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Imagine a penguin and it's so sad. Why because it's in the Sahara desert? But? Take that same penguin and put it in the Antarctic will not flapping its little feet, and it's really happy. What's the difference with the same penguin? But, it's in a different environment. In a world where more and more business owners? And entrepreneurs a struggling to keep it together. Judah the pressures around them I wanted to create an experience that sets out to and so one question. How can I inspire you to be healthier? Wealthy A- happier and connect at a deeper level in relationships. I'm your host, Simon Level and welcome to unshakable leaders. Hey so we're on the July fourth weekend. Hopefully you're having fun or if you're listen to this in the future. Hopefully, you've had a good July fourth weekend this episode. She jumped to the front of the queue I'm not sure we've done this before like me. What you've bought a bunch of books and you have like a cue. And then you hear about this one book, it resonates with you more, and so you bring that to the front of the queue and start reading it straight away. This is what happened when I heard this question on the court on Wednesday, which was. Does your environment make you more successful now. Just a pre frame a little bit. This client already filled in their on boarding form, and so I knew the context of why he asked this question, and he needs to go and make a power move which he did, which is fantastic, but also I gave a general answer into the group, which I want to touch on and go into a little bit more depth today because I think it's such an important question, and it does massively impact our success, so let me wind back the clock to that story that I've told before, but I'll go into a little bit more detail as it. It pertains to environment and so I was living my life. I was on life autopilot I wasn't doing the things that I knew needed to make me successful, and so I reached his turning point when I being you know just at this really low point in my life, and then an opportunity came up for me, which was to actually move out of the area, that I was living in because one of my friends are broke up with his ex girlfriend of go front at the time, and there was an opportunity for me to move out the area that I was living in and. Some me I knew that I had to make a move. Right, I had to pick up and pack up my stuff and get out of the area. That I was living in again. Not because the people around me were wrong, they were bad people. It's the I wasn't strong enough. In my environment and I needed to break free I needed to have a clean break. And what I noticed instantly. Once I moved which was. Slice start easier. I I didn't have as many poles to the negative things I was doing at the time, which were drugs and alcohol, and over stricken smoking so. That start to reduce. Right because I created space, right, I created distance. And so I'm going to be touching on a few things today as it pertains to environment, because there are a multitude of different environments that we have in our life, and once we start to have a cleanup. Right what it does is it frees up energy. It's like letting go of something now a big Ri- reason why people struggle with that is because they feel like they're gonNA lose people right that. If I if I take this move I need to for myself, and maybe people aren't GonNa like me. Maybe people are going to start to say things about me, and we have to understand that if we stay out of alignment and we know this thing is wrong, or this environment is wrong. This relationship is wrong. This whatever is is a feels off and something doesn't feel right. There's a signal that as a sign to make a move, but we've got to address the fear. We got to address the story. What is that statement? And the were saying in our head the stopping us from taking the action. And so. For me, actually packing up my bags and moving and it was only like an hour and a half away. What it does what it did was it created the space for me to get myself back to me? To start to clear out some of the clutter, even if it was the start to reduce the amount of things I was doing that was destructive. That gave me the time and space to be able to collect myself and to start to. Look at different opportunities, and when you start to make those difficult but powerful decisions in your life, we start to realize how important they are. So, yes, one hundred percent environment is is absolutely critical, so you know when you are in a living environment where other people don't align with your values that can be very problematic. Why because those difference in values? Can often main that. We don't see eye-to-eye, and it's not the we should not be around with people with different values. I'm not saying that, but when there is a consistency of behavior because of those values, and then we find ourselves being shut down in our bodies, because of that at some point, right, we have to be out of control the environment. Might. It's just like putting yourself in. Alliance cage. It's kind of stupid right and what we do is we keep ourselves in situations which are basically alliance cage? We continue to be attacked. We continue to. Put ourselves in situations where we are. Leading to a negative behavior. And that