not open retesting? I asked because you know I wasn't really that concerned about me but if I would have known before I flew back from New York I could. If at least you know quarantined mice up. You know they don't know what my situation. Yes I came back to somebody in my household. Who could have prevented you know? I could have sent them off and said hey either you or I but I was with so. They didn't tell me now. Imagine if I would affect kids on elderly parent or they don't know that that I didn't have to. They didn't tell us until way later. So that was one thing but then I asked if I can get tested only because I also have asthma and I knew immediately because I watched other language news that had inflammation a month before the America has immediately knew that I was more at risk and I said to hustle do. We have tests set up cheese tests. No and then she said okay. This is somebody who works in Human Resources. Who's never been on the set? She's been in. La The entire. She said to me. Oh No I'm here with my little my you know child and even I can't get the test and I was stumped. I'm like what am I mean? Even you can't get it as you went on the set I was and drive and and also that sounds a little like well. If you can't get this how should I get like it was so politically incorrect from all aspect? It was ethically incorrect. That's what it was for me to have to blow the whistle so that every crew member knows that there was an outbreak. You know just so that they can avoid seeing whatever they immuno-compromised hits. Elderly parents was just so crazy. But you know because it's corona virus time. It's by this time. It almost looked it's to me. It seems like that was last year. Everything went so fast in that we've had so much nuisance than you know. It's only a month ago like yes feels like six months ago. That is ridiculous man and especially to you guys in New York. Every changed since that months when it was still normal you know everything was open as of today. It's it's illegal as the today that were recording us. It's illegal to to go outside without a mask but almost almost said that today at his You know and that and that that that brings up a whole other thing with like you cops harassing people. I mean there's been videos on twitter of people getting harassed by cops for not you know social distance saying were for not wearing a mask and like that's just going to get. We just gives them another excuse have has been arresting people whether they have a mask or they don't have a mass. Yeah it's like either black men with masks. This is via fucking challenge. Obviously you know this is not this is not right and we know that an you know. Even I was telling everybody. We need to wear masks and because again heard it on European TV. They will already way ahead of this right and the people he allied because they weren't enough masks and they thought that saying that masks were really helped will make everybody steer everything in by everything and they didn't want that. I knew that you know of course then the minute it actually became a law person suggestions immediately. You know a lot of black men said look already like you can't make me go with a mask into a store at shot immediately and I was like Oh of course and so now making it actually a law is just you know I I just. It's just a messed up country to be honest you know it sure is and and and MS country with a really messed up response to you. Know the biggest emergency that we faced in you know a hundred years one hundred you know since since the since last time and they screwed this up the first time in nineteen eighteen. So you know it's It's just it's it's unbelievable. Wow you know we have the worst person in charge to To deal with it and You know yeah I mean the good news is that we've definitely plateaued in New York. You no doubt low or two aces of lowered for like a week now But the problem is is that if they just let people out without ramping up the testing or the you know getting a vaccine is just going to start all over again. So the problem is that nobody knows it if people who had that? I'm you but America has already acting like. Oh Yeah when you had that you can't get the that's not true nobody from this and actually buy. Rawla all over the world saying no. We don't notice we. As a matter of fact people have gotten it again on our watch. So you know. It's just sometimes America's very like in its you know the thing about. Is everybody just coins a trump? You know he's been in charge for four years and yeah he sent depend domestic. Make you know team away. He's he's you know he's a mess. Obviously but these is a is a systemic problem that that started way before him. You know I'm not sure this country will do pat as many ventilators even if it had been a Democratic president in. Oh and I wasn't aware that I wasn't aware that Germany has thirty. Icu places with ventilators. Per Thousand People well most of America has three thousand people and this is where it starts and this didn't just come around with trump. I mean I'm sure actually. All of the Republicans are fought. I'm not so sure it's just it's just we can just point that like Oh yeah. We have crazy right-wing us here. We can definitely go back way further than the and it's been a problem. Our governor here Andrew Cuomo. He's a Democrat and he's been getting really great marks but he actually closed down You know tens of thousands of hospital beds that you know that that they could've used when this in earlier in his administration So you know the Democrat. There are Democrats who've definitely contributed to this. I mean I definitely the mainstream Democrats are almost Republicans at this point in the league. Because I'm I'm living now because this country like oh you know and again like I you know. I'm six now so I I have to care but I'm really like thinking about this. I'm like can I give this passport backing? Because it's it's very frustrating to see in the middle of a pandemic we end the middle of a pathetic and it's now clear that it it affects you know minority communities black and Latino communities the most so we have that now and people are still not sure if Medicare for all is the right thing to do and that's not just the Republicans. They've they're they. They at least very clear okay. They have very clear about the bootstrap kind of bullshit and we don't WanNa give anything to people who don't look like us. I get it but at least clear about whereas I'm not so sure about these white liberals and moderates were like. Yeah you know Warren and Sandra's there so radical and I'm like you retweeting on chill America every day you know who literally half the same plans as weren't Santa's hat and I don't understand the resistance like what is so radical about them. Oh we need a centrist win against the right wing as I just. I don't know how this country can Rasmin even even time of great pain They don't see it. You know that's frustrating to me. That's been my worry with this whole situation. That's what I was saying from weeks ago is not that the coveted is the problem. Is that hope. You know that we won't see a change in America because of it because as I people are recognizing this is the result of the pathway. We've been on for a long time here but another thing that I do want to talk about is we were talking about on Mean next we're talking about earlier this week and on the show. I will for the last few weeks. Even we've pretty much all the time on his show but we had been going hard about it on. The show is trying to tell people to count their blessings and focus on the positive in their life because as stressful as the situation is for everyone you also have to remember that we are like we do live in America. You know there are a lot of things that a lot of people in this world. Don't have that we take for granted here and but me Alexi. We're talking about going back and forth and like is there is it. Is there a place for being angry online or did you should like why no we both go back and forth on this but do you feel like you have to maintain a positive attitude? You feel like you have a duty to you know. Be Angry and talk about what's going on. I mean you know I actually listened to your last podcast. Which and it was great. It was great to hear pizza. Talk and four like an hour. I felt transferred into a different world and in the world. This is a good thing that happened to good guy. And it's it's great stories. That are good for all of