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Sunny in seventy, eight, I'm Tom Halloway Newsradio wamble of eighty next news at eleven thirty breaking news when it happens anytime another hour with Bob Lansbury starts now on newsradio WAM, eliminating. Appreciate that good morning, my friend, thank you so much for tuning in flatow Beautiful Day for a radio program eighty degrees. All My guys they've. We're GONNA sweat today kids I hear. It's good for you right to be joined by a young lady from Williamson Anti Alexander Morning Ma'am welcome to the broadcast. Thank you, how are you today? I'm great. Thanks more more more to point our you today. Well my leg, a little poor well more than a little. They're really sore but I'm glad I finished and they got all twenty miles done. We'll tell us what you did in why your legs ache, please. So Two days ago. I started my twenty six mile. journey I ran a mile every hour for twenty six hours, and I started at four o'clock. and then I ran all through the night and finished yesterday at six o'clock. So. Yes. Great and started Tuesday noon started Tuesday afternoon finished Wednesday evening. And Yeah and you're. You're seventeen, right? I'm seventeen. Well the. How did it go were there? Did it become unpleasant after time. Did you ever think about quitting? What was it like? the beginning was pretty easy it was just a mind over matter type thing to keep going. Then it started to get physically painful and The nighttime is a little. not creepy little. I was a little jumpy running around the black so I just started running in my driveway managed to get those miles, darn. And then during the day it was fine yesterday, but the last couple miles. Those are probably the hardest, but you just had to go through and I shall you. They're also the issue of fatigue. You not only have run twenty six miles over this. Day You also. You've not slept hardly at all. Yeah Every mile kept getting harder and harder. teague, wise and I was a little cranky. But I would try to take a little nap in between sometimes, but it only be for like twenty minutes ten minutes, and once I finished. I came just like crashed. So. Why did you do it? I did it because I. Just I love doing challenges in challenging myself and a variety of ways and I saw this and thought it was perfect. 'cause they had two days off of work, so I could just do it then and I started it and then had to finish it. What did you learn from it, you think. I guess it really just taught me. persistence and determination, and on bettered my understanding of never quitting or giving up even if it gets difficult. Him In. Any Alexander's Seventeen. She lives out Williamson senior in high school this year coming up and she said a goal to run a mile each hour for twenty six hours straight. attest body, and and mind you you and your dad. Tell us about the canoe race. You guys did please. We also did a ninety mile canoe. Race a couple of years ago up in that that was. An adventure What you did you start at old forge, and you would paddle around the lakes up in the adirondacks and it was ninety miles. And a three day race and that also was a very Very physical and mine Jr.. race that drew a lot out of you, but we also seeing that one and just little things like this. Just build your confidence and. More self esteem and help you be able to conquer anything in life. When the next difficulty comes, you know that you can, you can handle difficulty and succeed What's the most important easier? He's been speaking of seventeen year old anti. Alexander of Williamson up in Wayne County. What's the most important thing in life? definitely Jesus and your relationship with the Lord but also just making sure that you live life to the fullest, and you take advantage of years. You have done on this earth and don't waste it. Amen well, said Andy I'm so proud of you. Thank you, congratulations on this and best of luck in the new school year. Thanks for speaking with US Ma'am I really appreciate it. Thank you for having me back mets Andy Alexander and by the way she let me come out yesterday, Iran Mile Twenty, two, her an extraordinary extraordinary family very quickly The decision by the Rochester City School Board. And consequently the city administration not to have armed police officers in schools. Let me just say I recognize that represents the feelings of at least some in the community, but it is foolish and dangerous, and it will expose young people it to danger. The police are in schools not to catch. You know Johnny, and Suzy, for doing whatever bad thing they're doing, but to protect johnny and Susie and everybody else in there from the sort of things that could go wrong when you simultaneously campaign to take metal detectors out of school, and to take police officers out of school, and you do this in the context of a community where. On twitter I came, remember which part of the Rochester Police Department is, but every time they confiscate an illegal gun from somebody. They post a picture of an on twitter. It's a wonderful forceful visual representation of the great work they do, but of the reality