happens. The more erodes confidence to more. We get disconnected from ourselves, and then as I mentioned in the previous episode, we start to not really understand who we are, and it's all because of the environment Iran. and. A big thing that starts to happen is is the we get used to that feeling. We get used of feeling. Oh. This is this doesn't feel right, but it's also like a norm for me, and as we start to go through a spiritual journey, and as we start to evolve, what starts to happen as you make big decisions as you start to break away from things that don't feel right, and you move towards things at. Do feel right, you start. Start to feel. How can actually feel like this? And of course sometimes especially you know if you go through a break-up or something, it's hard, and it's emotional, and it's stressful for a period of time, but then what happens is is that because you start to distance yourself? Because you start to create you know put yourself in a different environment. The energetic bond starts to. Reduce, and then eventually the emotional ties starts to dissolve, but you can't have that dissolving in less, you make the difficult decision and you have to understand that when you got this energy bond with something I. You are living in environment where you're always being dragged down by someone. You'll live in an environment where the other people are doing things, but you don't. Partake in that, but you don't really want to do that, but you do it because it's a social norm. Right because it's such an energetic bond there so tight, it takes a lot of courage to break through that and I want you to kind of picture that right. Berry, imagine like not on your back. Right, and it's this this, not that you want to have mastered out well in order for the massage to come out to actually make the decision go to the massage therapist. And then what they'll do is, they'll stop. Needing and working on your back. That's like big decisions. That's like okay I've got a book. The move of to get out of go. See A surpised, and then I'm GONNA, lie down surrender, and then it's going to be needed out of my back, and I'm going to come out and feel better right now. The move is is the courageous move to actually book the appointment of the time, but we procrastinate on that why? Why because we say oh, it's GonNa. Get better, and it doesn't right think about that when it comes to the analogy of the massage therapists. Oh going to go away, go away tomorrow and tomorrow still there, and is there for another day, and then it's there for another day, and then the pain, and the frustration in the back gets to a heightened point, and then you book the therapist. Right, and this is what happens, guys in life when you're in the wrong environment right when you're in the wrong living environment around the wrong people or you're in the wrong relationship, so you're in, you're in friendships, and so what I'm GonNa do now is going to the different areas of environment that we need to declutter. Right, so we got living environment. Okay, so the area that we live in for example, if you're in an area where you feel isolated and has not like minded people right, and you know that you want to be around other people. Sometimes you need to create that environment for yourself. I made a big move I moved out of the area I was living in I mean historically I've made big moves of I made the initial move which was. To move out of the area living, Exeter and I moved to this place called Bristol back in the UK. And then another big one that I made was from a monumental move that I made was from the UK to America, because I was I was living in a place, called bath, and actually talk about some some big jumps in living. Scenarios I made, which had a big huge impact on me. I was living in this place called Bath in England, and it's a beautiful city. Don't get me wrong, but something fell off like I felt like I needed to make a big leap and what happened was. I got connected to this guy called Aj Roberts good friend now. And I was doing a product for the cross fit market. Who paid you in a box and We basically got Chang decided to come over to the states to go to cross fit game. which was in California anyway? Pick pick me up at the airport. Very nice of him and he started drive me round. San Diego and he drove me around La Hoya and start to see these palm trees, and it was just warm, and there's just this energy as you drive through San Diego especially up around La Hoya. Now it's just so beautiful and so different from what I'd experienced back in, you came. Rainy, and it's just like this is different energy to it right so at that point I just I was gonna live here, and that's where I create my vision board in two thousand thirteen. I'm pretty much. All of it came true and so I felt the energy of a different environment and then I In something in me shifted, and I made this commitment. And then I moved I. Mean a move from the UK to the states and. And when I got to the state, so I start to live somewhere, and so historically because of understood and G and environment, and how important is my body's telling me it's time to move right like the places I've moved from and to, and especially the big one from the ranch, which was the one point five Acre property. The go and it was great was fantastic, but it just