us so like look I could cry just talking about now and it was really great listening to that. Podcast listening to you guys and I heard what you said in the beginning about being positive and I do think in a way we have. We should supply that for people. You know the problem I have with that and as I stopped when I win the puck cast was always. I guess what I'm GonNa do. I'm GonNa talk about all the to be honest. I could actually talk about a lot of people. Have no idea that there's a whole other side to my life. You know it's like right now. I'm taking this time to sort out a garage that I've collected twenty years of vintage toys and stuff POPs up that I don't even know what it is. I sedan have to look at his his action figures. And I'm like should I tweet and ask what this is that you that would be funny and I don't do it because I open up twitter some shift I and of course then you have to point it out like that you like your brain chemistry changes because now you depressed now. You don't WanNa talk about the toys anymore but also once I hung once I was done with the podcast and I said that's what I'm GonNa do. Have me really fits first of all if we don't speak up nobody's GONNA do? There's no white guy who suddenly comes out mother. What maybe there's the he and Dale White Savior Guy. Okay who gets crate race for speaking out for us right? This is the praised. Never comes to us by the way it's always i. It's a we got these two three white guys who are really speaking up for Palestine right and boy they get so much more press than like ask Palestinian women try platelets that from jobs right and you know blocked an unfold loads you know the midwife right that comes he's like the liberal the guy who sees the you know and this is just what we have to live with but there's only two three of them so if we collectively would stop speaking about the stock it needs to be changed. It wouldn't get changed. We just don't have the privilege so that's one thing that we just can't afford to stop speaking up a about the injustice and the other thing is that you know. I have a lot of people from Palestine inaccurately Palestine in Gaza in Khalil. Have following me and it. It feels weird to me if I keep my feet two lights. My thought instantly goes to them. And you know then you know. I often complain about those white directors. I followed it. Just in complete blissful ignorance every day. Oh look how great this styles movies look. What a Great Sea Knight to ten and look how awesome. This was an everyday. The fucking lightness and abortion. I'm looking at him like really. Are you not seeing what's going on? And people love it by the way the film nuts loved these guys that you know every day they keep it like the keep it about movies and I hate them. I really do. I mean I gotta sit up straight and by the right they totally know hated to you know So you know I remember like really. You can't take your fucking white male privilege and shot up about your movie for a day and just help us out important some of these things. Just don't even speak re tweet. People of Color. Just retrieved people especially women of color like user platform to elevate Craig boys during this time instead of eight making you know a communist salad so you get the applause or be just talking about your fucking movie. That's a your right I mean and so I am. I feel than when I think of my people in Palestine. Been Day see me. I'm wondering if I'm not that white guy for them. You know what I'm saying like am I not turning into the guy I hit them because if I stop just you know. He has been destroying all look at. Lily. How am I not that guy for them but on the other hand just today somebody like you know like saint me some screen chuck of some guy who complained about my angry tweets of whatever and You know I do feel like look. It's not my choice. I don't want to be angry all the time. You don't think I want to talk about and vintage toys I do. I just don't feel like hand. Also the there's a disconnect in the country you know with the you know the inequality where some people are tweeting out of their giant houses where they have a huge yard that they can walk around in and most people are in apartments. You know where they can't they can't really go outside or you know they're trapped in the same three or four rooms and you don't realize. I think Nancy Pelosi tweeted the picture provided and people were like and it just all ice cream and people were like you'll that's twelve dollars a pint ice cream. I'll buy ice cream when it's on sale when it's like two for five you know like if I walk into a grocery store with twelve dollars I walk out with a bag full of stuff you know and it was like you know. It's just like the You know the disconnect If is really highlighted like I know people in apartments where there are other people in the building with Corona virus. And they're trapped. I mean they're not in the same apartment is them but they're in the same building the same doorknob every day. You know to go outside or just the hallway or like you know male and and and everything like that it's a completely different experience than someone in La. Who's on a quarter of an Acre and they have lemon trees that they can sit under and whatever I'm just saying like you know The you know. So it highlights the the the inequality that You know that we have here. I mean the whole Corona virus thing is is highlighted. Did you know all right? This is the third potatoes. Everybody you know out there listening to this. I what's up with all this political talk even though we must talk all kinds of everything but we have Lexi Alexander Chico Leo building. And we're GONNA take a quick break right here and we'll be right back to show. Hey guys it's Allison Williams. I'm an actor and when I am not scaring people on Screen. I am hanging out with for honors and listening to their show. Hey guys this is rod and King of the blackout test podcast and when we are doing one of our many podcast yes we are listening to for nerds was gone on everybody. This is the Sante one third of the friend zone and win. I am not smoking pot or Plano. Be Stryker I am. Listening to all nerds. What's obey by? This is Chuck Creek Moore Aka Jigsaw from all hip hop dot com and went. I'm not placing my heavy hand on the world of hip hop culture watching all nerves rounding. And when I'm not trying to take over not flick put up. This is your Abdul Mateen. Second I play Black Manta in Auckland movies when I'm not getting around the city. Chilin listening to four all was up yours and Stephen harassed by artists Cocoa Aztec Fire Arts on at the fringe. Michael Craig Watson. The home don't get lost. Homes Warwick of Watson Homes Group Award is nominated. When I'm not drawing I am mystic four all nerds check. Hey Malcolm lead director of nights school and when I'm not directing writing producing an endings kids. I'm listening to four all nerds. Hey this is Pamela ribbon and when I'm not writing things like my boyfriend's a beer or Ralph race the Internet. I am listening to you for all your Chico Leo. When I'm not leading an Athenian revolt in assassin's creed Odyssey. I'm listening to four on there. What's the episode of the show as always thanks for listening? Baked you for being here in this wild as time lease made sure you're subscribed on all the various platforms Find our show such as soundcloud spotify wounds you to pretty much everywhere except tied al. Because Jay Z doesn't love us but for real mixture you hit us up on twitch dot TV slash four on earth. Because we've been doing a lot of stuff on there such as me. Dj and we had our brother Professor Brandon of Boone. On their dropping knowledge like straight of knowledge. He was doing what they call a science class about. Covert about the corona virus arts which channel. And he'll be back probably later on this week on their game and talking and it was really great. I mean just amazing knowledge from that brother. Thank you so much. If you haven't listened to last week's episode like Lexi said we have Peter Ramsey? I mean come on now. We have here Ramsey director spider verse like it was a dream. Come true to meet. Thank you Lexie for once again helping to hold that one up. I mean just who so go listen to that. Go listen to the week before we add brand on the show up Professor Brandon. You know it says it's been a lot of things on here. I mean it's been you know it's been really good poppet. Y'All should be hip telling a friend a friend for