of people walking around with illegal guns, illegally a overwhelmingly to engage in criminal activity. If you think that those gone, somehow can't migrate into the school building to create who knows what sort of havoc you're nuts. If you can take a gun off a sixteen year old or a fifteen year old on the street. What makes you think that should that fifteen or sixteen year old? Be going to school that that gun doesn't go with him. And what you've just done in your grand pronouncement of look, we've gotten a cop out of the schools. Is You just told those who need to be afraid of the cops that they don't need to be afraid in the schools that they can control those schools now and that endangers. Foolish policy I understand where it comes from Blah Blah, but there's a point we need to step back and say hold on. Let's not cut our nose off. To spite our face more significantly. Let's not endanger our children to kiss behind on some politics back with you a moment on Newsradio wham eleven eighty. Welcome back welcome back. You've heard report the news that those two accused rioters facing one guy, nine felonies and the other guy, three felonies member cowboy hat guy who's bashed in the window of the police cruiser that Wonderful Jamie, germont photo from the Democrat and Chronicle Helped a flip over a police car set them on fire allegedly. Andrew and Gary, Fitzsimmons there two names they fugitive from justice sought to a void captured by going to Pennsylvania. They were apprehended and in Pennsylvania given the charges they faced. They were held on one hundred thousand dollars bail. They have been returned to New York and they have been released from custody without bail. When Democrats are in charge, stupid things happen. Thank you Andy Cuomo. This is the so-called bail reform. The Democrat control of the new. York, state legislature brought you. BELL THE COWBOY! Hat Fellow has nine felony charges. Mr Fitzsimons faces three felony charges. None of those felonies however qualify for bail under the New York, Democrats scheme or scam for criminal justice that means these people who fled the area. Right they to avoid prosecution detection. They fled not just the area, but the state. The State of Pennsylvania thought that they were about one hundred thousand dollars, a dangerous and put that is the bail up here because the political system is controlled by a political party which is committed to advancing the interests of criminals. And astoundingly it seems to debasing the interests of potential victims. Because our politics, Democrat dominated by the Democratic Party. There is no bail for these people. This is a again. It cowboy hat man I. Think most of us have seen him attacking public property. Rolling over vehicle set him on fire, and we'll go through Schmeer again, but nine felony charges and he walks. Now bail is meant to return people to court. Both, these men have an immediate history of flight. They just as fugitives left the state. And the people who we what we do, we sent down a task force in the United States Marshall Service Right. It went down to Pennsylvania located and apprehended these people and brought them back and this. This is where it gets smart. This is where the deep thinkers in the democratic. Party kick in and do their magic word right again. These people as fugitives fled state. We had to get a special task force. The United States Marshall Service people to track them down and capture them in another state to bring them back here so that New York Democrats could turn them loose. Right. Listen. Here's the deal a at least we'll know where in Pennsylvania to go looking for him next time. This is insane. This is insane is a and I would say is Pennsylvania, which sought to impose a hundred thousand dollars bail on. These people is Pennsylvania some sort of oppression area. Are they cruel or they nasty? They monsters that they didn't turn these two fellows loose. You have poor the history of flight to avoid prosecution. With a total of twelve felonies between them, and they can't even be held under the rules at the Democrats have. Right. Hey No. Keep voting the way you vote. No, that's great and you know what why we fund. The police do that's a great idea, yeah! It's it's a long last. criminals have their own party. Sweet treat. That's gotta be Alexis. Newscast is next. We'll be back after that with Congressman Tom Reed on newsradio wham eleven eighty. Back friends welcome back right to be joined by congressman. Tom Reads circuit morning. Welcome to the broadcast. Good Morning Bob to you. Appreciate your time and your service, you congressman, scalise Av- called for something. This morning. What's up, please? Yes Oh Stephen I. The whip joined together on this nursing home crisis, and the and demanding accountability and justice for the sixty three hundred New Yorker grandparents that died 'cause Komo's order sentencing to death when he said that with the their corona virus positive condition that the nursing home had to take them. I couldn't even test them from a nursing home perspective to see if they had the virus or not, and that has led