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Gilbert Godfrey Signatures Gilbert Godfrey mazing colossal podcast with my co hosts. Frank Santo Bodry. Where please welcome, not one but two guest on the show this week. I, Mark. Reducer Emmy winning director and an Emmy and Tony nominated actor who's been a fixture on the big and small screen for decades in film slyke hit the doctor. Wrestling Miss Empty Guay. Serious man sanctions and popular TV. Shows like Chicago hope no exposure that west wing jerk monk how to get away with murder and Boston legal the newsroom. He's also so sought after director of claimed episode. Of, ceres, such as threes. THE AMERICANS MASTERS UP SEX FARGO JUSTIFY BILLION SONS OF ANARCHY and sanction. and. If we ask him nicely. He might tell us about working with billy Barty and Pat McCormick. Alan Arkin Director Authored Children's book off their infra. Joe Former folk singer. Tony and Oscar winning for former and one of the most, if mired actors of his generation or any generation. You know his work from memorable films like the Russians are coming the Russians coming catch twenty two. Wait until dark. Seven percent solution Argo Glengarry Glen Ross. And Little Miss Sunshine and the movie. We've discussed at length on the show the in-laws he's also written several books, including the terrific, two thousand and nine eleven, memoir and Improvised Swipe. But, even with all those set chief men. His one radius, thrill and honour Worcester shared the screen with me. Kilgore got freed in nineteen eighty five cinema classic bad medicine. For, it was one of the highlights. It was not the of. Two to three others in. holderness much. Out of a movie that will never again. Realize. One. Four Times I played Mexicans which will. Never fly again now I whole. I thought now read the rested as just enough. That's enough oh okay. That's interesting because you were I, both of us played as Spanish guys. In the movie and would that be allowed nowadays, no, because other. Hispanic actors in the world would. Would probably rightfully make a hue and cry. I. Think I think we're done for his for his concern, Gilbert. You want you want to tell the audience who's? Finished the INTRO. Ladies and gentleman lately. I'm having a stroke that'll minded. Can you get? Can't get a sense of. The bottle there a bottle of this. Marketing and Alan Arkin. That's it. Hello everyone. Welcome. Thank you, thank you. We got we got through it. That's another thing. I mean your entire career. You play so many different nationalities. I couldn't be until was thirty. Five I couldn't go anywhere new. Me Would Be Latham I didn't know how to do that I. had a place somebody as far away from me as you. The Basel Catch twenty two was the first time I ever went, I asked I asked Nichols as who is this guy who is? How do you see him? He says it's you. It's terrified man. There is no me. And I was right. Turns I was listening I gotTa tell before we go any further? You're responsible for the single funniest joke I've ever every time. I think event I crack up and I've been thinking of all time now. The one the one. You you joke about Manson having lunch with Ms, it is the fun is single job I've ever. I was having lunch. Jolts match in the middle of lunch. He turned to me and Ted. Is it hot knee or am my crazy? Noble. TOLD LEAD TO. Every time we. Thank. Gilbert what what about the hitler-stalin joke? The hitler-stalin Roosevelt one that the party Oh God. Still. I remember that one Hitler. Joke, where I'm walking down the street and I pay us right by Hitler naive and say hello. and. And he turned around to me and said Oh. I guess I'm the enemy now. Close Rate I remember the joke now. I was talking to hit or at a party afterwards. I went over. The royals fell to its at the same party, and I said that Guy Hitler. I don't like him and Roosevelt said Oh Gilbert who do you like? Up. God. Ask! All right as long as long as we're doing silliness, right front, and we'll jump around like crazy Adam. We talked on the phone about you working with Pat McCormick and billy. Barty and I shared with Adam that. Gilbert had lost a part to billy. Barty, S. Which Adam found rather and try to. What what? What did you lose? Okay, not not a big, not a great film by any permanent ended. I. Eight was. Life stinks. Melt broke break Jer. Show I wish opposed to play I. Guess so like the list Bob! Makes many. Thank our to me got bill barring. A lot of people. Think Billy, billy Barty legless is kind of Bananas Bananas. Double silly. I would change the names of that story. What was it like McCormick? At I know you told me you were supposed to be on that shoot for a couple of weeks and it turned out to be what. I was supposed to be on it. I think for like three weeks and I ended up. Being employed over twenty two weeks. The. Under the rainbow. Those were the days in which a lot of the key players on film Sur could get away with imbibing of various substances and. And I think there were about three or four complete. You know having to shut down for a while in order to get everybody back together again after film. Tell formation to tell that. Story where you ask them. What's in his famous stone? That's We were standing. We're sending while they were lighting. They had asked us to stand there and we'd been there for like twenty minutes and. Started getting really hot and and It was a different time, so people weren't afraid of sharing a drink. But he had a big. FROSTY LOOKING Wax Soda Cup in his hands. He was drinking. I said what is that? said it's Pepsi. Can I can I. Can I have a sip of it? Enhance to me and I take a Swig of it and. It's just. It tastes like a third of it as Bourbon you know. and. And I and I look at them. Say Jesus Christ. Where do you get your pap? Pepsi and he just looks at me with his is slightly hooded and glazed goes bulbs, crazy boy. All he said about. Bob's crazy. We we've had our share. Pat McCormick stories on this show because we've had people like Henry on here. You know this famous story of of going F- He went food shopping with Pat. McCormick and he dropped all of his. You know this one drops his groceries on the on the on the checkout and he says. Did I buy enough toilet paper for all the? The stories are legendary. I used to love him when he would when he would actually show up on the tonight. Show is is with Jani were made. Everybody's in under the rainbow. Leonard Bar Gilbert turns up and under the. Said Sir allegedly Dean Martin Sonko. Okay I always wondered that would strew. How many times have you guys worked together? Do you have an exact number because I mean? This hour ago really? Guess Adam how this of. Off. The top of my head I would say it would have to be at least eight times. Rats exactly right really eight times. Chicago hope I know about you. Chew and the Philly Flash the Larry Cohen Movie. Out recently get shorty. But then I've been erected by DAD number of times on stage. You have. Did you ever of Steven on there. Yeah, I do and Jota Lauren. And Maxwell Anderson play so. And then the last, the last thing was GET SHORTY! Where were love that I love that I? Love that camera. Thank you. A question to both of you because I heard this from both of you, and this is a thought that I always thought when I was going into show business. I used to believe seriously if I had a career in show business then. They was no such thing as sickness or death or being depressed or angry through nothing nothing that. I thought yeah one. You're in show business. None of your immune to all light. So. Alan that comes up in your book a lot. I mean the the idea that that you. You weren't comfortable. Until until the in laws, I think you said you weren't really even having you hadn't even learn how to have fun. Who If if I did. was. The was halfway decent that it was always. A Sigh of relief survived that. that. Was it was I thought? Oh is having fun until I actually had fun one Dan. I saw. This is what fun is like. It's not like the other things that I was doing for thirty years. Oh. It just gives me a flashback when we were in Madrid with bad medicine I remember you saying Oh. I feel like I'm doing a movie. According to the Kurdish now. You've. You've felt I think both of you felt like you were also. You'd be immune to like depression or anything bad. Yeah, yeah, and then you get successful and the and if you're SMART USA, Hey, wait a minute. There was a life around this. When they say caught, you gotta go back to life and you have to do something. It occurred to me when I was about thirty five. Did you. There's there's so much in the book about Data Ben. I saw you telling Kevin Pollack that. In your early performances you were the intensity was was a kind