alerts Straw who've like a little commercial right there. They should just play that on on other loudspeaker shows they really should. But that's a whole another thing department. Hello Chris Morrow out there you know safe and sound wherever you are But Yeah we have Lexi Alexander on the show and Me Alexi go back and I can't even remember when we I know I started following you. I think I but you are slammed that you were following me. I but I don't believe that for second but yeah I remember being like I mean. I think we really became friends. I've been on your podcast right first. Time yeah definitely usually happen to drop. Haikus Ryan Discreet Strategy During the break you were asking me some questions and because I have actually nothing to say about myself you know being being a comeback Gastonia and I thought to myself PROPO- before we started the podcast that actually you have much more to say about what's going on with you and well you know. I mean you know I would personally like and I'm sure everybody else on your thoughts on American gods the new season or would you know what happened and what happened since then. I don't know if you spoke about the podcast but I don't think so but then like I tried to you And became a whole thing and they didn't become a thing which which which I think we should talk about. Okay well in order of operations. Let's see American gods now. I guess I really haven't because I as a light new freshmen. Or whatever you WANNA call it writer in the Industry House definitely you know when I came off American goggles where you're trying to make sure I there ruffling feathers and say anything and got a raw nature or domestic trouble where I would at work again and I really haven't done various things here David. I haven't been back in a writer's room since American gods so it's It's been interesting. I Like I've had to like find my low for writing again. One thing and you lexi. Ray helped me with that allow times. I know because on a lot of stuff like we're working on that other project wrote the episodes that and you will love that. Whenever you approve of my writing it makes me feel better myself could I? Don't you know most people medicine Shit you know? Even when sometimes I really don't don't get me wrong. There are times when I know by writing bird and everything but as far as American gods I honestly did not watch the second season because it was just too close to her like just like we were talking about. We plotted out a whole damn season. We'd had like I WANNA say at least five episodes written whole episode Audie Rain. And then you've got can and everything we thought about got- Bonau or repurpose and some ideas. That I had definitely made it into the second season. You know in different ways and whatnot. That was interesting to hear about the person watching myself but I was like. Oh Wow you know. They didn't use that and that was interesting and then there was a whole lot of stuff that happened. Afterwards and a lot of people I know Orlando was upset about the way he was treated and I. So it's one of those things like is Hollywood. I know Hollywood can be racist but also to Hollywood can be very fuller just ineptitude so I felt there might have been a bit of both in the situates with Orlando in my situation. I just felt like I don't feel like the people in charge. There knew what they were doing it. I don't mean to people who I work with people. Both everyone I worked with. Just didn't know what they were doing with. American gods had never had a show like that on their hands. So yeah you know. It's it's interesting. What would have happened if your season had? Come after watchman you know if the Second Season of American dodds had come after watchman which I think you know a lot of people you know think is was the best show of last year and it was a show that you know addressed white supremacy and racism likes front and Center in the show. You know American gods did that. I'm like I say I'm not so sure about the second season I know they had moments. I Know Orlando had that speech CERVITTI low from the second season but I think the show already did that. You know very much. That's what attracted me to it. So much in the first place was trying to say something but as far as what it did now. You know that's down I I I know some of the people who were still working on it my man I yeah he left pseudo Beta. I don't know if I know anyone who stood air is points Sat Up there. Well I mean first of all. It's always Obama. When when you know that you had a unique idea that you know maybe you ripple scratched but you know some executive above you remember there too and puts it into like the you know the into a script anyway now. They made it now. They made their idea. And you get a check for it and to. It's happened to me very very often to the point. Where a punch their he actually admit to it so we didn't hire you but we used our note. Now that's not cool to say anymore right all the time and it's very frustrating but talking about watchman for example. You know one of the things I know this is you've got two types of white liberals Hollywood's that empower positions the ones that op check to everything that you know is any kind of talk of equality political correctness and they try to make Continue to make their politically incorrect entertainment. And you've got a that's one group but then you have the smart once. You have the smart ones who stopped following activists on on twitter and sometimes they don't even follow like I knew this guy who just had list made a list all these great voices but they didn't know he was following them an auto suck. Now using anybody at watchmen. But I of course find it. Curious that suddenly a pup culture. She'll come out. That gets everything about that right. And because I know so many of these guys in because I know so many of these white white right doesn't charge these. You know show runners. I know what they're doing. They're taking all of his up from us from the blacklist for saying these things and then hire us because we actually too much trouble on the set because they still want to do this light racist. Bullshit you know in that slide. Sexist Bullshit you know. They take all those big concepts and suddenly. I'll look at the woke. Guys MAYBE WATCHMEN. And did you see that? Did you see and then you start wondering okay. How many black writers actually have you know in your writing room and then of course the bring outlook we have to you know but you know ask them? How are our boarded? We add Damon on this era. I know they have four absurd. Still wasn't you know if you remember when you end the room and I'm not saying didn't good guys for printing you out hiring at least I have a head to say? Hey these guys are talks on billy create stopping pockets. They know a lot of stuff. Let's bring them out. I respected. That's that's how it should work. But then then and there were other diverse voices diverse. You know diverse voids in your room and I know and I don't WanNa put you in the decision to to talk about but this is one thing that I think we can say without risking anything too much you know and I know and everybody should know that just because there's four five people of color doesn't make them doesn't mean they make decisions doesn't mean they add along that on the show and so you know yes now. It looks good because when somebody says well you know you talk about all these things but do you even have people of Color Your staff then. They bring out his five. Would you send Luka have such a diverse but if the white guy in charge still makes all the decisions then you know and writes every script and everything that he's the last he's the final cut is the last you know decision on everything that doesn't mean that it's a narrative people kinda just means that person without team pay the pension they pay the tension of what's going on on these twitter streets? No and I I really. I really disliked about that is that everybody says. Oh they did that. So good on watchman and I'm like do they like following US suddenly switching to these themes. That's do they follow us on twitter. They listen to all of this. They secretly go to the sobral house in West Hollywood and Dick Chabad boat. We have a microphone. Then they put it in the script fucking up lost. What their emmy winning show and it frustrates me. Okay really does I I. I mean I've Doug if I don't WanNA throw myself under Bush put I also. I definitely feel it. I feel