didn't feel me. My body was sigler signalling to me. The I needed to make a change. And so I've I've moved I've made big moves. I've I've done the move from the UK to the states and them being in the states now for five years coming to five years. I've lived in La. Hoya I've also lived in. Carmel Valley which is the big house or move. To. Florida for year, and then I moved back to to San. Diego and I'm upping dome, our and Inherent de la. I'm in a smaller place I've been to my typically the big place right, but the location the energy like it all just feels right now. There's a couple of things in in the in house. The Australian I need to deal with those, but once those a doubt with then I feel settled I feel happy. So. One of the things, which is like location, but then you've also got the living environment where you live, and so let's just say that I was living here, but I didn't like what I saw in the apartment, and it was just like bland wars, and there wasn't ought up or whatever and I wouldn't feel good and so I need to feel good to be able to work, and so, why does our environment impact success well, because if you don't feel good where you live, you don't feel good in your environment. What that does is it low as your energy lows or vibration, and in that low vibration, you'll thoughts on as. As good and so you're not going to be as productive. You're not going to be as focused going to take opportunities you're on your sales calls, or your marketing is not going to be on point because you just generally don't feel good where you're at so then we want to do is start to notice. Hey, do I feel better when I go to a starbucks I? Do I feel better? If I go, Co, work, right. Do I feel better when I work second time or do I? Just need to change some things now for me. I love it when my cleaner comes now once a week because when she comes. And actually it's a couple of them that come. Clean Myself, but it wouldn't be time efficient for me because I'm not that good at it and I don't enjoy it right, so it's not in my zone, a genius, but when they come, and they enjoy it, and they do it, and they'd leave i. feel good I feel like I wanna go and do some content I feel better about doing my podcast. Why because everything's tidy nothing's cluttered like and so when you've got things around and they don't feel good. We have to understand that everything has energy. There's a great book called power. Versus forces thick. Book and it's not an easy book to read a teaches you. You about everything as energy right now for example I'm looked at. I'm looking at the Bruce. Lee Pitcher, which is blue and it's yellow and I. See it right in front of me when I see that I feel good right when I see my singing Bo for example that makes me feel good when I see my red chef. It makes me feel good now if I'm being honest when I look at my Sofa right now, I'm thinking about New Sofa. That's what I feel when I see it. Ryan is a couple of things lying around. That are out of place and I don't feel good when I see that. It's the same thing about having clothing right? You've got lots of stuff in your closet and it's just clutter. You never wear it and it's always like when you look at it. Sometimes we start to clear things out and I always use this analogy around the balloon rising which is. A balloon camp rise if it's got weights holding down and the weights for a lot of people a lot of time, our environmental. Right got a start to notice the things that Nigo you right, so you've got the place that you live in the environment that you live and that's a great way by the way a great thing rather to focus on. If you want to make more money, which is like. Hey, this is what I'm going. Commit to achieving. Right, what do you WanNa live? What state? What's your dream location like I always dreamed about moving to America, but you have to turn that dream into a decision, because if it stays as a dream, it's always going to be a dream by default, right? It's my dream to well if we think it's my dream to. Then, it's always going to be a dream, but if we take that dream and say I'm going to that simple switch can change everything so what I did was I created a vision board, and I said I am moving to America. Right or if I if I don't like this place and I want to have something else. I'm going to be like okay. I'm going to, and that's what I'm going to do, and the thing about mazes at once I get super focused on something, because there's so much energy going into that I can manifest it really quickly, manifestation meaning, just bringing something into my focus, and then it coming to life because I'm taking action and I'm not allowing fear to hold me back so for example when I did my company fit preneurs one of the things I said was I wanted to do these masterminds and I. I said I want to travel I want my first masterminded the being Thailand because I love the look of Thailand, and I made it happen very quickly, and so you got a start to like look at bucket list and look at things, and then if you feel it within you and you get excited by the excitement is the signal to move and take action now. How how do we get that well? Maybe we don't know how to get that. Maybe we need structure where maybe we need some clarity. Maybe we need someone to hold us accountable. Well first of all, you got to decide what you