of a desperation. Terror is mostly Tara. IBM had wanted so badly for so long. Those terrified them. What would happen if? I make it work out of make work to make it work. And it's not a good way to live. And, you always thought you were going to get fired and I yeah I might always had one eye on. People were accepting. And at what point did Adam come to you and I was? Is there a specific memory atom of the day that you made the decision? That I'm going to do this and part? Two of that question is did that. Did he impart the kind of the advice from the lessons that he was in the process of learning. Always, yeah, I mean not not necessarily packaged as you know. I'm giving you a lesson now. But but primarily through watching him live through those periods, and and being very able to share his experiences with me and other people's well I don't remember there being a day when I said this is what I'm going to do I I I was separated from dad for a number of years between the ages of flight, four eleven, and was visiting with him during school vacations and during that time. he went from being a former folk singer, looking for work to getting his into second city, getting his first Broadway show, getting a Tony Award for that getting his first movie, getting an Academy Award for that this was all over the space of that time period from age four to eleven I already was already always pining for him, and wanting to spend more time with him, and then from a distance seeing this incredible transformation, it made it a very intoxicating a potential life that I wanted to be a part of you know. No way for. Senior play with with friends, even at the age of four five six seven two games. You would play. Very often be theatrical games and. There's an idol if you remember that, but the, but it just felt like it was a given i. it's nothing we ever talked about, but it just seemed to me that that's what was happening. that you were preparing yourself even a new games you'd be doing scenes from movies and try and reenact with kids. Run the name, so you never said anything to dissuade him. Allen or your other two sons who are also actors. Now at that point I thought it was I thought it was an honorable profession. Always tell us about. Your! Your folks singing career. Terriers. Born at all. People well I i. play the guitar since Ozeki Kid and I got out of college inevitably diamond. It have anything to do. Looking for work, and somebody said YOU WANNA. Be Part of a trio I said I. Get addition with a somebody that this group is looking for another member so I said okay. I got an a group I thought it'd be of way making pocket money on weekends. We got together and within a month or two. We had a record contract and we had. Hit record a very very quickly and I went around the world with them for a couple of years and. I thought it was going to be entree to an acting career and. A naive young man that I was. And it didn't so I quit them after two years, and had enough money to coast for a couple years as a result of the success of one song. And A and that was it that was my new and the album. The are available in their great to. The music's the music's online. Anybody can listen to it. The dairy also Calypso heat wave. Tell us the one song with one song. That was a big hit. It was the banana boat song, but everybody thinks was A. The same as Harry Belafonte is new wasn't. It's the. Make this short as possible. Harry. Belafonte had his version on an album called DEO. Nobody knew about it they they bought the album nobody by that, so we released ours and called the banana boat saw it started climbing up the charts. Harry Belafonte changed the name of his song to the Banak. Chase up the charts and one and then sued us. which was left out cord because we both stole the song from the same place which? Jamaican folks. We're both stolen changed it. But, but before you pull the plug, you did get to be in a movie with my Angelou. That's right before she was Calypso heat wave. Force which I think is my favorite Alan Arkin. Maya Angelou Angelescu. In the book talk about how you were in Paris. You were playing. That was the the famous. Olympia Theater and in the middle of performance. You suddenly saw this guitar on your back. You look down at the outfit you're wearing, you said what the Hell am I doing? I quit the night. I stayed through the GIG. And then I still gotta get out in. Ideally go back to. What I'd studied to do and and Adam. You worked with Captain Kangaroo. I did and I both worked with I only work. Data Dab Dad had data up an established as a character on a few episodes, and after he had been doing it a few times, I got invited to come on and play his father, so there's there's an episode of Captain Kangaroo with. The father to my father. That's nine worth nine. We state. Wasn't there a very short Canadian film project very early in your career. Did you count that one? The short while it's two different things. There was a Canadian film. The Dad was in that. We did a rewrite on together, so we wrote together on that. The shore was a short film called people soup that that's the one of wrote and based on a short story. He had published when he was in his early tee late teens early twenties and It got nominated for an academy award. That little movie would start my brother Matthew and I. And I was all of I think like eleven or twelve. He was nine and you count that one yes. I! Forgot about that. It's interesting to the trajectory of that because you quit, you went back to. New York you got the the phone call to go join the improvisational group in Saint Louis. And, that's when Paul Sale saw you. And invited you to join second city. It's interesting how careers and this is one of the things in your book. How things just sort of happened, well I mean if if I saw you, let them lead you life work that way and the truth matters. That's what say everybody with. Yeah. He asked people my age has your life turned out the way you thought nobody's going to say is everybody's said detours and curves anger they lament. How much you plan! How much you decide! This is the way it's going to be. It's never going to be the way I'm going to be a teacher because a secure and I'll be in one place for the next fifty years. You're in there for three years, and they want tenure and tenure five. You GotTa do fifty and other things. Everybody's life is an improvisation whether they like it or not. Sooner or later, it's profound. I TRY TO BE PROFOUND WHATEVER MONTH? Brings. Tell us how the inlaws game together is the most Banal Story. Imaginable I never met Peter for I looked at I was a fairly good place in my career. That point I looked at that. Tell us doing a talk. Show and I said he and I would do good movie together and I was in. I call them up. Peter I says. How how I? I, so I think we do good movie together. You're interested, sherm We'll do it. So I I called John Kelly was they had warner brothers I said I, think Peter Falk and I might do a pretty good movie to go. He says you've got a bright. You've got an idea. I said No. You gotTA rider I, said not really he said you got anybody in mind. I said Yeah. I had just read the first draft of blazing Saudi saddles, which is one of the three greatest scripts? I've ever read my life. The one that Andrew Bergman road before black bar. There's a lack part it was A. Script and I said I want this guy. I'd like this guy to write it. This is Okay Hira as I, said let me beat them I'll talk to so I went to admiral I said he want to movies as sure. I says you got an idea so well. The only thing I know is that Peter should drive me insane I said as the movie goes on, he should drive me insane. That's the only idea I have. I think that would be somehow a funny conjunction because there's something door about in. And that would be good dry. Six two months later. He comes back with this perfect script. Perfect perfect script, we and that was it. That's the end of the story. Andrew sends a message by the way Alan. We had him here and he was here with the Norman Steinberg one of the writers on blazing saddles. He says ask Alan if he recalls discussing a pirate story, and which Peter would put a patch over his good is. You, almost directed blazing saddles, you couldn't you had yet casting challenge? Yeah, I couldn't find somebody to play the punt needed. Somebody could BOO Goo. Version as if you needed as a needed somebody to play. Dizzy Gillespie and I couldn't anybody who played the single history. Yeah, yeah, they went to finding the right gun and you. You mentioned before that you were the idea of being your father was a teacher. And he he was one of the victims of the whole red scare that we've talked about. Yeah, he