that I'm Hollywood. Is Interesting and I was something that I had to learn for myself going out there and I don't think a lot of people really get it and I always recommend people watch Hollywood shuffle by Robert Townsend. But even watching. That doesn't really get you understanding of what it's like to be rooms with people and everything but Here's another one you were talking about the GIG. I get Zeppelin. I've never talked about this on the show because I didn't know what you know should reveal or whatever but I guess it's good to find talking about now is it. Well listen I you know. I didn't ask for permission. But here's the thing like I. It's not happening anymore. And I don't know the details. You know why this person is not doing the firm anymore. So there's nothing. I can reveal that that anybody chopper because I literally don't know anything I think. The previous part of involved. You is very kind of cool and funny because you know like many many times and I often often get these cokes. They are actually you know producers and filmmakers that called me up specifically because they need certain voice and and I'm I would say often the rich you know. I'm I'm kind of with a little toll on site and also on Obviously I'm on the other side. I'm Palestinian female filmmaker with allow mouth on twitter. And so you know they feel like I have connections to to all authentic voices and so sometimes I mean actually quite often I get a call. Do you know somebody who knows about this. Do you know somebody I can hire. I do know Arab activists. Do you know Arab writers you know. Do you know somebody who's the comic books who's black you know and then I commend you. Scott he said look I want black rider black. You Know Comic Book Specialists Nerd. Who can advice me on this specific storyline? Because I don't feel confident. I can develop it a lot so you follow you. Continue telling people what it was. I now actually forget the Carib does okay was a lexical him. Yo l one day and tells me that she and I knew this already. I knew you were good friends with Dr Barracks in who was the former director of opera. Strange multiversity madness anti directed the first strange and a bunch of other stuff as well and so You look for somebody to work on Doctor. Strange to as a consultant. Because he wants to introduce the character of brother Voodoo and Hoodoo traditionally is a Haitian guy in the comments. And if you read is Thomas saw it is some of the worship over. Most of the time it's just so trifling like. I did a lot of research to get ready for this and it was so trifling just on and on trifle. And so anyway he wanted to bring a minute. He wanted to get it right. So LEXI's like okay. I'll introduce you to start and I talked to what I I still never actually talked to Scott Physically tall to him but we went back and forth with his Assistant me him and his assistant and we were working to set up a call for a few weeks and it just delayed very circumstances and everything and then it started to feel kinda funny and Been the news came out. There was not going to be directing the strange anymore and been on means closest chance to work on a marble film went right on average. I step in horrible about. I say this I have this. I actually think whatever whatever he was going through that Mateen. Vive which again. Honestly I I would totally have. I haven't seen him since then. No I talked him and he wouldn't tell me something like this over tech's right so whatever happened and it seemed to be in the amicable but whatever happened. That made him you know Leave the movie. I don't know anything about but I do believe that whatever it boss it was must have started right after. He asked me to help him find somebody because he's not one who postpones things that I just don't know that about him so that's what. I think that that he asked me to do that. I found somebody I asked you. Everything seemed to be a great fit and then he started postponing stuff. And I think that was the time he was seeing or working out to see You know if if he can still do this movie otherwise he would have had. He probably didn't WanNa do this. Talk with you or and then waste your time. That's what I think. Of course you know. I'm not sure Scott as aware of that. You know You went out hours and days of research. I mean it's all good research that I would do either way but it was a lot of stuff I knew I just wanted to refresh myself said I knew I was like okay. Let me make sure I know what's going on with Nc What needs to be done with them and a lot because Oh my God is so terrible but yeah can you tell me about this character. What's Oh man. Brotherhood was hysterical. He is a his name. Is Jericho Drumm? And he's a black man from Haiti in his original incarnation. It was like he moved away from Haiti and to America and studied medicine and became adopter and he wasn't about that Haiti life anymore. You know he was like all y'all down there you know studying which stopped and his brother gets sick and is dying and his twin brother so he goes home on well. I'm not sure if it's twin brothers sick dying and he goes home to you know. See Him as he's dying and his brothers like you got to become a doctor who are brothers. Do you know does magic Israel and all this stuff and he whatever So he is brother dies and when he dies his spirit like in in Abbott his brother's body Jericho who still alive. So find out that it's real and he has to learn the ways of mysticism to battle these enemies and everything become brother do and it was just real trifling because it was like he taught in proper English until he becomes brother Voodoo and then he starts talking in hasten slang and is it's just really bad a bit I mean it was bad and then even in the more modern stuff when I read it like in the modern stuff he was speaking of Haitian slang even though he his terrified never grown up in Buddha like I mean Haiti like that's just not how he would talk. You know he would have it at the most inefficient family around him. He would still be able to switch language coming language but dialects. You know he'd better codes which as we say but he wasn't any of that it's just not it was not. I mean just to be honest. I did not read any of a Brotherhood book whereas ever inviting won't by the White Dude so that along. Yeah now one that he needed to help via the care have been mistreated like recently brother. Who became a doctor Voodoo and became the source of rain? Like what he took doctor strange position and they were like okay. Let's all from train you know. And he knows the better you know be you know front and center. Now you're GONNA Social Supreme. He was on adventures. Then he becomes source of spring in lease the Adventus. Yes I have to ask your on is The new pictures from Dune were released and everyone immediately went nuts over Oscar Isaac and how listen they have some data and some other Brown people in it so our Vr by them on those lobby Marino acclamations up in their Jason Momoa there A lot of people don't realize I mean what's his name Salomet. Yeah Yeah Yeah can tell you right now that my the Arabs don't like it. That is my question right away. That was my question and I know she knows more on a you know a lot. So if you've been let people know why you know this because I I mean right away to Thurston was real but then it seemed like the backlash was real. Came right after I go because I don't actually know that much. I just know when my crude and I it is absolutely the case here. So Dune was originally written in the sixties as this sort of ecological response to the oil crisis that was going on and Dune Iraq. Which is the planet. And it's also known as Dune is modeled after the Middle East and they actually use a lot of Middle Eastern culture Arab culture. The word Jihad itself comes up like fifty in Grad and Mattis which means struggle by the way the trump this anything other but the Strelka right. And it's the struggle of the people on Dune who are being exploited their resources spice which allows which allows people to bend time and distance. So it's it's basically you can't go light speed in the Dune Universe without using the spice so they exploit you know the the end of the people who live on Iraq as our you know gay treated like shit by these colonial powers anyway. The point is it's very much there are there's a lot of Arab culture and concepts and words straight up words that are used in it and Yeah I mean the first time around. It's all it's all