want. Right, what do you want? What environment do you want to live in? If you don't live in a good environment now if you're room feels funky, and you don't like it right now. How do you want it to be? Go to Pinterest and look at some rooms that you like? If you can't afford the things that you see on this an intention to find a way to make it happen if your business model doesn't support you making the money to do that, then what business model would you gotta start to break these things down and then get hyper focused. and. Don't get into the pattern of getting frustrated. With not having with getting frustrated rather with what you don't have when you haven't actually sat down and made decisions on how to fix it because that's a trapped, a lot of people get into, which is they? Keep on saying what they want, but they don't move forward towards it. Okay so. An environment where you live, and the the things in in your environment, and then we've got friends right. The people that we spend our time with and I'm sure you've heard this million times. which is you know, the top five people you spend time with your start to become them, but just on a basic level. Like how do your friends make you feel when you're around certain people. Do you feel good with them? Right or is a constant drain right and so we've got as I've mentioned before. We've got random events. That happen got behavior over time, right? What someone's attitude? And so if around people and you don't feel good most likely the values a different right one of the things I talk about law in my CPI performance full formula especially in week four five is understanding our values, and how it plays into our attitude. Because once we start to get clear upon. Value System, our belief system, and then it shapes into our attitude. Everything starts to change because we start to know ourselves. We have a list of non-negotiables. Okay, these types of friends I want to be around. They think like this like for me I. Want to be around people who I can disagree with for example, one thing disagree with, but also have a healthy discussion because I wanted to learn right. I want to be friends with people who? Who feel good? And also challenge me in a loving way. Right. I want to be around and have friends that. Expand me and you know, see the best in me and also can can point out things that can also support me. My growth right I want friends that can listen, and and also can I can listen to, and I can sit down and also have like a deep discussions with and not be surface level right. If I WANNA go somewhere in a conversation, you know, we can actually go there in that conversation and. Not Be afraid of going there so. I think it's important for us to reevaluate. And when we when we start going on this personal development journey, the truth is the reality is the hard. Just. You know the hard truth so there. Is that as we start to grow as we start to go into alignment. There's going to be a situation where people get to raise this standards to meet your new standards. They will fall away. Right! And, it doesn't mean that they're gonNA fall away forever, but we won't happens. Is We become attached right, and it's very important to yes be opening communication. Yes, be loving behind, but also understand that what's really important. Is that as individuals? We are in alignment with where we on needing to go. Right, and if you want to raise your bar and raise your standard in my opinion. Right, we shouldn't keep that standard low because of other people. Right so also really address what fears you may have to leveling. The next one, which is Within the living environment actually want to tell you a funny story so I was actually living in this really small nine hundred square for place after I moved out of the one point. Five Acre property I wanted to do the opposite of what I was doing. So I was living in this you know, posted a basketball court and a swimming pool, and it was just like it was huge right, and so I made the conscious decision I want to do the opposite I want to go. Do something tiny to see how about fields and not be attached and kind of kill off my ego, anyway so moved to play to a place called Nita's go nine hundred square for small apartment. Two bedroom and we had this situation. We didn't check out properly, and it didn't anyway didn't have conditioning and it was so hot. and. For so many weeks, I think it might have even been like a couple of months like we were just grinning and bearing it. Right and then we had this. Air Conditioning Unit but it was like broken, and the and the the chew wasn't linked and stuff and I still let it go on, and then eventually one day something snapped in my head and I. Like bought the peace for it. Arrived from Amazon I put it on, and the problem was solved, and I suddenly realized like how long. Was I sat here. Sweating my face off right trying to work. Being very uncomfortable when I needed to do was. Make It. Easy decision in order this. This piece of Air Conditioning Cube. And it was dealt with I, just sat there once. I linked it up going like how stupid will you? Right like to go on that. Allow this to continue and I. think that's such a big life lesson, right? How long we allow things to continue without just making simple decision like you see this thing every day that you