was teaching in the La School City school system and they decided they're going to have their own tribunals. Were everybody right down. The political beliefs in a bunch of people said you have the right to ask what a politics of the best private information. This is guaranteed I. Mean It's led the way of. Private polls. It's none of your business. So, he got fired was. condemned. The outta work for about fifteen years. Sued this city of the school system and one, but he had died. After he won his case against the LA school system. Sadly, you said you've said your your politics and your family politics sort of peaked out in your work a little bit. Over! That that that that your political beliefs or or even the the the trauma of all that has has shown up in your work. And formed it a little bit. Over the years not mistaken the politics of it, but the But the the the social issues which my parents felt strongly about. Still feel strongly about feel like I. Spent a lot of time working at through my the idea of racial equality I grew up with since I was a one racially quality of the treating Labor. Fairly the quality of the sexes The group that you were the group? We were talking about earlier. The group that you were in the terriers was comprised of two Caucasians one African American there they they couldn't play in a third of the states in in the country at that point yet. We we were so immersed in in an alternate culture that we didn't always doing something unusual at that point, I mean we just really three guys in one guy happened to be black. We didn't even notice my first friends in my life were black to black kids next store, so it was just the. It was something that I grew up with the idea of. Apprentice. was. Sh. Vehemently shunned by my entire family to earn. Some of whales brought up on. That formula was. An Anam you one said that you could play. You're good at playing. I think the term was Harry guys. that. Hot. Act I felt it left a wide range of options for casting choices when it came to me. Yeah, well between full moon high and Northern Exposure Yeah Yeah Adam and northern exposure. He sort of. Play are mainly our. I am I played Greeks not. We've done a lot of shows we've. We've talked a lot about the blacklist on this show Allen. We've had Lee grant here and. We talked about it with that Asner, and and and several several other people. Because a lot of what this show is that we do is about is about entertainment history. Very very very tragic period. It was a tough period. Yeah, what was weird about it? People say like now I said no, it's not it wasn't like now. Because about a quarter of the population lived under state of stated feeling like they were about the concentration, the rest of them were doing. gidget goes to Hawaii three quarters of the. And, now everybody on the same in the same boat, different sides of the boat with the same boat. What about you? Adam is you? Obviously? You grew up in the same family. Same sense of social justice does it. Does it sometimes? emerge appear and your work. Is it. Is it impossible to separate the artist? Your beliefs yeah I. Mean I, it certainly has tended to inform the choices I've made when when there was a choice to be affiliated with something that felt. politically irresponsible or or Or unwise, but I also played my share of people on the other side of the spectrum. I liked the character on sons of anarchy. Yeah, yeah, and and and the character I played on how to get away with murder. it. It it doesn't bother me to explore the other side of the equation when it comes to a character as long as it's not in some way promoting those ideas, a project that promoted them I couldn't I couldn't abide but. Filling that part of the narrative is fine with me. You play a pretty convincing sociopath on sons of anarchy. Thank you. And I think you've played a morbidly obese sky. On monk, I did yeah. I I was one of three actors to play the same role but I I was the first person to play a character named Dale the whale, and then and then two other actors. After me. Play the role and I never understood what the thinking was except the they were looking for the right guy. You guys. A lot of actors WanNa play those kind of characters. They WANNA play heavies. They WANNA play. Dark characters they want to explore that side of themselves. Obviously Allen. You played one of the great screen. Heavies! Harry wrote well. Thank you. People got with an I didn't get very good reviews when I did I don't think people knew what I was doing. But as time went on like a better reaction to it over the decades. Stephen King raves about that that guy. That's what you've read what he's. Clutch by the I didn't even know on the movie the what he did. They didn't even know on the movie what he was doing for for part of the time, they they. You had tremendous resistance initially when you when you first came in playing the role that way, and then I had moment when I pulled a knife off of the first arm, and they said Aw, they recognize what was doing liberal who played it on stage. Duval Robert Dole. Yeah and what was it like working with Jury Hafer? What whatever your hopes and dreams are about what she would have been like. She was better than that she was. She was an elegant, lovely, charming, fun-loving, hard, working sweet, dear human being and I just. I was enormously impressed with her. I hated hated being under hated it. And Rotten tour you were Stephen. King listed is Stephen. King says it's screen villainy. Rivaling Peter Laurie animal. That degenerate wow God. That's A. About that you didn't have the German going for you. Going back and W. Gilbert, give the boys a little bit of your Peter Laurie just as comic interlude. Okay? No, it was you were and. Hewitt's Yup pretty stupid. Tim by Kevin found out how valuable it was no wonder he had such an easy time getting it. You impressive Yoga Bloated Fayek pets. We like to throw those in. But my my youngest son Tony and I have a game. One word imitations of people. Imitate anybody and whether you only use one word. Appeal and Cheese. How. I think it was a may have been jolly callous. Someone who came up with that Boris Karloff was often t paths. That's right. That's right. We got the first short conroy. Slide. Cary Grant Carey Grant. WAS CODA Roy. What does it say again? Corduroy? Big. Deal what about Humphrey Bogart in the postal us when I hold bait back. Yes I'm free BOGART IN THE POST Office Steve. Allen knows correct and. Go See when he's not wearing a watch and you ask them what time it is. Cooked. And and Christopher Walken when you. I come who is favorite stooge mall. The best word for wall auto. About playing creepy characters, like Ethan in sons of anarchy, or even, and he's lovable, but but he's certainly a an antisocial character, and that's adams character, northern exposure who we talked about and I heard you say he was close to the real you in some ways in nor the Adam in northern exposure. Yeah. He, he's yeah, he's my. Adam northern exposure is just my living is. A! He is a misanthrope. Yeah. I got to play that role because the producers of northern exposure had had produced another short lived, but very good series called a year in the life and I was playing a very conservative conservative character on that show, and after working with me for a bit they they came to the realization that I was kinda nuts and and said. We want to find something to write to that some day. I was like by all means, so that show came to an end in a year later a they sent over the script introducing the character on northern. It was just a thing of beauty. Yeah. It's a lot of people. Consider it the best episode of that show a well. I don't know about that, but but it was certainly an, and then you started. Directing northern was the first chance I ever had to direct an episode and they. They were kind enough to let me do that after I, had observed in and shadowed other directors on the show for while. People are Bruce. Working People crews come up to the all time and say GonNa talk to him as you see, we just got through working with your son. We loved working with. That's A. That's a nice nice bit of feedback Adam to hear that so many actors enjoy being directed by. It's yeah, it's. Nothing could be a higher compliment as I actors and the cruise cruise to a lot of people I saw an interview with Barry Sonnenfeld here a couple of weeks ago, and he was saying how important it was for a director to know the answers to questions, even if he didn't know them, yeah to aunt to answer any question if somebody says which which which which watch, yeah, which vase? And and you said that that's something that at the beginning you were doing, and now you've