white people in in in David Lynch's version in this one. They definitely there's there's there's a ton of light beige people and a black woman ends and dia but but but they have. There's no Arab people and certainly all of the people who you know all the characters of the people who live on Iraq as would definitely be you know those characters in the book are based on you know they're supposed to be an analog for Middle Eastern and Arab people And North African people. You know but really the oil comm- countries So anyway that's that's for from that point of view that is definitely what what Dune is based on and it's it's spice instead of oil But yeah you know I'd I'd like I can completely understand and and assume you know that there would be a a a negative reaction You know but I get. Lexi could definitely speak to that friend. Hannah wrote a newspaper article about it and again. I'm a little bit like it's weird to like. Do I think it is necessary? Because everybody's going to watch this stone because we're all stopping for new content. So once we need to speak up about it and she was absolutely right righted Orion my little bit less loud about it because you know my head is still like I really like you know. All the people of Color in Sweden die because being stupid I get you know watching so much international news and knowing that the almost every country you know the darker skin tone the worst you off with this corona virus. Kind of keep my focus on that and you know a hot comb it you say well. We should have been in that but she was absolutely right and she actually a lot of pushback. Somebody's trying to the heavy up at the is an Arab which I tried to tell you. Have you ever is an Arab and and Somebody told her you know even Russian Jews I've really Semites era and I. It's like the became ridiculous. The comments she got you know and people just didn't WanNa hear Bud completely appropriate in our coaching. This you're not talking about people who you know have we don't have any representation at all. We we got a couple of guys Allen Allot which you know but then we got the reports of how they had to spray Tan people in matches that to be extra you know so it's like we never get anybody ever and we really haven't even come close and part of it is our fault because you know do Arabs. Tell their kids to become engineers doctors and we don't really you know so. That's not a big crowd of that cares A few of us do we. I don't know how we can scream louder. But why can't that be given like? Why can't we start you? Know representing culture does in a respectful manner without a bunch of people having to go absolutely nuts and just never liked it. And I'm glad to see that a few activists from other. Pc communities came out to say look. This is bullshit and I was very happy about that because certainly I do that for every crew and it was nice to see to have some solidarity and say you know. Look I think Oscar Isis is creamy. You kidding me. I cast in myself and everything. He's great but he keeps popping up as as an Arab substitute. And that's just not okay you know. And there's there's a bunch of cabinet just because you know you put a bunch of Brown People Bache people in does not mean you on now really representing Cacho and it's unfortunate because what some of these guys. I'm not even big names like why. Why couldn't you cast like a few really solid Arab acts? So the the the other thing is that the Arabs are the good guys in Dune and the bad guys are the colonial. P Ball and Paul Atredes. The main character Timothy Jamila is definitely a white savior. I mean the absolutely the epitome of a white savior but yeah I mean it. It actually is a really good opportunity for them to actually. Here's a here's a big Hollywood movie. That's coming out and all the Arab guys are the good guys and you could cast you know I mean the I think the other issue and Lexi. You would know more about this than me. I think another problem is that a lot of Arab characters in movies are actually played by Israeli actors. And that in itself. Big is a little lad or less it was the Latin pod is that has to stop. Because now you're just mixing up Brown people and they have taken suspect right. It's all about like we just had this conversation on twitter as a friend of mine. It just revoked community when I was acting like there's a role for Palestinian who was who but they cast a salvation actor And he didn't speak any Arabic and then the scene with this offense. They pretended to speak Arabic in a panic. Became like a big argument because one of my other friends confronted him on facebook. Said don't actor to speak Arabic so it's like you know but but it truly is that. Now here's the thing about because I have to say because you know some kinds. There's a whole other words. That is much more up in arms about you know you know this whole thing. About Israelis is and you know Arabs whereas we actually. I have a lot of friends who is really who you know lefty Israelis they against the occupation day out protesting loudly. So you know. There isn't an instant while. That should certainly never happen at all. And you know there was a group. I was involved in of Minna. Middle Eastern North African access that tried to fight for presence basically among Hollywood so that we can be counted and that was an Israeli actor who definitely had Arab features and therefore wasn't really cast as a white guy. I understood that there was no doubt in my mind that he was suffering from the same Middle Eastern discrimination we saw from. And so you know I isn't that instant like that should never happen. Because in some instances its billing or the White Guy who's replacing your. It's a guy who looks just like somebody on the other side of the border and if we're not talking about that board which is really offense with Snipe Stack. Then you know that's an issue. That just should be okay because you're proud on problem. They don't cast as Chou Schmos so we got a look at that. But when we're talking about taking over a peep it's kao-chia and actually using the scenery and using the words and all of that that second one of the things I mean that you. I'm sure understanding. I often see packed with a talk about. Is You want to be Blackman. It's only convenient. You know you want to have to track locks and you want to listen to the rap music but you don't want the cops shooting you know you don't WanNa Cup stopping you all the time. And that's the same with Arabs like owed now you like our culture for for this super. Cyprus I was but you don't want to put up with what we put up at all. Are you on our side and that's where it becomes unfair all the way. No that's Li- like always I can't remember I think it might have been Paul Mooney. Said everybody wants to be an Ninh word until they. You know it's time to be an inward so like you were saying. You know Dune I mean it's coming out. We'll be star for content. The funniest thing I could talk about how the Boxoffice wasn't going to be anything because people don't care about sci-fi Star Wars Todd robot he was like what boxall fifty gets Yeah We'll see if there will be people at theaters and I think astronaut this year allegedly but December that they I mean they they were announcing a December date. Although it was supposed to be like you know may or supposed to open like right after black widow Oh wow so now December so yeah or early summer but it got is definitely everything has got pushed back to December. Yeah so dot push back this week as well To joining everything else. Soul is now November and is coming out on the same day as the first way story. Did like you know whatever. It was twenty five years ago. Now Ryan Wild but been that long since toy story. Wow Yeah doom get pushback. Everything gets pushed back is set for next segment. You like that right beautiful segues but about professional as fuck is one. That's my favorite review of four onwards. Ever professional as fuck. Yeah thank you thank you. We love to do it. L. And we were like an hour into the show and before we even get into. Keep me ask because normally upon the titanic will be here to read all the questions but she is not here. She is taking a sabbatical. She escaped on Thursday pod as you should do but she will be back soon enough and you know she's doing well. Everybody hit up on twitter on instagram. We're still trying to get her to do some twitch on twitter dot TV slash for all animal crossing or something. But you know at Addison. So