to tens of thousands of deaths across the country. Country has four other governors. did the same thing in regards to New Jersey and some other states that really put our senior citizens at risk during the COVID, nineteen crisis, and those those lives meet the need to have accountability. Astoundingly Seems Governor Cuomo actually seeded the nursing homes. I, if you will with with this virus in now, when asked about it is at his press conference, he says Oh. No, we just followed. CDC guidelines. What? What's the response to that? Please sir. The best responses, but the independent fact checkers found a little fact and others that that's a lie that that is a false statement by the governor in response to this, and it's all about his cover up. It's all about him. Deflecting and just being a show horse in regards to press conferences, but not really caring about the people that are subject to this death order that he imposed back in March. Is, not the whole Hoarser, he's just a part of it if I may interject some commentary. Who Do. You want to investigate this? Who? Whose job would that be pleased sir? Well, you know we're working through the folks at the federal level and this select committee now that Steve Scalise had enough on the Republican side with Jim Clyburn on the democratic side, so this investigation. Is this like we're not GONNA? Stop till we get to the answers and I tell you it's. It's not just about accountability though Bob. It's about when if and when this virus comes back in the fall, we can never go down this. This path again and we gotta make sure nursing homes are protected and that we are treating our seniors with the best care possible. Keep them safe and sound at the virus continues to go forward is being a congressman Tom Reed who with Steve, scalise call today for an investigation of the fact that so many people got covert in nursing homes, maybe most particularly in new. York state we this committee, will it? Will it have hearing sir? It will and Steve is doing great work and Dot Jim Clyburn who was an honorable man Democratic leader I. Think is going to have to answer. These questions in this committee was a select committee put together by the Speaker of the House and its job is to investigate these issues, and this is an issue that I know scalise says not gonNA. Let go I'm not GonNa let go, we've been on this for. For Ninety days from day one of the crisis, so it's it's about protecting our seniors going forward, but also for those families to be able to give them answers and say this is why your mother your father died, and that we're GonNa, make sure it never happens to another mother or father again. Clyburn scalise both historic figures. Is it a? Is it possible that say governor Cuomo would be called before this committee. That's in the works. I know Steve has issued letters of in demanding documents and It's his intention to call the governor as a witness in front of the committee, so let's see and not just governor Cuomo these other governors that did the same thing especially in New Jersey. That is clearly where the virus took. Hold and a lot of this has to do as you pointed out nursing homes being seated with the virus. Because of these orders Congressman Tom Reed. I forgive my ignorance of how it works, but can members of the minority party call witnesses, or is that just the the majority party? Is the majority party but hopefully guys like Jim Clyburn who are honorable folks will honor the commitment of these deaths and these entities families to get into the bottom of it, and so we'll have to wait and see, but I've also talked to the head of Medicaid and Medicare Seema Verma. Who is at the heart of this with her and I talk, and obviously they don't control the Nursing Home fetched on at the state level, but a lot of money goes through Medicare Medicaid to our nursing. Nursing home facilities so asking her to use the power of that money to uncover the facts that happened here amateur again. We learn from this, so it never happens again. Speaking to Tom Reid Congressman of course yesterday asked about this governor Cuomo says you know we found the CDC, and then he said the the criticisms I hear out of this or just coming from Republicans creating the sense that this is all some kind of a political data against him because he's Andy, Cuomo which response to that please Sir. That's appalling and and just part of the cover up in its deflect. Blame the Republicans blamed president trump I i. guess that's the Mo today, but I will tell you when you're talking. Six thousand of our mothers and fathers grandparents had died You don't have to do that. I people see right through what we're going to do is demand justice, but we're also going to say to the governor. You should be planning. Now are on the clock in New York state to make sure that. That we have the best policies. The best resources we replenish the stockpile. We have designated facilities to take Kobe nineteen positive senior citizen. Give them the best care isolate them from their college and residents in the nursing home, and then when their disease, then they return