evolved a little bit on that. It's you've you've earned the right to not know the answer right away. Well I I first of all anything Barry Sonnenfeld has to say about directing I will take a backseat to that because I have a huge amount of respect for him, but I and I think there are a million. A million micro decisions that you have to just make up your mind about but just as importantly for me. I have found that The more I've opened up to the help and the advice of people around me on a crew of the better I do Crews, our. Crews are filled with people who have a huge amount of expertise in their individual disciplines and. it. It's just insane not to avail yourself of that. You don't have to you everyone's idea every time you hear one but but nine times out of ten I have found that by relying on the expertise of the people on my crew I, I end up making better decisions as a director and a question to both of you watch the first sign that you're working with a bad director. The first son, yeah? When you're that moment where you say this guy, just us. Nobody's doing any timely cast me automatically suspect. Hurdle. They're going to have to climb over the course of our relationship with one another. I. Find A. Immediately suspicious of directors that don't really communicate with the cast after the initial takes of of a scene To you know whenever whenever the notes are not character or story related, but simply technical over and over again and a sense that you're trying to be molded into a shot that is interesting because of what it is as shot rather than whether it's really serving the scene that that that always tends to make me a little nervous. Allen's in the witness protection program. He just wanted to I Figure I I don't know. I can't locate it to like one moment, but I do not like directors at scream at the grew I have a think about that. Don't like that. I don't I, I'm I'm living area people that decide they want to do. improvisations before we start shooting I, we don't know each other Those direct is always that. Make by start rolling my eyes because. Everybody wants to get the work on the dam script. And once you got the script a little bit under your belt venting then an improvisation could be exciting and as a tool, but to start out with with people. You don't know improvising characters don't know yet. It just starts feeling like a waste of time, and it's always been. At that to me is like a novice director I don't like directors that don't want to rehearse that. That annoys me I. Don't like actors that don't WanNa hers. They think these ruin their spun eighty at which time I point to them out the most spontaneous. the most spontaneous performance of the history of movies, Brando and Streetcar who had at that point done about three hundred times on Broadway when he did so a. don't want to hear about spontaneous from people. Make it look spontaneous. Do, do you. misdirecting ally directed a hand I just started I'd love to directing. I watched little murders last night. which is just so and so proud of the credibly. Commits very currents surprisingly. Yes, I. I was going to mention. Paranoid. Broken down like police chief for shop like lieutenant practice. A. Terrifies even me when I watch, and then I played the garden you made it and what seventy seventy one and it's and it's as relevant as emily one. Was it seventy seventy, one God that's fifty years I believe so yes old. And! We liked fire sale on this show. We've talked about it a lot. That's another one that will ever. Old were. You obviously had a taste. Maybe you still do for black comedy and. Tell us about the late great Fred Willard, who was in the original little murders Oh. My God was huge because we just lost. I know he was. You've spent time with him. You felt like you with some farmers assistant from Idaho. Hints Verno. No vestige of a sense of humour then gets on stage, and it just wipe the floor with everything that was going on around, he added. He played. Played the lead in little murdered saw my production off Broadway. And every there's a scene in which Patsy. Yeltsin has a long monologue where she's yelling at him, and he's sitting in the listen. He fell asleep in that scene every night of the run and she had. Him. Sleep on stage every night. I had a thought about him. Because you had brought him up. We were talking about him Franken. Our earlier conversation and But but he there was something about Fred I never thought of this before, but the swimming about him that carried on the tradition of Bob and Ray in in a certain way that there was something about interesting something about the the the the minute show of these kinds of simpleton characters that that he was able to make so hysterically funny over and over again. At by underplayed yeah. And they both like specialized in like really barring character. Who? Derek honey in there is there. There's there's a great story in the book. I'll I'll make people by the book Alan and read it. There's a great story and improvised life where you were you through the cast and improvisation Oh. Little murders in little. Doubt Yeah I'll make them by the book by the way we love those actors Gobert. How much do we love not only Elliott gold who turns up in a great episode of the Kaminsky method by the way but Vincent Gardner. Elizabeth Wilson and Lou Jacoby. We live for these papers. Just just wonder if we put up an electrified fence, and if they catchier going outside of it, they beat the shit out. I don't like it, but it's an emergency. We get a lot of listeners. This shows also on Sirius radio. Now as I told you guys, we're going to recommend to the people listening a little murders which you can find, and it's terrific, and also fire sale with that great cast, and Alan, and I were on the phone, talking about Richard Liber teeny. Who who can do no wrong. But. Kay Medford Vincent Gardenia Rob Reiner I mean. SID CAESAR TURNS UP THAT'S Agean at comber scenarious. It's a great cast logo. Really Yeah truly funny, we all. Were while I'm at, it works for me I must be in the minority. I love that you said to that that you need to see people having a good time. You need to know that people are enjoying each other when you're watching. Yeah, but she also said when you go to Carnegie Hall or when you owe you any kind of you see a music group together. It helps you to know that they get along. But everybody feels. That with this album think about it. You get the the to find out the Beatles didn't get along is depressing. Doesn't make any sense and it's. It's depressing for all of mankind. It's just A. I you say to yourself. What can they be? The something like the United Nations Doctors Without Borders people just doing the silly stuff game. Have a good time on. What's what sold for the rest of us and Martin and Lewis. Yeah here's Dari Tabatabai. Safran Stilo you don't WanNa know yeah, yeah, it does. It hurts your enjoyment of it. I got a couple of questions from listeners. I, warned you guys. About seventy of but I'm going to narrow actual five or six. These, These were sending. Other shows so you're gonNA give. Question. HAGGERTY's. James! but it can find leave, says I don't have a question, but but a comment. The Sardine Likud in big trouble. Is the single funniest thing I have ever seen an actor. Longest spit taken history. Yes, yeah and bet. I told beverly you were coming on, and she said I never forgot the honor of working with that man and the grace he showed. On big trouble, Beverly Angelo I thought you. Know. I used to go up to a pre beverly. You look just beautiful today. She's don't. Don't ever say that. Tell me that. Here's one from somebody. You may know Adams you know a gentleman named Sherman Allen certainly do. He says first of all I want to ask. You've got to ask Alan something about the original Broadway production of the Sunshine Boys, but I also want you to get Adam to tell one of his long jokes. Possibly Shelley Berman. Time for me to tell a joke I. I think so. something suitable. All right. A kid is sitting on a park bench, eating some candy. And an old man walks up to them and says kid. You don't WanNa do that. You don't eat candy canes bad for you You keep eating candy. You're GONNA, have all kinds of problems with your health. Take it from me. Kid looks up and he says My grandfather lived to be one hundred three. The old man says related. Did he a lot of candy? Kid says nobody minded his own fucking business. For US Sherman. We will return to Gilbert, Godfrey Amazing Colossal podcasts, but first a word from our sponsor. I want to talk about better help. Something interfering with your happiness or preventing you from achieving your goals, yes. I, I saw that coming up. Broadway I'll better help. 