don't worry and Tatyana. We bet soon but now it's time for equally asked questions to walk. Go we answer any all questions from our listeners. And if you are a special tier on Patriot on you can ask a question as well. I think we actually have a Adrian on questioned this week but anyone can send in their questions to contact at four all nerves dot com or you can hit us on twitter onto instagram's at for authors and ask any question that you want boom like that that's how it goes down here on the four on your show and we do have a question from our page you outside. I'm GONNA ask that. I and I always butchered as persons name. And they're always they've been a longtime supporter. Let me do it one more time. Yellow this is is nuke nuke never I wanted to ask the patient question watching Bj played a final fantasy seven remake. Maybe wonder what other Games do. You like see remade recurrent tech. I would love to see updated Star Fox with a regular sling story mode in a multi a massively multi. Whatever player I've never played with Star Fox but I know it's a banger. It's like one of the greatest nintendo sixty four. So and I know talking on the issue screaming about how one of the best games ever and it needs to be remade. As well as I'll go with that and Let me think by that Chico. Or You have any games that you would let see remade with current technology stride. Yes but that always just remade. It doesn't feel as good as ritual streetfighter. No I feel you know like I lost out on the street fighter two to this day. I'll play the original woop. Anybody in fact bringing y'all y'all let's go up at anytime so this might have been updated but I remember as as a little kid playing spy. Hunter will in the arcade. This was still like you know Roger Moore was still on you know And I feel like if they updated that as you had this really dope car. They did like an espionage thing in the grand theft. Auto sort of you know world and you're in sort of all these different locations. I think that could be cool at no. I mean did you could just do golden. I do both of them once I up dated like you know to like a whole like you said a grant of auto spy game right here by because you don't get out of the car it's spy hunter now. Okay but this one yeah you could get out of the cards which the like a first person like Goldeneye And you got a boat honor to right right right right absolutely yeah. That's a great one. I'll go to another in Mousa- golden eye again because that's one of my favorite games and I think also use a refresh but I Dunno I am playing final. Fantasy seven to remake and I've never played any final fantasy for. I know nothing about them at all. And His name is weird. I thought That's all spaced apart because ivory. I'm still very early in the game. I love it at the Combat Stove. Bed The graphics. The music is really good. I don't know if I can say the stories of Arkansas Weird and his Japanese and someone asked me to go find her little kittens in chopped up a bunch of people. So it's like the tone is all over the place we've been talking about tone in films has nothing on a final fantasy game because I literally murdered a bunch of people in a while to go. Fight this little girl. Did he go find my kids. And that's what happens. I net stop. Hey I listen to you guys. We loved the show and I try and put people as much as possible. But anyway thank you. Thank you very much for all that. Please put more people on everyone out. There spread the word for all nerds but anyways I'm a frequent traveler or at least I was sort of Rona. Ruined everything into a trip to Jamaica last week a trip also taking this month to Alaska and more than likely a trip finding for May to visit Chalet. Oh sorry I'm heard but I don't mind as much but now I'm wondering they're going to cancel San Diego. Comic con is literally the First Time I've been able to get tickets and it would actually be I con off. I guess my question that you guys. What plans at a row? Ruining for y'all row row rebound and where's the first place you guys will be traveling to after all INNIS? That's rough rough ham. Oh I feel for you because I think San Diego comics renegade canceled or postponed. Yeah definitely it has already been by the time. This episode airs on. Yeah 'cause yeah I mean the thing. I know that we're focused on all the stuff when missing. But I think it's best to focus on. You know you know what we're not getting if we if we're going to be honest like you don't want to be in the mass of people because that thing is deadly and it's not just deadly for old people people with Asthma in Dallas now been reports all over Europe from people who you know. Were completely fine and Diong because what's happening is also that our healthcare system breaks down. That's the whole reason to have a relation and sheldon place anyway is to slow it down spread because the hospital. The doctors not enough doctors or nurses that can you know this is rarely talked about. But there's not enough nurses who know how to operate a ventilator at that's why they're trying to recruit him up to like twenty thousand dollars a week. I've seen You know they trying to recruit up from all kinds of countries and nobody wants to go to America right now so they not getting them and so the thing about it. Is that if even though you could maybe survive it enormous circumstances when Germany. You know you not surviving. Attiyah in on this a very good chance. No matter how healthy you are. If you're going into hospital right now you may not survive it and so we have to think about this for the rest of the and trust me. I'm I'm dying because I I've done martial arts my entire life. That's how I keep saying it's basically why I don't have to take. A high dose of antidepressant is true. You know my doctor literally said you know you can either do more cardio or we have to up your medication. That's how I stay. Mentally healthy is by doing a lot of boxing. A lot of working out. It's been always martial arts. I can't sit on a bike and I can't like any any other. Sport is just too boring for me to stick with. So I'm I get it. I'm dying because all my friends are closing. Their martial art schools in a weak hand actually have contact sports. I mean we the normal people. I don't know how Vince McMahon is going to do it. He probably has a million test so he can test people before something but as regular people. I don't see us going back into a Dojo. Boxing Ring for a year until this vaccine is out and so You know when I think about comic or any other event people have planned. You know yes we can. It's a shame. And it's a complete bummer. Especially getting tickets the first time but if you look at it as a basically as you know a massive virus that you have a choice of going in not going in and trying to focus on the safety of it and the people you put yourself in like a shield you know I think that's a better focus to keep on than what we're missing. I fully agree there. I've never been to San Diego COMECON. We always WANNA go leave. Never gotten ourselves but we go to New York comecon every year and estimates like the only major on that I go to this year. What's really while it is this. Your is so bland off the ongoing Alden drifts outgoing Dragon Khan I was going to Was a blur condon and BC in. We were definitely GonNa Destroy New York. Comic con is always an now doubted. You know and it sucks. I Love New York comic. I go ahead and dream about tonight. That's how I had a dream about going in New York. I'm a guy and I woke up like Oh you know Getting you had that dream brokerages. You know the fraternities waiting kids. You know like like with south by South West waiting waiting so long ago. Now but douse my first time. I'm from Houston in growing up. I never went to south by. Just you know for various reasons. I never got to go and so this is my first time. Getting to go we presenters. We had platinum badge like I. Can't I say this every time it comes up but I can't thank the listeners. Lose show and supporters of the show enough because it was him that we even got to go. I will never forget the feeling of opening an email and inspecting the email to be like sorry brought in an opening the humanity. Now you're good. You're going to suffice out. West like buying though because once again the listeners who voted us in and that just blows my mind that we had that kind of power love from people when it's big corporations using all their weight to get into south box so loud and new