don't like an it's still stays there. Right where we can actually change it and move it. You know so. I make sure now that cleaners come once a week that if I just she the other day I just took every close clue tonight didn't like and. You give it away threw away, right. So we've go. Living Environment the place that we live got friends, and then we got also mental environment. Now IF YOU'RE IN A. If YOU'RE IN A. An environment like your home. That's GonNa Affect your mental environment, and if you've already got mental challenges or psychological challenges or thought. And you couple it with an environment your end. That doesn't support you. You're basically getting like double the amount of stress worry anxiety right because you're you're putting on top of each other and life becomes very difficul. Right when you've already got stuff nest, just say this right. You go unresolved issues with parents, so maybe if father figure right. And then you've got that weighing on new subconsciously then you add on. The place that you live in the people that you live with. Just that alone is gonNA massively. Hinder somebody success because so much mental grain happening. And once we start the free dot up right. Through whatever what we do, all the environment shifts that we make we start to feel lighter and in that lightness in ease in not map peace of mind. Things start to. Evolve and opportunity. Start to come away because we feel different about ourselves. Then also, we got intimate relationships to right and how much they play in, and how much they drain us. Lift US right the someone. Bring out the best in you or does some. Bring out the worst in you. You know. and. That's a discussion on future podcasts in more detail, but. The analogy once of the frog in the paw, you know. You put frog in boiling partner who jump how if it's there and you? You know it's code, and then you start to heat over time. The FROG will die. Why because it gets conditioned to its environment, so you also have to look out on my condition to my environment. Conditioned where I live my condition, the personnel with the naturally like. We sometimes have to have a reality check. And that she say. Like I'm better than this. No. I deserve more bright because we can lead. We can't be unshakable leaders if we're in a place jets, which is always like you're trying to compensate from the energy. That's being drained. And that's also about just taking responsibility in holding boundaries. Go check out the boundaries. Episode would be great for you if you struggle with that, so we got these areas you know, and the more that we start to. You know we start to make these decisions more. We start to order on Amazon. That should have been ordered a month ago. In the more we start to go, Rhino that idea of me to move to this place now continues to come up a few times. Probably start listening to myself. Right that's the key now. One of the things I want to share with you. Especially when it comes to making these decisions is Yo. Your Ego was going to try. And find a way out and what it will do, it will put it off. I experienced this law when I'm coaching. CEOS, entrepreneurs coaches consultants right, and it's this thing where it's like I asked the question when you do that. And then somebody comes up with this really long answer, and it's like a month away or like two weeks away and I'm like hey, why can't you do it now? And this is when it comes to success skies. This is so key because when the mind does that and it puts off versus actually doing it now. That's way your success. Speed radically shifts, and that's where actually accountability so key, because really what that's about is getting you to do things quicker than the normally would have taken new year's, and that's why historically I've been able to get really quick results with people. Why because I? See The story I I hit the excuse I call it out and I show and the gap on the timeframe that someone's able to take action. Because normally they wouldn't have done tool, or the timeframe would have just been so long the by the time they got to do that, right, they wouldn't have the money or they wouldn't have had the lead lost the opportunity the opportunities on, and so when it comes to business spying opportunities key as well and this place together. So. Does environment impact success. Yes, it does, and if you have a story of when you've changed your environment, I'd love to hear it. Send it to me on instagram. Actually, if you not flowing me on Instagram, then you can do that Simon Lovell official. Let Me Know, Sim O., l., O., V., E. Double official. Let me know to send me a message of when you've changed your environment, and how it's impacted your life and stay tuned on Mondays episode when we're going to be doing another meditation, so I will see then have an amazing day. Take Care, thank you. You, for listening to this episode, please hit the subscribe to make sure that you don't miss out on another show. And if you want to do a deep dive into becoming even more unshakable, so that you can reach super high performance, I just put together a brand new training. The you can get instant access to by heading to Simon level dot com slash unshakable. I will see that most mostly on another episode. Take it easy.

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