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Waited Handle, Shave Gel and a travel cover offered just three bucks plus free shipping. Just go to Harrys DOT COM and enter eight, nine, eight nine at checkout. That's Harrys dot com code, eight, nine, eight nine. Enjoy. And and one thing we discussed on the show, and and especially we discussed it like movies like airplane. And Ace like that off playing comedy seriously I. Think That's something that that Dad. has always had a particular genius Ab The. The ability to play absurd comedy with dramatic stakes like someone's life is dependent on it. Like Sheldon and the in Laws Yeah I. Think I should have done more with. Shogun I as I look back at an. Fillet goes to goods. That's something. With both the view. One do you watch your movies and TV appearances afterwards and to define yourself going Oh god I'm awful. You Watch your own performances I for my point, I think. Relatively objective to what I think I'd capable of the join have done if unhappy with critical of the defied feel like. I've made. A couple of technical errors or choicers and stuff things like that I'm. I don't know how why or how, but I would think relatively object. Some somebody wants asked me ended uses the ever look back at old performs decribing and feeling that I said yeah, but that means you're growing in these. New better another Bruins, so that's okay, songwriter. Everything's Fine I. Love the world everything's Yeah. Everything's aside from where all prisoners in are homes, but otherwise I watched some of my work, and want to crawl under the furniture, and and occasionally I end up being pleasantly surprised that things turned up better than I thought. They say there've been several occasions. We'll have known other places. Would add. Them. How, what what's a favourite performance or if not a favourite performance? What what? What's a performance that you just? You can't turn off if you see Adam. Doing it or is verse? Northern exposing the definitely. I love the Philby directed of. My other son Matthew's wife. What the I wasn't named Adam I. It Tony's wife, Amelia. And it was my Louisiana Sky. It's very. On, my watch watch very good times as beautiful. His work on a on east wing West, what is West One west wing, West Wing and Yup. Bows and The first thing ever did which is people soup, which is short film I still love to watch. That's four. How many more do you need? That's enough. Adam same question. You know I just had the great pleasure of turning my son onto the Russians are coming. The Russians are coming. and. I! How old is your son? He's fifteen and he knows he knows his grandfather's work, but he he knows his. His current work more recent work better. He'd never seen it and. I just love that movie. I love the entire movie and I think DADS performance in it. Would be amazing under any circumstances the fact that it's his first film. It always blows me away. It's just such a masterful beautiful piece of work. I love him in Little Miss Sunshine I loved him in the film the hardest lonely. Hunter! and. And Got It's Har-. It's hard to pick just a few because there's so many that have just blown away. I'M A fan. in-laws is right up there, too. You know speaking speaking of the in laws. Allen Andrew was on with us, he he told us that an obviously he's. He wrote it, and he seen it hundreds of times. He says the little moments in the film. The throwaway moments are the things that bust him Bob now. Like Peter Talking about the chicken sandwich. Well, that was INR is. That I forced into. We were rehearsing. That seem driving backwards on the on the fee Wendy. Didn't have any dialogue there and he just started talking about just start talking about this chicken sandwich. He just even. I said you got grant I said you gotTA. You GotTa do that. The film is filming, so he said okay, and and he did it, and that was that was I. Think one of the few things supervised the moon I remember to after an insane car chase in the end laws. They finally the car stops and and you say did. We hit the little boy crossing the street? A. That was written. What makes Andrew. Laugh is like faulk in the coffee shop. Saying to the GUY is this DECAF? It's very. One of my favorite things in the whole move is the fact that we're talking about secrecy emissions of the top of our loans. Right. But the two things still crack me up in the book. Is that the fact that we make no reference frame and he's talking about secrets. Young thing is when I'm running for my life in the hotel and Mexico and he keeps. Throwing me down to the ground. He about three or four times by that time so insane that. Position, going. Those laws home to. Set classic part of the film. were a talks about the giant flies. It's not all. The the Jose. Jose Greco stemware face. This red tape and the book August flies. I'm going to mention to Alan. Arkin performances that maybe maybe fly under the radar, a little bit Allen when people look at your career Simon Blue. That's fine I like under the radar. I liked that one. and. You're Sigmund Freud in the seven percents. was afraid to look at that I felt like I. Underplay that. It's great. It's a great. It's a great movie performance. Second screwed up because what happened was I got the part and. I started researching foyt a research and research at can reading the script and I say this has got nothing to do with what he's like he was. This is nothing to do with what Florida's I finally talked the writer. So, what did you do here? He said Yeah. No, it's not Freud. It's my father. My father says as I understand me. But by that time was too late so I was playing I was felling was riding. Two horses I'm attain is. So nice image. Also hearts of the West that that was fun of. Another another good little film. We were talking about how we had Walter Matthau Son Charley and Chris Lemmon Jack Lemmon son here last week, and we're talking about a lot of these wonderful little movies. Especially in the seventies. That wouldn't really be made today. They wouldn't get the releases. Movies like hearts of the West's movies like Simon, maybe even the in laws. A tiny movie that cost nothing one of the best science fiction films. I've ever seen yeah yeah. It's. Borderline genius. It's on what the Hell's the name of an atom. What's? Your bedroom. I! Nine something of night. Of. A vast of night. It's a strange titled. Of night it's absolutely brilliant. Looks With films that never would have gotten made. It's like you wonder how I don't think Pacino Deniro Jack Nicholson Dustin Hoffman with the films they made. Would job have a courier now? We were talking about movies like the less detail and. Kramer versus Kramer and and and the and these kind of films Serpico after noon Dog Day afternoons. A great example films that would fight not would would would may be character-driven stories that would end up on television now as opposed to getting, agree with that. Yeah very much, so and those those films were so they were so informative for me, so so formative and Remember. What was that Al Pacino Gene Hackman movie scarecrow yes crow Jerry Schatzberg. And again probably something that would have been. had been made on cable now and somewhere. But, you're directing a lot of this kind of television now. You're working on these very good. These quality shows. Actor driven shows like succession and masters of sex, and to and to certain degree Fargo certainly sons. And and don't forget what he did with With get shorty, one and get shorty is another good example. Yeah, I've been I've been very lucky. on some of the material I've gotten to work on the past ten years. It's a gun to collaborate with some of the the best television makers out there now and it's it's been you think we're experiencing a renaissance and television I think it's been. It seems we seems we are. It's been going on for some time and. It's been one of the few plusses of everybody being cooped up as much as they have I think a lot of stuff that had flown under the radar for large audiences is now getting a second chance to be seen because there's there's so little original programming being made now that we're going back and looking at some of the great work that's been done over the past few years. There's let's put Kaminsky method in that in that group to another another character driven very smart show very much so and Allen you said unlike so many actors you like working with Kids Yeah I love working with kids well. My my train is improvisation and I, when I. See a kid who's. Guys. Glassy 'cause he's he's. They're focused on. The lines has been learning. I do things the trip them up. Change something. He's got a force of self back into the moment