one. Yeah I also I've also always wanted to go to south by southwest and going. I know trying to say so. I had an invitation in place to stay. This share our bio their ticket. Man I hear. Yeah if it wasn't for this we would we be talking about how dope it was But like I also have a similar thing in. May I've a friend who was GONNA teach in? Chile is funny to that. The listener mention joy. I had a friend who was going to teach in Chile for a month. Teach trailer editing. And they got him a house and he said You know basically you can come and stay whenever you want however long you want and if my Spanish was better I could`ve. They would want me a ticket as his quote unquote translator. But I was GONNA do whatever it took to go to Chile in May and I mean that that got canceled like three weeks ago. You know so I yeah. There were a couple of things but yeah I mean what what what what. Lexi said is absolutely true to And it is worth thinking about like I think about three or four weeks ago. I heard if you went on a ventilator you had a twenty percent chance of survival and literally today on the news. They had a doctor and he said if you go on a ventilator you have a thirteen percent chance of survival and that's because of what he's talking about. They're so overwhelmed that there are people who might otherwise survived. But because it's like Batman versus dealing with twenty ventilators and they're only supposed to be dealing with one were there hooking multiple people up to one ventilator and they're like jury rigging them in in the in the in the hospital and these are people who've been working for like sixteen eighteen hours straight. You know I mean it's literally they are on the front line. Uglier even gathered around too late. I mean that's the other thing. Is You know. Sometimes there's triage where they just look at someone and they're like oh they're eighty years old. We're not even GONNA bother because there might be a twenty year olds might need the ventilator and so yes it's it is really I mean it is serious and you know what is going to be a south by southwest next year. And you know there's GonNa be a San Diego comic con and like hopefully my friend is going to get invited to you. Know do this this thing with trailer editing in July next year and you know they You know they'll always be next year her But for some people there won't be and that's who I mean. That's that's where you know. That's why we're sheltering to Netflix reciting always Tau Job Lessons Hats. Exactly it's true days also stuff like I think you know I. Yes you know Ben Ben you asked me first about the instagram live. Like the first two three weeks when I came back from New York from that job. I wasn't in the mood to do anything film. Podcast rated that many people ask. They were actually functioning. Must much better about this isolation instantly trying to get some kind of entertainment and other stuff going and I wasn't for some reason in the right state of mind I am now and I I look out and I think wow you know if so many panels and stuff Have stopped and have been cancelled. Yup there should be an in. I'm saying this to the people who are good at stuff like I don't even know how instagram live works to be. We're going to show you. His should be more stuff like this. I mean look one thing. That's for certain right now as people like for example. Pita Rams Myself. That's this is the best time you can get catch us to do this kind of stuff in no people. Were much more than you know. I. I'm not even the fucking dealers spend comes to direct this all the boys that you trying to always get the nobody ever gets. Because they're doing a million things. I mean they really. Who like what? Excuse like I've literally call all over because what excuse can they possibly have right now? Like where are you going still shaded us on on twitter? The other Gates Robert Townsend who directed Hollywood shuffle. Five hundred blankly happier. Man fucking love him. I'm a huge fan forever. And we had at least a hundred retreats the other they asked him to come on the show not a response yet. He runs his own without you know but I don't know because he was the way he was tweeting. That day felt like He. Did you know but then again I did this all? I told you like most of minutes night in California and my twitter account is going. I can guarantee you that it's one of my friends. Tweeting from my account I always say is at least four to six Arab Turkish women. Actually you know using my account and you know and it's so funny like I could be speaking fluent French or speaking about Ashley. Cashmere you know like perfectly intellectual and they every time they think it's me it doesn't matter what subject is an adult what you know. Most of like most of the time it is but from day one since I had twitter and I've always set out opening. I remind people constantly that I have other people and this time when I did the TV show in New York. I actually for once because it always gets me into trouble because people who run. Tv shows don't understand that some people should like have other people tweet for them and so they think I'm tweeting Bala working so for once I shutdown my personal twitter account and I have this other account that is a collective and I told all the girls they have to use this and you know it's true like that twitter account barely gets any action and I think this connective really is and that's why I'm saying that about Robert. You know event. Somebody's name on top. It no matter what they say unless I would say something you know like racist or something. Like that was sexist. Misogynist spent people would say oh she's been hacked right but unless it's not something outrageous opposite of me people always assume it's me they have just taken that for granted which is so dangerous for the kids because they always think they've really talking to the person you know this is a whole other dot. Were about that now and Mike Is. It's not dangerous but you know. I do wonder sometimes what I miss when somebody's having a whole ass conversation with me at night but it's not really. I mean that's great that you're amplifying like these women's voices because like you said like there. The other account doesn't get as much traffic that they wouldn't. I have a couple of women from Saudi Arabia for example. Who would not? It's so monot there that they did not able to say even announced in an anonymous account day will get found out and arrested like Saudi Rape Ahead. People working at twitter. So there's a whole and and they're not all in Saudi Arabia summit just from conservative Muslim families. You know so for them to be able to skip in and out my account and to empty I trust them completely in. It's always something interesting important. They're saying So you know that's a thing that's really important. Sometimes they're just simply funny and make me look good. It's really become a thing like I don't. I don't see Robert. Townsend just ignoring one hundred re tweets. But I can see dock US twitter for two months and for example. Have his kids are really the ones who once in a while out? I I remember meeting one of his kids ones and I can totally see them saying. Oh debt you have to have a twitter account you know. Let me tweet something for you and then not think about it for you know I I would shoot them an email to his agent or you know you guys know snow so many people know by now go to somebody who has a direct contact you know and just say look you know. We don't want to like stocking but we just kind of have a feeling it didn't see it and be with just officially like to extend an invitation and see how that works. Yeah no we definitely will but We leave and we withdraw that we did that actually answer the listeners twisted so where is the first place that you would go after this is all done? I'd like to go to the movies to see a movie. You know I would like to see a movie like opening night of big movie in a packed theater. You know. I don't care if it's John Wick. Four or black widow. Or do I want. I want to see a movie a movie with a big audience. Yes because I haven't been around you know I've just been me and my cats most part e and my doctor too I think I would go. I would normally say I'm going to go to a boxing gym but at the truth is I actually. I was on my way to Europe after my last job. I was GONNA go scout for this movie. I'm doing for the Plum House people and then at the same time also visit family I haven't seen that side