back to safe and sound environment going forward, because as you mentioned earlier it, it certainly could come back in the fall. That possibility exists need to be prepared. You got it and that's. Why am time we live this remember. Coming was putting on written notice that they issued disorder. This death sentence for the ten thousand plus seniors that are ultimately going to be accounted for I was told this will kill people, and so what we should do is, we should be laying the groundwork now so that the facilities are there resources. Are there the staff or their? The testing protocols are in place because the seniors of tomorrow that are going. Going to potentially die need to be protected and the only way you protect by doing the work right now. Don't be a show horse. Be a work speaking the congressman Tom Reed different subject it a little bit of council for us. We we for three or four weeks. There's been much tumult in the country very important issue that notion of racial equity before law, and at the hands of Law Enforcement Officers Jeff, thought or perspective or context or path forward for this pleaser. I do I I really do appreciate president. Trump's executive order trying to go after the bad actors reward best practices when it comes to law enforcement and making sure that the the best officers are stood with as we go forward, and the bad actors are held to account, but we also have an opportunity to do something legislatively. I think the best chance out of the Senate a bipartisan package. We're working on behind the scenes. That could be put in place but I will tell you. We have to understand this. Is this thing everybody Democrats? Republicans law enforcement all colors of America coming together that. If we put together, we'll be longstanding reforms that will move the needle forward and protect people as well as recognized that the vast majority of law enforcement are good, honorable men and women speaking Tom Reid as a general concept. de-fund the police what he think, please Sir. It's, it's terrible. It's extremism you know defending. The police is becoming a democratic platform I know. My opponent supports doing this and taking away the resources in regards to. The law enforcement when it comes to equipment in dollars, we should be used in dollars to reward best practices, and then you system matic reforms now when it comes to bad actors, you know that's one of the things I think you can find some common ground on make sure that a bad actor can't bounce around departments department without hiring authority knowing. That history and making it easier to investigate that hiring practice subject to public and put our. Family, at risk. About where they'd be used by the bad guys to go after him, but you could make sure. The hiring authorities have accent information so that they don't. Have this kind of clandestine operation occurring from the bad actors something around these female congressman. Tom Rita last question a you know a lot of. Chatter about the John. Bolton look any thoughts on that. Please sir. You know I think this is more of the DC. Inside Beltway Intrigue Now may I think. Obviously John Bolton got Handsomely rewarded for this book, but at the end of the day you know I, think the American people are getting sick and tired of kind of this anti-trump type of a tack, and they want people to work together to solve problems, and that's what I'm all about, and that's what I'm going. Continue to do. Okay, the other last questions being a congressman Tom. Reed China Getting Huffy and Hong. Hong Kong even getting huffy about Taiwan and now we have North Korea putting a few trip. Troops into the DMZ looks like blew up that little liaison building it one one fears. If America's distracted by internal difficulties, right now are some of our opponents around the world, trying to take advantage of that or what we think about these sort of provocative measures by those two nations are. A history lesson we can never forget when America's divided That's when our opponents our adversaries. Tried to seize the opportunity to advance their agenda, and that is why we need to make sure that we're always standing together united in our. We have our disputes. We have our family squabbles in America, but it can never distract us in deflect us from doing what's necessary to stand up to those that want to do harm and the adversaries that exists out there king and day out Amen Khartum read thanks for your service and thanks for talking today. Sir I appreciate it. Great to be with you about. Things about you take care. That's Congressman Tom Reed out of the southern tier back in a moment, listeners on the to eleven eighty the number on newsradio. WHAM eleven eighty. Friends I. Apologize. Time has been a little tight so I've gotta run Get off the air semi mail. You get a chance Bob at Lonzo buried dot. Com God, bless you. Keep Your Chin Up. God bless the United. States of America news is next than you and I will be back tomorrow morning eight till noon round out the week on Newsradio, Ham eleven eight.

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