of what's going on. I'm Watson while you work with a kid who is extraordinarily like I did with. In in little. Miss Sunshine working with Gil was amazing. It's like I was working with an eight year. Old Kid who who behave if she had fifth years of experience behind her, she was extraordinary. Incredibly alive and President Fund. Yeah I love working with kids dogs. I have a hard time. I. Heard you like touching other actors and that that's one of the things you got going with Michael Douglas he didn't mind you touching. Yeah, he's very very easy to work with his incredibly. Flexible in easy to deal with both of you. In do you have a habit in the middle of or performance? You're saying boy I. Just don't know what I'm doing here. Ohio. If I make it to the middle of the performance. Well! I? Had done on stage much more than the film. I don't have that very much, but the onstage used to get that a lot. I was reading that when you were in. Enter laughing. You would get bored by doing the same thing every night, so you would. You would start standing in different places and. Would occasionally throw the other actors off well again. Keeps Life Noyon and not feeling like it was road after four five six months, which doesn't do the actor any good producer. I tried just doing a different piece of blocking in order to just. Get a fresh perspective on a look or something, and the actors will look where I was supposed to be instead of where. I was going to ask that to tell the story about the tell the story about the guy that came backstage after. You've been doing the show for about a year. Long I was in was the plane which was never on stage Concert done it for about eight months. A guy comes back. And you'd never missed a performance and never missed it before it's the guy comes running back stages off Iverson's Eiser. He's missed Oregon I said. Can I tell you? This is one of the greatest performances I've ever seen onstage. He says in between you and me. You're much better than the guy who usually plays the board. Out. There was fifty years ago and I still don't know what I should have. Come out of you! Did plays you did I hate hamlet. You did Brooklyn boy. Did you get bored? Did you get the experience the same thing? No doing the same I I didn't. I mean first of all I. I. I've done a fair amount of theater, but I've never been in production that ran so long that there was ample opportunity to. and second of all the show in which I made my Broadway debut. Hamlet and speaking of seven percent solution it starred Nicol Williamson who who was responsible for getting drunk and attacking another actor on stage about a month into our run. We made the front page of the Post the with blazing headline that said you know Broadway sword play turns real. Actor storms offstage after co-star wax him in but and that was Nicol Williamson and Evan Handler and the insanity that went into that production kept it from ever been boring it. Either for dear life every night. Can I can I tell the story? A little. At around Adam calls me, he was out of town. I say hi how you doing. He's all dead in his play. That's it's Hudson stinking. The players terrible. Please help me. We could come up and look at it. We're. We're having tryouts Outta town. Would you please come up and look at it and I said Sure I. Put on my dad have which I would love doing. And I drove up to where they were having tryouts, and I sat through this performance they go. I can fix him all. I'll give him some suggestions. That'll straighten everything out, and I watched a brilliant brilliant perfect performance in starkly funny play. And I had no nothing to offer whatsoever I, said except the tell the shut up and just do what he's doing and he got a Tony Nomination from Weill. I saw that aspect of Dad just flying out the window little. Houses! It's bittersweet at away. Tell tell us about Groucho Gilbert will appreciate this. Tell us about groucho showing up in the theater and a second like we did a thing. We did a one of our acces. Khrushchev candidate debate when we take suggestions from the audience and I played. Khrushchev's seven darn played my interpreter. Andrew Duncan Played Kennedy and Zohra lampert played Mrs Kennedy and we'd feel questions from the audience and I would answer fake Russian and. My job was very easy. Seven died would make up things to say so. We're we're. We're up. We're doing. The. Scene. Groucho comes one night. We're all wildly excited nervous. He puts his hand up and I wore like. Don't ask me why, but I board like New York cab drivers had as crews. And tell me why don't ask me one. And raises in. He says Mr Gross yet. I said. Where'd you get that? At Governance Seven joining slap seven answers and. Goes on his hand goes up again. He says Whoa. How much would it have cost me? I answered seven translates. Go hand goes up twenty Goddamn Tom. It's always brush. Everything's about the hat that's wouldn't. What sizes there have like that? Tweet or a Gab risk. It was the only time in the history of second city that the all of us had a run which ran off stage quit. In a state of abject hysteria. And he? Stage it was so complimentary in Sweden more than we were so grateful to see him, he's the he was the father improvisations in this country after all his brothers and. A here's the come and see me at openings. And then invited me his home and we got. We got pretty friendly. I was wondering. I Love Them. WHO's lovely guy. What what about the phone call? You got one night from Marlon Brando. Story. I can sitting in. Beverly Hills Hotel Hotel I was staying there for some reason some bub. Listen listening on movies. And I go destroy commitments sitting in the dining. Would in for you. Go over the phone to Mr. Says? Mr Mom and brandon like to speak to you if you have A. So? He says. Do you have time at a half now, a said. Yeah, it's a half hour later. Phone rings Ms. Rock into phone. Call for get on. Hello Allan Hi Susan. It's Marling. I'd never met him I didn't know he knew I was alive. I said. I was. In calm I felt like I. Do some of them strange? How are you says wall in all things considered? I think I'm building pretty well. I said wow, that's a lot of things to consider, and he says what. I was in trouble. Considering all things that's for the take a week. And he invited me to his home to this day. I don't really know why. We spent six hours together talking and. He. I'm not sure I. my suspicion was. He wanted to pump the about about Birdman Birdman because. That was the reason he was so kind of left hand and devious that he never came out as did. But what was really the most interesting thing about the evening? And there was that he always decried acting. Say anybody could do a nobody's knowing. Nothing? He spent the entire evening six hours acting whenever he was talking telling his story, he'd be playing all the characters who? Everybody in the entire evening, while acting constantly, so that was really fascinating. Adam, as we wind down, tell us about working for the COEN brothers in in a serious man, and then interpreting the Coen brothers by the you've obviously you realize long fan, and then getting direct Fargo It was a dream come true. Your first shot by the way has a Coen brothers joke in it. You know what I'm referring to I seen of the first episode of the Castle. Remind remind me what. Scribbled on the wall senior. Greece? Oh. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, it's an inside. Joke, it was a dream come true. I had been a huge fan of theirs from their first film on and was super excited at the idea of getting to work with them I also knew was a situation that was fraught with the potential for disillusionment, because they were such heroes of mine, but. It more than lived up to any expectations. They were the most Supportive specific. Intelligent and inclusive directors I think I've ever worked for and the way they ran that. Hold the way their organization is run the way they include people. They built rehearsals into the film so that we all at the start of it got worse fitting and put a great deal of time in rehearsing for days, so by the time we went home and then came back to do our work. We we felt like part of a company at that point, so it automatically makes you feel more connected to everybody, and and that carried through to everything. They did with the film after we had shot it their editing sense and their ability to protect anything good. Good that happened in the course of filming a scene, it somehow all ended up on screen. You find yourself in circumstances where if a small portion of what he felt really good about ends up. Somehow apart of things things, it's a win, and in their case they just were able to always