of my family in Germany for a long time and now I actually believe it or not. I tried to to fly as soon as I realized how serious the situation is. And how badly do you assess handling versus Germany? I try to fly to Germany. They said we're not letting you in. I'm not a German citizen anymore. When I became an American citizen I had to give up my terms of this ship and so if I was if I hadn't done that which I only did to vote for bomb Obama writing now but but if I hadn't done that I I would have been I would have had the right to be You know we have created or whatever they call it like rescue basically be rescued by the Germans and be in a great country where they kill people by h or by by asked Mario but the they were they were like hard court. They were like no. You can't come in which is somewhat funny to be honest but not win you know. My mother is seventy five. I mean she's healthy as a shoot like I'm not but she is seventy five and the idea that now. I haven't seen her in three years because I've been so busy and I was just on my way. They're like if something were to happen to her in. I have a niece. Who's you know three as old that I have never met So it's not like I have a whore family there that I was supposed to say. I think that's that would be the first thing I would do. Yeah me is. I'll definitely fly to Houston. See My dad and my sister and my nephew nieces and then straight from Houston to an island that source. Yeah somewhere yeah back two thousand last thing. I I went to Jamaica right before it went down. I ride as Regan Bada China so let me just say one last trip because I really needed. I needed a trip for a long time. I bet that I had not had it through a lot of traumatic experience pads of After planet or the same thing. Yeah and go to another island but also Like I grew both y'all choices family and I I WANNA be in a movie theater again and not be you know m being there with a bunch of begun. Enjoy a movie like that. That's something that I really do. Miss so yeah. In the meantime though we should organize some Would you call them? Like you know some on watches. Yeah yeah picked idea. In the meantime you know no. We've been definitely more and now sure of what we would defenses. You've been on the show this week. We're GONNA have to have you on instagram. Live soon and you know. Do some more things. I've been isn't tough but I've been released trying to just do as many things like that and do more collaborative things for people right now. Because I feel like that's all we got is other people you know in this. You know situations Showing US once again. Like you know all we got us and so I've been really working at doing more with other people and doing more things online and just talking and doing Dj sets and then we have our twitter channel where we were talking about. The Co Vadim. Playing Games with people just anything to communicate and collaborate more more people right now but I want to do. I think that's a great idea and to be honest. I think it's a great service like honestly you a podcast with pita probably one of the only times that you know I was literally like you know giggling and laughing and thinking I was transferred into literally away from what's going on right now and I think that if we could somehow provide that to people it's fantastic thing in a so we keep doing on the show so as always if you have any questions or comments please in the man to contact for Nerd Sokhom or you're going to twitter instagram at four all nerds and with that since we have Chico Leo in the House tonight it's time for a world famous Chico. So Yeah this is you know it's normally. I'm used the dulcet tones of Tatiana King. But we're also GONNA have Luna our expert editor. I know he's GonNa ask you that. It's going to be crazy tomorrow. Trust so You know I've been watching Amazon prime but I got back on on net flicks and highly highly recommend the platform which is a Spanish film From from Spain bads Sort of a parasite meets. Snow Piercer Sort of sci-fi class Movie set in like a weird futuristic prison that I was blown away with. I actually don't remember the director's name but it was a really incredible first time First movie like really really really well directed and but it's it's a little serious a little heavy but but it's really good and for lighter stuff of people might not know. There used to be a show called Spencer for higher. Which you're not about recommend the the Call it I like. You'RE GONNA come on your mark movie. But it was. This is why I'm recommending it very much. Eighties like buddy movie. That like I haven't seen in twenty years and Winston Joan. No no I will go with your even though I cannot stand. Prison imprison films. I've heard platform was very platform is really dove but I was just trying to offer light viewing marky mark. That's it's not it's not. I'm not don't be able to go to the movies support. It and I also was a fan of the show. The original show was Isaak's and Robert Urich. I didn't realize on Mute Myself. So you hear me laughing. Expensive show. Nice airplane movie is I turned thirty minutes. That's even Isaak's at his own show for like half I'd remember. I did not realize that that was a connection there. But you know the other reason is because I hate when they remake all these things from like the seventies and eighties in that were like greedy and they make them comedies. Like our ski and hodge even something like Charlie's angels was a grittier show then like the movies that they've made of Charlie's angels at Miami Vice is the only one where like they took a gritty show and made a gritty movie and Ready Owes Maloney. Have you know Spencer all I know? Yeah well you know I. It wasn't a comedy it wasn't Starsky. And Hutch with Owen Wilson Ben Stiller. Whoever you know sorry you know whatever. Wow my I've never had a picking the week and that was that was only alternate my pick. The week is really the platform for sure now is just like for people who didn't want to watch a you know a there's an art class and social Quality that I was like all right. If you WANNA see a buddy thing you know but it is true it is It is Mark Wahlberg is an do. Oh and Alan Arkin is in it is. Both of them are shooting way below the class right. They're doing that they needed. It said I also pete been on the most of it I am not okay with this are not okay with this which also designates has been there for a few weeks or months now finally got the Beep it. L. School is really quick is seven episodes are like twenty something minutes each and it is taking over it's about the young girl who develops powers tell. Connectik type powers and what happens to her and it's you know it's interesting for for what it is. I thought I don't want to spoil anything but I thought the ending was type week. You know it's it's supposed to leave on the bit living on outcome like you know so out of combat for a second season but like once again you're looking for something to watch and it's not about classen social strata in said in a prison or any of that. I'm not okay with this on Netflix. So yeah I actually started watching that based on your recommendation. Because I was like. Oh this looks like Ari or even you know like you know any a issue of the new mutants from eighty six. But it's actually really good. The lead actress is really great and It it has a slightly different feel than a lot alike sorted. Netflix team things do so I actually like. Yeah you sort of seen it before. But it's done really well. That's how I would describe it to and very well done all right and that's it for Chico's pick it a week and we're almost done with the show but You know we have special guest. Lexi here and so please let the Internet snow where that you can find you. Add in on me. I don't know what you're up to these days of children in the house but it Just chilling in the house organizing a very large garage of Some would refer to it as trash I refer to it as vintage vintage treasures. Look well you know I. It looked a little is organised but it starts to get better and so that's what I'm doing But I am on twitter at Lexi. Alex and I'm going to be with you on instagram life. Soon right yes very soon. Yes hopefully this week folks We'll see those working by Friday. We got Donald Roddick The show will be out before then so you know once again. Thank you to Chico. Thank you Alexi for joining me. Thank you guys. I'm with that we're out of you.

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