curate and take care of anything any happy accident. Any moment that was special and are are so brilliant in their editing choices that they were able to make use of all of it, so they're just. They're just consummate filmmakers and lovely people, and so you want. You wanted to buy if you wanted an opportunity to play. Absolutely yeah with with with Fargo. And Fargo had already established itself as an incredible Adaptation or launch launching point for that data material. Because I came on and worked in the second season of it, so I'd already had the benefit of seeing what they did with the first and was blown. Cohen Bertha seemed like they like chartering the characters in movies. Yeah well, I think I think they view their own lives as having some torture in and and they've put into everything they've done. I, told you on when I was texting you the other night that the episode. Of the to you directed. Pal Jerome is great, too. But the next to last episode of season, two gasoil and I was snooping around online and Fargo fans. LOT OF FARGO FANS consider that to be the best episode that's that's a huge compliment to here, yeah! And it's it's I I again I. Don't know anything about directing, but I was talking to you on the phone about the staging of that that that shootout that scene in the in the motor. which is just fantastic? That was a that was a nail biter prepping for that figuring out the logistics of what was going to have to go into it because we're shooting it. Over multiple days, there were huge action sequences that had to be shot, not only. From within the action but in. Two concentric circles outside of the action everything had to be synchronized. We were shooting on location and on stages, and it all had to be. Cut Together in a way that made it feel like one event. And it it obviously turned out well enough to make an impression people so. We will return to Gilbert Godfrey JR amazing colossal podcast after this. Guy's Radio Jason here in whether you're working from home or working on your fitness. You want what you're listening to to be what you're listening to know. We don't want to catch glimpses and a little sticky bits. Bits bits of what your kids will listen to anyone else. Everyone needs a great pair of wireless ear buds, but before you drop dropping in hundreds of bucks on a pair, you need to check out the wireless ear buds from Ray con their amazing. I got my recon. You're buzzed. Out, everything recognized abroad star for about a half price of the other ones, premium wireless ear buds on the market, and they sound just as amazing as the top audio brands. 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I don't have a question, but I have to thank Allan forgiving me a beautiful family memory. My parents laughing like crazy at the movie. The Russians are coming. The Russians are coming. Allen's accent was perfect because it sounded exactly like my grandparents trying to speak English US nece. If! I quit the the business right. There would've been fine because I I, the experience of doing that movie was absolutely extraordinary in every in every conceivable way Norman Jewison created an atmosphere on the set. I've hardly ever seen since it was. We were all there for the same. Everybody in the cast was absolutely a communal project involved the entire town in the in the making of the film. The Dale is shown at the local theatre. The entire town of the deal is every night. I mean it was kind of open loving. Conscious experiences you feel it in the film. You feel that energy I think so yeah. And you? and. Norman is still with US Halle is and you thought it was important to make your character really a good like a likable character. Yeah I mean we we were. We were scared when we made that. We scared with your action was going to be. It was the time. There was a time when Russia was considered. There were considered not just bad people, but demons from L. and. We thought we were GONNA. Get picketed. We had no idea what was going to happen the whole country when the movie came out, breathe a sigh of relief. Everybody said all thank God. Finally somebody come came out and have the guts to say that they're just people just like goes the maybe problems with the government, but underneath that it's also people trying to survive. And it changed to assert the only fill mug ever done that. I felt like had some kind of social. Action as a result of or change of heart. was enormously proud to begin. Beginning does what I always wanted to be connected with and film anywhere and have that be. My first film was just a enormously moving for me. Indirectly Otsuki last enough he had made to, he offered the part that made too much money that year so turned down so. Long. I the default. One more one more comment for you Adam Marshall Arm tour of your performance and the Chicago hope episode called the parent rap. And season to your characters conflicted anger and grief over the death of his father is is is a script in episode and a performance that I still. Touch to hear that thing all the great work. You didn't Chicago hope and when I think of Chicago. Hope I think of you singing. Luckily, I'm sorry to hear that. and. The saved I think it's wonderful episode but I. I am confronted every time I watch it with how much I am not a musical star by. Kanye, but your musician in your heart, you decision, and you can feel it every Laura your mouth, and not only that to have seen him. Do It on Broadway, which I did was just great. He was great guys and Dolls on Broadway Gentlemen. This is my father who is very proud of me. My Gosh I. I You know there is one other nice thing in the book to Allen there lot of lovely things in the book, but it opens with that great story of you and Madeline Kahn was great story. And and do you want you want to share that? Because I think it winds up being the theme of the book, and an in part kind of a theme of your journey very much, so yeah Yeah, would you want me to tell that story? Yeah zubi movie with Madeline Kahn once and. She was a delight and hard very hard, working in a lovely person and. We between shots. She and I were sitting on the. Somewhere, we're in. A hillside in Westchester. County and just chewing on grass and I I finally realized how good she was so many things and I ask what was what was your initial impulse was the first thing you you wanted to be? She thought about. She says I'm really no I said what was singing. Was that the first thing you thought about being a singer? She's now actress, not really she's a comedian. No I what was the first first thing you thought. She says well I used to listen to a lot of music. She said, and and that's what I wanted to be and I said what she said I. I wanted to be the music. And it was like being hit in the head with a two by four and I realized that that's. All artists want to be. They don't WanNa, do it. They want you really WanNa be it and the next. Best thing is to doing it. It. Gave me something to reflect on for a long time Safe like this story of of my daughter Molly. When she was about six years old, she was watching Olympic skating on on television. And her mom said you're enjoying this honey honey. And she says yes. She says I I I. I WANNA do this. I'm GonNa do this and her mom said. Uh. You WanNa you WANNA. Do that some day like to. You'd like to start doing that. The when when you grow up and she says no I can do it now. All I gotTA. Do is learn how to skate. She knew she had dinner. Event was already living in her. Before we let you guys get Outta here. because. We've kept you long enough. Adam at least tell the story of how you became Chuck McCann's unofficial. Well it hearkens back to one of the movies I mention of Dad's a the hardest lonely hunter and I was very young when the film was being made I think I was no older than about nine or ten, and they were in early pre-production for the film, and Dad was getting ready to do it and very excited about this this project, and came back one a disappointed about the fact that a major character in the film of had to be recast, and they couldn't find the right person for the role, and they were gonNA. Probably delay production for an indefinite amount of time. Time while they figured out how to find that person, and I had the presence of mind at that age to ask what the what the role was. What the character wasn't dad described it to me, and there was a television show on at the time. A kids show in the mornings in new. York. That I had been watching regularly and I brought up the name of the man who who is chuck. McCann because he sounded like someone could play the character dad described. Dad watched the show as I recall was the show and called the producers as excited to bring him in to at least be interviewed for the role. which they did and subsequently Chuck McCann The the role of. I'd forget the characters name, but. Antonoff Dad's The the friend. Learning impaired man. The Dad was sort of The the mentor to and and Chuck would always introduced me as his agent 'cause he he had been made privy to the story. Lovely man love story that you had those instincts at that age Yeah I. Guess that was already the beginnings of. A desire to be able to have a word casting. We had chuck on here when we first started this show back in twenty fourteen. Yes, we. Made a lot of people happy made a lot of show Allen. Do you think this going to be a bad medicine to? Release, the first one. I. Before I forget to say. Paul Sand on the phone last night. He said. He said you know we tell Allen we were kids. We had children who worked together with violence bowl and I I think I was twelve. Maybe thirteen. And then we didn't see each other again. A twenty. Some odd years, yeah. Guy! I WANNA. Talk about How the the Arkansas are becoming dynasty? We becoming dinosaurs. Not Dinosaurs. We had Danny Houston here couple of months ago and that that's that's an acting dynasty and I. Think the Arkansas are becoming or have become an acting dynasty. Your your other two sons are actors. Matthews and criminal minds and and and bowling NCIS and Anthony's on succession in the Americans and It's a IT'S NOT GONNA Work without a more than anybody else, but I with Tony. I were spent a year on stage with them in a play. And I worked all through the kids. Multiple roles we have never in my memory had one moment of issue, and either whether we're acting the other or directing them or Adam directing me that I report one second one seven, Asian You say that now. How old are your children older than me? No. I have fifteen year old son. Emmett and my daughter is. She probably does want me telling her age, but she's she's. She's married, are they? Are they showing inclinations to to to be performance? Gilbert I Gilbert your son at this point. It's pretty much a foregone conclusion. That that Max is going to. Town. They'd one in my family. My my daughter Molly is a performer she she's done. Improv comedy, both here and in Seattle of they. They had a Improv group Called Blood Squad that became sort of a fixture up in the Seattle area. And, she's now working as a producer in Marta Kauffman Company. She's on grace and Franky, and is developing new material with Marta and my son Emmett is he's. He's a reformer in that. He's a bass player. He's been playing bass with a group that. has actually already played like the whisky, and and and they're really talented group of kids who've been playing since they were about nine and. He's just now starting to express some interest in acting yeah. He I think he could end up. At least you know having that in his arsenal. who was something you wanted like i? said it's becoming a dynasty. Yes Gil well. What else do you have man? I can't resist any longer allen. Go to lunch. Will you go to lunch I'm trying to do a job here. We'll you go to. To isn't that what Kevin Spacey says to me? Yes was I supposed to not know that is. No! I just I. Just that was one of those like so many great seeds. War. What was it like being with the cash like that? I mean yourself included of course. It was wonderful the mazing experience. It was fun it. Is Like Fun of brain. Surgery is fun. Doing Mamat is like is like doing brain surgery. You can't you have to do every pause? You have to do every fun for you have to do every every a stutter. It's all red in, so if you miss a thing, you got to start over from the beginning if I miss A. And if I only do one of those, then you gotta do the scene over again, so we rehearsed for a month, and then when they were shooting the scenes, most of my stuff was with Ed Harris, so I would run to a dressing room, and we run and run and run CNN. Run and run and run and run until we shot those, so it was a sense of doing something really good and really well, but it wasn't finally was fun afterwards when it was over. But it was a hell of a movie. I think it's really really. Moving I think it's the best adoration of of Mount on film it's. Great piece. Gilbert I'd like to see you do Glengarry Glen Ross. You'd be. IPAD, he'd be good. We asked a lot of actors that we've had on this show this question, I'm GonNa. We'll wrap it with you. Guys and we'll ask you know Gilbert's career. You've seen Gilbert a all these years. Do you guys in your professional opinion that? Gilbert could play a serious role I have no doubt I have hardly ever seen. Somebody was great. Accommodate couldn't do something serious. I don't see why not have known problem imagining. How about that? Gil, thank you both Yeah Adam didn't even. Know I think I think it would be actually a great opportunity for whoever cast you in the series role. I would joke at Richard the third immediately. Back. I WanNa add this also. Not only. Do I think it should be serious but I think you should think about playing a legless character. I'm serious. I would like to see you. Do because I felt like. It's been missing job. I'm not joking. I'd like to see the death of a salesman why? I'm dead serious. Wow would be better a series. The lead the. Salesman last I think it's always been cast from Gilbert. The Bar has been raised by Alan Arkin who wants to see you do Arthur Miller. Oh, my God I think I think you'd be I. Think would be a world. Class will illumine. Wow, yeah, well I don't know what to say at this point. Let's. Let's well aren't let's do. This is A. Yes or no? Adam you WANNA. Take us out with more joe my God. A talk to dad for a second I'll try to think of. One. Or more. Yeah, yes, of course. A lady comes to meet her husband for dinner and she's looking to lash. He says you okay. She says. Charlie I've got to talk to. What is it? I have a confession and there's something I've been wanting to tell you. For longtime never had the courage to say that made up my mind today I gotTA. Tell so, what is it dear I'm of? You want to leave me. She a no, no nothing like that. She's thank. God is listening to anything. You WanNa. Tell me. She's okay here it goes. She's Charlie I. Don't want children because I knew I. Know You thought I did and I may have misled you but I. do not want children. He says Oh my God. She's thank you for being so forthright, honest and open about it. She says dear says I've been feeling the same way for a long long time that I never had the courage to tell you. She says you feel the same way she says yes, I do. She says okay. Let's tell them as soon as we get home. I. I love it. All K-. Know Adams, Adams Google joke. How can You gotta finish with multiple jokes. doctor comes into a patient's room and says. We got your test results back and I've never seen anything like this, but you have virtually every communicable disease known demand. You're like a one person play. The guy goes well. That's terrible, doc. What am I going to do? Doctor says well. The the first thing we're going to do is put on a special diet from now on I don't WanNa. Have you eating anything other than a Swedish pancakes, fruit, leather, and flounder, and the guy goes Swedish pancakes, fruit, leather and flounder. What is that like beef up my immune system and the Doctor Says No. That's going to be about all. We can slide under the door an. Excellent? Excellently Change Been Gilbert Godfrey Amazing Colossal podcasts with my co host Frank Santo Padre and we've been talking to the extremely talented father and son team of annum and Alan. Arkin. And happy. Father's Day I wanNA, thank a couple of people and I WANNA. Thank style Lascher and Marsha McManus. Your representation who are lovely ladies and indulged us and we're when made this happen and our friend Gino Salomon and of course, the Great John Murray. So thank you, gentlemen. Our listeners will love. This was a treat. Nice to spend some time with your dad. Oh. Maybe it'll happen again. Someday Gilbert Frank thanks so much of course and the next time. Will you tell us how you while you made while you may John Renoir cry or just told them the. What is work meant to me and I went on and on and he started crying I. Talking to. John was nice to meet you and Tara thank you. Thank you guys? I like you. Make me. I met someone like before. But only wants to. Wants. Not Very recently. My blood pressure's normal. Having lost no sleep at. Since. And it's. Possible for me to concentrate on. My word. walking. Charm birds go on? My. Oh And I don't get. A. You'll trust. If I had to go away. You? Need for money. And one thing iphone. Sir. Turn. Long!

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